Straight Up With Sturg

M-F 4p - 7p

Mark Sturgis is host of “Straight Up with Sturg” from 4-7 PM. 
Mark has always been involved in sports, having grown up in an Upstate family that placed Clemson athletics in very high regard.

Sturg threw that family a curve ball when he announced he would be attending the University of Alabama.  Mark majored in Broadcast and Film Communications, then furthered his education at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida; focusing on Specialized Recording Engineering.

Mark left the Sunshine State for his first job at Big Mama Recording Studios in Knoxville with dreams of mixing the next great rock and roll album.  The reality was ole Sturg was cutting about twenty country karaoke tunes per week (did you know this is where Kenny Chesney got his start?).  Stuck in “Big Orange Country” recording country karaoke, well, he thought it was purgatory.

Two years later, it was off to another studio in Atlanta, working for Harry O’Brien; the very same Harry O’Brien that had recently produced Tag Team’s “Whoop There it Is” album.  Yeah, that’s right… THAT song!  It seemed every hip hop group in the southeast then wanted Harry’s services.  From country karaoke to hip hop; where’s the rock and roll?

Sturg found that on the road, mixing live bands from the local level to Fuel and Drivin-n-Cryin.  The ironic part was something was missing… Knoxville.  It turns out Mark fell in love with the city, and wanted to move back when he could.  After a stop in Charlotte with JP Sports, Knoxville became a base of operations while touring with bands and working locally with others.  Knoxville is also where he began his marriage to Teresa and their daughter was born.

In 2002, Mark granted his wife’s wish of moving back to the Upstate, and went to work for Edwin McCain’s company, OMG.  There the sports talk bug bit as he became part of The Opening Drive, radio show.  Mark started by doing drops from sites of athletic events and developing a network of contacts throughout the media.  Later Sturg would develop and market the syndicated radio show, The Score, before being able to sell it (See Lowell in Wings episode when he gets a check for his wax museum burning down!!).

Mark and his wife (Teresa) have been married sixteen years and are the proud parents of their twelve year old daughter (Lessie Brooke).  Outside of work, Mark enjoys hitting the course for some golf, or hitting the highway for a good road trip.