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This one may mean. You ever seen that story you walk into war you know you're. You might it's a little bit all over the place his honestly diesel we did knows the state didn't live up to the high today. This is your first title clips I had one in 1979 miles eleven years old you know I think I was hoping that the sun. I don't know I guess I pictured with some will be huge and Frazier in running your face is of course all you ever seen eclipse photos are. Our our from telephoto lenses and of the son looks huge and there's this clearly defined ring around it which was super cold I that was really called for summaries and I guess that is felt like. The sun was going to be right on top of us. Now I'm glad that what you McBride is clearly that would have been a problem for us. What would you say temperature when dale ten degrees maybe I'll get into total now yeah it was great because. Yes that temperature dropped the birds stop chirping. Of crickets stopped -- getting. That Kuwait church ladies and pays twelve Allah crew getting better. They stop doing their thing it just got strike by its street lights came on there was there was no traffic out because everybody's pocket pulled over somewhere to look. So it was just peaceful. You know it was a it was a good day out let's a mother nature is one of the greatest. Photographers and artist ever and I love looking off in the distance and just seeing kind of that glow out there. Just a very very cold day and it is time to get to hang out with some of our knuckle heads from WRD in the parking lot that's always fun as well. I'm just just think about business is something that I am I reads we did from ESPN upstate Twitter. I'm not too long ago to consider the fact that the sun is roughly 400 times the size of the mood. But it's also quote 400 times farther away from us than the moon and so it lines up perfectly. It shouldn't happen there's no reason why them our men and should block out the sun perfectly. The way that it does but it does plan and is just awesome. It was a cold day it was a cold day I even got a message from my daughter going man. You had to know what to expect from sixteen years old she's like dad that's some Bauer remember for a long mom tying so you know here here's what I've here's what I found an end it was. At least Robles who tweeted this is said. There's a striking convergence of rare properties that allow people are urged to witness perfect solar eclipses there's no love. Physics that would necessitate this in fact. Of the nine planets with more than 63 moons in our solar system the air services the best place where observers could witness a total solar eclipse. And and that Anderson that's only possible for the near term future what's really amazing is it a total eclipse. As possible because the sun is 400 times larger than the moon but it's also a former times farther away. It's that incredible coincidence that creates a perfect match. Yeah amyloid TT tell that some flatter them out there. Pain at once in a time where Christopher Columbus did not fall off the edge of the I was pretty sure we proved that like 400 years ago just take a stricken look in the encyclopedia. Britannica if you want to understand that one but you know what there's stupidity all over the place. Kids you know that moment that you throw up in your mouth just a little bit it happened to me about 11 AM when this win came across my Twitter account. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is close to a five year contract extension to remain the commissioner of the NFL which will keep them in the job until at least 2024. You're talking about a Roger Goodell made 34 point one million dollars in 201435. Meehan in 2000. Thirteen 44 point two million back in 2000 in twelfth. Now here's a date is he doing a worse job because you know this is pays going down every year. 2002 will be made 44 point two million dollars. 2013. That dropped 35 now I can do the math. But that to nine point two million last in the and that drops again this past year to 34 million dollars. Either way sign me up for the job you know what I mean give me a one year contract you can find find fired me seven months into the contract is on his I get the first year salary. I don't like you listen I get Roger Goodell stunning good job for the owners and that's what he's supposed to do he's not supposed to do it. They he hasn't done anything for the NFL players that's why we're probably a C another work stoppage in 20/20 one. He's got hired the attitude to war for them. He is hired to be the head of the NFL in the liaison. Between the league and the 3132. Owners nothing more nothing less that's why he looks out for the owners and that's why Dee Marie Smith. In a recent interview has said that. Part of what's going to be the problem coming up here and 20/20. Is get Dell's power. He has been able to use it in any way that he wants to in moving forward they want to stop that. Now Dee Marie Smith I would tell you is executive director of the national football league's players association. It's your guys' fault that Roger Goodell has that much power to begin with why you signed off on. You gave him that power you know what I mean see you signed off on it. In that collective bargaining agreements gonna run through 20/20 but this is what Dee Marie Smith told HBO is bright tumbled. Could get Dell's power be an issue a bargaining going forward yes it is up to the players and our leadership to decide how much weight to put on it absolutely. I tell you what if on the players' association and I'm everything else some fight this one song is I can't because right now. You're talking about an owner did it or. And not an owner Richard talking about a commissioner that is butted heads with patriots owner Robert Kraft over the way the Tom Brady suspension. Not to mention recently. He's got Jerry Jones furious at him as well as the NFL over just a little six game suspension of his ego Alley which I'd tell him. Sitting down of power in a room with them take take your punishment and go away may make sure that this never happens again or you're gonna be out a whole lot longer time. This one's not gonna be met with smooth sailing out hope. I have no Roger Goodell fan Roger Goodell what my family has paint their season tickets we're invested in the national football week. I am no fan a Roger Goodell as a matter of fact I wish she'd go away not even go away mad now has he done good things for the league had a nine billion dollars were a year. But you know what he screwed a lot of people over and get near Daniel Watson talk about that eclipsed Daniel welcome and you have a good Monday. Yes I had been hit and Enrique he's sent him. They clearly he's solid day's best numbered in asthma mother nature that's god. My god yeah hey there and it's and god hey you're laughing your I had David not going to be okay. Absolutely does and we had alluded to that earlier in listen you know eight in this day and age I am happy to tell people I'm a believer. In it's something I have to work on every day in every once in awhile you get these messages delivered do you like in a total solar eclipse. That's the ultimate artists broke. I am I'm the father of cancer survivor and its own god. Reasoning here is sent out is that today. Dana opted not to said that any better in lessened my family's thoughts are with you in your son because it is it it is a difficult battle are dollar up my apologies it is. It's a difficult battle a hard battle but let me tell you when it comes to her attitude is everything and that's why my wife is now a two time cancer survivor. Should be torn and there are nine million homeless and get a good ring thank you Dana appreciate you getting him with a set means a that meets a that means a ton to me he'd listen now Mike can Graeme lots of talk about Roger Goodell might welcome mat out pure heaven and sub Monday fun day. With a total courts. If Graham stirred great day audio equipment school are not go like I'm from work and allowed to look at it it's critical. All the collective unit will be up well and Roger Goodell calm and I don't Paribas in a much a much don't like guys these bomb. And but the thing here with the NFL big template he. Good product on fuel I mean acting going to below average gain you want to alert. Like record come back and wait my time below where game every pundit. So. It right there with you might because I am an unabashed painters fanned but you know what we do in the war that I do a college football on Saturdays means I work six days a week guess what I'm spin and that seventh day await with my wife the two time for breast cancer survivor mass sixteen year old daughter. So if you don't make me pay attention to year league. US put the best product out there that you Keyon. Yeah absolutely. Throughout. Listen man I appreciate the phone call I hope you had a blast today because again you know every once in awhile diesel. He still frustrated you get tired you know things of that nature every once in awhile you get a shot across the bow. The kind of puts you back in no place that you need to be. We think today he was that shot across the Bal that I needed me we have a lot of fun out there in the parking lot cut now but again. Just you have to stop and be mystified about what we saw today like he said he shouldn't even really happened but it dies. In those are things that are way out of our control and I promise you abort was some of the best salmon lighting companies in the world. Including a guy that designed to set the lighting set for Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? back in the day. Howard Unger lighter at a production from production design incorporated. You'd be more impressed that he's designed so lighting diesel for Van Halen style world tour not to mention rushes well. But if you ever seen Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? that's actually a friend of mine that I did business with back in the past that designed all that it he has. Does you in Toronto has sort of the scene as we have with New York City when it comes to Broadway when it comes to plays out there and I think he's got three. Yeah rigs in the theaters up in Toronto has some work with some of the greatest people that commit new appeal late lights out there with the top album. That was at manipulating anything that was a glorious act in I was privileged. Invade privileged to see it and I am eleven here in the stories from our listeners as well you can continue to get him with us until 8 o'clock that take 44 GS PE SPN 844477. 3776. If I'm off base on Goodell held me because again I do listen. You can take your hundred million from the last three years and just walk away and live a happy life continue to screw everybody up take. Yeah I can tell you this much the next five years are gonna dictate. How on this season tickets stay within the Sturges family when it comes to Carolina Panthers his guess what you don't know why he's making that kind of money diesel stop price continues to go up now is we were just a phone call just said. The product continues to go day on the NFL has a problem that they need to fix she can get him what does say for Ford GS PH ESPN CAP top 25 and a whole lot more. On this total eclipse addition of straight up with starch. Welcome again Monday edition. Obviously the star of the day was the sun and the moon. Total clips that school again I see eleven years old the last time it happened I don't really remit. It's hard for me remember back a decade ago much less than three and a half. But you're eleven I wasn't even born we don't hear a lot older than me and shut up. You'll have to remind me that every time that it comes up I mean oh yes I did it raises a red violets are blue I'm lacking like hell because I'm younger and you just see it every time are so that. Of course that's the same thing passing them on life as you well know but yeah again eleven years old I. I didn't remember that much of it you know coming out here today I didn't know how assessing and be just. So many Thai names and life right now so overblown but it was a really really cool afternoon announced thankful to get its shares. Your I want my day was better in years I'm sitting in the front of diesels Jeep check in now the total eclipse stacks up pretty good day at work in mop top down doors off. Listen and nobody Tyler Salem garden. Clip because. Credence Clearwater revival who else do we have going dark side the mineral point Lloyd yeah yeah today yeah so it wasn't a day. Listen we are getting closer to the kickoff of the NFL season of course Thursday night September 7 this year opener and and everybody else gets in action. Arrest Thursday night September rate everybody else gets an action on Sunday sept. December 10 but death. Overreaction this weekend did you catch any of the Carolina Panthers at the Tennessee Titans week number two NFL pre season game did not. The Panthers lost 34 to 27 and all right. Close game yet. Nokia mutant. Seven points and I have heard somebody is more low and they play Cam Newton because he's got a shoulder and his kids don't need still recovering and it's free season why do you go out there and risk your. Franchise quarterback in the pre season you don't you know why because it doesn't matter. Why just. First of all he's got to be he's going to be getting healthy well into the first month of the season I've kind of I've kind of just maybe gathered that. So we are being fully told everything on Cam Newton it's not our business. But Derek Anderson. We call them the best. Best backup quarterback in the league. He was intercepted a Mike the third play from scrimmage I mean thinking and terribly for the pay there's on Saturday afternoon up in Nashville. But his the first play from scrimmage DeVon font just fumbled. Then like I say they come back out again Derek Anderson there is an interception. It imprint it just kind of continues to get worse and you look on the board you're like oh crap the papers are nailed 24 to seven. In a pre season game in Nashville. What are supposed to fill about this you know what I felt a lot better later on diesel which is the final score ended up being in Tennessee 34. In Carolina 27. So they end up coming back but you know it's a pre season game without your starting quarterback guy they held some guys out on defense now. You're you're talking about a Tennessee Titans team that's going to be thought of as either first or second in their division. Not all was lost but I tell you what that attention to detail has to start moving up with this season opener just 33 weeks away. Because I get into the point were brightening I don't know what they expect that in the Panthers living Ford especially on the offensive side the ball. I think Christian McCaffrey's a play here. I think you'll be able to use them but my question is who's gonna really run the ball right male who's gonna throw the ball is it got to be candy before all said and done. Because what I'm doing right now when it comes to the Carolina Panthers are looking for the players say in May end up making the team that I haven't heard up. Now Thomas Davis I'll love it linebackers just signed any contract said we didn't do our job. In that was Steve's referring to the first team defense but. Dean is Arab point the U become worried. About the Carolina Panthers just two years removed from going fifteen and one in the bay in the regular season making it to the Super Bowl before they lost to the Denver Broncos back in that up with six in ten last year. Is there a point here in the next month that you may go a crap we better enjoy what they did a couple of years ago it is is not coming back around anytime soon. Is I think we might be start to see that here. Yet there's been some dissension there in the front office in which they get rid of their general manager just a few weeks ago before training camp I love the fact that they brought Marty earning and is an interim Bertuzzi was there in Charlotte and he's been with the team. For a long Mon tiny you are seeing some guys get rewarded like a Thomas Davis. Just something does it feel right when it comes to chemistry and some other Danes and it just as it fell right to me. Since can't neat he sat there outside the locker room out in San Francisco after that loss to the Broncos. Mumbling and then just walking away. Not want to answer another request it seems like if I look back on it is they can't there's Fay and that's kind of the stopgap moment that things got away from now listened. Since the Buffalo Bills what the fourth consecutive Super Bowls than the loser has not gone to back to back Super Bowls as a matter of fact. The loser of the Super Bowls had a hard time making the playoffs the next year. Black eyes just sat here over the weekend and I watch some of that game on Saturday. Ain't doing something does it fill right when it comes to the Panthers and I try to go back and put my finger on it. In I'm just wondering if the teen solve the lack of emotion. Almost a shame on the on his face wing Cam Newton. Had that just really really miserable press conference after the loss to Denver I did it nobody likes to lose at the game's highest level. But it just savvy I don't know why I'm making excuses. At this level. But cams got a lead in that doesn't mean running up and be on the sidelines yelling and cheering and everything else cams got to get back on the football field delete Tyler Butler are. Glorious and turned Tyler Butler wants to get in on the painters what are you doing my Fred first of all. To catch any of that eclipsed today Bruck. Yeah did they actually. Let us. You can come off work truck took full program under their. Absolutely it did did I mean did you. Again I saw when I was eleven years old I don't really remember I didn't know what they expect mad I tell you what I had a few moments out there I just went wow. You know who in the good lord is the greatest artists on the face of the source. Are actually here never spared sure that there are better course where I got a pretty cool special when it got dark so well. As far apparently there could be just from appreciative again draw large there didn't care up the middle yeah. It's doubtful I'll notice a lot of tree and just run it straight down they'd grow. In their pick it up six certainly arbitrary. I know Lou. Biggest Shea election were inserted here but debt has an improved and that you didn't care about the middle are no little creek clear now where they deal. Just curious does something feel wrong and I mean obviously did last year and of course can't get hurt make those six in ten and we know about the sophomore slump after somebody loses a Super Bowl. But I just don't really Simi fixes right mailman grant and we haven't played a pre season game but. I'm Reid may not watch in economic painter Spain are right. In a just don't feel like anything's making me a whole lot better not go back to it and I don't want to place the blame on one person. But it just seems like when cam got. This off after that loss that Denver in the Super Bowl in turned around and walked off on the reporters things have never been the same. I'm not trying to lay the blame on him. I'm just saying dat awkward moment seemed to kind of in the run the Panthers have been wrong. Yeah I'll. To me they're more leave little defense then also social these mills will absolutely. Aren't told that came in dale we've left it just you let it build a big Ole miss and I know they won't cam to be the leader. But it is that really is you know is marcher. But it just me morning they stage dirt. The debris is an AA in Tampa Bay is way better than they were blood pressure off specially. That letter of the team that just went to the fruit bowl. I would be too concerned about it all of that debt should be Carolina's banks are provisions are they gonna pick up victories that they in they've proved the British. Yet because if you don't guess what the you're gonna have to take advantage of Danica at a division games and fortunately that be a little bit easier coming off six intend. Then what eighteen and 22 years ago. There and our concern about old piglet with the concussion. I've told you I've told you this personally have told you over the air next concussion looked equally walks away from the game of football. Ian I. You know what I've had a couple of conversations with lived legally off the film both when he was a member of the Boston College Eagles in the and one day. I think it was a couple of years ago mob boss is set me up to Wofford College with a recording equipment to get liners for the Carolina Panthers for rock 101 and our broadcast and of course Yemen to kind of wait through weight formed to come through during the morning in would recognize me from back in the day. In dagger came over and I'm like you know once misty get achievement that I know we have had no problem. I'm man enough to talks with the hand he has bigger plans outside of football after he retires. That one more and I promise you you saw that emotional reaction when he went off aerial last year he's done with one more he's done. And that's going to be something to watch moving forward. He had. If you're absolutely right that face he may go and I'll feel scared me. Not sure Mahdi Army and is it was a can cut I think key need that was the last one. This incident I'm done in guys are you know. Yeah I'd tell lot of prep affair that I might bet one image that stuck in my mind. If you get another concussion I don't know pre game continued with a career literally. Not only mentally but what about physically as well because those things linger and linger and linger yeah you know those guys in that. All they done his collision collision collision for a couple of decades in. Yeah listen I love football as much as anybody. But when they invented this game and what 1892 and Rutgers and Princeton for the first game that was ever played they never envisioned 330 pound men play in this game. Yet we needed do look better research on how this. Depression issues and candidate. Prosperity you know what 198 that I did not destroy it owed braves finish early at Chichi. Ash. That's not a problem. It's not in let me ask you this is no way they they can get helmets better and better and better and put more money into investigating this in this and that any other. It's still the brain inside the head dean moved derailed when force becomes too much and I'm not sure there's enough concussion protocol. Much less engineering on the face of this sort that's ever gonna deny that from happening. Yeah I don't know what you can do to stop but I remember one NFL player the trial and it at that car collision. And army. Just would you honestly nobody orchestra you can improve dale lynch and you can had a couple are you'll too. But if you didn't hear about 300 intuitive file proudly present allotment. I don't know how much kind of got out there. Get your brains gonna memory on in the shelling your Cranium there's nothing they can do lets you wanna have a lobotomy and put screws into where won't move around. You know force. Force combining with force and that's going to be problematic living Ford. You know and I'd almost go back to it's like everybody wants the leaked lengthen the golf course how deadening the golf ball. That would bring a whole lot more golf courses and apply I'd say this when it comes to football. Get the hell away from these training tables and everybody else we don't need 350 pound offensive lineman in the NFL. The game was fine when they were 300 into nine neat. But again you didn't he if you took physical science you know. Wait times for sequel more and that's where we're headed when it comes to this game of football. Airmen were really good summer program term note bill diabetic agents. So maybe had been shot directly back Barbie you're. Indiana well maybe maybe our continue our URP at their season tickets is well does that tell you why is going to be difficult to do where Roger Goodell had of the leak tight Tyler may and always great to catch up with he will talk to you here this week but. Where you are you can get him what does Citi fourth Ford GS PE SPN I mean are people getting too big diesel. For this game because again when you go back in you look at the pictures. From Princeton and Rucker is playing I believe in September of 1892. They never envisioned a almost 370. Pound lineman playing short now they didn't they see that kind of off and you know than the size of the players has just out classed the equipment. Then I'm not sure you can do about it anyway not much you can do about it other than like us are putting weight limits on beat. I mean what is the answer but I don't want that nobody wants that yet. There's no perfect answer to the game of football but it's something that brings everybody together just like the clips did today so there's something. About it well I think as people have put their bodies at risk. For millennia for dangerous reasons. And this is just another one this is just another reason people put themselves at risk in the financial. The financial windfall can be enormous can be. Generational wealth after he's finished playing the game and you know he would ask yourself the question is it worst hi my own body. My own brain is it worth all that so that the following generations who come after me have this wealth. High risk high reward no doubt about it we'll take your opinion 844 GS PE SPN two more segments to go including. Hey great bowl will tip your hat do you but guess what we're not talking about South Carolina this time. All right welcome back DN couple segments left on this Monday man this could find that a little bit different today. Admittedly did not look again ask his way to know if we're gonna have atmospheric conditions to deal with or not. Some pretty cool stuff to deal with and again we'll kind of keep moving forward tomorrow including. But to get guest as well but this one. In my opinion our next caller is as good as any guest it's Billy from Taylor's how we doing my buddy. You look going home there's certainly no one thing about eclipse but they've retreated one thing which we already knew but it definitely crude because there's just let it drop in temperature one. And then got close to the song this is what I saw on the wouldn't be no loss so we need to be incredibly built that thing. Yeah you know one of the biggest things on Twitter somebody started and it killed today a of the sun so you can go block the sun and I'm with T we figured out pretty quickly if we don't have that big yeah. A ball up there we won't be around a whole lot longer. You know we get big ball I. Let ordered federal moratorium that's right. Anyway it wasn't just talking about BC and you know. I could never pursue the anytime we're. Guys are gonna get smaller in the NFL I mean there's going to be. The accession to I'm telling you right now on the next when you're gonna see an average of 400 pound guys. I'll believe that when my heart because it wasn't that long ago when the never brought to leverage but he's seventy to 81 Super Bowl in the late non B. Let me let me go back and you know grant and my dad went club I was flipping through and like in 1978. Clemson football program from back in the day. The heaviest person on their roster was 260. Pounds and was an offensive lineman by the name of Lee meaning and is as private accounts. Into a do you see how much this is grown from then to now when you're dead on Billy and we will eventually have 400 pound offensive linemen in it that. Point we need some scientists out there to do that dole you know forced times whenever their figure out quickest. Can imagine 400 page owners paying an on each other and NFL. We have been war or topic was lifted at 330 but everybody can play would consider at all fort meaty you know they don't. Listener true relates and we noted that none of these programs lower branch and so there. I think that's gonna become in the warm gonna seed and to tackle that side and a lot of ball and sublime and that's why not here's my idea. Gonna continue to get better with helmets but you're right that's not gonna stop New York you know it paid your immediate gonna keep your brain from the united. Hitting the side just go and clogged up what called seat he's had his. To come out with some pot with a shoulder pads just got a neck brace for what what they didn't ask Corbett couldn't secure Internet. And desperate secret boring from probably united. These should not as much as you know what they're gonna stop it completely. But they can't cut down on an update you gonna see this probably gonna come from which in the next poverty and use them at those two popular sport. Cuomo is period I mean it is all levels. Just look at high school football in the collegiate. Apart in the now looking into our leader was Greg. Couple weeks ago when they're talking about. Did viewing your cue the most watched TV programs this year in the first twelve or thirteen were all in a code named. And the number thirteen up may look important Alabama's. X so we. All too. Yeah you're not gonna you're not gonna get rid of Soviet they're gonna come public Sloan thought those nerves aren't just going to be applicable tough unpopular but well. Protection for these guys. Now the last thing that I'm the playwright best or just disagree with me right here our report that three years ago or two years ago that. Cam Newton put his score and had some top of any injury to his back. These same exact injury to Romo had to his bat that sleep in and it was worth around. And you end up in a moment like I forgot the exact speed at the Campbell who went in his car when he put his Corbett was at least forty mile an hour. Roma got it on the football field. Seriously who isn't going along with these guys especially if that well. Yet he knew what your talking about what NASCAR's the Hans device and it snaps into the in its neck snaps into the to the chair in what is still do is to keep your head permitting too far one direction or another when the collision with another car wall takes place. But the one thing he still can't do but he can minimize. Their mail that that brain moves around inside your skull remember that's kind of a floating piece of material and any in a viscous liquid eight Theres no way to ever protect that. From a car wreck or even a football game from being jarred at some point. Well if you watched that maybe I was very period all well all plunging. That there's not you you're not gonna take that away that's what people talk about again beat gambling aspect and that's what makes apple also popular in this country and and its content. It's not just that starts this tickled that part of it via the bigger part though is not able to LaMont. And you're not gonna take it out if you order keg bomb outside an atom the name Paul Balkans inaudible goalie in papal ball boy. Well I would kill her that Billy wet that he take violent side of the WWE. Nobody's gonna watch it because it's nothing more than days of our lives. Well I don't know police say you know what happened last month store. It's a pretty much killed but pretty much killed. The change in the eighties and at USC and then he came back in Monte Lloyd side usually look at how resilient Alastair. The culprit about it. I appreciated Billy from Taylor's won the best out there but now we are gonna actually go to another caller right now we're gonna get into our last break which is when we come back. A couple of years ago diesel. I had the highlight of my career when it comes to reporting on sports here in the upstate. And eight yeah I go back and I'll look at it I have been so fortunate but number one on my list is a Little League World Series him wean sport. Number two on my list is army navy game from this past year. While I know what I witnessed two years ago this past Thursday with the aim Williamsport winning came to Greenville, South Carolina Little League. Guess what great move North Carolina took it one step forward here in the last couple days where in the exact same black and yellow colors. Then our north boy guys did a couple of years ago will close up shot with that story in set up tomorrow as well wait for Ford GS PE SPN. So diesel we're sitting here you know we got multiple televisions and our ESP in upstate city as the Little League World Series is taking place in Williamsport Pennsylvania. We've never seen a sports information director or office BS the actual height weight of a college football player had ever. Ever. Are you pine for a minute that kid that was up there who by the way had a really nice at bat before he grounded out to the third baseman is either for. Elite force four feet eight inches tall or seventy pound as a kid behind him was even smaller and it says he's taller. So this kid does next get the bat and Alex they say he's five feet tall. No way. No way in the eighty Solio what they right now it is two to nothing in the Dominican Republic over Venezuela in the bottom of the second inning. I think these these teams have two of the smaller players in the tournament accuse you noticing get a little video right neared them head to head back to back. And you look at their teammates around in the there'll like a foot and a half taller than them so. Again NASA yeah I. I think that the dad Caribbean crew in the Latin America concur could tell they are a lot about. So my height and weights when it comes to the lowly Coral Sea and it's funny that I know we are just say you know. Next year this time if they may get back from nobody's done that says they will they should if they were to make it back. These kids are probably grow a foot and a half and the next year and games. Forty pounds he'd tell me either still achieve its second hit six feet. How much time via. I'm 49 I'm going 50 on cinco de mark I do their best shot is going to be some Gene Simmons style kiss she's asking our only chance to get that right now hold just totally butchered that he'd never seen the great flick I'm gonna get chi suck. He is walking and did they have meat pimp convention in there. This. This where it appears meet and talk about Kevin. There's an mentions this gets out of jail man he is walking on the street would goldfish in the bottom of is a platform she asks where they stole that joke in knocked up. Because it is clear it was Jonah Hill. Early in Jonah hill's career he goes into as an eBay store where they don't sell anything physically in the store. They just sell things for you on eBay and have a physical storefront. And he comes out whatever happens they literally tall Buddha came up to his knees with a goldfish. In this in the stilettos. Yeah what was it. I forget who was the star that is one the way in his brother's oldest one. Comes back he comes packed from the army and all this stuff and of course the neighborhood's going bad. It is being run by game minute to gain about short people otherwise back in the day in the politically incorrect world do a column on midget it's. If he's complain and do is mobbed. Fail its people can't be considered again a yeah I mean there are some absolutely fantastic stuff. It that maybe now granted it was say it's about 1520 years old I'm not sure you can make it today in 2017. Why we've program I'll politically correct humor is the best humor. Encourage him and I agreement did you stay in and outside the movie theater protests and what was the name of the movie and I'm gonna get you suck. SUCK. Day. I'm gonna give you suck. Either they they got to get guys walk and on the sidewalk with a theme music behind him but guess what it's a liberian actually pregnant and he music for. See your goldfish is not the same ones but I wonder if that was still putting a golfers. In the shoes was a reference I'll I guarantee is that not fantastic that does he actually knocks the hill off of one of his goldfish she's as there are other live goldfish is this year alive goldfish in the snow away can barely get real because they're so the hills are so it's how he can barely walk on the street and it's another goldfish in a real. Absolut ads are as I might actually get him to see it does so visually I've along with physical vision. Fisher custom protocol would write an all have CT. All right on our way out the door today. We mentioned a couple years ago price. Saddam left this parking lot at 2 o'clock in the morning got up to Williamsport Pennsylvania set up. And we're live on the mayor doing our show when north would Little League from right here in Greenville, South Carolina. Wins their first ever wins a state of south Carolina's first ever game in the Little League World Series in Williamsport. Not only did they when diesel Alex Edmondson pitched a no hitter that day. This is saying. Alex Edmondson. I think it's fifteen or sixteen Max. Just committed to Clemson baseball for print the class of 2020. So here we work Tim carts and hops on the way here with us from baseball tonight. Talks about this pitcher Edmondson and then. This player from north would literally by the name appears kiss comes up and get swept up on top of the hill in we have literally ten turgeon from baseball tonight going oh my god that's a thirteen year old owns the air with us. So so pretty cool moment and then we go all we all go out the buffalo wild wing afterwards with the parents of the kids because the kids stay in this in in this gated area with the other fifteen teams sure it's like they go off to camp they don't care about seeing their pain soda for. So I mean I let refund you got a text I mean if you wanted to. Get someone from your child in you don't seem at the stadium you're gonna have to text camera phone column which is payers aren't even allowed into this property and so just go and now what does. It was amazing but last night Greenville, North Carolina who by the way give ESPN ABC some credit for screwing things up. Multiple times I guess they just didn't look back in their generator from a couple of years ago and noticed this year it's Greenville, North Carolina and on Greenville, South Carolina. It's pretty easy to screw it up why because the southeast I guess now always warriors black and yellow just slight Caribbean teams in what. White light blue dart out of Julia says you know this seems safe to say stay consistent in the uniforms look just alike. Yesterday. Greenville, North Carolina won their second game in this year is a Little League World Series you are and what was also about that. It was their second consecutive no hitter and Williams now. And I'll tell you what the first one was a perfect game and entrees no walks no hits right and no errors. Yesterday's gain was not a perfect game. It was because of the official that umpire. I will tell you this I believe a no hitter perfect game in the Little League level. Is. Harder. As a pitcher than it is at the Major League level level because you're throwing to a different size strike zone every single time you got guys who are. Five foot 95 foot ten and eight guys play. You know if that is that is a drastically shrinking yep strike zone in a lot of cases. In extended Easter than Apple's about most details and again that's going to be based on how tall you are right so. Back to back no hitters for Greenville, North Carolina age should have been back to back new perfect games. Torre to pitch kid throws one right deal on the freaking middle and umpire missed the call now I get there. They're not perfect case the they're not perfect at that level but Maine and I tell you it. I have no dog in the game I really want to see that second pitcher get the perfect deep in not habit bra and counted done well yeah well on a wall that should never happen. This kid is walking off the field right now pitching for Venezuela just threw a curveball so nasty it backed the batter off the plate and it's still curled in for a strike. That is a nasty curveball and I am I where I was when I was zag play Little League he had two pitches yet fastball changeup. Nobody threw curve balls and still they would iso. Okur back then back in the day they used to say mean you've learned don't curve ball to you about thirteen years old are your tell your arm up did I watched guys up in Williamsport two years ago it don't sliders off speed yet. Asking him how UNICEF. Again I guess everything in life inside can be challenged to say the least all right listen diesel we had some fun here are we had another clip side here. Little bit before 7 o'clock until there are ordinary animals having clowns are one up the sun all right let's is a reprieve Israelis have. Boy who was the winner today the thermometer when they're on a good ten to fifteen degrees for a couple of minutes but diesel tomorrow you'll be here in the SP in upstate studios albeit smoke on the water. We're going to be doing and why don't worry be joined by Clemson golf coach O'Leary and we did talk about dot Redmond. His second ever golfer going on to win the USA immature and we'll have a few other things and I'm working on. As well but listen there's been a lot of fun today glad the colors got into it. Without clips you remember just five days from now will have real college football this Saturday and don't forget on Friday night whether big burns match up boy did -- hammer Myrtle Beach this weekend Saturday night 51 did not then I'm not saying in their back but boy they sure look a heck of a lot better than they were last year and you can catch all the burns action here on ESP in upstate with GMAC in the meantime have a blessed day man thanks for everything enjoy it out there and guess what we'll do it again at 4 PM tomorrow for more straight up with stars.