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Welcoming stage. How we juror clips party this afternoon because I tell you what you're gonna be hard pressed to be what diesel and I did earlier today. Jam out some great music in the parking lot here intercom with the with the with the Jeep. Opened up in just sit back they're doing Chopra listen to things like isn't a Bonnie Tyler yeah I mean it was great we have Bonnie Tyler a total eclipse of the heart Michael's son. I sale and garden banks and eyes dark side of the moon are perceived Floyd has so resolutely says what we're gonna do today we're gonna have some fun and nobody really knew what to expect for today. How will say I think we all messed up a little bit not having a vacation day today here in the state of south geologic is it's tweets come in we will keep you up to date. With that exactly. We can Latinos how about it how about a yeah traffic report starting at 404. I got tired trying to summon monolith of moon day Howard Stern trying to pars and well that too but no. Will you be a traffic report for ID five Norton. Pain pain what was in the club her legs said a Rocky Balboa spec pain. In his back up from abruptly green able to where I 262. Games I 85. Up in Spartanburg say here's the deal. Have some fun today because you know should have been kind of a vacation day for any boss was a really expecting things from the Alden. You can ascended to diesel and I hadn't quit now and I will just who will will get an excused absence her skis mental absence from diesel. In that should just work well at work tomorrow so your boss I said it's cool yet it's cool that's all that matters less and we do have some stuff to get into today we're gonna let you all have a lot of fun way where you during the clips. Did you have a party where you stuck on the side the road did it mean anything because the best tweet that I have seen today first of all. What will get into a couple these tweets. But first of all. You know way if you're Tennessee fan put two fingers in year just the second. So you need to hear this do you really need to hear having Georgia fans need to hear this. You know all the schools we talked about over the last week about all of the most overrated. Football programs they all need to hear this. But I'm searching quickly for so by the way did you see that there was a Twitter account made for the sun just for the sole purpose that you can unlock it here. There's some great stuff out there today. So who really really happy. Like I said you go to our ride ESP in upstate FaceBook page you can see diesel nice prep work because we did do some some other things were gonna get into today but this first hour rule. Had a little fun with them clips and everything but the AP top 25 content came out today will break that down for you we'll give you a few bold predictions will tell you why start urged banks are riled should never coaching college football again. We'll look at the fourth first weeks of the schedule why diesel we are now five days ten days in twelve days out. Five days from this Saturday the college football season begins in earnest ten days from now on Thursday night. India and of course twelve days from now when South Carolina and Clemson get inaction on September 2 so we're just right around the corner. With college football will also. Maybe take a little bit of a look back at why this past weekend's titans painters I gained 34 to 27 up there in Nashville. But I'll let you know whip. The news and I'm certainly here at the NFL offices is true while storage will vaguely watch the NFL for the next five years also would you be some Major League Baseball standings. Don't forget that Saturday nights a little fight by a Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor. In diesel that was right up here in front of a sin. The knees from last week was what they're gonna buy a fight with lesser gloves emails gloves which should benefit. Connor McGregor so that's this weekend. Indian finally and diesel. Between this station and do what you do with us and and of course your two. From seven to midnight on 933 the planet. He can't fix foolishness sometimes he'd kind of story to tell ya later on as well but a lot of different things to get into today but diesel. On this morning and I thought about some things. In honor of what was the total clips here I don't think we see another one in this area to what 27. Before something like that. What are some of the best sports names out there they would had this could've played a key role today. I'm taken some might like a worn men. The former the former quarterback for the CI less than sunny and listened to do about Sonny gray who's pitching for the New York Yankees right mail you remember he was just traded from Oakland to the Yankees. A little while ago how about how about Bart Starr. Is that is that come in today because Willis is star well we throughout the year what is that we see a couple stars show up up their bodies I just grow lights in the parking lot. They came on they went into the ninth but yeah no kidding but I saw a couple hours out to the side they are some I said it could have been a planet. But does so apparently you've been as was visible behind this on the Redskins. So you have got Bart Starr mullis the former Green Bay packer quarterback. How about Matt son dean he's a former hockey player from Sweden spent sixteen years in the NHL. Or Matt Light a form profits of late alignment with the New England Patriots for eleven years. Or a lot of yell might remember this guy he he not only played in the major leagues but also managed in the major leagues Alvin dark. This really good names today out there sue if we're missing any off the list your more than happy to kind of call in listen today is a fun day. You know just be careful out there traffic is apparently in full force I have heard that if you're on 95 it's basically stay instilled T get up just like he's sort rumored. They are you signed up for this by coming down here during the event. The traffic was going to be bad just be cool to speak to and I hate not hate him for if you're stuck in traffic but I tell you what you can use the ways that that would get you out of it yet. Is it hard drive you around the traffic use those Trevor gaps get out around the stuff if you can't yet. All right we gotta give some oh we got a couple of tweets we wanna give out all right Ayers Torres from my fox sports. May be had if your Tennessee fan puts fingers in year for about ten seconds should not gonna like this split it's funny okay. His tweet two hours ago set the collapses RD Tennessee football of nature. Lots of build up never live up they got expectations. Actually seen them may make you go body. So that was pretty good also read this one damn this might be the best week than I've seen all day and I'm sorry I did not get the person's name on it's way too far. To go back and look at. But they were talking about do you remember about a decade ago might have been more like 1213 years ago Auburn goes over and plays a football game at Mississippi State. And they went three to two. In somebody tweeted I. I'm not afraid no sign I was there to witness this football game and they put the lie and score of Auburn three Mississippi State together M I burn a hole in your Ratner as well that's not a baseball score that's a football score. So if you got anything humorous to two in jet when it comes to. Comes to the clips today because this much I'm gonna say I try not upset anybody but we know we've got people that believe in all different kind of being split it today after what you witnessed today. Anybody out there that thinks the earth is flat to go drive off of it because it's not. The fact that flattered there is. Are coming back into modern society is just go look out they are today. Atlas I don't wanna get into religion at that so holy experience all right I mean that was that's something that's bigger than not sent I don't wanna sit here and lecturing people about what their thought should be. But anybody out there after what we saw today with that rail moved first of all. I'm not exactly sure Darth Vader was it winning today to Zou we posited that was the mood enough some kind of battle station from Star Wars up their block in the sun because there's always that possibility. But flatter there's after today. So I'd take a long walk on a short pier how about that which is. That that that's just ridiculous but again your thoughts where you were what you're up to listen we want to thank people for comment and help and our economy here in South Carolina. Can we also say he had be safe going home. These ain't going home hope you enjoyed school year starts to more that's what it actually. I think more people are excited about why school comes back concession to mark your remote the only yell at school or the sun being blocked out or getting your kids out of the house. Have months after two and a half months getting my child back up in school and no doubt about it because her license kitten they did change in tenth grade we about we've already gotten her schedule. In yeah. The AEG did you ever reach set point with your. With your peers diesel that they kind of look at the schedule on high school go way up you're on your mail only. I got absolutely and I saw less Seabrook scheduled to meet your history area. AP -- history. Yeah that she's intent gray we're only let her take one AP history class does the beautiful thing about history is it doesn't change all right so I can act well. I tags see as much as people try to well I mean yes she can go move the chains after the first day on the can do that all you want but. You know that was my best subject in school so we let her I take AP European history and of course she's org and Europe but that's it you know I have one per year. Number two. See what people wanted to finish all that stuff out. Did you meet a couple classes in college to bring up degrades its first perhaps. You know I when he gets take all the elected I got all your HP's not doubt you know lesson book is going to be in school taken basket weaving and African studies and all the stuff in North Carolina she's OK she's got more academic eligibility that anybody you know. Oh man who listen I I I get my daughter's a black belt in Taekwondo but guess what if you're signing her to an athletic scholarship a year university guess what your name as you suck you because. She may be a black belt but that athletically not the most gifted person out there. Our eight I've seen and try to climbing back from edgy about contestants who had their in their kid night. Listen some things we're gonna get into today yak Clemson held a scrimmage this past Saturday also. Collapsing get seem major title winner in golf yesterday we'll let you know about that but they AP top twenty fives out as well. Yet there's a new article from our friend mark slave law it was co written from A new book coming out on our riles I'm sorry. Does that he never needs to coach again in college football will get into a little bit of that also any car any of the Little League World Series diesel. Yeah I cut the video they Kagan being in the face right well listen the the southeast team is off to a hot start its Greenville, North Carolina not Greenville, South Carolina member couple years ago we were up there. With nor would literally go up in Williamsport Pennsylvania from Greenville, South Carolina but Greenville, North Carolina yet the last two days the last two games. And back to back no hitters. That's pretty powerful. All right so again it is a Monday edition. Did not change anything. You can give it your feelings on the clips will be a little bit all over the place today no I really knew what to prepare for but I I've got notes on the AP football poll. Will come back with that we'll also. Yeah we'll start with another coach that absolutely may not be able to see his product on the field today based off of some of his comments. On Twitter when it came to the total eclipse today as well also again it's open for reminds all day at 844 GS PE SPN a lot of different things to get into. But remember it is a football week five days turned and now that college football season kicks off and of course there's five games this weekend as well as a plethora of great games the first weekend in college football we're gonna get into it with the AP top 25 in your phone calls a 44 GS PE SPN. Says diesel you one thing that comes with eight total solar eclipse here in the upstate is snort Tina's twitters absolutely fantastic today now here's the thing. We he'd say everything that we see on social media because we might upset one of our fan bases and that's not what we're here today but are some. Absolutely. Fantastic stop. Going on out there today when I saw earlier was like got. What it will look like in South Bend when those clips goes over and it was four and eight but the two zeros on the eight or solar clubs so well. Again is that we'll get into that because for the seventh time in fourteen years Notre Dame does not find themselves right in the top 25 headed into the year but let's go to the fund minds it's our friend Jim we're gonna hear about that clips but also Jim. Give a lot of congratulations. To dot read in the Clemson golfer is he comes back him when's the last three holes yesterday. Ian takes the US amateur title the second former hurt the second Clemson tiger. To win that not that jump start out not got a job here and delivered him different Jim sorry deputy was get him first that's pretty cool we got a local golfer that when the US amateur Jim. That is. Correct it. Don't pick on iris. I'm on Larry and iris. That's the that's straight god bless and I again there are some things that I sought seen on Twitter today there were just good in today's like a special day you can tell. Maybe this eclipse mess with the everybody just a bit. Pat all right we deserve it and not be in the top 25 which are that is so what's it happened this year me. There's no better place beauty eclipsed the more I want I was laying down on the fifteenth tee box will create oh yeah yeah. It was of course you know what that is. Excluded and it was just absolutely and that's. I think and can we be out Ed Jim I. Yeah act it sometimes it's tough being on the radio because you know you don't wanna share too much yeah I'm a believer I'm a man of faith and it's something that work on every day. Are right I'm not perfect never will be. But you know what to date to be for at least a half an hour was one day to realize there's something bigger out there than all of us. Yeah that's right oh my. Outburst that I actually shared ought Ike. They spoke bait boat. They would not have been held up Cory got got a bit over rated debt today to speak about it idea I think. Well we thought of that belt it was fantastic. I'll eat out a bunch buddies. To join blue moons on at 8 o'clock watch it. Diesel gas. Where he managed we just found out that GM had a better afternoon than us now we were hanging out diesels Jeep in front of the par feel like we were taken and that you know and I mean listen in on Tyler all this stuff. But if I can hedge your day dashed just that much better. It thanks Jim we really appreciate that phone call glad you had a great day now mom one complaint is diesel. The powers that he'd had the opportunity messed up greatly when they do is being given entire vacation day to the upstate boards do in this solar eclipse area and again we take all those people for coming down the last 48 hours spend money in our restaurants keep in our hotel rooms book but schools starts to mark. Please be careful going cook. You can go where Adam needs while it's been unbelievable. Around here you agree bulls a thirty city to begin with. More or less if you worn on weight the last couple days that your restaurant your restaurant probably not very good. To shake it here let's say I mean people everywhere. Everywhere so it's been a lot of let me ask you listed smoke on the water had their very own version of Roman empire. You that good and that's what these kind of started our I think our first comets war. Is this amend higher miss Pacman EO and then it kind of kept getting bigger and bigger in the mouse right and opening up the list. On the moon pies are our industrial league produced I'd an industrial produced to snack cakes that are wrapped. Probably made. A year ago. You know I feel like a fresh. Well done reconstructed moon pie at a quality restaurant would be could be an incredible. All right see you bring up the empire we'd just let our listeners know on this Monday solar eclipse day week we talked about a lot of things to discuss on the show today meant I was not one album correct. Decaf or did you marketing tag and he Sturgis history of a million pie while never even won again god. It lets out here if you put RC cola with me but where are men pies made you can go look this up on your Google machine back there they've made at the Chattanooga bakery. And I won a mob fraternity Brothers and sigma guy at the university Alabama John Campbell. I'll never forget you know you have to learn like five to seven fax about somebody because they say well how can you claim to be their brother later on if you don't know where they're from and some stopped. John Campbell's father. John Kimmel beam from Chattanooga. Was present the Chattanooga bakery where median price of so like he said they could have been made a year in advance but what so much we get a big drop off a box is a million pies at the sigma -- house at the University of Alabama. I'm Todd didn't colored ones banana once chocolate ones in Norwood. We'll back in the day you know an app state of course you were a little bit which you can get toward the end of the month. They broke absolutely it's still do that now we thought well we was worse back in college woman I. Hey all right so what we have one cop out at the Cigna guy if you Hungary at the end of the month is whenever they grab yourself cement pipes and nothing else you're gonna eat. I will never put another million high in my mouth again why because a couple of times in my college career that's about all handy for 48 hours. And you you know especially if he did have a girlfriend at the time that come or make you know girl cheats here's some but. Yeah that's why Abbie we had more million packets that sigma Qaeda house. At the University of Alabama. Then you could shake a stick at wide John Campbell's father present the Chattanooga bakery you can go look it up on Twitter. That is where million Thais are made and I get the fact that my appeared set a good day. When they were growing up in the fifties was to go up to the drugstore and get an RC cola and lemon pie boy like it's changed but. Move over Nick Saban is another college yeah Nick Saban said he didn't have a lot of times I'd say our clips I say it right here right now little Debbie snack cakes. Totally eclipsed moon and absolutely I'm there with a I'm you peanut butter bars or the milk cream pies give either one but I I've done. I am done with me implies god forbid Alex don't big oatmeal crush eyes a little ones those little little Debbie I was. As soon as you're finished you feel like you're only halfway done you won't want twice that size and that's why mcsame needs to have married him. Stephen Dodd Zia Boston College head coach said this afternoon. He's gonna arrest permanent eyesight game is because he has no time to put on his solar eclipse. Glasses. Granted this a First Solar eclipse hit North America and 26 years. CEO Nick Saban has no fun for anything it's football season will talk you know we'll talk we'll smile again come February. I get it that's fine I'll light my coach being a little bit serious from time to time as well but Steve adagio the coach of the Boston College Eagles this morning. Said that he was willing to risk permanent eyesight demons because he has no time to put glasses on. During the First Solar clips to hit these guys to hit North America in nearly three decades Stephen Dodd he has said. Quote I'm gonna look at it in I'm not wearing glasses C upon blonde to mark the any goes on to say this is an interesting one. Well so all the dogs and all the horses and all they animal's going to be blind to Morris well. That's an interesting thought diesel because nobody had social media know I was out there wrapping solar eclipse glasses around the eyes of capping go out there on the farm in Bakersfield you know and I mean so yeah they going to be permanently by babbling eyesight damage from this. Ointment on board and I saw a great photos today and I assume that this is fake news but it was a footnote. Of more Lonnie and Donald Trump out on the balcony all White House and here is she had. She had big thick glasses I don't know if there are actually eclipse glasses or not but he had nothing on it he was squint just staring at design. It was time stamp for the exact time of the eclipse happened. You know I assume that it was probably. So it was because I saw a picture later on going for just really he did have solar that is my glasses are the same glass as we had yet which by the way we're fine diesel says that you can come by a year his for 50% off right yet also 35 dollars or best offer we have we get a chance to go and some little when they're gone I don't yak island mountain Atlantic Ocean and you can buy his glasses will hold it. First Ozzy like Boston College fans does that make you feel very good if you're an eagle for him because he's going into the fifth year as head coach of Boston College with a record of 24 and 27. And you know what maybe he can coach a little bit better if he can't see. I love coach does the just given Ahmard died does that tell you this much. I tried to even put light must solar clip glasses they were the lens of muffin and get a picture never really Sony think. The best thing to if you did not have glasses on the best way to see it was looking down at the ground see you know this crescent millions it was pretty. Awesome no doubt about it so. Again we mentioned earlier big weekend for a Clemson University golfer dot Redmond first of all this is the epitome of never give up. He won the final three holes with an eagle and two birdies yesterday ended up defeating University of Texas senior de again in 37 holes remember they play 36 in that going one extra hole. But he was to dale and going to the final hole. Or final two holes won that game when the first hole in the playoff and now. Duck Redmond joins Chris Patten the former Hillcrest where I am from right out here on night 385. As the only eclipsing golfers to win the US same pitcher now Chris Patten won it back in when I was in college in 1989. Update Mary in golf club. And the ironic part about this is you know Chris has been here in the area for a long time. In next year his son Coby is going to be I wanna dot regiments freshman teammates at clips and so again and deal with two holes to play. I again on the seventeenth hole of the match. It may I mean this is Klutz diesel red enrolled in 850 foot eagle putt on number seventeen to cut the margin to one dale. He didn't hit his second shot on number eighteen his approach shot. To seven feet of the cup and made that putt for birdie that makes the match all square through 36 holes. Ditty goes on any wins the ad next hole in it's over when I mean after Guillen missed his putt for bogey on that first hole. After regulation if you will. He ended up conceding the conceding the match and that's a remarkable comeback congratulations. Yet again that's two different former Clemson golfers dated now won the US amateur. Again Chris Patten back in 1989. Miriam golf club we will have Clemson golf coach late Henley all of this week the talk about dot Redmond in that come back because that you're talking about a kid that was a freshman all American this year. It turns out he had apparently today was already main TV immature team. Which will go over in compete the United States Walker Cup team they won't go compete against a team from great Britain and Ireland. Out in Los Angeles. On September 9 and tenth so a big weekend for clemson's golf a big weekend for dot Redmond congratulations again. DM two hole 02 holes with two holes ago. Eagle party. Takes it to a 37 hole wins it with the birdied Ayers well hell of a match hello held a week for Clemson now sophomore golfer dot Redmond. Not a bad way to finish up your freshman year on the golf course diesel. All right when we come back AP how the college top 25 is out that's right we have five days till kick off ten days till Thursday night August 31 twelve days till the opener. The rest of the openers on September 2 so you know it's time for the AP top 25. It came out today. Number one was Alabama but they were something else missing when it comes to the Southeastern Conference when it comes to the top ten Clemson comes in at number five where does that put them in the last few years as well plus it's open phone might take 44. GS PE SP and tell us. About what you saw with a clips today Abbott's it was dark about deals a bright orange ball out there in the sky. It's an clips days here in the upstate everybody be careful out there traffic is extreme we're gonna do it just give yourself a little bit of time will try to keep you entertained till 7 o'clock on that straight up was starts because. Few things going on which includes the AP top 25 came out earlier but diesel. In honor the clubs and I don't think we get another one back in this area the country's total collapse. Until like 2045. Something along those lines I and the in the next total clip in the world. If I'm right slate in two years ever in chillier. Somewhere over there well there's another one in this. It's I think it's eight years from now but it's it's night and it's taking a different pattern is not a fully close or not is a focus because of his. It's pattern and I'm going off memory from this map that I saw about an hour and a half ago. But it looks like it starts down in the gulf near Florida or Louisiana and sort of loops in north eastern towards us you know towards New England New England yet so that's an annual miss us it'll go up through Kentucky and Ohio and places like. So let me ask you this. I wanna give a congratulations out all right because obviously total eclipses are very rare occurrences. Correct. Well. Two very special people in my life Saturday shared a very special day. And I wanna give them congratulations before we move on. My pair celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary Saturday we had a huge party. And it was a lot of fun and we had people I was amazed at the number of people that came down. From out of state for sixtieth anniversary party and their like this is something we don't get invited to very often so. Listen I mean they've been an amazing do O in my life his mom and dad what a great example on how to treat your wife how do you go in things of that nature. We had a blast things Graham and daddy bill they've been great do you they've been great a lot of people over here that I work went. In again you reach sixty year anniversary anniversary you FaceBook me that message you tweak me that message guess what I promise she will get that congratulations out you as well because dad. At that happened very much in this world with sixty years but one thing happened earlier today diesel that happened a few times here recently. AP top 25 pre season poll came out and that he thinks number one. And yet 521. Place votes only very few times is a headed into the season has the number one team had more than 51 place votes in history suggests that's not a good thing because only like one out of four times has somebody actually played for the national title now again we've only had three college football playoff championships. So it won't change things but it also mean that we will see the highest ranked a whooping opener on the opening weekend. Between Alabama in third place Florida State here's how are your top 258. Vets out number one is Alabama with 521 place votes Ohio State is number 231. Place votes Florida State's number three they had 41 place votes. The final first two the final 21 place votes goes to number four southern cal. In the mortars rattle it off from here Clemson spied Penn State six sevens Oklahoma aid is Washington nine Wisconsin. Oklahoma State. Rounds out the top ten. Michigan eleven Auburn's twelve LSU thirteen stadium for fourteen Georgia fifteen global sixteen my Florida seventeen. In Miami a Florida number eighteen now here's a note about hurricanes diesel. We'll talk about program that had what 230 for thirty's. Dawn on them do you realize Miami hasn't started in finished in the top 25 since 2000 and Bob. That's what that's over a decade outs. Get out they're still thought of as one of these premier program now of course a guide Tonto national championships but think about that the canes. Habit it's hard to ignore and finished eight top 25 season. Let me ask you know what does that say about the bias of college football reporting. Every so often and everybody has been trying to tell this is the year that the canes are back to use bad this year I feel like this year it's going to be either a year and a lot of a lot of the time it's not. What can take heed that Miami battles disadvantages. It furry top twenty college football program nobody else has to deal with the first of all. They drive an hour to go play home games so I don't care what anybody says. Miami got have a home game may have more fans in the stands but that makes it more difficult you go look it it's not Florida State or somebody. There's 23000. Fans in that stadium so that makes it tough when you don't have a home field advantage trust me. 23000. In Kidd brewer stadium in Boone North Carolina is a lot more threatening in 23000. In sunlight there skis me hard rock stadium down in my name. My point is you know let them. What was the period if you had to guess you'd say 510 year period Alabama football was at its low point as lowest point oh my god I mean we ID and eighties gloom. Was seventy. It was a couple years here in the air. Marubeni more than about two or three when I was in college how about this week did a couple of son moles and an independence ball before we got better which gene stallings coming in until my point is though what is with the way the media had. Has that bias towards these blue blood programs understand how far would. Alabama football have to fall. To not even be a top 25 to to start sees this great ad deals had he had huge fall that's a long way down. I'm talking something huge would have to happen. So but and it Miami football is on that level for a little while yeah I mean I had about a decade on that level yet. I mean you did not mess with them but I will also say. Dave now doubt these to have Orange Bowl which was a huge home field advantage for 04 for the canes semi it was a rough place a Miami now they have nothing it is eight is a football stadium off for the Florida turnpike out in the middle of nowhere so I don't feel like there's a home field advantage. In you know what you got a bus the students up they are mass which means they gotta get up earlier on a Saturday because god forbid students wanna get up early on Saturday. To go to off football game especially at noon or 1 PM so. I think my aim he's got some built in disadvantages. To where they used to be advantages words he just took a thirty mile circle around Miami you ought to be able to field. A really good football team but the hurricanes come and at number eighteen continuing on the one non group of five team or the one group of five team in the top 25 the South Florida bulls under first year. Head coach Charlie Strong comment at number nineteen rounding out the top 25 or Kansas State twenty Byrd junior attack it 21 West Virginia 22. Texas 23. Washington State 24 of the Tennessee Volunteers to come in at number 25 this is how it breaks down we mentioned. 24 of the top 25 teams are. Power five teams that SEC leads the way it was six. Teams ranked ACC in the big twelve followed with five beat the Big Ten in the pac ten RC's meet the Big Ten in the pac twelve for each and again that one. Non power five team in this year's top 25 is the South Florida bulls they will get started this weekend. With they cross country trip to the San Jose spartans Sanders a state spartans and what do you call this week number zero. That they do in high school football here if you play the first week it's weak zero not everybody gets started we number. We number two and so. No on 81 or week one what are you that's why it's confusing to begin with you gotta have to have more than app state education to figure that thing outlasted education is merely answered you didn't want ads but you're still why your still I've been to either tied to the University of North Carolina diploma are right when we come back some. Other notes where's clips and ranked at number five when it comes to a defending champion some other notes who's not in the air we mentioned. Notre Dame and how many play each other. In the first couple weeks of this season again you can get him with us it's our day total eclipse of the heart here on straight up was storage. Welcome back and it is a Monday addition. As straight up was surge should be just a holiday here in the upstate accused. Suggs gene banks. Off of exit nineteen today so big day with all of our stations from intercom but that's the bad part about it. All got to leave at the same time in the air some issues out there when it comes to driving on the roads just be careful put a little bit more space in front idea. In doubt listen to us listen Oswalt pitch home. All right what are you talking about the AP top 25 poll that came out again your top five Alabama's one Ohio State to Florida State three southern cal for Clemson five rounding out the top ten Penn State six Oklahoma seven. Eight is a Washington Huskies nines was Scott's intent is Oklahoma State we mentioned. Clemson at number five. Diesel what does that mean they are the lowest rate defending champion since Auburn. In 2011. Was ranked number 23. Not a single first place vote but sitting there at number five and you look at it they beat Alabama last year they beat Ohio State. They beat Florida State you know it's different from season to season which you know as well as I do. That it's the coaching staff a little bit of of the message of Vermont trouble up. Rice took out Ohio State 31 to nothing last year in the semifinals in quite frankly it should have been worse. Yet there sit at number ten. So I think that works in the Davos Sweeney's Montrae like he EO of being young lady disrespect exactly because I mean Ohio State was competitive for two series. In they miss filled goals on. Both of those series Sig could've been up six did not than it was tied nothing not anomaly may be Clinton is Perino herb. They've been up three nothing in the in clumps and scored but either way. It was seventeen to not than I have time 31 enough and at the end of the game. You know you also look at Florida State they come in to Clemson this year so again I think that plays into somewhat. The disrespect card but here's one thing I'm excited about. Am us number one with 521 place votes Florida State is number three wood for first place votes this is the highest opening match up. That we've ever seen in college football history number one vs number three has never it's the highest. Match up of ranked teams on the opening weekend in which college football has ever seen. See I would love to see these preceded these. These match subs in week one week to have to say number one asterisk. How countries asterisk as we just don't know we don't know what you know no idea how good these teams are going to be yep but these are teams that. Each had a pretty good idea of now you don't. We'll see how this thing plays out a couple other notes when it comes to this. AP top 45 released today due and payable one Ohio State to Florida State three southern cal for Clemson five Penn State six. Oklahoma seven Washington 89 as Wisconsin tends Oklahoma State. Only one SEC team ranked in the top ten the second. SEC team Detroit is Auburn at number twelfth. The last time they finished in the top ten. I don't think they were right either season so I don't know if that bodes well for Auburn out of that helps out Clemson with armor coming up here we number two on September 9 or not. But that is the case the last two times it. Auburn is finished in the top ten. They started off the season on the right to get a feel weird for SEC coaches to be able to play the disrespect card. Well I don't think it's gonna last long because last year it was a huge listen there are some quarterback issues in the week fortunately for the league. I think you almost everyone returned so might that be a big help them and LSU with that wing and some of those guys spent. You know we'll see Jacob decent in the guys in Georgia there are some good quarterbacks yet Tennessee kind of lost in the mix right now they've got two quarterbacks that are battling it out. In now pre season camp and we'll see which one ends up starting but a couple other notes when it comes to the top 25 diesel and Saturday. We think about them. In BC sports their own package for whom football games it seems like the Catholic Church almost writes checks to Notre Dame for them to be good. Yeah. In the last fourteen seasons Notre Dame has not been rate seven times and that includes this year. To me that's pushing eight terrible offense when it comes to you being a head coach. Granted I mean I don't know the academic restrictions they are not the same as they were. 1520 years ago you know. But. I just I don't net. I just get a little sick to my stomach thinking somebody that has that much power behind them and NBC sports. So might it. Is not a league but still pulls them. More money than anybody else. Do you find themselves right in the top 25. Are you serious. So. Seems out of women's honor America's oracle bio says some historical bias is rubbed off a Notre Dame is thought yeah. There's not a skill and you say the least to me you know that that that top 45 ranking. Taken for granted I mean I was the worst title game did I can remember in the last fifteen years pretty much going back in the debut in the BCS and not get a win Florida State Tennessee played out on the desert. Notre Dame Alabama you know. It's 42 to fourteen. How come anti Taylor had a fake girlfriend issue is the way he was heartbroken and as an all American linebacker. Yeah you know giving guy a break in the team a break that he was broken hearted. Take what you the year how to bring it back full circle make us out of our plight site here's another fascinating thing when it comes to the top. Twelve teams in that ins with alternate number twelve. Six of the top twelve teams play each other in the first two weeks of the season that includes Alabama vs Florida State. That includes clips and vs all around. And that includes Oklahoma in Ohio State all those teams getting together in the first two weeks of the season so guess what we'll see some separation. Really. By the second week in September. Also you when I look at this who in the top ten is kind of bright glow. First of all let me start with the other side. I think southern Cal's too high at number four specially with 21 place votes and now we'll tell you this why. Last year they were non competitive in their first game their opener against Alabama now they got better as the year went on finish what ten in three. Knocking off Penn State what was a really great ball game out there. But there's still a couple of numbers issues and it's just year number two of their head coach that's one of the first things that I come to. They may end up being number two number three number four. But when I got to look candidate who fills overrated right off the bat I just look at southern cal now. They may end up from about finding their bit remember Sam Arnold gotta fight that sophomore slump as well good draft bills were maybe he raped a little bit low. I tell you what I sat down and watch Washington again in the last couple nights. Washington's got a pretty good football team. Yeah we failed them in the college football semifinals in the peach bowl against Alabama nick last year they're sit and number eight they may be a little bit too low. When it comes to my opinion so again will continue. With our thoughts when it comes to the college football AP top 25 Y five days away from the kick off for the season. Ten days away from our first 39. Thursday night football twelve days before everybody get started. It's here it's a total clips Monday on straight up with sturtze.