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Less than Monday starting at 7 AM for the ES PM free stashed cash contest. 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM your chance to win a thousand dollars cash. On ESPN upstate and intercom upstate. I'm he's wanted to take home the next hour some recorded interviews as mark Sturgis surprise seconds were spent the last two days. At the 2017. ACC football kickoff event. I'll bring you interviews up from Jim Patterson from CBS coach Paul Johnson of Georgia Tech. And Miami's mark Walton who don't want it right away with cam Phillips so wide receiver at Virginia Tech. Welcome back in being number junior yeah. If I don't know you price got to do we've seen. In the Miami and we've got canned Phillips CL wide receiver. Virginia Tech news 32 career starts. Here in Blacksburg. Like this. You must build things here attacking anyone on within the flag. All the way to look I don't know collared shirt with a. Congratulations. Every once like you just gotta stop paying job well done set and that's what we're seeing you know when you. The best receivers in the league even got active part in that. So. Last year for us here it's just what. Things went well we're here in Blacksburg but here's your number it's this you just find out. Anybody. Audience. Notice you do so let's start. As it seems you're having some audio issues with Tim Phillips of Virginia Tech we're gonna move forward in that one. And I would take you straight into chip Patterson of CBS. On it with a mark Sturgis and price tag consent from. ACC football kickoff. Welcome back Jim ACC football kickoff here in downtown Charlotte are made and shipped. Paterson CBS sports joining us here on day two. ACC football kickoff chipper. What's happening my man I did it's it's an out of pocket god revered not got a lot to brag about in the ACC so it's a celebratory. Tour. Step back real quick what was the biggest takeaways from yesterday because it. Not a lot of news the war is something that a couple things maybe that stood out CD birds or mistake possible. And maybe not this team there was anything that stood out to eat mostly from day one. I think this you got. To the right distance a little bit under the radar because everyone's talking about the ACC conference from something I think in general it's kind of a dumb thing but. I'm the reason why they're so excited about it's just how far they've come so quickly because it was only about five years ago conference realignment and it was in full swing they only had TB CS bowl wins you know Tom you and you really look at net. I chic geek Al. In terms of the weirdest of football image to. Ago certainly a lot of change. So understand why your dragon. And I think it creates this really going feedback loop where you've just got all the different sides trying to point all of these different things. Who were big additions to known as the pregnant blues. Leon Berry Berry good football program London now has been very successful and Bobby Petrino obviously as part of that and he brought Mark Jackson down. They were talking that it wouldn't be here as non what do you do next. And I'm the king instead they he's completely mark Jackson's sense. He says that. Yet they won in his cleats and play action to Nazi type stuff but it's also because they wanna make sure that Mark Jackson. Is going to be better next thing you all like that is sort of the story with in the season for the cardinals for me. It's not just watching town records and stats has taken. It is future into consideration trying to better end addiction he's not tiger cats. As one of these college quarterbacks and he's the deal would be considered to be playmaker on caliber went. I can just count on Josh residency don't. Innocent thing because what we glass all mobile last season. The offensive line if you're gonna go under sooner without its Iran not lost for guys like T shirt. I was in the worst power while offensive line it's been I've seen at least on the field when they were manhandled against Houston holds huge Pataki. That's a big step but they're gonna put Mark Jackson under center then what did he sell that to be telling us that all that's why it's got to. To be better why hasn't there been and he didn't change on static routing options plus vs Tulsa. Asked dad you know we'll we'll see even against you because. I'm looking at the ACC Atlantic and how I feel really confident about Florida State. Concert that. Hi I think that you've got time to look for that interesting story lines and everybody else and it isn't like. If you didn't seem vaccines. You can take a look at about five teams in the ACC coastal say and again she's yeah when the darn thing ended ACC play any. Like I can't about Florida State did not blitz this agreement not ended yet and look who it is all about Mark Jackson and optics line and the way they. They continue to grow up. Yeah NC state a team that's got a little bit of us here this week for certain that they're going to be taking a step forward and I think it's very much after the big ones. This season because they never finished the bad. And we'll. He's been at the routine back and watch it on TV. They brought in place to be right then he's going to be. I would say unheralded underrated quarterbacks in the league because he got beat uniquely 60% as best I hired eighteen touchdowns only eight it's. Got a guy that's gonna blog beat even he's not an approach that aren't cheap even. I think he'd be here I think you need to be this productive work. Because so much. What NC. Clinton I think we have to right the he had the relationship right in the it was a state. Like these guys know each other and it continued growth they continue to work and it continued to build this system where you got in nineteen times June same team on these weapons fast. And it's all about trying to put the right guys let's face it is it is almost like. Because Ryan Finley has all the physical gifts. All you got the mental side now he's got him he said teach him how to be director and and you know how to put the ball in the right guy's hands in the right situation. And so edit I just unintended deeply as a human being you continue to study when you continue to learn you can only go forward tees I get 3300 yard pass the last yourself like that he can. He's gonna put up numbers that can compete. Now with anybody in the ACC I. The big thing for being with NC state is that night this group that's on the field. You turn our attorney starts he's also got him play. Lot of snaps as freshmen and redshirt freshman two years ago that when I don't miss this inexperienced teams in the ACC a lot of those guys. Have all gotten his minutes and that's why you got back confidence that's right got that buzz building because these are names that we've seen. While they were like new losing close games and heartbreaking ways for years ago and now there's the assumption that. India in the yeah it was moments only big progression that might. Sliders that I knew about a little bit and it's just it's funny because I don't. Ollie. Obviously think we'll call it friends now all time in. News even razor thin margin in the eyes of the main base between seven win season he seems to seven win season. Appointment an eight win seasons when they're expected to make diamonds season angry and it's like. He ended differently it's with the caliber all of its difference between. Suddenly think we have weather like winning your own decides to think about his ex girlfriend. Even though. I'm teenagers now they're the kids you didn't. That is one of these are people who are or so fascinated because there isn't any there is expectation in their networks. We're told chip Patterson college football college basketball. Does it all CBS sports dot com and in my Twitter easing less follow on Twitter at that should underscore Paterson. Off topic here ACC football kick them out AT and Jim. It would protect coastal strip clubs in Brooklyn you know talk tendencies that guys yesterday they said get a bad loss last year. The speed of several times that it's. You know. I do that this year and everybody that's where you gotta start Charlie Watts and gone you know you're gonna be solved the comedy like Todd at least talk live so deep and split on. Offense is this going to be a little bit like what we saw what we years ago when polls to help. And being the era an era but the shall watch music talent and has been brought it right there indeed it's at least he's a true. Not dismiss sincere people. I'll tell you brought it starts right breaker but I don't think either I don't think he finishes the season who ultimately wins that job. You got there Cooper river hundreds now are. Him overheard just on these and you won't cheat right. Because it's undeniable talent I've seen people actually volunteered deeper and give them the football he can run and he's been in the office for over here. I like. There were a couple games. Last season and even in the last two seasons. Where Clemson was not winning by putting forty points on the board and I think this Thursday night Georgia Tech game get that defense one in the game. I think that's where we're gonna be yes I I think Clinton could go out there and wind speeds when he were enough. Like it religiously to be so good he's not gonna move the Paula likes to be an SEC team. She's gonna go out there and you're gonna say I'm encountering clown got the unchanged we just ran for a guy like him off. If we sit there not been good to this site with a short field after a fumble were immediately get things things yeah abruptly ends tonight. Mean just. The defense alliance just didn't wreck he'd play absolutely. Rank offensive game plans coordinators and terrorized quarterbacks think it is it's gonna be eight years where. Florida State was so good yeah I would maybe think about it could be different Clemson team to repeat. Yeah I don't call me you're settlements. Does it make it easier. If you get coaching staff to do with the deeper or eight shots and if you gotta finishing what you ever read T-Mobile. Global we gotta keep a significant slip I. I think patiently. Like he doesn't believe that they like here who. Sean on the way up as the scat pass long range mentality where they need to have confidence. That's as good defense like Hudson's gonna have to build a whole team staff does that make it easier to go with a little bit more used to. Earlier as opposed to a little bit later succeeds because. I would I don't think shuffling quarterbacks that I got out of picks up quarterbacks is a bad thing I don't I'm not as much of this week. Nowadays especially in the wake us up. I think you need a TV news. If you got a way to make it where it would seem quarterbacks like big you know. Really just got it figured out ways I'm not quite extreme Eddie Jones played on. Where it all out devils winning the last few minutes national TV game again I just think this. There's so many others pieces in place that they're agents. I did so yeah that's if you were shot he's just doesn't have a ticket now. Yeah I would continue to chip Patterson CBS column of red chip underscore Paterson as the principle seems like a Smart really in my innings to lose he got. Outstanding defense background check remain in the land back. That was going to be net proceeds of freshmen this period as he got to be true freshman isn't going to be the juniors are. How many passes and got all about what you can tell me encourage you to start. Theory that means it's going to be a game of football team tonight. I think that's great and how bad will Georgia into the if they crap the bed again as the pre season game in the SEC east they don't make the title. Rick this brilliant end here in Charlotte in December how this report contains him. I'll tell you look behind Johnson while I was. I was very proud of the ACC it's. The first week ended December he sentinel Florida State Miami the dream that was set in place back in 2005 when he slipped to sleep in the division that was like. It is either going to be the one teams that are meeting in the ACC championship game I. I think it kind of silly little games point 313. You know Mike and Mike Parker to not read the wind. To include the action in the. For crying like I think that there's a there's a really good chance. That GPS that that's sadness blocks where Jack Thompson gentlemen it's not a really really any time. They're big they're nasty mark Walton on the ball moderate chance. Who's really good wide receiver. There's just. This is a future for Arizona. And I think they're carrying themselves and ways and means people eat it or not they're going to be playing for the ACC there's this title this is fun. We plan ACC because of his title at Pittsburgh in November so like all the things in your head between politics and that's going to be the biggest threat to them look it'll be one lately we've liked it and if I need loses then also an ambiguity tiebreaker relies little on those. Susan good. Six and soon probably influence because the right with the C since he would go wrong lost the wrong team McDonald's and it becomes a problem. So I think it. I don't think I mean you look at the pieces it's locked up and it'll be that kind of situation it's Thanksgiving week in cold weather got nasty Heinz Field sort of situation. I guess. Miami team shows up they definitely have earned their spot in the ACC team to beat her. So we'll sit behind Miami is it also likely take Virginia Tech and we'll try to install. It's now being felt there was commitments issue Max that I forgot they lost all but that's the only could be that could. Could be funny Henderson's little better in Henderson was just Serena still there right now I'm still intact and you know what happened. Tech has a bad season Paul Johnson and there. Bounces back he's got a lot of guys back who could be the team explosive. The morning I got married so I just turning my ballot for John McCain needs. Georgia Tech it's exactly a little Virginia Tech. And Carolina did Clinton say I was wrong. Virginia Tech T that I. Three George temple I like. I like Georgia Tech's offensive line I think Dietrich mills as long as fast and it is going to be able to be built into changing running backs and you know and that's like that's you look at this guy doing you can you just quickly get the core conference Linux take a look at. I just let you guys got it CBS sports dot com college football star veins in the up state what can you read what won it. Digest the egos between now and tickled well you guys gonna happen here. Through July in the dry and obviously you're obviously a lot. Yes it is easy bit tired eyes and tired. Hollywood and we'll be really excited about our. I just started on 24 sevenths sports college football podcasts were two episodes and I wanna get as many people to subscribe rated reviewed on iTunes possibly because I work we're trying to figure out. It's much feedback as possible. I asked myself and Barton Simmons at the post. We've got two episodes up right now previewing the FC west FC east for about start tackling in the ACC the rest of the conference as well as. Reacting some of the headlines have been coming on immediate days it's it's a big projects to heavy undertaking along with before the sports we covered the CBS let. It's one minute I'm I'm excited about us if some pushing anybody its it's over that's when for some sports of the conference. We'll make sure to follow chuck Patterson on Twitter at chip underscores Patterson's attracted a record seven sports college football podcast just always appreciated. Ron seat could Jeb not WO. That of course we appreciate CBS sports chip Patterson takes some time to sit down with price and starts 2017 ACC football take off. Back next when Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson. All of the brand new ESPN. Upstate text app text to 71307. ESPN iPhone or ESPN android depending on what you have you get a download links it directly to your phone. On the new a ESPN upstate app very cool new features. Just installed. We did have some audio issues this is why you always check Lyle audio before you play live on the air west. George tech head coach Paul Johnson so column audible I'm a play you an interview from yesterday. Where Syracuse quarterback Erik dungy. Welcome back in the ACC football kickoff on this Thursday you have price we've been talking with a lot of offensive in defense of linemen and now we get to break it down with a quarterback that's here dungy is the Syracuse Orange air welcoming and familiar that you're doing your day here ACC football pick them. An opportunity yes I've known we'll listen let's start with the the tougher job last year adjusting the new neighbors off fits in year number one. The quarterback this was to be reading Colin everything going your offensive line who was probably recruited for one kind of system. Indeed forced it to something else completely different last year. Obama picked up the lines because like he says it's two totally different systems and two totally different tempos so. I mean for me I've had a new offensively you played football so US I com mine's doing. Commend them for. Yes we're told they are dungy and quarterback for the Syracuse Orange chats that you adjusted pretty well they re credible record setting season his school record six or 2600. Over seventy yards passing. 2970. Yards total offense did seem like you adapted quite quite well to this new up tempo attack. Is awesome I'm in I was playing I was talking to stay in for the whole season. Someone for the next year come back you know twenty pounds heavier and and softens. Guess we'll talk when they are dungy named to the Maxwell Award watch list just recently and you know one of the things today's pitching get bigger stronger heavier durable. And injuries is obviously did something that is played the last two years with head injuries and it was. We were at that obviously covering the close game we do the post game show when you've got knocked out I think it did your season. In that game. How much of a factor is it for you to get ready because it certainly when things you can control to be ready be prepared be strong but. When you get some of the heads it's heads shots you take passes out of your control puff of how tough that was the last two years. Yeah I'm also come back and I think the Clemson loses more of just the body is yeah I mean I get hit in the head people make assumptions based on everything but. To that assists and you carry how do you prepare for the how to prepare our ticket and I that's everyone's everyone's one play away from. You know I've been testing office and says if definitely compound and just be more confident and just to respond to provide. You know it last year this right here forward forward corps you maybe the toughest finish schedule wise it. News conference with this year you ninth starters returning on offense ninth starters returning on defense in the repo. He steered the carrier do against Central Connecticut State middle Tennessee and central Michigan again just one game at a Thai. But here's a way to find out about this eighteen returning starters in the rest of the roster before having to go to LSU which you know Saturday night. Injury even EDT angered the date Saturday that's tough field. Definitely down but I mean our defense like he said the other night against him back as well as our best defender who we had missed all season and concordia so he's come back as well. Going against them whether he you know seven on seven just this team that we went through June 3 practices aren't married so improvements that they've made me. But the new guys are impacting George Martin stepfather. A couple of the defense coming so I'm excited for the defense. Thank you completed just shot sixty tops your passes last year what is it to have you thrive in this up to vote you know labor's office to know what happened because you obviously it laid off the charts last year you won. Yeah I mean I just really. I was ticketed. But with a little more time and it's just kind of hectic and if you don't realize that we are student athletes on the business school work done there is Syracuse so. I kind of transform my schedule to you know have room normally classes on me to watch a lot more film as most Russians to almost too much more comfortable. Again you can. Intense guys don't ask you about specifically did a kind of go under under rated and hear all did so to speak kind of in the ACC is a hole when you look at some of the wide receivers that. You got. A couple guys two guys in particular that you could look at is being two of the most dangerous wide receivers in terms of attainable in the country two guys that started. You're 48 games combined talk about Stephen urban what they bring to this office. Just of the new agreement upcoming steal this Aristide is in or I've been with them since my freshman year. So I probably write off of that mean Steve has great chemistry as those voters. Comment here has really taken this offense he's probably my most important pieces of it so he's been doing a great job. Question where anything is on the same track and down. On Steve you know yes and since Steve yes quite you last year I think people kind of some tough to come straight down. Lake Oswego. Sue I last week I was sit down me cruise ship dinner table with some people not to Norway. That's a big deal throughout Canadians he comes out and played their collegiate football league just give us an idea. The thought process and you see here she's not too far away bit. The thought process on how much of from the original organ or arguably our system it's not on here within you're beginning at Sears each. Going through the change in the then I'll say finding yourself with hybrids. Demi the food 2000 miles with moments it's a lot different hood. I'm looking forward to his mom come and nothing can step up as a bunch of big guys on this freshman could. They're tough games to get under development for religion have to both of them but I got all the faith in the world. Some of curious about passively desire of their about it. About Friday night games means besides college football's on Saturdays and analysts are right place on Saturdays and you guys have. To Friday night games this year including Clemson in the Carrier Dome how do you feel about Saturday and Friday night games like Friday night's. Mama I don't know I'm muscles and prepare the same way I would hope anything other comes to slow the from a school and everything. You know in this process and all that. As far as I know he's still on the field this don't carry guns still you know playing football so you just kind of elements being prepared for it. It played it a basketball school to four more insisting up and tankers to about claimed the basketball school. He's always here's your keys anything basketball for what do you tell people when they see where do you play yet. He simply Syracuse and then they wanna start talking basketball with. I mean usually that doesn't happen because you know what I talked isn't news back home you know or consider this on me and they the very supportive of me. I mean with Tabasco thing I didn't re saying is that going through Syracuse they think best for us. The bad foot pounds on the scene and around the sands Iron Man known only as an unseen for trying to make you know this guys it's right. Before we like to do it again here dungy the quarterback gets here TC in your head coach Steve new beaver says graduate from. Hawaii puts him and is said to me not to load though it may be also from Hawaii and its neighbors is so fast pace and everything he got there. Ever see maybe the Hawaii his background from Hawaii about him throughout eat. I just Disney and around it I think and I'm around them. This very laid back down so it. Could not have cracked fugitives if you have the same time. He carries himself in the Harrison and his. It's awesome seeing that as you know I can try to you know model that is well itself. I know it gets mad disease a football coach he has to get mad as soon as the leader but he looks like coach papers every time we talked him in every time I see him. He looks like he's always happy and smiling. In that we've seen the photos I took its. Nobody is the case he does a great job he really brings out the best in everybody savory semi competitive edge which is what I need this seat yeah. Willis who we hope this is CS successful year real quickly our sponsors say barbecue restaurant and that's not doing it justice local waters to see barbecue restaurant. Why next ankle since coming up this year geez what cynical simply go ordering the mean this dinosaur. On just their platter with everything on an anonymous or risk cauldron. You get that you'll be very happy and everything. Melissa's best of luck this year instantly you thank you appreciate that. As surgeon price swings Eric dungy quarterback for the Syracuse Orange. We did have some technical difficulties will not be able to bring you the Paul Johnson interview a no Macs use at Max he's 87 on Twitter. Upset and we're not bring in that interview but how we will hear from mayor Don jeez head coach Dino neighbors of the Syracuse Orange the when we come back. Gotta give up disturbs and price of spent the last two days in Charlotte the west and at these 2017. ACC football kick off event. Any the interviews we brought you the last two days you can always listen to again at 93 their excuse me ESPN upstate. Dot com right Dana podcaster. And interviews including Christian Wilkens. Defensive tackle it clemson's James bass from fox sports south Gary stoke in the peach bowl CEO. Florida State quarterback tee Andrei Francoise Dino labor's head coach of Syracuse which I'm actually you know play for your right now again listen all these guys interviews again. In the podcaster at ESPN upstate dot com from yesterday at the 2017 ACC football pick up his sturgeon price. With Syracuse head coach Dino neighbor's car. Live here and ACC football kickoff one of our favorite interviews in just the second year and he is sport today that's good Steve newspapers that this year geez our team coach. You know first of all year tees which find out the retention rate who all quality in three years number one in a tape when the he got a quarterback that's coming back in here dungy but. That offensive line has to be happy that they knew what their expectations are heading into year number two and you've got all five starters returning. Yeah there's no doubt that the I com mail offense the elephants are the key especially when you're in the ACC and when you live on the inside of the ACC Atlantic and we need to be. Steady at that position we're not very deep debt deal line but we are good. We can't lose too many guys we got one or two capable backups and after that we get really young really fast. But we're able to keep those guys were gonna have an opportunity. RD line we've kind of doomed to the wolves last year played a lot of freshmen. They basically got beat up which is what basically freshmen do unless their freshman from Clemson Florida State I guess. And I've been now they're older now they're more mature and they put on 152025. Pounds of muscle this can be fun to see what those. And young sophomores can do now going into their second year in the ACC. All right coach as written in continuous Syracuse coach Dino neighbors get ready for his second season with the orange are just one and Elena are scheduled to get done way ahead of time. Who in the heck a while the scheduled to be put together you if they got a roof. It's desktop like called they wrote situation going to LS UNC state Miami Florida State local. What in the world. Well and they seize the like that with the device gets there cannot be eighteen tower five college football around the country to his Scottie tougher road slate that what the Syracuse Orange and you guys haven't for a. Well I'm an agreement dab and I this is the thing I'm told the team if if we can find a way. I mean David vs good luck yup and we can find new ways to win all boom I think we're gonna be in the play offs. That's sort it out and society how. Let's just keep up okay company. 100% correct in updating you argue your number one hears it at 44. Units in that trip in the clubs and you're done. New fourteen play the game not that details important I would remember something my. It just that change seats in how things finished out but this year you get a look at it you know eighteen starters returning immediate. I don't want C three home games to figure things out before. What's always going to be we don't know the kickoff time at bat Ellis you went. It's not just Saturday night back at Regis all day long event region that will be that first road tests in which prices talking about. You know is probably one of the what hardest places to play in college football. And it's going to be fun. No you can't can't turn Kohl called diamond without pressure and going to play your first road trip that LSU in Baton Rouge and if it's at night. I'm not sure there's any more pressure on in the United States of America and Baton Rouge at night after they've been going all day long trying to get ready if we. All right coach I know one thing you promised your football team ahead of the spring was a physical spring. And I read a lot of comments from inside here and your other guys on defense last year and you guys got a lot of guys back your top thirteen tacklers are back. For defense gave up just over 500 guard's game but it starts up front with stopping the run and I know you guys had some problems with that at times last year. How did that physical spring trains like to what you wanted to see out of your defense this year. First of all let me say this going through the when you've never gone through the ACC Atlantic need to gotta have that one year run and sitting back and even watching the game with Clemson. You don't got out of hand early and you know hats off to. Coach dabble in and obviously the national champ ship that you guys were. But when you go through that day year you go through that season you know what you have to do. And what we had to do we had to be more physical we had to be more physical with no line more. And you there's no way to get around you're like oh we're gonna go to spring what are we gonna do a salute and hit. Well we're not gonna hit every day every day no we're not gonna eat everyday because we're not allowed to hit every day yeah but guess what we're gonna hit. And I mean I'm known to be honest with you man a couple of coaches look at that light kind of craziness on this kind of like hey. We are hitting. Are you with us students are you pushed it. And no don't cry don't make any noise is we're gonna go out and whatever happens happens but whatever survives this morning. Is going to be ACC ready nets are gold gold to try to find a way to win football games in the fall he can't do that by saving everybody in the spring not when you play the schedule. We have to. You know as we continue to deal favors ahead man it's Siri keys one of our favorite interviews here on straight up was birds always appreciate getting a few minutes of coach neighbors cheered ACC. Media day at a lesson in Charlotte one think coach jumped. You know. Why your defense was obviously behind your offense last year the year running the up tempo you've got to see your guys here don't you really took to it you want you I think he got. A dual wire Abdul wide receivers in Steve Israel and Ervin Phillips who work is good the deal which you can find in this league. Last year you guys put up my whole lot of yardage but it didn't always translate to points I think 26 points a game with all the majorities. Gotta get that all the insanity got to get points on the board I know that's what you were dressed with your team already. No doubt we spent a lot of time in the off season also. Going back through the group calls that we made him in the red zone things that we were doing in the red zone offensively defensively. And we need more production were not. Feel goatee I. Rumored team this trying to score touchdowns. And based off of those touchdowns is gonna give us an opportunity to win will be kicking field goals that's not good on the flip side you needed defense to make the other team kicked field. And not allowed them to get touchdowns and I think we were negative on both sides of that. Offensively defensively lot of yards no points. I don't give mama and daddy upset at all we need to do was increased two point total he keep the yards the same. And then decreased two yards that was given up on defense to give the office more opportunities in about. All right coach before we let you knew how much easier yeah. Last year she prepared for year number one. You know with with the number starters back with the experience with the another year under your belt how much easier was it hidden spring practice and then. These guys police themselves in the offseason. Now that they know what coach Dino neighbors expect. Night and day night and day is the reason why have always said that in our system it normally takes off the second season somewhere between games four and six. It was like that my first stop in eastern memorial was like that my second stop of Bowling Green State University. And hopefully will be like get my third stop your Syracuse University my final stop and get this thing going right we need to. We need to let people feel us and we we wanna play at a certain speed we think that speed is faster than what we played the year before. If we can play at that speed stop the run and be able to run the football I think you can have brighter days. For the schools up north don't forget. July 16 game at thrown brother. At the winners commented that this. HBO if you go get a sense I got one quick thing out the door salutes this year I think it's the year the defense in the ACC you know a lot of firepower lost across the league I think seven of the top ten wide receivers in the league's top four running backs you know. Quarterbacks are gone and it. To this deep dish on that. Does it may be I know you're an offensive guy you're gonna see a lot of stout defense is this year does that maybe help you guys a little bit. I I think with. It helps us because. Our defense doesn't have to choose section yeah that's right that sex dynamic that's my point Heisman Trophy in after a first round draft picks that are going on. And you know if if your strength is your defense and our strength is our Altman's. Then let's go play that's it no scope for that's it that's exactly it's always a pleasure to catch up. Look forward to and with the same guy that was that is out loud echo hello hazard. I love having coach Dino neighbors of the Syracuse Orange on a straight up the stairs I was one of the best interviews. From 2017 ACC football kickoff that was one more interview next. The conversation continues. Lights at ESPN a study done job these these we know we stirred on ESPN that most days. IMAP Molly Wood here he has. Vienna upstate sports that are update brought to you by The Home Depot Carolina panthers' training camp is set to begin in about a week and a half an offensive tackle Michael or. Does a player and to report on July 25 that's according to what ESPN. He would have missed the final thirteen games of last season. Wall up even concussion protocol did not take part in OTAs was not cleared for Od trail for a mini camp. And don't want to see what happens with gamma going forward. Atlanta Braves baseball they be in the post all star break portion of the season this evening when they open up a series against the Arizona Diamondbacks. RA Dickey is on the mound tonight he is six probably four point 23 ERA. He said to be opposed by Taiwan walker. The Home Depot has everything you need to do you project smarter The Home Depot more saving more doing what they're ESPN upstate sports that are update I'm now calling. But the 1063 WORV weather center and here's the upstate most trusted for hands on ESPN upstate partly cloudy tonight we'll protect willow to the trip 73 degrees. Scattered showers and thunderstorms developing late in the day Saturday most of the day will be sunny with a high of 93. And a better chance of showers and thunderstorms and high temperature of 91 degrees. I'm hero just regular on ESPN upstate right now it's 93. New ESPN upstate dot com. I had a syndicated radio show who. We say it's. Whether receiving. And it's a great time to golf. Treat yourself to some time on the course with the upstate golf carts for only 75 dollars and get eighteen holes at eight of the best courses in the upstate. 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Welcome back into ACC football kickoff this time it's a Wake Forest Demon Deacons on decades hiding him singer and eight. From day on in the New Orleans here you will get into that in a minute picked him was talked about the offseason because. You guys get a nice when it gets temple in the military able. Is that has to set the tone for the offseason now that you know puts don't spend yourself back in a bowl game seven in six. Speak about the difference heading into the offseason this year's compared the years without that success in the 2006 to. Is addresses future news really he stressed is we've put in so much work the past three years since those buses got here it's been about kind of change in the program change in the culture and kind of change in our status and for us is voting was the first tangible result we got that's like really was like that confirmation of like keep it going him and for other guys. It's it's for us it's really like OK now we see this whole team's success was built on that let's not use it as like our goal we've achieved are no we have achieved anything really for us it's a steppingstone to a we wanna do. For next year catapulting it into it. Yeah we're talking with came serenade at Wake Forest senior tight end honorable mention all ACC it's his first two years course your freshman all American your first season in. I would ask you about something about what's right for your coming on we talk about Louisiana and you in your native Louisiana and but you looked in DC and your your family a lot of were affected by hurricane Katrina and they didn't move to DC network outside DC with you and I know that played a big part of the walker brought up one thing that was really cool. You know in a what you talk about your family and played a role in all that with your first college catch on what was really awesome in the game at Louisiana Monroe. Your first game. Played for the demon deacons losing your home state. And he got all your family there and I think ever since since he had not played a game without at least one family member in the stands much resemblance has so much about your background your fame when you come from. It definitely means dam is everything to me I come from a very close Stanley. In my family my relatives my uncles my hands my cousins my grandparents my fans you know everybody so. It's really special because every game ever played I always get attacks from like seven people in my family my supporting and meant that the police and that you will onion I think you had twenty to thirty people if they gain. From my from my family visits and drive so even if there are so it was really special and I'll be there my first game and it's great because they all at least make one or two games a year and a whole different game so we're sounds pretty special yeah. So what is gonna do this year and last year you open the year it still laying out get a seven to three win the we're talking about the keep it Louisiana McGraw open this year you can add the gates didn't looking across DC which is just stay on the road from us. You tossed eight you have to do very interesting at a conference in state gave. At avalanche of state who by the way our producers and at state grads that. Yeah how do we can't jump started this year without what are your Louisiana's plan now. If you can hear the F for me assist them in this mine in the messy year played in the fourth year planned so it's. More about this jumpstart myself the near palm. And I did senator every game and I'm really gonna love with Salem Wake Forest and so it's it's it's home to me in I get excited plan BB interior tennis up on the field so I'm looking forward to. That you guys on offense. John Wolf for backing quarterback does say he's back he also have some experience behind him but. You don't got to ask you about you obviously the leader on the passing. In the things 36 straight games with a reception and you wanna keep that going to make it Phyllis do the math for a quick deal love Audi a 49 nears the end of the season so yes but talk about. Out another what are your teammates cigar from South Carolina Dutch fork high school Matt Colbert who's your leading rusher last season. Matt is and as if he's either great kid if he's kid that just works his butt off. Magistrate enough for four flat at wow you some the past tourism pounds and he's the bowling ball that they can run and he's athletic and he's he's physically as they come I'm really excited for map between him and Jay Carney we have a heck who want to punch the backfield and I'm really excited about it. Now ticket that would tell you you mentioned him and that's it that's gonna take pressure off the quarterback I'm right here that you you're coming back is some Richard C you have three wide receivers started last year coming back you have your quarterback coming back. Is we mentioned last year it was a seven to three win against Tulane and greeted the ultimate objective is Debbie split. This year you all might be able to really put some pressure on opposing defense is like breaking a few new defense of starters with only five. Return exactly an Emmy for us offensively it's that the by far the best office there have been a part of that way can we talent that I've never seen before on offense that wake in. We just have leaving the tragedies images and stuff all throughout the summer player practices and assist in a different feel for our offense and and once him a seventh deal line they'll want to plan together now for three years and we added two new guys that are kind of going to be older the we'll have like price competition for cheats costing three or four guys who are all not their pride in these juniors in the program. So that you can experience they've gone through workouts have they look like college football players have in the past Brazil play guys try young initiative. So it's an exciting time. Yeah we're talk with teams here and a senior tight in that from Wake Forest. I gotta say that taught that ties you know you see a lot of guys come in the other trying to be stylish outlook some might have just where there school's logo I think that is awesome sharp dressed today. The cam. For ball control offense and clearly that's what you guys you know. Pride yourself on controlling the clock having a good ground game short intermediate passes but. You know last year and a third now was kind of an enigma for you guys these are seven and know when you converted over 40% and anything under 40% you guys rowand sick how critical are those third downs you guys. This coming season. Other Q Jimmie third downs in my down so you got a young went third down and for us some going to this year is probably always stressed third down and we've got to find ways to get on guys open against man and press coverage and third in the third and medium and you know find his own and run the football still so it's going to be good. What one final thing one to ask you about the clinching game last year specifically because I know they shot out like a cannon. But after that what I think was the muffed punt believe it was that basically it was even Steven the rest of the way that you know I saved from the clubs and listening area. You talk about play in the tigers' in the challenge because as the defending national champion and you excited to get to go for Gibson in his senior year but. Who are people aboard that national championship game last year did you go for the opportunity resilient. Fibers or go over Clinton in again that's a tentative game I wanna see the ACC win death when we go against and it's Communist you know bad blood whenever there's whenever they're going as anybody else on I'll root for the 100% self. I wanna see them beat Alabama you know I want DC to get some he is among some cred so as excited Cindy that capsule. Love before we'd like to go she lit. Let's assume you first volume though sing about unfortunately got to cut the mosque just a few seconds or litigation route to the end of the show but thank you for everybody who. Check out the show today yesterday. As sturgeon price for life from 2017 ACC football kick off from every can hear all these interviews again. 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