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We're CC football pick up one. One of our favorite interviews is just the second year and he is sport today that's good Steve newspapers that this year geez our team coach. You know first of all year tees which find out the retention rate who all quality enters year number one in a tape when the he got a quarterback that's coming back in here dungy but. That offensive line has to be happy that they knew what their expectations are heading into year number two and you've got all five starters returning. Yeah there's no doubt that the I com mail offense the elephants are the key especially when you're in the ACC and when you live on the inside of the ACC Atlantic and we need to be. Steady at that position we're not very deep debt deal lime but we are good. We can't lose too many guys we got one or two capable backups and after that we get really young really fast. But we're able to keep those guys were gonna have an opportunity. RD line we've kind of doomed to the wolves last year played a lot of freshmen. They basically got beat up which is what basically freshmen do unless their freshman from Clemson Florida State I guess. And I've been now they're older now they're more mature and they put on 152025. Pounds of muscle this can be fun to see what those. And young sophomores can do now going into their second year in the ACC. Our coach is written in continuous Syracuse coach Dino favors get ready for his second season with the orange are just won an island of schedules get done way at a time who the heck. A while the scheduled to be put together you and they got a roof. It's desktop like called they wrote situation going to LS UNC state Miami Florida State local. What in the world. Well they seize the definitely a bit. Like that was the ice get there cannot be eighteen tower five college football around the country to his Scottie tougher roads like the way the Syracuse forward to you guys haven't. Well I'm an agreement dab and I this is the thing I've told the team if if we can find a way. I'm David vs good luck yup and we can find a way. To win all of whom I think we're gonna be in the play offs. That's sort it out and society how. Best seat OK company. 100% correct that the that you aren't your number one hears it forward for units in that trip in the clubs in your country. Who fourteen play the game not that details important I would remember something my. They used that change seats in how things finished out but this year he get the look at it you know eighteen starters returning immediate. I don't wasn't three home games to figure things out before. What's always going to be we don't know the kickoff time at bat LSU went. It's not just Saturday night back at Regis all day long and bad region that will be that first road test in which prices talking about. You know it's probably one of the way hardest places to play in college football. And it's going to be fun. No you can't can't turn Kohl called the dime without pressure. And going to play your first road trip at LSU in Baton Rouge and if it's that night. I'm not sure there's any more pressure on in the United States of America in Baton Rouge at night after they've been going all day long trying to get ready for you. All right coach I know one thing you promised your football team ahead of the spring was a physical suffering. And I read a lot of comments from inside here and your other guys on defense last year and you guys got a lot of guys back your top thirteen tacklers are back. For defense gave up just over 500 yards game but it starts up front with stopping the run and I know you guys had some problems with that at times last year. How did that physical spring trains like to what you wanted to see out of your defense this first of all. You say this going through the when you've never gone through the ACC Atlantic you need to you've got to have that one year run and sitting back he'd been watching the game with Clemson. You don't got out of hand early and you know hats off to. Coach dabble in and obviously the national champ ship that you guys war. But when you go through that that year you go through that season you know what you have to do. And what we had to do we had to be more as we had to be more physical with no line world. And you there's no way to get around you're like oh we're gonna go to spring what are we gonna do us a room and hit. Well we're not gonna hit every every day no we're not gonna hit every day because we're not allowed to hit every day yeah but guess what we're gonna hit. And I mean I'm you know to be honest with you man a couple of coaches look at that light kind of craziness on this kind of like Kate. We are hitting. Are you with us students are you pushed it and look don't cry don't make any noises we're gonna go out and whatever happens happens. But whatever survives this morning. Is going to be ACC red and that's our goal of the gold to try to find a way to win football games in the fall. He can't do that by Saban everybody in the spring not when you play the schedule. We have to. You know as we continue with Dino favors ahead man it Siri keys when our favorite interviews here on straight up was church always appreciate get the few minutes with coach neighbors cheered ACC. Media day at a lesson in Charlotte one think coach jumped. You know. Why your defense was obviously behind your offense last year but you're running the up tempo you've got to see your guys here dungy really took to it you want you I think you've got. A dual wire dual wide receivers in Steve Israel and urban Phillips who work is good the deal is you can find in this league. Last year you guys put up my whole lot of yardage but he didn't always translate to points and 26 points a game of all those yardage. Gotta get that all the ins and you got to get points on the board I know that something you've addressed with your team already. No doubt we spent a lot of time in the off season also. Going back through the group calls that we made in the in the red zone things that we were doing in the red zone offensively and defensively. And we need more production were not. Feel go to rumored team this trying to score touchdowns. And based off of those touchdowns is gonna give us an opportunity to win we kicking field goals that's not good on the flip side you needed defense to make the other team kicked field goals. And not allowed them to get touchdowns and I think we were negative on both sides of that. Offensively and defensively lot of yards no points. I don't get mama and daddy it said at all we need to do is increase the point total. He keep the yards Hussein and then decrease in yards that was given up when defense to give the offense more opportunities available. All right coach out before we let you go how much easier. You whip with the number starters back with the experience with the another year under your belt how much easier was it had in the spring practice and then. These guys police themselves in the offseason. Now that they know what coach Dino neighbors expect. Night and day night and day is the reason why have always said that in our system it normally takes off the second season somewhere between games four and six. It was like they're my first stop in eastern memorial was like that my second stop of Bowling Green State University. And hopefully will be like that my third stop your Syracuse University my final stop we get this thing going right we need to. We need to let people feel us and we we wanna play at a certain speed we think that speed is faster than what we played the year before. If we can play at that speed stop the run and be able to run the football I think you can have brighter days. For the schools up north don't forget. July 16 game at thrown brother. With the winners commented that this. HBO. Here we go Kennedy Smith I don't one quick thing out the door salutes this year I think it's the year the defense in the ACC you know a lot of firepower lost across the league epic seven of the top ten wide receivers in the league's top four running backs you know. Quarterbacks are on Mitt. To this deep dish on but. Does it may be I know you're an offensive guy you're gonna see a lot of stout defense is this year does that maybe help you guys a little bit. I I think with. It helps us because. Our defense doesn't have to see section yeah that is right that sex dynamic that's my point Heisman Trophy NFL first round draft picks that are going on. And you know if if your strength is your defense and our strength is our Austin's then let's go play that's it. Not a problem that's it that's exactly yeah it's always a pleasure to catch up look forward to do and with against god was not as out lot of code mullahs are. Right let me Cindy know neighbors there but now that he is not marry in one thing I wasn't nightmare. But he yet there one final stop. It is everything went stayed there will be plucking them away you you in this thing he's been a success everywhere he's been but. I buy it for one a minute that he's retiring at Cedar Key snail. If for any reason could sweetly ever leaves clubs and I mean you. AD and I'd be cool with that that I would feel. A lot of fun to cover. For some media content. It looked a his personality what he can do attracting people around him. The way he gravitate toward people the interviews he gives the wrote the relationships. If if deal labor and ultimately prove it in the day eking coach football Syracuse he can be there at all. Because some I don't go get him because he's won everywhere else he's been Bowling Green. When it was eastern Illinois heavily Illinois you know he is going to be on the fast track he ain't on that angle be his last job number three places brand of football and tasty needs it's the 140 year or social media content of fast fast and boy SA air dungy you know the record setting season and he put up moments over 4900 yards of total offense that single season records of passing in total offense. They've got to wide receivers they compliant but they get to that that the better to those in the conference. Haven't thirteen tacklers back as well but they have so much trouble stopping anybody on offense that's what 26 points a game based court. It's got to be more like 36 to forty they're gonna win more ball games as their defense is atrocious. All right here's what we'll do when we come back we come up clemson's offensive lineman Tyrone Crowder for one of four starting. Offensive linemen returning for the tigers will bring you that next thing dairy stoke confirm chick filet they college football kickoff classic. As well as to the label and more or less in 201718. That keying of college football Tyrone Crowder clemson's offensive lineman when we come back. Welcome back and this Thursday at this straight up was starts were sitting down when when the act. One of the biggest guys on club since offensive line tyrant Crowder Tyrone welcome industry that was starts but also. Yeah we will we were talking earlier here's a year that Clemson game he has to reinvent themselves just a little bit offensively. But if you have to do it sure is nice to do before returning offensive linemen one of which she wore. In no. Obviously you lost this in Washington and on cue from the mountain and went home and the related. When and these guys and the engine crews to be in new ones to come to new rules so we. I'm looking forward to how this phone can contend now policyholder has been going on the salt sees as soon an excellent road. All right tyrant first team all ACC. Last year you were three clubs off it's supply and certainly that made all ACC was paving the way he had a big team in the national team we shipped three knockdowns against the tide but. Let's get into this season it is a different year I know it's going to be special running downhill it's that state for the very first time not just as the season opener but. Because you are now being hunted in college football that the reigning national champion. What does it feel like what is this off season been like you know since the championship game beat Alabama what's this whole whirlwind been like for you with the team. Is mr. Spitzer Bruno. Just because of my chute is knowing that we're the top of the mountain now and have lunch on the due to commit to that spot Boone. Coach Sweeney has incomes Benson has been the stillness that. No little storm over and just making sure that we now know Lucy assumed top. My stuff back to the bottom workers who were going back up because he's only complacent with the new moon could placing them when it's firm room to improve. Yet tyrant we were talking about this with Christian Wilkins earlier clumps and sits in a little. Different position you want a six seniors scholarship members of this team so. You and all of the seniors contributed a high level as well but this is a year. The EEU want that senior leadership to Joseph gonna have to also get some from some guys that are juniors. There have been playing their freshman and sophomore years well. Oh yeah. For me last year Judy you're more content the leadership room office alone and no he's more vocal guy. For our coasts most of his remotely background guy and for me I'm just I'm just have to live from the new rule has been more vocal. But no four isn't a defense of silly reason like being. Call those guys that Christian has stepped up and Ozzie can juices please use my record and dornin thank you. And no we rely on all the guys who this whole season I'm through. Who was due to have seen it when guys have been like her talk before much different today it can rule. Who were some of the guys he mentioned it but who are some of the guys you. You've never really talked that much before who were some of the guys who had kind of stepped up and emerged as a leader. I'm just like my god young came yachts are seeing him he's got a great offseason. Just. Even like improvement work like practices I see him being more vocal we have more confident and know just leave his receiving corps and when the just a false humility he's gotten complacent. To. And he's been into we can instantly we told you in the office on breaking them. And because as soon as soon as the most important office and so he's been doing great. All right tell you mentioned just false Nellie you know him when Nancy specific question related to his position it in. The loss of the show on what was that first puddle. In the spring like during spring practice or maybe even the spring game what was that one of those first. Huddles together on office word Jake here both called alliance. Is your starting center right next Eli enough in the in the Sean. Not being in the huddle house what was that like when they weren't and did it hit she did you look grass Atlantis to turn the page. I mean yeah closely you can it's hard to replace those guys who. You know. No with the just is right there he can bring those obviously you can look different accurate to begin to do because it is a more. Only. Talkative guy and move when he got in just he's more serious W. And over he's he's embraced it in didn't move the quarterback has shown leaving. We have to have a chance and takes that for most whose whose guns Lincoln. Zoo Cooper. Uncle Brian hunter let's assume this is this a little different from obviously. I can see them with the flu like companies in the new voice and mentally cone so. We're Tug it with senior offensive lineman Tyrone Crowder in tyrant here from North Carolina. He followed clips and at some point that we writes that both in the upstate for a long long time in. Yeah for many many years whose clubs it's got all the bills it was. Deeds that meet up pride thing here. How much satisfaction. Did you take win. It was Alabama in the fourth quarter last year at that was confident puck in the Jones issue will there. Coming down the stretch that you stepped up its mind was the final piece of the puzzle. Got coincident with a next week. I'll take the pop reprise America's no we CNN's Susan the backbone offense know good things to us. And we we knew when the fourth quarter come to themes going to be close. Who's gonna have this officer on his. We won't work so our own unit in the and we knew that would not be denied because we knew was picked to lose and we know who to loosen. We feel like we have. Proven. In the follow that up you're seeing here you've got email sophomore John Pollard who two back and I just watched that galloping in the game. This you know a couple of weeks ago that you received. Freshman from Southern Pines North Carolina just scrap the tenth retired green and lost to replace the ones some as well it. Just at the count for some might like it's on Pollard came last year is it true freshman. He's now firmly entrenched since he starting line offensive line. Seventy. The episode so probably he's a great player and I don't know I take command are you must respect him just do that. Public spotlight as a true freshman and he's going against Stevens will soon to be done the best defense in the country so. And he he he gave his all in he is not my god grants. It's just him and and is this offseason news he's been here and then and then and I feel like he's been a completely different plans and from my issues like the that we raised rates have been appointed. Again we continue to tyrant Crowder first team all ACC last year 27 starts the last two seasons. I think about got this right you in the tied at two linemen who did not give up a sack. All last season tyrant so it's. When you look at the quarterbacks between secured Cooper 300 Johnson beat Kelly Bryant not ask you need to handicap but the leadership that we Bryant obviously in the program for several years. Certainly very familiar with the playbook knows the calls. What does here Cooper what kind of leadership and company did he have this past glory. He loses some clues to a different. Obviously I didn't know. How do we see him play immediately. Being next athlete that so. You know. Has his own rules who flew to the game and he's a funky music been through with the would you have been through pursuant soon. A kind of waiting to see like how I progressed this offseason to him this fall camp and see. How those dozen feet. Right you you see across the ball your killer party clubs in defense of light being ranked number one in the country you guys have four offensive linemen starting returning plus others who played last year as well. How much tough than jolly goes on their practice between those two great groups or did you have to find Tynes back it off we still got opponents to play coming up. We love to compete. Christians come resent that and he talks a lot that yeah he comfortably into practice through. And then occasionally will come I didn't move. Frisco holes out there but you know we know and medically informed as we can and cannot. But every day they bring it and we bring you have real situation is Bob monsoon. And and has offices while we take front and it. And I guess you can get much better than in any proving he gets to the best defense of tackles and American Christian Wilkinson Dexter large two guys one guy who likes to talk a lot I know a lot of another guy for you really have to pull to get anything out of him. The just go to those guys and every day just in account for these greens have been convinced. Move into the game I just feel like he's so emotional right and I know that isn't in the room soon. By tyra what really appreciated that no marked as it is just great to catch up with yet talk some Clemson football is going to be here very very snowy scene and again thank you enjoy this disappointing we like the teller Clemson reps every year it's an honor for you beat your reps and make sure you can read this it's not just one. When you develop the boat tightening as look I'm not can't. Iraq I open an offensive linemen like a guy like tyra Crowder they can do the votes not huge huge uptick moment. Welcome back is we're lied price now first of all you make the comment there about not being able rot the bow tie was third got to have a little bit of a neck to be able to wise. Rocca by the Thai and importantly speak things when it comes to the women. That we made it say about Mel's services. No neck and notebook. Say hey rarity by the time I could tell you that much right now it's. They UAE united tyrant and Crist in the personality of the two guys in tiring the more serious one. Yet you look at it even realize you know candy just hit me a couple of days ago. With people. You go out. Was it Adrien baker I guess it just got his uniform his Jersey from Oklahoma State now. There's only six seniors on this 20172018. Clemson football team that you own your own. Oh yeah three on each side of the football to end. You know you lost a good business in office as you lost fourteen Letterman on offense and then another eleven. Defense and special teams but it is it is a young team is this is gonna be if you're. Fairly young football team a lot of juniors are gonna have to step up the Christian Wilkens as one of those guys but tyrant Crowder he's been around a lot. Another junior bit too high yet. Been around a block. You know this club's offensive line you talk about the right place to start if you're gonna have to rebuild an offense they're not boy to play makers and it beyond Kane is back. You clue temporary clown. Octavia these two will see what he can do. I got plenty of weapons or some over a little bit more improvement that you always want to build a start with the building blocks upfront club since off but supply especially that fourth quarter absolutely dominate it. The Crimson Tide late in the football payments or tyra Crowder three knockdown blocks in the TP Egypt game alone. Get it done. Get it done absolutely no doubt about it all right diesel doesn't like it won't we do this but unfortunately sometimes you know you got a bit of keep you get a pit if you round pegs into square holes or diesel were gonna go ahead and head out the break it's when we come back. There's one city did is the main star in college football this year it is Atlanta think about the great its opener of all time between Florida State Alabama made this championship game that closing steel and a lot of things in between and we caught up with Gary stoked and from the tip late kickoff classic that's the label. Chick filet peach bowl. Will bring you that when we come back. Welcome back in the ACC football kickoff it. Price it would feel like past policies that's around the corner with that theory scotus token from the ticked label and OK this is a really special year for yelled fiftieth year the bowl game. In now we can be seen as tags don't GO AT in its needs for our greatest of all tied. For this particular typically kick off on Saturday September 2 it may stand for greatest opener of all time as well. Now you're exactly right we challenged our staff to come up with a theme for this game. And they came back with goat and so everybody's been caught at the go to game and it it truly is an 149 years of college football. If Al mail source Stater 12. Or three. It will be undisputed the greatest opener of all time so. Work site in the and you got Monday at Georgia Tech Tennessee a great ACC SEC match up as well. Which will be on 8 o'clock he is in prime time and that gains can be sold out as well so to sell outs. Celebrate the cartilage. Football season in and you mention our fiftieth anniversary. Our golden season will be played January 1. Leading into the Rose Bowl which has semi final game and in a week later we host the national championship game so it's going to be the greatest year college football and Atlanta history. Yeah you guys have the taste of what the semis last year and asked out of the dry test run you know I had to Alabama and Washington there. Level what does it you note to start this season I don't know for CD and we we talk about the game. Has ever been a City College football that his got the kind of settled this road map that you guys have because Atlanta Georgia this year. Forget being college football central which the hall of fame and that we build the roads run through Atlanta but really the the that the greatest kickoff game of all time. That you have. You became what Tennessee Georgia Tech but to finish it with a national championship with what you got its start they could be the same two teams come right back so I'll tell us they are hotel room. Sorry hotels same stadium and city Abby phenomenal. You know we started this back in 2006. I guess we lost the rights well we didn't have a right we lost a bid. When the BCS went to a double hosting model we didn't reading at the opportunity to be in the BCS. And so I haven't they had legislated the NCAA at twelfth game to the schedule in 2007. 2008 we started to kick off game that went to my board and I said look. We're gonna flip the season we in the BCS we're gonna flip the season's start the BCS on the front side of the season. We started this chick flick kick off game start to kick off game to play like the idea sponsor that. And then I said you know similar to the NFL. And can they have a game but they also the entrapment sermons I said we're gonna move the culture ball famed Atlanta as well so we went after that. Got that signed a thirty year license in 2009 to move that to Atlanta and and then in the meantime. We had the opportunity to bid on the new college football playoff system. And we were well able to get into that to be in the years six full game and host the semi final every three years so yeah we've got a heck of Iran since 2008. And you know we're we're proud to be now part of the New Year's six. Which will host another semi final 2019. The end you know just continue to take the chick flick kick off game. More often than not make it ACC SEC which has been so good to us in the old strictly peach bowl oh man. And this year two games to to highlight itself. Yeah we're blessed in round. We do we do it primarily. So we get back to college football to our. Through college football to ours city. With being the number one organization. In charitable launch scholarship donations. That's very important to us Jay double when there's a just say real quick in relation all that data is Sweeney in it. Mr. peacock could take issue with this what about safe but let me take college football it's why did this man right here they're still consider promising what our guys about that series. I'm not stroke if anything very I'd say here you get what you did bill that I hours points ahead this year. You're on top of the mountain brother out thank you it's taken a lot of luck a lot of time lot of effort and we've done on the backs a lot of people. And any in including a lot of people who have made happen to us. And as we continue accuse token from the typically kick off opener of the chick filet bowl a game unit in this state needs a legacy is so much and like the fact that you'll see reinvent her of the neutral site opened early freshman in Alabama and 86 watching us play Ohio State Neil medal on class and the battle right right. Did he stopped and thought about the legacy since 2008 did she left on college football and the fact that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Now we have neutral site openers all over the country somewhat aided the detriment to college football I say no. I'd rather seek good matchups even if it is in neutral site not room and. By appreciate them very much at stumbling you guys than in your knowledge of college football to say that we. We believe that home and homes you know in intersection drivers in the wake college bones build its traditional. It should continue. But in those times where you can't get. The type of match ups like an Alabama Florida State to be able to get them in the neutral its format the kickoff type game it's great for college football. It's a win win win win for the the players. Has. Kids wanna play in the best competition. In the highest. Rated TV game they get and so the players when the coaches win because it's a great recruiting opportunity. And as they tell us the offseason workouts go to a whole new intensity level by the players they know the plan tough opponent. The school wins because we give enough tickets the fans that they can attend. And it's akin attendees see great game on TV. And then the the administration winds also because the financial payoff is more than what they can netted a home game. And recruiting wise it's great for the coach as well also. There's not anybody that loses and all this so. You know we're just glad to be part of it and you know we've been on the lead of reinventing it. And I think the advent of the CFP. Has really assisted in now demanding. Coaches and eighty schedule tougher opponent because that's what's helped us where we now have people calling us playing wanna play in the chick flick kick off game. All right Gary I know we don't have much more time with these you making the rounds here but to we be remiss if we don't talk about digs in new home because this dress rehearsal as important as it was last year. The Georgia Dome synonymous with chick filet and in all the great college football that's played in the city of Atlanta over the years but. You get the Mercedes-Benz dome how when I was over there last week I got I will admit I got a little nervous seeing a couple of frames taken out of the clubhouse still but looking at that place. Mark could this have talked about spectacular. Your new home on believable he plays it light get ready to go into late Randy out. Spirit to Georgia don't nothing wrong with that I set on SEC championship game but a lot of my colleagues in the bowl business they've looked around they sit. Can we get some trucks over here and move this a plant in our city. But Arthur Blank him all the credit in the world I mean he put one point two billion dollars in his own money in. This stadium is going to be from a fan experience just unbelievable on and Arthurs looked at and said okay. The the cost of a food and drink it's going to be a buck fifty for Coca you're gonna get free refills. You're gonna pay 350 or whatever you pay for chick playing a store that's gonna pay at the game. She's doc never markups of ten dollar Beers or whatever. The other thing is the halo board which is big at the Jerry Jones Gordon balance who goes 360 degrees. Around the stadium since Vietnam awesome fan experience. A hundred yard bar. It's just it's really going to be set up for the fans to have just remarkable experience and and it's up to us. Outside of that to put our. Home Depot tailgate down. Our Coca-Cola fan zone and then hopefully we get game day. Four for the Florida State Alabama chick flick kick off game in any got college football hall of fame right there on campus so. It's just a great set up there to be phenomenal for the championship game was Centennial Olympic Park in the concert so. Yeah it's an exciting time in Atlanta for college football and you know we like to think we hopefully have made it. Kennedy epicenter of the heartbeat in the year capital college football. Ali Brooklyn I was excited when I went to the Cal's football hall of fame last week in house lawyer my our one of our media gets from last week my. The bucket hat at the logo on it he just he literally came out of insurers like. I'm so ready ET here happily enough that they it and it said nothing was just simply the college football playoff logo on a match had he just would not submit to. It weight can wait. We'll gay you've always been so generous with your time we're gonna do a little sneak preview from that Florida State Alabama games that we can get clumps and audience ready for that national championship in Asia got an idea but listen they say thank some. Odds are having a solid say. Treasure the time with the guys. He's so knowledgeable you do such a great job college football on your passion about it that's what it takes and Diana I know it's always time for cultural laughter of his with the guys so thanks so much here you'll your annuity almost say that you will officially be picking a college football how far I win next year it's 3 o'clock. Does not bode jingles you have you sir approach and block it out of glass and delay. Back in the middle when we get to watch the score on the UCL I have some fun well I don't know how we can do that but I think Matt's got some gifts worry here. So they'll they'll keep you in the chick filet family celebration thanks guys that. Chris Jason thank you. Are right now always appreciate that gates token and again price that there is taking a college football at this upcoming season it's that group out of Atlantic gaze took in Mac Garvey did such he'd be very good job alright here's what we're gonna dig. Catch our final break when we come back he noted she didn't hear from Bobby Petrino or Lamar Jackson today for I guess. What you do to rub wrong rubber all the global sports information department last year does the SP. Well a lot of what I did. And it was. Questions that is they did not like air activist shy away from asking the tough questions have to be asked so I asked them that wouldn't get enough and they got mad about it and so they do be it but we're gonna get the real truth when it comes to global football. Our friend Judy dimly from a there's gonna sit there and close out this Thursday edition remember will be right back here for the yet coastal division Omar as well as a lot of other media members here. On straight up was stirred to head our in our last break come back close up. From the west and dale dale Charlotte Parise see okay. Welcome back give final few minutes of this Thursday edition we bring on our friend Jodie dimly from Debbie KE RD opened global as well as the publisher cardinal authority dot com on the scout web site and Jody. You gonna have to do we're working at the challenge to you gotta do the next six minutes in your best Bobby Petrino gone. Well now and another don't know what Agilent have I your backs that would give back and heard a good putt at about this Rick Pitino voice after the June noticeably tougher actions about that what sets a good challenge yet though be fairy tale and a bullet that was we will go there. We won't go there we're here for football we're here for football but your league and on the go cover more bass I call back dear all I'm on your neck of the world they see our basketball guys like into us why we stick together they'll go visit the beacon drive in my years Spartanburg here the next meeting Alia totally disappeared off Ivo II you know my a existence of time spent in Spartanburg until tonight will be. About four hours last year at the eighty disarmament and and so this be my first. Experience well. The beacon drive in it's like the eastern it is second biggest in the world behind the varsity in Atlanta but I think it's batters I presidential candidates and on through their you're gonna be any political office holder in the state of South Carolina you've go to the feat in and actually tea well you're gonna get covers some basketball give us the final wrap up you know I don't want things I wanted to watch today with how low will handle this because he would lose to Houston in the no lose to cross state rival Kentucky and then bald LSU in the bowl game. A he'll what do you think padded the offseason ago because you have the defending Heisman Trophy winner but nobody likes to head into the offseason losers of three consecutive game. Zell and and honestly they found out it's hard to head the off season with the defending Heisman winner yes he's he's been getting so much. Criticism in the skeptics and everybody else coming out but I thought they handled here today well now what they did one thing jagr Alexander who's from here in Charlotte and is one of the most dynamic in the annual ever find he is very charismatic he's cute with the media he loves doing it he actually interviewed Paul Rodgers and I'll be there on our say he's like I did interview you guys and so it was one of those kind of things. And I think it's. With the way he handled it and with the way Lamar the marsh grown up Lamar was different. On in and I thought that they kind of handled it in the and I thought they kind of stole the show for global little bit and let Bobby Petrino just answer the technical questions. And those guys were really really good throughout the day. I you know Lamar last year surprise me because we padding here is I'm ever going to you may have been the Diener out of Herbert talking when he got as the saint. That the help will Mark Jackson just was so quiet out to which when he got exit. They have just come light years I was pre season that apple intimidate CC championship season in Orlando will all the award winners you know that game. He was even a differ dated December I think a lot of the media that comes with being a Heisman but he just seems like he has seen more relaxed and it just watching him walk in act. They spent a lot of time with him they've had some a couple of people work with him online. How to deal with the media how to deal with that time and space the little like that stuff that he you know. He told me want what he doesn't like to talk much about it that's I give him credit for that he's really reserved in Eaton didn't come out with removal mean he's cut it to himself. And he to knew what Tommy's cyclic dying. I've had people I've had people reach out a civil who I want Allen and analyze that truth is that just just people some guys who were in my situation before. You know especially from the South Florida Erie sedate definite guys reach out and just kind of say hey you know here's what you got to do you're an entity to remember this acute. It hasn't had a father figures easily in his life for a long ride home on time. As matter of fact on married repeated it it's the first time since he's been willful that I can ever remember him reference in his father while and you know so he's. He's a kid who's come a long way he's really done it the right lane and it was a great kid and I think he's gonna be much buries ten pounds heavier. Buddies faster this year is it's faster is forty times weighed down by two tables. 2204. I think it was 4434. Is what they touched. Yeah right a couple of minutes before out name. Maliki you can head to sport where we can go enjoy ourselves but MP3 game stretch to open season properties and neutral site game in Indianapolis former low quarterback chip on taken over and then. North Carolina in the clubs and coming up well a lot about global after the first three weeks of the season we will and I do think I'm actually see what. North Carolina how they are tomorrow I think global catches them in it it it really good time because I North Carolina could really good by the end of the year but they've got so many pieces early on. It's gonna be tough. Global should beat Purdue I think they'll win that at North Carolina and to meet. That third week that game against Clemson is the whole season for them idol I don't you know look what they didn't know Florida State last year. It's going to be very hard for them to good talent that's in and win that game. But everything else should work out too wary you know in their favor them at an outlet mall but. To where you'll lose one or two games that Clemson game as it is the one I don't get sixty seconds left they'll question I got us really come send a once buff role is off its line going to be. If they get six new guys in there ultimately is a true freshman from Pelfrey content he'll appreciate that they waited they waited a big blue country and got the best off at the one and I've seen in the state it's what you know about five or six years that the general he he's he's really real talent is it is really talented he'll start at left guard for them. They've got some other guys on our fact that I've acted as 6340. I Katrina has compared him to Jonathan not to now he's not there yet but that's the kind of frame. Yeah I think they're going to be better Mike Summers has made the one of the best offensive line guys in the country very very good he's there and adding to makes a big big difference the speeds right. Listen safe travels down 95 will catch up with the here in the next six weeks. And leading it and that week number three yeah between global and clubs and again and he can drive in night and he examined by the way that week that they play Clemson. Or to bounds open. Eight last night he seemed. Last we were there were they are open in raising guess it went six for six and guess who was in between the spires vague and I are right listen Judy always a pleasure of people can follow you on Twitter eight. DE EM LI NG diesel. Humans work back there today is again a lot of things fly in your direction prices. It's been fun guess what will start a dollar aggregate in the morning it will do it at four.