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ACC football pick up now here's the deal price they made it through the three of us out of here but to. And then after this next interview his professor James Bates who played for the University of Florida. And football swimmer price Atkinson from the university Kentucky and start she spent five and a half years at the university Albion in the sigma guy. Or else. Sit here it ACC football kickoff but James. You've got a good year one of our good friends Wes Durham you're going to be due in the ACC football game of the week on fox sports south with the west sin. If you come into the league right now when it's probably at its precipice CEO defending Heisman Trophy winner in the Mark Jackson defending national champion eclipse and in the ACC winning games against the SEC and one on one matchups. The runner up in the Heisman moment of the local folks listening here assure you know that's the big question is is to replace him but you're absolutely right it's. Yeah I think it has a lot to do with with the top been invited top of course I mean guys like Davos weenie guys like kimbo Fisher and we shoot. Dino favors for that matter and I mean I I've been around Steven Ghazi a for a long long time I think the world Himmler to go on and on and on the these head coaches. Our it's you know it's it's some of these schools obviously Clemson at Florida State you're gonna have these guys and for the long haul those are destination dream jobs I think more and more. These these big time coaches. These great coaches are starting to see it like that in and staying put him in really getting some Folgers. Just the culture the way it needs stability and I think Clinton's a perfect example of that culture and and you talked at Davos Sweeney and that's all you fierce panda. What he's trying to build their year in year out it's the same type of thing and there's a buzz have you been around -- sleep in the last year in you know you've been around the ACC fox sports south that this here's a little bit differently talking there defending Heisman trilogy that's a defending but. Your reigning Heisman Trophy winner you're reigning national champion Clemson. Amid radio row here were and sit in the already aura. Bigger than it's ever been before. With what they ACC is done just and other sports we'll keep it to football but that is a whole lot of momentum around ACC and especially ACC football coming into the season. But I think it's a league that's that's. You know and a here like fully embrace and like this is this is who we are you know in the last few years you've seen it build build build now it's to a point where it's like. You know it. We are AA football conference every bit as much as anything else and in the community and making sure that everybody feels that way and if you know he's look at the you know the the proof is in the voting if you will and I mean that some of these teams like. You look at Florida State and you look at Jim both Fisher and it's you know my poor Florida Gators have to go up against that that. War horse of the program every single year and Derwin James being healthy. And yet it it wouldn't surprise me one bit at the end of this year at Florida State has the year that they think they could have that. Victor when James is your Heisman Trophy winner that kid is a special special football player. And you know and and it's it's a Gator saying this to and I don't mind saying he's my favorite player right now college football. And he he can do it on he's a great kid. Yeah I did that's a great test segued because I think today is your biggest sounds like a big of a fan is I Heidi you're James is without a doubt the best. Player on the defense of side of football in college football period. But this is the year the defense in the ACC. Last year was really offensive fireworks five of the top six passers in the ACC call seven of the top ten wide receivers. They're gone running backs the top four gone. This is a year that's gonna be built around defense so the big question is does this week take a little bit of a step back from what she lost offensively. Yeah that's a great question and and they might just across the board because of all that firepower this time look at. Christian Wilkens and his crew that's gonna be up there with him look at Miami. Miami was she on Miami started three freshmen linebackers at the you have about that three freshman Jack quarterly in his face does yes and silly and they're all back inexperience their experience and their their deep. That's going to be a very scary team so what it'll be interesting. Is when you hit. A Syracuse team Dino favors is like and they're trying to go zero warp speed. They may they may sneak up on a team to beat a team that they shouldn't just because of just the style but at the plate turns into with OK let's protect this football it's going to be a defense of battle week in week out. And that's where the whole chess match comes in the play that's where it you know it really gets interesting and that's where. When you that you talked to a guy like GAAP oh it's you know I'm sure a lot of people that. Around town like hey. Let's do it again and lets you know when you think let's do the same way we did last year but you've you've got to be he got to be able to change with the died in an opt in instead those. Those players in the right scheme toast chess pieces if your chess pieces they may be better but you gotta claim rights. As we continue with James Bates from fox sports he'll be doing an ACC teams with our friend Wes Durham on play about played James yeah we're talking with tears still can or earlier in. If they counted the re in better than neutral site match up when I was my freshman year in Alabama was mentioned sit there with pledge Brothers watching us play Ohio State in the meadowlands in the old kickoff classic in. Yeah a lot of people would say neutral sites not good for college football takes away from the home and home but when we are now Indy series weird. You're trying to find the top fourteen to get into a fourteen playoff. I would see in ten. You there may be more advantages to playing these top matchups on neutral site that we. You take home field advantage out of the equation when you're judging which one of these two teams is better. No I I I agree absolutely and you know it's if it's a great point but I don't like it I don't. Yeah I can only and you know NI that I am I understand I mean when you look at it is at the end of the day it's you know everyone's got to make sure they make their money and and it just. Like if it's even if it means even if it means. I'm at Florida State and I got to go play in Tuscaloosa. I would as a player I feel like you cheated a little bit to me you know to go to neutral site in it just loses loses a little bit of it's a mean. It's a tactic no land needed to go to somebody else's house in. Back to back with all your body is I mean I just I just interviewed just a little while ago Christian wealth and it's a perfect example it's you know. We're talking about the rivalry with Florida State and you know he's got to be careful because you can't upset all the clips of his I'm like hey man it's. If you're anything like me. When you get along like I know this team gets along and they're gonna mess and Istanbul where on that front of like making making all the everything fun anybody GL and everybody gets along that. But like when you get along like that team did last year like it seems like they seem to love one another this year. There's nothing better than going on the road and it feel like it's you against the world. When we use your confidence in yourself and you put in all that work with your buddies and you you know you can go on their freedom and and shut the hometown crowd out. And that to me is that that makes me distinctly thinking about that's what college football's all about is is doing it with you. Voice you know what I would James Bates fox sports south you guys you Wes Durham the crew will have the thin coat went in Miami week one on Saturday. September the second in the following week in Jacksonville State Georgia Tech in the Saturday. September the sixteenth Baylor and duke all 1230 kickoffs on fox sports south make sure you check them out but. Yeah unity Clemson let's talk Clemson a little bit Yani that'll probably in a situation he likes being. You know kind of an afterthought in a little bit aways which deals like because Florida State probably gonna be picked is the winner of the Atlantic Division so he can kind of go back and play it will the no respect he likes to do and a successful in doing but. When you look at clubs and this year. Clearly this Sean gone wink Allman Mike Williams on the offense. They are on the mission Christian Wilkens pride at least at worst a top five total defense in the country this year where do you see clips and this year do they take a little bit of a step back like Florida. But yet to get into tight season what what do you see with clubs and with the way the schedule shakes out. I don't know that it's at. It's a given that that's going to happen you know it's it's kind of gotten to the point there and in Clemson, South Carolina like. We I think used to feel like we were riding high with Steve Spurrier in the ninety's with the gate that's I think this is a squad. You know you can put whoever you want there. The Shawn Watson is is a special special football player and in leader the Obama unlike many didn't come through college football and in. You don't just replace him but. When you that it has a program. Top to bottom. That leaves only reason you're going out there is to win football games and that's what you do and that's what they expected duke. In on top of that you've got these recruiting classes were so it's that's the next guy up in its infant there may be some growing pains but. I feel like it's a defense it's so good. And it's you know again a coach willing to adapt. And you get Florida State at home. She did you know if they're they're playing for the national championship game again if it shouldn't shock many people dead the dead that they're right back there I mean you hear there. One year then the next year there it's a program now appearing T everybody in that locker room that. That they don't care that they lost anybody near there to win football games and that's all they expected to help. You real quickly before we like to get you played for one of legend she mentioned it Spurrier and you definitely knew who he was in. Comment about devers and we need because you know he's get into that area now where. When he illuminate EF Hutton when he speaks people Louis Vuitton. He it's you know that to me. Is I feel so fortunate to have. We were spoiled as Gator fans to not only when all those games but to be entertained any a lot of South Carolina fans up there kind of got a taste and with two minutes. It is a gift the keeps on giving because now he's back in Gainesville and enemies duties and we still get all these stories are just a source from the radio guys at Brady's crew bring out Ackerman you get a Brady Ackerman backing Gainesville. They came back from the Vanderbilt game last year they say handed it Spurrier came over to listen pregame meal and and I said she began like this actually like this tech guy because guess where I got it in the I don't know is that I got from most chance. There's an actor told Martha stuff coming up at Columbia you got all those gates as a block South Carolina ties you're never gonna where we should trade benefits and where does that so I Texan mustn't say you've got to where your your trade you required in the you tie you acquired in the trade when he came into that back to you the question is just like I just feel so fortunate that's what I I'll I love most about. Paula grew up as you know with that dad his football coach my whole life and I just love to sit and listen to some of the great storytellers. And it just the up. Eat column bull's driver's. Or you can bomb storytellers and you know I choose to call storytellers and it is just with just the just ended. In just great people to a great leaders and I think that you know on coach Spurrier was it was a winner IA. He he wasn't quite off the field like like at Davos Sweeney I think that that dabhol. Spend a little bit more time kinda on the end of the locker room from where his coaches like you we got asked and then. Don't know golf event that we deal that was his wet yeah it it was his confidence in it was in a different way it motivated us and took care but I mean it's just like there's so many different ways to go about it. And these are just you know beaten the the they're making this is just good to be around coach. They did is not blowing smoke when he Sam trying to turn these guys in the better young man fortunately we've got a lot of rain here in the ACC. Our wrap it up James was James Bates fox sports alpha one last from Korea for me you know Alabama Florida State's can dominate the pre season headlines week one but there's some really sneaky. Damn good matchups in this opening weekend involving ACC team to meet Virginia Tech in West Virginia South Carolina NC state ethics can be one of the best teams the weekend. But Georgia Tech in Tennessee is not a darn good football game which one they've won these off radar us off radar or not Alabama Florida State might look at say. This one where an ACC to pull one off existence as well as like the Virginia Tech West Virginia I think his is an interesting match up I think that. You Virginia Tech and Tennessee was so much fun early in the season last year. South Carolina and NC state is intriguing because I think NC state a little bit better talent wise that they finally got some depth. So it. It's just guys take your pick what you get past Alabama and in Florida State. On with that of course is is in his as good as it gets and everybody's fired up and motivated on both those teams to get ready to be clash of the titans to start the year. It's a great way to start it. And to tell you the truth. Shoot even an argument that the un cooked and in Miami down there I just ready to watch some strap it up and go play some Buddy Holly and Al Solheim this is always a fun time you wanna play are right let's go yeah let's do listen now look forward to catching up with the next time you come through greens will treat you are sponsors right deal to him going smoke on the water polo oak will do that and then we'll go by there's a great gallery down there. An art gallery has Howard sit lot of Howard's sister pieces right there on the corner I was we went to a swimming on them killing you got by got to go to break. A couple of years till we went to a swimming in Greenville. That's one of my favorite places in the United States and I'm not the same inactives were sitting here my goodness what in the town it is it's definitely not the place we you've got the red carpet for must change tomorrow I don't anytime that still put that ice cream place to west sea ice cream place miss Jane we need to move JBoss it's at 601 and we got to get in downtown that we got to move it doesn't get moved up from games nice pool and everything all right thanks dad had a great while this all all right thank you. Our right welcome back give we are lied here at the west and in Charlotte. Prices Atkinson mark surge really enjoyed that would change Bates look for him coming up in. Do and eclipsing gaming get to take him out in green so that kind of leads us again. To a lot guessed right here. Elaine Larry did it throw out which outlet that would let Baldelli everyone that got her head outset please. This is our good friend who layer you law who is the media corps director of the year or later intact the orange ball at them like that yuppies like that you had never taken us out and had a good time or anything dealt with this when it comes to. Of the orange ball. And that's a lot of presidents in chairman's how many years is now the what number game is is going to be this year this is the anti war game. Absolutely believe it's my ten. So I've been through several presidents. And got us a Donna's probably. As knowledgeable as anybody we've ever had in the role. I love this man. We'll talk more comfortable putting him on the air with you guys have that's not always an easy thing. Because I know he'll be able to handle two. Having been Amir of Coral Gables he probably has some experience that he in the league college students in his past as well. Actually you know that that's the point you know Coral Gables as the home of the University of Miami and people sometimes don't know that but. Coral Gables has a very positive relationship because I've seen other college sounds where you know college students and residents have. Some irritations are very few and grove gables and you'd. Students there well he you know has to be an honor to become a app president and chairman of that Orange Bowl committee it is you do. Correct me if I'm promises third oldest bowl game you're tied for second with three other bowl games that got started the same year and you know when the that we. It didn't matter growing up if we hear which speak eighteen it was whether it was Nebraska or Oklahoma because that's all that was for awhile. By god we were watch in the arts ball or growing up because of the halftime show you know now. It's morphed into much more in that it's hosted us a couple of years in a college playoff book Aussie final we'll have a TV chip gains coming up within. If you if you're old enough you have seen me on the field and halftime show. In the Miami senior high school band with my saxophone and I have like I have a pitcher for Miami hero to prove that staying there. It was the 1959 game. Wow can actually remember me being there person in 81 of the clips of the Nebraska with the space shuttle we have pulled around the field. With the DC in the theme song took a look at threat. He's got. And and you know that dude was Larry the fact that that's a how did he just listen back to us that's. That's book. By the day thanks for having us here and we appreciate what you all do for the ACC for football and for the bowl games and we're just pleased to be part of it. Or mr. chairman a layer I mean this is not smoke at all but from the the few times I've been to the to the Orange Bowl. You guys put on a team in in it not just the keys. The event that things going on around the Orange Bowl. How old digress Zanardi to get to the media party on how much I love this visit which is at eight out of Abu. The plot of the water boat ride overload shooters that was our outlook for clubs elected large bowl just so we can do to give it doesn't it but still. That you guys put on one heck of Orange Bowl spirit week I'll eat this. Since we work and we were part of that and we have like 350 members of which is you can imagine there're percentage of that I'd say 5060%. Are very active members. And we start the day after the game. It is playing for the next year. And we have been working that people say to me and hear a mournful presidency hey you've got a busy December coming up and I say. Are you kidding me we've been working since the moment that we brought down there and the other curtain on the last what. And some of the things that were working on are planning those various activities to make sure that the people who come are taking care of we show them our love we show them our affection. We want them to go home knowing that they do that something that they'll remember the rest their lives. Whether they're participating in it whether their support roles or whether they're just the fans and coming down to see the game so everything is important to us like them. Our what are the things don't ask you guys about this talk with Steve Roberts that the media party that night in and I really learned a lot from. From him that night because he really explain how much you guys do. In the community and I was to step away from football for second because it's not just a football game it's not just a week of events to celebrate get ready to ring in the new year. It celebrate the end of two teams football season but the work you guys do in the greater Miami community that the Orange Bowl is a ball with talk about some. Well when that portal as first started that the idea was to help build community even though it's based around a bit football game and a very. Interest him way in which to support young athletes are I think it was built to actually bring attention to the community which was a fledgling young community and to bring people to it and to build it economically. We've taken that several steps further we still do the game for those same reasons. As well as supporting our colleges but we also work throughout the year in putting money back into the community. We just did about a month ago a wine and cheese event. Which raised a 180000 dollars of which that money went to make a wish. Money went to the Special Olympics and also to support our own leadership academy which we do in middle schools bird youth that are at risk. In the inner cities and Broward and Dade County which is for a large hill Miami. And we run a program which teaches citizenship in leadership and academics import of academics and we fund that we've built the curriculum and so forth. We have a program for young women golfers. We found out a couple of years back that 40% of all women's soccer scholarships for golf and college is going news. And so we started taking young people who have been through the first tee program. Picking him up in high school talking to them about education about scholarship about citizenship and off. And last year out of five young ladies that graduate my highs deliver in the program for got a stellar ships. It got so might hook you up with Grady Jackson can help greatly in that regard but one thing is we're talking with dunce like a snake from. The I 79 present chairman and president the orange ball. We can go ahead and make it prediction that the Clemson Tigers are going to be part of the 2017. Orange Bowl classic because. They're going to be taking on the Florida Gators in the basketball part is that puts it in Florida will be playing a guy in the MetroPCS. Orange Bowl classic I get. December we're really proud of that fact is that. That comes up early in the season and usually a decent coaches. Are licking if they're gonna cooperate with doesn't come down there South Florida play a game not that excited about picking up on a real. Good opponent. This year everyone cooperated every went chipped in the Clemson Tigers were great they agreed to come down and then play the gators. And we got Oklahoma State to play Florida State. So it's a great match up on both games is going to be exciting and it's brought our best matchup ever and and the credit goes to the schools for agreeing to do that in coming down that's about two weeks before Christmas and that's assert it's a great. Great day it's it's a great day of a basketball and for the ACC now they'll be part of both games so that's that's really neat. And maybe we'll get you all down there to cover that time is it them. Can I hijack this conversation I silly college basketball now has it's Don brought it up they I think uptick our listeners insert off Roy early years were sitting in the middle late last year while giving off guilty he would not I I will say I'm glad Don brought it up yeah I was looking at a couple weeks ago with a match ups were now tells him closer to really good teams they got down near the Orange Bowl. You know football of basketball classic that like you said it kudos to the teams for agreeing to play those games you. Thanks to special. Thanks to Dan medica overture a grain to bring them Clemson Tigers and and playing Florida than. Because that's no easy task in December and he's agreed to do that in and we're excited will be there in full spirit. We try to provide the same kind of warm welcome to the basketball players into the teams that we do for football we're not with them as long it's not as big trip for them as the football team to stay there for the week and so forth. But we want to make sure when they go home they know that they reload to its. It see that's the beautiful thing you know. If it's not just the greater my year just my immediate benefits from this a South Florida advocates who have some teens say at one team will stay on South Beach one team will stay up toward Fort Lauderdale put the media somewhere else you got because things going on in and. Basketball is at the home of the Florida Panthers which is west Broward you know west of forlorn they'll. And over the years we've morphed from a a Miami century committee which still. A lot to do at Miami but from Miami citric committee. We've gone to a three county community where we have members from Palm Beach members from Broward members from day. Miami Dade itself. We really duplicate as a regional effort in a regional thing so and when we put money back at community we make sure we cut to all those counties through. In fact when we put money back in the community we put it back into the colleges we do different things when we're asked. To help support a scholarship programmer helps support a family whose is a special reason at a school. That they're looking for assistance will go back to those schools in the ACC and say we wanna be part does the and the last thing comment about the well I could mention thousands more things but. I know that there's a time winner but as our legacy projects which we have not gone back to centers of the inner city. And have taken feels football fields that are public feels. And used by high school but used by youth groups and so forth and we've refurbish them we've reconditioned and we've rebuilt them actually in conjunction with those local governments. And we put about ten million dollars in the last. About twelve million dollars in the last seven or 89 years in to those projects and we're about ready. Cut the ribbon and another when that we're just finishing up were seven high schools play on the field while it looked like a cow pasture before he got there. Now it's got a beautiful turf guarantee for about ten years as one of those wonderful new terse that stands are being redundant scoreboard being redone the bathrooms being redone. I mean so we heard. Let me mention another thing this is I think it would to we sponsor youth football league. And before if you talk to me about three years ago or some. You know we put money into the youth football league just to keep it going we got the teams out there we gave money the player whatever them and we were paying kids but we were putting money integrated Santa. Get it out college are out. But now let's now we've we've changed that we've changed our whole focus and we still support the leak we still keep little. Gentlemen playing football. But we're putting our money into training in the coaches train the coaches and safety training coaches on concussion protocols and so forth. And bringing making sure the use in the right equipment the right tackling procedures. And so we're trying to focus we're. Parents throughout ourself sort of area can know that they're young sons are playing football with their plane safely and and so we're so proud of that effort of doing. Well listen again prices blown smoke layer he's been so good Steve Roberts. You listen you know when I Steven price met in they realize that they were both Kentucky alumni it was like I'll see you in ninety minutes and they went at their Kentucky bass with each other related tacos are solve our problem is laid while the way in the medium bacteria. So we haven't we haven't gotten consecutive play in the Orange Bowl classic that I did that in a what is it like it coach cal Selma from edit access to a rate for. MetroPCS. Which Steve's ability. Yet they are carries don't think outlets that put in some kind of marketing deal with MetroPCS. When we got back up Alice. I had one day asked vice president communication solar wall over a beverage later yes I wanted to share what I wanted to share a new goal because I so admired Steve Roberts in many others on the Orange Bowl committees orange jackets like goals in the next five years. Is that a common honorary member of Orange Bowl committee ET my own orange jacket would be able UCL Wear what they say you think outline and I'm not. But here's the thing we got the president sitting with thus I don't have to wait for a beverage with Larry later I can ask the president get that fixed rate in the application has been brought that I love the exact. Thanks for the great Jack won the masters I want an arsenal really. One of the things that surprised me this year was you know when that I've been a member twenty years and so I've worn my orange jacket for a long time. And the first time this ever we came up I was at a party of one of the schools during football season and summoned him or me and they said. Dog gone that they said that's really good clock they set I got that orange jackets are just cheap things in other. Better have a Brooks Brothers sponsorship for that they get I think its part by I think as part chapter marks as. All right we'll listen. We look forward to seeing you guys here over the next day or so early in this break went straight to the taylors like get my side. Take our right listened let the president pleasure to have you on dunce like 79. You know chairman and president the Orange Bowl and of course a good friendly wall pinky for me on some time our pleasure thank you for. If in his own way thanks gives you a little bit more because when we come back when I think. Heroes of last year's Orange Bowl Dion Drake France laws Florida State team back they beat Michigan will hear from the entry for it's why next on trade with start. Oh always a lot of fun to catch up with late price because you know that's what we do this job number one is to bring this stuff the U number twos have fun with these people will Wear out on the road but. One of the stars. In the ACC last year. Especially as a freshman was the Andrei France while the Florida State quarterback remember they Kabul is about winning seven of their last eight games price. Only three point loss the clips and in that Campbell stadium 37 to 34 we caught up with nails sophomore quarterback of the Florida State Seminoles the nitrate prints walk. We're back it ACC football pick up on this Thursday AM one of the more popular players here today as Florida State quarterback the country France while the sophomore Dion jury you do. Having to get Dowell been with hockey season right now with the let's let's talk about the fact the attention to detail for this opener coming up Alabama's sit and here you you finish CEO last year well how. Deal is that didn't rebel in the offseason knowing that Al Davis city. That you were not the Georgia did you since they've spent stadium to open the season in two with a seventy. It's a blessing having the opportunity. To dissolve in the season with a great team you know will host the finished out program has been on top for a long time and you know what better way to prove yourself. Then and Mercedes this stadium against the number one team in the country. Most like me be so. This is a great opportunity and you know big players make big time plays and he tells moments and we know we're from trail well as a team and doing everything we can't. Some phone prepare for the for the for the moment. This it seems. The Andrei is trying to change your offseason prep for mean knowing that you got an opener like Alabama when I mean. Forget he didn't you look I don't pay for one person one verse three or whatever it's going to be affected. You know it's one of these standards in college football and in Alabama does that does that fuel you guys through June July the hottest parts of the top of the of the year in Tallahassee. None really announce hello we even if it was in the game essentially unknown then I'm going on and it just after the tough. We don't prepare for damages is at least painful way forward to see who's who's prepare for Miami he knows. Now my memory is a great team. But no there's too. It. It doesn't matter who don't prepare better who work hard and as this on this. Relax you Yelp business back closing by winning sit at seventy your last eight games to set Google lost the clips and in the NL within another year of they experience under your belt quite frankly you. Well you like you can go to the TV and starting you listen you beating Michigan in the Orange Bowl and great. Experience license comfort like you have to probably feel a lot more a lot better off heading into this year's compared lives. Adieu adieu I really do I feel more relaxed calm and in the school couldn't move this is. An hour for life begins this Landau from industrialized I've learned a lot of these games. From home has been it's amazing game every game and I learned so much minister. So is this is now was just me homing in on my technique my mechanics and just flew these mosquitoes trying to protect every aspect of my game. We're talking with up freshman all American from last season 2016. ACC rookie of the year. Four state seminoles and what are some of the things and other guys on other teams but this was a yourself included Lamar who were back to quarterback but even some of the guys that are going to Shawn Watson in the high end it Stravinsky. You reject telling the guys play non conference last year. What is it that you would have seen the best of the best last year. In college football what are some things make you picked up from some of those guys you played against now going into your sophomore season. M happy that his loan equipment and as soon. Do though so those guys on it becomes resented doing now and that's and as well. Phone has learnt a lot from these one on just staying poised you know. Everybody now apparently and I was nice things not to do some sense quarterback isn't something that I'd should it take away from the game. You know some some not too and adolescents whose noses you know taken us often he's quarterbacking. Elaine it's in my own sauce and trying to you miss the wreck that I can be for my team. And what does it say about you guys is and it without a doubt of the top three team that likely pre season picked to win the ACC did you guys lose your top running back guy who ran for over 18100 yards you lose a wide receiver seven touchdowns. 840 yards these guys ended just as the spring which is too healthy scholarship wide receivers. Yet here we go Florida State. Likely going to be picked to win the ACC and how much does it say about you guys. Then we have attempts to distance and we have you know those citizen and as. Effort discipline prior. And either it's doing right things and trying to be on the votes are citizens a lot of a lot of guys. You know our preakness BBC champions and those nights which is as we know that. So it's gonna work hard continue to do that to everything that devices. All right republic revenue would be injured the country France one kind of curious to get famine here in the opener. You what what did you watch the national championship game last year Clemson Alabama did you watch it free poll for clubs that we pull for Alabama problem with your Colbert looks as if he did did you watch it to look to see what maybe clubs and did fairly. Similar offensively did you watch it and taken still wait to watch this summer of what they did against Alabama what you guys who do the job while some of their revenge. And I was sentencing in my. And these are times and as I've seen noses two teams two great teams battled. He knows it's good mentally in the trenches in rather than on outside witnesses who doesn't know when and where we're stars is now no special formula. Loses to teams going back before. We'll listen we voice to people I consider this an honor to be represented your university your football team things. Their heart and had a few minutes was this best of luck in 2070. He's a veteran thank you. And that the Andre France are right diesel wood to just sit B pictures lights is pretty scary I would that you would sits where ACC football kickoff we dropped a little bit of basketball earlier nailed you get to drop a little bit of baseball or at least former base. Player. Oh no this doesn't come for me it is actually comes from Tyler Boller. But he's posted probably just work its first photo of the day it's aside makes a three way split a moon of a photo between. Old Sammy Sosa when he was looks like he was not long outside and play where he was very dark skin now. He looks like she completely didn't human being his face is almost paint. On the I don't know what happened to him and then the third photos. Drew the apology tonight he's Kareem it's just I wish I had dialer better with a photo of the day. And our right now go by Tyler and Twitter and you can see that as well when we come back we just thought with the Andre Korean swapped. Let's check you what Clemson defensive lineman Tyrone Crowder also coming up Dino favors the Syracuse head coaching Gary stoking. Hey lets his column that being a college football. Welcome back in ACC football kick off what is it that Peyton Manning sit back in the day Omaha robe oh Omaha Romo and those are the things you have to do. We're near at these media days here's what will do we don't have enough time to get tyrant routers interviews and this segments that will add that to the next hour as well. Is bring you Syracuse head coach Steve no favors as well is that. Is literally no other way to column at least this year of the king of college football at Tony Barnhart is mr. college football. That's theory stoke into the to the late football classic now admits in the check the label. The college football hall of fame and everything else that's going on. Football wise in Atlanta but real quickly it's not all about ACC today I spent some time here first time we've really had all day live on location in Charlotte it ACC looking back did that will musty it appears. At SEC media days in Hoover. In yell whatever good friends that I was very happy to see that it was tweeting out wish more coaches would handle. Media days that way will must you did earlier today and that's just not give coach speaking answers diesel they said that. He was really open in now on a still a little bit different in you know one of the things we were talking about rules changed for this upcoming season diesel was. The fact that now you can be flagged for a fifteen yard penalty if you catch a coach. On the field while play is going on in why he admitted he did not like it will must hear it said he's tired not one. But if you guys he says quote we decide to you guys to hold me back in one album is actually allowed the tackle. Now that's a pretty good comment it football media days you know and I mean as we get so much to the standard Vanilla Zain being bit you're not getting here that is our number two. From new easier your second year Syracuse head coach Dino papers that diesel let price goes over here catch up with David Glen for a minute. One of the things I did that that we got the talking and by the way he. We're putting in a credential. Application for app state Georgia for one diesel with that's what he would like to do for the opening Centre right of the season how's that sailed into it. Are right so well. Question is is the guy is going to be tackling will must have a Z a big guy because I think I figure will probably blast through a couple of attacks he really want to. Where severe price you wherever they are Todd catching up route quickly with target for an David Glenn and I am yeah. Yeah I saw Edward ash off a friend of ours that we wish more people it media days in other coaches would handle like what must it it apparently cuts must it did not get the same engineer units are all day long that we're used to hearing but he admitted. He isn't crazy about this new rule fifteen yard penalty of the coaches on the field there that shouldn't. Crazy about it the kid Mays well the ones be the bill is a lot. I would say enough is on the side to people to hold me back one albums actually allowed to tackle outside. Doubt there's a witty comment about your dad tell me he's excited to people want from my left arm went from our right is that the third one not reality it's scary because 350 yards and a big series but congratulations. With your bike and that's away somebody obviously Saturn dance that be a little bit different because he was caught between. Yet at the Auburn three employees that show up not quite as bad as what Nick Saban to reality show up yesterday down Alabama questions right all day about your left guard you don't have any clue look out in the middle of July do you have a clue what but it viewed it. Your your pick let me yet that. Dick saving got some the most ridiculous questions and within any Auburn the Auburn guys do the same thing thing hanging outside humid so you freeze Ole miss Houston nuts situations so apparently. They said go out there and Cutler's and that's exactly what will musty apparently did I love to go back and listen to some of the audio but when I see our friends like Edward ash up to week now you know great job bout will must Chia today which more coaches would be that way instead it is just the coach speak. Guess what that's the idea of eighty why he's trying to build this brand in Colombia. That I did indeed that's the route you're gonna have to take. Well. He that's why I was excited you know to hear will mushy at today because. A lot of times you don't get canned answers from him that's one thing I've always liked about coach who. Is he he is off that in there were some coaches very few this week. They didn't go to him around like. Like what Butch Jones he didn't pull the Tony Robbins thing he said yeah at this thing hurts me is much Butch Jones as much is it hurts our fans may want to hear that. And I think that resonated with I think that resonated with a lot of volunteer fans. I think Kevin somewhat to a degree you know some of the things he said. You know were positive but at the most part and everything that was team stuff this week we're excited about our team. How were building we lost a couple games that we should've won last year for just don't want to hear some of that crap. I thought one of the things that mark Stoops said not just because. I'm gonna Kentucky I saw one of the things he said was the best of the week it's not cut time in year five we gotta we gotta move this is the time to move it is not a top down out like that I. I liked it to you with that put a whole different perspective on things with that she's the nut heap for decent pitch you break she covered up and it did the last. But he wore Howard's. I like you could take that in any way you want to quit yet he's did not decided it was nut cut as well yeah but you know what they argue freeze. Is that you freeze is always the if he is being told to say I act can't talk about this anymore if you want to show you know. He wants to say so much more that he is that he is being shut down at every corner in. You know what it's like I told you coming up here that infamous tweet is there is going to live with him in dog him till the time he is gonna sealed as our coach when he told people. If you know summer they quirky stuff popping letter or letters that letter compliance department now. Or this league and it's still hot but students Elijah how old tweets Saturday builds out the think Tennessee will win back to back like TP tips this season sanity and insanity dale south responds. To its users stroke. I could occur if a kid deficits what are those leagues that. Will be in our lexicon forever right sit back. A gig jab puts Boone cut from coach musty obviously night giving coaches speak in the way we come back seared g.'s second year head to go to the new neighbors you wanna talk about. No couldn't speak. Wait until you hear these all interviewed you know paper still folks if you never hurts their key tech coach Dino waivers do yourself a favor. Hang tight and wait till yet so fives you want to hear this may twenty starters returning for the arts this year more than any other team in college football but. One of our favorites as well the hit me and this here she's arts Dino neighbors when we come back followed by clubs and profits alignment tyrant Crowder in the king at college football gear stoke him.