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We're live from ACC football kickoff here in Charlotte needed diesel back here ESP in upstate studios we're gonna get you going early and often today we got a couple about life littered he's right out at the right that she will start was of its state wolfpack get affirmation that Jay was saved meals for an NC state just sitting dale with this right nailed said. Ten minutes on that they're you hit the spread wolfpack gospel here that much straight up was third expected upstate but daylight now welcome in real quick I didn't. You know what I don't even really get a chance to set things up with this had to. Getting prepared number one neutral site game against South Carolina right here in Charlotte to begin the year. But knocking off North Carolina to get that bowl bid it they've taken it to Vanderbilt in the keeping world Independence Bowl. That must've made things better for spring practice and then again why yell police ourselves noon here in the offseason in between. The like finish in the season off strong like how we did I think he really you know help this morning through you know next year and did this this offseason we've been working very hard you know on and off the field in the weight room code coast thunder has been doing a great job. Wood off players. You know this was announced that you know comments that he spoke with it physically stronger so I think that we got a great shot you know this year. Yet as we'll talk with Jalen Samuels from in disease states. You can do it ought to divert your players in this league that are as personal as you are diseases as a third team all ACC. Slice and last year by the coaches six in school history. With 31 career touchdowns this year it is airport I mean scary deal with this Lee did you and your teammate naive crimes. Heinz on the offensive side of football to see you guys were you can play all over horse here. I'll go to the home notes that many other teams that really have a field duel and accurate think of right now but give me and I came you know we. We're still working with the down a lot of things that prove and kind of bring the same type the skill sets to the table so. You know it was still working with the they improve like us which is you ready for the season. That you guys came in the Death Valley here locally in the upstate and analysts is that won't go back and rehash it nightmare you know because. It was a game you guys pat it was an air for the taking it did it to that game against plots and it that you guys and it was 2417 overtime. To that game beat you guys twice he's had all of a couple times got awfully difficult road the next three years out. That they definitely did nothing I think that a close again took a lot of let's he can't take it back to my first year. We played to name is listed them in Florida State and we've lost we lost that game there we went to Clinton enix game that we lost like 4040 something zero. So it is kind of like the same thing you know from moved from last year you know right lose and that's of game. They've been trying to get over now but I mean obviously you know. That the like you said in the next three game goes is pretty self knows but we conduct you know pushed who kept plans lieutenant and we. We say you know we've we've got a place where it's only know about them but we've done this weekly definitely reached the vote if it. In the anytime the wolf pack knock off the Tar Heels in the state rivalry football baseball basketball whatever that's a big deal but you don't hear say it's just eighteen day. Maybe the wild card when it comes to the Atlantic Division we saw Clemson win a national title you know the expectations with Florida State but don't look now. Here's its stake yup got eighteen starters returning including you're out quarterback Ryan Finley. Did that simply eight starters returning as well also. If anybody that just wants to talk. Closed season lol home Florida State is not doing their job preparing for this upcoming decency are what else. Service as it's a lot of people wouldn't just winning here NC state they become a little risky statement. I mean that's not a good thing. I'd like to comment be the underdog you know. And you know be really home who. It really prove people wrong also I mean we like you say we got a lot of ATC is coming back. A lot of spears on both sides of the ball and I mean expectations are high this year in we Disney would need to live up to it. Yes we continue Jalen Samuels the all purpose what you call yourself you like to call yourself a halfback a wide receiver Ronald that's cool air everywhere. I guess they have that yeah. This may not dad in 1957 college graduate degree at them. Is. I don't you're gonna say yes is a leading question but is something not feel like your quarterback Ryan Finley is. It's one of the most under rate his team eighteen touchdowns last year only eight interceptions completed over 60% of his passes in the week it. You know overshadow the on draperies wallop bars he had been shown last year to this year. I think he's one of the more underrated guys that people are not talking about in the east Egypt. It is a lot of who does not talking about McCain and last year. You really was it like very comfortable with the team and don't nobody that I feel like this year you know he he start you know get more closely with the coaches and the the players so. So you know. Is going to be is going to be really fun to see see him grow as a person this year as a player and just want to play has to play what. Yeah absolutely in a year from my played a Mallard creek high school right here in the greater area and chief. Having fun come and we'll hopefully get a home cooked meal before you guys that back up the room that Riley may not have a little bit but not that much top of that let's. What does have a big game here he'll footer in South Carolina that first one and I think that game is going to be one of the best opening weekend college football I cannot wait what's gonna be like come back. Play. I'm here Charlie is going to be fun as a big sign up her room became the latest state. Two years ago in news there is pretty funny and then a stop that was the rain let. You know discovered back pars and the season gets SEC team I think this will relieve you know. Get off the season to a good start and especially we know when that game so. You know we're not without really looking forward to that right now we we try to better ourselves right now. You know you can better ourselves then we you know we focus on soccer mom when they come at him and take them wanting them to offer him. Now we're gonna bring in your teammate defense had been Bradley to and Bradley to hold that in just attack at will we had you look next to let's get a little truth you know here eighteen offensive starters returning for the wolfpack need offensive starters. How much did that benefit yelled during spring practice because. I bet there's a certain amount of talk between the sides are you need your teammates but still. That what a great way to push each other during spring practice in the offseason knowing that these units are pretty cool in return. Yes it definitely is positive because we know how to practice mortars well enough only the competition levels DelHomme. Georgia's government does and every day it helps low and going is one of those offices are belief it definitely going it was throughout the season throughout camp. All right so brightly shoving it Jay Lynn Samuels the last Bradley this isn't thirty volleys easy it picks last year you bypass the NFL draft. Is when your potential that in all likelihood going first round last year to come back to be tough to take this year but. Let's account need continuity like on defense as it does not just returning your front seven starters from last year happily return. Everybody behind you guys on the starting the do you guys in the front seven back you know how big is that continuity especially linebacker those guys you played together for three seasons now. I think probably dispute because on those Gaza my problems in our tournament where there every day talks of him debuted. Home. Are no bars onto about Ito every day. In a home. Steve has been would each other and no it not known each other's body count them one another like a treat them as brotherhood knows and in our actually probably than I hope over the to a high standard. And a new home to Arthurs that have left. I know one guy you love having on the other the end of the defense of line asking Octavia street says you don't even warmup see as many double teams as you would see because another guy likely go play on Sundays as well right. How big is that for you because that takes pressure off you from seeing in the doubles almost the deal go up and you know what middleman. Hood continues in the ouster play but the things he brings that it was and is ridiculous in a collective have a hard Tom. Trying to figure out which 1 o'clock because of the put too much attention on me or continues but still just have to be Disco if you know or have noted. I just love that about our our group because. We're also lose. Because. We do whatever it takes for one another. To make a play him on them that they don't do it for me do ago. Yeah now could state that weren't going into his fourth years CI hit me in at the the wolf pack so give ideas since may instill. Breathe in deep sigh of relief that they'll go Doug go through the up rights and I don't think we've still heard the exhaled guys in the upstate but yeah. If Byrd for guys back in the upstate what does as we head into fourth year Vince staple while they do or what. How did you define needed this week because again there's depth on both sides of the ball is not just remember going back to that gain that was his physical football game that I saw. All yearlong. We're definitely wanna be the most physical team won't feel as though buckle broke both offensively and defensively. On. The odds are just leave you won't be physical and it's just what's the best of our dude because that's at that it that he puts the visit really leader of whom do you agree that you. I believe that's that's our lives aren't does he play together and how play tough. I wish we keep maybe get Wofford on the schedule two outs we have the tour to south Carolina at NC state did you get South Carolina up here North Carolina you get Furman. And you'll get clumps and all the Carter Finley stadium this year so. Yeah Howard tighter you guys to get this single does talk in season you know we can talk all day is about hit in the field this about it somebody does radio. Been written that it. We'll all proceeds of dollars and that is there 83000 ought to sit vPro the other night I ever. I hit somebody you is that what the first day off practice in August practices like what Faris who Prez is now so. Once those presently and we. I got asked Bradley asked her she will this'll literally here and I love lasted the STS is like this I know how got a much you guys won't get after the quarterback hit somebody. Who's your favorite quarterback in this league to get a good lick on the sat to be one quarterback is there one that stands out. I feel like it's. From tells me that answer might be similar to Christians only because Al Al slippery. Guys. There's a certain way time. I AM winner wins Yahoo! and we running for office here at an attorney I'm a little facet I guess little did these guys yeah right real quickly before we let you guys did Diop play in this seat because it's almost identical to your sport in the red tide. Your sport in the black tie with these states so let's meet. Hate him with little low quality and how we were not represent real and it really responded because the Beirut moreover it was too and he threw a Barnes and don't. And AM bell on your does that Angeles us out of Nike helped Nicky does look at with a little tip your -- listeners who we'll listen you know again that's the lucky he'll be here before we know it right here Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte beginning yes I Wii Christmas to get jump back to back him when he went ahead sect MS that we're gonna go ahead get the headset or how light is guys sometimes you kind of re able to sell both sides to agree to isn't listed. Is we tell people all the time it is an honor to represent your university here please stop between Jewish the different. All right joining us like that that was a lot of fun ya have yet great date here ACC football kick off when we come back about a set things up let you know. The law you're gonna hear coming up on the joke was stuff that's already been recorded diesel. Is gonna be working very very hard back they're this stuff up call and ready to roll it straight up with surge were light at the Winston in dale ailments are the west and dale failed Charlotte very ACC football kickoff. All right welcome back in we're live here at the west and in Charlotte price seconds and mark searches these teams that. It's her second set some things that mr. price is. Boy we've been in here hustle and today in now a lot of this certainly was. Fourteen when he we walked in here about 12 o'clock and ever since we walked in until right now it's been pay him pay him stamp. Folly that see what's behind me up three when he sat for over two hours yes. Did in now here's some people that you can hear from coming up here on the show would first interview will bring you. In the beginning of the next segment is clemson's defensive lineman Christian Wilkins absolute a great guy he also today you'll hear from Clemson offensive lineman Tyrone Crowder. As well as the year he's had head coach Steve nobody burst Florida State quarterback beyond jury France walked. Mean Gary still can from the it may be. Mr. college vote August is technically Tony Barnhart I might submit. And he needs to give up that Twitter handle for the next year to year stoked in from the tick away yet kickoff classic in. About navy detained a college football look at what theories don't get in those guys over Atlanta had put together what you hear the greatest. Kick off game of all time coming up they'll host that had been clearly they will host the college football playoff national championship in January how can you booked in the season in the better than ATL I was that and I did see at fiftieth year the to label the open helped bowling and that emits in did you kickoff classic games this year between the ACC in this C with that Monday night matchup with Georgia Tech and Tennessee is well. It is finally. James Bates from fox sports you'll be doing ACC football games this fall with target for an Wes Durham I'll play about play. You know talk about eight interview that it'd just. Wherever it wit that's where we went with that now absolutely had a blast with teeth space which showed at all you're swimming. That your system is obviously. He has some Matt talent to its and his family that will be making their way into collegiate swimming bit. Prices yet let's set this thing up we will get coach that was Sweeney on to these stay up with the reservists. For his outing this is the first time that we've ever had ACC football kick off in front of that Sweeney's media outings that that changes things a little bit this year. Mean that's who we opted for each day with him. Put just a different deal here they succeed we speculated this may be the case over the past couple days but. Just look around here read you wrote you know when we first start to come and this thing. Yes hallway with eight or nine shows they're with 29 radio satellite radio shows let me rephrase that 48 lied radio shows in one Internet shows that are here all set up this thing is that. This is not the same ACC football kickoff that we remember back in the day and that's why there's an adjusted. Here yet and that's why he will not hear from as many coaches because of what they're doing. We will mail here on radio wrote more players that you concede that kind of be in the case in years maybe forced. Yeah no absolutely and you have so many more radio outlets didn't I've ever seen here ACC kick off one recent. 2928. I think was the final count. Amid spot just five years ago the Korean go from armor accountant I think. A dozen yes twelve worst years like six or seven so it's incredible to just see how much eighty at the event has grown. But clearly the 'cause at the event has grown is because what's taken place on the football field you got the reigning Heisman Trophy winner defending national TPN's. And any kind of you know a ten win team at Florida State boy the hype is here again to look at that you know the kick off Bakken Taliban it there's just so much momentum behind this league. That's why they're such a buzz and that's why they're so many people here. What it does it matter which Khannouchi talked to coach Sweeney right now is in the I mean press room with all the writers in the justice you eat doesn't have to give an ACC. Sales pitch this year. He's just telling the truth in which all of its building ACC when it comes to football is a leak in which it's never been better look at the defending Heisman Trophy winner in Lamar Jackson estimate we have an issue with that but let's not let the MO did you hear that. Also the defending national champion in the Clemson Tigers all the warts it'd be coming. It took the fishers way the past few years that image in Davos think about last night. You know what applaud for Clemson when disarm Watson walks away with that SP is best male college at the leader of the year. ME TV you can. Why they cut exposure not only for clumps of football but for the Atlantic Coast Conference is well you could put a budget on this type of exposure. Not its so Wilson editing it you're still reaping the benefits and you can reap the benefits all year hot hearsay through the season because. You know it's not gonna stop here it when the ball's kicked off in September he got some teams in this league that are gonna make noise nationally. It clearly Florida State clumps and T teams that thought of as they possibly being back in the college football playoff. Could be repeat national champion for clumps of it that you see a lot of momentum he got will Mark Jackson. You got to blow up a whole lot of buzz around NC state Miami we will see film we will get the coastal division rolling through tomorrow. And this is not gonna change they're going to be a lot of things that this leak keeps benefiting from all through this entire year. Year elicited a real quickly again we're here at the Weston in Charlotte for ACC football kicked off however. This it only immediate dates going on we finished up in Hoover earlier today will see more those media guys ever here in Charlotte tomorrow. Course and I will busting open three South Carolina. Offensive players hit the state stay on the air and tell me what you unfortunately with Will Muschamp in the game cuts a little bit lost in the shuffle what's taking place between you three. In Houston nut which speaking about thought he should freeze would avoid the topic. Two you freeze would avoid this topic like the plague he did he actually says he has a lot of respect for boats nut. That hasn't talked to him in a long time in US cities disappointed in the timing of it. He finally had this to say price. When asked about you all love it he just says you know I'm kind of tired of shell and upn SEC media days. In that not being able to talk about our players they are the ones who deserves this they've handled it better than anybody this is like the fifth year in a row I've come in here and can't talk about our players. Which is frustrating because they handled it beautifully and have been great and urged it be. I just wish they can get they're just did they quit theater drama queen. With your football program as you head and SEC media days every year. Well yeah and that's exactly right then you're good at what else yeah I agree with you but here's a thing. There's so many games being played right now for a console this I mean there's the game being played by Heath reason. The summit in all this administration you're trying to save his job. There's a game being played. With the NCAA. And then there's now this new game that's being played it he still not decided he wanted to drop on everybody yesterday which don't in his part was perfect time she's doing it when he did because. What he's trying to do as he tried to leverage Ole miss to get paid he's gonna get paid and Houston not he's going to be paid why the console this. They do not want to go to discovery. With this she's did not defamation lawsuit they do not want emails opened up they do not want phone records opened up. They don't want all this other stuff they could that would be put on the table for the public and their fans to see. Houston is going to get paid out of this. But if this is what this used to not think McCain down yesterday announcing the lawsuit that's gonna have zero bearing on what the NCAA is doing investigating. And likely to analyzing all this because all this is admitted to cheating they added admitted it fort. Got a 21 at that allegations now South Carolina and Will Muschamp. Again I felt bad for the way this thing dropped on them today between that you three story in the fact you have one of the state schools records it and got smiles on an Auburn. I thought the the interesting part yeah we have wondered why all offensive players including you know sophomore quarterback Jake that lead divas senior rules and and it hate her speech that was the last time we brought the that's the plan is geared it worked out too well forced. I don't know exactly what that meant the 67 last year. Infighting themselves and a bowl game that was the worst year but that. You know what must do it again looking for here's what I I saw a lot of people on Twitter before again will work bring you Cristian will consider what's in defense of wine and we've we come back. Said they don't expect South Carolina to be a contender. But they expect them to definitely played the part of the spoiler this year in it that's the case. That's probably step for perception a lot of football in 2070. In in what they say it was a step or of playing the part of the sport they won't be a contender this year. But while they they will play the part of a smaller which means they don't knockoffs on my we aren't expecting. First of all you I'm not a 100% but sure on Georgia atlases can ally. I didn't think Georgia in in Florida are the favorites in the east at Tiki can make you case for 34 and five at three different schools kind of pulled the chip out of the back every pull it out. You may be able to make the case between South Carolina Kentucky and Tennessee. Well I think the SEC east champion is gonna be too lost champion I think they'll lose two conference games. Men lose in two conference games I would suspect that south Carolina's gonna be a spoiler exactly as you said in. What somewhere in that mix because I think that this is you know people might think I'm crazy. I think that Georgia game over to Athens and I know it's a road game for South Carolina but that game is a theory tricky game for Georgia because they played Florida in the cocktail party. They don't come home and play. South Carolina in the play all four the following week that is a tricky three game set for Georgia was South Carolina in the middle that's one. I think South Carolina can have a lot better football team come a point in the year. We will see but I think Georgia I think South Carolina to catch Georgia right here but I am I'm with you I mean it. It is a clear delineation. That you have Florida in you have Georgia. Did I think you have South Carolina Kentucky Tennessee and did below them we have Vanderbilt in misery. Who would that. That group with three is going to play for rent to the top two I think one of those teams will I don't think it will be Kentucky I think South Carolina finishes third in the SEC east. But acted very well see them play as well in knocking off either. Or vote possibly I don't think the web they might not get both but there won't get somebody is can be South Carolina shores of the Florida I can guarantee. Well they again SEC football kickoff at Hoover has now wrapped up however. Weird just get started of course. That lady division taking place here. In in Charlotte today the Weston took more course we will have the coastal division. As well as a lot of people from the media lined up to Mars why public is Ian you start going it was I don't wanna ever Beers one of these kids that. There's certain kids in our roster of more than in. Oftentimes I'd rather hear from some of the media here like got an eighteen Speights was enough favored interviews that we've done in a long long time so Lou again. Will kind of circle back to do we don't know things like cut tomorrow will be able to bring the predicted order of finish. I would suspect with that pumps and pains in the upstate you're probably looking at. Two batters saying Florida State won clips into. Beatrice did in the three spot because again eighteen returners with the NC state went back. Plus the way apple closed out last year with three consecutive losses are people gonna be doubting. You little bull. The kids like which you were seen when we were a monopoly comes to the Heisman Trophy. It will mark Jackson's numbers or anything less the way he put up last year in the media will look at that it's a bill yet in. And Lamar. You would they what they also lost at little or too and they lost a lot of offensive linemen now locals offensive line was pried the worst of power five college football last year meant they were. This say they were abomination to watch play the last three games of the season when they got beat up front to be in real kind about it. What global needs they need to find they threw to wide receiver because ever since the optic Parker's being gonna have had that one guy to step up the beat the guy. They levels can be pretty good on defense. But you looked at NC state uptown in state on the pits is going to be absolutely nasty not just returning their front seven like we talked with not jump to jail same as just a few minutes ago. They were turned their top fourteen on their depth chart in their front seven. So they're going to be NASA outings I think right Finley's under rated quarterback can you talk about guys in. He crimes and that she went singles that you can move around on offense their biggest hit. The one big hit it NC state took was they lose Matthew days were a top rushers in the ACC always easy pick last year they got everybody back mark. So are vacancies state are making flies out of their minds are out of their one bit if they picked the wolfpack. Third when you look at the Atlantic Division look at the numbers starters Wake Forest has returning who's got the most returning starters in the country this year the new neighbors in the seer keys art says. That lady division just stacked. With teen still below with a lot of experience returning says you know what you better it's better attention. To decent at Ito all right when we come back we will set up our interviewer Chris Jim Wilkins she won't want to miss this one of course. People asking him about what did its move is next in 2017. In clemson's defensive lineman Christian Wilkens when we come back it straight up with star relied from the west than in Charlotte for ACC football kickoff. All right welcome back into Charlotte we get the pleasure in trust me the distinct pleasure of catching up will clemson's defense of lineman Christian Wilkins about an hour ago here's one you wanna hear. As that Christian is nothing but it here here here we go. I'd welcome back into ACC football kicked off we're sitting here alive with clemson's defense lineman Chris Jim Wilkinson Kristen we. And keep you all the accolades congratulations. And everything get your butt. We need gas to more serious question right now. How many times today you've been asked about junior was being speak for the 2070. Football season. Based off what she dropped on that filled out here and that if that is fancy. Tell you that's definitely a bit hot topic today and every day since it's at home you know since in the some messages with us about how could you do it how do. You practice that like I mean is this what nonstop to mom people who and just The Who disaster but each and every day. Was home to your request me to do us nominal amount dot do it about read you wanna see is flat. But something tells me that whole season right now is the best out of your belly dance and it is gonna happen is either gonna be on the field after win a championship. Or at the some around one of the complexes are howling out earlier reality. Several of them about is looking a little bit better right now. Part of some of these body on guys did get a blow to pick have come and not quite since Loma of those homework and on June 8 only got through right. But look. I ask you this I mean obviously stressful enough here's your Clemson football team has played current national title two years ago win detaining national TP yet. You bring Levy he didn't sit too late situation whether it be the split carpool karaoke and things of that nature to take its its surprising that. People get to find out about Christian Wilkens the person as much as they do the football. Players are you know another that we used because you know. You don't see it Jersey. Did a good to see the face that's behind the home is home. No they only know you've been through the dosages number what you can do on the which can get you on on the field. Was awfully good the few good and so look to what I can do you know what the person I am off to go to work to do a through. You know. A definite do take a little pride in that because it allows allows people see my versatility. Doses that are more than just more than just food and good tone to. Our eyes were taller Christian Wilkens or junior for defensive tackle all American last season's first team all American by a host of publications. But you guys return of is is going to be the defensive side of the football. Christine you and Dexter Lawrence let's start right there you guys that the best dual defensive tackle in the country. How well we definitely work to be. You know my best appearance sake of this whole Lotta definitely about a great duels out there you look everywhere and every team that is has some good do those. From what we definitely try to do best just says just the whole defense alive. We're really trying to do the best we push each other each and every day. Home on the practice food justice is to put ourselves in position to be successful and we know we got to help the team note you know we go we role to play and we got to carry our weight it's up to us. And relieve some of the details and for the defense and just you know because that is what team if you work. We could do our job and everybody is gonna feel more obligated to do their job and that's not the closely toward. They were the unique defensive lineman in the country where look. Is your size you were named what number one freakish athlete and college football by Just what this weekend your building the plate inside. Outside there's very few guys can do like keeping your interchangeable working like plain view like planes attacked port I liked it our kids and rushing the pass well both. Both have their approvals have become definitely an inside you Moore run the accident things happen a lot faster. You can get a you can you know you could mix it up this a little bit more and could make a lot more players that feel like. To be evolved in the love book was definitely on the outside on days to view more sixty upstanding and and out there to document recovered the best platoon. You know definitely it's coming up as which are also mothers involved you make big plays but on the you're not just while. We'll play it puts them some. Tells me get a nickname big sexy somewhere counselor in the you have viewed your wreck like John McCain is accountant LA he wouldn't take a minute now Crist either you. You Arce junior I you had a direct impact on this football team includes since rosters a little bit strengths this year. Just really six seniors all of whom contribute so. Hance junior leadership in that something that you're obviously gonna help provide that's why you're represented. This team it it ACC football kickoff but. In all actuality that's kind of you beat the new congress football just had six dollars or. So you spend it's really it's really unique and the fortunate thing for us our team is that you know you you got we're we're. Mainly juniors and sophomores what. Juniors and sophomores who had a lot of experience. We get you know guys like junior is like much like myself. Know how to run throw and Kelly bride's cousin you know do they need to do him day in day out you can leave and go software loaded Dextre a plea. You know. We got some runs and other junior who you know just leave and let a lot of football led by the experience. So off to let you know the them the lack of seniors and it doesn't really hurt us because you have a lot of Jews talk with him. Had to put played you know player on the other than the bright lights and play on the big stage moves so I think you know it's definitely a done our job to scuffle can be concluded that the that the younger guys juices flow. Thin we're continuing Christian will concede your defensive tackle defensive end he can do whatever he wants when he's a first team all American in it's this year. We don't know obviously he's going to be picked to win the league and you guys really don't care who's picked to win the league player. Is it a thing we're now where you you've obviously scaled the mountain you know you're gonna be the hunted you're the reigning national champion but. This is they were cooked swinging the staff maybe even some of the players you go back and it's the respect car because a lot of people were talking Florida State what they have that country of France off. But he kind of go back to where you're comfortable being. Look we need our respect we gotta go get it. Kind of sort of on you know bush. Like you said that we really don't care who wins the league you know you get there early you can't talk but he would be a buddy you're gonna have to earn his thumb and didn't. It's really a tough week it's not easy thing to do to win this when this week this season obviously you know remote coastal will own. So it definitely have bring each and every day's a new team anybody can be beyond any given day in this league so that is so what. We're doing we're definitely feel like you go. But I give me personally. Know what outs without seeing what I oppose them like you know it's going to be like a pat on the back of Oakley does one thing. But now lets you read back to root cause football and other that that's the case of the close of his day we're gonna you gonna be. Good success and team was no threat colts who got the right guys and we definitely did discuss what we'll work to do the best each and every day. Now I know you love sacking quarterbacks really don't clear what Jersey on their name on the back to is who's your favorite got Zach in the ACC. Home now they got France while whole Lotta times he's stayed on the program. You're gonna go one guy yeah look it's it's method could give you one guy you'd love to just Jerome. I got much like these that I got government good licks in on. Be under but I know on him about it when all of god I'll let god decide to Letterman I go. I just talk smack got this little move them do things on above business but he knows he knows that it hit it out and hope will happen again in November. But own. I have really got a good chance to give Duluth Lamar obviously you know he's. Trophy winner so fast you uneasy classy kid RAZRWIRE storms weird awkward tackle. But I have really opt out with a but never got a good lifted. No those go to suspected him what you download to your mobile profits of just let him me. One you know he's he's he's. The best player who's the best player goes before we let a little quicker this year because he got rid of those lockup so now he's already zillow Emanuel faster there listening to it. Rather flexibility to keep being with you obviously it talked about. You you knew why you break it in the quarterback can be running back the defense has got a leaping since September. He's Sissy. It's a different step for called simple on the last two years especially come to him it would disarm Watson's awarded this piece last night's this has to be something that. And yellow are looking forward to. Beginning with in the that first game. Well really home to us the son of good teams when you know. When you can pick up each other's slack. Home not saying that as much like offices others don't know why there's so much talk about you like to understand we leftists are we lost Mike Williams who we were crew was right where bill for this and the guys we have on our roster have got a chance to learn from Mark Williams and that it's on an art to this. And you know they completed they competed against our defense they competed against a defense each and every day too so. I'm neither did a good look we're didn't do a really good book. Home so for my producer like me personally I put Goosen did was drop off we just got guys that know what part of bow or read and are willing to really talk about and they would disarm like obviously the once in a generational covered up player at the Cordoba exist in the coastal bluff. Palm but I for the whoever we have with equipment would do really good job we get the job done. You know and did and what we have made some really good team the last few years when office struggle defense that we've stepped up played big get off to make stuff. When when the defense drove off with the score fifty some points again. So I mean that doesn't work we'll we're gonna have to do growth through what he's gonna have to Carol always offer is useless questions through teams come together to move to universal. I Christian group put out the door he's doing a lot of those guys last year were lead and then you got to test it in your draft eligible as a junior but. You think and hope this is my last season play toothless tiger. I'm just gonna to I mean I don't know what's I don't like I don't have a play the way let that indices and I don't know right now whether I'm going on stand whatever but. I've been always a person who's close to look at what's ahead on my thinking about there right now I'm thinking about just you know this. Do what I have to do on the field to make all of the food to make my team that did the best job you know just to get the result that we need. On the just how to drive my team to be the best. You know it just now with a focus annoyed that after coastal for that is you know and that's not yacht. You can't even think about it if you don't do with you know. Don't take care with two. And you picture a now so we'll listen in to the day it's an honor to be here represented your university thanks for your time but it thank you pursue an inspiration. Welcome back in a few short minutes to build the top of the hour here's what we're gonna do. 505. Fox sports south. James Bates a former Florida Gator from east Tennessee he's gonna join us. The error he joined us earlier today. Also in this next hour Florida State quarterback the Andrei France while Clemson offensive lineman. Byron Crowder again all of these weird done for the day minus light radio in this 6 o'clock hour will have Geary stoked in from. The to the lake classic the chick filet bowl is well this year geez head coach dean new neighbors so diesel where he lap event there at us. Obama and a lot of that was you. That was made that we have yet they here's the dill we may only be life from four to seven to David Beers and a multitude hours already but in here will do it all again DeMar. As it's the coastal division but price broke quickly you know what's one thing you know we came right and it got the work that. What's one the minus the interviews today we've had a few minutes to go around. It's caught your attention because the immediate spin. It's even though it's a lot bigger than it's ever been it's been more relaxed in the fact it. YouTube right now they seem that haven't fight for the credibility national wise like you remember six years ago when they lost a team aren't bulls in a row and things of that nature and they were having that kind of find their niche that you were. This year's is a mean is this is us this is what we did. Well. Whether the clumps of players didn't say it but I do think that. Obviously went in the national team we should have a need to back up again because they conquer they scaled the mountain but going back to what are that was sweetie is comfortable. Because Florida State got do you think is going to be the team in the day in the code in the Atlantic. I think that was able to go back to play a little bit of that you know ship respect carpet he likes to do but. You know I think that's they're. I certainly think that defense is in the in the ACC this year. I think Florida State has a chance to beat a top defense in the country think the closing can certainly be top three no worse a top five. I think Miami with everything they have back on defense they got all their linebacker Shaq corpsman who will talk to tomorrow. Is this dud ID ENC state is another dangerous teams why would you look at what they have back on the defense side of the football but especially. Of their front seven they've got for their. Top fourteen return. Its defense the defense to act bill back to defense again I think the winner of the coastal and I think the winner. Of the Atlantic in the teens who were talking about her teams that are assault dias on the deepened subside in the foot. Speaking of defense. The winner today on Twitter here just a little bit ago was in bowl where did you see where he just did they Chris do Wilkinson. In tyrant Crowder quote. Wow the suits are absolutely. Horrendous. Hey kid did proceeds that go on it'll let them have it about he needs that they commit net top this it gave last year when he was ordered more or less knickers here headaches these people. While kick off and soon get off CL a kind of curious what with what. Bullard did last year it says that's not I thought it be Christian added I know tyra was gonna go conservative off of the boat that was a sharp touched. But I thought to a Christian might give a little the little later in the air now he hadn't you know what a victim of baby blue jacket. If he can't play. Good bowlers as list that you got this ice hit the three that Kirstie you're job is Lisa. It's nice seventy sir I was disappointed I thought I dropped the suit. Gain enough off the reds would be a little bit more close to the pit bull where liking that we saw the neighbor that's OK it's not about what to look. While Hedo is is all about brotherly love it goes on in you look like a Bobble head you look like so would Photoshop your head of the stuff. Body Batista's at. Here here's the bowl we're waiting ACC football kickoff for the sake consecutive year he's nowhere to BC. This diver held so the other day they catches my (%expletive) in his how. Did that we were told earlier when it comes to Georgia Tech and Florida State Georgia Tech in that Tennessee that Monday night Labor Day weekend in in Atlanta right now. Expecting more Georgia Tech means. In the torched in the Tennessee paints. Our sponsor back smoke on the water should not wanna hear that. That seems to be the case and keep straight. From Geary stoke it in Mac guard be with ticked the label it look it's a little ways away I'll tell you right now a pick at George tech to win that football game. Because you believe it or because you won't go get a does not believe it does not believe that Georgia Tech is gonna come back at what happens every year what Georgia Tech has a down year. They come back strong in this year a lot of people don't look at him as. He'll be a threat when the coastal and I agree with that and I think their team to finish top three upping their team that could. We have eight games this year but he got a lot of guys back I think so much depends on what happens at quarterback. Beat him get healthy with Matt Matthew top all right when we come back fox sports south. James Bates he'll be doing color for the ACC. ACC football game on fox sports south with our friend Wes Sturm here's one you don't want to miss.