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All right welcome back giver river were given way to clips at NC state baseball here thirty minutes tigers three game set in Raleigh and of course that 6 PM first pitch tonight 630 DeMar. And then Sunday the regular season finale but we could sit here. Talking with. Allstate cook and his wife from Jonesboro Arkansas Alston a nice round here at the thorn Blake club today in four under and you know you again a little bit different type of format I really enjoyed talking your wife in the fact that the how of the recent marriages just over a year how this is a partnership with you guys travel on the road. Yet we hear it's definitely a team game here. You know I've. She works she's in on our end but this is the bulk of in our income and she supports me all the way and it's nice you know having that support and you know out here even caddie informing an and gone the extra mile. Nellis and yeah we've been involved not only with this tournament a long time that I don't know if you guys ever cross paths with Crawford Reeves of former Clemson golfer he's now PGA Candida. In so we understanding you know if people don't realize what the fine line is between you competing and winning here on the Web.Com tour. Indian making it on the PGA tour is roughly three quarters of a stroke I mean he in whether that's studying there you have beetle. It's that close when it comes to the quality of golfers in this tour in the PGA absolutely I mean any guy out here. You know expression top government guys you know we you know compete on the on the PGA level it's just. In the opportunity. We'll talk about today Austin is usually Fulton mark mentioned four under you get two birdies late on fifteen and sixteen year old tennis at Joseph well oh how did the course play here or Blake as you mentioned you were here last year to have played this course. War yeah has little different this year last year we had a monitoring death. So you know this course little shorter today than what it did last year. But I think with. You know they're not they're being Dreier the greens held up a little better then it's a bumpy no we are the last time in the days leading gets a bumpy by the end of the day. Because you know the greens are soft and you know a lot of impressions on. Savvy prepare for tomorrow. In the fact that this is different you got three different courses in three days and then of course come back at born blade. On Sunday you guys get hit your yet neat city after the Sunday final round. Three days of practice on the same course I do you apply that at this week with three different courses it's not as spread out this year but it has been spread out. App and as for me you know. Dennett trying to in Asia like that warm about an hour. But you know this year are with this event I'd give myself Aaron have to Wear thirty minutes before I start my normal warmup. I can go to that you know green and get used to the speed of the greens because they're not all you know the same speed they tried by. It's just hard. Get sometimes you know some greens are better conditions and other. And so for me just you know gone one you know it was three practice rounds in three days luckily we get carts that helps us out with you know there. But just kind just trying to do quick learning of the golf course but it really just. You know focusing on strokes like mine you know my putting stroke and how I'm hitting the ball not necessarily as much as the golf course. How much do you strategically. Or could you guys move around courses when you. You know lake course is going to play you've got a shot this year a lower score. Just say over Furman you know. He isn't it this one's tough for you just trying to manage it the best you can hat and how. How strategically do you play that knowing which course wears an appalling product having an idea where this horse might play. Yeah you know I it's it's hard if you if your scoreboard watcher because there's like he says some golf courses that are easier than others. I I personally think this is one of the tougher once again I'm. But. In it's. When I'm addressing here it's just. I want blank start. Vote yes there are other golf course that may be easier by that. Just trying not watch the scoreboard because you know the guys who shot really the other day you. Really don't know until Saturday how you compare isn't everybody played all three golf courses. The harder one day is trying managing then you know. If he'd been trying to take advantage of the your golf course if you. You know don't take advantage of the easier ones that you're trying to push a little harder on the harder points. All right. May I ask you a question easier sit there there that your wife by your business partner. It now has not found out your caddie so what I'll do is I'll ask the question you know the headset ever to your wife. Patty is probably a lot like coaching and managing and sometimes knowing what this city in win. Do you do any of that age you figured out is a wide Theres an appropriate tied to make that car. And absolutely not but I. I never ever say anything and if I'm saying anything on easily and coming drivers on. They got it you'd be aggressive. Accurate at ten minutes walk away and it and maiming and just. Get myself being in. As more support. And as they seeing them. And it started we need to scaring. Started earning a lot of lean. Never to the point it may think you need to but just currently not Dylan that happened maybe we should six. I never never. So my question is did what when you see when you see Austin did matter upsets you know miss a putt and then here comes. You know an S bomb went that maybe it G get whatever it might be you know the words come out and you wanna go state. It's OK it just in my heart you that's if you tried to beat the caddy. Yeah and you know there was one event where act. And I just like they can you know. Lou use he's candidates that in town and and I had that kind of reflect on myself and my thoughts at that moment ago. And this is not what he needs term this is his career he doesn't come to my job and tell me how to save somebody's life so. And he's much better at that golf career and and that is being so I just have to remind myself by. I'm just here to Carrey's back in and it at home. At that moment it's usually no longer Al wife and has been relationship it's a business relationship and then. Sad and try to remind myself that I'm here to carries. So wife in business relationship Austin writes I'm obviously this because obviously she's the boss in the house. He's the caddie doing all the work out there hearing your backs away and away light years you know swing in the kitchen and nice breeze. So how to eat it with dirt or rubble or in you. Bring in the bacon when you're dropped in birdies all Latin you know just to make the dinner decision might say tonight who is the one that gets to make that call. Usually me and she knew. Very picking and just kinda. Going with motion type of person and but you know don't let call you I take on 10% she gets 90% and I said that I have I celebrate my twentieth year mayors with with my business partner if you will hear next month and I've always said what's mine asserts that what's earnings are all right so. Kids locally this that a tree is seamless sites of it that you guys for coming up here and have it gives you a little bit relaxed and ready to go to -- but so what's that C you'll you'll figure out what to do for dinner tonight would you go to little course review tonight -- you leave Poland which you walk away from the golf course. I usually try and leave it alone those one big thing after college I learned. I used to really hold anger you know for finished bad just really hold you know pulling aside and can just be upset the rest of the day. You can't do that you can't play good golf that way so. I just want to get off the golf course I like to just nine think about it and then will wake up tomorrow on time you get to the course fairly. Two get used to the greens in the morning and then we'll go from there. Well listen thank you guys years to treat Rick is eat each you can probably tell we look at things a little bit differently than your regular sports talk show it yet he and I do a lot of traveling with clubs and football and and they. Our biggest arguments on the road in the where we have and dinner tonight it's. Yes I lost him cook his lovely wife you are having great time here in the upstate thank you all Serbian part of the thing you dance show hogs I. It was peeks into our one more attack I yet diesel let's go and catch our final break which is will be giving weight to clumps and NC state baseball here at 53. All right price were closing day on they hear. I can tell you this much there off the golf course here. On the front nine believe it started on both won intense they're done for the day here thorn blade your leader. Board the BM WT thirty pro AM. Of course is it minus nine while it is refreshing we can't eat Kyle Thompson from easily the former South Carolina golfer just four shots off the lead right now Mikey into Leo. Who played apartment today 62 I'm sorry interviewed one shot behind him Blake Adams another shot. Actually minus eight remember in the course of them depart port level on a right real quickly tonight most interesting thing that's gonna take place in sport in my opinion. First of all we say that while we can price your second place Atlanta race and the nets totally eat it. Ages sixteen wit still lower than like anybody else in the National League. There'll be eight fight tonight the question is will it be the first second third inning it's between the way it operates in the Toronto Blue Jays for yelled it did not seek. Freddie Freeman now eight weeks with a fractured he and his he was injured yesterday. It's one brave veteran and talking about one Atlanta Braves veteran ballplayer told a friend. What will have a fight today. After Lou brook Freddie Freeman to gain yesterday and that's what they said to Peter demons he has tweeted it out this will be old school baseball let's hope. They go ahead and get it done early. You know I've seen people sale drilling in the year note just drilled him in the pain he make your point you don't necessarily have to go head hunting in this situation by. This is old school baseball in this is how you resolve this situation and guess what. It will be resolved and you add that bat flip on it last night from Jose Batista is the Braves have won three consecutive against Toronto. They'll be some fireworks tonight in Atlanta and is not for the July. Dhani nerves are going to be me is going to be clearly the you know a situation where both teams are frustrated on edge is not happy why well because Toronto has given up what 27 runs in the last three games. On the virgin didn't swept at home and home interleague series with the Braves. They're not happy about that clearly. The Braves are. Not happy at all about one of the leading hitters in the national leave the leader in home runs with 141 baseman Freddy Freeman now the how eight weeks but. If Roland what happened last night with benches cleared twice. I gotta tell you you know we go back to that unwritten rule thing a baseball waits yes it is that things some people question why it is that thing. What I watched Jose Batista looked that bat after that home run I see you've got actually drew. Rule the absolute Hecht Canada dial up fastball in the side. In tonight it's gonna happen. I'm sure the appraisal be Smart about it don't wait till the sixth seventh eight inning you do the first time he comes out drilling in the law and yet I don't think that's going to be. I don't think that there's going to be any moving on I think we could see some real peppers slayer it's a bad blood in how this thing plays out I'm with you this can be won a must see moments and I think it sports and I. I guess there's no NBA finals there's no. There's two NBA dropped the draft lottery any of that stuff I mean it is fight central maybe we can get it Jim lay Catholics hiding there. At the at new ballpark in Atlanta tonight because Ollie does as HBO fights it. At this point but real quickly I just not cease to Rio holed a row I guess he wants to trying you know what maybe a tone maybe he's going to be jacked I watch rocky all day in the hotel. Tried to atone for Kid Rock in drilled on the chin last year the last he's cut by. So sought tells me he's trying to get that sports in a moment offing it is new went on he's been on or rocket out Brenda is a puppets of Myer today but we have the three game winning streak he's sick get together for the sweet with the chase tonight it could sit pretty sit there second place. In the National League east at sixteen into what he won only a whopping eight games behind your favorite Major League Baseball team. The Washington Nationals. At least one Thai this year nobody's catch in the nationals in this disgraceful National League east right now. You can't say the great source second place ball. What now they have played a lot of games at home but I'll say this you know walled lake you have the tied for the lowest amount of wins at home in the National League. Eight you're back home and playing in the now friendly I say they rarely loosely confines of suntrust though that launching pad number twos this is a bit upgrades team that is just so streaky this year you know they don't read off a couple or five or six. By about six and then they'll lose six and here we come back Alley one re wrote it just. There's. I'm really like this team I hate the fact that Freddie Freeman is out now he weeks buy it on Iranian bot it's but. That's stuff happens baseball yet it is baseball and that's why if this thing goes down the more against the on the night like the way we think it is in Chipper Jones is playing here to morrow at Thorne lake club. That's all I ask from that's who we should call and tell the girls to mark. That's all we yes you can just give us that one interview where he could Bryce deal they analytics of a good baseball fight with two projects that rule put in the request for Larry Wayne and then a week to hear it activity they tempering an email up ear. And we'll settle chipper Tom talked about his vote it down to the bottom of it. What he thought a law what is likely gonna go down at suntrust and it's hot because can be artwork yes all right real quickly is you remember we're out of here in six minutes we give way to clemson's NC state based on have to. This and find this quiet we act like the right now is it is the golfers are off the course. It's South Carolina hosting Georgia tonight Berman on the road at Belmont remember the Southern Conference GP chips are here at. Here tomorrow are right go ahead. Just as we. Sect ladle College Baseball just get the release a literally seconds to go from Clarkson sophomore outfielder Seth beer named one of 25 semifinalists. For the day. Owls are. Trophy presented to the nation's top baseball players that just. Outs appears only 25 semifinalists. Boy it was Miller time the other night when he went to law it would Hewitt art. With that pain is your sit there and I mean listen. You sit there going well there seven to one against the defending national team into played their way into the number 24 ranking. With a lot better performances recently and then all of a sudden you're 747. About seven to six. And then an air the next thing you know you're day on 87 in your life. Well this may be one of the season killing moments right here and then just that so that's what makes baseball the funny game this. Yeah fifteen minutes later. Bases loaded set beer obviously struggling with his swing a little bit this year. The while that may be one of those moments that oh lead you back there where you want to listen the reality is. For clubs and baseball man it's a great year number two under money lead but there are a lot of people they got some polls bill Tony easier part of the ACC schedule earlier clumps and needs to finish strong up in Raleigh to abort the fourth place position. In the Atlantic Division. Yet that but I think also you wanna make sure that you solidified everything you needed to to make sure your hosting ace you know one of the regionals coming up that you wanted to sixteen host and acting Clemson will be one of those barring catastrophic knelt down. When about what I mean by that is you know a losing two out of three you're being swept rally starting tonight. If that haven't a bad showing in the ACC tournament Durham suite accidentally. That's something we hope with Don months of it's that the red birds park and global they move that they got a term that's in writing this see not totally forgotten I don't. I do not realize doing legally turn and that board that some pod thing or whatnot so that's what Don Munson was saying yesterday. After elites are creatures of habit not only are they not going to Durham next week for the ACC tournament. There is a need to potter political lately right out about it goes global we're all in the same boat next week going into a new situation ACC tournament and again. These guys are creatures of habit and this time of the year. I'll say this is that little will that stadium is awesome yet and that's a great place to have it nothing gets Durham that I loved to Durham bulls parked up there and in. Central North Carolina up through in the triangle it's a great place to play at the put Maine and I tell you the bat stadium it's beautifully clumps of being torn out they're the lockout a lot of fun downtown mobile. Yeah I mean it's right in the street from where we broadcasted. Churchill Downs right next Papa John's stadium a lot of parking around players of your making your way. What's actually global baseball stadium I'm not sure where the bat stadium and it's not that four from all their doubts economy etc. history third street. For streak alive there's audiences cover all kinds of cool things that need out there ID is a great change of pace. Clearly gives the cards yet they need to Tenet takes me back to you know wind Mike Marten you know. The heated we know. Good degree anywhere out of there I am having a clue how much do we hear that back in the day out of bullets from them at Tallahassee complain about the main points and that. Played here cheaper rate state. Goalies it was thirty minutes away from campus unlike the bat stadium which is right on the street that things may mode and no envoy by the fact that you have played that thing on Tobacco Road every single year that I'm game for three of four teams. There are right diesel real quickly great job today. Will try to we have a little. We'll see out of more plays out you know I really wanna get chipper on what this year normally club but. At least got to have five ma of five minutes of what we wish we can get diesel for his birthday on Monday on your. By he's going to be teaching a class at the University of Tennessee on Monday soon we will have him on here with this we may put set when we got a little bit of fun diesels have fun but on those dominant knocked him out he comes back out net construction worker born Tuesday. Well if nothing there was a danger that it's hideous color you guys. I mean it looks like somebody went to Texas had out in the sun for a week. Exactly yeah exactly 80 yeah we tried to get an order from the pizza palace on magnolia Knoxville from the USC upstate south party. The easel shows up Monday or Tuesday back in during without at least a cold pizza. We may we may please bring the box back yet it says to make dessert I'll jealous are right. Listen. We really really appreciate you guys checking this out a lot of fun today get to talk Olympics in Ethiopia in the top it church sport we're in giants in the former Olympian world champion as well even a member of Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks organization. Back in 2000 and of course had a lot of fun with Boston cook and his wife as well so will have count the same thing going on the mark price it's gorgeous out here. Today at the weren't blade remember three different golf courses you can go to action to mark the preservative birth date. Furman golf club in right here at the warned late you will be glad you did celebrities will be out about in dale and dale grateful tonight but. We're gonna give way. That clubs and tiger baseball done months and Bob Mahoney on the voice on the call from O'Reilly. A big gain for the Clemson Tigers have a blessed night let's do it at 4 PM tomorrow for more straight up was starch.