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Welcome bit upstaged. We hear of life here at the store blaze. Club out here on the balcony price I guess every once in awhile if you wait you actually do something really really cool so we will be here for the next ninety minutes is we're overlooking the ninth green here. At the BMW charity pro AM and course we will be given way early our friend Don months and and Bob Mahoney. Is they will call the clumps in the NC state baseball game in Raleigh that is a 6 PM first pitch tonight that's why we get off. At 530 remembered tomorrow. We are off the 6 PM ahead of a 631 pitch that price we've had our tour of the clubhouse here torn Malays didn't. You were out here yesterday with the yeah with the warriors and you know all that kind of thing and just again. What a weekend here in the up state I mean what other way to say have you who it was and there have been months earlier with. You're Carter look compromise W Wyeth Stephanie Aaron has a lot from. Fox Carolina and who you would you see out the year eat eat yeah Jose Alvarez these guys just walking third saying hello you got a chance to speak with some album yesterday as well. In just a really cool event here for the upstate. Yeah talks. You know adults they worry Lucian their big break warrior edition yesterday afternoon and just hanging out by the the tent there talking to a few days. I'm not Sartre got a couple this kind of team in an ischemic small talked him. John oh early came in then briefly chatted with him and Andy Buckley who played David Wallace on the office and it just says those guys because he'd been back to your several times now. You know a couple years in a row. And they they say hey it's just a beautiful place it's a beautiful area were gonna keep coming back is always so happy dissident have a us and so they just. They just agreeing goal in the tournament and just the location is just fantastic and that's why these guys do keep coming back every year all right he thinks it's you wanna know. Had a really get started out. Aaron Rodgers was out at the firming golf club earlier today. Israel has done he will be at the preserve it for data more. Within 830. Tee time in the and that means he'll be here thorn blade on Saturday and then of course it's they make the finals of the charity pro am they'll be back here on Sunday as well also if you wanna see. The Green Bay packer quarterback here in Rogers tomorrow over at the preserve to. On bear somebody broke lecture us. For table right now over W last she was over their lives FaceBook colliding. Follow Aaron Rodgers for a couple holes this morning digging. Her comments here occur you know. On analysts and trying to think investment her amateur conjured the comet theory and it was funny just a watcher do it on FaceBook in. Now they stopped him for about two holes to she's Ian did stand Green Bay in Europe mainly in husband beat packer fans so it was O'Leary's. Watch some of the people that we're just. Stock in Rogers and all the packer jerseys number twelve Jersey sit were out there in the gallery with him overlapping was it promised. Yes where they were determined earlier tomorrow here at thorn blade news you're the celebrities include Chipper Jones Tim Wakefield. Taylor kittens there the former clumps and place kicker now with the New York Jets and you know a lot of those guys saver here. Tomorrow at the thorn glee club a course you know just go online to BMW charity pro am and you get the tee times. In all that kind of stuff price I was a little bit surprised last night. Game number one between Boston and Cleveland I felt like we would cease and Ross from the Cleveland Cavaliers but definitely wasn't the case LeBron. Looks like he is completely fouled him right now they take he won seventeen to 104 win over the Boston Celtics and yeah we we were talking yesterday LeBron and some of the comments about I'd rather be playing in this of course taking games off there in the regular season but this is why. They got ready and I thought we see a little bit more rust out of out of that Cleveland Cavaliers after ten days of what we saw last night. Yeah I mean you know it yeah. You'd think they might be a little rusty that's kind of why I thought that that they team last night was going to be close tonight between death they spotted come down to the final minute. Boy was I wrong in a thirteen point difference Cleveland won seventeen in the celtics' 10 for the final score thirteen point difference was not anywhere close. To what the final margin was like it was an absolute blow yet. I have so all right this is a thrill that they often do we get to that talk with the golfer coming out of the off the course that has been an Olympian and one gold medals in chance and how are you do and congratulations welcome here into Greenville, South Carolina thank you. Awesome to be here today my second year here at this event then. It's its first class the people are great sponsors are raised and golf courses are great. It's early interior a little bit familiar with what they implement daughter I think at. At clips and currently or she gradually yes she graduated the couple years ago so yep but so absolutely familiar and I live just up the road Charlotte so various. Of the years that Abby is Natalie you know ansari had a lot of people it's a former athlete you compete at the highest levels of any sport in which he did with speed skating in all back in the day. You were still an athlete what is it like to get out here with these professional golfers and see how Powell did an entity fine tune their penis it. I love it so much Adam. You know he played day in day out week in week out with your friends at home and you have your fun but picked commanding gets to play. Right beside these guys and you know the honor my partner is Andrew. It's. You have got a lot of astronauts if he went and shot 63 today well he made ten birdies. It was it was. Yet clinic but. Not only is he at you know the perfect golf so you wonder and it it's golf like you wonder how we could never hit a bad that's going in. I'm sure he does but he didn't today he was amazing what it Jolie did Dan is that your second year here coming into the BMW charity program what is it about the Syria obviously it's close to use. But what is it about this term and it makes special silly guys come back so many years wrote you know part of it is. I get to you know we do this we do these debt even with smaller and second years here we. That there's sort of a little group of celebs that we see at this and different events and so. In a sense that it's a little reunions that we have a blast get together with their friends. But as I said. We're so that the reception we get around around Greenville areas. It's Wrigley it's and it's different and it really is it's not just that. It's more of you know welcome home kind of thing it's that people aren't aren't just. Intimidated by anybody that it's friendly in and I love being here well I had IQ we get a lot of that with George Rogers support crew a Heisman Trophy winners a good friend of ours and they we call it the Heisman Trophy golf toward during the summer where they all go around to play each other stardom as this that. Yeah give this and I did you know you're. A retired a mayor can speed skater you're multiple world champion competed. Obviously at the highest levels here now that your father and get a look back across some of this stuff. What are some memories she and maybe not necessarily show up on the podium in the Goebel what are some of the bond her memories that the further you get away from your career that you now I think about I think that. Unity you know you'd take away. The Olympic gold and and that's the obvious part but more so it's. It is truly it's the experiences the friends that I made along the way it. And not just my teammates Bonnie Blair's like my sister right and everybody knows Bonnie but. I'm talking about the guys that competed against Germans the Russians. They're my friends we still stay in touch to this stage when he some years later that's pretty special. I am excited with the Winter Olympics coming in and you're gonna deal on the. Call again out I love watching the short track speed skating it's just the relay searches snap it real laser just hold on your hat hold your breath and let's just pray there are stars and stripes don't fall but. The other shoddy davis' that Ted Hendricks of the world clearly Apollo Anton Ono a lot of people know. But what can do what you expect that a team US AQ rating go to South Korea come continuous over. Long track is. You know more mice tests that look short track and it did when as a kid but yet that's long Drexel got called for the last ripe for five games now. On the American side we've got a tumor women are her. Top in the world right now so they will go in as favorites. Heather Richardson there X mushy merit Dutch guy. And Britney boat they they both came from inline skating. They have both been leading the world in 1015100. Meters even 500 meter so I expect some medals those two. Hopefully you know they it's a tough go in Sochi for years ago and I think their over that in this. Be better get a horse armor were doing a lot of Reading after that gets it wasn't quite the palace it medal haul but then things did not go our way and I knew there were split controversy maybe not the work for but there were some changes to the US program. It looks like things are released from what I've read of a lot of the different teams but its speed skating primarily at the speed skating is it that I got this thing great he goes you Mitch I don't think. So I I do their their top right now. They've had a good three years leading up. Again we don't have. The depth and say it Dutch team nobody we know you do it and nobody else. And and that's OK we've always been to put of the few top skaters up there and win medals that you US beats skating. One more medals for the United States that all of the winner sports combined so it's it's been pretty successful despite the small numbers have. Said to him when you're out public is again we're out finishing out with the F former Olympian and also world champion in that current broadcaster with the winner Olympic skiing intents and you know most people feel like they know you because your story it's one of perseverance you three Olympics and everything that went dale. And then he finally win gold in your final race in the Olympics plus. Yet the tragedy of losing yours that you're on your sister and everything outside. Even at this day and age do you have people come up ago you they feel like you they're your best current a year they're your brother because your story just resonates with them. Have very much I get I get that a lot and and it means a lot I do think that. What I went through certainly with my sister passing in the days of my race my falls. I think can. The average person was able to relate to an Olympian and and it it still does happen today to a lot of comments about it certainly. Positive. On you know on that I it ended up positive that I ended up winning in the end but also. Still great Tomlinson and support from you know even the losing my sister with over 25 years I don't know and you know it's it's nice to have that memory of her so it's it doesn't hurt anymore now it's good memories we're taught when Philip. It gold medalist Dan Jansen now wrapping up here Dan and it was something that I've always you know I I know it's big to win a Super Bowl in NBA championship but this. As an Olympic swayze swimmer in Olympic sport. You know I always saw the biggest. The most incredible honor you can have is an athlete is to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games when your National Anthem is played. You sit atop the podium. That's a moment the you have belt. The Tenet when you're Colin the Olympics for NBC and years your the various locations what you hear the American the National Anthem played winners rule regardless of the unit. Does it take you back to when you wanna it will Hummer. Every time every time I hear and and it's. May sound corny but it it really does and I. It told the guy today unite and it hurt that National Anthem. I want 46 World Cup races but I. Now only at that one Olympic gold medal and that time wanna the Olympic Games. It's just something more it really isn't. You know never forget the moment. I want the song the last longer hitters aren't you still think that this a great times great memory. All right one final question for you because again yeah we know that. I wanted to know lecture three years I believe with the Chicago Blackhawks at the NHL being players skating coach how did to you apply. In the individual sport if you will of the Olympics into a team atmosphere of other professional athletes are getting paid and so it was more it it truly was skating coach so. Yes their team that they can work together as team what I was. Teaching them was really about it's skating efficiently skating with getting the most out of their parties are big strong guys and and a lot of them quite frankly. If not skate it sounds crazy to say these press market here didn't skate very well but getting from here to there. As fast as they could they they were very inefficient and so. Teaching them where their power comes from they. They grow up in hockey especially in the United States they learn skills and they learn skills over and over and over and they are as guilty as anybody. But nobody really key system. How to ski efficiently in and fast and so they're kind of on their own to learn. It was great date the guys that I think it was eye opening them they enjoyed a lot of things we did in. The year after I left they won the Stanley Cup scenario look at only Olympic chief theatre world champion and a Stanley Cup champion as well stand thank you for taking time not only with us here on the deck thorn belabor it being here in Greenville with the BMW cheered got a a pleasant six are right there's inches. And in really appreciate that let's head out to break it straight up was starch rely thorn bladed we're light on ESP in upstate. So price that's at quote absolute treat it to catch up with not only. An Olympic gold medalist in the world TP and they even more than that for a lot of people kind of apropos right now of what's going on with post season in a professional sports say. Stanley Cup team pianist well into it sin and of course you know again everybody remembers his worries about the falls and you sister passing away in the finally wins gold in this final race in Olympic history. And that's what it's all about when you come to these kind of things. Only so much time you got to get into you would think out like that I mean you know that out really well done nothing I would love to ask you about was you know the reason to untimely death of Steven Holcomb in the Bob Slaughter and kind of the you know the shadow it's gonna likely cast over this US Olympic team that goes to South Korea. You know early next year in. You know such a tragedy but he died now at least the winners sports community of the Olympics that so many people around. The team USA and in digits and being a member. You know so but that was just really cool audience thought it an Olympic gold medalist you can expect I stood on the podium mark. New data are right some of the others that are here in the upstate with this tournament. Before we move on a little bit Kim Alexis to supermodel. Mark Bryan in that dean fell over from Hootie and the Blowfish Chandler can't Sarah. The New York Jets kicker COLT forward. Chipper Jones Richard Carlin from home improvement O'Leary the cable guy John out early from signed spelled his wife Lee so early. Apollo and know the former Major League player course Alfonso repair. Him wake filled Dewey Ballantine Aaron Rodgers so again just this is why it's the preeminent. Event here on the Web.Com tour mark angry on no went nine under department today a 62 he's in the lead ever injure you and who again that's who Dan Jansen played with minus eight years thorn blade. Blake Adams went eight under the preserve Steven yager went eight under at the preserve in doubt we Vander wal. Went seven under here thorn blade so that it she caught up we were talking a little bit last night price. About last night before Dan Jansen joined us I am no Cleveland Cavaliers Meehan make no bones about it now I really big LeBron fan that don't. Hate him. But I will say this much I was impressed by what he brought to the table what 39 points last night meet this day he just kind of has that look in his idea at this time it is serious you know there's a lot of sit now put enough in this and that the other but Cleveland and LeBron look ready to rock and roll last night. Well they did you know I thought there might be a little bit of a lay off that taught that you know Boston is having just played he knew they'd be hired that you know still in rhythm. And then you know just last night confirm one thing. This Cleveland clapped cavalier team. Boston. I think it confirmed one thing in is not just be one game I'm not a prisoner moment but you know the weakest number once he pride history I think that that is now some crooked. At least in my mind is crystal clear. But you mentioned a look at LeBron tie. Right now and holy with Boston last night. Absolutely whole weight with them anybody did they tried to rope. At LeBron James he absolutely just basically holy what the that was watching. A pro player play base he gets them much you know guys from transformers in college you know it was just that big of a mismatch it. At the end of the first quarter win. They threw chilly Atlantic on LeBron and he turned his actual Atlantic dribbled between his legs the ultimate sign of disrespect. He quickly turn into switched rate to the rim. That was a total in payers meant. And I think that's a way to series and we might get one close Steve but I'm of the shotgun snap this week at this point Boston just has built business on the floor with BK. Now we'll find out if there's any any fight left in Boston tomorrow night at 830 team number two they're the fleet center and then a gimmick Cleveland has that kind of performance tomorrow night. I will eat my words speak is I felt Boston would have more. For Cleveland this thing could end up a sweep it Boston doesn't get the win tomorrow night at 830. Even they're not gonna get. The win tomorrow at 830 and and I guess they're gonna give it the old college private. You know again this goes back underscores my point that I just what I said back before playoffs Fijian is not just wasn't a believer that Isiah Thomas. Was a player they keep Kyrie this team. It released into the finals you know the I read a great article today I think what it is that got laid it out of came from who was on CBS sports Trieste paean to basically. Isiah Thomas is a is a great school or he's not a great player. And if there's no doubt about that he is a great score but when you have a team that speak in long. In strong in the can take it to another level like cats are right now defensively. And he was an afterthought last night I think he basically had two points and any ethnic yet fifteen points when became completely totally in doubt and he was a total. Non factor in if he doesn't play well they have zero chance and it's Cleveland so. It right now LeBron James I've done it watching LeBron right now at the pinnacle of his career I thought last year was the theory be Guinea. Sit with you I thought that was in theory beginning of the peak of his career. I think right now we're seeing prior prodigy to his very best and on the go out on the tape right now I LeBron James what we're seeing right now. He's gonna go out as the greatest pro basketball player efforts it's all said and done. We will that's a great team we get the watch he and in find out the one thing will have. Just simple fat Michael Jordan was undefeated and BA finals that once can be tough to overcome but they will at least be conversation there's no doubt about it than Michael at least up until this point in major when it's also you know they might be more accomplished. What I see the way I'll watch LeBron James it's a state it's be it fast and could play every position on the four. A kid duel with us though. I'm sorry can you first picked up any players ever played. I would say LeBron James acts get a it would definitely I am not Tuesday prisoners and only got our atlas and I mean he's done at all since he came in eighteen years old in the league no doubt about it RIT number threes on Saturday between Golden State NC and Antonia. Tuesday night's match up finished up 136 to 100 nailed the warriors up two games to love. San Antonio. Maybe they'll get something that a co Y wandered on Saturday night the interesting part for me was. Steve Kerr obviously start to feel a little bit better choosing to go on the road with Golden State for this team three match up. In San Antonio so that's good for Golden State because this much we know about Steve Kirk. If you feel like he could do it he wouldn't do it he stepped away at one of the most critical parts of the season. Yes no doubt about it I think just examine his presence even if he's not on the it I think if he can travel in make it to teens. It in being in the locker like she was the other night at halftime when they're just didn't even rule than we know all optical why injury at this point and how much it changed the complexion of the game. Not to belabor that. But I think just having their leaders their head coach I even underestimated it to a degree when he first went out it was just really going to be after spotlight browse to deal take the raids in everything would just be fine. Outing I was wrong on that but I do think it's incredibly important that they just got steep course present in the locker and I think it's paid off in game one the other night. Companies can continue to pay off as long as he can yet he was so calm and collected when they were totaled twenty. That rubbed off on a march grow quickly. Don't forget will give way at 530 yeah for clemson's NC state baseball tigers have 3815. On the year after cnet's Seth peers of big time. Grand Slam the other night that maybe would do you in the back this stuff appear over the next couple weeks. But that may be that critical moment that money les baseball team needed yet not. Republican I have to go back to Cleveland and Boston but I think last night about how out of hand at Howland piercing dot. Think that last night that Cleveland that was not their eking past. They did not shoot the ball well from deep at all tie Reid was basically on factor did not play well all back at the moment of the game. Dahlia he dealers some great moments when he said that does it as a Toms at the school board that postal areas but. The scary part is that Cleveland team is a world us percent. Was not of this place as scary. I am. Hugely got to be caught it and I've and he beat duke basketball fan of the carriers respond to Isiah Thomas when I admitted yesterday on public Colin for Boston. With these final four teams be even though they don't have. It's a victory succeeded I just point them at the scoreboard when somebody asked her present to him double digits is their greater response and sport out somebody's talking trash. Say this it's the people said the playoffs have been boring by and large state have there been some great moments soldiers and so they're by and since that moment. But I will say. That wall by and large these playoffs to this point pry open till we get what we all wanted to see. It leaves me wanna see the two best teams and there's no doubt about it. Unequivocally that he best seen historically letting Golden State. That is going to Nate the east finals the third the rubber match between the camps in the worst. It's going to make the finals while spin on an afterthought watch and up to that point escalate the final that much. Better leave now I did Adam silver has issues in the yourself and these are going to be used as you gonna Cleveland in the Golden State. There are tied to sign off on boring he will save our Kelly out. I think it's going to be fantastic but that's the final hope that the NBA has to salvage when it comes to this post season speak in a post season price speak for South Carolina baseball tonight 3121. On the year after their whenever upstate counties state. Is they host the Georgia Bulldogs the one baseball projections yesterday did not have the South Carolina Gamecocks in the field. And is much desire a enjoy coach Chad Holbrook he has been so gracious with the tying. I cannot sit here and justified if they miss the into a tournament two times in three years that. You know it whichever way they decide to go with that program that's right handers and I act can't batted two I just. Don't know how or if your retainer in the team Cox if they miss the tournament again. How he pulling him back I just don't see how you can do it with eight. 8888. Pro am with that church's tradition. But not just the tradition. The talent. Is the one thing you can say in the argument Chad Holbrook would trot out is the way they hit it socially midnight injuries at least two players on this week when you're just trying to fine moment on. And you lose it due to injury blow. In the problem is George is pulling. It's gotten a little bit better able captured Kentucky Wildcats with two out of three from Mississippi State who sleep in the west at Indian what we know south Carolina's recent history down and who for work they would likely need to go out and do a little bit and damaging code deepened at the turn. Much less to win the series this week it against double ought to start tonight it when they have won a series go back to late march so. I'd say right now I. The two others the quick things for a break upstate softball the spartans vs number two seed estate up in Knoxville this week in upstate in their fifth consecutive NCAA softball tournament also the Limestone College noon on Sunday. The saints will be playing for each spot in the TP two game that will place take place next weekend in Foxboro the home of the New England Patriots. In the rankings a new and it will EP cult that often basketball or first I just debate they saw they saw it will be a noon faceoff on Sunday they're saying spilled against the university of it. I mean that's Tampa's got some tradition I don't know a whole lot about their program for you know is that limestone. They Yury children ought to what the three player to the 3-D two DT. It is their juggernaut and today a lot of people don't really realize especially in the series where lacrosse is growing in interest in in women's. Lives that he's gotten has been one of the most formidable for about wives and they've been coffee make up to the mid Atlantic and they routinely beat that they. The thing about that is it's being similar to what you what coach Chris Hawkins from upstate softball set about that program the other day we've been building this thing for the long run and that's exactly what limestone cross has been doing they've been in monopoly in multiple national title games and even one. A couple of those type of several around yet this city yet this is no flash in the end. This is this should start happening in the last couple years all right when we come back obviously knew in BA. Eastern or Western Conference finals on television that night so will tell you what you do need to watch him baseball it may provide the most drama that all of this is straight at the start to we have open for a mine today for fourteen ESP yes paean. Here then to this segment we're getting idiots he has to win four packet tickets to the county line music festival my apologies to vol nation typically when diesel hits me up in chat flashes for whatever reason it did not do that today bald nations want the top team BA finals welcome in our for an. Anybody you don't have. He's cutting down on the greens so let give us your thoughts on the NBA finals so we don't know and again my apologies I did not see that netstat it was a class. Our record. I went there you go out earlier and you know doctor car wanna be remembered it went in Iraq don't know what they're going to go post in regards outlook or outlook are correct and I. But I bet the return to ever Patrick Danica being caller Cho. I definitely believe there are the order there in the Cleveland earlier a little bit eat it eat. Our auto workers. It is incredible. They QB would early it may or change a little bit of it deteriorate. I don't know it would look you know change the outcome or all reporters pure crap too what are our. And when you look at it ain't because people in concert to be equal equipment. That in. The warriors. Never talk so they're really cute little RBJ do you look at the pep solely. He beat team when they're probably coming off a little bit guilty goes down like that built up. It benefit our. Want to get it one bit at a little step corporate are or aren't saying. So we need to be equated the couple here and there is eerie and yet here are spears looked at where I'm not prepared. Not just to wrap our career but aware. It is weird thing is your game. Are looking at it there if you may play you regard the wedding or would it be Dominic. In regard to whatever. And so I would go to Connor I'm looking into her car we're gonna he was then you are because. Michael Jordan's what you're he Ian. You become. I'm not sure about what Barnes beat her pension going to be there are seeing you not as if the goal where people are the whip it. If you can't beat. And in secret jet order routes where reap the air car. I. Have a hard time being there are you commonly in rock I don't look at Europe. You know. Cut to look at don't think Ehrlich a bit. Expect that they're not sure if he would be at Dominique if you live in different Eric when we got to be accurate critique Jordan. On your peers and Connor got Michael let's start. And then he created its own. Funeral at the vet it and we played it will be an answer we saw you know transient transcend any. You know through department when it hurts. And Iraq are illegal overcome it with the park or out of. I appreciate that phone call vol nation. Listen NASA saying questioned this asked generally is generational leap you know the same theme when we were. Seen in look. Usually blurted magic job to become an illegal can they do with John Havel attacking guys did sets so one thing we always ask. Mean when it comes to LeBron. It's yet to be more physical if he was adept at it and that's what the leak was today at the he can do why is it eating cheese basketball. I'm pretty sure he beat tight end in the NFL he's that good of an apple says. I think that's one thing but it would it would be seen about bird I think the same thing can be said for Magic Johnson all of those guys I don't care what year it is they can play. Yet I mean they can play but. I hate LeBron am and I disagree 1% with all nations that. You will brunt of nineteen year at he'd be fine com it win he's body to. In the things get physical with him. He he can step up and he has stepped up just remember what happened last year in the NBA finals when they were down 31. And they did try to get a little bit physical on the consumer golds they wish he would train mom they were trying to. Yeah they tried to kind of bucked the game up and make little bit dirty and you know he responded Eden how he took his team play helped put his team on his shoulders. He carried his team from down 31. To a world championship site I disagree one. Anything is beauties going to be in the eyes of the beholder it's going to be what's most imported the U because apple logo to my deathbed. Thank you Michael Jordan's the best basketball player that I have ever seen but he would have been number two. Had lived by has not died of a cocaine overdose when biased in my opinion. Would have gone down is the all time greatest NBA. Basketball player that ever walked the face of this sort but unfortunately he met his demise and that was of isn't doing as well. Put again that's something that I believe in my mind I will never be able to argue with numbers. But you speak about where he was his freshman year when he came in the Littlejohn Coliseum vs where he was his junior year when he left. With the first win ever in the Dean Smith Center in he was just coming in this knew he was in his gains I'm telling you. I personally believe in that you would all be argue that Len Bias would have been the greatest basketball player of all time that's my personal beliefs that that's what my point is decent guy. Yet yet it is in you know I look I respect Michael's game which get respect Michael's accomplishments like I told you think Michael might likely go down and certainly right now is the most accomplished. Because wall Russell Westbrook. You know. Whoever wins in BP. It while Leonard that's a bit besides the products the best two way player in the NBA because those two guys plea is great on both ends of the floor. I think LeBron is eight to speak to bring in Zain did not just basketball player at athlete I think the EU's. Probable be at least in problem may be the only treats and it aptly professional athlete on the plane right now. You can make the case Tom Brady might be one. You can make the case it may be like Sidney Crosby and half years one. The height Tiger Woods were pride he won the others have come up in conversation but obviously his best days are behind him. There's this theory if you like a LeBron right now and I think people need to stand up and respect the greatness what we're seeing LeBron James and didn't. Not preserve the moment I'm just called it like to see we're seeing greatness ample. Are right when we come back will he be an opportunity to get some thoughts and on the NBA draft is that. With dale another night in of course I wanna talk about that way at a braves in the Toronto Blue Jays may be the best thing to watch on television tonight can tell you that erupted just suspended one of their players for two games. Suspended. Kevin Millar after for two games for apparently making homophobic slurs during the ball game last night. Again it's the way temporary take 44 GS PE SP and we will be joined here. In a little bit by Anders Albertson he's finished up his round here at the BMW charity program. Welcome back and listen guys here in a little bit we're gonna catch up with Austin cook he's just finished his round here at the BMW charity pro AM and it will be woo pig silly verses go wildcats and roll tide here. On the show but price it's not just about the yet to western you know the Western Conference in the Eastern Conference Ceres. Boxing gets the number one draft pick LA gets number two team in the Philadelphia 76ers get number three Charlotte hornets find themselves down and number eleven any thoughts on what took place other night the draft lottery because now I think one of the bigger questions is Steve piggyback on what she said earlier. This what does Boston do with that number one pick in do you look it may yet doing with something with Isiah Thomas at this point leaving port because she said he's a scoring machine but yet only released else. Yet major question with what Paulson decides to do with the pit 'cause obviously your pick at number one you're gonna be get a player this Camilla come and help you. Well let's what is the right piece and do you trade it to try today you know I sign and trade with Paul George that you need help on the wane Wright and his boss and his. Bought the Celtics are not blessed with like a boatload of talent right and they're not a super talented team they've got some nice role players but they're not uber talented. You look at you know horror for me clearly their starters spent one of their best young talent Jalen brown you know still comes opposite you played one year towel. Is a top pop player coming out of high school but. You looked in what direction they can go to and mark hill Fultz markets is the best player in the draft and east that it's a point guard heavy draft. He is the best of the bunch he is say he's long he can shoot it he can pass it he can get to the rim. He's so late the to plate that he made plays really good defense he he's the total pact are how. And you arcane bits that if he is number one payers more upside long term. Because that's what we're doing the NBA draft now as we're drafting on the upside potential on nineteen year old stitcher and again 829 point twelve rebound game. Out of the market helpful seventeen number seven at present that that none that's on ain't DE date because at the that's what. The Boston Celtics management asked to decide here in the next I think what they could do I think they could tree down don't I think canoe back to maybe 567. And still getting it earlier in the week mounted deer. But their guard heavy. They don't need any other they really don't needing other point our marketing a lot of the question becomes. Where is the future with Isaiah Thomas just he's got one more year and he's a free agent if you want to go ahead draft that point guard. Go ahead and get more skillful speak it's it's the best of the bunch you don't reach for somebody. You know. But Josh accident or. A year and fox wanted Tammy. Go with the best player that's marked helpful it's okay. So you decide what you're gonna do with Isiah Thomas. You need to figure that out within your obviously within free agent market as they got money to spin they get some money they can unload with a couple guys on the bins Tyler Zeller. Among Amir Johnson many others. Could you relate to bring in court he would they need a week they could move back maybe a couple picks the best swing at. That you could go either way it's really cup team Josh Jackson from Kansas your cup of tea or Jason team productive. Personally I hate them is the more skill player I think he's got better upside. Jackson is is the better athlete the better basketball player right now and I think long term and that's. Boston what they wanted to do in Bret Stephens adding that sheets and Tate and you're not gonna take Tatum one overall what you want him down he says is that question Boston looking at more or less all right Isiah Thomas is a score eyes you know. It's never going to be any more than a 59 point guard in the NBA stack and growing more so he is escort by. Historically look at what he pulled off the other night in game number seven where only two other Boston Celtics in history it had 25 points or tennis sister more. In 187 those were lady bird Bob Cousy so there yet here's the thing you got teammate key intuitive decision. Is that the best that I see you can mark helpful to reach that point or I'm with key trade him upon another piece of the polls yeah I think make it I think. Also be that guy come you know that I really like Fultz. You know some you might if your ball god I can understand it. Parent I guess this is a tad well here's the other thing right that won the big questions with the draft is. What does boss thing going to do is they have a multitude of options and directions they can go all right. Really what does the what does the lakers to number two because with the lakers at number two. You know you hear a lot of stuff coming out of magic with Alonso ball company. I'll tell you right now yeah on the Kentucky guy out here at fox is my guy. How ever you gotta I don't think that the lakers are gonna discount possibly taken fox because he's the most athletic of all the point guards in the draft statement. Dear foxes got a motor on like anybody Yeltsin athletes or the name of the game although lots of all he makes everybody that are around so. I hate the lakers have a tough decision I don't think it's a foregone conclusion that it's Alonzo ball and that's going to be ID they're gonna look long and hard dear Bob I said yesterday. A I have some mighty ends up with lots of all other in the lakers just to shut his dad up real quick and be nice we all get lucky it would be a better where you don't want that has everything it's just it's just too perfect on a silver platter for Alonso balls that Iran is now. It Alonso up its right here home in his backyard played for disclaimer point franchise in the lakers it's to stay in perfect. I really magical world monkey. Regions of this whole thing are right we're gonna do take a few minutes in that be joined by costing cook it with you for a couple of seconds anyway complements to come back on the psych is we're gonna have a war year not only one he likes to start fights yes yes Austin because mr. Alabama over here wants to go ahead I can have some might throw off the balcony football fight so. How will be the refereeing a single event tied Kentucky Wildcats swimmer Arkansas golfer you tell me which he scrapped for a couple of minutes here on the other side but that I'm just doing this fine day and read your fine around and he turned him gas for under today real quickly got here thorn blade your thoughts because. This one's a little bit different for yell on the Web.Com you got more going on than just trying to get the ball in the hole this huge sort as a minister it's possible. Yet definitely. In it was there's been a lot of fun and we had a had a blast last year playing in this year. Great time today plans writers on and in his partner. David. You may eat and then. I was that your house announced last week it. And they just out like in the black list tea and so we had a good time and you know he others the little different strategy here yeah I kind of pay attention to your amateur partner a couple times we jumped up in front of on the like oh crap they're hitting a high speed but we had to get them out there. All right again. If you can hold on for just say we got the top of the hour break we'll talk about playing in the B guys greedy yes it absolutely right to sit here into in an ice cream bar in that we forgot how she got the men's locker remit the thorn in Atlanta as you well we'll come back with Adam cook former Arkansas Razorbacks when we come back.