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He's an in seven of them growing. 971 ahead M sport. Or on ESPN I'm staying there. Anybody smoke and water wonder does the street in beautiful downtown green well. Into the gas slightly go with our friend Kevin McGuire NBC sports dot com also follow him on Twitter. I don't college I Kevin on CFB. Swell this podcast that I on college football and Kevin I hope you're having a great afternoon into. Let's start with this paler stuff that's come out here in the last 24 hours I've made this case four times now just in the last two segments you were in a sit in this country until proven guilty but. If this stuff turns out to be true. What do we do with Baylor what do we do with dark brows we've had the death penalty suggest that we had jail time suggested as well as monetary fines. Well I'm all for kill time hit today that he would that's live once and in that spot on policy Elijah no problem with that as. Certainly coming up the pace something here I mean this is being reviewed jingle offered to loan now. I you know that I've had this year's that this story was not going to necessarily go away we're gonna find out more Ito that. These continue to develop and it certainly indicates that just get uglier and nuclear. The more time goes by and for that I think they'll have to pay somewhat I don't know exactly what the answer it now because is you know. If you wanna put the death penalty on the table. I'm like argue against at this point but I think that there is a part of its so there's one thing. That players that are there now a coach is better now they're they're not responsible for that so why punish them. There's I would have a part of me that says you can't punish those guys. If they're not connected coaching aren't nearly the location is that they work for Baylor or play for Baylor on the on until proven otherwise. India Pittman is a bit that indicate that the different story but yeah I'd I don't wanna punish no role and his staff and the truth to the court chief coach right now. Because the thing that it happened in the past under former coaches with former players and former administrators determined that this is not a pretty. Clean sweep at Baylor. You know obviously it's the it's something that happened because of what we have learned not necessarily a corrective. Our response to its that's not a good situation for having this poignant questions that pillar at the university unions fusion have to address. Because this is just you know it's very unsettling the finals and the south that's been going on under the watch. Never one last thing on it I don't know how we do it every one of those Fay is at war hash tags C eight BT shirt one of the final football games and supporting coach art outside might find a way to punish them individually but that's another story. For another day. I Kevin a lot of rules changes coming to college football they implement the early signing period December 20 do the 22. They'll be a couple of issues that come out of that now we're hearing. Potential do you web redshirt rules in college for. Football. That can be you play as many as four games without losing a redshirt. Is that a good thing moving forward into number two DD EC these rules to eighteen at having a major effects. I don't look a major the effect is gonna be I will bet you like the idea of the stretcher policy where do you get it can't sit. Well what some players don't step on dealing get a chance to play. Maybe more later in he'd been anything out because I feel like you know it's leader if he's looking to be hurt by injury and if you need somebody to put out there. To protect other guys they're gonna be drained otherwise and you have two guys that been training compatibility in their body a couple of days using their redshirt year. I give him a chance to play I like the idea and without risking their a year of their eligibility site. I vote but the probably a good ideas start with so I kind of like it is they're. Moving forward that. You know are there some kind of true there probably are and I think everything could have a look where we can't go with the but I think overall. In general that the kind of like the idea I'm curious to see how it was treated because. I know you could have a redshirt. Hotshot running back or something ready to go out there and you put him in late in the keys and if you need a running back in a playmaker and you could just keep he's sitting there and it kind of let an older variable what could have with a team he's been throughout the united I think entry. You know if it's if it's going to prove to be something that's better for the overall player he's being they're not wearing guys down. Are more port au the how old is there's all handled by the coaches is that that's where that decision that we made first. Yep I want issue with that you see attracted to sell you months Upton. I don't want to do anything if you're one of the four teams of the college football playoff. But kids you know they're talking nailed it. You could potentially not play during the regular season but could play in your bowl game I think if you're one of those fourteen. In the college football playoff you need to play will what got you there. I like that idea. You know kind of looking in baseball where you know you you make your. You trade deadline rouge. And then you've got the weavers but that the guilt you'd kitten cannot say that there's guys on your pulse Procter such kind of like the idea I. I think they'll look at you would be doing if they get that if you have injury. And you have if you got the guys that are registered I would like that he may be an option where you can. Maybe petition to have that. Be as lead role as an exception to it can't put another guy out there are but it. Tell it where you go with that and I think that that's something that would be my eight. I I don't know who's gonna manage that though because. You know you couldn't rule out there I'm not if you can because it's. That the people that. Let me just for the couple plug its remember the FDA doesn't necessarily have control over that the government the but the bowl system and in the topical play that's complete separate entity so the other. All gonna go down I guess. I've just afraid some guys that yet no pay but comes in and ends up being in the difference maker in the come. Football playoff but hate gays we continue to Kevin McGuire NBC sports dot com also make sure you give them a follow on Twitter Kevin on CFB. One of the themes that the put depending on how you believer that you believe. It's Notre Dame mates and these this week Kevin earlier this week it salmon like. According to some com comments Tim Brando made it you know and he's in the know with some Notre Dame people. Maybe it's tying for them to new full time today CC but they come out yesterday it say that's not gonna happen. It's the reality. Is gonna get closer to 20/20 board there are contract comes up and what he. 25 within BC we see eight another round of movement in college football before Notre Dame has to make that move. I think there will be a time when Notre Dame really feel pressure to a conference. That could be because the beauty. The power conferences there start to realize that they don't need to carry Notre Dame along with on every step of the way. With everything that they do an advocate that point nine notre Dame's believe me attractive expansion option trailer or a outlook but I don't think we're anywhere near that age yet I think here there's a long way to go for. They're being really feels like being he'd. Can make that move that they'll have a pretty good situation and an independent they have a nice boost Cilic he he he. And updated and let them pay only. If I'm Jack Margaret I'm going on not having any discussions. So I make sure that all my options are all lined up in it I waited well in advance should the time come when you have to pull. One of those moved so. I I would I would believe that there are probably some discussions at some point put. I don't think they're kind discussions that would say the Notre Dame is ready to join me eight PC or any other topic at this point. All right is we continue to Kevin McGuire. Europe they are Big Ten country to a certain extent the Philadelphia areas in state. Is a member of the big and then of course Rutgers and in all that but yet I maintain some people tell you that. Alabama paying Nick Saban eleven million dollars a year for college to go to college football is still a good investment not say just take one drive around Tuscaloosa year. In the last six years. It I'd agree with that but in this day you date Jim Delaney is getting close to twenty million dollars in bonuses from the Big Ten. I don't necessarily have an issue with that is a conference commissioner but is that a good. Right now is that it could I peace for college athletics who we are talking about amateur athletics. Not a good look in the public perception by I don't know how much the public really cares about that it ranks you know we've been part about the parity between what the coaches and the commissioners are getting creative while a player going out there and client. Up for years now it's not gonna change any time you're there you're seeing elk. I understand it's certainly not a good look especially when you're you're the head of a conference that united a school. We have players try to put together a union. At northwestern I mean do it it's they're gonna rub people the wrong way out short. I'm not that it just that Jim Delaney it's worth every penny you getting quite yet you look pretty darn good commissioner for the big thing felt like good thing though. I say they certainly feel satisfied with the job he's doing entertain them. You would expect they got. Yeah I like I said you know Ed he. Dick's statements in charge of one program and Alabama here's a commissioner in charge really of all programs at all schools in your league I can make the case but unfortunately in this day and age. Yeah the window dressing sometimes mean as much as the message itself which. Kevin you know we are now done with the spring practices we will start getting together for college football media days earlier this July than at any point I ever remember. What are a couple of things one or a couple of teams maybe that is caught your attention as we head out of the spring and into the quiet days. Hopefully the quite days of summer. Doubles certainly Alabama going to be on the radar I'll pick up a regional lymph without one but at a circle it really does look up there be just special sort of in between country I think this is going to be a really good year for piracy pence eight. I think there's the top two teams in big trillion once again that he's been and now that that Camilla on the heat especially at Penn State offense. Start with he's been off the way that they ended last year under the law the root wolf I mean the offense really came together so they get off all right politics being Dirk. Operating going in a way but bill. Going to be pretty actually you know turned to look around her current church we're gonna have both on and you know. I think Florida State going to be really good this year up I don't think Clinton going to be too far out of the round of conversation here come off a national championship obsolete expectations are up there. The bar's been raised it the employer doesn't without additional watching that the question mark they had going into year. But I mean you can't answer it our country he workload that it'd be. But not westerly Billy but between that Kenny deport people trouble spoke. And I'd open a book for the kind of thing that he gets who's gonna replace them he declared and they're going to let them look at flared up data keep but I don't. Yeah and yeah clubs and playing a little bit with house money this year after consecutive trips that the national title game. In our daily national title but yet we had Brad Edwards from ESPN on yesterday and he was talking about you know that's the next question for dab who is can he win without the shot and I would meet the comet he won before the show on. With touch avoided knocking off Urban Meyer and Ohio State. In the it in the Orange Bowl so does that put the pressure on Jim both Fisher because. He would get back to back yeah won a national title is that a playoff with Jane is what's than it quarterback but quite frankly hasn't backed anything up since then. Is this a big year for Jim both Fisher with the Andrei France Waugh the sophomore quarter racked. I would suggest that it probably if I mean I'd like it's going to be critical job on the wider economic data I think that this is a pretty important here because. You know what you were going to be like an up or is it going to you can then start the year off against Alabama. You get a group could make your big break out of the gate but will he how prepared slower speed is no way earlier doesn't matter in my mind right now. As to where or it could ago the keys you know I think it blew up payment and a plane up again in the championship game that's how good I think Arctic could potentially big silk. I think putting a good show week one is obviously key. When and it would be huge credit Erica. I think that the with the Jewish new year because people do wanna see the engine but this year kind of proves something we document went to continue to look that was really good. And then there's a lot of other good really good players or estate though it's really try to put it together in you know taking a firm grasp of virtually division and then the conference then however the chips fall at the end of the year. If you can do them. All right Kevin is weak close up with the again Kevin McGuire from NBC sports dot com. Well ahead Kevin on CF BI and Twitter. And not admit to everything you need to know it's right there including the podcast that though and everything else tight Al. Outside. Of being in the press box at the Baltimore Ravens Stadium. Eat a hot target blood type of the army navy game with a certain sports talk show those with the S Secret Service based basically watching every move we made. You had the opportunity to interview somebody that would make your knees knock in your palms sweat a little bit you know just. One of those legendary figures do with that being Kevin acquires like. Oh man though don't we just pick in this sport the requirement whenever. Achy dog no offense it'd be placate placate the year from 97. Here. You know what I would love to pick the brain of our former president Barack Obama right now and just trying to get he's. Encourage the speaker if you had in the White House then the name really trying to get his views on exactly what's going on right now and oral. I was so many headlines and on every day I would want to know what you think in and you know I think you repeat I think you have some good conversations. Yeah that would no doubt be interesting all right well listen as always it's a pleasure to get you on. Tell our listeners what you got coming ahead is again. At NBC sports on Twitter college football editor for the comeback NCAA. Posted that no two minute warning podcast a hold budget things that your involved with a. Yeah they'll look there's this little bit that obviously first the easiest way. They get the following can't got going on just the talk with me in general that are not clear at capital yet the try to be pretty active there try to break out a couple different things here or there but twitters with them my number one go to Belk. Are taught me a time when we talk thoughtful all your round by about one thing to a political under minds between there and that's roster linked to any camp I've gone out. All right me and always a pleasure to catch up with you will talk to you see him up for an. Aren't up yet but programme. All right Kevin Maguire again it in BC sports act Kevin on CFB. It's in the courts for college football. All right so here's what we're gonna do first of all we wanna give a congratulations. And thanks Charles Roche Cooper in Pickens. As he just picked up 84 pack to the Kelly line music festival. This weekend that Greenville Pickens speedway that's Friday and Saturday. And don't forget will you be opportunities to win again tomorrow and Friday are yet to do is hit by intercom and pick those tickets up before 5 PM on Friday but. We have opened funds for the rest of that Howard you can get it what does city for Ford GS PE SPN. It's gonna include the top ten national. Birders out there that was announced yesterday also. Why can't Christian Democrat free inner the pit it there's practice facility. The number one draft pick number 08 overall in the last month's NFL draft. Anything go in there it work out will pay about this one when we come back again open for density for Ford TSB ESP Ian. Are right. Welcome back in straight up was stirred to Wear light here and smoke on the water. You guys can now give him what does it. 844. GS PE SPN. Big turnout here in the bar section. At smoke on the water these also. Again this is one of the weirder rules out there do you realize diesel Kristen McCaffrey who just happens to be. The first round draft pick up the Carolina Panthers in the number eight slot can not enter the panthers' practice facility because of a strange rule eight. Nuclear. The NFL has a rule that prohibits rookies from offseason workouts until they're school semester ends. Stanford runs on the quarter system in the quarter doesn't end until mid gene is something a handful of rookies. The deal with each year until then. McCaffrey is communicating with coaches over Scott ideas to discourage players from dropping out of school. But most do anyway when they go for the draft. So basically what's happening here is in no. Christian McCaffrey's classes at a school here for the quarter. He can't go when they work out in the Carolina Panthers facility. In he says and I'm not even enrolled right now. Obviously. That's just the rules so I can't go boat we're on the quarter system so Stanford's graduation is pretty late. It's tough a lot of guys are graduating this week so they can go but I can't. If you sat out the semester. And you are not enrolled in schools at those rules apply IT edit but. I mean you're now talking about the number one you know number eight pick in the draft first round draft pick overall of the Carolina Panthers. Not getting into the practice facility now to about the third week in G. That puts him way behind everybody else again you can meet with coaches on Skype and everything else. But that you're in there. You're not really a part of that football team. You know and I mean and that's got to be imported to get Christine McCaffrey in the air in in the early the kitchen no will be at their story any team in July and that they will be here before. To all. So I just found that was one of the stranger rolls out there YE Christine McCaffrey and. Abbott he told me he took huge chunk of the end of last season off to work out so he's. I'm sure he's in fine shape. It's not shake it wraps and everything else that comes to football practice no I haven't gotten any moment build my point is this. I don't feel bad for because to me this is a penance for bailing on his team. Yet they're taking. You know what. Between the death penalty comment that when that might be the smartest thing she said here. This year on the show let's not say ever riches that's just completely disrespectful yes the way I felt about it yep played any play in a bowl game. You're not hurt but you're gonna back out on him again we're seeing now with the NBA. Yeah mark Cuban's comments earlier today about we try to lose every game. After we were eliminated from playoff competition. You know what it's making you wonder about is sports the saints in 2017. As it was when we were younger but we Chelsea. Also what going on right now diesel Chris mortenson just tweeted about 45 minutes ago. About the burn out. It at the department funeral you know Chris Berman from ESPN. His wife was killed roughly a week ago when a car accident you know they fear the person in front of them. In front of her with having some kind of medical condition which calls them do you have to stop in the rodent she yet hit him from behind. It lost her life at sixty. Years old I believe but that they're just talking about. What a wonderful turn now and between everybody that showed a special words and insight what is appropriately so again. Speaking about the Burman family. Is that they're going to eight Bayer UV up tying speaking at. After nineteen years diesel yesterday ESP and made it official. That Mike and Mike are splitting up. And if you go. I guess everything must come to do it in years they started back in 1998. Let. They are going to kind of change roles might Greenburg if you will will be movement that television. A little bit more of a magazine format if you will. Mike cold lake is going to stay on a morning dried kind showed that it's getting clued in his son might go Lee Jeter for an hour as well as trade window and some others but. Are you surprised it ESPN's breaking up with maybe one of their most successful its it's decent they've ever created. That morning try tonight show Mike and Mike. Well. If you can take euros successful thing and put half of it on TV and have to keep half of it on the radio. Why wouldn't you I mean I I understand. There's not a right answer to this and I honestly I think it's it's a bad move. But. I mean I've watched a show plenty of times when one of those two guys was gone and it worked just as well. Our guys just doesn't anyone that themselves as is good enough to anchor that show by themselves. Yeah the unfortunate part is is that you realize one's gonna continue to go well the other one Walt that's a risk when it comes to this business in getting in the sub neat and listen to television is nothing new for Mike Greenberg. Remember he's step at a sports that are. When he. Early in his career as well I didn't realize he. Yes it is many is a hundred sport sinners a year then had to get up you know at 3:30 the next morning it. In the on air rader has state radio show at 6 AM and it just took a lot of home it took a lot out up. And guys and now he's gonna get back to more of a television paying. Is wells. You know again congratulations to both the album they have done well I mean you tell me. Outside him. It was gimme you know outside of maybe national in PR or south that has there been any. Bigger view of on the radio the eerie music sports political whatever. They've what Mike and Mike became whoever they're nineteen year career there hosting the the morning radio show for lesbian. The only thing that I can even come close to arguing would be. Howard Stern and Robin Robin Quivers. Yep now that once right there I would say even though he. EO rub people the wrong way just like a you know just like. Those two did Don Imus was pretty big at one point now of course the eight besides twelve. An issue and rightfully so who disappeared for awhile. Yeah I'd say Howard Stern bit yes they they it just goes to show how differently they they did it you go out. Mike you might never creating case chaos or story or ninth I'll never forget from watching. What was it private parts that may be about Howard Stern when they're all upset that. More pissed people listen to Howard Stern they hated and then like that why because they want to see what he was gonna say next. So yes it Uga out there that theory you can you say on Brady do you go he got to have that bigger career. Eight in I'm sorry Mario Lopez does not deal the next all right. So I had to drop it saved by the bell restaurants. All the way out here diesel also. Again don't forget it here tonight on ESPN upstate you can catch the number one between the Boston Celtics in the Cleveland Cavaliers. That's at 831. Up we will head into the pre game show. At 730. Here on ESPN upstate then to a bar night. Again. Will be off but Clemson baseball will get out of here 530 we don't get game number three of San Antonio. Hosting Golden State in bill Saturday night at 9 PM week it lets you know. I was surprised to see this that Steve Kirk. It's going to travel with the Golden State Warriors to see it into any joke he said his health is improving right now we saw him. In game number one giving the you talk and his team at halftime. When they were down twenty points and obviously whatever he said war that polite letter to ankle injury. Is that Golden State came back and won that gates and Steve Kerr will travel with the warriors this data into India. As is to help improve so well. You know you can you can catch tonight. Game number one between Boston in Cleveland right here on ESP yen upstate but. Stein begin in this subtitle a little bit more important you know it is may EU it may set to meet its 632. Diesel. You know they say Americans. If American eats a hamburger at least one time a week. All right is that in your repertory. You're a little bit more about an add delete watch what you need a little bit the diesel do you think you meet one hamburger week. Yeah I'd say that's probably fair had at least with me it's one of my favorite things out there well. In N out burger hit that number one on America's national team list for quite some tonight. Do we have a number new number one on that list let's go through it beacon is we're just gonna do the top ten. We can tell you up the fifteen that they rank the last one the lowest what was dairy queen number fourteen was McDonald says that gives you an idea. We'll see if these comic Don Murray and made the list I don't. National metadata again national they were fourteen. Dairy queen was the only one below him at number fifteen but who is that the number one. His boy it's on my dining rotation no doubt about it. We'll pay about that will continue with some college football will take your phone calls at 8414. ESP ESPN is straight up was starts. We're live at smoke on the water. Sit diesel during that sports wise there you heard it last night in the NBA draft lottery get the number one overall pick the Boston Celtics number two the Los Angeles Lakers number three. The app Philadelphia 76ers locally the Charlotte. Hornet's Wu. Draft number eleven overall. You just heard here that one deed lewis' column. I ball for ED ball I'm not gonna column by has brought a first name anymore I like eyeball clear. Eyeball says that his son is only got to work out for the Los Angeles Lakers. Please please please please please Magic Johnson in the LA lakers take somebody else with a number two slot. Just yeah I hate for wads of ball. But is that committee is dead now rooted jerk a liar and everything else. Please take somebody else I'd love to see that happen yet he says he's not gonna have anything to say to Magic Johnson because that. They're in the process because magic command so much respect. Yes that ain't gonna happen bailout mean to me this is like eight band that you've dealt with in the past. That's a big jackass for a pro am but the rest of the bay into really really cool. Which you don't want them to do anything because that front Meehan is just such a jerk that's the way up bill when it comes to this one's a ball situation. That fare compare some. Oh yeah I would love it Mosul was one of the major. Those southern in the NFL who was it good to refused to go play for the team that drafted them was an John Elway. Elway got himself. Traded the Baltimore. Oh but the Baltimore colts took him back in the day a with the Ers say he set up a and he got traded to be the get traded to the Denver Broncos but. John Elway had a little something Els back and Amal. NFL. Lots of all that have anything else the back it up it again. Affeldt terrible fort. Even when Dennis Rodman last night on television makes more sense than Lavar ball they asked Dennis Rodman walking down the street yesterday. What he thought Lavar ball in the comments and everything. In Dennis Rodman turns around looked in the camera instead Lavar lecture to get to play. It went Dennis Rodman brings that kind of sanity to the table. Well leaked out where our week where are so who I get I hate it relied so it's probably a great yet but this seems like the other about number ten. Twelve team that he never it again it's all on his dad it's not a lot so I trust me I had some bands back in the day. That I love the bay in the front end at the front man was such a jerk I was so ready for them to get the club and everything else that. That is you have it didn't matter what went on let's get the Clinton line Jimmy wants to talk about refusing to you plus expert team that drafted do you. Welcome in Jimmy I PM good afternoon. Gary outdone the events that so. You know Eli Manning your speed gun in your Diego. And he ended up with a diet. Yep absolutely. They were taken out you know we had a little bit at that last year as well because Jolie both suck. For completely different reasons it was according to what kind of defense that chargers late. More or less intimate that he may hold out as well but again common cents team and he signed that contract in ended up having a pretty good year. All right one other thing or about the best burger then and right are about that earlier. Bad daddy and great amber. Yes they did no data back however. This will be a plug for my restaurant here or smoke on the water. In this I heard from whether the cells wraps Wednesdays is when US food service and those people. No this deal smoke on the water six said only about four restaurants here in the mail order of the quality of meet the smoke on the water does but I'm with the Baghdad he has great burgers as well as pastrami. Are out throughout the local water birds is because he'd. I will tell you this much the permit Ted cheeseburger from smoke on the water has been featured in southern living magazine it's act it's you know. Obama. On the southern boy I love my. It come down at CES one day and say hello we'd appreciate that all right all right are all right great fund call proceed speak in those burgers diesel. Do you know which national chain has taken over in and out now we do not have it and now in this part of the country of course it's a more out west. Can you name debit they'd been like number one for three or four consecutive years we have eight new number one. When it comes to national burger chain's. National chain Dominic Dominic gas. And I don't feel good about the is gassed and I'm trying to think of national chains. Sonic. Sonic. Was dealt a rail number twelve. I only wrecked dale third ten because those other plenty of places that I go that I like okay. Yeah I wouldn't but when he's up there and I'm sure Wendy's is up to endless Wendy's was number ten parties are Carl's junior was number nine. All right number one we regret that. Failed experiment where they tried to become a fried chicken restaurant they started his fried chicken and they tried really hard to go to burgers and they tried to. Sorry we're gonna go nights fried chicken amended works on her back to murders. Are right. Yeah but I do remember how high do you want to know who's number one it I go for this now listen. I've beaten NN now I think three times now after our West Coast travels in the last couple years it is good. But I kind of a five guys guide myself five guys is now that new number Ali Agassi that. So now I. I also take you out on each and a five guys price. Because it is you know a little bit crazy not always get by with these entertainers with surprise yet. But when it comes to burgers I have no issue with white guys be in the new number one I just rather severity peanuts to meet their prize. They they go all right so are right bye guys number one that drops in and out the number two. On this a listing you can go Google it it's Oliver Forbes and everything else number three is but rockers we have one right across the street. From the studios but rockers number 48 and W root beer stand. Number 58 but we do not have in the area if I am correct the closest one is in Charlotte have you ever heard of smash burger. No no but yeah and I trust me I want will be coming here. Number six on the list is overs we have one at all Woodruff right now you did Colbert you know our right. I dig number seven. I'd date number seven eat there more than you realize that Frisco melt a burger so what do. My favorite Steak N Shake. Their numbers seven on this. On Tuesday engine mechanic number eight we don't have here it's called one a burger I read about it. Nine was party's intent was Wendy's. What was the name of that Hawaii and burger joint that they had in pulp fiction. I cannot give you an answer for that. But a big hug and that's what it wasn't a good good areas crew that's that's that Hawaii and burger joint I had then make a tasty Margot. Says. I'm telling you right now I've got no issues with five guys being in the new number one here in the last segment you want a Collison. Tell us what your favorite is will give you the opportunity. As wells to give we're gonna you head out there bright we're gonna close up shop we've got one final segment here remember will be at the thorn blade club both tomorrow and Friday off at 5:30 tomorrow at 6 o'clock. On Friday for clubs in baseball this is straight up with start toward live on ESPN upstate. Welcome back yet final segment at this win stage show we're live here at smoke on the water in. OP geyser do well closing up shop here on this Wednesday. These artists and needs is gonna make you happy. So are yes or did he there I got some days it's gonna make you happy for this ice at the city. We haven't had any really good music venue and a long long time is that fair to say that we have our rebel bits that are over there were weak due. The cover bands and all that I'm talking. Bobby Knight a week like music and you were here you know regional and even national touring acts can comment imply. Well finally I've been tweeting the music farm in Columbia every week for the last I don't three years saying Greeneville needs a venue Greeneville needs a venue and finally we got one I don't know if they're involved. That somebody was paying attention. You're gonna be happy right out there near us on Woodruff road you know our station where state shine seven album in the building located more less the corner of Arlington and what your favorite air across the street from the shop sick green grinch. We're gonna have the permanent which will be eighty light music venues that it will hold 500 in it DP. Well you know I just thought would be what it was somebody needs to do that and put a beer brewery and a concert venue together in the same place. Late in the day it looks like here. Your fortunes. Go out there so again I'm talking you RJ rocker I'm talking to you Thomas creek. You know put but. Venue attached to your building now holds a thousand people that's all we need and you know can. It have to be keeping your ship you know what I mean just without delivered yea we don't need some crap hole venue crap holes always shut downs to urge. This yet Maryville Tennessee never has my body's general managers that don't make those blanket state it's it's been their baggage I get you are right. Again we're closing up shop what are you doing this weekend these or you gonna go ahead stand in line to be number one to the parliament on Woodruff road when they open. I know as a matter of fact I won't Saturday am still trying to figure things out Sunday the families commands is Monday's my birthday. Oh man it's that we have some funny shirts yeah studio line that I get to drug known on on Monday got me on Tuesday because Monday on driving to Knoxville to teach that's college kids how to do our music radio show this ought to be fun again I don't have a clue how to say no. You will be devaluing the diploma from the University of Tennessee yes that that what you're get a huge are going to be a very good friend of mine Jimmy Smith. Who runs WT OK get a university at Tennessee Knoxville. And you're gonna tell him we all said Ella is he's been on the show with those reports say it again. There's diesel Monday at Knoxville they imaging the mines of argues. The Saturday is so this once his snuck up on people. Yeah we've got baseball going on South Carolina worried if they're gonna make NCA tournament the once baseball tournament projections earlier today. That's it. Have Chad Holbrook skate Cox in the mix that will see they got Georgia this weekend but our second lag for the Triple Crown and horse racing take its price the market. At that break this up and Baltimore. And I take you why that's where my eyes will be glued because. We will have eight teams to see it always dreaming who won the Kentucky Derby just a cup less than two weeks ago. Him now win the second like a leg of the Triple Crown its who. You know we'll see how that happens but you can bet that about 6 o'clock tomorrow night. What makes you wanna watch the last one is it always dreaming. What have a chance to win the Triple Crown so that's what would make the third race. Three weeks later up in New York State. That much more important so. Yes. I am going to be watching. Some horse racing at the preakness is Saturday. Ended up interest did tonight. I am really looking forward to seeing how. Boston handles Cleveland how rusty here at the Cleveland Cavaliers get a B after a ten day layoff Boston. They're coming in right now highs they knock off one of their rivals the Washington Wizards. Says you know they are in a routine right now we were even talking about that would dark months and earlier. Yo actually are creatures of habit they've daylight routine there there's been nothing routine about the Cleveland Cavaliers. Having ten days' rest during the middle of the NBA playoffs other than the fact that they're an old team. And eight in they need their rest and they ought to be is LPG can be at this time of the year to take your shot in the in BA. Vitals so we will see how that works out if Boston not soft Cleveland tonight in game number one. How bad do you think that national media will be hit the pain. But until March diesel I mean oh my god keep you here who. Rumor get Rwanda because that's storyline. Over storyline in the NBA playoffs the meat. Is it it doesn't end up being Golden State vs glee. So. We shall see you can hear that gained 830 right here on ESPN upstate course we will go into the pregame coverage. At 730 also that we can let she did tomorrow at four or thirty set. We we're set to have like stone head head men's lacrosse coach on. With this and again the saints are playing a semifinal there in Gaffney on Sunday in that deep to lacrosse tournament. They will be hosting the university campus that will talk with their head coach to Bart of course will be out at the thorn blade club. My biggest question for you diesel. Yeah fortunately we only had ninety minutes to mark Greg has always done is show. Out there at the BMW pro AM is things yeah there he gets shut bail before we get off the year 7 o'clock it's that were off at 530. If they have us out there on the deck overlooking the night Corey how many times between four and 530 this Thursday warned to shut his mouth while potter I want. Players are on the ninth green. Putting now decorum has never been your strong sees huge lead to STE. That's when they come. To support three I'll blow it at some point so I wanna go ahead and apologize right now. To all of our heads Akron there. It we will try to be. On our best behavior with that so again tomorrow and Friday you can catch. The the huddle with Greg McCain in JC sure Robert they'll be out there at the toward glee club and that will follow. With price Atkinson and night. Are straight out with stirred again Wear out the door 530 tomorrow. In 6 o'clock on Fridays will give way to clumps of NC state baseball it is the final weekend of the regular season. Is big for both the game kotsay and the tigers the gamecocks need wins why. The they need to try to get themselves in position better position providing themselves is on the road in a regional. Here a couple of weeks as we said he went baseball does it have them in their project since clip sent. There on the road at NC state they were predicted to be like top seven to begin the year. Had a slow start but they finish strong. Here's that Bill Clinton got swept a little hole this past week yet before coming back on eleven date when last night. God forbid they find that swells. By themselves swept for the third time this year by that I mean North Carolina did it earlier now global closer with all of the sudden go. From second. At one point in the ACC Atlantic Division to number four. And that's not necessarily the way that you wanna close things out but a lot of constant means got spoiled earlier. When they were taking advantage of what was it easier regular season ACC schedule. I got much more difficult on the back again so diesel great job today we appreciate debt. Always what you do will have some fun with you this weekend maybe we can now. Maybe we can get together and watch the preakness on Saturday and in an pints of fun. After that. All right in the meantime right pinky for our collars of course thank you to smuggle the water our spots are. It you know Wyatt. Will miss them the next two days that we will be a thorn glee club for the BMW charity pro am. Make sure you check this out over there in the meantime hope volley all have a blessed evening let's do it at 4 PM the bar for more straight up with starch.