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He's 77 of them growing. 971 ahead M sport. Or on ESPN I'm staying there. Anybody smoke and water one Augusta street in beautiful downtown Greensboro. Welcome back here where live bat spoke all the water congratulations. To white. More from in men you have got a four pack get tickets for this weekend's cameo line music that's soul over at the Greenville Pickens speedway. Thirteen different aliens are going to be playing in guess what we'll do it again at the bottom of this hour eight another team spur you. A winning four pack but. The end of the College Baseball first of all here's your question of the day you know in light of GMAC earlier today. Out there thorn blade went out there knowing that Aaron Rodgers was gonna show up about 2 o'clock ish. It's one of the celebrities he got a chance to sit down and interview the quarterback of his favorite football team. Green Bay Packers you know hall of Famer and Aaron Rodgers. So you're kind of asking you know how. Yeah. How his those are straight eagle on the ground right now and when they when he's gonna come back amber who is he one person. You can either a mean are being interviewed. It would cause your knees that not your palms to sweat. The U we get all. Haiti yet nervous over so that is your which you can can naturally be today. Because you know things that we need to see is success this week in south Carolina at their backs are against the wall. When it comes the College Baseball. And it that's the case that mean it's. Coach coach Chad Holbrook back is against the wall which isn't telling you right male I'm not an athletic director South Carolina. However they miss the NCAA baseball tournament even with all the injuries Madison stokes shortstop now done for the year they all scullin yesterday as well. Clark Smith earlier this year it's been tough. But you're five years into being the head man of the program idol like Chad Holbrook but. They don't make the playoffs they don't make it's a baseball tournament this year. I can't sit here and see how you can justify bringing back somebody that is taking a program from my competing for three national titles in winning in. To miss in the NCAA baseball tournament do you at a three years so it is a priority. It is a priority. That we see South Carolina have success at home against Georgia this weekend also clumps that needs to have success that gets its stake. Because once it needs to a lot dale eight regional posting bid the top sixteen teams host regionals the top eight. Would have stayed super regional the next weekend they will have their work cut out on a cut out for me in that regard Britney went baseball our friends over there. Just have out there the projected regionals and teams ahead of the final weekend of College Baseball. As the number one national seed they have Oregon State if they have that matching up any West Coast regional with Long Beach to. The number of new national C they have is North Carolina which I just kind of find interesting while little ovals not in the mix here but. They have the North Carolina regional matched up with Hattiesburg Mississippi which would be hosted of course by southern miss. The number three team according to. Hosting in Lubbock in they have that matched up with the Stanford regional from Palo Alto, California. The number four national seed according to. The University of Florida hosting in Gainesville. Matched up against Winston-Salem. Regionals which of course number one seed there would be the Wake Forest Demon Deacons moving to the other site. The national office they have below hole which I have again and just saying I don't see them being eight byte seed they're better than that. They have Hugo global matched up with the Norman Oklahoma regional. The low will be in the fight seat in the Lexington Kentucky the number six see they had the Kentucky Wildcats. It they have Kentucky matched up with the eclipse and regional and also in the clips and regional is that you see they have the Vanderbilt commodores. The three C Mercer Bayer's in the four seed Winthrop Eagles. The number seven national seed according to. TCU. They're number seven. When it comes to the I rankings and they are matched up with the Fayetteville Arkansas regional of course hosted by the razorbacks in the near final. The number eight national seed according to. LSU. They have them matched up with the Charlottesville. Regional so get paid a little wiggle room at this point moving forward when it comes. Where these baseball team so. Against get a B interstate what name did you not hear called out there diesel. Yeah we just went through there regional posed in the super regional host. Meat from upstate of South Carolina which school are you surprised did not we did not see their name come out. When it comes to the what are you gonna do with with this South Carolina baseball perch and a whole Brooks a great guy. It does not come down to wins and losses when it's a program like South Carolina baseball that is won multiple national titles. Sure it is but. You know any fan bases got a temper their expectations you can't win a mall and lesser Alabama football but even they kill animal. So you know you you've got a temper those expectations. Went up with highs come close. You know I would say at this point was with the level of talent that Chad Holbrook. Inherited. He should not be this slow. It's getting endless that you are held up to what your predecessors have done in ray tanner did as well as anybody else ironic part about this diesel. Is that Tennessee announced earlier today that they're head baseball coach. Is is leading. He's been there five years ago who else was in the mix for that Tennessee head coaching job five years ago it was rate Peters number one lieutenant. Chad Holbrook imagine how that would change for the exit Tennessee it hired Ted Holbrooke back in the day but the interesting part with Tennessee. Letting go of their baseball coach. You never know he came in from the West Coast where he would lead two different programs to trip style mob out for whatever reason. It did not work in Knoxville so college baseball's a little phonetic he College Baseball spotty. You know there is. It's a numbers game when you have what our team he used to be eleven point seven scholarships. To divide up over. You know however many players at the they have jump that up with thirteen scholarships total. So that's what it comes down to it recruiting mail. It's sometimes it's a mathematical game it is a money game and you're gonna go. Where you get the highest scholarship offer in Levy today at full riding college baseball's get the 60% scholar college scholarship offer. So it's gonna be interesting absolutely. No doubt about it hey yet diesel where listen I'm gonna do this softball story here. On the other side but this one just broke here from USA today. The SEC is having when I guess or spring meetings in die it's going to hurt that. A lot of the coaches are playing in the senior golf tournament pro AM. They're in Birmingham Alabama this week in the in CR pro am golf tournament. It's sponsored by regions which is a really big sponsors Southeastern Conference football so Latin heat breeze was standing there at the golf cart event. And yet talking with some reporters what topic the you'd think Cain not that caused him to turn around and walk away from the group of reporters. In seeding. Yes they. He was asked by one guy from ABC television 3340. Out of the Birmingham area what. How anxious are eager you guys to get over this NCAA states and stuff. You freeze butters the phrase Nat. Shakes his head in terms and quickly Waltz away from the reporters so. Is that a good move back get it. You're there for the golf tournament everything else play is that not somewhat. Muted so one sided question no doubt about it how anxious are eager are you guys to get there were this NCA sakes stop. He's right now we're looking for more it's like it in a you know what I mean it's just stick to get sticky psychic. But you know white you know in this day and age when the media is armed they're upset they're social media as well. You just picked the battle that some guys are gonna pick back to Q audit bureau beat you if you're you freeze that's just simply the case that. Opiates it is see how that win goes to goes because your Revver all this is facing more penalties. It is the NCAA says their football program is committed more than twenty rules violations over the past several years. If either of those level one. I don't see how all baskets out of this without some ID eight obvious slap on the wrist. They're actually got to get some punishment so we'll see how he priest does when it comes to that. All right a couple quick things before we get out don't forget tomorrow and Friday we have abbreviated shows. We get clips and NC state baseball Don mugs and Bob Mahoney. Will be on the collar the game at 6 o'clock per spits the bar that means will give way to pre game at 530. It's at 631 pitch on Friday will give way at 6 PM but will be doing it from the thorn blade club. As again the BMW pro am is here in detail on this weekend a lot of things going on says we will have hopefully got some really good interviews. It's well as a whole bunch of other things also we'll give you eight another chance to win. Eight or packet tickets to the Caylee like music festival here Greenville Pickens speedway this the bottom of the hour. Thirteen different means going to be performing on stage river Friday in Saturday but. When we come back. The NCA part of it committee. Is it is paying that should just go away because they'll only when they seemed to really ever get correct. It's college basketball. There is not a new skis the you can give me imagine this city area. The top ranked softball team in the country not only doesn't giddy number one seed. They don't oppose state regional. If they drop out at the top sixteen in half the play in the same bracket with who they determine the overall national seat. In this upcoming College Softball tournament. This is shameful whoever was involved with this you can put out the press releases Q wanted aegis group. A budget kids when it comes to playing hard. On the field if they get screwed over in the boardroom will tell you this story because it's an absolute travesty. When we come back plus it's 537. Kevin McGuire from NBC sports dot com. Welcome back the end geeky give me a follow on Twitter Sturgis sports at d.s on radio or at ESPN upstate Christie manor resident that. English professor river Byrnes high school gets him with this on South Carolina baseball city GP win it all every year. How low should the program be allowed the fall of state game was a win but not pretty. Yep those are questions that rate containers gonna have the face here and a lot of it might end up being independent. On what takes place in Columbia here Thursday through Saturday. With. Yeah seeding and things for next week's. SEC. Baseball tournament. In Hoover are right the NCAA baseball tournament. We'll get ready and a couple of weeks will get started but it's a softball tournament. Starts this week yeah yeah we had done. Our coach from USC upstate the other days they make their fifth consecutive trip. The NCAA baseball tournament they'll be facing Ohio State the number two seed in the not so regional on Friday. And of course Tennessee the number one seed yet they're bit. Diesel the instate tournament committee can often messed things up. But this past weekend they messed things up on a way that it's never ever been done before. The university of Minnesota Golden Gophers softball team is ranked number one in the country. At it the four in three. All right let me repeat that Minnesota. Was that it top team in the nation. Number one ahead of number two Florida. On this past Sunday 1850. Born three number one ranked golden gophers were an unseeded team. It was sit on the road or eight regional. All right. Back in April win the NCAA softball. Committee if they will put out there first top ten rankings. They had the Minnesota Golden Gophers at number eight cent set tying all Minnesota had done was win all fourteen games they played in. But somehow they fell from number eight in the NCAA tournament selection committee's mind. Albert the top sixteen but the polls have them number one. Not only TV's jackass is to get this wrong with it comes to these girls that it worked hard all here let me. You give you that number again 54. AM three. They see dim. In Tuscaloosa make them come data base Alabama who has won a national TV chip the input that you know they did that. Super regional match up they seed them winner of that regional. With the number one seed Florida. Florida Gators so the number one team in the country. It's not regional seed it's not a regional post they're going on the road in the and in the second round if they advance. They're matched up with the number one team in the country. Matt do you think there head coach Jessica Alastair was upset. When he came to Sunday night. In how do you think these girls fell again about the 54 and three. Number one in the country you can only play this calculus and made it play a home game this year. Did the Minnesota Golden Gophers softball team until game number 34 of defeat the seventeenth season. So while they may not had the toughest strength of schedule one about schedule. Just simply that fat they play 33 consecutive road games to begin the year in the NCAA. Had that call to come out and release a statement they just pointed out. Minnesota's strength of schedule wasn't up to the level of the seeded teams now. They had a number eight earlier in the year. Just a month ago and they don't lose the game and they drop the matter at this 68 in the end these jerks because that's what they are when you're screwing around it's like this have the audacity. This say a quote again this was a very difficult decision and should not take away from the season. That Minnesota has had thus far we are excited about the parity in division one softball and look for took great tournament. Did you not do exactly that it take away from this season at the university of Minnesota head had so far. When they're ranked number one you don't give of one of the sixteen seats or regional I think you did exactly. What you were saying you hope would be the case. I have never seen. In its eight part of a committee screw something up so bad money give me this case. The Minnesota Golden Gophers with sixteen and three against teams in the softball tournament. They also. 38 games that they want on the road this year that. Giddy EP you don't wanna give the unison at university of Minnesota softball team eight number one seat that's fine. There wouldn't have been that much backlash but they'll leave Minnesota completely out of it unseated send them on the road to Tuscaloosa Alabama. I am making the case for you right now that an NCAA tournament committee has never. And more wrong than they were at this weakening quite frankly they've been wrong a lot. Can you get 54 and three ranked number one. Well first of all have a glass a water storage because I don't feel like you're boiling over there. I seek seek to get screwed with why adults at a conference room. Well I think. Minnesota and the Big Ten are gonna have. Serious strong grounds for. Whatever and he would lodge a formal complaint whatever you call it a protest whatever they have grounds for that but. If you're the best team in the country and scrum win at this point you have to there's there's no point in dwelling on it if you Minnesota if duke players into the coach's. Anything like that has gone down there and win. That's all you can do. It's not impeded but they shouldn't have to do this they were screwed by a bunch of adults at a copper strip Florida's plane have. Hell they're better and Alabama they're going on the road to Tuscaloosa the cut played him there this was political. This was O. Oh they're up north they should have a good softball team so we're gonna screw up again. This is adults they just absolutely train wreck the budget hit season you're right there's one thing left to do is to go out there and win in make these guys look bad. But you know what. These people also need to be held responsible they are it's not eight aces they can make. This is is inexcusable. That decision brought on by committee. Did I have ever seen. You know we liked argue about what fourteen that they get that you get wrong at the bottom of the how when it comes to the NCAA basketball. The it department can make that affect anything. This one affects. I mean Minnesota should be playing at home Holstein. Yeah whether they're the number one or number five team title here but that justified he dropped a match the top sixteen. When the rest of the country abusive as the number one team in the country. This is either a political agenda or you got people on a tournament committee. They don't know their head from their you know what. Because again I'm for the hits here they dump what they were supposed to be 54 in the rate due to the weather. They went played 33 consecutive games on the road to begin the year they went sixteen in three gets teams that play they're playing in the upcoming tournament. They were right in the top eight just a month ago when you're using them to elect how to generate some interests when it comes to these regionals. All they did was went fourteen consecutive gains in you drop the matter of the top sixty. I don't think there's a case that can be made for this in this is why I think it times we need to get away from the human factor when it comes to that. Slice sounds like based on based on their metrics in the way they rank their metrics they may do list and then up Minnesota didn't quite fit in there are so. Sorry guys. This would be the equivalent. It's time to put it in your in your perspective of app state going auto role in baseball. This machine let's say he hit 1516 season let's say 48 may all right. Win your conference everything else that because app states not supposed to be any good we're only view that at the sixteen regional. Or attack our right. Or nine. Way has that happens every single years sturgeon football. Yep you got really good power tied teams that get left out his strength of schedule is a very good. You are really good group of five teams they get shot out of a playoff as the strength of schedules not very good. So. They're doing it in football as well. Yeah split EE adheres to the I how many times how many times has. Boise State then Alf really dang good football team and they go out there when they win there. Bowl games against really good power five schools Albert the hair they play out there in the mountain west is not related conference so. You know I guess we have to justify a two loss. Auburn. Somebody else we can put a two loss one of them in there. Bill because he clearly had two loss team in the SEC. Is better than an undefeated team in the mountain west happens every single years to urged. But there is you know the irony is this this is actually bloody your power five cup for Steve sit. Just got screwed in this was regional nothing more nothing allows guys so it's infuriating when a power five team you're screwed and it's not 105 team get screwed. No this is the number one team in the country diesel they're 54 and three. I mean Coke do the winning percentage there they did everything that was as stubble. They're number one in the country let me tell you what. There's never been 81 loss Boise State team that deserves to be ranked number one in the country. Argument being made but I can make it for Minnesota right here why. This they are number one in though polls right now highest winning percentage. 54 in the rate it every everything that they were asked to do it in a group of adults give it a conference room and they scroll in guess what in my opinion every single one of those people that were on the tournament selection committee should never. Never ever be allowed back in there when it comes to these kind of hosting regionals much less whoever should be in the tournament why. It you don't have an eye for talent. In let me tell you university of Minnesota Golden Gophers softball team they are talented in shame on the NCAA which you know what. Nobody cares why the NCAA is an absolute. Religion. It its own rights are rights here's what we're gonna date. We're gonna switch gears to college football coming up we got Kevin McGuire from NBC sports dot com. Coming on one of the things that we're gonna get into and then we'll discuss after that. This damning situation that is coming up at Baylor University today. Former volleyball player filed a title nine lawsuit. It's some of this stuff it's true number one art riles made should never coach again but maybe should see some time in jail will also ask Kevin. If the rules changes here in the last couple weeks it made a difference there is also a proposal for a new red shirt rule. In college football as a matter of fact that Sweeney. Really excited about this once it will talk all about that with Kevin McGuire from NBC sports dot com and of course. You can give him a follow on Twitter at Kevin on college football after that. It is open phones and then diesel. You take out was hot about Minnesota's Scott Altman could have or solve bought getting screwed over the top ten list of national burgers is now. Actually agree with number one we have a new number one but we'll see if we can be an agreement with that top ten list will have a little bit of fun. In the final hour again after this interview it's open mines and 844. GS PE SPN lawsuit to be a chance to win. Eight another four pack. Tickets to this weekend's dummy like music festival at the Greenville Pickens. Eat the way you're and in this straight that was star were lied on ESPN upstate. Welcome back in diesel trying to get connect it would Kevin McGuire from NBC sports dot com that they are hope that won't be even a minute why because the hit via this opponents say it. This is a perfect time today is I wanna get in to talk him with some football things. Which Kevin McGuire and of course diesel got to be worked but this is just. You know how. I'm at a loss for things when it comes to what's going on in this country in 2017. But. I hit. Is mayor can sway your innocent until proven guilty but you know we're all emotional. We are have buttons that can be punched him pushed and it is one thing that gets me is treatment of young women. Yeah I may father at 815 year old about the turned 62. Is tonight great who by the way has a black belt in Taekwondo. And I am proud of her and I hope she ever lived was in position needed to use that. She could use it do some damage. Because I wish this girl women's volleyball player Baylor had that. Opportunity and again these guys are innocent until proven guilty but we have to at least give you the story line is it's common along. There was a neat title nine lawsuit that was filed. And directed against Baylor and that was it was filed yesterday that's now seven that the university has filed against them this latest one. Is the by far the most disturbing day ending grosses staying that your getting here. The plane at this a former Baylor players volleyball player. If she claims that she was drugged and re back in 2012. At an off campus party by at least four. But this may mean is eight Baylor football players. The pay the plane it's also said there in the investigation that there's at least one Nvidia. Up in female students being gang rape. I've Baylor football players they also said. It's such rapes were part of a systematic hazing process at Baylor. It was considered eight bonding experience by the players. Hold on a bonding experience by the players. What type of thugs consider eight gang rape of a theme now. It'd be now actually is a bonding experience. What group of thugs if true. Videotapes this kind of activity in his post below. Now. Paler his trying to get in front at this they have a statement and it reads as follows the alleged steps outlined in the court filing occurred more than five years ago Baylor University has been in conversations. With that victims' legal counsel for many months ended at. In an attempt to reach an AMOCO resolution. There's nothing AMOCO about this it's true. This woman's life it will be damaged from this point moving forward. In Baylor your defense can not beat it was five years ago that this happened. You're only that fits can be I'm ashamed that this happened on our campus. Absolutely ashamed that this happened dollar campus because. You know Q and you're trying to sell that you've got a new structural. Thing in place with more than a hundred and buy recommendations. To change things over there now let's go back and get these first things correct. Now a year ago Baylor head football coach art Rawls was fired in the wake of the schools scandal. I'm telling you right mail. If this stuff turns out to be true right now they're seventeen women at the keys nineteen Baylor football players. Of assault since 2011. Remember that's Taylor's defense it was by eight years ago. Now. 8 January lawsuit against Baylor race set number 52. Acts of rape but from 31 differ football players elegant. I wanna go back to this one. These guys are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law social media it's not a court of law FaceBook not a court of law. These guys are innocent but if this turns out to be true. The number one. This was considered eight bonding experience some months football players number to you that there's video of this floating around. Art brawl should go to jail. He should never coached football again I don't care if it's at that that high school collegiate or the NFL level. If this was going on in they knew about it within not only the Baylor football program but at Baylor University. Our brawl should go to jail. Nothing more nothing less. I don't know if you feel like that over reaching here diesel. But again this is horrific. These a kilts that are coming out mail. Got to bear five venom go through the process in jail. But if these are true this is some of the most terrific stuff that we've ever seen take place in college athletics while. To me this is this more it's a death penalty for the for the university's football program you've got to shut it down if this is who they are. And you can't get it fixed. You've got to shut that program down. To get it right. I have with the I would not as set a goal what else what else could you do that would deserve. And NCAA death penalty. And what else could you do and that's not to say there's no reason to shut down the entire athletic program that would be way too far and overreach. There's nothing that says got to shut down soccer. Or basketball or anything like that and unless there are major accusations of those programs as well we're specifically talk about football. I can't disagree with that what is yup it was cheating that's what the death penalty was put in place or was yeah she beat. Looked back and look at that any excess got back and look at yeah SMU and they say will never do that again why I'm with you. This is so horrific it I wanna maintain this one race. These guys are innocent until proven guilty that's all. I know what I'd like it did thinking that they are guilty and the father of a fifteen year old but you know what I'd end up in the same place that I want them to end up. And that's in jail. So they are innocent until proven guilty but. I wanna ask you this. If this turns out to be true they bet this goes to court it's true players or fail guilty. Yet the U athletic department saying they've done about this video inside the department for follow up for three years now. Should art browse go to jail I. Should he is the head football coach to win these type of the salary sounds like her do drugs injustice I I agree. If he's not spending jail time that there should be a massive fine involved. So I don't know that this is as ugly. Eight only thing that I can't even consider. It would even be uglier. Sit. You are back in the day when their head basketball coach Dave bliss. Covered up the murder of one of their basketball players. The only place that this kind of garbage is gone on more than once is right there at Baylor University. In the most damning thing to me about the entire situation. Is there Arab at this affiliated school. Where's the religion in this. Unbelievable. I like a city he's not. Eight he's not in jail there should be a find out yet this is if he is guilty. She go to jail should pay a fine it should never be a loud to coach football again at any level I'm talking and as a volunteer assistant. At the pop Warner level you're day has come and passed. In at Dead Sea I don't think he university. Could you afford to have the black guy you bring art browsing and on board as a consultant at this point. And rightfully so but again will figure out what goes on in the in the it in the court process here but I know this much. If this stuff it's true oh my goodness I mean we got people. We got people. That need to go to jail are right we're gonna try to cadets and and a message to Kevin Maguire right LC we can't connect with them. Here in the next segment will speak with him about that will also what's your opinion on what would you do. If this is true it should our trials go to jail should be fine should that. Is diesel sets that the debt they'll be be applied here because one thing the NCA said after the SMU death penalty. Something that they never wanted to see happen again now remembered go back and watch on the excess they were just shut down for one year were allowed to come back with seven road games. In year number two in essence you opted. For that second year of the death penalty again not all the players at Baylor. Are guilty of this but unfortunately I don't see how you can get away without punishing the whole. Here because of that actions of the few unfortunately. Will see how it works out of course the saints are in the court system now. And let's let them work their way out 844 GS PE SPN. In the final hour we're also gonna talk about that best in murders nationally will tell you why Christopher McCaffrey and even entered the building. At the Carolina panthers' training complexes is straight up was searched. I just reschedule our friend Kevin McGuire from NBC sports dot com for the top of that hours so will continue this with a couple of phone calls. He. 84 pack for the gimme line music festival. Friday and Saturday Greenville Pickens speedway but let's go to the president's Jack. What's the talk about. The Baylor situation in what an unfortunate situation if it turns out to be true welcome aboard. Anxious and sturgeon in an. There are also saw our program really young let me just being with virtually curing terror. I assume there are also dealing dogs fighting. I'm younger prudent and if we can punish. My Quebec crude you know he's trying for a little while certain and came back doors are a pretty good person. Then. All that much I mean this girl needs some help. I'm psyched are people who are just. The courage it looks like there are very deserving. I'll adapt to I want to be I know the best tell that he's supposed to be achieving. I when you're actually born out there and telling these kids Petro can go ahead and go right we bring Aaron back girl I would urge you know I think. Well what let me ask men are actually polished do you take care I'm. Now I am curious. What I am report. I am right there with you and again the dog fighting is a whole another theme that we had gotten into you because that's just wrong as well. What is the bigger Travis the ditty. That eight football culture. Allow this stuff that happened at Baylor or the fact that Baylor is not affiliated with that at this chart they're supposed to be a religious school. There route that this group was Solomon Baptist association should get their. I hadn't heard of them doing anything about that no one that they had before war. So there's something lacking water. Now as far as I'm concerned. It's mature football culture we need to address that nationwide. I don't you have that many schools having this problem and minds. I'm talking about schools like the issue though I don't. Often at fox. Minnesota can't Hersh. Who got all of and it inch contrary. You know on a mission a bit better football team probably shutout ball and disk and then this how many amnesia posted. People that are there I had this. Alumni. Who as we all know cough up the money to her expansion and stuff. Stopping him and he knew about this going on during wondered how you're going to school and having kind of. And I gonna be at your state dates for the phone call and I'll take that to another level diesel. You know. You Rhode jokingly it would do it let's get real vs joking here you revise said from time to time. That North Carolina as academic. Fraud his devalued your diploma from the university of north Carolina university system. Y eight this the why do the graduates though alumni at Baylor go. Your actions within this athletic program hit devalued by degree from Baylor university and I am withholding. Easy money moving forward that you fix it. I mean some way need to make people accountable is for the people grow it themselves. To hope that university accountable. They totally should. There's no reason for them not to hit it to me it's shocking. That the that the alumni base has not done that to this point. Well look I base was out there wearing that T shirts last year if you remember with hash tags C eight B. Which stood for coach art Rawls why because he got fired. If they got stuck with Jim Groban you got out to what a five and no record six and a record. Before they started losing and that's what upset them the most says that Baylor fan base was out there wearing green T shirt. With yellow letters on the front. Had stacked C eight B per co chart browse which admit that they were showing this guy support. So I'm not sure that there's a difference as you well know between two bands in alumnus. Opinions are usually the eighty wing of the fan base which is they don't have a financial stake. When it comes to. Eat eat eat eat eat you know having a degree you're spending time they are they just want the glory that comes with wins and losses so they can brag about it. And they really don't care about the dated a happy means that the university but I go back and I'll look at those guys wearing Aztec CAT shirt. In it shows me where they thought process was to begin way. Essentially to fan base it in denial. You know it's denying we don't we don't want to believe that something like this happened at our schools and what is gonna pretend like you didn't. In that Wednesday that head in the sand thing is the worst thing and again you eat you know. Want to put this one out there one last time is the last Hamas say the patriarch yet they are innocent until proven guilty at a court of law. We know that that's a great thing about this country. They can comment to you with that sports and EE you know of fire and everything else. On Twitter. And the one thing you can either didn't. Cheeky cheese steak or or get off Twitter. But now this thing makes itself into a courtroom. We're gonna hear the facts come out means some icy of the got to be innocent or guilty here at the end it will find out which direction it goes but it guilty. I want the whole thing I mean I wanna be set it in with his men. Who value our position. I protect my wife I protect my child they are more than capable. The protecting themselves but sometimes that's the way out bill about it is at a household. We has been. Need these are holding these people accountable when it comes to so again that Baylor with much much bigger issues. Moving forward this thing will end up in the court system where does and if these guys are are proving guilty in a court of law. Lamar rials to the individual players that were involved with that I want you to see the inside of a jail all right. Do you remember back in the day diesel over southern cal. Whittling that and offered a seven great quarterback they ended up. Signing ethnic with West Virginia. It will guess what Lane Kiffin has done that exact same scenario again he is values you know at Florida Atlantic University he is now. Offered 87 great quarterback case scholarship this tying. It's southern cal offensive coordinator Steve Martin's son. At the end Maarten in California in oh it's his first offer. Ellison does a lot of that makes. I love you adding you have to get your head gear your name out there this is headline grabbing. I mean come on. Gift packets and outside asked IU which what does he add anyway FA UIFAFA. Yeah. So status is at by you yet your essay here you gotta do something to do you name out there and Italy hopefully he did this with a little more believe lead that he put into that. They put in that first by you both of them video than the number. Three yeah. That was great all right here's the deal fewer river back in 2010. David sills admitted that Lane Kiffin in southern Cali eights thirteen. Of course after the Lane Kiffin it was like go back in the year 2013. Cells later he committed and signed with West Virginia in the and ended up that el camino community college in 26 team ever turned at West Virginia. As a wide receiver this past seasons say here's the deal clears. We'll find out if this it's still playing quarterback. Come his senior year in high school now Clemson fans though. That they have a kid coming in from Knoxville this next year cult of Lori Rogers also happens to be. He Martin's son says that's gonna set up an interstate scenario but it. Great get the publicity. If the kids they'll look yet here's the deal there's a lot of tie game and weight gain and things of that nature that are gonna happen here. Over the next fortified years to determine exactly where eight Marten. What position he will be playing for his collegiate football with that again just thought that one was cut interest except here's the dill. We come back will connect with Kevin McGuire from NBC sports dot com. Get his opinion on this one. He and a few more things going on in college football but what we need to do here is give you an opportunity to pick up a another four pack two this week and tell me lying music fest. Again that's Friday and Saturday over at the Greenville Pickens speedway thirteen different bands from thirteen different counties. Here in the upstate. Again it's going to be a big shows all you have to do will do the same date beat color number three here during the break. In your get a get a four pack in that go out there and enjoy some good music with some friends this weekend ever Greenville Pickens speedway. India will be given tickets await the rest of the week all you have to do. Is ahead by inner come by 5 PM on Friday that's basically. The corner of Arlington it would her brood. Right there's just come by and pick him up before 5 PM on Friday but it will continue in talking college football. Maybe one of the biggest arguments ever here on straight that was starts with its national chain. Has the best barker. We can tell you who was but it did that here. Just yesterday this is straight up with start to have opened violence after Kevin McGuire. It hit two finish out the Chevrolet for fort ESP yes via.