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He's an incident at them growing 971 ahead M sport. Or on ESPN I'm staying serve proudly by smoke and water one or does this we didn't beautiful down to. Welcome in upstate it is a Wednesday addition of straight up with stirred to life on the ground it smoke on the water here they own tail. Grateful ahead what's going to be the easy week in here in the upstate with the BMW charity pro am. And of course that Korea in the GC Oliver Greenville county right now diesel that's our friend GMAC. Who is that it Thornton played earlier. An unabashed Green Bay Packers for me and ain't got a team it's too you. Sit down with the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and is he's going to be here in the upstate playing in the BMW pro am again what do we know we're gonna send Josh senator tellem that. Aaron Rodgers should have been traded. Oh god yes maybe we can get that would go a bit it when he thing GMAC speak wolf look back beyond the ground after today is again. Basically Tynes in this business do we just beat me it's you know what I mean we're not supposed to do that or beat that guy with the dale where all of Spain and a something. It GMAC is a key to Packers fans so I'm glad that he he got that up. So who would starring who would you have same girl out over. Nick Saban. Now let me yes. To Issac got out of you or a guy doesn't agreed that guy you because you could have ray multiple in multiple bad guys. You know but but that when that mission be relatively short like for me. It would be right there rob how offered from Judas Priest are mania that that would make me go oh my god with Ron offered. Well yeah I'm still river right you have a background in the music industry the one that would make me kind of not my knees if you will would I be Mick Jagger Rick is I've always said The Rolling Stones are the greatest rock general band to ever. Grace the face of this earth and I will stick by that it's a generational thing and uncle with the in the landscape of sport. I don't know how have a knack around Nick Saban because I'd only need him as a member of the media is you keep beat that guy some advocate Jack Nicklaus that I grew up just finalizing. Did that war would be very very special for me so I don't I. People can Colin and tell us today at 844 GS PE SPN it would be that guy. For you is why public is we've got a lot of things GO next segment. Diesel quite frankly our mutual friend Don months and the voice of the Clemson Tigers. He's gonna join us ahead of Constance three game set Raleigh and also talk about that call last night was set beer. In the Grand Slam. Is the tigers knock off number 24 coastal Carolina last night. Eleven to eight to improve the 3815. And again we will have abbreviated shows tomorrow and Friday. Is they close out the regular season in C state will be off the year 530 to more foreign blade in 6 PM on Friday set. Don months and is he in that list considering you know he's also a proud. At state grad fellow at state grad with you in yourself. One I've met dawn and so it's not to say that the shine has worn off if Don is listening to shine has not worn off Don. I still get a little flutter in my stomach every time it. But he you know I'm just say and he had to step it up a little bit. Okay. Probably agree with the magic is and also not gone it's just stormed it. He's also about 530 I quick but it taught college football with Kevin McGuire from NBC sports dot com Paula and Kevin on CFB. Listen after what I've read in I get the fact we live in the greatest country on the face of this earth your innocent until proven guilty. And after what I've read today with lawsuits that title nine lawsuits that Baylor. If art browse ever get sick coaching job AT and I don't care fits NFL I don't care fits in Australia. I don't care fits it the collegiate level shame on us all if this stuff turns out to be tree. I'm telling you that may never ever is our eight EP orchestrated this cover up and it's true. Shame on him I feel guilty about him as a human being will discuss that one. Later on as well some other things that we're gonna get into today accorsi NBA draft AA lottery was last night as well as the NBA playoffs. College Baseball team one has there regional selections and I will tell you where clips and only answer where Carolina may or may not Lian. Also. I thought what the cubs did last night Joseph Maddon wins his thousand gain as a manager. What he did. Was really really cool it and finally diesel we talked softball the other day is our USC up state spartans are headed up the Knoxville for their fifth consecutive appearance in the NCAA softball tournament. Is Friday they'll be taking on number two seed Ohio state of course. The Tennessee balls at the top seed up there. We're gonna talk a little bit a softball. The kids at what point does the NCAA committee screw things up so bad that we just give the committee's Inco weight with the accused there it's. I don't care what the release the NCA put out on this story Theres no excuse. Whatsoever. In it just proves to me why we mean that the selection committees when he comes the NCAA tournaments and things of that nature maybe we should just let the computers with an unbiased opinion on things he handled thinks this the most shameful thing. When it comes to an NCAA tournament. That I have seen so outside of that will take your phone calls city for sport GS PE SPN in diesel. We will also giveaway here over the next three hours to keep air tickets to the king on the line music festival this weekend. At Greenville Pickens speedway it's Friday Saturday. There's one billion from all thirteen dailies here in the upstate. And it's going to be a big timeout at the Greenville Pickens speedway. This weekend's it will give four tickets away to the county line music festival. Today. Some other things get into locally before we really get ratcheted up in Roland today. Don't forget our friends up it like us than their lacrosse team on Sunday. They air on campus it Limestone College in Gaffney. They will play eight the vision to semifinal lacrosse game. And they will play that again it's the University of Tampa that's noon on Sunday the winner. Moves on to next weekend's national championship game in Foxborough Massachusetts at Gillette Stadium the home of the New England Patriots. That is where the in CA. Final four for division one lacrosse will be taking place next weekend so. Listen light stoned to newcomer team division two semifinals and across much less national championship gains in national TP chips. So you know what's a growing growing sport here in the upstate. You wanted to check out something cool on Sunday at noon in Gaffney. Go check out lying stone vs the university at Tampa to see who it means is on he's the NCA TP chip game. Also who we met in the BMW pro AM. Here in the upstate celebrities were over the thorn Blake club today. Will be out there GMAC show plus our show on Thursday and Friday tomorrow and Friday. And of course the three courses here in the upstate at the BMW charity pro image using is the thorn glee club. The preservative per day in Furman University golf course to all right here in the you know in the greater Greenville area if you will. Remember celebrities out on all three courses tomorrow. They do a really really good job diesel about set no parking away from the course and shuttling you've. Right to the front door of the golf course and don't even think about. Trying to get over there and find a parking spot in the thorn Blake neighborhood or something you won't get in the air but just one mile away you can go park for free. It'll literally get dropped off at the front doors and remember that all weekend long. As well as Sunday when the final round will take place they're born blade and of course you'll be able to catch tournament action. All weekend long on the golf team and also big a bit late the cable guy I was out there earlier today they had the upstate warrior solutions. A bit where you know a lot of these guys and they've given their time for our country that'd been injured in service for our country. Had a really good afternoon it thorn blade and that's what's great about this of this you know. You see it on the Golf Channel in this in that it's all the parochial stuff diesel. That tends to go along with that make you what it is the maybe the preeminent a bit. On the Web.Com source two big time here Graeme we'll get a lot of people will be out looking for celebrities and all that kind of thinks. Just it just just be aware. Other also last night in Columbia diesel South Carolina hits three home runs including one from Alex this Dina. Who's been on a pair here recently. It's the gamecocks gave 86 to three win. Over the upstate spartans gained cuts improved the 31 in 21 on the year. Now they hit the University of Georgia coming in this weekend our t.'s stake through Saturday for three game set to close out the regular season. Georgia struggling 23 and thirty now they did come back in beet farm and home last night their final midweek game of the year. Did this six to improve to 23 and thirty but they haven't played in a little bit based better baseball here on the back side. Is they have series wins ever the Kentucky Wildcats as well as the SEC west leading. Mississippi State Bulldogs. South Carolina it's. It's get real time. When it comes to the gamecocks is will take a look at the one baseball's. Part of it projections just one week ahead. The conference tournaments don't forget. Floor filled the west in here angry people will host the Southern Conference tournament. Yeah next weekend or next week. You'll be going on all weeklong believe it starts either Tuesday win states it will have a lot of College Baseball. Right here in the upstate also up Carmen mentioned lose ten to six last night. They're headed Everett of middle Tennessee to take on Belmont this weekend. Wofford closing out the regular season as well upstate will head to. The way to sun tournament so a lot of different things going on. It of course will figure out here during the break how to give away these first paired tickets to the Caylee lying music festival this weekend but also locally on golf pro quickly. They'd see eight part of it is going on ain't Clemson has it variants that of their regional. They were at the college grove regional over the middle Tennessee. The tigers finished in second place the top by teams advance they work Central Florida finishing first at minus one. Vanderbilt Kennesaw State clumps and all finishing at plus 12 shots behind you see yet Lipscomb University will be the fifteen to me it's to the national tournament. But they're in Illinois in the next couple weeks. Clumps and pizzas to the national tournament. On the flip side of things were the South Carolina Gamecocks. Not as much luck up and Purdue you in the West Lafayette, Indiana. Is that South Carolina misses the cut by thirteen shots UNLV it means is that plus say. Auburn at plus eleven Illinois at plus fourteen to Mexico. New Mexico. Plus sixteen Purdue U plus eighteen South Carolina finished out the tournament. At plus 31 in their season will be over so. I get too caught up these teams again they all the top five in each of these regionals six up. They advance on to the national turn and up sugar hill. Illinois in the next couple weeks and congratulations delayed and we in the Clemson Tigers to. They remain higher unfortunately for the gamecocks their golf season comes to hand in but. When we come back will talk about clips and heading in C state this starting tomorrow for Corey Gaines said it's done months and the voice of the Clemson Tigers. Again last night they knocked off the defending national TV and coastal Carolina chanticleers. 11824. During our it's coastal Carolina. It was a game of frustration it was not the way that the tigers and saw it they get out to a seven to one lead. Before watching coastal comeback it's taken eight this seven lead. And then set beer comes up big it was beer tied with they Grand Slam the tigers get eleven to eight win. And they need to win a couple more up in Raleigh this weekend's it will talk with Don butts in the voice of the Clemson Tigers. You can follow him at W at Donald months and on Twitter when we come back this is straight up was start toward life from smoke on the water and we are lied on ESP and upstate. Welcome back canned light here at smoke on the water we're headed to the gas line for the first time that days he'll be making his way up to Raleigh, North Carolina to call that three game set. Between the Clemson Tigers and NC state wolfpack this Thursday through Saturday. It's gotten months and the voice of the Clemson Tigers Diana the Purdue well what's a warm but gorgeous day. Aren't there are people that. I think they are interpreted a whole lot better not put up a coal give me give me ninety overboard you need to. Let's just as I have far removed from boon Don that's all it. Now and probably. Tell me he you've made it you made it through all those minus twenty days. And an exact read on it but I didn't like it liberate me didn't like is there a you know like rigor that Europe you're part of the older you get the more you could ever meet the let you put up for coal. I'm right there with you are right in honor before we get started with some clumps and baseball in honor of GMAC earlier today get an interview Aaron Rodgers you know I. He is an unabashed Packers be it Don is they're interview out there that you keep the that your knees would be knocked in your palms might be sweat a little bit. Your prop you know it's and it's not elite. Or. You know I got to act different sports right now but you have I had kids could now would have been going Urich beat Jack's been that would probably. You know get my radar out quite a bit. From that standpoint though those are 12 Q were you going to Europe Richard here. If you're rich you're overly prepared for. So what they'll also follow beater you guys to write and edit it and anybody really in sports. Are there those are probably would you guys not like that it down and talk or. Well listen last night great call evaluate caulk on the clumps and coastal Carolina game eleven to eight win over number 24 coastal Carolina. It what actually admitted not the way they it necessarily drawn it up but at this point Don it's about wins and losses it. How big do you think this Grand Slam by asset peer to get the eleven date went sometimes you need that little shot of electricity added to open season. Barbara you're gonna Dell offered for I think they were gonna kind of find out on or tomorrow regardless we're you know. He's going to win that first game on the road tomorrow in Raleigh they need to say hey you know what. I let that brown. I attribute nightly that they had in Mecklenburg you know come from behind fashion you know that may be a spark plug that they kind of carried from Britain vetoing elude all third today. Elvis that you're kind of you're not quite back where you were Brit that's where it that self doubt you know starch creep in a little bit. That's why it just so important awaited winning causes. You don't cure all kinds of bill's greatest cure all time. Of bills. You know that's that's how people go out. Changing culture you know what you're so much on coach weird how he's established occult to what you wanna light optical or regarding where and. A bit but does. Well listen they need wins this week in Wake Forest did maybe somewhat the unthinkable and goes beyond a Florida State takes a series last weekend. Club since it they a look at one game up at Wake Forest but now it's state who struggled earlier in the year. They failed some rhythm and they're just two games behind Clemson in the Atlantic Division standings that there is a lot on the table for both clubs and and NC state this weekend. Oh and regarding your state critical while they were our regular prop eight the country increasingly good. Our Internet predators UP navigate this album a little better because they're playing pretty good club spirit of play. There's there's schedule hasn't been no really all that company going to look at who repaired playing. But more importantly they've heard or any and so again they covered it took a lot of copper coming off route or free games three. Our Africa expert report that they've taken care Virginia Tech. Know your first this is Erin Grant knows what he's doing an immediate. It's a very widely respected coach not this new Atlantic Coast Conference are called all of all of College Baseball he'll those guys rated going money in the guys realize that they were gaggle spare. Let's let's hope they make some noise early in the game and then that's your little bit of a lead. It's do we go from go from there you're gonna go out and in this disperse regain their regular short restroom that that's the other figured that. It charged night and I used to go to your record date and it wouldn't usually goes that. Sometimes that can be a different note can't he can't you'll which are a bit. That they Rhode doesn't make any difference you're. Yet tiger's 38 and fifteen after that win last night so looking ahead to next week Don and they play. Yet usually these guys are somewhat creatures are habit that next week it's going to be a little bit different for everybody. Is the ACC baseball part of it finds itself in global for the first time ever and they'll be playing and that Tripoli red bird sparked. Here are new format as well that's cool format goal is old news so here's there's a lot of you know a lot of people there have they're going to saying it like you said. Almost send their routine. Won't necessarily be saying it has been here in years past so. You're you're planet new ballpark you're beginning to go through a new format so you got to come up or they're with a different routine I don't know that you hear your routine your. That constant Brent it's geared last year would surely he's seeing I don't know that that that routine work trip what they're going to be bigger and our capital focus. You'll find out I guess late Saturday night attacker would regain times arbor there's an outside chance record and they are like the first. I bet they get Thursday Friday games. Pin you noted that net that. If they have the kind of rethink their travel plans although they know they're really on Monday at a regularly on Monday February aren't their all but yours that there will burst very. As typical. No doubt about it so Don when we look across the ACC were nailed to the final regular season weekend actually Thursday through Saturday. Let me ask you which are you more surprise win it with ACC baseball. The that fact that global is 23 and four North Carolina 21 in six or you can buy in Miami and Florida State. In those two teams are ten games under 500. Art art critic you that this has been in here where the ACC has been definitely top heavy. I'm no doubt about it lol North Carolina. He Oakland Internet expert union that next they got a bad start for it certainly come on the year of the second half the speed and Wake Forest is. I think. Beat archery that's who should wait force in the best team becomes teaching and so far no adequate nor automatic but global and there are lots you know. It lost six games should those two combined make it this series from weight but I'm just telling yet. Are rooted like that where sports club space. Beer they're experienced they're mean made it remotely are mostly juniors and seniors they've got power up or down the lineup. Are they get just enough battery battered pitching their get things done that got a good back happened that of the bullpen I really like that that Wake Forest club and are you don't want to opposite B do a little bit of our scoreboard watcher equate playing at home this week giving content on the road that there are. Eric but that they are probably is not surprising you're seeing what are Akron where we're Miami what is apple reports state or some extra work from within these state. Are as well to detect the early that next. You know those are fourteens I just mentioned their bit for additionally. Are going to be two or three seats you'd be in the NCA turn on those teams are struggling to make the turn. Yet no doubt about it all right here's what I get you know it if they can win this thing is there any way they clumps and place themselves back into eight top eight national seed. Or is it just simply do enough to maintain the fact that you poster regional. And then we go from there. You know you quickly forgetting history we get all your income back a year ago barking you don't get that. Mean that they. The year after that what they go to they go to Notre Dame and there are fighting to get in the 88 beat the target or get the end you know forget being lowered property eaten in what happened. They go on this run there all the burger number seven national scene you. Are going into the NCAA permit so yeah it can be done absolutely. Are Beck can be done but I did do it he got a way baseball is does that it's just that simple albeit it's clear they're just playing the and simple one out when a baseball games and take your best. And it all started 6 o'clock tomorrow night again the tigers in rally gets NC state and then Nancy what 631 pitch on Friday. In the and you wrap up the regular season on Saturday die and can you believe it's already the last weekend. Of another regular season in college space to. If it didn't blow hard to believe that. But it but it kind of think that all the love and not I love getting that this or that of the year restart getting indeterminate then you get a lot of fun because. They got it in a more focused on the on the collegiate game. On this point in time and you're particularly Mary ever shot you're making me make it very cooking it make it with super regional or get back the promise land of Obama on it it's been awhile and called them their due out that pin. How are still are like the best Father's Day present but not yet there's. Or media have our trip that although all are mediated Gloria I'd bitter or two or three or maybe or Grover. I'm all in for that. I have all import less and if you're making your way back in the 6 o'clock hour to home. Maybe check us out because the new top ten a national burgers came out today and guess lacking and he will have a good argument. Over that one but Don listen safe travels up Raleigh having great call this week in and again as always they keeper make some time here with this on the ship. Mark break your. All right there's done much in give him a follow on Twitter. At W Donald months and and again he and Bob Mahoney on the call this week in or it Thursday through through Saturday. In the and they will relocate the global which is your members they've played this part of it up in the triangle area. For so long. But they had committed bit in that the Tripoli red birds park at the university of global. It will be where the ACC part of it is next week all right when we come back. Will continue ahead. With more we got opened by reminds. Still the top of the hour at 535. We will have Kevin McGuire from NBC sports dot com you can follow him on Twitter it I don't college football will discuss some cup. College football league's. Coming ahead this is straight up what starts were light on ESPN upstate it will be right back in a couple of minutes. Welcome back and it's open phones for a the next three segments here these elected ESP in upstate studios they'll take your phone calls that he pork pork. GS PE SPN and talk a little bit about the NBA last night the key is is we suspected diesel. A pillow fight broke out on ESPN. Invite that I mean the Golden State Warriors in game number two taking 136. To 100 win. Over the San Antonio Spurs. Why you letter not playing for San Antonio we didn't expect this team but you know much in this game but. 136 to 100 this thing was over early having the most drama last night if you will when it comes the NBA basketball. If people were watching the lottery. 88 piano and was basically when it got down the last two teams. LA lakers and Boston. Felt like we had a little showtime rivalry from back in the day listen Magic Johnson helped make that debt draft lottery. A whole lot more entertaining so we'll see where it goes split. EE EE. There's no way to watch a 136 to 100 gained diesel. Now granted injuries are part of the game split the eat either way it San Antonio's got one shot at home. On Saturday at 9 PM and if they can't do anything. That series as we said the other day was it over after the first game. Also tend not maybe we will see some in this I wanna see I'm Poland I think at this point I mean by mined out yesterday I'm gonna pull for the Boston Celtics. From this point moving forward in week dictate number one in the NBA Eastern Conference finals tonight. At 8:30 PM Cleveland at Boston nailed diesel we just saw. A series between the Celtics in the Washington Wizards that came down. 27 consecutive home wins you remember a lot of people were accusing the Cleveland Cavaliers. Per unit there at the end of the season. So do they can get that number BC. My question is will home court advantage come back to bite the Cleveland Cavaliers in game number one tonight. I'll see how really can then how how her home court advantage her you. I know I'm saying in Boston having home court advantage is that is is at a simple thing. It's the Celtics they are in a routine right mailed Bateman playing one of the most there's two things that are going on in the NBA right mail to me that are. More or less laughable. In the fact that that's why appointment that the NBA is the one sports league that I'd just had a you are Happy Gilmore when he start cussing you look over to the side it lead to Reno was over there shaking his head Adam. That's the way I feel about the MBA from time to time because. What did that Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James do you throughout the regular season which really screwed some people. When you realize how much money they spit on Cleveland cavalier tickets when the cavs came to their tail. What happened frequently. Now is that a lot of guys season. Are you and what LeBron James is out they are sailing yesterday. He says. That there is no advantage at all for Cleveland. Have in the last ten days off quote no advantage at all not for me you get days off but for me I'd rather be playing. Excuse me. How many times did you sit there in the regular season you warplanes. So I'm not I met I'd rather be playing bit. Also he says he feels worse when he doesn't play regularly then why is sit there in the regular season I did it it's the ultimate goal. To make it to the NBA finals nail. You know what I'm also not by LeBron James they yesterday saying no no no no I'd rather be playing I don't want time up because she took enough of an off. During the regular season player or not mayor diesel. Well you're also talking about being off for what was it almost two weeks they were off vs taking a night off. Right here in their ten day it's been ten days or ten days you're talking about ten days off well. Now word what they were not my choice it was not his it was not his choice to sit out ten days it was waiting for the other series to finish. And you just finisher so says so. You talking about the difference of the if he had taken three or four games often row in the regular season. That's what that would that would be the equivalent but he didn't do. That right I kid I just state yeah when you're out there talked about I'd rather be playing in rather be in the flow in the and you go back and look at how many times we discussed in the last five months about sitting players. It should that be doing it. Now without LeBron and also be taken alone look at the last ten days when that's exactly what my basketball team needed the Cleveland Cavaliers. To be successful in these next two series why. It's Cleveland is an old the basketball team that relies on the air star players playing a bunch of minutes now we're dale. TV series the Boston series and more than likely Golden State in the NBA finals so in the wrought a long run. I think coats are on Hulu and LeBron James are both going to be happy that they had this additional time off. But it's quite frankly after ten and eleven days. If you're not fresh for this series your back can be fresh at any point let during a during this NFL NBA post season. So will seek. I don't think there's a way Cleveland sweeps the Boston Celtics I think costing gained some confidence. In knocking off. Washington they did it without role players stepping up big I mean Kelly Atlantic in his 26 points in game number seven. That nobody saw that one comment. Maybe the absolute best game of his career but when you factor in and Isiah Thomas last night. Or two nights ago more or less making history. Only twice in the Boston celtics' storied history has a player in game number seven scored twenty by. Points or ten assists or more in a game. If he does that does Isiah Thomas 29 points twelve assists the other two. Couple ho hum guys by the name Larry Bird and Bob Cousy back in the day so. I think policy and gained a little confidence that the quick get a seat so that that night in game number one for the Cleveland Cavaliers and that we saw from Golden State this past weekend in that was his bat at the simple fact they were rusty. In that first half that first 24 minutes and we'll see how that plays out but the one thing that Boston is heading into this series at San Antonio is a that's being healthy and I think that may make a big big difference it will see how this plays out tonight. Again we will go into a pregame coverage right here on ESPN upstate at 730 tipoff is at 830. Don't forget come Friday night. You'll have gained number two between Boston and Cleveland. In the and that will get this series said he gains of peace. In the end they'll stagger from that point forward with game number three between Golden State seen it and use it for 9 PM on Saturday. In the in the will have rough week. Eighteen every day life. We're not done with the NBA playoffs will take a look at who were the winners and losers in the draft lottery but in my opinion diesel. Winning games such is the NBA. Nearly two weeks say its main quad site boring in getting to the point where. Is it going to be clean living Golden State. Let me ask you when we come back give some comments from one of the owners today. It's not damaging for the league because this is why he probably should pay attention. But let's gamble on NBA games coming down the stretch will tell you about that. And it's still open funds until we have Kevin McGuire from NBC sports dot com. At 530 fight so wait for four GS PE SP and diesel targeted discussed during the break. How you can win eight air tickets that this weekend's. Don't you lie music festival over at the Greenville Pickens speedway it's Friday and Saturday won't have a pair up for grabs when we come back. Welcome back ended here at the ended this segment we're giving it be an opportunity diesel not for a pair of tickets to that weekend Jack cameo like music fest but 84 pack of tickets. So will do that on our way out to the top of the hour break but diesel. Unit NBA's obviously got some problems going on whether they wanted it mattered or not. Viewership was off the net the answer. Yeah you know what this is the most of the people out there feel like that the east playoffs have been nothing but window dressing for the NBA to get their finals between Cleveland. And Golden State but today earlier on radio on the day and Patrick showed. Mark do you and owner of the Dallas Mavericks join them and quote. Is this good for the NBA what. What's that Dallas Mavericks were eliminated from playoff contention we did everything possible to a lose games. Quote once we were eliminated from the playoffs we did everything possible to lose games that's. That is Alex mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Talking about eighteen today. Earlier to the Scott to The Dan Patrick Show if that is that an ace in you come out in mid. Watch that hill should act to hear about an NBA basketball game at the end of the regular season number one. I will tell you right now this happens more than you realized because it's about getting in more pain palm balls for success in the NBA draft lottery. If you Horry gamble work eight do you want to gamble on these kind of games with Dallas has been eliminated. The it act it LP because guess why. You are going into that that with one arm tied behind your back the Q you don't know what that genders are of these teams yet. Mark Cuban one of the most successful people in this country much last. It is successful NBA owners comes out in minutes week did everything week that they'll lose games. Does that benefit the NBA in quite frankly does it Mickey here. Well why should Mark Cuban care about benefiting the rest of the NBA his job is to benefit his team so and are you get ya got. You've got a situation where your team is not gonna make the playoffs so what good does it do you. To go out there and try to win games. You win more games you reduce your chance to getting a better traffic now we're not talking about whether or not that good. Lottery system is flawed because it is of course it's flawed. But. With the way the rules are set up now he is gaming the system in the way that an owner should. T do you have any response about grandy jury invested in European air do you have any. Amy. Do you go to Europe and base. You keep from thinking because what it actually does. It robs me antsy pay good money to see their team's plight. Indeed you owe that to those variants to go out there and give it your best shot because. They're spending their hard earned money not everybody had season tickets in it I mean now. It may be the fix was in the banquets and that I'm definitely. Not paying ticket prices to go see that or I'd just isn't. Year is certainly calculated risk surge eat eat him. If you're not winning games your attendance is gonna go down and the likelihood. That fans will come back again he does this season or next when they think you're team is a losing team. It is diminishing. Clearly. So you gotta leverage that risk against. The upside potential. Of getting a number one draft pick. Well it did not happen for Cleveland the draft order went number one Boston number two LH number three Philadelphia says how well that worked out for Mark Cuban and whatnot. But Adam silver the commissioner of the NBA. Just last month because he knows this is a problem he knows it it's not just the Dallas Mavericks that are doing it. He said on Mike and Mike in the morning last month now gamble given a little bit of that later on as they inhale yesterday. The end of that show coming coming down the line Adam silver said last month quote. We're gonna have to pay it we're gonna have to react in change incentives of bit because I do you think this is frustrated. So when you're in BA commissioners out they are making those comments. But his his job is to protect that Iranians into road they gain in it that means integrity issues that means integrity issues he doesn't own marquee event anymore that he knows the owner of the Boston Celtics or anybody else in you know what. One of the things he brought up its relegation. You know that word we laughed that a couple of times here in the last few weeks. You suck bad enough. You're relegated that's what they doing European soccer team they have to look at it went something like that for these professional teams to go out there. It played the game with the integrity it deserves in my humble opinion. It's going to be fascinating no doubt but you wanna get eight you know a lot of people of have one eyebrow raised. When it comes to mark Cuban's comments earlier today in yeah Ito when he laughed about it at the end. He said until you come up with a better solution that's all we've got says the NBA is going to pay its gonna at the B Adams over. In the players' association whatever but. Low tar. Yeah this this this is soft NBA champions Dallas Mavericks fans might be going yet do it to be the best draft slot available. But in BA basketball fans that this is that kind of stuff that you wanna see going on in that league. They quite frankly dasher and all week is. I think there's a lot of that big goes on come in the on the Andy and I think it takes away from the integrity of sport itself but hey. Those guys are business owners in this is America in you can run your business as its saints but do you think diesel. At some point the commissioners gonna have to come and get. Yeah I'll he would do this any. Well if money is being made it's going to be hard to change anything. You know changing the rules to make the game better when your making more money than you ever have. Is sort of how armed intuitive. Can elect has said yes he's got the ultimate responsibility. In this and they won't use it but that's the fans themselves just quit showing up. Yeah the last month of the year because guess what. That's gonna affect the bottom line of things like merchandise sells. Concession stands cells and everything else that they are looking at when they budget things in for the year now. Not every NBA owners Mark Cuban. Mark Cuban is a billionaire you know and I mean he go back in the days of broadcast dot com and all the great businessmen in cities with. He can't afford to take that risk. I'm telling you right now not every NBA owner is in the financial position to get. What if we do upsets and Pete they need everything any in this city. They need every year Coke or beer sold at the concession stand in every jerseys sold. At the merchandise stands and not everybody's got a skin this cat the same way but I do you think it's problematic. Did the the NBA playoffs right now or is boring it's you've seen now we'll see how being number one goes between Boston and Cleveland tonight in Boston. But this is the dominating story line for the NBA today I think that is problematic but will see moving forward. Again when it comes to the NBA draft lottery last night. Yet the ultimate winner were the two big guys the East Coast and the West Coast in Estes simply Boston. In LA so here's the deal he realized. Logs that ball is probably gonna end up in the out there LA. In doubt we'll see how it goes but I think the big winner last night. Also probably was the big loser and that's the LA lakers get that number two slot means that they're probably got to take Alonso ball and what that's gonna do. It's that's gonna make the former number two pick of LA back in the 2015. Draft. De'Angelo Russell. Do you know he feels like he's been stuck in purgatory for the last two season ended the seasons he's likely to be traded for. If that's the case the you know one of the winners. In losers all in the same night when it comes to the NBA draft lottery. It's the lakers the Angela Russell because he will be moved. In he will get out of there but unfortunately. If the lakers go with ones that ball that brings and eight complete another set of issues. The quite frankly a a bad guy there I don't wanna bring anymore it's NT I really think that the father is just simply. A bad bad guys are right diesel. That we got beat Kelly line music festival this weekend it's at a Greenville Pickens speedway. Thirteen different light bands one for me to kill me here in the upstate in its Friday and Saturday so a lot of fun going to be had out there. At the Greenville Pickens speedway set. We're gonna give somebody the opportunity to win 84 packet tickets for this weekend happy you wanna handle this Wendy's. But we are decided to start drew doing her own numbers. Please each. And the little part secrets out. Yes well I have dude you're gonna get way tickets yet to tell people how we're human disaster coming. How contests on her works. Yet know we can do that is like we were coming up with those rules what we're getting the color number 3844. GS PE SP yet. That's 8444773776. Color number three you get four tickets this week is and Friday and Saturday getting light music festival all you have to do is come by the station backed by PM on Friday. It hit them up number three cholera 844. GSP. ESPN when we come back a little bit of College Baseball will look at. National seeds those that whether craziest stories and softball you'll ever hear.