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All right welcome back again our number three here in the South Carolina football hall of fame induction ceremonies they hit the anniversary in one of the guys being inducted tonight Charlie very own from the lower part of our state he played your college vote all the South Carolina State in the drafted by the Washington Redskins where. You go on to win Super Bowls there and it pro bowls and Charlie you were inducted into the South Carolina athletic Alipay back in 2000 orbit. Congratulations. These are bids that most of us they'll never get it smear yes. I feel very much owners. And privileged to the fact that dominant group both. On May youth who have influenced. The football world by a large large margin and that's that great example. For all levels of football. At me and him one of the things she looked that you're going in with tonight you look on Kirkland in Dick shared an int Fisher debate eerie and but it's we were talking earlier. It's the tip of the iceberg these first five classes almost felt dirty when I hit my submission on my boat this year it's not for who I voted for bit. Who I left off yet so congratulations. To add had to be in what what was that phone call like that you guys. I tell you heard united disorder jumped for joy I mean I can remember phone call when you know might force them. God gave me the great news along with David Wise it. And you know it does put him enough on another level as far as enthusiasm. As far as happiness. In feeling that you know I had. Accomplish so much you know and how great state of South Carolina. Well. Let me let me get your daily now in the Monroe County area. Volunteering your time with football. Situation. If you study interesting story because you came out of South Carolina State back in the day when yet people. Did not give the historically black colleges and universities states BC use the respect yes that they deserve that he can back it looked to the list of NFL hall of fame well played in these yeah the university said yeah he really worked your way up the ladder to spend time in the NFL. Well you know I had great footsteps to follow it and you know we we have you know three hall of famers Harry Carson Marianne Mosley and deacon Jones. But the thing that amazed me about supplements they. What the fact that you know these guys were like father figures you know talk much because that was feared it doesn't play before I did. And to sort of follow the path had a lot of respect could Jefferies and now football staff. And you noted thing is the thing wasn't sorry get a great education in the NFL rating. And thus far look at it you know I went to approvals. And into Super Bowls in my first two years. Which I'm the only wide receiver ever to do that in NFL history. So read off the bat you know I thought I was enough already allowed the competition. Regardless of where I came from a work compete against that distant thing no one else has been and I was. And that was the model all coach Jeffries in South Carolina State football. And Charlie I was talking this EJ. A little bit ago while when we're actually on the golf course and he was tell me about how you know when he got drafted 1981 his son emblems of 7000 dollars yes. Just talk about and he wasn't powerful when you were when you got drafted out of South Carolina State. But talk about how the evolution of the whole game. With the where they weren't course there's a strike season 87 and then the free agents free agency part of it really cute in. About 19911992. But talk about the evolution there's so much discussion right now in the NFL about. Player safety and law. It does like the way they used to it you as a wide receiver. How do you feel about where the NFL. Number one with the game is that right now and number two what are they doing to protect the players that are the better. Well this. Game have changed in so many ways. Of course from a money and expect. You know when I first came to lead. My son of bones was just 101000 dollars while. My first his salary was 30000. Soul you know you can see how salary has escalated in in such great momentum. As far as the safety of game alike with the game is headed. I think right now I think the players have a lot of protection. I think com there's a lot of more awareness. Of the concussion protocol which I think is the most important thing. And you know. That the commission have done a great job with that. And even though a lot of people knock a lot of things but I mosque and credit on that. Because I think if we had known that back then I think a lot of us would have you know. Suffered a lot of concussion issues and we would you know be better off than what we saw in you know guys would of saved their lives as well. Our Charlie before we let you go again this is downtown. Charlie Brown heavyweight now they'd say that was an you know what's your message tonight it because again. There will be youngsters in the region as well including at this Tom Watson he's hoping to hear his name called next Thursday night so what's your message. Well you know my message to would be. You know just not to the high school kids but you know to college and guys stick him in a film careers it's a process. That's a process and we all have to go to their process in you have to pay the price you have to have a passion because if you don't have a passion. You're not gonna make you not gonna make it and anything in in in life if you don't have a passion for it and and the success rate. Has been so great with guys who have passion. And that's what tonight is all about you know we've gone through a process we all had passion. You go to play this game coach this game and you know this isn't resolved it's a beautiful thing. Well I telling you what best dressed me in here tonight the tie them listen you look like you're down at Brooks Brothers toughened up mile wide broader earlier today c'mon why are right we'll listen and enjoy your evening congratulate gradualism than a lot of people aren't able to do and congratulations on your distance thanks you know I'd there is dale hailed Charlie brown and we're gonna back him up with the with another and got the coach Fisher at bay will do this before we go out our first break that weight diesel. We will be ready to go win this guy gets with this year. At 630 it coach Fisher to Bay Area you'll remember him with his days with the air force academy also Josh. I remember a couple of times you know. His name coming up in a potential clumps in job search back in the day but that. Pitch to Barry it. Welcome and thank you for taking a few minutes on the yen night which here and being inducted in the South Carolina thank you mark always an honor that is thank you so much and then what looked. What's more it Josh is a former coaching probably approaches things differently than need it. What's more lasting in your mind you're 23 years air force academy want she got added the team is ahead coached in how much did for coaches across the country. With the American football coaches association. Omar Agassi the thing that I am most proud of him that coaching news what the players are doing today. What they've done with their lives and responsible positions as there in. The ones that called back and say go to news on the things we did football you know things it didn't help him Mac commands and in my job and whatever. I guess that probably is is that thing where the coaching tree. Britney is so I'm very very proud. And coaches that are in those in the NFL coordinators and add them position coaches. Hit coaches in college. Coordinators in college position coaches I spew coaches and you know when I first went to the air force enemy. Nobody voting today about the lack of effect Kosher LA about what it was black. And we had some success and I think they really enjoy their football experience I think they felt like I did. Everybody given me everything I just felt like these against them and I think that's. Been a motivating thing program. Coach your very first of all congratulations on being inducted in the hall of fame tonight and the ceremonies that go with that in. Oh of course you're lengthy career in college ball and and helping young men talked to us a little bit about. You know the steps that it takes now days. With all the things a social media that you you have a phenomenal foundation for the coaches of charity. That you deal with that helps give back to the community and help these kids as well as some of the coaches and all that but. Talk about some things from your career from the coaching ranks and involved in the AF CA and then the FCA. As well which of those dear to your hearted and what these coaches do and young men that behavior tonight listen to you get abducted the whole thing. Well I don't think you have a vault with the application for a fifth at the footsteps of coach you don't through they understand it flooded. An enormous responsibility. And that's the thing that tale particularly. Besides duke coach uses speaking clinics and things like it is. This without a doubt the most important people in their community. And you know they they haven't also cultural responsibility. That goes there a lot of a lot of kids that day to day. National stats tell us about 42% of the kids in this country live in single parents and but there's so many of the kids that don't hand it all the interest you know leadership. Don't have a mail me you know mentally and their lives and at a critical time put the that's one reason why we do the foundation we do resent that thousands of kids from this country this summer camps and we just hope of getting amended. In the camps in a lot of these fellowship Christian athletes summer football camps that they can go and learn and improve their skills and compete against accused the most importantly learn a lot of character development and integrity of the issue and hope that they can make it makes decisions for their lives go back to those views of the culture athletes have a tremendous impact. Upon their classmates teammates and change so hard and so a lot of schools across this country so us a vision we have. As we know we continue with coach Fisher the very end you know you were air force academy for 23 years she led that program to twelve bowl games. What was a little dipper I mean these guys did they come out of the practice field to get away from day legal fight that they academy Evian is there anything that you could have done worse on the practice field of them than they've already dealt with with being a debt. In did that have to you have to baby kind of look the change some things realizing that. In these academy members say they they're dealing with a whole lot more than just being student athletes. That's Joseph marte. Kids kids aware mile and kids. I am just where things they realized that they won't. You know stability. And Stanley is able to. Little model figures there they won't discipline. They really want this so our approach wryly that the academy was no different than coaching in the other places that if they union and dad. I think it's responded very very very well today but yeah it was over a reprieve from them it'll play from the academics abaco island on those kids which exit. When he toward one point 233 hours you know a semester and there. You know those things came first and we didn't have quite the tab may be with our athletes and that was a big challenge to us as coaches to be so extremely organized. And in in really utilized act and yet we had that dam dam dam will do that we really play it and we appreciate. It's our final question because this one I'll love you were that team here man of the ethics committee for the American football coaches association. Is that one of the more difficult jobs you've ever had because millions of bam a guy he is that Arkansas we status saying like NASCAR and SEC EU AT UH riots that. How how does one in that Dave age. Have to deal with these chairman of the ethics committee. It the American football coaches as a group. Also responsibility and his response mode that at very very seriously. But did you know I I think sometimes it then that means. To them that it's not true and now they're buys cheap price and you don't have to do it. And dad you know and epic event so hopefully. But sometimes you unintentionally. The coaches' Q and did you have gotten over it NCAA rule book there unintentionally. Do it. But does so much pressure in coaching today in everybody's after the saint he had you know India. And but it's a reason and a purpose for this program it dead who has with a one of them. The largest organization American Indian saint at one of the fuel inflation Mack who would have sat there have an ethics. You know the program committee within their. The than their national organization. And so is something that are there aren't coaches cross country really really. You take very very seriously their responsibility to bush right. That's all we ask of its wholly own thing I have risked not players at one groove two or three years that was against the pro coach and I would just do what's right. You don't do what's right. And they're going to be severe crunch Scola I mean dead there that's what I try to tell my fifteen year old injustice that bothers well let's enjoy your night gotta go make some TV appearances and some other things that again. It's not the first hall of fame induction for you but it is the latest and were very very proud thanks for taking in Martin thank you ma'am are right players' coach Fisher the mayor you the warmer air force academy coach in the and really really good Josh. As well so who here is what we're gonna date we're on track wouldn't go at the break this next segments probably don't be a little bit long diesels it will have the dips its final two segments because. We're set to get this on at a certain time it. It would get our buddy here because I'm gonna miss his golf attorney. Jean Philippe the first time in decades ago anyway this is straight it was starts real life here I read seat ahead tonight South Carolina politics football hall of fame induction ceremonies in. We'll be right back in another man. Yeah all right welcome back here we're live from the Hyatt. We got one a target friends George Rogers he knew sit here next to us and George. As telling people yes I've been that your golf tournament for. Eight to ten consecutive years and I'm missing this year to look itself bits of mind it. Yet here you are support operative David why this up a lot of football hall of fame induction members why the teacher a member of this out a lot of flew off all of bank. No doubt. They would date wise it's great news this guy idea of them you know years ago week. Tolerate your together and everything in their wives and great lawyer and this has to encrypt things you know he's he's a people person in the it is probably. And it we won't column the Omnia. That in my. Hands. And George are gonna bring this up today because of the two about two groups ahead of muscle golf over these kids back to replied oh yeah. Everybody across your mind is when we get up there there's there's all drop hole right. In each day comes up too many looks that muted out there and adjacent to me. I guarantee Jordan's name is omitted them yeah I. Did you do it and so that's what needs a writer stuck that. So that way up everywhere another me X group Brightcove. Willow so that they would out of me but we do you have gotten crisis. And he was pretty good golf to vote. Republican. Now may amateur hate man. Let's here's the deal the George Rogers attorney for the Carolinas is coming up G-20. Fourth in the 26 so what he wore waterproof we're 625 and 2060 Columbia and its one victories tonight that favored a bit so will be other Heisman Trophy winners celebrities and everything else says. Yeah if you're South Carolina fans right now you know got to go bowl game this past year when nobody expected him I do not matter audited. That's. Three in the minor or mainly via an off the a year before. The men and women's the unprecedented success they had in basketball. And it's just stay on at that day on the air and Colombia's two people can go online to the George Rogers foundation website just Google it it's not a Arctic. In this is something else to get involved with because you don't you've been in this business for a long long time with your foundation in raising money because it's impaired as you age your mission statement is. It's to raise money for first time children and apparently. That it never been to college. First generation. And that I was for steroids and I'm proud to say this month and six year and guess what. I have a sudden that's gonna be doing all the hard work it's OM. And and and rightly so because he's he's executed him. He of vice president will beat company in the distance of many good things wipes the laureate got a cute and you know they've they've just. This. I doubt I've been blessed you know them both go to humorous excellent lautner who may be looking. In George talk about how South Carolina with the new mark Carolina alumni association where. You're auction is that on the Sunday night and then the golf tournament the next day. They've really made a transformation and facilities and all making sure that South Carolina just athletically all the way around. One of the best shots assaults from the baseball game the other night with the downtown in the background. I mean with the sun just going down I was like that's a that's a College Baseball stadium I mean. South Carolina has really just elevated all the facilities no question of course. About them than you do. Our athletic director a lot of credit for doing that coast news. His vision was to make that not only to football basketball baseball and all that. You go to Britain want to consume these looked good too. All right as we continue with George Rogers your Heisman Trophy winner and of course is mr. South Carolina himself and it towards this mission here with South Carolina football hall main. Yet can't we just the tip of the iceberg is the third time I've mentioned this this year's voting Timmy. Was maybe more difficult than any of the previous years because. This first three years yet. Had the Heisman Trophy winners and that kind of stuff but I felt like there was so much left on the tree and that's why this how Maine's going to be a rail prologue multi. It's just the voting reminds me at the legacy of what this state is given team at the college and professional football game. You know quizzed by and then when you re a good name prominence among those is always good to have come back. In in in him and remember some things they've done and I know that I've got inducted. Statement about how how many days it would only. With my teammates and how they make me look it's you know it's always good. Have that in the back of your mind when you you elect him. Great day and maybe. In Georgia not only did you win the Heisman Trophy but you were the number one overall it. In the 1981 draft EJ was tell me the leadership on number and then. I taught Barack Obama did it but I. Talk about like in this day and age. The advice that you would give these kids because of the social media pressure oh that that is almost every bit their lives from the moment they get. In the school now there if somebody out and some land somewhere says pay their pop star prospect. They get the microscope woman from the time they get on campus. To build their career whether or going to school and then how how they gonna go in the draft him. What would your advice to beat those young men and there's not many of them that have that opportunity. To be drafted into the National Football League and what they need to do to make that transition so they don't fallen a lot of traps that the guys nowadays involved. I'll be pretty humble because I know what kind of trip you talked about not building Coppola to build the new name and there. Was right word communities. Makes it real bad would you. Which you know you can't take that back with what you can do this for you yourself. And hope that god donors because. Something loud note didn't make. And I'm I'm really glad that you know what happened to me happen to go really happen for a reason. And then I'm talking about drugs and stuff like that you know I've got involved in it and they've. You're away from it in and you know sometimes people don't stream live next thing you know we'll wrap it back so it I'm that's the home. Be humble and and talk about picked all the take all credit due to New York where you reflect back I don't. Ultimately cripple what I've done because in front of what the bill it now. All right George final playing Havoc is. Yeah EJ was shared head bill battle not been fired he would have gone to Tennessee. In that's pretty much the same thing with you as well can you imagine those two players one from South Carolina one from Alabama they cut and ended up near Knoxville Tennessee. Alternative bill battle would agreements have been victims the owls analyst Evan Moore in coon and housed on I was on my way. And when he's had that they say they fired him. So ultimately Ka yeah. And others say there just isn't this. Australia that includes for people that George Rogers foundation go online to George Rogers foundation of the Carolinas dot org has all the bits the golf tournament. Everything else come and that's G-20 that the 26. I will show up with lights around next year again and I I have this some that's all right that's probably will never happen in my lifetime again not answered with meted this site. Beckett go there hello where I can't believe you have got to work that we say yeah yeah I hear he had. But George you know our family though he had the where things for everything you've done in let's enjoy tonight with all these other great no questions about him it's and usually when I Dave boy we've heard that twice today they're Stuart Rogers former South Carolina are now about former always says South Carolina Gamecocks that's why they say forever to the at the end the at the end of their fight so. All right here's the deal this John's going to be with this in about ten. Minutes in we're going to go ahead and catch a break here diesel is straight that was starts in a taillight. Man that ever get this kind of power in two hours on this show again well I guess every day you are here on Heisman Trophy winner drew top five minute program. To all Americans Super Bowl champs in if Michael Foster looking so good as well all right this is straight that was starts will be right back in a few minutes. Sorry about that extended break their guys are wireless went out and everything else we got a lot of working media here in the media arraignment the South Carolina football hall of fame induction ceremonies aero kit min next door. We're just have a couple of minutes we're gonna go out to break so that way we will bill with disarm Watson on the fly when he gets here but. Listen. Josh Sheehan did just that cavalcade of stars that have been through here on the show today that's just the top tip of the list if you will compared to what's in that room right now and she is a very special night to get around in in honor or something that we're all deepened passionate about Matt's college football and even pro football with the south can a lot of what. Well all things. Yeah it is and and today's. From the from this morning with the golf gun. All the way up to tonight's festivities. What an event this has become for David why certain. Michael Foster and then now been bounces to on the team. Here as well so. There's so much work that goes into. Behind the scenes to make this happen in the right here Greenville, South Carolina which should make. Our upstate listeners even more proud of oh what is being. Put on display today in a really first class manner and yeah it's gonna continue to grow can't believe it's already the fifth annual. South Carolina football hall of fame induction ceremony so. I'm looking forward to the years to come in it's just gonna continue. To grow and develop and we're excited about the direction it is. All right again you've got a lot of elbow grease and and you know David why and ESP in upstate were proud to be your partner with them on this and use look at the heat that's come through just on this today show one half. The only radio show here so that's all right let's go out there bright this is straight it was skirts were light on the ESPN upstate. I weird now taking pictures that Josh phillips' arms and it's not because it's loaded with guns or anything. They eras that being out there that we'd like to call. Sun K inflation the apparently nobody. At the in your reports today. You'll like the proverbial rock lobster right now Hebert agrees on by the beach it ET's named rock lobster isn't trying to make you feel at home Stearns dressed in an on crimson. Yet mastered. Labels like at Georgia Bulldogs to it is black golf shirt this read all right now also. I do the way I've been a catalyst if we could have some fun year in hopefully the suns on his way Ian will catch. Because John was asking me about it to him and that's what else tell him because in the group I was with. The discussion. We we would have to probably go to Syria sometime Zelaya radioed. The conversation that Patrick's happen EJ and I had. On it but we had a lot of matter of a lot of fun and you know it got kicked off right away because. George's group was headed out it was a shotgun start. And Patrick of course in Clemson guy he is yells at George what about them tiger out George George says today. Go get that trophy in my truck if you wanna talk about slow but slow it was there was a lot of that for about six out. One quick question so conned John Cooper Mercer is gonna win Datsyuk on a regular season baseball right. I would without question I think Craig Gibson's done a tremendous job. You know and that's a program that he's kind of put into a place to where kids and they can make runs here in and year out. They were there I think back in 2013 had their first 41 season on just a tremendous. Program meant and you look at that that added they had come out and in at an MLB draft last year. On Mercer is a program that's here to stay and it's going to be a Southern Conference juggernaut I think more than any other sport in baseball's. Are you end. And they're much more in line people can follow you on FaceBook it so Conn John correct KG that's that's pretty much what you do is Southern Conference yet athletics right. I do mid major madness dot com for basketball and it. I do black during the football season on I guess it's medium range that common. I just kind of covered in a week to week what happens weekly recap some more I think. Com the analysis will be for the upcoming games for the upcoming weeks. It's it's fun I enjoy it I group watch and Southern Conference athletics and if something and that it's a labor of. No doubt about it will listen. Appreciate you happen offers second we're gonna hopefully finish up with this on here just a second opinion get to the rest of them again. You know where to get checked catcher worked Mattel has a great job would tell him to get some nasty 75. Oh and also on Johnson take a shot at mayor what the what the next door thinking could use more about 110 bereavement I can tell you right now. Yeah we're gonna take injuries that lets you work on the anchors advocating it July. That's what I'm not an end up looking like on date number one I think it was very first week we we start off with like two days see if I do that and I go via the study. If I go I mean I write that you were just shoot from the hip here permit it as we close things out one thing I'm really. When it's really taken me a packed with stake at about. To work Rogers meeting it titles they're Tennessee never attend the University of South Carolina AE GG your talking about you know if they'll battle had been fired from Tennessee up by. He likes the fortunes of that football program with if they had. Bill you know George Rogers as well as each EG your image is mainly more in the great wide receiver Easley high school right here in the upstate of South Carolina. Hundreds Holloway Utley was playing the beginning of what would have been there are. Been a whole different ball game you know and I mean you. Hear people saying bad. Had not been for the public on the Tennessee. Makes you wonder why they were so hot to trot because Johnny majors was even a Tennessee grad he went I was there at state Iowa State that it. He yet. Hindsight 20/20 data. Well unfortunately for bill battle he started out his coaching career at Tennessee the wrong way you win 111 in his first year finished second. In the SEC went hated Jews following year. There he backed that up in the middle. With a couple of eight fours in seven and something's there and then follow that believe his last year. It's seven and five and whenever you start that way. I've never really ends will remember Terry Bowden and Auburn started off with a undefeated season. And there's only really one way to go from there unfortunately for. Bill battle like you said. You yet you up Bob. Draft picks warning facility in the same class one complaint form at what we have the fortunes of the University of Tennessee been. Had that happened so. Oh that's something that. We'll never know but it turned out well for both EJS his career was just spectacular you know I was talking to him. As we were coming to the hotel must know Egypt from our discussion that day. If I had the bit about quarter to place. You would it's because they want them Alabama or the national title with that more than seven sevenths and the and us that you were literally two plays away from winning. Four straight national chairmanship because Alabama got roll out of one of the national chairmanship has Notre Dame jumped from fifth. The first and the hole because that was when. The national champion was. Identified from the media people and so. That set off the firestorm that would become the robbery between. Alabama Crimson Tide and of course Notre Dame on stemming from that circumstance because there's no question album was the best football team years. Well eight you know again hey people always asked me had you end up in Alabama house like you would it just had been in there that day. That day when you heard that voice in the back here echo and yet. This is where can see myself for the next four years now I apologize about that because that's where it was for the next. And a half years not four but you know get fellow curveball with flights and there's wells that. This is one of those things you know from time to time that. Yet other thing I want to ask you real quickly. Other. What do you take it away from today because again this class coming in. It is so deep the fight years that they had been in they've put in here. He's from street he's demonstrate does and that. We're just hit an iceberg here's a kid in this on it's probably going to we're gonna see him back here for an induction ceremony. A lot quicker and outright. Sorry your effort this time what Sandia national decides it's weird because you now. Former Clinton quarterback but it. Even two prevalent in here recently get prepared for what's gonna be a life changing moment next Thursday night very. He has been can turn around turn over Caroline I can't. But I just kind of go with the folks who have been this week. Well you're here last year in a different role but you're being present or the presented the Blanchard Rogers award by hell's Jewelers and if you look at the depth of these. You look at the depth that these people that have been inducted in this howl of pain when you stop and realize what you accomplished in your three years a corpse. Good at try to whenever I can my kind of do it for football intelligence. Is think about different things no things accomplish all of our words. I'm how far McCain from from you know as a little kid in grown up another storm that went through and diversity. That is it's been kind of hard units shown so much so ever lose if they get as I think. Now the shots that yelled national championship and congratulations on that and receiving the doc Blanchard Rogers a war. Since winning the national championship the way you did. I don't think I've ever seen a football team have a hundred offensive snapped number one. So that was incredible in and of itself. But knowing that since that moment so low literally leading up till next week with the NFL draft. The world win that you've been known from the group in the group in camp thing that you do what Jon Gruden on television. Talked to us a little bit about the schedule that you had to do and win here. Where you are right now heading into the draft board next week. Million really wraps it the temperature gamma kind of flew out flew out moved to California. As in California throughout to a three month term for the combined and improve day. And then with a camera that come running out loose and the critic Clemson. In a move that to Georgia in Scotland travel around team been missing workouts. Doing that and then you know. Right now in this position you know those banquet scene and try to do little Freetown and I kings. Some. Really happened and then he knows. The banquet tonight. My last work over the Buffalo Bills tomorrow morning. And then just got a New York you fill in this week. The shot that is why we're bat in the show and you need to deal with the rest of the press here I came in and spoke your class when your freshman in the in the progressed. Sophomore junior season you've been meeting with all these NFL teams here in the past two and a half three weeks was the one thing you learn the one the taken away. From this process. Just continue to be yourself. Don't let the media. Distract you are feel like they you know are right and gone to Europe. You know the media is. This is this a poker game and his teams are gonna tell you one thing and tell you the truth immediately assume what they. Predicted and then have their own paints those guys they believed the key working keep trusting yourself and indulgence. Indeed it from the freshman year until this junior years and I applaud you for that wherever you land at Steelers the night there going to be better off for thank you for your time and it is a pleasure recoveries during your time club's pursuit that you. I bless good luck next leaders to Shawn Watson and he will maybe eight quickly BS around about the rest of the media and we appreciate the before we got off the year do it that are right but it just doesn't stop here with pumps and quarterback so we will actually be tomorrow in studio. From four to 6 PM will give way to put some weight horse baseball at 6 PM in the we will be at the Taj Boyd foundation. Dinner out there it balloon payments and bills to you know it. This thus make us look pretty but I mean they went out there. We've we've had some great shoes and about measure to match the power that was just brought here in the last couple hours and Clooney. Ending it with the ostensibly yes. Potentially delegates at the New York Borough the right. Or exports that runs on the outlook on visas tonight diesel you've done a fantastic job back there today and and sometimes you it with the producers difficult is exposed to hold the rest breaks and this is one of those days where you just yet event where you and is trying to and you are printing and hard left an oncoming traffic that's all they're a year ago I try. I'd stay away at that that can always be an issue that lesson that will do from Puerto six to mark back in studio. A couple of good destined. Again. Let's have some fun here at the South Carolina football hall of fame dinner lobster in all. Were the so we're coming into the show are blobs order by the Russian hockey it is an honor. So you're saying I'm Josh was standing on the surface of Mars he would blend right man. But you guys you got atlas and has been a fantastic yeah it will visible or 4 PM for more straight start after last night.