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All right welcome back here. Regency and day. We're ahead of the South Carolina football I'll base this in dot sincere millennium we're sitting dale. The guy out watched on the sidelines a whole lot grownup invest Dick shared in the former NC state head coach but again. The former department head coach that brought the paladins their first national title and hope jabs here with two coaches coach Josh built statistics here that congratulations. On this award I know it's not your first. Yes having grown up eight right beard and what North Augusta playing football in Columbia coaching department. Has to be an honor to be inducted into the South Carolina football Albany. Let us tremendous Auburn and don't. And you know apart part at that time excited about this in the group of other inductees. Be included in this group does that make song or even greater so. I'm happy to be here. Well we're certainly happy that you listen he's solid two different levels she worked coach it's. It firm and for what eight years I believe it and it was longer map. Though so you go based system profile right for the SE saw it the one double A which we used to call our producer hate sad because he's in that state grad so we have to make sure we see at CES now vs one runaway bit in the new that he NC state need delivers some of the best seasons at the wolfpack is seen. What was the difference you know between one level in the other is it just a little bit of size and speed. Well that there really are a lot of differences first. We had a 55 scholarships at Furman and it was 95. And it does it though. It is this sport but the warning scoops and with Diaw and that was one different so you had a panel players. And on the facilities. Or or or a lot different no what we. We came from priority NC state. It up found out later Soviets were not very good that we though we've done donors I mean they were the world much Bert what we had a permit. And it didn't say it doesn't matter you know it seems to matter more now. To some of these schools I think there's like an arm Theresa and facilities. And I was I was up the NC state recently. And got a tour of the the new facilities there Celtic they're very news anymore. But they want this good is she could ever want but I'm sure there. They're not as good as clips for instance but I just can't imagine. Anybody needing more than what NC state has right now. Culture thanks for joining the social today one of the things. You actually did at what I call the old school way in your coaching career start about it. Aren't we're Wilkes and as a high school coach here in the state always loved crew note W workers there were players are never women though OW in the bitten by and several players in and try to get him out of there and compete with the other coaches. But talk about you're. An hour or will focus and in the and that transition to form and then from Foreman to. NC state you don't see a lot of guys anymore. Not only is that game of football changed. Exponentially but also the coaching career moves. It seems just don't go that route anymore. That's a good point has spent nine years scope to that school. And actually I was only one year art expert Wilkinson. We will archery past due for the previous two years there'll be one years or true Wilkens. But Tom it was the same gears a movie remember the titans. And you know same record same year. It's a championship that really brought the community together. As a lot of enjoyable aspects to it being there that. And but I was an assistant at oh clear Hoskins. When I first started coaching art baker is art. And the the last sore years I was there out hit basketball coach you know that that was Baghdad where you coach Moore who that's right more than one thing. One the most enjoyable aspects of of my coach in laws. The most the programs were in poor shape when I go out there if that my brother and Lois tell me what date to get a good job. And but the basketball program was in bad shape than the the other third year. We're would make a final 42. Edits to add to that the three years like for the state championship but lost. And then what I went to two Clarksburg bit older one previous three years and only want one game and across the case. And if so this improves that program. If it's the same kind of thing and then an airport I ask you this there when you heard they've never had a winning since. And to have a season like we had it was great the informant. You know it never won a conference championship. And it was great to see that improvement. Indebtedness and state most at one in the preakness or use regains. So. From a big aspect. In coaching that I think gives the most fulfillment is it should take the program this bad shape and prove it. And but you don't ask about the years and large bird. It that the improvement that we made and then win a state championship on this. Difficult circumstances. Was very enjoyable and there's cents. Now coach before we let you go year Furman Paladins 16 Southern Conference championships when you were there including a national championship you were named one double A coach of the year in 1985. It in C state you you'll let the wolfpack six bowl game she won the Bobby Dodd coach of the year award in ACC coach of the year award in 1986. So. You're going in the hall of fame what is it that makes a good coach what he has because I've heard so many different it. Surged to disclose its staff and good players cut. But that McRae one thing. We played for the national championship not listening there right we lost in the last few seconds thanks to George associate Tracy him. You know we hit three people try to tackling. And a little less but the game he scored and we were hit like one of Robbie Caldwell is it Clinton said he told his players before they. And went down and it won the game that's it to each year. If you've been in this situation before in civics score to quit we got time to go to it would go around and women but let's split it. If they get. And that was a legendary game in the Tacoma dome Kirk Russell on the other sideline as well in the reason I ask because I looked forward to I've got to do some work with Sid you know a lot of my job was figuring out. Which button to put some up and you get to hug. Say it's going to be all right some on the had to grab by the face mask and send a little star as sterner signaling his. Once is a coach Jeff figured out which button to push on which player that's when it all started to come together. Well in debt is a great coach that that was an hour away and we treat him also. And I think if you talk to sew up players or not. Seen if you already out here that are here. That I would hope they would tell you that they were all treated so well. Less and as you've been so gracious with your time in your day on at the beach in nine joined the light day on the air in the Garden City admirals and what area played. A couple of those courses that are built. Yet through some of your work and listen congratulations it's not very often that people get inducted into their state hall of fame in years surmise that's more and Bae paid to serve. David here and yet they keep very but here we. Do you and I listen. Now he can't estimate via full rails that the race here you got David hood with tiger yet the television that you have the date two enjoy your time here in the limelight for the next. So let Josh. Telling who won the golf tournament. We're still yet. They'll do we have a little bit on its mind they catch so who won the golf. Actually I don't know we have to have a runner coming to make our car in. Because I've been bringing EJ back to the hotel in the bucket so that I can get. Cleaned up for tonight's. Festivities. So I'm gonna say. Teams that junior and Phillips one. Until they tell me different because. From the last I heard although all the scores have been elegant and ours and they have declared a winner so if we're the last one in that I'm saying we want. I would say David it was in the tournament from tiger better every year he'd have the pits handing them dangerous guy on the golf course is the guy as an exploratory that's the last live dry at seven just kind of miraculously turn into multiple. I hate it that's detail about you know teach you you're facing a outside in Vegas if you work and to you art of the softball built. Like sneaky another night number consumers wells. Castle that other side of art and I through loves the you know cheered remember how exciting was that time off the arena. Which is now the Ottawa pack it and to make it seat that come with me the story about the tickets that evident. It's 20000 seats in orbit the ease all the embers to make arches and stuff. From wood from the males think Helen's you know options that all of this stuff going on it is yours ain't. If they can have made that gained Williams price on the fly by at 4040. Files they're Marie when Utley TP team gains two. It anyway cops more trouble Walcott and as wells two. The ads they let diesel let's get off the break here and we come back will bring you some more including. Let's see also in this room LeBlanc Berkeley heads to. Offer in here. Is that what mayor is joining us because you are they're searching homes. At first but never ever be in this business that would occur that was you know you're destined. Distant I was also paid back DT has his daughters that guy from next weekend and I had to step up with pools of water. Get him in there first and he's got impeccable golf Rome is nice and Washington and Lee just like off and she had yeah. She had. Bigger scholarship offers just wanna be on them Allen time it was and everybody is praising god she got to go off from Kathy and not the consumers were really excited about today Elisa Uga beat one of the yet c.'s tonight yes also doing this for several years yeah Javier this is government for the past year we have added they're the cloak yet the club that nailed it's going to be a full deal here in the Hyatt regency you Megan idle word on the guy. NC called the night yeah and not only that we've added Mark Ellis of course most folks know Todd Ellis in the sports being the voice of the gamecocks but. The broad market is. One more pick up and establish. A producer in Hollywood for for films and house read and just a list today of the guys that he's worked with and I'm going to be doing some fun stuff with a tonight I did at the privilege to introduce in the and so. I'm excited to rethink about Adam Sandler Tom Cruise Al Pacino or Reynolds more Wahlberg the rock Chris Rock will federal Kurt Russell these are all guys that he is. Actually been in charge ago. On their films and just. The film list that this guy has done now and Amy I mean a man SP nominations re award winning. Off films. And I know more for a long time so. It's going to be fun to take the stage with him tonight and I've got I've got one I'm gonna have got a pretty good joke among the lead off with so I'm not sure how it's gonna take you be the game cut gradually over Ecuador figured out who will. A lot though this will. If you're with Megan huddle or tonight you guys a lot better side to it than I do not question especially in the looks department well I'm jealous brother and though. It's not that she's not extremely talented British he has yet very down to what she does loosen it. It channel seven but opt promised she'd be there one reason that why you ask her typical we've got to all sit how closely will notice would that offset some of that ordinance. So wrote quickly you did a lot of ESP yeah rework this past year how things go in beat his that you and your lovely wife two beautiful daughters as well also you've never seen him remain to keep this. Well that's that's the understatement of the day yeah I mean the Kennedy now fortune of biblical games. Up freest paean last year well will going to be doing it again this year looking for that got some other opportunities can't discuss at this time. Until the contractor's son go get some things in the works and very very excited about. Some opportunities that we have coming our way to be able to stay in the broadcast Booth and I keep telling penal Thomas it were one day one day he's going Britney don't make people make up on that date has not happened yet is so that's. Just. I wanna give you a quick personal thank you DT our mutual friend David Townsend. We meet up with you at bats on congaree rated RE back then. And think what took place in that conversation two with them get right to go to Winston-Salem journal sentinel award next model. To stay keep for that all men and out of this stuff I did ever I didn't do and that man that's. That's all that's all the good lord your hard work and it has nothing to listen to have some fun tonight you guys gave great group coming into the hollow thing they are. What we want to go to list coming little not only not only what a list this year but look at what is happened from thirteen to seventeen. The amount I mean can you as the all realize the amount of Super Bowl champions all pros all Americans get a Heisman Trophy winner and Heisman Trophy runner up. You've got multiple people that have played in. And up pro bowls you've got guys that have not coached my highest level one national championship that room is full of them who's been to. Of the state of South Carolina and think about what this the palmetto state is Dolan and his passion that you get baseball with. Coastal Uga basketball so after a lot of women's beat Uga football because it's like. This for this little partially state no way your bill you know I mean it wicket of mark. And we've only touched the surface I felt so guilty after I put out ballot in this last year not for the fight that I voted for it was for the it team that I should put it right yeah there was just not enough space to. Yeah so it's it's it's a great night he I don't know the name body could have envisioned what David Wyatt had as his brainchild back in the day but. He were he has worked his tail off to get it to where it is an idea. In less an easy day it's in good hands tonight you Megan idol Bergen people I think there's a couple of tickets available you can come or to some here and I don't I don't know Asia and well another down to six tickets available at six weeks of brutal double check on that when you Wilson I just wanna. All right we'll listen pay melee and lord show you got children are great job man and a Tokyo enjoy the night I we're gonna do it diesel let's get out great straight start slide from the height Regis Ian down to him very. All right welcome back end is that we're lied here at the Hyatt regency and day own tail and green apple and apple. Q you wait long enough get interviewed everybody from the clips and tiger press box they over the course that time is we're joined by Al Adams who. His his been around clubs for a long time and Al you are representing. Mike Brown who's going to be. Posthumously. Given the 27 team. Humanitarian. Of the year award for the South Carolina football payment as I understand it UN Mike we're best friends what you're. Once we were I graduated in 75. Went to work in sports information missed Brantley and now Michael was coming in as a freshman. And he was student trainer for free at Hoover and now we've got to be really good friends now Bert Henderson came along not too long after the F. And now that we were we were just really good friends so this has been a pretty tough couple of months to lose bird and Michael took. The same stretched it to Michael Michael and I have been friends so for 41 years. And in again from what I understand yet he was to have a Sweeney's agent he some of his other notable clients include subpar Syrians might Malarkey Chris Peterson Rich Rodriguez. And you know a lot of people say and I have heard it from David Wyatt who I've been in business with for a long long time. Yet a lot of the negotiating. He he kind of set the law UP. Will roll with how Mike Brown went with things he he he did he was real for a person did his homework. Knew what he was doing going again and at his funeral Terry Don even talked about how he. When he walked in the door and light stuff on the on the table to keep you what he was where where they were going. And now he had done his preparation and real for a person real organized. And he just I guess that was his engineering background he receives an engineering. Graduate clubs. And that went into who has worked for in engineering for number years but I always wanted to get back into Iowa. Sports and now want to be an agent and built up a built up quite obvious to he had. You know if you look at it the college football play offs that were fourteenth and he had to that it touched it. So with Chris Peterson and with so with that. As you look at where Clemson is coming he said you've been around you graduated in 1975. Just talk about the development from. Where things war obviously. On. To the probably the last two to three years the crowning achievement 81. And now. Clubs and to reach and heights and it from crude and stay import facility standpoint. That is just ground breaking in every way that you look at it it is just amazing the transformation. That is happening Clinton and just from your experience. Spending. That particular time from a student there where yours now. Just talk about. That transformation. From the universities that graduated well when I graduated. We didn't have a predicts. We had about 43000. Was it was a good Saturday afternoon. What hard to get to the marketplace and it would argue in the stadium and out of the stadium. And now so all of that has certainly changed and really we you know we had the upper decks were put in in 78 and an 82. I 83 and it's he wouldn't we made a major jump at that point but but. Quite honestly didn't think it kind of settled and if you count a certain for a for a long time. Until coach when McCain. I mean my goodness. No one of the guys that was an assistant coach on on coach bowden's staff I knew when he played excellent. And we were dressing believe it or not in the same dressing rooms when coach Bowden was coach and that he interest in when he was playing in the late seventies. So you can see how our facilities had fallen. Woefully behind. Proportionality. There'd just unbelievable so what are swinging it's coming in and just energize the program. Incredible. Miami everything so buttoned down and that Al is that ports up in the press box with this in you know and that's the thing I love with him beret he learns from your minter as well Bob Bradley let people do their job I mean you really have to mess not be get in trouble in the press box it you've reached that point in. Sue into the store I would I mean in net that that's what I love about you know you would the only team we help you. It's not what we always get on the road you know look to see guys in the real quickly because I know. You've got other stops to make and everything I wanna give a plug it. I felt bag back here from kill Woodson and that you guys are involved. And I just want to have you rove Karl I cannot. Come hailed here that I have rates are well. And it's 3:30 AM like. I got tied heavily that's your daughter Barbara were my daughter Ashley. Graduated in 2000. I'm sort retro in 2012. And now. That's our store yet subtle yet she saw. She's doing an amazing job. Glad to page you you can go in the year Josh that you can get lost. I mean 60 win in the air in dad bought my wife and child a little makeup gift for the three or four days that I spent the bad and alive my daughter out text or picture of the back she's going nuts right now she doesn't know what it is highly challenge anybody there making it tractor dale him we're able right here at the high it can deal with it is oh. It is we have in the spirit and it's not tell everybody used to be fat now Mobley it's bad. Seemed like not fall for great bowl weekend you in the eye rolling as well it's it's a family living yes we'll listen Al thank you for joining us think well over representing Mike Brown because again I I'd always heard from Hawaii who is a former NFL agent. Yeah he they're they're three or four that really kind of started the business and he was one of the pioneers who they keep a much have a great day to say. It can't think about that Josh I mean you and I don't have these easy eating by needs to be representing us when it comes to a contract. Sure would be nice to dream a little bit but when I mean right. That's. We coaches can get that kind of thing added their hands. In concentrate on what they're supposed to do and that's coaching and recruiting and things of that I don't think he can go wrong I don't think ago. Well that's the thing is that the demands on the guys now you know in coach here in alluded to it. A little before that the demands. Used to you could just be a football coach. But now with the marketability the amount of money. That these. Teams and programs are pumped up now on the coaches the head coach now at a major year institution especially if you're in the top 25. Has to be able. If he's gonna keep grasp of what's going on with his team. To be able to free that. In order to do that and that's often where in Egypt at the right age. I can come in and just be it guts and then. That's the thing that has allowed you know dabble to keep doing what he's doing with the recruiting standpoint. And then handle all the contractual obligations. Because there's so much more behind the scenes the coaches have coaches have to deal with. And and good agents worked their way to go. Absolutely 3%. It seem like a lot but they always are and it all right well we come back we'll speak with battle of bunker went. Former Clemson tiger in Pittsburgh steeler as a game where light here at the Hyatt regency in dale dale grateful for the South Carolina. But our hall of fame induction ceremonies. All right welcome back here indeed a higher rated seed we got one of our favorites that's Levon Kirkland the former Clemson linebacker from Lamar South Carolina. You guys some people Josh back in the day you know that we're really into that recruiting they. Like you know that was won the last two offers and that class in yet here he is going to go to South Carolina football hall faith I'll never forget number 44. It how ripped our ideas like a contest that Clemson linebacker crew back there well. Who look the best you know enemy. It was you know we're all on a cookie cutter initially we were all on the same side as the same height. We all came in this really these kind of blocked off really became tremendously and when you have that kind of talent you have that kind of competition. You compete with everything. So. He I forgot who I think with Wayne Simmons who say hey man we shoot we should talk assures you now so that really calls the pressure of you trying to. Look good evening uniform. And you know we we came out especially those for awhile back Jon Johnston and as a separate wings of us myself endlessly. I think it was a lot of the public affairs went crazy with McCain. We we were really that special. Type a lot back when there. The guys that started. You don't want a guy who's. Behind the guy who started. Is justice. In. It was Hartsock you Blake you know. The idea and we we moment we got out of success but the ones we all of the successor so if you would. If we were any other situation where we are just the guy who played a lot. Would easily got 1213 cents because we respect that really did play a whole lot especially those. Those last two years from this you know we want them behind in the great thing about. That Honda Kool really. Unselfish when McCain to make a play you know not to win. We always believe it but Dallas hi this good team is slightly honestly often you know. They'll be a rotation between the three of us and you keep doing your thing it's in the nuts I've solved. You know way solicitous of so it was great to me John Johnson they pushed us. But they all soul. Wildest and blocked him playing real well in the marketplace with Tom tremendous. Situation that we adequate time. The malveaux on the last time. You and I spoke this going back aways. You just become the head coach Shannon forest. Christian school had started that. And had help that help that school. Learn the game of football and teach those kids and that you went on from there I believe if I am use this four little bit and then. You'd always told me you wanted to give back the NFL as a coach and you made that. With the Arizona Cardinals just catches up on where you are now on what's going on with you and what's next world mark Merkel moving forward. Well you know I'm an optimist my coaching fellowship there like I said before. Before Gelman there. You know bears on the cardinals and pensioners and it's tremendous to me me it really provided me with the opportunity to. And the I don't know before to take a guy who listen in and filled the room. And allow him to stay on for two years until. One of the problems of this office of minds in the game. There's some tremendous coaches at there's so that was a great opportunity for me. You know I'll always be too. The coaching aspect of it may be a different spin in maybe we're. I'm helping youth football but I feel like I'll always be tokenism slim fast enough in others. You know you know. Designing my home you know I think. You know come what a concept called complete me. That's basically trying to keep is at a very young age and tried to now album in there football development but also help them in there. Education and emotional as. You know their lifestyles skills to I think a lot of times that's what's really listening to these it is not qualifying. On. Whatever the situation we would help them. The fell through sports but also that deadliest at the stone not to foundation so long I could see myself to America see myself on. You know Katrina coach you know really give that as much as possible I think America stays where. I just wanna pour myself and two others. Now this year necessarily first rodeo when it comes to an induction you're the clubs and hall of fame back in 2001. Of the South Carolina athletic column name back in 2008. Bit. The other gang get back this year coaching internship in the got that because you won the Bill Bidwill coaching fellowship said. I'm with you I think coaching is in your future. You know what's one thing that you wish you tell these children today earlier the young athletes come and now because. We always don't know who's in their head you look at trying to read Lavar ball I think it's one of the worst things will be with these sports at big east kitten at least it is important what's one piece of that ice sheered maybe not with the players with that here. Well I think you're. You gotta let them understand. You know. It's got to be at some point in time accused decision. And accuses really got to be the one who loves that game and if you love the game a lot of people say they do. They wanna be creative and you gotta dedicate yourself to be great if I wouldn't be so in this and it and you. But I don't really honestly tell him to evilness. You know your foundation should be more than just wars meets horse can't solve it can't be your foundation because it's a shelf life the only little play. For a little while if you play along ultimately failed miserably short as compared to life I was say. You know try to be as personal as possible countering killer on the books councilman not to. Not to gulf war but that's not an opinion tells Mikey Michael wouldn't want anyone to tell me. With uncle for. Because I wouldn't listen first and foremost. But I would say you know. He is personal she possibly be the best cone to possibly be beat this person in the Pasco lecture you father. The they. Athletic career even though I'm all for. Last time we please I am really you know this what should be more brushed. Have a you know that live football ticket to the highest it can take you to not only to be here as a whole front. If you did that real quickly before we let you go Q were there at one of the heights of Clemson football history. Comment now that a world dale layer with the new operations senator played for national title two years ago won at this past year he got to be happy alumnus right now. Ominous tremendous Imus has some bragging rights you know we have some Alabama Saddam with bill cardinals though. To be wouldn't come back up and you build its own team you know kind of put an effort doubles. But I'm. You know eventually. Though he hasn't been a model there you know I think. With him as a coach. He understands how to lead he understands cute he's he's in there he can go to anyone's home and the mistake that day here. That clinches the place to come to believe not only just convince. Them that discipline succumb to that to actually prove it. For the introduces us to put him to win. Championships and that's how you get better players the common man becomes the formula here in the culture there. The substantive. Reason that he and his. It's not the Clinton people talk about that date is this something totally different this. It's really a team this. Broken down the establishment you know this broken down here CC enemy's enemy is. It's come from wolf the ACC is not this until being the king of the mountain company is showing a lot of people the way. And lot of people didn't really believe the devil when he first got there you uncle global blah. It's all about leadership we've come on post and football team if you can see hill obviously graciousness. Lewis and you know week nominated I think you. Just think she enjoy year induction tonight this that these things right handers that often in the even a class act upon are reluctant. All right now he gets to get make rounds here in front TV and print everything of that nature so I tell you what let's go ahead and will get a break before they bring somebody else dies in that you're. Yes EDG your from the university Alabama we will I got myself going get out of here. I got it up and out. Well when we come back out this is great it was start relied on the South Carolina football hall of fame induction ceremony at the height reach. All right welcome back here and he's got Heidi agreed to seek coach Josh belts give them a follow on Twitter at Josh ESPN upstate immediate Sturgis sports diesel diesel on radio and of course at ESPN upstate is we're. One of the sponsors here for the South Carolina football hall of fame induction ceremony and it it's we had a mind after the George Rogers tournament last year former Alabama Crimson Tide number six person number six trapped by the St. Louis Cardinals correct. Got this piecemeal us in now a head coach at Delaware State EJG here in. AJ acted tracked down after Josh jot job in goats and apologized not apologized week to discuss that covers expert. Here on the air that. Your guys seemed a little bit of it all my question is who was that biggest she yells foursome on the golf reports today between you and took coach Phillips. I've definitely. I put my golf global punishment they sit in the corner to be learned how to hit the ball straight and I thought most of you before holds a warm welcome. If you know working their bid. Thought that I killed a couple of gulf whose three almost got to Opel got a court over their holder won a favor for. How they've put alone pit bulls Michael hit the winner of the muck muzzle right it was almost a foot peopled almost got a. Almost out of say the PGA dot it was real quickly about every. You had a very nice career in the NFL yet we're seeing in some issues go on right now. One of the things I love about the mission of this out a lot of football hall of fame it's not about just conducting people it's job training. Win now players are done with their playing careers or. Yeah whatever needs to be done. Is NFL doing enough for its former players right now as we're seeing you know had trop all these issues come up because here's what I don't. Today you cannot let what Alabama I don't wanna have to go across paper and coming in 25 years. Well I think that that the game is going to always be around is to popular you'll always outnumbered Q when items on who you're took a statement double. Who's the sophomore ago oh Bowling Green and I got a fourteen year old who's won't be followed both. They all love the game and then took many people love the game now they're taken a lot of steps to try to make things safer. Hopefully go to W to a point where is how to poke. Not to insult to young ladies but really you know this'll this'll contact sport and as a violent sport in the you have the same chemical loses in hockey are illegal stop playing you know people and market so you spiritually. They'll make it slid for a big don't have more monitoring it as far as the helmet the equipment ought to be a martyr took blows a little bit this woman with things that we've come up. All followed loaned the equipment on is getting better. Try to teach proper tackling going all we doubt that a high schools you know they have a film is stored things to do that we're teach him and acknowledge our schools teach them how to tackle a little bit better. So the day they change a little bit but it still won't be the guy. AJ thanks for Jones shall with us today. You're now we're talking about this today one as we were playing. That vote for it had to do an in home visit to get you to come to Alabama they it was a vote lock stock and barrel. A situation to come but once you may be available in home visit. Tell our listeners a little bit about the store with your mom wearing my mama devastate a bit and say you go listen that this man well. Are are cruel to me where there was a lot of racism and prejudice in the north brook from. The telephone verses being a degree from Whitewater from slow but it would bloop bloop bloop draw those quotable you know Beckham when assault George Wallace and on the steps into the black male and a walk when mr. Obama as well I'm going to just let and that it is all whites in this. I'm not going to the scoop so called prank calls. My mother is the principle they want the you don't do when you're young wishes are to pronounce the spurs this season or mothers who could look over less than poked royalty. So cold front call. Loses is called Brown's performances bill runs down more talk that it is is that you won't talk to me. All right women talked or so he gets on the phone is it's very. I know you personal good things about Alabama and you heard some bad things let the promise you two are so what does that coat. Whose his first volume give quality education that what you called the case it well but I did tell him I'm very in this about it. Visas circuit and become Alabama that you go to meal you'll make me all American all prophets Jesus were to tell law. An account with Rebecca my. Keep talking coat. And use all talk about the work ethic and everything that typically in Alabama so difficult to come down abuse. So what I owed on now about. There was no battle bales there was no football game no basketball don't really just. A regular Baylor campus. They don't disrupt and about the only campus is that this is where you suppose we could not explain it. Don't have a hundred that the world football scholarship offers. No chance but that's also the product had been expelled soon. In it was a sovereign about being at the University of Alabama does Tony Lama. Yeah yeah back is that people ask me why Alabama hole namely what the clubs and that's what it what's number one. Hudson did have a communications school in the mid eighties Alabama did but there was just something when he got off campus that you went. This is it this is. And I hit on the arm of the same openness with Tennessee so you've got Vanderbilt my dad worked Tennessee State you have picked on at the dar bit. The truth is they turn group Rio. Item made a nudge them built battle's intensity and our group it was comical Tennessee or got you into others might have been a bit well. Then bill despite a typical day. Don't know political to a smooth despite being here coats and Oates is being recruited by the high try to mate with. We have on the coat prior bill once they got so cute when October crude prices the three most important sues them to become like Obama and souls of people with us this of you know. First of all give your life to Christ. So little while will you go to college. Third isn't human. And I thank god every day that I got two out of three right here tomorrow like Chrysler Mozilla. They're going to University of Alabama not a bears probably to about three tough guy. Still wanna fight got a red memo went recent yep this colossal oil output by abuses we've looked terrible man blackmail him waiting to exhale and. I doubt Al. As well. But the notion that the world's developed emigrate I mean it is go read that this season is that important. You need to take its time we need to look at the options you beat the mood. Who's recruiting why you being recruited in what is the end result and and what are the things we've got to goers than we've graduated our cues when thousands of just they regret we've accuse you know I know Alabama that includes and good. Look at it doubtful what he started doing their clothes. Is to slight ligament Alabama Caleb in a mirror serious because I knew gavel when he was the player strike at Alabama are. And Leo. Colorado and orange ball all 30000. And then stadium that as you move ahead or we're gonna have a young men came became a very good coat. So why Acton. Alabama crimson play for the last two years out proud some like to have a wealth of religion is good guy our Bible verses Alabama is of one of where or to know where ground. Is ending his door a great job we have great conversation the other day. And I know he's going to do great things in the in the Tuesday on top of ACC for the low low halt because he's not rebuilding. He says go reload took like Alabama those so I won't surprise me if funneled to them and in the on this steps being. Again this year. Anything that draft class that you've got drafted him in the overall and he won. March Taylor George Rogers went number one overriding Lawrence Taylor with number two. You have to remind accurately written it was Marie Kenny Easley was four hour watch a lot of you had George you have Albright and a lot of that draft and their market base you've so to Kobe you have Mike single tear Ricky Jackson. You have with a comment and army would over the Scott who played here are Osaka with cancer east. You head Amos launching his. Oh Lou Jordan Joseph Delaney army you have a lot of quick call to wimps in out Pittsburgh metric this brick hit either an Avant. First and second round draft horses how to pin number when the method tips have beckoned them both days on the run Spain Ricky Jackson opposite if you green normally. Ever talk to buy you gremlin or who's that took over there where after several about rejects now on the hollow thing so army backlit color but talks but the class who Marino we don't know him. I pick our class in 1981 changed how football mostly be principally because it was such an infinite weave the complex and tear myself. Are you know Lawrence Taylor puke marine navy ease the bigger safeties were fast group come down he'll. All were afraid Goodman Baffert. Wouldn't when reporting out of draft the classic Jeff Reed DPs. They go from being last in the NFC west to the super well. Same thing with photo Cincinnati David Gergen though alone. Does NBC sports. With the floor down the sexiest places. Our Chris Carlos you know again so they were remote draft threatening to have some good draft Joseph and they went from being an Obama. To the proposal things can happen at draft contains a lot of things that it's on Watson with the first quarterback taken if not the first period. Some strong car and on low my Alabama room. With the sounds of the one in the content for the last two years the best in the have been a quest. For your job your got to ask you about this. What do capital that rough and the bullet pass or college heavy jolt but as days go on them Monday night game but when the cardinals play the Redskins. If you've got now some people say it was a bogus but it yes Osmond. He says that it was roughing the passer of these quarterbacks do we take care of them too much David Petraeus well how high. Of the bubble wrap it will play amendment of the you'll have told revenues grew bigger and reapply it gets to have your name game is the last game of the season in 1984. You've watched him we have been winning in FC east. Room we we we went and went in the seat who wants Google to dwell on. And we run a comment here 2004. He can come out of despair but somehow we took ground and whistle blows. Is where we hit the ground positives Oprah and doctor mark bright. Users' personal foul roughing the quarterback a mine and you monster a mind. We have not lose the game about bill columnist who you get the new book about 66 dogs took up the goal pulled once that goes on the winds of Oakland. No government to the World Series out trying to kill masses know what the whole display of football game put it that it's all about the political it. Well listen BJ enjoyed the festivities here tonight always a pleasure to hook up in less than that we watched Delaware State football closely you're gonna get that win this year we. We are probably rose Democrat you thank you very much and you know JG here and now when we come back it's Charlie Brown touched down Charlie Brown Washington Redskins. South Carolina state university in doubt we'll break down some more with them. It straight up was starts we are lied at the South Carolina Hollis Maine but all in doubt sincere buddy in again we're always lie. On ESPN upstate.