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Welcome at a state. Does aid policy Thursday at this straight up was sturgeon. Here and our number one it's diesel and me as we were I'm light at the Hyatt regency headed tonight South Carolina football hall of fame induction ceremony fifth anniversary class. It will halt to a lot of these guys here in the final two hours of this show. Will hear from Levon Kirkland here alive Dix shared in the former firm and an NC state head coach. Charlie Brown touched him Charlie Brown Leo wide receiver of the Washington Redskins who's from. The lower part of the state former air force head coach Fisher DeBoer. Sean Watson EGG here in diesel we may sparkle in one or two more it is it's big night down here at the high it. In of course were happy to be here back I'm just happy to be on a year. In before we really get rolling here I got to the hours and thank keys out and it starts with price Atkinson. Of course Josh Phillips in this our producer diesel who all stepped up here over the last week and you know I was out diesel. I ran a fever for five consecutive days and they had to get beat from one one prescription to another once they did that Monday morning and things really started to turnaround but. Just I mean I was in bed sick battling in the fact that you know that my nephew was get made here agreeable this past weekend. I think it again the rehearsal that are hiding in the wedding none of it starts with that I'm sick. How much around royalty therapy was there in your regiment storage. No way here's the deal Ayers to the days that I don't really remember. Really Saturday and Sunday where it was the worst copier got a mere hundred you have pondered three. Act committed during Crown Royal over the course of the strengthening in the dollar Benedict is that they'll remember what was going on and here's what I'd tell you. Wind. I felt that comment on that tried to trudged through it up probably just made the situation worse but I wanna thank my bosses at. ESP in upstate that are com as well which is it's not hurry up and get back its get back healthy because. With seven radio stations in the building one person. It's in their sick can do a whole lot of damage to that business oh again just they keep guys healthy right now. Yeah had a few topics. Heard the beginning of yesterday's to win that. When Josh fired off about this whole deal with. You know the tide in that committing suicide and we're gonna find out if Aaron Hernandez eventually did that are not. You jobs start here that maybe got himself. A hold of some K two that synthetic marijuana and smoke it. You're gonna hear a report of the same thing with the former Alabama offense alignments ours quandary. Deal with the help with the police earlier today half naked in a field ask it. The that synthetic marijuana me and that stuff some nasty dill from what I understand it's two. It's just not worth the risk and the Q you'll find out maybe similar situations that choice r.s one joke in there and Hernandez bit. I'm kind of with Josh I got sick to my stomach yesterday with all of this glorification. Of a guy that. His convicted for murder. In my mind green he just got off but I think he's responsible for a few others as well listen I hate you know. It was a waste that talent way too soon an awful lot of different directions and just hope you know this thing at least start hill it's gonna be very very difficult moving forward but. These away here at the Hyatt it's a sapped a lot of football hall of Spain new and done he's going in tonight is that recent starts around here. And now I'm looking forward to catching up with them it. You'll talk about a good time broke quickly next Thursday is the NFL draft in. We're open to see this John Watson and Mike Williams names called here in the first round on Thursday night in we're going to be having an NFL draft party at local key. Right there on Haywood road and we will of the great show from one to four my show from four to seven in the you know. If it's in their com party there's going to be some fun and afterwards it will still be having fun. When you get off the air at 933 the planet's and next as a matter of fact turned out there as well I'll be broadcasting live from sevens tens I'll be there with you. I will. We're gonna have some fun brother and I am telling you local Q is a great place you'll have to worry about the children now around and around and in erupting Y 21 in over only there and it's going to be big big time of that. Next Thursday local he also you can get with this on the Carolina coaches text line 71307. Again that Tex like driven by Carolina coaches in the and finally at 459 we're back in the cash stash contest. Make sure I don't bloods who quit this first eight diesel will you be the keyword for 59 you can texted in. To 7081. Angola pool where somebody's way and an 8000 dollars cash for you and clear. A week hurt for a long long time diesel. Could get into some things that we typically throw what's coming up but this up that I really caught my attention last night. It would always hurt. SEC schools that I what Alabama and almost refer to the ACC Tynes is little Brothers especially in football and baseball. Right ACC Carrot Top notch there basketball whether count almost turned knowledge dying this year with the you know Kentucky and South Carolina and their deep runs into the NCA tournament at Clemson beat Georgia last night baseball in tiger him nine to seven they sweep the bulldogs. For the year he gains deny. Are right when it comes to football basketball and baseball so far this year against SEC opponents you know a constant record as. In this three major sports we tend to look at football basketball and baseball how many games are there total. Where their total right. There there have been thirteen games Clemson has played against SEC opponents in those three sports what do you think Hudson's record you know how many goal. Eleven to. Tend to remain closed. Twelve and 1112. And one loss one baseball game to South Carolina outside of that. Yeah it's been in Fuego pain that's yeah that's you judge yourself and that's the territory that this program is operating and right now I mean that make you. Listen does that make you can but it just roll over to the SEC it beat dominant big guess what you wouldn't their I don't see any drastic drop off. At this point will see how Clemson football you know there this is the time they get answers themselves. This upcoming fall is is this program about more than just this on Watson you know and now that he's gone to they were grass back and I just don't see it especially if they come at a September fairly seasoned. The back side of the schedule minus Florida State which would be hone. Is. It is theory nab notable to say the least all right we're mentioning Clemson baseball now 31 in seven on the year. They're ranked in the top five habit that the one baseball as well as a baseball writers of America pulls five and one Korean other. Beat Georgia last night nine to seven in what the heck is Georgia baseball and indeed they are one of the biggest and payers it's out there and this is why I say that. They have a national title course it was late 1980 there will of course heavily. Was the one of the pitchers for the dogs that year as braves anymore remember him. George's for an eleven in Southeastern Conference play fifteen in 23 overall here is why that is ridiculous. And shameful. And everything else look at the number our prospects that come through the greater Atlantic area. If you're just getting five of those on a yearly basis. The Coakley baseball Georgia forget recruiting anywhere else I'm talking metro Atlanta diesel. I get enough players I don't know if they are recruiting or they got a terrible coaching staff but this bit the same thing year after year after year. Let me tell you high school baseball in the Atlanta area is some EMI's kitten in Florida and Texas and California. Is some of the best in the country. In May become more or less not competitive. You know they'll they'll have a flash in the paint years every once in awhile but they oh and two vs the tigers and I just don't get a thousand Georgia fan I'd be miserable because again I are getting these 31 College Baseball magazine to realize. That I had a talent that comes from the metro Atlantic area alone. But you know some of that stuff coming up here to Clemson now and I headed to Georgia Tech in other places as well. South Carolina desperate for a win tonight it is a Thursday night contest for the gamecocks they're at. They're at Florida whose tenth in the country it's 730. First pitch. South Carolina is reeling they did get a midweek whenever Davidson on Tuesday night but the gamecocks have followed 87 in conference play 23 in thirteen overall. That. Not exactly fielding the ball well. Not helping their pitching staff about but he if you wanna get right get right vs the Florida Gators a year coming up the cheap and chip a couple years ago there are also 87 in conference play their 25 and twelve again that's Thursday Friday Saturday night. Three game set damning Gainesville Florida. Also appear in this and good golf this weekend just 3040 minute stay on the road is musk grove middle one is the best golf courses in the state of South Carolina. And they're going to be hosting the ACC golf tournament. Tiger's coming in with five clubs has come and and having now won five department six on the year. And there's going to be some top notch talent on display. And it must Wear a milling Clinton this weekend I'm actually try to get out there on Sunday is late hilly course one of our favorite here. On the show but these are wrap that around this one. South Carolina got that it's part of a wide because of the yeah HB two law up in North Carolina will malady of restructured that ACC is an ounce at their TP chip gains will head back in North Carolina. That's football in Charlotte this December. As well. Is other bits including this golf tournament its must current bill this weekend. When it comes to the basketball term it doesn't affect anything this year Rick is in 2018. They were supposed to be in Brooklyn already. The 2019. They'll head to Charlotte. In the 2020. Back in Greensboro so. Again. You'll what do you make of that at this point unity I saw a state legislature that is the state legislator in North Carolina upset when these announcements game. The oil well when he hit you know everything we should have because now Colombia's getting a first and second round I believe in 28. Comes back agreeable on 20/20 two. And oh god the state of north Carolina's gonna have to share some of that pressure fall. You know what I mean and adding yet that one. Yes thank you can't go blaming this on somebody else and it's your own doing there there were gonna be cut they knew when they passed that bill that they were going to be some consequences and if they didn't know and they weren't doing their homework and they weren't thinking ahead. The the thing is North Carolina because of its it's history. With basketball with and would you can North Carolina Wake Forest on those great programs being right there are being the heart of the ACC. They've they've enjoyed that position as the heart of the ACC for a long time. Probably an undo a long time. And now that. You know south Carolina's big speed bump their big hurdle the flag over the Statehouse that coming down. That hurdle has been removed. And now. The state of North Carolina doesn't like it that there there is a viable option just down the road it terrifies them because now they have. They don't get says unfairly stacked the deck in there in their favor. Well it was like oh man in the elements made it sail like a couple of those guys complain when we shouldn't it change the law we were gonna have to share with South Carolina. Am you know minuses 686. Driver now with the rebel flag on there. On on their car in the one that has wasted it nailed him in the parking garage in Yemen payers that I live in the same state with you more on speak his. That hurts everybody out here is your right is in a mayor in the end there hurt this upstate not yet in this thing back but that's a different story for a different day. Yet a great book that. Raid were eased coached Kay was slightly in this has been fantastic all the fancy came through like eight this is great YouTube locker catchy trolley from dale tail over to the arena. State of South Carolina has nothing to apologize for. And that's why these lawmakers from North Carolina come off looking dumber and dumber and dumber when they make these kind of comments however diesel. Saw one thing on the way to on the guy that caught my attention in don't think I don't pay attention to us it was a Honda Pollack with North Carolina tags. In the top left corner said ASU grad in the bottom right corner was a picture of you Seth a year a year mountaineer with the corn cob pipe nothing out. But in the top right hand corner and bottom left hand corner were still your face Grateful Dead stickers I was like. This heat wrap us up an hour out Carolina. Though better than grateful that it that apple much at stake a you know. Buddhism is a boards when he friendly area so why not mean Grateful Dead and always been popular would that ground. Yeah it was mainly due any day do you realize how many people in the country year it rated you down about three minutes. Is it is it even matter and we're doing they're gonna do toward ending gets stopped where they are because they just got up Argentine couldn't change station and a kid. But yet today is 420 in this for twenty yards 420 that's like doubled down no doubt about it all right listen we're gonna have open phone lines here for the rest of the hour dogged and anything you need to we're gonna talk it's an NBA. We've got College Baseball updates which teams are gators grew up in this year's NFL draft in the new rolling college basketball it quite frankly I don't understand. But again opened burns for the rest of this hour and then we're gonna have the light solo bond Kirkland Dick shared and mr. mayor Charlie Brown. And this shot Watson here. On straight that was starts today light on ESP in upstate. Welcome back into the Hyatt regency in dale entail great the world really get things kicked up here 5 PM is the in debt diesel start making their way through but diesel not taking you through our number one coach Josh Phillips EU's top in the shower until we deal years he brought EGG near the former Alabama defense of linemen in Saint Louis cardinal back here to the hotel. After the golf tournament. In diesel that's what a great thinks is. We're here are some substantial amount a wise tonight about how close people were to the pin. And things of that nature which is that's the best part of a golf tournament anyway. Real quickly don't forget it will give way to Clemson baseball tomorrow night at 6 PM tigers are hosting Wake Forest. And again it's a Wake Forest team projected right now to host a regional. Later up here. In the summer in this is the way break stay on. When it comes to heed the ACC staining its win in the act Atlantic Division little holes fifteen and 331 and I've on the year reign at number two. Clemson fourteen importantly play 31 and seven on the year. Wait farce twelve and 62811. Florida State evened its record with taking to edit the area home verses that tigers this past weekend. It night in night in league play 24 and fifteen overall in C state he's been disappointing this year eight intent. Twenty and seventeen. Notre Dame and Boston College out of the mix when it comes to the coastal. North Carolina fourteen import 29 inning rate in the top five they leave Virginia who's been an 831 in nine. Miami nine in nine their eighteen in nineteen on the year Demetriou do you Virginia Tech in Pittsburgh at seven and eleven in them. What the heck is going on with the state of Georgia again to TrueCrypt Atlanta area Georgia Tech has fallen to for an fourteen in ACC play. Justin even eighteen and eighteen on the year late. Georgia Tech and Georgia so disappointing when it comes to College Baseball arts let's run through real quickly. SEC standings Kentucky continues to lead SEC east but he gains over four over Florida and South Carolina who play each other beginning tonight. At 730 Missouri and Vanderbilt at seven and eight Tennessee and Georgia born eleven. In league play out west marquee arkansas' eleven and four with a one game lead over Auburn those two get together this weekend in a big. Series Mississippi State's and in five. LSU nine and six Texas a and M eight and seven Ole miss seven and Dayton advantages sucks at June 13. Here on the year. Maybe the biggest story coming out right now diesel is the Ivins say in this. For a long long time. It out like Tiger Woods I respect what Tiger Woods did for the game of golf by tiger it's trying to hang it up. Tiger Woods had ate another pack surgery. This was to alleviate pain in his back in his leg. It's kind of like it was a sigh attic of its nerve. He's already out for a minimum of six months with the easily you know it's going to be longer in Mac it's east just coming up another back surgery. I believe this was his fourth overall. In this was the statement that was made. Probably written by his agent that will see the surgery well and I'm optimistic this will relieve my back spasms in pain. Win healed I look forward to getting back to a normal life plate with my kids competing in professional golf in living without the paint. I have been battling so long does that sound like a guy that can ever compete at the top levels of the professional golf fore again pressured trying. Our guys listen I don't Willingham just saying the legacy is so good in its just EPT compete. Don't don't ruin the legacy you know an insane at this point they're saying minimum of six months. That now Reggie an in November's that means you're really out for the following two to three months. If you can't come back in a year this time. Gobi and nails or go build go build golf courses I don't begrudge anybody the opportunity to try imply. But tiger Timmy is different than some of the other golfers out there. In the fact that his legacy. Miners made Jack Nicholas may be the best of all time. I just seek it in what do you know in this yet driven tying period of our life. Aid the young people are gonna crucify him on Twitter and social media because that's what they did. The knack it'll look and still look back and see how dominant he was at one time. Tiger Woods had all four major titles it wants. We called it that tiger slam what he's done in the same year it was done ever two consecutive years. I mean. Your pocket amenable about it people they can. They can do that so. Anyway what would you do diesel again. Your mentally. I used to be one. If I can't compete in knows that I can't compete what's. Wide tarnished image any worse. And a. I ask you surged what's really being tarnished here. You you say his legacy is tarnished with a young kids the young kids are Smart enough to know that Tiger Woods is a legend. In this in this sport they know that and many say are gonna gonna crucify him on social media. I don't idols sing it man I don't see any reason fired into his creative fired vitriol. Among young kids items Andy Young kids really go on Twitter and talk about golf not really. So it. But young kids you'd just like to. Listen I watch I got a fifteen year old in my daughter's now bringing me some of the stuff that's been put out there on them like don't lower yourself don't get into that. That's what we we got Twitter bully you hear about my point being. I wanna remember tiger in my mind it is Dominic face I don't wanna remember is eight. Yep shell of themselves now again I'm Robert grudging in the right to. Just be interested to see somebody else's opinion on this just in the fact that. Again we tend to remember. Yet the bad enough so much that goes. Seattle's I don't see that happening with tiger was somebody who is that good somebody was that dominant. He will always be known as the guy who's that dominant. Ten years from now when he really has decider twenty years from now warnings. Fully walked away from the game they're not gonna talk about these last couple years Serbs they're gonna talk about. Those that that magical blessed when you haven't a decade where he was just him running that game. That's what they're gonna talk about it's written that and nobody nobody talks about Michael Jordan's time in the wizards they talk about his time with the bolts. Nobody you Betsy that's where I disagree with you they talk about those two years it is that he was away from the game you know how much he struggled in baseball let's and that was his deal he can go to try to beat you know there's going to be an answer it will be pre you know back injury. Those back injury on his career since the way it's just the way we did things I mean instead of age yet the New England Patriots go to the White House yesterday. Instead of celebrate that three quarters that way. The story became the quarter they once it did name Y in Y one Tom Brady there in this net Tom Brady's wife so that have a baby. You know what I mean so what about the three forced win. In that respect the office the storyline McCain why didn't these quarter Pete which is that's the negative story line that's where we are in the arrest. In 2070. Yep and that's the immediate right now story it's not the overarching career defining story. That I will agree with the UN but again. Look it's not going to be six months it's going to be a heck of a lot longer than that. Because this is when thing. I can that tell you about because you know one of the things that they did to me on Monday after Ike coughed the bunch. For like the second Tynes sat at that several of decent surgery. I could literally filled the plate my neck when I turn a romantic guy he has some. Inflammation around there in which driving me nuts and I just I couldn't imagine trying to go out there hail golf balls every day you yeah I get to hear you infrequently. It's just the way that it's gonna have to be activists are vocal surgery all right when we come back Clinton lines are open should tiger give it up. Or not to but the NBA. We got three games going on tonight NASA pretty mediocre basketball being played as well straight it was starts were light at the Hyatt regency. We're here for the South Carolina football hall of fame induction ceremony five new members going in tonight. Including dot Blanchard Charlie Brown that shared in the bond Kirkland and Fisher debate here you'll also will hear from them as well as the sun Watson. In the second third hours broadcasting in the depths of the the Hyatt regency here agreeable ahead at tonight's South Carolina football hall the hall of fame induction ceremony. It will halt to a lot of them coming up issued a Barry Lamar Kirkland Dick cheered and Charlie Brown. Dot point Blanchard going in posthumously. Of course it's Tom Watson set with this at 630. As well but the NBA playoffs these do you remember me saying how much I needed big time upset. To get into these thing adds to get into the playoffs or number one. It's kind of hard to you get into the first and second games of the playoffs when your eyes are open it you are battling illness but. Is I come to. I realized. You know Chicago as the. Eight C. Who obviously. Cleveland was trying to avoid for a reason. They hear it now up on the Boston Celtics the number one seed in the east in Kingston nine Indy won both gained some Boston's home court. Will start they are your upset. Up I still don't really care why because I didn't think Boston was all that great of a team this year I thought yet now we're gonna find out Cleveland who does lead. He gains that now than ever the number seven seed Indiana Pacers tonight they'll be playing game three at 7 PM. But he's. Has. I know you're not a big NBA gambit is anything done anything to you to push the needle when it comes to these playoffs because again. This will be one of the few times in the NBA history. That eight C knocks off a one seed in the playoffs. None whatsoever yeah it is at about it with mean I may want some of the finals. But just in passing yeah I. I tried to watch a little bit the other night about Toronto in Milwaukee which is ugly basketball that's the three and six seats in the east. They'll play gagging number three. Tonight they're tied one game apiece. Washington. It's up on number five seed Atlanta. Headed back to Atlanta at two games than happened so. Yeah there's your southern team if you will taken out of that ilk Golden State all they do is get JaVale McGee. To step up while they sit Kevin Correia who it may just absolutely hammer. The number eight seed out west Portland won 1081 last night that take eighteen games to an up and lead. CNN's Tony is going for 830 lead to get seventh seed that that's tonight at 930. In Memphis. The three seed Houston beat Oklahoma city's this exceed 115 that it won eleven they lead to gains that nothing. In the clippers in the jazz it born father tied one game apiece but again. I'd rather be watching golf for something right now this this upset you realize it's gonna make our coach has Josh Phillips. Disgusting really mad at Chicago not only wins this series. Pulls the sweep on the number one seed. That's why I say 82 games a year in the NBA he's way too long with have about 65 in them let them tee off. In the play offs you know and I mean it becomes something that. I mean why how can you play. Since the 82 games of basketball let the ball one through eight in you're seeing in the eight seats this gamer once the just doesn't make a whole lot of cents but. We'll see how place now. All right yeah real quickly these final over the final minutes of this segment and the following segment diesel. You know one thing we're gonna get into here in the the next couple days is. Some things when it comes to college athletics but it. I was telling. The story about driving down here and seen yourself on the side of a car course though your face or twenty and everything now split. You're getting excited arts college football years wearing jeans are either happening or they're in the past now also. You know it's voluntary work out times says this is when diesel. Is at stake guy gets all excited because you have basketball doesn't really Alter interest baseball doesn't really Alter interest out there. In that you see him Europe state mountaineers pop up on some list for this upcoming fall. Policies yet this list came out of the bleacher report's. It's still list of the eleven teams most likely to go undefeated. And in 2017. And just to run down the list quickly I'll give you the name of the school. Oh what they list as their most likely loss and what could potentially be their trap game. They listen number eleven as abstain the most likely losses September 2 and Georgia that's going to be a tough for no matter what. What trap game just two weeks later against Texas State I don't see that when. You know that's that's the bridge between the the games against Georgia and Wake Forest I don't see Texas State. Being that much of a trap game let's take care Kathy Ireland their place kicker. That's sure they listen number ten. As Oklahoma State's they start the season I've ranked number ten. Their most likely loss October 21 at Texas and then their trap game will be at West Virginia October 28. Wonder what will be on the Oklahoma State's. Rings for this upcoming season that you were telling me yeah yeah right now is about what happened in that game back into session and European central Michigan. But that first about you were asking me how I felt about a ring. You know that they put eleven into instead it tenant three on the reins. It invalid have had a few minutes to think about it since she brought it up. You know number one I don't care if they have Brinks say eleven and two vs tenant there why are you make it rains in the first place. Archie spice to be winning championships are doing some than to have a remade I mean. That deep value if you just randomly handing out ratings of this and that the other. I think he should get one. For being gay Letterman Ernie has something along that line. You know and competing with. This give and now reigns furcal and tenant three that's eleven into his Oklahoma State's claiming with that sent. Come on Wendy's. Wendy's say win. Good question. You know I've I don't have a problem with the because everybody knows they got they got screwed out of the way and they should've gotten. So I don't have a problem with it being eleven into how the rain. Apology. To on the race today you make you one for eleven into debt Oklahoma State win their bowl game last year you know. Because a lot of teams will give out ratings for bowl wins. So that makes sense and benefit if it's not a bowl victory. Ring. And I don't think there should be ranks given plot give me a kind of suck on the wall because these are probably not you're gonna Wear out the public on a daily basis these are rings a half that team is gonna is gonna pawn off because any cash dumb them down. I according to the police report the number nine team that's likely to go undefeated next year. Is Ohio State's their biggest weakness they say is their passing offense most likely loss at Michigan November 25. And their biggest trap game at Iowa November 4 at Iowa's always attract game as always I mean there there's just something about. I'm playing at Iowa that's that's tough for anybody. Ohio State will lose a game aid it will be on JT bared shoulder ice all nothing last year and and there are going to be good up front on the offensive line and you know that I have some might run the ball. But listen I saw nothing added JT bear out there in the desert that allows me to believe that's an undefeated team in the making he is going to cost Ohio State a game with this arm. In his decision making at some point now weather's at Michigan or Iowa or whatever I don't that. I'm sorry by an Ohio State just based on the got to have a really special quarterback and I don't feel like that's the case with that JT bear. And Ohio State is starting the season ranked pre season number four are there number eighteen that they suggests could go undefeated next year Penn State they're starting pre season number six. I biggest. Biggest weakness for the Nittany lion's share their pass defense. Most likely loss at Ohio State's and then their trap game at northwestern November 7. That happened afterwards that it would Penn State I like the job Franklin's done out there are kind of like Franklin I know he screwed up at Vanderbilt but there's some than about him that I like all right well we come back we'll finish this list up in the in coach Phillips will be put on his headset. Will find out how his glory shot on the golf course when green valley air he's our area here shake in his head. Amanda might had a chance to take him down if he's looking like that this is straight it was starts were lied. Here at the Hyatt regency ahead it tonight South Carolina football hall of fame induction ceremony. I welcome back here to the Hyatt regency ahead of the South Carolina hall of fame what. Football hall of fame induction ceremony we have one of the hall of famers with this right here that's just Phillips because I heard you were just glorious out there on the golf course earlier today. How well. Maybe our team was blood though we we had a lot of fun and the event that David Wyatt and Michael all served in bounds and participated in the gulf now. There fourth year in. What these days or more sneak over choose you over drafts and my problem is grant still she's somebody I just don't trust myself. The group we had was just hysterical we. An awesome time. Drew Horton was there on witness who owns local. Carol. On store than Patrick set warm Clemson linebacker in NFL player. Was there in EJ junior. Former first round draft pick yet that he's been doing this by 45. And he an hour actually in the same car together and oh when I got there one of the first things. That we had to decide was. EJ looks over goes why did they put me in you're in the same period. Power. A detailed so do you it we have a lot of fun. It was a health experts tell us. All right. It's got a list let's get to these last five teams I seven we have seven more regardless to recap this is bleacher report's list of the top eleven teams most likely to go undefeated in 2017. Number eleven ad states. Number ten Oklahoma State. Number nine Ohio State's number eight Penn State all the state schools up in the top this list. Number seven as where he left off number seventeen most likely to go undefeated next year is Clemson. Their biggest weakness they're just projecting inexperience when you lose it to Shawn Watson Duane Allman Mike Williams Jordan Lego. You've got to have some experience issues they're claiming their most likely loss is going to be at loop hole on September 16. And look out for those pesky NC state wolfpack because they might be a trap. Air. Just got to survive the month of September right now because the X-Factor for in September or clumps and is tears still adamant quarterback coming in here with Albany was sixteen and twenty. In their spring game this past weekend so much guided if Auburn Scotty functional quarterback. Yeah yeah and clumps it's got some green Osama no doubt constant survived September watch out because minus minus Florida State the back into the scheduled at saudis. You go number sixteen most likely go undefeated again we're not always talking about big schools were just talking about teams that could go undefeated. A number six they have ranked the western Kentucky hill toppers are gonna have some issues. On pass defense next year most likely loss at Vanderbilt. And a trap game vs Louisiana Tech conference USA not what it once was. So western Kentucky is poised to have a really good season. They haven't they also have a first year head coach says you got to see how that works itself out because Jeff Brohm left them in good shape there but he Kenny first year head coach taken taking over. Very true number five on this list the Washington Huskies they come in the seas increasing pre season ranked number nine. Oh see their most likely loss at Stanford and trap game look out for Arizona State. Josh UN are friend that Jane stern yeah our high on Chris Peterson when he was at Boise State and now you're seeing Wyatt Washington they make the final four. And gave Alabama some trouble they're in the two Georgia Dome in Atlanta said. Yeah I have no doubts it you probably don't see Washington somewhere back in that mix that might be a slug fest this year between southern cal and the Huskies. If it is I'm going to be interesting to see how Washington replaces. Some key pieces noble notably on their defense. They've got arguably three or four. First round picks for second round NFL draft next. On their football team in the secondary and a couple linebackers so Chris gonna have to room is gonna have to replace those guys. But the one thing that we do know about Chris Petersen is here restock those guys he knows exactly what he's looking for. He goes after those particular players. And he built upon those. Exponentially and a Washington will be around for a long time but I agree with you guys. I think the pac twelve comes down to southern cal Washington again this year. Yep and now as we now have under four minutes to get through these last four. At number four Wisconsin may have live solidified themselves a really solid program up there in the Big Ten. Most likely loss vs Michigan and a trap game vs BYU. Like what Paul Crist is done they seem destined for about ten NT 93 at this point. You can't know yet oh my they'll well we got four minutes we are going to cut the number I really really excited about would he football. I can't number three on this list. Pre season ranked number two the USC trojans rush defense. Is going to be a problem for them next year most likely loss at Notre Dame I'm not seeing that one and then a trap game at California. Let me ask you that was the way to finish strong and they did finish strongly got Darnell the now sophomore quarterback you gotta watch out for that slot. But there's just something that I still haven't completely organically held Golan and year number two. Yeah the thing they have a solidify was quarterback position they've done that. I don't have to replace Eddie banner though some believe the war on the defensive line he'll be playing on Sunday. But their recruiting exceptionally well. This year maybe not this coming year. Washington still may have a little bit of an edge but the next couple years yes southern cal beat back. All right I'm number two most likely go undefeated next year the South Florida bullseye defense overall they're saying is going to be a problem for them. Of course they got Charlie Strong and most likely loss vs Houston first week of November and that a trap game at Central Florida November 24. I think there's a good chance for South Florida to make a run Josh put it they X-Factor being how does the how. How does the they reacted Charlie strongly in their head coach they were recruited they were recruited about haggard is now off that organ. Yeah exactly. It I. OK okay. That is number one team most likely go undefeated next year. As I surge put this list together Alabama. Our biggest weakness they're gonna have according to them is quarterback consistency most likely loss vs Florida State in week one. And then now look out for old mess. Got the Ole miss monkey off the back last year Josh you Alabama just plays well in the season opening tight gains in. Bush years they haven't even been close. Adding that close is they've got pushed on opening day at a neutral site was West Virginia about five years ago. I still light. I still until some might beats Alabama on a neutral site filled in Atlanta I gotta go with the Crimson Tide in the game and we'll just see how. How how things roll. Yeah I mean you don't give Nick Saban all spurring an all summer to prepare for that one guy that's not gonna end well I don't think USC. Has the manpower yet. To go against the Crimson Tide so Woolsey they're they're tougher matchup to be later on that of course maybe they're at a point now where there toughest match up. Is internally because of the exchange coordinators that they've had dodger reports that a nice job. But of course the Lane Kiffin then that would grant do non profits coordinators in the book in November oh last year but. With those with men still at the Helm Alabama will be Alabama. All right when we come back we'll start our energies first up is gonna be shared in the former Furman Paladins head coach as well. As in C state again being inducted into the South Carolina football hall of fame and we're live here on location where you have a really busy last two hours diesels get right to earn his keep it is that break kinds become. Subjective here in this kinda situation so Dick shared and in LaMont Kirkland in the first round. Interviews and will keep on going thank you listen the South Carolina football hall of fame appreciate your support as well remember their tax exempt nonprofit organization whose mission is to honor South Carolina football legend support player period career transitions. Improve player safety. It per game promote the game of football here in the state of South Carolina and we're happy to be here as well this is straight it was starts were light from the high here and dale tail and grateful. And let's give a waste of money real quick sorry about that diesel they keep. I gotta do is texts great I had a whole lot of great obstacles here in the last week tech's great. It's seven to 81 you get a chance to win a thousand dollars free and clear. On ESPN upstate.