Inside the Mind of Ditti- Episode 15.mp3

Mike Venditti
Wednesday, April 19th

This episode, Ditti talks Hernandez, the Patriots, being better fans and spends Homer Time in the world of soccer! 


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I find it didn't hear my. State digital network ESPN upstate dot com the beautiful new fish still pretty new. Web site that we have there where you find all of my online content as well. As all of the podcasts of shrimp stir urged the huddle with Greg McKinney JC share Bert and Alonso and the rest. Are online contents. I haven't done an episode for quite some time felt like this morning was definitely the kind of morning in day in which it was needed. There's been a lot of topics I think has since I've done it last including. Obviously South Carolina women winning the final four winning the national championship in basketball the men and making it to the final four putting up a valiant effort. Against Gonzaga in that final four game. Now obviously some incredibly huge. Recruitment news for Clemson University getting Xavier Thomas to. Flip from South Carolina and I was undecided obviously recently and then decided to go to Clemson. A lot of things I want to talk about actually on that but has nothing to do. With Xavier Thomas or Clemson or recruiting or South Carolina it has to do with. The fans. Once again and I'll get into. The toxicity. Of these South Carolina sand base as of late in some of the ridiculous this of their attitudes I'll also join. The side of the toxic fans finally. One least with the caveat. As far as South Carolina baseball is concerned so we'll get a little bit says that as well but to start off the show us obviously the first sing to talk about today is the topic of the day but a topic that I feel like deserves exactly what I'm going to give it. A mention a comment and a moving on. Aaron Hernandez was found in his jail cell hunger. Apparent suicide investigation undergoing. He obviously was convicted of the murder of Otis Lloyd sentenced to life in prison without parole he was just acquitted of double murder in Boston there are also other. Murder trials that he was questioned as being a part of as far as the letter of the law is concerned he is a singular. Convicted murderer of Oden Lloyd but as we all expect he probably had something to do with the rest of them with the evidence the way the Justice Department system excuse he works. Obviously lawyers and everything else is how this all goes down the acquittal this only means he was found not guilty in trial but in the end. We're spending all day talking about it which really here's the answer. A convicted murderer. Was found dead this morning. He used to play football. But not anymore. A tragic tale of his life. Needs to be told maybe. A cautionary tale. For folks. Like him coming out of a bad element getting a chance and not returning to it. That's the tragic tale the tragedy is the deaths. The tragedy is a four year old girl who never saw her father because he decided to kill people. The tragedy is the family who had to cope with the fact that as John criminals that they're family member decided to become a murderer. And they had to cope with that in now also. Have to cope with the loss of a loved one because to a mother too apparent to me sibling to a grandparent or an uncle and aren't. That person is the kid they saw grow up. That person was the kid that became Vegas. The unfortunate story. Of their life happened but the loss still exists. In the human beings inside of his family so don't gonna say about condolences to the family enough. I'm not a fan of the rest in peace. If yesterday you were celebrating the suicide of the FaceBook killer and today you're saying rest in peace. Little bit hypocritical. Just out of fame and football. We decide now this guy deserves to be. Be calm. A sympathetic figure. That part I will agree with needs to stop. The rest of it is that bad mentioned that comment in moving on he has gone. It is an unfortunate story. That didn't have to happen for a kid had a chance to escape. But the tragic tale of him returning to the same life he could've left behind in ending up in jail till his life ended. That is a tragic tale into deaths. Are the tragedy. So now on to where that took our day as far as sports media is concerned if you watched. Any coverage on the mother ship on fox on CBS. On NBC. There's some weird core relation attempts. The attempts to core relates. More fitting with the patriots going to the White House. Why how could they go to the White House what a bad look. What's. You see he wasn't a part of the football team once he committed murder was charged with murder and then and eventually. Convicted of murder and in jail. For life his contract did not exist he was no longer a member of the players union you was no longer on the New England Patriots. Forty gators anywhere else he is now. It resident of the state. He was eight. Prisoner. There's no correlations. There's no bad look. You're not changing your life's plans. Because a murderer. That you used to play football which. Took his own life in jail. Just as did just completely asinine. And you'd think that in a time of the year. In which two of our major sports are enjoying an intense. And slightly surprising. Playoffs. Every team in baseball had a game. Plus other fake golf. Topics stories. Tournament starting tomorrow. Tennis Serena Williams pregnant. We're gonna spend all day. On Aaron Hernandez. And try to make it about stuff it's not. If you wanna have conversations about mental illness. Please do. That could be a positive to come out of such a terrible terrible situation. Stop making about thinks it's not. As any and it's really not even about sports anymore. It was about sports when he person on the roster of the New England Patriots was charged with murder. Once convicted. Not anymore. Not anymore. So stop with debt pages go to the White House. Some comedy in Suze I'm sure you'll find more negative responses to the ground walking into the press briefing room. I still really wanna hope that that was an accident but obviously you trying to. Gimmick out these kind of things as much as possible in you know it's not like this regime in the White House doesn't want as much. Comic relief composite depressed right now. I'm making a statement and just saying obviously if you look at the news the press is bad. A locked so you wanna goofy thing you want the patriots to have fun Graf walks in on Spicer pot laughs fund times so. Whatever they're celebrating a championship. That they wine. Years after. That person went to jail so move on from that. You'll see exactly what people pick and choose when to be upset in that kind of a light. And in the hypocrisy of it all sticking with the White House staying. Remember one thing that I'm gonna point out and I'm gonna move on from it this is a slightly homer statement to make and I'm saying it because it needs to be said. Your mad about players that didn't go see trump today in the White House. The people or mad today we're not mad when Tom Brady didn't go for Obama the other side does mattress that. A guy who you hate the most in the NFL by the way. Went to the White House for George W. Bush went to the White House for Barack Obama in went to the White House for current president's Donald Trump. That is Bill Belichick so hate hate hate hate hate to pitcher selective outrage today about the players that did not come. Doesn't make much sense. When all you wanted to was a Belichick right. But moving past. So that's the White House that's the Hernandez stuff so much more that we need to talk about. So much more. But the one thing to spin out of the White House state also happen today. Tom Brady. And over the hot. Takes that ensued on Twitter and FaceBook and everywhere else you could see. The hatred the ax to grind folks of America decides that oh Tom Brady. How convenient he backs out on the day Aaron Hernandez dies or how convenient he bows to public pressure. Because his teammates weren't going and he should have stuck with teammates over his friend Donald Trump or. How about this for some reality take a step back remove your cap your phantom your hatred. Look at life. Tom Brady's mother is undergoing chemotherapy. She is fighting cancer. If he has a family matter to attend in Boston because his mother is sick. You need. To get over yourself. And your hatred. In your sports phantoms because it's not about you it's not about your team it's not about the team you hate son about the sport you love. It's about a man his family and his rights to spend time when necessary. And as somebody who just witnessed his father turn in. From a man who could run three to seven miles a day and play baseball on Sundays with 25 year olds. Had 64. To a man who was taken by cancer. And that did did just punishment of chemotherapy. I watched it happen. You have no clue if you've never experienced that. What it is like. And if that's what Tom Brady is dealing with you need to get over yourself with your hot takes. About sports. Because family. Is far more important. Than your phantom and sports hate. And always will be. So prayers to Tom Brady the Brady family. And his mother. As she fights this horrible disease. Terrible disgusting. Wretched disease. And they have to looked on helplessly. Because I know exactly. What that feels like. So now let's get back in the sports. I've depress you enough right now. About halfway through what I wanted to do today so let's get back. Do the things that matter and while we're on the topic of bad sports fans sports fans that can't take a step back from remove themselves. For the reality of life. Let's move into college recruitment and fan reaction. Obviously. My. Area of expertise as far as college sports in the region I'm in is the South Carolina Gamecocks. So for the most part pay more attention. To them to everything going on around them. In turn Clemson as well being right here in our backyard. Bitter rivals. Comment a state championship football game put every one Colin every year. But when it comes to a seventeen year old kid making his own life decisions. Once again you kind of got to get over yourself and check your phantom cite your life. As a fan of a team an alumnus of a school. Would prefer to just sheer for the guys who do want to come play for my T. Then worry about the guys who changed their mind to decide not to. 'cause it doesn't matter in the end yeah I would be sweet it would be sweet to always get the number one overall recruit. I'm gonna spin it on. Pretty stoked that the national championship. Winning Clemson Tigers. Who went to back to back national championships. Scoop decayed. It's still had Carolina as number two. After three and nine and six and seven seasons. A coaching change. A talent depletion. He still had South Carolina on his stopped it. From my viewpoint that's a pretty positive singled looking at where this program is. A consideration from the number one overall prospect is pretty huge. When you look at the fact and as I said three and nine. Legendary Steve Spurrier walking out mid season. Will Muschamp coming in with nothing but negatives expectations. Because of his tenure at the University of Florida. Yet still. Xavier Thomas is looking at South Carolina. So get stinks. It's not fun. That you have this expectation of a kid coming to play for your program and any goes to the rifle not fun. But you cannot turn around and X expect that to happen for you celebrate that's happened in your past and then get upset at this kit. And then to sink to two year old. Petulant children style insults on Twitter to a kid you don't know making a life decision on his own death has nothing to do with the U. Is inexcusable. I don't care if you don't like how he handled it that's your opinion that's fine keep it at home. It's not your life. I don't like how a lot of things are handled. I'm not gonna go attacking people because of it on social media trying to act like a big bad guy. With a 140 characters or less behind a keyboard. And dead now I guess is not an egg but all goals school in a little egg avatar in my account telling you that your piece of crap for not going to their school. The people who do that are not not only an embarrassment to themselves and the society of our country you're embarrassment to my school to school you cheer for. And all the players who have come through there in the past. The George Rogers. Marcus Lattimore. Steve tanto. Your embarrassing all of it. When you act like two year old children on Twitter going after a kid because he made his own life decision. And it was so not play for your team. Take out energy. And make it better. Take dead energy and use it to show the kids who said I do wanna come exactly how much you appreciate that. I don't care they go three and nine again. I think the kids who decided to come. Who saw the drop. The quick rise in the even quicker dropped. That this program had. And still want to play. For the South Carolina Gamecocks. Fat. Is where you should waste your energy. Giving them. The love and support. Because they're putting the Jersey on on Saturday is next year. And the only time you should care about a game. Did Xavier Thomas dresses for when he gets to Clemson. Is the one in November when they're playing against you which. Outside of that I don't care. And you shouldn't either. So let's be better fans. Have been pushing this on social medium and pushing this in my blogs mound to push it right here on the podcast. Be better fans. All but they did I don't care. Don't stoop to their levels that. If you're upset about how a fan base treated you when you were cheering for the gamecocks on top and the other team was bad and make image you. Marty justifying. Acting just like them. When we grew up when I grew up maybe it's not everywhere but when I grew up I was taught that two wrongs don't make a right. You can make all the jokes you want a free of ups do. Doesn't mean doing the same thing twice. Because the other guy did was wrong so I'm gonna match him just to be like that makes it the right thing to do it still makes Jew wrong. Rise above it. Be better understand what ticks you off. 'cause when I watch people act in a way which upsets me. I start thinking about a five done it before. And if I have I'm starting to think about what I need to do to not do would anymore. 'cause I don't want to book. Like I viewed fat person. But it seems to me that this small region and I'm not again. People get very defensive it's not every gamecocks and is not ever constant and it's not every everything fan. The group of fans that is toxic so. Needs to do. You've got to stop. If you complained about how people treated you. And why are you treating them the same. The love thy neighbor as thyself right. Let's be better. Be better fans. Because and every other walk of life it seems right now that nobody wants to be better. It's just a continuous negative spin negative down off Loomis. Let's change Dan and our world. Let's refocus the sports world on what it is fun and entertainment. Enjoyment. We're fans of the players in the team on the field. Not fans of paving the team their claim. Better fans. I'm gonna you know summertime now before I wrap this thing up with the typical final line of the show but. Homer to I was gonna take its way to Central Florida we're gonna talk a little MLS little soccer Orlando city in their home field advantage so I had so I'm assuming. For the most part the South Carolina listeners might be tuning out now as you probably usually do for overtime and I go patriots or Red Sox crazy as well but. Orlando city soccer homer time crazy. Orlando fans get excited if you're listening because I'm gonna take your side against everything I saw on social media that was going on in my former radio station. In Orlando. Yes the fans make a difference yes the new stadium makes a difference and yes. This team is better all of them are true. Traveling causing other teams to lose in Orlando. Wrong. Is wrong sorry. So are you. If you listening who said. But a strong. Because teams traveled to Orlando last two seasons. Related win this many games. For one and now. It's April. They win their fourth match for awhile last season. They mastered the home draw. But that kind of plays into what I'm saying. Because when they came back from off the road and played a for the Citrus Bowl crowd they seem to find a way with the crowd. With 230 plus thousand people who were at the Citrus Bowl last season for matches to come back and tie. In escaped with a point. They couldn't win. Never won. Rarely. Teams are traveling. They lost games and on the team's traveling. Multiple times. The difference is may Doan and home because if you watched matches the last two seasons on the road they got pummeled. Everywhere they went they were out matched for the most part there were some road wins obviously that's a road wins a couple comebacks. In times. But they got outplayed almost everywhere they went on the road the last two seasons. They got to play on the road again this season. In Columbus. Only loss. Come home and play the elite teams of the MLS. Win all of them outside of New York Red Bulls New York City football club. In the LA galaxy. All four teams. Managers. Credited the fans in the it in the stadium and the on the ons and the intensity at all. Alexi lawless. Probably don't like a lot of his opinions guys kind of an American legend. Credited to fans in the stadium. Tyler twelve same deal fans stadium. Former players soccer analysts. Current players. Under to take their opinions. All let them decide. What the factors are. Because they know a heck of a lot more about soccer than I ever win. But don't tell me it's travel. It's 2017. Travels not a part. Says not. Because if you flipped it. And you said. Right now Orlando cities a one in four. They played five games on the road. They weren't traveling so much they might have some winds pitchforks and and the media would be at the gates pitchforks how dare you say that you're traveling is why you're losing how dare you blame it on that. That's not an acceptable excuse but now's an acceptable reason. For why they're winning. It's not. Home field advantage in sports Israel in certain situations some sports is not that important. Just saw the Celtics can down 20 and a very hostile environment of Boston Garden. TD bank gore. They lost both. Sometimes it helps sometimes it doesn't it's been pretty obvious in my opinion in three seasons now two and changed. At the home pitch for the Atlanta city soccer club Lyons has been very beneficial to them. First two seasons and help them get some draws this season that's left in the four trade home wins. So kudos to bat kudos to the fans kudos to the iron my infirm the rockets and everybody else in Orlando city stadium. None that I wrap it up over time is over for one no superstar about the season to wrap things up here head out. Make sure to catch me on the huddle with Greg McKinney a beyond their tomorrow afternoon around 320. I if you hear this today before the afternoon I'm gonna try to jump in with Josh Phillips a strip the stars today filling in for stir urged continued in your prayers as wave both for his wife. Who's dealing with some cancer issues and and him with his illness that he cannot figure out capacity to get him back here safe enters the same as well and since healthy. And then check me out on ROQ classic rock won a one point one. WRQ Sunday's three to 7 PM. Lazy Sundays but did you see you can see me there hear me there Jimmie and his DN. Check out podcasts blogs inside the mind TV dot com ESP NFC dot com appreciate you as soon as always be better fans animal league like I always do. Be excellent to each other together next.