The Huddle 8 21 2017 Hour 3

The guys talk some college football  news and relives the Carolina Panthers last preseason game


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Alonso off today Greg mention me in coach Josh Phillips out here or Greenville Pickens BWAY Patrick Brown running controls back at studio center ruling ringel. Welcome back end to the final hour of the eclipse edition of the model. On ESPN upstate people Josh you think are watching the backside of the clips compared to the front side of it. Got tournaments aren't done yet this places cleared out a pretty good over the last 1015 minutes though I think Patrick told us that. He was watching on the monitor agreeable driver playing them everybody was out on the edges of the stadium and it's a ghost town now. With a game so. You know folks like okay. We've seen it found a home. It's done timely idea I heard these eclipse glasses were part to combine. Them we got them if you wanna buy some. Destroy appliances. At Victor so. They probably enemy. On two for one moment. Use them the next art again like a partial eclipse in six years apart yet 224. And then the next total. Cotchery. Is going to be in 2044. I'll be nine seed anyway I'll tell you network's election I'll send you email. Today. And emails at 230 almost thirty years what does it would be thought. Transmitting each other about exactly those telepathy she's Williams should they who comes around. At that movie doing that you know most people that Ramsey react to the clips are saying now they see with the big deal laws that it was cooler than expected yes. Did that it was short lived over two minutes. It was awesome in my comment on it when we looked at it during the totality was that the morning around the man. Laws that are wider than expected expected in fact I saw some pictures or in this morning werewolves won't army in the year. At least I was looking at us it was a full circle. Fairly thick or. Yeah it was through that maybe that's ourselves and humidity. In the atmosphere. Lol. Yeah if you it was a lot. It was a lot thicker around the edges that. But it was very cool and hopefully there were not a much traffic accidents and audio authorized damaged by looking when they should be looking protected. In all of we liked the sake abide all you folks who have been visiting his state. For the past couple was a principal. Be careful out there. Yeah complexity doesn't. You know like hey look people may have come into Greenville for this event that in the government agreement before that they'll be back does this is them becoming pretty cool place to visit. So in Ulster business. We're glad to get to come here and spend two minutes at this point should. An eclipse. This afternoon it was a it was pretty cool. I am not disappointed. Hope you guys got the and it joint. Down Columbia they had a scrimmage on Saturday. As they did in Clemson on Saturday to gamecocks for imaging is they're just two weeks away from their opener. It feels to me like that club that South Carolina NC state game should be a Thursday night. Does not wake them does feel that way as a gonna make it up don't try to go I don't know that I'll be there because I'll be working on plans to broadcast that although Michael its brightness will be your. Just lets it wasn't news. As the blaze at noon on Saturday the second against them. It's Kent State but we'll say but anyway you wanna that. I'm thinking about it my might make the trip. To Charlotte to it's been awhile since I've taken enough. Game actually in the stadium. Got a little bit more free time this fall that. In the past several years but. I'm I'm definitely try to go to it definitely wanna go to. When Carolina plays Kentucky. At home I think via via literacy game yup. Maybe for a lot more if this gamecocks can hold on definitely gonna go watch him play the hawks are consoles come and LA. Carolina and two in the Willy being so that doesn't have skeletons solar eclipse that didn't happen happen that often so. Animal try to take him Clemson Florida State. Try to hit a lot of these games that are coming to the. We have some guy went back games come into the civilian this year. I mean it it seems like when South Carolina plays in north Carolina school in Charlotte that it would be Thursday night right the difference this year's it's Saturday game and though South Carolina will play NC state. That. NC state last in her favor by about a touchdown roughly six or seven points you think that's gonna change before kick off blizzard than any thing pre season. That might change the oddsmakers mines limited. Possibly that's a little higher. Than what I thought it would be a thought to be around them 433. And a half to four. Point spread they were with a full touched down may be because of injuries. This South Carolina has announced. Over the last couple years old last couple of days and NC state to my knowledge has reported any. Injuries although you know everybody has little nagging hamstring and stuff like that. This time camp so I think as it gets closer. And people start because that's a high number. And the Smart money. Is going to be on South Carolina cover. As it gets closer and of course that's gonna balance thing out. And that drop that line. Hero the next week we can perhaps. It might end up 34. Here's what little must champ had to say after the South Carolina scrimmage on Saturday about the way his gamecocks are performing here in the pre season workouts. I thought a little bit sloppy today we got about fifty snaps first two groups about 45 of the third group we analog. Situation where we finished a game would play out until our fourth quarter. All are writing game winning field goal from about 5354 yards which is impressive. On but just to bristled at sloppy for me about them first images cleaner as far as our operational both sides communication just little things that we need to. Clean up we still have two weeks before the first game we start two great days to work on South Carolina. As an open practice Monday and we're respecting huge ground. In our stadium Monday night and a lot of fond and then Tuesday. As well so and we've got a lot of work to do on South Carolina before we even. Turn to our first game. You'll be sleeping pleased with the effort we just got to clean some things up. Chris Smith is out probably wouldn't medical redshirt for this year. With the infantry otherwise. More nagging injuries obviously differing and an ACL but he is due back next week they feel like he's going to be ready to get David Jackson out Stephen Montag has had a boot on foot and he's supposed to be back in the next week or so Josh Smith good receiver out of club. Inman has a hamstring strain but not too seriously you want him out there I think. I think that guy and be the fastest guy on the team. He's going to be fun to watch your hero ideas and the thing about him is he can provide so much opportunity to score football. And quote non offensive plays and that's going to be interesting. To see the south Carolina's. I think is going to be faster team. That what they are expect them via more physical team. Than last year and then of course they'll be a little bit older. But still very very young football team even with. You know Jake Bentley starting last year the last half of the season last year and I commend his sophomore year so. If they can surround. Him with pieces and they're doing that I mean the gamecocks got a huge commitment. From Josh span a wide receiver out of Georgia. That something win and here's a four star recruit that had offers from everybody in the country. And that tells you how hard. This coaching staff is working recruiting when you can go into Georgia. And get top fifty kid out of the state of Georgia from the Georgia Bulldogs Auburn Tigers Alabama. All of those guys wanted this kid. And he stuck with is a lot of people thought easily beat Carolina obviously they were right. He went ahead and committed to the gamecocks. They got to get him signed by all indications are. He has lock stock and barrel. Going to be gamecocks of the more they get those guys. The better and then they've got to translated to the field the shots miss. The Kerry in two orders that are common next year and got a producer that it makes it more exciting for the guys come in the the question I have great about Carolina is the deficiencies on that back. Is I know they're expecting. Bryson out Williams to be a big part of what they wanted to do to pressure the quarterback. I'm gonna say I'm embarrassed to see how much they put him up in the box how much they're rotating back help. On the back here. Because right now one thing that they can afford it anymore injuries. It seems the first few got the first team guys are okay. But then after that I mean if they get into the game weather's 708090 snaps that depth might start BAB. The fact. The things I am hearing. Out of Columbia and and you know. It's from all of the records from muschamp Aziz is telling people privately watch out for the statements can be better things right and that. That bodes well and you kind of expect that them regularly it's a second year player but I don't think anybody that knows Will Muschamp and is followed his career. Doesn't believe that south Carolina's going to get better on defense. The laundries there is gonna get the defense in shape and you know got the skill positions on offense. In much better shape than it was a year ago at this time but you know people are suggesting that the defense will be that we point I'm saying is not well I'm I'm saying now. There's some people close to the program including that coach you were feeling like. They're pretty comfortable with what the what now feel that that's where you're right injuries could change all last. But at least for our guys. This this should not be a bad defense. No end. And I've been talking about this guy. Give law that defensive tackle position. Is going to be an absolute man. Last year South Carolina got pushed off the ball. Quite a bit this kid is a full grown man he's six ever bit as seven. 320 pounds. And he's a junior college kid that is gonna come in and plug and play he's gonna be if they want store. Immediately so one of the things difficult question like do I know they played a lot of 43 last year. Got into some even fronts. They might go back to his roots from for a standpoint what this time. At Alabama in order to get more speed and the help now. With that secondary. From a depth standpoint so. I'm excited to see him I've heard Brad Johnson has had a phenomenal. Camp the young man out of Middleton. Just down the road from us right now events have been. And then the other one is here and Thomas that I was real. Coming out of Miami Carol high school. Down in south South Beach Miami. He's a little bit undersized when I saw more film Gregg I thought the kid reminded me of an Eric Norwood type of player. And I actually had a coat to only Josh but it was six very heated gone to southern cal on Alabama or somewhere like that but he is right around six foot 61. 250 pounds but he's got a motor and explosiveness. And I've heard he's had a great camp. As well high effort guy big motor guy. And you put him in there with a guy like Kim law. I agree with I think the gamecocks are most prized piece I let me ask you an eclipse question oh on eclipse the. Here is. Will the gamecocks eclipse seven win. In 2007 to the answer is yes. I've projected on the goalie for. They could be his ties to if that ball who bounce up way I'm the opposite that the best I didn't say they or. Well I think their ceiling would be to have nothing there. That their basement level would be six let opt out of right in the middle think Carolina. Is on pace may win season made things better that buried. So let's look at that we get to eight Williams. There at the reason people that. The average sports. Analyst with say they're not going to be that it anyway Q. You get it in the NC state game yeah I think they NC state. Close. Stuff Damian that's a tough for me to dim at this point but I'm gonna withhold judgment they win at Missouri. Missouri they should win at Missouri it's a road game it's at night those things to meet Arafat you know but the better yes I believe that. They break the Kentucky winning streak at home yes. And when that game September's extinct. They get Louisiana Tech September 23. Four O come that's pretty good start that's due this. You might never reach and there was NC state mama but what's it. September 30 Kyle for you old Texas say you know almost say that's a loss. And still good football team. And that's tough place on the road going. Agree with you there's things if that one can someone coaching for his job he needs him win here right but it is you know. Arkansas your guys come in on October 7. To win. I think South Carolina would be able forty plus all of and I just don't think the halls offensively. Are going to be able to keep pace. With them Arkansas defensively Mary Mary. They switched to a 34. Softer economy pushed around and get that running game going. I expect to win stories we're five wins now. As an October 14 at New Zealand stadium against the loan that's the last game Butch Jones coaches. So. Which goes and puts it only leaves and doesn't go that he dodges a bullet with bills in the boot at Georgia. And they want a squeaker. But the hammer comes. A B two straight losses are bigger. So that six right. In an off day. And yeah Vanderbilt at home you got to him now that's way that's seven go to Georgia late in the season that we report. Seeing this is where I think they've got a chance. And I because Georgia is coming off Florida week. And depending on how the game goes gamecocks have an off week like you mentioned. And Georgia is coming off of play in Florida the previous Saturday. So that's going to be games where Georgia may not be in the game mentally. And if the gamecocks are what I've been to that point there of the season are really feel and some momentum so. Now to be more than you know 1234. Yen the first or the needed from Arkansas Tennessee and Vanderbilt at seven wins by seven wins by themselves they're going to be artistry. I'm Melissa lost. Just based on its at Georgia you know in Georgia defensively is very good but close. That what people think Florida and a whole November 11 oh loss that the gators their better than what people. My you know this everywhere we refer some might give them a home win over Florida on Monday night game the World Series or still a seven Wofford they yet. Both companies say how many you know is the option but rise offers come close before but we'll. Assume that's not another citadel and we'll give you that that's a and the clubs right so we're gonna give them clips. No not yet it'd be a better game than what it was last year. Obviously but I think clintons just their programs. South Carolina is coming. Clinton is already there so I think this year and be a lot better ball game but the depth. And the experience of points in that game but now you I would give them that today on eclipse day right now August when he first but. Have poured their disease and I'd like to revisit it wears gloves and a quarterback and equipment disease that's the that's a big way it is so I think four is. Is a sweet spot form if they can get the ball to bounce the right way. Kyle field or maybe at Georgia. And that and that ceiling could go up but I think. You know four non victory is well within their reach so they got Georgia and or possibly Florida and your argument in Florida that's probably hit a lovely. Right exactly get to that non. Not in three areas but the thing about the schedule correct. Is that the gamecocks got seven home games. And if they can hold serve home in what I consider holding serve is going five and two. Now you've only got to win three road games to get a and I think that's more than than capable the two games thanks to reform. At home obviously going to be Clemson and Florida. But if they can hold serve until five in two hole this year and they should be able to reach that they win form aren't. Ayatollah call him we're up some of them with you clips here's announce a good time to jump on the phones at 8444773776. And talked just about anything more on in sports we're live Greenville Pickens speedway ever get another forty minutes or so so we'll put a break and come back with more strict McKinney in the coach Josh Phillips. At yeah that black out hope that it's the way the huddle on ESP in upstate. We're going out of these glasses even though normally we resell malveaux widget. Use them to do. Now as deep though we can beat Hedo going to Acosta board which we. Just don't want is my glasses like down here that play I took yours I just one more look the moon still. Local and other core it's about a quarter left and there are going to be gone. All right eclipsed when he seventeen winding down are you sad you feel that sense of sadness when something big hands. So the last few minutes amok at a beauty sex jokes and that's what her by Stella. Promised us what do that all that they'll never mind. Do that. It's over more open the door for. Like man there's lost their pre season game over the weekend duty titans and that anybody cares about 34 to 27. Was the final. Marcus area of the blade and threw a touchdown pass. You know times were held a three points against the jets. The previous week but they score on there this was over early when the ones were. Idea. Scored on the first three possessions against that. Here on the agency might. Race and I've route that more area that was six the date for 61 yards. Touchdown. Alliance a field goal 34 yards in the game. But of course him in deploy. The first play from scrimmage Derek Anderson. Completed a pass Devin punches and he fumbled. Let's not lose by Logan Ryan returned to the airline thirteen. They score pretty quickly. That then the deepest that the ball away again on the next possession just in the state polls intercepting a pass intended for Greg Olsen. That. Gerard Mack Brown Tipton the year and they went seventy yards yeah. Is offering elegantly on via their Henry touchdown on and it was seventeen to nothing in the first quarter. Did not go watch any of that. But. You know with care Cam Newton on in the game how much concern dia where your weight with the others orders and there are. None I mean these guys are the starters get maybe eight to twelve snaps may be a little bit more. And that's all they need to be I mean it's technically really need to prove that he can play football. In the NFL and the answers no same Thomas Davis. And all of those guys I think the main reason you Plame is just get a Mac were mated. To move it around and going game speed instead of going against your offense. So you know they get him in there for a few plays they get him out and then. Like like I say is they try to fill in the bottom half the roster. With guys that are trying to make the team and who's gonna make the practice to team. These pre season games are for guys like pit bull lawyer and people of that ilk that. Are fighting for roster spot that are gonna have to make it either as a special teams player. Or go to the practice bomb squad but they've got to prove their worth to the club and so that's that's all they're trying to figure out right now. Mr. McCaffrey showed some skills in the ball game yet a seventeen yard touchdown run and that he got a screen pass and went 38 yards out. That's. You can't hide talent that you saw there. Yes he does and I think this kid may be. In the run for rookie of the year if he has enough touches. And he can stay healthy so if he does that. Then. He's going to be electrifying. In this office. And then now it's adds another weapon soon to Cam Newton so. Carolina you know they're going to be fighting for that cell division title again. Yeah I think so I think you know not the word out so far for the airline rant there's other than let's. You know I wanna see him do look under present and Roger we've seen that yet that's only. Big question heading into the season. What we got three weeks. Till September the tea. So. I think he'll he'll be healthy cycle troll all competitive. A spot if he does it's going to be in last pre season game and maybe it's yours to. All right let's go to these phones phone lines open and a 444773776. When we have Jim waiting to get on hi Jim welcome Jeremy. And good man you watch includes the size up front but put that I've. This will be. And producers that. Well it was but it. It. Did you think. It. Some old as you. I think that take them eleven of warm with a loss to Clemson is on it for that orpheum that you would. I beat probably I don't hear. If you don't have Bloomberg report but I do you interpret bet they're getting. Not think he's all right. I haven't talked to the coach yet and you know they were. Up huge at the time of and it rattled me he was sliding on Iran and the guy hit high. And I kind of got his leg bit back a little bit but I do not believe it to be a serious injuries haven't heard anything about it is looking at. Didn't give it articulates the low ball game get a bit. They were out there were ahead of them. What anybody expected Donald think people were shocked that they won the 51 and nothing's amounts over him. Collect up cove east agents just didn't that's what I. I you know it Jim I'm I'm pacing ourselves that's a long season and I don't want a burned my excitement. We were really good coverage you'll need a bit you have bird I haven't. That would be reviewed all get well quickly to grow play. There are obviously lies do boosters or strategy might give it. Vetted through the eleventh. It was up as couple things it was lack of penalties. They didn't have very many of the lack of turnovers that didn't have any. That was a huge difference and then now you know there is. People talk a lot about discipline and then and that burns needed some and I think they've done a good dose of applicants to make a difference. Activity you can vote question it dude. Dude so it won't bill and a bit first date do you wait those six you know it was a turnover. And each day. How big your uncle. We're worried treatment I think that peach state I really do to bitch don't they will. Probably we'll sort of you know our go to blow a key players don't give her price I QB. I Jim present government. It's South Carolina just loses to NC state that's not that's not a loss season has no doubt you're. You know there's still have a chance to. Take a big step this year and and nobody will be really shocked that they lost that game there they're underdogs. Auto I don't think. You know that's an account a critical game for South Carolina some do some say that's one they need to win to get the seven I don't know if. Doesn't yet know I don't think so in that regard I've been thinking it's. Big game for will and what he's trying to establish from programs them point. And that you can go win against the team that finish off the year really strong. Team that many people are picking as a dark horse. In the ACC that could possibly a golf. Florida Stater collapse and I'm not see in the atmosphere that always is is out there so the gamecocks can be prepared. Go out there put a good game plan together and figure out a way to win whether it's uglier bad. You know. I'm sure right now what was it two years ago Carolina played North Carolina. Up there and it took Scott Moore pick in the ball off twice inside the five. That's an ugly win but it was a win and they would take that right now and walk home so. I think will is just looking for some things to build on. As they accumulate more and more and better players to his system. And look he's go fix it defensively. Well one thing that he is known for and he did a great job of Florida. Is having a lead defensive talent. I mean every year he was there they put 234 guys I in the first round the NFL draft so he's going to identify good defensive talent. He just didn't fall into the trap. Before passing on good. Offensive players. South Carolina it definitely has that so I'm excited for that that was one of the 3 games that I am really looking forward to was. It's state South Carolina of course Alabama Florida State. And before the mills kit got hurt Georgia Tech and in Tennessee but now. Not so much now that BYU LSU game gets on my radar now is that that's going to be a rough and tumble. I'll roll up your sleeve last man standing type. But Florida Michigan you're gonna well since the suspension they're not so much you know when you take away your best. Offensive player. Any in you really go in with one hand behind your back it makes Tom but. Again Jim Mac away is looking farther down the road in just one ball game. I you've got to applaud him for pulling the trigger on that I can that the game that he could have said. Hey you know what. Will suspend on the next week against north Texas or whoever is that they're playing. And will let him play against Michigan that at least penalty he dropped the hammer on a big ball game. That's right thing to do and I think hello in the field is last chance Saturday poppy last chance you next it is up again. I date for forging ESP ESPN 8444773776. Break time back to argue the last twenty minutes of our. Eclipse show from Greenville Pickens speedway the infield. Out here for eclipse 2017. In the huddle audience in upstate. Welcome back out here or Greenville Pickens BWAY is great McKinney and the coach Josh Phillips on location for the total eclipse. Which is over it's a little bit of the sun is still cover the war but of course they'll cover yours we've just about. Wrap that up and the folks who were watching the eclipses. This for the heels for the most part if you program. Will be here until 4 o'clock and it was very cool we appreciate the opportunity to be here for. Yeah that blackout did not disappoint. As a critical about one hour ago we reached the totality of the clips and want to a lot of experience that folks. We will never forget. If you know your kids in your grandkids. You experienced. In Denver you may or may not want to tell your kids or your grandkids that you were around for Trevor Simien as your quarterback. But he's the guy. Trevor Ximian has won the open competition. To be the Denver Broncos starting quarterback. First year coach Vance Joseph. Is supposed to make the announcements. To his team and then make it public according to a USA. After Ximian established separation from first round pick Paxton lynch in a week in pre season game at San Francisco. Trevor Ximian seventh round draft pick in 2050. Last year he beat out Mark Sanchez and packed it. He was 86 as the starter last year. Eighteen touchdowns and interceptions. Have here's my here's my question for you the Denver Broncos. Fallen out of serious contention dubious Super Bowl team. Just two years removed from what you know. We doing. Yes. I do not like. Their dual quarterback. Situation. That there's a reason John Elway hit drafted. To ground Paxson went to a lot of people all. Dallas was going to matter but Dallas did. Put in. To trade up to give him it's just Denver came in the last decade and now the AME. And just took that way otherwise excellent was going to be cowboy if you make a move like that you've got to put the young male on the field. In a lot of regular season game and see what he can do everybody note Trevor knows Trevor Ximian. Looks like a world leader in the pre season. But come the regular season he disappears. We don't know what type of quarterback Max wedges because they won't give him the opportunity out on the field so I think that's a situation where. I understand why events that he's the safer pick. But put Paxson out there what you know Trevor Symbian can only take you so far. And that's it. Put backs up their security can do with flops you can always go to the safe choice. But if he takes all the ceiling is so much higher. Or the opportunity of higher ceiling. Because taxes what 65220. Pounds real athletic big. Got a big arm he can make throws Trevor simian to. So semi came out of northwestern. Throwing I think rob Smith was as coordinator of all they threw was bubble screens he cannot throw the ball down vertically. That wasn't a part of what they did it high in college at northwestern. And he can't do in the NFL so. The Denver Broncos hired rob Smith of the office coordinator makes it's if they didn't let let his get in the shooting. Did you talk about the stats yeah it's pre season so bottom which it from the civilian has completed 78% of his passes to pre season games under 44 arts threw a touchdown run after came into the game in the second quarter Saturday night. Lance completed 68% of its mass is not bad. And but just 81 yards no touchdowns heatedly the Broncos to thirteen points against the 49ers but they were all short drives. 2611. And eleven yards after turnovers in the long drives there for. Paxton ranch what they are saying is that there is an advantage in decision making for Trevor Ximian. That they just they keys in his playbook betterment which has been around awhile action of the play book by now right so. It looks like drivers anymore to most the first team reps for the rest of the pre season until something happens easily. Yes that's that stinks politics to me. It really does Denver had some issues on their offensive line. He's not a very elusive guy. That's another reason why alike talk alike big athletic quarterbacks turned out well for Pittsburgh. They got to got to Miami of Ohio now that's in his. Twelve year. That was a lot like Paxton he was bigger body but he was big tall athletic and Rome Roland. Turned out for Pittsburgh. Denver may need to follow that lead. All right we'll watch that as it develops a throughout the rest of the peace pre season but the work coming up remember that it strippers union's job. Right now at quarterback for the Broncos. But take a final break we'll come back and wrap it up here from Greenville Pickens speedway in the huddle in just a moment stay with us you're listening to ESP announced it. Welcome back to the huddle. On ESPN upstate. Final eight minutes of the eclipse edition. We say that. For awhile. All our problems. Total eclipse additional realists say that for very long. The fact I'm going with a I'll never be able to say that. There on the there. Our total eclipse without Marshall one of them here on an up thank you don't even get a after the athlete. But anyway this is critical today thanks their bodies came out to a Greenville Pickens speedway I think we're down there and where our staff is in the will echo those balls the ball all those are all pretty cool. It's big gum these big plastic balls you're actually yet and then. Bounce around on top of the pool water and I think the people in there now work for us it's some of the ones in line. Work for us. But so they don't create an incident over the irons and all but that's pretty cool. You know. Spiritually you know probably lose my cookies yeah I am I gonna do that is. The motion and I got to imagine there's no air conditioning done but. So I don't know that I would want to bounce around in that thing today in the heated today and it didn't take it along the heat back up after the sun. Came back out somebody opened up. Fear for. His yes that's the moon as still one little piece. It's right on the edge but it's it's mainly gone. It's got caught her yeah I'm seeing a quote here. From James Palmer who works for NFL network. About this decision to name drivers and me in the starter. Denver quarterback from fans Joseph who says. This is a quote permanent decision. Know what the heck does that mean that I'm gonna guess no I'm gonna guess the coaching staff might disagree with them being permanent. Decision it is you've got a little flexibility of it fold. Trevor Nunn worked out I gotta think they're gonna give actually went to jail and throw five interceptions or couple picks axes it's it is that doesn't interest and well kind of arm I do understand that Ximian has the support some players in the you know you understand if people like their favorites and walk. There needs to be some work done. The quarterback position for Denver it back into the post season picture with all the other. Guys that we're looking for another thing that one and don't you about was them. The situation with Florida's quarterback job because it is. Kind of a pretty good battle we have going on right now. Between police say franks and the more leak Zaire equally Zaire coming in. To love Florida from Notre Dame forcefully they franks the big tall kid out of what color high school. In Florida Josh enough. I think you know at some point which obviously they Frank's job but I don't know if that would be game wore on I wouldn't be shocked if Zaire got starters you before that made it. Transition yet when they trot out there against Michigan I'm expecting in the league Zaire. To be to be the starting quarterback. But you know Frank's got some talent. 266. Can throw the football. Got a big or lob long morning. But he's been lazy and the thing that's got to make your manager Jim Michael Wayne is why has it taken me bring an end. Transfer that's threatening your job for you to put effort now to do the best that you're doing and I think that's what's. Aggravating. Coach Mac away in his. To know in so. I'm like you unexpectedly. Resigned here. To be the starter and then it's gonna be a surprise to going to beat him out if you. Now you got the Michigan game that's in Arlington and Jerry world on September 2. You know does smack going look at that as a bit of a lost cause anyway with a seven suspensions that he has I'm sure you would never admit to that by. You know does he do the same thing that he would have a quarterback that he would not have those suspensions. Kudos after that. The schedule takes a little break with the northern Colorado but then. Game three they have Tennessee and that's a huge game in the SEC east Florida Tennessee. Now horse that is that knocks orbiting Gainesville it is moving game yes that he's liable to make you change you'll have all those players coming back. Along with Callaway so. Yeah that's. Seems like there's never adult drama around Jim my point in Florida since he's been in there there's always been an issue either. With his quarterback corps in his play calling or. You know his sea adventures yeah you know whatever it is that they did not do that then no he did. But this just seems like there's always something. With his offense that is drama later and they're gonna have to get that fixed. I wonder. You know maybe he trots outside here for the Michigan game masters kind of a yes on my part that you might do that this francs reportedly is not quite ready although he's been better lately right little bit of fire lit under him when they brought him on the side here. But then I guess northern Colorado you know it's game two which you could go ahead and use that game to kind of make an adjustment and get police they franks has some experience before that Tennessee game. Not much of a break him you know had huge games after Tennessee but you have conference games you've got Kentucky you've got Vanderbilt. And then that's when it gets really tough then you've got LSU and then you got Texas a and M and after a five week you got Georgia that three game stretch right there. Not knowing the bye week is gonna make or break season for the sports and yes it is. Absolutely. So they gotta do something their South Carolina doesn't like Florida until November 11 that all being Columbia. And then reverberate to evaluate the game for the gators and of course it's always. They finish up. With the Florida State Seminoles that went in Gainesville this year. Florida's not yet one. I don't know if this is the year because our good Florida State at least they do get a middle. The other Florida State's gonna have to defend the run and you know what I think Florida is going to be able to do this year is on the football. Defensively they don't have quite the personnel that the but they still got some tech football players first and defensive end. May be as good of a defensive end there as there is in the country. He's not get a lot of pub right now but he will by the end of the year. I that's gonna do it for us out here it was fun. Thanks for listening and for those of you came out thanks for coming out for the yen of that black out of ending Greenville Pickens the way. Josh thank you Arnold would go get another clip show but what another show. But tomorrow here in the huddle back in the studio at 1 o'clock in the will be plenty of book college football news from practices in the NFL notes and. A few other things to get into you as we get back to a regular shows tomorrow. Thanks again thanks to Patrick back to the studio for Josh or some Greg McKinney thank you for listening to the huddle today on ESPN upstate.