The Huddle 8 21 2017 Hour 1

The guys talk about some Clemson Football, High School Football action, and some other College Football News!


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And welcoming Greg McKinney and coach Josh Phillips. Coach once upon a time I was falling in love Sonoma only falling apart. It's a clips day. When he seventeen. And we are off. In the Milan I guess everybody around here's a lot you can see it from. Just about any vantage point regardless here and can't escape him but we our eyes and a prime location for. The clips. Which is just about to start and then beat it about 38% and we're at a Greenville Pickens speedway. For yeah that blackout in now or go out here we're on the infield at the racetrack. It's this you know I've done a lot of things and radio judgment does that on the infield little local racetrack to watch a total solar eclipse is not one of and now it is I can scratch this off. The old bucket list. We have people out here now we have vote DJ crazy trying to play in. Sun and moon songs I think your result he's played since I've been out here about what thirty as beneath the race honorable end zone so he said he told me. That a lot of FaceBook video post was me tell me at 72. Zone Norman zones so that style or through. And now there's much people under the tent they're with the music we have vendors out here there selling barbecue and face the meaning and a snow cold season. All I kind of stuff and people are still coming in and you can still command it's ten dollars to get in here. And enjoy all the activities while you. Enjoy the clips today and I don't know if they've run out of a clips classes are not immune to that question yet on that now we're at like 15100 there Lloyd. Here's an image stolen someone we have ours. And now we're ready we're ready for the eclipse this is going to be a fun and different day and a a couple things we're on location it would take a chance being on location during an eclipse because. I don't know that they had the same got a remote equipment 99 years ago. Are we don't have any any examples of how that works during a total solar eclipse but we are connected now we have to stay connected. I imagine that cell phone. Towers will be overloaded at some point in the next to apply our thing. Yes already people out here and like you said it's already a big crowd and it's growing more people. Coming in and park across from us. And the good thing is when you pull and maybe you can see the big he has been in upstate. We're right here but it's it's a big crowd and people are adding to it. Literally bothers him more more people are showing up foray. Century old. Natural events I believe. Yeah yeah total solar cliff without the partial eclipses but this is a total today. At about 238 this afternoon across upstate south here as it moves through. I was looking at this and which numbers this morning when it was about 15100 miles an hour while it's don't try to keep up. Don't try to keep over the and I heard this from a friend of mine that. Now you know. We're not certainly the only place this this path of totality runs from Oregon through the codes out on their lots of places all across the country that you can. See the totality. But we're the closest to the East Coast. In South Carolina and up until that it's cloudy and drizzly down toward Columbia Charleston and Lotta people saw that this morning and headed for the. And I've heard observed an act in excess of I half million people that have descended on the grateful every hotel was gone Greg one of the things shock me. Is not found out that people were actually renting out rooms in their homes. For a thousand dollar limit on my desk for Roman their house in with all the people believe for a half million people. Have descended into our great state so it's crazy. It's it's wild. It's wild. I'm sure. You know we have yeah that black out shirts that they are on. I don't know how that's working to be honest with you they're giving some way the registering for for some. It may be selling someone of that but anyway it's cool place for this now. It's it's not cool day it's ninety degrees so you know be prepared for that. There's intense out here you can get under the tent with the music in front despondent there looked pretty full right now. We might sell your spot and are used the Internet you point out that I went over to the lesbian fans. And some of our people are in that van with the windows rolled up the demand running in the air conditioner blowing. That's seems you know I'm not probably Gaza out blessed you stay in their whole afternoon from my so your name's ovary that's almost. You can be the judge where that you want. Do them. I've been over here in awhile to a Greenville Pickens they were pretty cool I like the names of the drivers on the wall all the way around the track that's on the backstretch. Look at it body power and Jean Morgan and Robert Presley in that. Is on earn art up there. And on the bishop Somalia famous drivers that have driven here over the years they still run over here of course. So this chemical we're in the infield and if you're looking for ways to go. To let people in and there was plenty of parking out there Jim and Joseph Barton. Nine I got into a little bit of a line coming in the backstretch area. And that got the front gate closed off of here but once you get through and get your ticket. A lot of parking places ops from where we are in the semis wall. Over here there's plenty of space. Nice crowd but discipline your room before. Stretching out map and pick me up and joint barbecue. I know there's another event at Denver downs and they shut it down against a rather well nobody else get in over the years so while this is an option you wanna come over here to bring it to be wiped. Q have you the lowest common throughout text this allows coming through downtown Beaumont way. I heeded your advice and left early I'd just in case of the traffic which herb was unbelievable at about 101030. All of the rooftop bars in downtown agreeable now packed to the gills they had him in there like she. So. I'm sure the fire marshals will be on the told so today. I saw some pictures of bomb Ricky river park falls park and read you reverend Rangel and it was packed before pollen in the air. As they vantage point the great thing about this as a weapon they said there was going to be tons of traffic. My question was war where people going because this guy is up. So exactly where's all the traffic going. To see the clips. But they're all up here I guess there's more traffic because they're more people and now when they're moved around not dollars I want to AM Mexican restaurants of some bill last night. I've never seen that grow. And I guess Mexican food was the free clips meal of choice and Simpson bill last night. And I saw some some tweets imposed on FaceBook about now so evil beings I am last night. There were traffic doubt that your Krispy Kreme Chris because. Eclipsed all of us and got a chocolate incontinence goma for the eclipse. And there were Lawrence last night and this morning coming out of all the respect very. Lines unbelievable long lines so. This is different response alike. Hopefully when the sun starts to get covered up in the supposed to be beginning any minute now. The temperatures will cool I would expect that happened back I heard anywhere from five to fifteen degrees during the eclipse which had a drop in temperature. I'm sure that all about him right now about artwork. Yeah we have few clouds but compared coast. Not so bad I hope the sun is out and not behind clouds at 238 when everybody's. But we can have this guy again don't look at these guys without your special. Eclipse glasses. These yours tomorrow monolith that money fund but they have to have that certification. That says ISO 1231 dude edged duke. Don't do want to read 12 day story. Anyway for direct. Observation of the Sorin and you're not put these on to take a picture. You cannot see your hand if brought your film goes out you know but you looked at disarm them earlier right so you can see the sun throughs for. And it looks like right move. Doesn't it looks like a bright moon which I found resting spot. Interesting fact. When somebody I was researching exactly what it totally eclipsed in tale. In a pretty interesting fact was that the sun is 400 times. The size of the moon. In the distance from the moon to the sun is 400 times so it's perfect so it's perfect you know. How rocket out blacked out. There's exactly I wondered about that they're not the same size but the distance makes up more makes up for via. If you're science lesson that day for coach Johnny Phillips out of rebuilt last Smart thing you're here to say hey you know what somebody somewhere somebody wanna my professors. At North Korea will go he finally put that degree. Use it. Oh by the way there's up onto people that are really Smart about this stuff. That are out of roper mountain science center during this we have a live feed from out there and maybe a timer to. We will check in just to hear those guys talked to two years of Smart people to talk. We'll check him what the professors in the experts. The scientists that it broke ground science center during the eclipse today just see what they're saying now. Now and then this afternoon it it is also you know kind of interesting to me how you know solve this thing. A few months ago was coming and start looking at the time frame. And you know what. This event dovetails. Almost precisely with the huddle we want to pull for. Because it starts right after war and it speaks about you're 38 it's done right before four. I thought that I don't know what that means I don't know that's a message that someone's drugs in this about the show but now. This its message from above they got a cool off the huddle. Whether. Back to back. Sports shows that your soul on fire so somebody from it's we got pool boys off following a talk about deficit you wrote did. Yeah we got the word on Saturday night while we're doing the burnt to rock I can go to the SE BA awards is that burns football game that was actually more important. Opening game of the year for 151 to nothing reach. But alarms it was down there and got our award now he's off today. So I had a major brings it and that's the threat is off today and tomorrow and so our job will be to get that. Piece of hardware into the building. When Alonso comes back on Wednesday but now listen you're part of the show was that a regular post last year but. Don't do this before you were armed the awarded three live from the final four coverings after vomiting Cox we live it would be ought there that was part of our entries you can feel part of that. Congratulations. Well it's it's a small part but apart on the list. So you know it's like immature if there ever felt before the trade deadline now if you could somehow get on to. Doing the patriots although they are what the roaring don't accuse him as a club. We're grateful you are listeners for that second straight year that the model has been names out there on Sports Radio show of the year by the some broadcasters association. We thank you we appreciate that. Beat out good showdown the game in Columbia. Line does that show it was the other post them so congratulations and gets the award of merit and got the award of merit before to do it is not all of but we appreciate one sports show of the year that we all right here's what we have coming up the side to put its coverage. The eight the college football bowl is out today we'll talk about that won't come back ordered that those Sweeney. After Clemson scrimmage on Saturday some thoughts look we talked about how the defense was dominating that changed over the weekend. The offense showed up over the week in order that those comments on the map. We will hear well last chance they had a scrimmage down in Columbia as well what his thoughts about where the gamecocks are as widgets well which is two weeks away from the season. And also we're gonna hear from one Jalen hurts Alabama quarterback got some experience now after his freshman year. Leading the Crimson Tide and those faulty as even talks about trying to get past that Clemson lost in the national championship game. That's coming up as well and even some bomb. Some coaches talking about eclipses. Their funnyman would you ask coach about an eclipse that it's funny. So we have some of that. To get into today. As well. We will open up the parlance you wanna did it without you can do so a 444773776. Lot of Pringle picked at anyway Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips it's the clips addition. The huddle on ESP announced they will be right back. Welcome back live Greenville Pickens they way it's Greg McKinney and the coach Josh Phillips out here for the total solar eclipse which has begun Josh we took just took our first look through our approved. It clips sunglasses. And he says the top right corner of the song that has a little indentation already. Yeah well like somebody took over Reese's right now at a top right corner there so this was gone it has begun. And again should peak around a few 38. This afternoon. We picked the eight people out today. Associated Press pre season poll. Alabama far and away the number one team. In the country. They got 52. Out of 611. Place votes. Josh so no surprise they're domination by Alabama and I don't know that anybody's question that. No no the tide of earn that. Unprecedented. And what Nick Saban has done in his nine to ten years. In Tuscaloosa hard to believe. Going back to watching you know he had that 76 year 66. You're his first your loss to Louisiana Monroe and then every year slits that. The Crimson Tide have either been in the discussion for the national championship or have won it think about this fact. They are for plays not four games. For single plays from winning seven straight national championship. Alabama as well deserved that number one right. You know there's no question about that I thought it was kind of interesting though that Ohio State is second at a Florida State Florida State is third. I don't think that matters at this point obviously but which you flip those Florida State must they were to keep that. Right now we keep it. Honestly I think that's a little high. For Florida State. They did finish didn't do last year. Ohio State on real honed their one of my college football playoff there. I think Urban Meyer and what they're doing the hiring of Kevin Wilson is their offensive coordinator. Is going to pay huge dividends for. The Ohio state office and especially the production. Of JG Barrett so. Those are five right there whether at it's gonna put a lot more. Emphasis I would have liked to have seen. That switch but man how big of a matchup that is now that the AP poll has come out. Between Alabama and Florida State to top five teams square and all. One verses three yup so. All three of those teams by the way. Alabama Ohio State. And Florida State beaten by the Clemson Tigers missed it but if so close NASDAQ O formed by Clemson is not fourth southern cal is fourth. Then the tigers are fifth. I about right that's right fifth until we see what they have offensively. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if especially if the Alabama Florida State game. Is really close. And and Clinton is able to come out the second week and take care of business at home what Auburn they will probably bypass. Several teams maybe Ohio State as well maybe not. But if they have a good showing at home against Auburn which would be another top ten team coming in Death Valley. And that they can win that game start season to a two and hope that Clinton's gonna go up pretty quick. Rest of the top ten Penn State at six Oklahoma at seven Washington isn't a Wisconsin and nine and Oklahoma State is ten public Oklahoma State was eleven in the yet coach disposal there up a spot in the eight people would just came out today. Rest of the top. 25 C there's anything interesting here eleven is Michigan. Twelve is Auburn Clemson second opponent of the years are you gonna get. I mean there could be some movement after the first week but right now it would be number five vs number twelve at the valley. On that second though weekend in September. LSU. He is at thirteen. Fourteen to stand for Georgia Bulldogs at Princeton. They're in respect now. People expecting the Georgia Bulldogs to win the SEC east and they're ranked accordingly. Lloyd bullet sixteen. When to place them in September as well Florida's at seventeen. Miami at eighteen coach Mark Richt staying South Florida the team to beat South Carolina in the Birmingham bulletin nine teams in the pre season. And state to wanna. Virginia Tech another September opponent for the tigers is at 21 I'm not sure about that party to see Virginia Tech with a losses they had at skill positions to see if they can stay. The top 25. Yeah they really are and that you have just Jackson who they named the quarterback. Lost lost to rod Evans. Last year on the NFL I don't even though he's made a roster of have to go back check. But I think a lot of people were surprised when he decided to declare. After one year in Blacksburg adjusted Forte probably. Didn't have a lot of sleep over that it interesting that they got but down the bottom of the top point. Two when he won West Virginia and 22. And those two teams play early in the season Texas it twenties the race of respect for Tom Herman there. Washington State a 24. And at 25 it's Butch Jones in the Tennessee Volunteers butch make the pre season top 25 looks the only statement. Well they got he's got a lucky break if you call that as well as Tennessee beat your miles. Our bills starting run back four or beat back of Georgia Tech yeah has been thrown off the team for some undisclosed. Violation had to be producers for Paul Johnson and a booted off of that quality. All for his team but that's definitely gonna help. Tennessee has that Q I thought Shia chants. To possibly break two yards rushing against Tennessee yeah that game now he's not go home field us. Now the gloves tigers had a job at a scrimmage on Saturday and you know we've been talking about the defense that now there were so far ahead of the offense so far. Well it changed a little bit on Saturday in the you know as a good news or bad news here's what dabhol had to say about Saturday scrimmage over plans. Your head coach you're never happy walked side by side McConnell thank you. Always complexes available low. Okay today. Office. We got a boost morale and all. I don't know two minute drills. Plays much. Plus a big place. I didn't really matter who. Opposite of what we said last moment. Very encouraging investment he sport defensively. Releasing this this is happening right now. Why are we just never could really easy when you Jews and Austin have. You don't you don't bring you some respect do you get exposed that's what happened today. So that was when he talking about now Leon offense was better the defense maybe a little wars. On Saturday at the scrimmage coach Euro if your Davos. Okay what that means you'll want the office to show up but dominant defense you would think would still be dominating early in those images. Yeah and any any any practice especially now as the inner and their third week before they tee it up in the first game can state. You have ebbs and flows of practice where. The defense normally is ahead of the offense and most programs. And that every bit as the offer starts to. Develop the chemistry the operative line starts to gel. Other quarterbacks and run wide receivers start to get on the same page the offense starts to make strides. And the pick up the street in the temple. Of what's going on during practice and sounds like. If you're double I was listening some of the national guys are freaking out that you know Keller and Bryant had a 78 yard touchdown throw 48 art. Touchdown throw in there like what's global Clinton's defense. And there's nothing wrong with Clinton defense these guys in practice together. For three weeks solid and eventually the office is going to catch up. From a speed standpoint and it looks like they've turned that corner. And that's what you wanna see in your last week week and a half of camp leap in your first week of practice. For the game is to have your defense. Start out really really strong. You'd like of all start out strong that's just not the way it happens. But did you wanna see your office rise to the occasion and balance everything out. Going into the week. So. That's what I think it's a good thing to hear that the offense is having success. Because how demoralizing would it be for those offensive kids if every day of practice or one out and get their butts handed dual. It makes him question war we had a good at all and so. From a confidence standpoint. You've got to like that because now the offensive coaches can go and say hey look. We've proven we can move the ball against what many people consider one of the best defense the college football we should be able to have success. In the season so they'll parlay that alone but it's good to see. The offense move in move the ball and I think there's going to be some. Nasty competition moving forward because both sides of the ball have a lot of pride. Speaking of competition at the quarterback position and have a hasn't really said anything like this but some of the reports were it not clubs and is that dumb answer to Vermont to make it low let them a move not necessarily which challenged you tele Bryant for the starting job but up possibly in the U. Second place over Robert Johnson and it makes sense if you think about it there could present another year of the program. He was there last year watching sporting the playbook and the reports that we're hearing is that he has been pretty darn good in the most recent practices and you know don't be shocked if there Cooper might be first off the bench somebody they're both gonna play Earl three in a playoff thing against Kent State that's going to be an ugly game but. Wouldn't be a shock I think a lot of people been thinking of the outer Johnson first off the bench Mike geezer who. Yeah it could be from an art history talent standpoint. There is by far the best roar of the ball among those story. Hotter might be the most balanced. And that of course Kelly is the more athletic. With what he does with his feet and that's good to have the bodies start to separate themselves. Because as athletic as is more on team takes on the mean a lot of people they that he might run. He might be one of those 2000 or pass the house armed robbers. If he is he's take a lot of shots there's all they always say it. Of an injury blow and you guys have that backup got red eagle there in the so those are other areas. That apple was really pleased with publicly he's gonna come out that yeah the defense got them but you better believe. Pebble Lopes. That is top quarterback Achilles solidified himself as the starter. Haven't success against the first and then heaven too young to honor John to answer Cooper. Separate themselves and pecking order. So he knows him ready against Auburn and that's Colombian tipped ball game in the bigger. Especially when Florida State comes and then as you mentioned before on the road NC state. You better be able to travel with several quarterbacks. To have success in case one level. Doesn't have a high tea. And all of whom make too much out but it fly if potter Johnson is the second man off the bench that is again he's the young guy and he will learn the system better and they will be. You know and adjusting as the time goes on the quarterback battle will continue. You know throughout the regular season and if there is a change in the twos and threes that doesn't make department buying a stretch of the imagination. All right we're gonna take a break here from Greenville Pickens speedway as the total solar eclipse is underway. Greg McKinney and coach Josh Phillips and welcome back with more live from Graeme tickets anyway. Was set ups of the third when a roster and it's in some classes and looked at and I guess they chant let's not something I'm really that focused on right now. I watched the weather channel every day they're already scam artist I look like in every city in America so Clayton Georgia is the number one place or country to have a 100%. In other they're all kind of people there in my house are probably the only empty house on the whole lake trauma watching on TV. May we should have a team meeting about how we wanted to do this I haven't thought of that yet. Who to who would have thought that would not be excited. About the total solar eclipse corrupting his practice preparation. There that eclipsed that the answer to great statement. It probably looked on his schedule and there was nothing about an eclipse so he was called off exactly and in Alabama that do that for him it's good. But I adults but it. Just took another vote during the break him and more coverage of the sun it's going as planned Josh what is this thing that happened this you know when miscalculate. Sorry about all the hoopla but we witnessed well. Related bacteria into orbit and map well at least we can say with some welding glasses that's right we do. Welcome back huh colonias you know the State's Greg mechanic there's just Phillips were out here and easily in the series league agree that it's BWAY. Four yeah that blackout as spokes men now. Coming in here all afternoon. And that's not enough to watch the eclipse that 15100 people get the free glasses. And he sure to plot around us that you get your teachers are your crappy picture yeah that blackout feature pretty cool after dual alteration. It takes in salt pills or water bills itself from the kinda drop sides are not enough x.s and let. A couple more accidents. Couple more like all right that's who. Listen Leo high school football season started over the weekend on Saturday night over Nixon fielding dumped in the burns rebels. Whale. You know I think they look pretty confident. 51 to nothing over room. Myrtle Beach as we brought to the game here obvious in upstate. It was domination really from the get go they scored the first touchdown about fun and score on the first drive but after that rather pretty much like clockwork. For the rest of the game and the statements was lights out so coach rate each ought to be congratulated. For the wages. Tenure at burns started on Saturday night with a 51 to nothing win at myrtle beach state was number 948. Team in the state. They have a lot of skill guys back. Just be honest with him. From calling the game Josh they looked big little bit slow burns was quick backcourt has paid off form they were ready to play lights out and made it. And it sounds like they eliminated the six turnovers. That plagued Barnes last year. From moving the ball when Myrtle Beach took that game and it sounds like coach year old. Staff his staff have done a great job of preparing those kids to focus on. Each individual play and eliminate those mistakes. 51 enough about the gate that strong like ask coach so what you need to have approval we get editors. Got to shut out of the benefits beginning fifth the only offer us. I finally found some things that they're going to work on he talked about some mental mistakes and guys missing assignments that you'll be working on this week so there's always stuff to work a they're gonna need to get better and this week they need to do law step it up because they're gonna play a greater team that is what are rolled west side this. Good yeah Greer was all over west side on Friday night. That's gore was 42 to fourteen I think it got away from west side toward the end of the game but still. Advertise to go to Greer I think going to be a hot ticket or product. Yes it will that was a strange game with west side in Greer. The game was tied 1414. And during the fourth quarter. Grit of and up until that point probably was not only has 25 offenses that some Greer did a great job. Keep that high powered what's on offense on the bench in the defense just wore down. And the Greer exploded in the fourth quarter for twenty points. A veteran team most of William. And that's another thing people don't understand about Greer will you own the head coach who is the former office line on the not a Clinton does a tremendous job. With that Greer yellow jacket team and he had a role in all cylinders that fourth quarter when they start their stride. They were run in the ball at will. It is a few other scores from offer on a night we zero scores they'll money path all over blue ridge fortitude and I think Seneca role Maria. 55 to six. Room brought up some points it's just 47. To fourteen was the final. Chapman outs court Union County 35 due to money. Christ church and a shoot out at bishop in England the shipping and one that went 64. To 4610. Points scored vote. Daniel over Berkeley seventeen to hand. Fort Dorchester and experience ordered him Spartanburg beat dormant 35 to fourteen. Dornin did a pretty good job against Joyner in the first half and in the passing game but he ran the ball effectively in the second happen. For the pulled away from the cavaliers. Was easily over Pickens 39 to six Goodwin upper east side of reward month 41 to seven. The planning d'antoni had a real big game Gaffney came back and not enough. Did not get a two point conversion to tie it and Ana winds at 35. To 33. And a running an option offense with their new coach of the band are going to be trouble for a lot of teams. Jail matters outside twenty to seven. See what else it was over in Rock Hill south point role northwestern first ball. Mustered down a bit this year they've lost a lot of skill players in south point he has looted during nine to seven south point. Beats northwestern. Pocket excuse me congratulations to Riverside they got an opening when ever traveled dressed. 21 to thirteen. Sounds like Christian all over saint Joe's 51 to thirteen. Man Spartanburg drops a close one to. Somerville Somerville wins at. 41 to forty they also got stopped on an attempt to two point conversion trying to do for the wins pro sports team starts. 01 on the season and it was a Woodruff over Acie Law or 53 to 45. I don't know that we but he you know. And he. Stories to tell about that are gonna make the difference for the season because India region play common but that's all it counts toward the playoffs. But you know just a couple of things that. You would note about what happened last weekend surprising to me coach that. And region 35 base Spartanburg and Dorman Anthony all starting with the loss. Yet they are there. One that surprised me was the Somerville sport I'd game we had Chris Miller on the show up probably on his way. To that ball game and you know one of the questions I asked him was about a matchup. With and he said he was concerned with the size of Somerville that the average. About six to 285 pounds long. On the front of their office a lot but he thought their speed and quickness. On defense would be able to help stymie civil war. Somerville wanted to do. I was more surprised at the score 81 points combined. Four boards both teams I thought that might be up 2818. You know thirty 22 or something like that. Title game. But it turned into a shootout which he did say Somerville had a good handed quarterback and thought that his quarterback was going to be good but that he's just very young right now so. Got to Dorsey got to give him credit you know it into the game these coaches. Going for the win. Instead it kicked it and try and taker. Chances over and in overtime. I like it when coaches role the dice. I decide hey you know what we got the football with a chance to win on the road in the big time environment let's go for right now I'm not wait till later acknowledged that. That especially on the road you know take the crowd out of it exactly right just going to get the win in regulation but did not work out for Spartanburg no harm done they were a lot. Certainly have a clean slate when the region play rolls around like everyone else what I we're gonna jump out here for a break we'll come back with more we're live a great epic its speedway for. Eclipse 2007. Saying it's Greg McKinney and the coach Josh Phillips in the hoddle. On ESP in upstate we'll be right back. It clips update. Josh and I have just taken another look at this store and just maybe about a quarter of the sun block now support that. That's all right as it moves up. Closer and closer to us some nice picture from our Oregon where they already had brutality. Utility has been achieved its that's ominous statement there he particularly told that's pretty cool when you just see the marine. The zone around and we're headed for that at about 238. Here this afternoon I was checking out some tweets. Twitter to form what. You joint of these UY. Four eclipse. Tweets. Fans Wayne tweet it's stunning and imagery from South Bend. Of the solar eclipse. And it's a four dash. In the two. Rooms over the sun making me for an eight Saturday I was playing man. As the allies. That's not nice. There was a tweet from plants missing this re tweeted the voice from sojo. Remember to donate your clips glasses to Bangkok fans to use during their football games this season. You know. He's everything in I'm not sure this is the fact that for that on on the game got last year might have been better during years ago that definitely the better. Expects after a lot of the un watchable in two and seventy that you don't know thing. Maybe that come back and item in the bullet Woolsey. Guys that would be nice but it's on. Problem when it's all fun. And now scroll through secrecy. Some other funny tweets or attempts to be funny. Oh to Washington the supreme drive game one on right now at 1 o'clock game today so nice crowd over there with people. Wearing their glasses and looking up between innings and checking out these the clips that. All kinds of places where. The stuff is going on and the yum reports were with some clouds down around the world country that maybe some people. Edit a degree I like the alike that means that somebody made started seeing it last night it was read too much people angry opposite. Yelled and out here by Tuesday right if I. I hope that's the case we're on the normal we don't need all these people around here. For too long listening to a boon for business here and that's cool like that right you just have blocked extra people coming in and and spending money at our local businesses. And crowding our restaurants and filling up or hotels what's not to like about them. Got love capitalism in full effect. We talk about Miami showing up in the top 25 today I think is the first time since 22 and four hurricanes. And Mark Richt. There was a Georgia from 2001 through 2015. When on Twitter over the weekend and talk about Georgia. They say something mean no we did Mark Richt is classic guys not. Mark Richt awaited the season will start in a couple of weeks I'm excited about our team. But I would also like to wish that dogs the very best you namely. As dies right I don't think he has the real bitter feelings or the Internet to do that. Even though they ran about now. After winning. For all those years it and after we the nice thing about George now it and they ought to play each other so that makes you know a little bit more. More tolerable but means that 17070. Years 2001. Through this thing sixty years. He young men many of those players of course that are on the team. You know is being called for a year were recruited by more re so. You know a lot of guys guys that fired him after 25 thing Kirby Smart replaced him. Kirby Smart was the running backs coaches are under richt in two when he and 2005. And Smart responded to the to the two week by Richardson thanks so much. Best wishes from one of DGD. Do another explained the duties of about the dogs right. One. For more I don't know oh against. Your guess is good as mine yeah. I'm sure it's got some colorful language but it's it went good congratulations. And low back and forth. From my Kirby Smart but he's coached coming into the season with high expectations mine has been picked to win the coastal this year. And Georgia picked to win the east George have been picked when these a lot. And they need to com source Georgia fans are concerned actually do it. Will this be the year they're going to have. Certainly some challenges. We'll to a Tennessee hasn't see what Florida has. And don't sleep on what South Carolina may have to say about the SEC east this year. A Georgia posed Appalachian State September 2. And the hurricanes will host. Both the book went on September 2 so political solid start for both of these it would not like me calling it state. A solid start but just you know. In terms of major opponents. Not the biggest opponent in the first week but the schedule opera that. Only most certainly will weigh in on the a lot of dog people or are warning them to finally when the east it seemed like every year Georgia's pick to win it they never do. So I know they're trying to. Yeah things are excited about their defense what they bring back obviously they're excited about. A Sony Michelle and make jokes coming back with healthy and Jake apiece in the net background so. All right we got to wrap it up for the sour welcome back on the other side and hear from jail and hurts the Alabama quarterback. Live from Greenville Pickens anyway. There's the huddle on ESP in upstate.