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Walker man ESPN upstate fans Greenville fans. Daphne fans. Usually fans fans all over the upstate tuna the huddle. This is a Friday August 18 2017. Addition of the Hubble I am Josh Phillips. I was out yesterday. It seems. You have to replace alternate leaders. Unless the level that. Really have to bid legal battle to go madman. Who knew that. They go bad. Got in the car about 12 o'clock. Ray becomes the show. Join the whole little. On the eve of another championship as the huddle. As we breathlessly wait for tomorrow's announcement. Of the awards situation. I'm case or upstate listeners don't know huddle is a finalist. For the sports talk show of the state of South Carolina we will find out tomorrow's arrival on June. Yup Europe for a South Carolina broadcasters. Award Star Wars tomorrow night at 7 o'clock I will be there are two. Go to the podium and didn't bring home the gold. I hope. I'd be back to back back to back as the. Hubble is the reigning. Best sports talk show in the state of South Carolina and we hope to repeat that. I'm Josh Phelps joined in studio today with a Alonso. I view the join any of the conversations today 844477. 3776. Or jumper in the text line takes ESPN 271307. To get all of your. Our thoughts always have formed at tax time very interesting things come across the tax on the good the bad the ugly. Yeah able. We have that I have no idea what you do is did they leave out world. When the negative now Zito what the music the music that we have got to find that don't you don't. I'm George Dunham on it was most of that time that was much about here that don't literal like what in the world does he do you know what we do some like an injured cat something. Maybe the camera around over on the way to the station today but anyway. People expect him GMAC to B and it's funny something's going all we might need to bring in him. Sacrifice a chicken or something a little game conference may not appreciate that. Greg is out till today. He should be back hopefully on Monday we wish him godspeed. As our prayers are with GMAC actually lose hope he's back tomorrow at 53 I'm thirty that's a great point jewelry high school we burned vs Myrtle Beach game yes we need do we need the GMAC bad if not ready Q it was gonna have to do at all while which I would love here. You know we're gonna have to. We're gonna have to figure that out but we are one week closer. To the kick off what college football normally closer to the kick off for the NFL of course NFL kicks off September habitat. A weekend college football kicks off. Eight days Alonso were inside. Double digits now we're down to single digits on the kick off is August 26. And that of course all the big game story that weekend until Thursday. And then all the big games. Starts. That Saturday I believe the second. Of September a lot of give him a lot to give it to you today. In the sports world. All huddled today. We've got a ton of stuff we've got Major League Baseball wild card races. To talk about we've got I'm going to amounts. My final four for the playoff I've done little Twitter if you wanna give me a follow. On Twitter go to at Josh. ESPN upstate if you wanna follow Alonso. Go to apple Alonso on word. Reference to his moonlight gig. On our sister station. When it was six point three more urgent. To follow all of our tweets responses especially. When we get closer Alonso I can't wait on the football right now. You know there's pre season too I know you don't. Like all right that's not clear where there are games on last night those are tryouts begin a lot to do watch a little bit of the jaguars and see how bad they really aren't dotted I didn't need to watch Jay Leno played an entire half there was last. Foreigners you know it's funny everybody who last year was jumping on the Jacksonville jaguar turning. Right I wouldn't say everybody well you're right because I tried to warn everybody. The profit that I am you know with Tennessee. Georgia all of these different people. You know everybody was jumping on Jacksonville Jacksonville's gonna take that next step and ongoing and no they're not. And Airbus like Phillips how can say that they're making this move that move. I should because blatant mortal Sox. And everybody said. He's gotten better he just needs a running immediate needs this he just needs. I gotta tell you something. It's not all morals. Chad Henne got in last night and was was stolen some precise passes the receivers can't catch. That's a bad combination yeah I mean I mean right when his ride in their hands a couple of touchdowns and it is drop they'll lose like. They have no I don't catch so. Or lose bad. Thank you split but having bad receivers also doesn't help help yet maybe that's because they don't wanna catch for bad quarterback. And so you Chad Henne threw some balls you or I can catch right now and they whatever shape we're in right now yes. I'm also gonna give my predictions for the NFL. Along with the AFC championship game as I see it working itself out NFC championship game as I see you working now and then ultimately. The Super Bowl. If you wanna join that discussion again a 444773776. Is the caller line protects ESP and the 713. 07. Are a lot of things to get into and the sports world from a there's this tremendous mixing. Now. Of politics and sports. And I try to I wanna stay out of that but you almost can't. And today's world you almost can't because of the way that sports figures. Are crossing over into the political arena and it's nothing new. Sports figures have always done this throughout our history. But I think what is new. It's the big dome that is common with them. It's not just strictly. About a stance because of a particular politician. Are anything about that it is the anger and venom that is coming along with a that makes it. A little bit unique in what I mean by that well several things. John Henry the owner of the Boston Red Sox mob beloved Boston Red Sox 20 yeah by the way are leading. The AL east race. Against those hated New York Yankees. Has come out to say that he wants to change. Or remove yawkey way. Which is a side street in Boston. From the street. Because of the past transgressions. Of the former. Older of the Boston Red Sox. And the yawkey family. As a whole. In light of what's happened. Over the last couple weeks from Charlottesville also Kevin Durant. Has gotten into the act says he has let it. Be known and I'm actually gonna read his quote so he has not misquoted. Of that he is not going to give the Golden State Warriors are invited and there's no guarantee that even we'll be. Right now. That if the Golden State Warriors are invited to the White House he's not going along with staff Currie Steve Kirk. Presumably three quarters of the team it would dollar has already said. Hell naw. And that's a quote by you would dollar somebody asked me if you would go and needs his exact quote was well enough. He ain't going. You know what's next Alonso. Are we gonna dig up Cy Young. And burn his bones. Always a possibility that you know is older than do because here's the thing folks. Whether it's sports or whether it's not. Okay. Changing signs. And the confederate monuments and all that stuff I can see that. Because there is a bad history associated. With those things. We're getting to the point. That were taken down a sports owner's name and oh yeah consequently. The yawkey family has given over 450. Million dollars to minority charities. To make up for the transgressions. That they had. And those days because they realized. It was the wrong place debate. But that narrative is it getting told. All years the slant angle. And oh yeah I didn't realize that today. According to ESPN and Boston is now the most racist city in the country. Right. Now that label has been bolt on to New England. And so because of what. The yawkey family did back in the forties. We now feel like we have to expunge that even though. They have repented of that and that's the problem I have right now is nobody is allowing. Room. For improvement wrote tenets or change of heart. I disagreed when Tom Brady didn't go to the White House when Obama was in the administration. Totally disagree that I do not agree I do not care who the president of the United States is. If you get an invite you have a ten mile repaired and in my opinion. Out of respect for that office regardless of who you banks and they are. You should go. Now why do I believe that because if you got agreements with a guy you can look him in the face. It's OK I don't agree with you why do you believe what you believe. Do you think what Tom Brady in the New England Patriots got invited me out to me how house. Many people might think it's a now house. When he got invited to the White House when President Obama was in office and Yemen some of his teammates decided hey baby wanna go. That is a golden opportunity for them do you not think President Obama would have given an audience to Tom Brady. For fifteen minutes of Brady look him in the face and say. Mr. President what do you think. This is why got a problem with view. He is our president. We didn't bode well. Instead of taken snippets of things can run and win them. I didn't agree with Tom Brady then I don't agree with. What's going on now. Duke does Kevin Durant I have that right absolutely. I don't have to agree with that. And then when you talk about the words that were saying. That is totally false. Totally false. Then I've got a major problem with. Us. Here's the thing you know scores White House does is goes. Why and why they even do that. I mean it's it's it's all it would be awesome to go visit the White House who would it it's a privilege and it's it's really really cool but at same time. Why did they invites we're seems I understand the tradition now right but but what's a four. It its top honor from the highest office. Excellence in our country. And to acknowledge from the highest. Most powerful person. Not only in this country but in the entire world. That you were the best at something. And to do it from that office. So this was eliminated would anyone even notice. Really. Not really. Listen I'm right there was nothing if you're invited you should go in and Emma and I agree with the things that you're saying news a chance for you to air your grievances face to face. Another guy it's hey I don't agree or do. And believe I would have loved to have gotten invited. To the White House. With President Obama I would have loved to sat down and looked him in the eye and said explained to me Josh Phillips why you do this. Because here's what I mean mr. Brothers. And let's have a beer and talk about it. And give the man a chance to talk. I I. Let's whenever the phones so might ultimately go to him. It's blinking but. The name's not there any drop. He has been here. But see there's always a slam on these things. The question I have is what are we don't do a Cy Young Cy Young what's the biggest delegate that ever lived. It's well documented. Are we gonna eliminate the Cy Young award for Major League Baseball now. Is that or headed. That's the question and outlast wind is stopped. And that's a fair question. Is the Washington monument next is. The debt the Jefferson Mon I can't believe somebody has said something about the Jefferson monument. Let's go the phone lines Mike Mike welcome to the huddle we're just Phillips. And it that I don't Maryland but that column this Obama on the outlook and I've just I'll let the other bank debt. There are these are majority in the political situation. Well if you are believed in the White House Tea Party boat is OK and our market don't buy it yet but think that the president would take. I'm throughout the world at western and let it flush. Absolutely win the patriots visited truck this past when he honored them. The patriots were there the whole day. And he actually talked to them. In the Oval Office before they went out on the rotunda so absolutely. That because that's an all day event. For security reasons and all of that absolutely you better believe a person of Tom Brady's stature or Kevin Durant stature. You better believe it they said hey mister president cannot taught you wanna one for ten minutes. On that day and that's the perfect timing my. Com. That we got it would be very on net but baggage but personal threat you know what it would yet by the you know what it is the first rep for the that you dealt. Bob. I couldn't agree with you more on that. I could not agree with Mike Moore on that it is absolutely a personal preference. And I'm not gonna get mad at Kevin Durant because he's not going to. I mean that's not gonna change my opinion just like it didn't change my opinion of Tom Brady and the patriot does it didn't go. Willbros Obama was there. I just look at it like this if you have that much of a problem with somebody. Go look at many eyes and tell a net. They try to understand because right now whether it's sports. And I applaud Michael Bennet and I applaud Talal. That. I agree with both of those guys. That is how you handle situations. Understanding. Talking about not getting mad and jumping to conclusions. And did labelling things. Without any information. Just like what's happening with the Red Sox. And the jockeys nobody's talking about the fact that the yawkey family has given 450. Million dollars. To fund our charities. Because they realize. Their stance on things they're thinking their heart was wrong and they needed to change we should all follow that example. This is the huddle when Josh Miller. This is the huddle when Josh Phillips and Alonso on this August the eighteenth 2017. Addition of the huddle and we're going to welcome into the show today. Spartanburg high school head coach Chris Miller coach Miller how we don't today. Okay we're doing great you know where I'm down there stereo. Well lol well. Little warm ordered drug they're all good. All right coach Miller as coach Miller is the head football coach of the fourth ranked. Spartanburg vikings on their way to face Somerville. One of the premier teams in the state for many many years. Coach Miller how I as of my first question for years. How your club handled. The after mentioned the heat and how is your camp gone. And is the team healthy and ready to go get some real. Works harder you know referred to during the very terrible practice and he. And you know we which are prepared to all the regular. Throughout the summer markets. Practice just like you're around in the long run and I'll just. And then when you know portrait burnout rate say in an important. Like that so. You know you'll be we know that there's that we can do you know under control. We record or we're. O Leo referee. And now. Know we're excited about governor or. As we're talking with the head football coach Chris Miller owns former high school. Coach tonight is your team takes on Somerville. Who are some of the players that you really feel had a great came up. From a leadership standpoint from a talent stand point. Coaches always warts there upperclassmen. But are there any players that culture Ryan came up that people not might not know that have really had a great fall. But I feel like you know you know I got to make a lot of other street spared no. You know everybody on that finger lack. They've got a bit wheel racer. Pain or are they were a great. And now we've got older the and every earning under their senior year very. I had a tremendous policies in. You know that's the group the record straight champ sure. And I want a bigger side and white skirt. Baghdad everything regret the regulator leadership. Now that summer almost our network out from everybody. So we're excited in a war. As we're talking with Chris Miller head football coach of Spartanburg high school. A coach as you look forward to Summerville. O what do thing what are things that you've seen on tape. That have impressed you and oh what are things that you've seen from the green wave. That you think your team can have success with the. While we wait standard summer you know if we had several several more Charlotte. The mother pleasure to regret it you know they were there too and they're very very crowded field or get through paper. Six. Quarterback it very calendar. And run the ball early. Lead but six more cruel. Very very athletic. Their really big brought on topic aren't. We don't want to get a pushing match with a could either got to go out there powers act older. It through Q great uniting almost yeah. Bardner circulated like bitter athletic secondary. They're brought. A big secret for apple and not really cute because it abandoned her there linebacker where. Not being particular run real good record you're balked. As we are talking with Chris Miller head football coach. Of Spartan high and coach as we look over. Europe global that you got seven offensive starters returning you got eight defensive starters. Return and that's really good balanced. On your team and they're led by some pretty good players. Can't shin guard at zillow linebacker. And it's always good to have an experienced guy in the middle. Of course Tommy Washington about a wide receiver. And then Foster right corner and wide receiver. How have those guys really taken on that leadership role of your club. Our daughter from an in. A very very risk army and your. Look at. Get where you're at right now Connor the under current bank you know. You know Conner. Are we are now. And nobody commander worker and he you know it. Not a very vocal at this late by apple and not up like it that. He had that ball and in Monterey. Nobody here and directly and very important but start the ball. And also very valuable and returned our heroes got released yet. Actor started bots and are not in your. If you get beat it beat it out here and they are not a big game get some filled with. A lot of our our coaches are all their rates are so. Number of other great tradition in the no wonder your debt Warner or we're gonna or somebody who don't regret what altered and ordered her. As we are talking with Chris Miller head football coach of Spartanburg high school. Coaches we. Finish up would you talk about how the region I know there's been a lot of discussion about. Teams change in the regions. Realignment and all of that seems like. It happens every year but region five they are region 35 day has got to be one of the toughest I just don't statement in the southeast. When you look at the depth and quality of the teams in your region. Army. Worker Wear out here to reflect. About it eager. You know play any others and while you're here. Regulatory. Or bring about a rate of last year playing him. And you don't go so. You know you're going to be and then later Accenture so they're great so we're very. Which is great. You know separate out ol' ball. You know and very real are still. You know but it Nouriel. So. I'm not really. Are about it hear about it electric regain respect where where are now. Otherwise. There's just sort of place where the oil layer. I'm like bill black and Blu-ray. You know whoever so. A well prepared group you're into the record here hundred bird. As we are talking with a head football coach his former high school Chris Miller. Coach as you look towards the big picture up past Somerville tonight. Oh what are some things that your excited about and what are some things that you wanna see your team. Really start to gel you mentioned the fact that. You've got exceptional senior leadership. What are things that your expecting to them as the season unfolds. Well you know you know are especially at leopard there with what happened. We've got up out you're at opposite line so. The thing about it is our quarterback Kirk or by you know not get too cute quarterback. They're still battled for that position. Affect our deepest saw how all this together and so. We're back here and there and we do their job as coaches and control you know we're not letting do a lot of stuff here Iraq now. This batter out that the best way to import people around and then Arctic that stepped up and but about this so hopefully we hear that group enough. You know the courts support the new York and earn their I'm excited about it doubtful that a dual right now. As we're talking with Chris Miller head football coach of Spartanburg high school. Coach got to ask you about it on the most coaches don't like to be asked. But you gotta top five pre season ranking I know coaches always say it doesn't mean any thing. But what is it and what are things that you do in your staff does. To keep the kids focused that hey you've gotten a lot of respect coming out of summer camp and this is what you have to do. To not keep it but you get to that number one ranking up into the season which means the most. And chatted on extra I have not order it the body and that you know about it and so. A while. Greg yesterday. Correct the error of my coach Michael Barr I. In effect almost a look here bio found out more about Iraqi. Court hear about it here and it. You know I I don't even alternate care about it so it's not really opened it repeated mention. Which were about what we can do right now and oh what what you patrol. As we're talking more Chris Miller head football coach his former high school coach you mentioned your offense and the young. People that you've got over there. And the development that you look at that and then you've got a background. As a defensive coach I can remember you doing some clinics only 335. I'll talk about some of your leaders on the defensive side of the ball and the mentality that they've got to go to go down the summer we'll get that W. I got your Mexico arm and ago. Connors. One of those later got Jerry Rice. Got worse or deny what oh start as well. Beyond regular so he took big big com well it's going to be put in the position that. Got. You know the secret love it's been their Josh you're at Chicago it. That's toward him oddly. Both of those interior guys. There are there some. Argument here are for a while and idiots. Thompson Rudolph's. Derailing Gardner. So we're here. Thank both arms GPA it's. All or or stop and now they're just outrageous. Forget tops. Obviously shall look at ailment. Now who would probably let him go because he's so small stories. By great fabric armored and without major Rotenberg on the outside or. All last year at Easter when next job so. What got some other. Might be a junior or sophomore grant Jeter so. It and go to the spot light or. Well against thought their way to do it so. No we're still counts oh what we got now. Or happy by other know what they've done in the breeze straight. We're we're excited what they're or not. All right coaches we wrap up with Chris Miller head football coach of Spartanburg high school. Told before we let you go good luck on the trip down their own safe travels of course. Come back healthy and come back that W will be support you all this year. O Rupert or what you got through it. Well optional all owe a lot. Yes sir thank you that's Chris Miller. Head football coach Joseph Spartanburg high school as they are making the trip to Charleston take on the Somerville green wave this is the huddle with the SP in upstate. Welcome end to say August 18 2017. Edition of the huddle I am Josh Phillips along with law and so. GMAC hopefully will be back tomorrow for. On the call of the Byrnes high school game vs Myrtle Beach. From Nixon fields so hopefully he will be. Back in that chair in the back in his chair. On Monday of the huddle. If you wanna join the discussion gem I'm sorry I forgot about that interview with. Coach Miller you don't you call in and I'll get you right up 8444773776. I wanna hear from you hit the text line text ESPN at 713. 07. As we talk. Football and basketball it's good that high school football is getting cranked up. In upstate today I I'm so excited for it because honestly. I need a break from the news. I was talking to my brother earlier and he gave an excellent gave me excellent advice. Just stop watching the news. And you know what I'm gonna take his advice because. I'm tired I get upset over. The literally point 05%. Of these clowns out here that are getting all the noise. And the 99.9. 6%. You math majors can correct me of decent people are getting out shot by there are not out Sean but. Bother Kooks running around but anyway. If you can go to a high school game tonight fund warning goes support. These kids they have put in and sacrifice. Of their high schools and their teammates. And for their communities and we need to support. A high school up on high school sports. In football in the upstate and the state of South Carolina does a phenomenal. Job at that every town that I've been to. Literally shuts down on when I was going to do my coaching days and I was out recruiting in going to high school games. Man I tell you what one of the things that really impressed me was the amount of support. In the stands from the visitors and the homes. So get out go to high school sports game go to high school football game tonight. I support these kids cheer like heck. In reform all that you can't because their purity won't last long are from a sport standpoint. As we look around you know the wild card standings. Obviously the two teams are the American League that are fighting for the wild part of the Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels. Both of them are mine for that spot right now Boston. Is leading the east Cleveland's winning the central in Houston. Is running away with the west and probably gonna run away. Well with the American League it's in my opinion gonna come down to Houston now the Boston seems to have found. A pretty good third baseman. And beavers it seems they've solidified that lineup that was owed glaring weakness. Early on the Sox are really hit another gear. They're eight and two over their last ten ball games. So that's pretty impressive they've got two more series I believe with the Yankees coming up and if they can. It. Win both for those that don't wrap up dale lease for the Sox. Houston is running away with the west so no danger there I actually believe. That Houston is going to represent the American League. In the World Series. The national legal more cut and dry Arizona and Colorado or fight it out for the wildcard. Out of those respective divisions right now Arizona 46 over the last ten. Our Colorado three in seven Sawyer is only got a slight lead of their Washington obviously is winning. The National League. Away with it. The National League west at 85 and 34. Anybody think they're gonna break that law do you think they're on break that record of a 116 wins. By Seattle. It's that's hard to do brilliance. May and there are but there are only good thing they're all a great place they want four row eight in two over their last ten for me it all comes down to the post season with the Dodgers. They've always been great during the regular season they've got to make a push they have got to get to the World Series. In my estimation to validate the legacy. Of Clayton Kershaw Clayton Kershaw is gonna be a first ballot hall of Famer but he's got to get the Peyton Manning of the M Major League Baseball offers back. And he's got to get the dodgers' of the team have got to get to the World Series this year they can't get knocked out like they have. And the center or any of the conference's so. I'm expecting them do that they went out they got Darvish. To solidify that bullpen to get to finish. That's what the Dodgers have not done in recent memory is finished Clayton Kershaw has gotten him the lead late in the ball games during the playoffs in the bullpen let them down. They've got to solidify that Darvish has got to pay off because they've paid him planning to do that this is the hole on ESPN upstate. Welcome joy Friday August 18 2017. Edition of the huddle I am Josh Phillips along Alonso. Did you see the new deal James Franklin just got six years five point eight million. Different term my man just job banks. Penn State rewarding. James Franklin with a new deal has buyout is two million. This year. And just a few years ago it looked like yummy people column for the Penn State program to be completely shut down so it's it's good to see it on its way back in and with quality coach like this. Oh I agree well I wouldn't know how wouldn't necessarily say equality. Quality as a football coach. Yes. Quality as a I'll take your word for that on knows he's brought Penn State back in their competing well he didn't exactly Vanderbilt on good terms. Massive scandal that he got out ahead of he did obviously huge Phillies still we stay positive Josh well we are all we're back. How can we are ballots aren't we talk about the good that we talk about the bad. Hugh freeze should have followed James Franklin's lead. Because when you're cheating like Hugh freeze was you don't. Stick around. You use it apart late yourself to another job another job and get out ahead of the acts. Offer. Franklin. Six years five point eight million dollars with a buyout of two million as Penn State last year won the Big Ten championship. For the first time. Since 1994. That to me is shocking. 23. Years. Scares me 22 years. In between Penn State winning. A Big Ten championship. It's been another dominant team in there during that time I kept them out. I get that but Ohio State what exactly. Set the world on fire under Cooper. You know what Tressel did a good job until he didn't go away and of course. We know who guy announced lawns are you gotta tell Ohio State stop playing teams from South Carolina. I just stop it. I don't together choice in in bowl games obviously doesn't I don't tell before the court gives somebody else. That no way and eventually. May be. Believe our state is over vs the status afterwards they are there are. That is incredible to me. Stewart brings us up to me all the time only guy yeah he thinks he thinks he's taken with me and I don't care. Well I mean whatever I do you know James Franklin has gone 25 and fifteen over three seasons in state college. Like you said after bill O'Brien didn't get enough credit. For what he did in his time following the whole Joseph Paterno. Sam does give you know it's not fair to joke on the sand does beat. Situation this is the hub all ESP in upstate.