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Get ready for the way Jim final hour of the huddle on this Friday afternoon on ESPN upstage phone lines open deal and a 444773776. Text line 71307. That's driven by Carol Monica which is RB superstar Twitter and ESP in upstate by the way if you wanna get our link to our app. Our new ESPN upstate app. You can texts Q 71307. PM and android device texting ESP and android. If I am an iPhone to XT espionage phone you'll get a bounce back link that will allow you to. Download our new app. For me SP in upstate you listen live keep up on blogs and podcasts and breaking sports news. All right there with a brand new ESPN upstate apps so send that and a that message ESPN android or ESP an iPhone to 71307. To get that tuck mr. welcomes big part of this clemson's defense coming back this year the junior defensive lineman. And now one of things he's trying to do is become more of a leader for the tigers as he becomes more of an upper classmen on this clemson's defense. And talk about trying to teach the young guys and guys that were here last year for the national championship. And word here two years ago. Playing in the national championship against Alabama. The teaching them how difficult it is how much work it takes to get to that title game. Was simple just you know you gotta let them know early. You know we'd do is look up when the national championship. You know it's it's not many zeros on easy path. You know it's a lot of hard work a lot of preparation and an out each and every day. You gotta be ready for you gotta be ready to or preached in every game and this is tough league to this is the you know the best leading cause before and you know you can get beat each and every day so you really got to be on. You just you never know you know if you're often want a few off one game you can definitely lose the game is very easy to do so in this league and it's really got to assume that you know it all works long way to go forward solar is on the path. The last year obviously the motivation was impacted the title game when it so it did that so now. This year what's monitored. Whoa really would it would what I think it is personally when I'm trying to. Conveys the rest of the team and just occurs guys running out to encourage guys would that they got to think is. You know it is a greater accomplishment to to reach one essence ever simple when that. Bush religious one I went to bat and kill a recent get complacent because we want one there's still more out. Out there for us. And wanna be a good team wanted to be good competitors wanna be good athletes you know we can never get complacent be satisfied. We knew what to woo what would we did no matter how good it is. On you know there's laws and improve and you know there's always more out therefore assuming you don't think you're better miserly because we weren't perfect even though we would do when the national championship. Christian Wilkens who bomb blast stepped up and a leadership role with a loss of guys like bimbo lawyer who was lead Roma's defense budget our Johnson corporate Tankersley. Gone so while Wilkens. Expects to be. Little more vocal. He says he's trying to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. That you know he's been kind of a quiet leader in the fun loving guy everybody thinks Christian opens is a fun guy doing the pantanal. But he is going to be more demanding. With his teammates this year that's his plan and with 310 pound a miniature being demanding or imagined that he would be able to. Probably. Pull that off but he is a guy who lump. He talked is. Teammates along the line of scrimmage in the dressing up as power ranger. A trick or treating him you know even do that and still be a vocal leader Brian and hurled at them. First of Moses the great kid I mean you know. Also gonna graduate in two years that's amazing and Smart gas from by the way proof that your leaders that you talked. Your teammates and just an honor power and actually only a leader can do that. Death no argument they did inform. So he has there attention. I think gum. This guy's going to be obviously a great NFL. I think a bit tough topic via an NIA. I'll I understand the tendency to. Look at Dexter Lawrence and his gigantic size and I played as true freshman and com. Love his upside as well but I I they Wilkins is better finale Wilkens who's. Column. Made this defensive tackle in college football. In fact and he is the best interest of him. Well we'll see if the ramps up his draft status and gets that top five and make some money for those that are sure. Obvious great opportunity to do that. But today the coastal teams. Are up at the ACC football kicked off in Charlotte Mark Richt has argument up. This morning. About this because you know are there my same Miami is back and I believe that to believe they are back but it will be a different. Miami that it was. Back in the glory days right Emanuel will be the bad boy Miami under Margaret trying. You know that's not his not his style. But you know what was it was it to. Larry Coker stone and was it Tuesday assist. Wasn't. Anybody but Jimmie Johnson start with Dennis Erickson that's coming. I can't see ring. You know swagger is what he's done well listen we're talking to us flag go Margaret did have his entire football team run out on the field that scored just delegate floor one game printer fifteen apparently. He's competitive people might there. And so he knows all about now. Will will get crazy like it did back in the day in over the Michael Michael Irvin years or whatever. But now. What I have those type of players that could happen if the players that are there are going to have those times those kind of cocky players are uneasy a great players. Only be bringing in the guys it to my color line every kid himself for. Them a little bit of confidence. About it. Wrong below full ball down there it's the Ali place where that's hopefuls were way of life. A column. More so than maybe a lot of places in Atlanta where there are a lot of other great football players as well of the kids have more diverse sort of options to add to enjoy their life I mean in Miami and some of those places that afford it it's footballer. Enough. And so I think that room that's where the swagger kind of comes from and I think it's. It's a deal that Connors. Been around for a long time I mean. There are guys from South Florida play elsewhere around that McGowan took itself. He would in my mind recently you know. And you get a certain type of on. So lag from those guys because the use gonna be recruiting right there. They're gonna have a swap them. You know that before they are bother me about my area during the Al golden bears they would go out there and try to swagger then you get whipped up. That's not good that it enough so you gotta win Baylor lost to Virginia 58. To nothing. Virginia. And clubs one of the slope Leah yelling go via that was well ridiculous last year but they lost the initiative actually 38 mountain the last game at the orange apple. In the history that great stadium their last game at a home game. As an average is grit soft as tissue Virginia team lost 38 does your. Art have much lag when you doing that is the year. Al. But you know I do think that break was of the right choice for them and is he's proven that so far I mean look last year they were not informed. Now I expect to be better than that this year if you had to pick one team to challenge Miami in the coastal. This year who has the best chance. Is everybody's gonna pick Miami one that's like Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech Jordan to. Never under never underestimate or older sister never overestimate Georgia Tech Georgia Tech football hangs in the balance every single game and then play Georgia southern when forty forty twos in the play at Florida State went 3831. It's just how it is. There on the option you know there. Over time they've been there are almost like. Here's in the movie money ball yes about the Oakland days if there are almost like the Oakland days of column of college football because. You keep brought an end run and run and run. And eventually gonna give teams that you know you're gonna win a certain percentage of games just because of your system. And the only team has really figured them out Clarkson. You know last few years that they can stop it by. No I never never underestimate torched and never count them. They can figure into about Pittsburgh. They mail lost too much you know they lost the the run and I real star quarterback. How much better as the defense really going to be the other new offensive coordinator. I'm. Yeah. The Georgia Tech did finish strong last year and a baby Kentucky in the tax they're all in yet. But they did their loss to Georgia they lost a Tim Thomas says. You know we don't know who the quarterback is going to be down there but it doesn't matter just get some money fast and put him around there. Matthew Jordan is said to be the guide that nearly a danger mills back Clinton wins JJ green. Running back those are offering of players. Can Shawn Freeman is a defense of and it's are really talented guy. I don't you know that their defense is used just okay. But. You know Woolsey. I mean I'm looking at that this thing owned sister that your offensive schemes spread option. They're not they spread very triple option football teams triple option. And I try to call spread options now but. You know Georgia Tech Virginia Tech arm I don't know about Pittsburgh but I think room. You know and I think they're going to continue to progress. You know duke and they were you know you never now. We'll have a bounce back here have bounced back in and maybe you never knew veneer and in mountainous snow you talk about defending Georgia Tech Miami did a pretty good job of that last year they won that game in nine Atlanta 3521. Well mark Mark Richt certainly is hand armed. A lot of experience. And Manny Diaz is that if I'm not mistaken maybe he was the DC it Mississippi. A man. They played Georgia Tech maybe. He's their defensive coordinator so. Yeah and I you'd just. Historically. The only team out only coordinator I've seen consistently shut them down to room. I'm when he asked down in their ruling that bad a year where Watson was hurt. But the nothing on and it was still 28 held on 28 revenues plus a good scores between six. You know last year assistant and dominance. So anyway and now but you know Woolsey they're going to have some momentum going into this year Georgia Tech has spore straight wins to wrap up last year and you know overseeing decent teams that beat Virginia Tech Georgia and Kentucky. And now. Three of the last four games yeah I mean they just hang in the legacy of hang in the balance you lose to this team. They need beat these teams community live and how do you beat. I mean Virginia Tech was that division champs Georgia. Is Georgia about it that's only the second time Paul Johnson's ever beaten Georgia beat Americans. You via a Kentucky team that was you know hot that'd be global. In the ball mean it's just that they hang in the balance than logo and win by three over one double eighteen. And then somebody old. Open would that but I mean it's just Georgia Tech. They're the money ball you know because they believe their philosophy. There's always gonna win a certain percentage of games that's the money. Yeah off the text line at 71307. Text or ask. Do you think Thomas South Carolina here do you think shot Smith and two minus Williams will be the returners on punts and kickoff. I'm maybe not beginning of the year right then they went a little Howard opens things maybe demise Williams has a shot at winning it by the NC state game. Is some bombing of neutral site first game they may go with Bebo Samuel banker Chris LaMont record just as they played before. But Williams to me is a Gallic and when they shies gets factored into the return game at some point. Just don't know I mean I think then they're gonna try to get him to where he can play receiver. Com and and work his way that rotation and then probably worry about returns but there look at all home and you know demise obvious that it him quorum quarterback but it. You know his arm. His immediate playing time. You know to me. Is it that return game he's the best part he was one of us high school workers country did you like this guy. Yeah he shies Smith both for various electric pours. Com. There electric I mean I was talking to somebody dinner and not not only actual full time coaching staff but. In a person that that works in the football building said in his opinion. In the east demise Williams's is again they need to get the ball. You know so that opinion. If he energized as I Smith allegedly faster than him Koren players so my. You know while that's they can get those guys go when that would that would really help return game and and whatever. Stock to G. Jimmy here next and not welcome in Jimmy how are you. Arlen agent. I. Jim I would steal. Them we have a Jamie to use them and Jim Webb. Didn't expect that sort of issues. Can do it. Notable go to tradition I don't like this unit to continue. Net tenant two would probably put Clemson an A like in New Year's sixth hole like Cotton Bowl or I'm not sure. What what are the semi final doubles this year isn't there were is at the rose in the or is it as it. That's a look at I don't know you know. But you know whatever bulls aren't hosting the semi finals. To. Dude sort of Florida wanted to play Alabama children nice chips shook. His cool breeze chick book played bowler whatever candidate Atlanta. Lehman leads them. You know have his that is in the sand as the championship. That's an enemy we're involved. In animal and it'll actually. Yeah rotates back this year or what that what it was the first year of the foil the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl also New Orleans and Pasadena. So close if you go to Miami make ago to Atlanta for the peach bowl. They can go to him on Dallas for the content mold. And then go back out of Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl although I would not invite them far of the Fiesta Bowl which is. Those events of traveler or two years in a row for playoff games I don't I don't know they've ton of Fiesta Bowl that. And yeah. What what changed very little treat you Google did play or else. I mean look it's gonna as a means it's December you know we are sorry September. They get if they if they can get out of September of undefeated or with one loss there certainly a chance because. You know you finish that month for one. Even if one of those losses says it was a little more than lose Virginia Tech. And then you got Florida State at Death Valley later in the year you were on the table again ACC championship game and you know maybe play Miami beat Miami and you back in the playoff I mean I don't I don't. You know I don't see it. I mean you know but eat you lose two in September. It gets Dicey. Month. Yeah yeah not not not out of the question completely but little eyes closed down there and it depends on what other teams do you know what what what was the resident what's the southern cal knew they don't win the pac twelve with. No losses one walls to lost three loss in Arabic. Study or Christians are now meaningless to Narnia. So and this is that's me there and haven't been up you know I don't I don't completely rule out in the I'd feel better about an additional wants him back to attack and well a lot of people do. And that no doubt that it is going to. Strip has no doubt that the you know it's gonna. It certainly is important. Yeah he's guilt. He's just different is that these inexperienced nominees he's a different kind of guy probably a better runner. You know. Thank you Jim guys got to his biggest frozen at a followed Jones once. Camp for a tough followers and that's complete 844 GS PE SPN will bring to Michael Moore here. Third hour of the huddle on ESP in upstate stimulus. It's a huddle at 328. Final thirty minutes of the show for this week if you want to jump in and a 444773776. Or via text. You can do that as well 71307. Carolina coaches are being superstore bring short text line and we do appreciate that check out our website ESP in upstate dot com. Hit us on Twitter at ESP in upstate all kinds of ways to stay in touch with the us here. Eddy SP and upstate as we don't know of limp toward college football season and the NFL knew you know while Michael Bennett made news. Last year. Our maybe as early this year has in January when he was talking about Zack and zen or the running back for Detroit. And he called him probably the best light running back in the universe. Via. And and you know now. Krista McCaffrey's and that question is he going to be the next. Great white hope for running backs. In the NFL with a Carolina Panthers and now here's what he said this winning about that. It is that you do it it's it's you know where you know that Sutherland out there and kind of contradict gay kind of laughed in the dying breed it. It is what it is and I mean it doesn't matter what kind of army and think about that want to know what color and there are what color anybody else's Wear out their plan to applaud care about it you know the guys collapsing college or you know listen that's really all I think about that the great thing about football at. You know if you make plays you make plays it no matter you know what what ratio are what color you are and that's kind of my attitude towards it I don't really think about it a whole lot. Yeah I think first major averages like to be the next really good. Running back in the NFL today stored Christian McCaffrey is a recruit. Com here's a recruit the first year we we did army bowl 24 sevenths sports and swear this relation. And waved picket. And we had a final slot open up at the last minute and we took him that it is the best porn it. So. I think sometimes there is kind of a stigma with live Caucasian running back. But. It's one of those things to where I don't necessarily think it's racist I think it's a deal where. When you have. Somebody who's kind of different. Be racer size or whatever. Inning in a group that. You know. It is is is coming homogeneous. Then. Count stanza. In Allah I don't. You know I think what he said was right you know word on the color. But you're anywhere around the collar uniform again and evil and I think football brings its gipper and they're but they're there really aren't a lot of art right we know there are not take the last really killed one and corners and cornerbacks and running backs you know like right now McCaffrey's doing and thank them. I mean you go back till like John Riggins in layers on cutting guys like now but it's been a long time closing gaps Francisco rough than put the it is of the outlook is a former Butler there you all blacks rapidly as the Michael all styles of Austin and Tampa you know for them. You know but yeah it's it's it's different kind of thing that. It's. And it. Irrelevant. I agree with McCaffery redemptive themes thing. Did you hear what happened that Las Vegas. You know the raiders are moving there and yes all us so. Hundreds of job seekers. Flooded a board meeting today. For the new Oakland Raiders stadium in Las Vegas they had to call police. Because they were victims of hoax there was a flyer that went out. Promoting free job recruitment sign ups for jobs. More than 700. People came to the regularly scheduled meeting of the Las Vegas stadium authority board. Officials said there are no jobs yet and people got mad tensions flared. Las Vegas police closed off access to the county buildings parking lots after the size of the crowd kept growing. Borden chairman Steve Hill denounced the flyer after the meeting he says some defaults from folks were brought to the meeting under false pretense that's too bad obviously that shouldn't happen. But he does say on a positive side the attendance exhibit's a real desire on the part of a number of people in the community go to work. The fake flyer specifically. Targeted black men and women. In and amortized union and nonunion positions. Raiders executives. And members of the group that the team has assembled a carry out the project spoke at the meeting they said they're working on an agreement to address minority hiring they affirm they will. Meet the state mandated 15%. Contracting and small business. They say take that obligation very seriously the board is expected to discuss its plan. At its August meeting. As well as an agreement that allow the football team of the University of Nevada Las Vegas to use the stadium 65000 seat stadium. There will be built near the strip the board must approve those two and other documents before any ground breaking. Right now they wanna play in the plan is to play in Las Vegas starting in 20/20. Guests of hotel and other lodging facilities in the Las Vegas area will contribute 750. Million dollars there will be your room tax increase or when you're headed to Vegas. He's saying and tanks is gonna be up for for Boston. On Thursday the board learned a tax increase yielded more than thirteen point one million dollars from march through May. And that was above projections coming up 16% more than projections from the tax increase the room tax. The team in the NFL are expected to go 500 million dollars for the project. And they have a loan from Bank of America for 650 million dollars that will finish out the cost but not hiring yet. To himself kind of fishy to you I mean that the fact that a flyer was put together and put out to what advantage would someone do Stephanie does it just and turn to beef. Joseph Heaton yeah but I. How many are liars would you have to put out to get that many people to show up. Seven other people yeah I did it just makes it sound not that hard to distribute flyers and cosmic. There are people that are willing to do we understand those are gonna tell people on the line want to round tussle over to migrant workers with pictures of girls they stand there. They stand again here today spaniel cards you law yet they have those little cards with numbers and you know I don't mean to say they feel about that they've they've in their hands are. Men there's a collection there and everywhere is boost boobs everywhere. Fumble and get in my ignorance ignorance shows are it's never heard a lot I can't let them the laws and if you ever go to Las Vegas go for like the comic book. Convention kind of things and stuff is that there are a lot of argument is that you permit. And don't go during the porn industry's. A blood at the NASDAQ ended lower yards and I wasn't there during that totally yeah hopefully they're not of the same time that would you know you walk combined. Batman outfit while most of most nerdy guys probably would hope that it is during that time in your wall bottom Batman now bitten some money into some deeds. You know it's not give it. One out also armed up propositioned at like 8 o'clock in the morning outdated and meet at 8 o'clock animal a little go to a hotel outside right there yeah. It is too early for this happens to me it or reserve practiced are they a little more classy there and I mean concerns you know the street corners of the yeah that is at least adequately like Mara scale my whole point about little old you know and that's the the escorts there. Is that in Vegas is lit it's it's it's not legal but it is the kind of turn the other way. So if you wanna make money here and ask Gordon European decent looking if you're at least five. You know banks. And there'll ever. Arnold's take a break we'll come back when warrior in the huddle ideas PO I still I think this whichever I've sort of heard back and Mullen he has been in upstate not. We have by yankees and Boston baseball for you this weekend on ESP in upstate tomorrow. 3 o'clock their time. And Sunday night it'll be gets a 7 o'clock playing in at Fenway. Important series and they're still pretty tiring scorn on the air in the AL east so. Check out Major League Baseball from ESPN upstate this weekend with the New York Yankees in the Boston Red Sox a 444773776. Is our number here in the hot now let's get to today's tweet of the day. Twitter today comes from one JJ watt. Jed Jed guide them at JJ watt on Twitter Houston Texans. He. Has announced the release of a newsmaker. The JJ to. Its. Reeboks and what it made and released through. Reebok and here is his tweet. From JJ. 400 dollars less than some shoes on the market. And 100%. More effective and available tonight at midnight for 99 dollars. The JJ to obviously taken a shot at Lamar and long huh. Is that like that does this. Mean it was funny and it's funny fringes you want. But but look I mean. This is the genius of of oval horrible. Mean yeah I have NFL players releasing Jews from major companies taking shots that just gives a more publicity. He's he's taken a page strong deal. And made it work and ever unfortunately for all of us. That have common sense. That style of self branding is going to continue and I just hope that it doesn't get completely outrageous to where. We you have to legions of people who get. And deserve popularity. Because they're living in fantasy. Well I mean he's done publicity he's not selling shoes yet using the issues government's original cells she used to perform on the final two quarters or eight. He said he sold so I mean it's on mommy nonaligned. Them align well it depends on how much it took the manufacture in the movie sold enough that covers cost on the usual things and what he did better off of selling coming come up with a issues and selling for 200 bucks and I mean. Just ridiculous. We'll have a higher price point and how Marca put in let's say you sell community. You're gonna sell 100 to gain of 200 gullible people wanted to buy them regardless. Wanna make as much money educating and also like what JC used on my guests are people actually collection the other selector on so if you have a limited amount and you sell a limited amount that makes them worth more money. Understand that there's still think he's presented it that way as we have a percentages say there's only going to be three in repairs of the now he wants to make a billion dollars misspelled nobody early you have to think about what you can realistically. That in Europe's over issues that nobody early Walz who Leno because of all your markets like catching fish. How many do you know how many fish you gonna do for the taking the bait and if you if you know those numbers are not going to be very high. Then you charge. You know an increase your profit margin here you revenue by charging. Which is it not too many people buy for 200 it. You would be the same thing if into web site with that that charge premium subscriptions that nobody wanted to join and or that on our with a small fan base like a power. And I wish they priced in this way you know that there's. 4000. Carolina people who out their pay for awards ago. One sector or wait force not a very big fan. And I know normally during it 300. Maybe instead of charging nine it and dollars a year and dynamic problem month a bump that up to 200 a year and a charge like fifteen. And that way I increase in on making money. You know with atlas customers that this is my fault on that are in and maybe that's just part of being outrageous. Yeah honey you know you have to monetize the outrageousness of some point that's not a graphic images and you if he sells 200 pairs of those issues. You. Renaissance gonna get paid to pave assure you billions plus citizens go yet but he B do without this nonsense from. And Andy is playing well in one of the big game last night. Yeah Liaoning but a mile like in other EU has missed in this story on this radio station you've you type in love or ball and Google. There resolve the every just tons of down. JJ life takes a shot levoir ball. One's a ball's not negotiated with the Nike the horrible wife Tina makes first public prepared I mean you know it's just all over the it works. It's very calculated by guys that people think is a big goof ball and his big goof ball hasn't been able to give himself everywhere without having to pay to be everywhere. I mean it's themselves a Smart move dude played one year Washington State ever 2.2 points for games that he could be Michael Jordan yeah. And also played football. As a tidy and for the London monarch of the world league of American Drupal. Okay that's right Torre yards in kick return from. I we're gonna lob data easy deal Elliott story cowboys running back. And finish up here or not if you want to jump in in the last segment due to an out a 444773776. Mac to wrap it up. Friday Connelly SP in upstate just mom. Braves up and have a series with the Arizona tonight Major League Baseball and no one knows from Atlanta today right handed pitcher Jason Mott has been placed on the ten day disabled list got a back strain. Rod and a pitcher Jason Hirsh has been recalled from the AAA team England net some of them moved from the Braves today. We are. Expecting. There's a growing feeling that Zeke Elliott. May be suspended. For at least a gamer to. This year Adam Chester had reported that today Yahoo! Sports is reporting that. Other report from ESPN today is Lindsey Kelly and got. A report from the NFL on its findings from its investigation into the 20s16 domestic violence accusation. And he is preparing his response to the league now. His response expected to be submitted sometime in the next week. Multiple sources close to the situation tell Adam Chester. That the Zeke Elliott could face a one or two game suspension. The league has denied any decision has been made it says it cannot be made until the investigation. Is complete but one source familiar with the investigation said the NFL is looking to pin something on the Galley. Can you appeal this isn't something appealable. Usually doesn't. Think slowing him so they give him too soon they could kind of plan or one could do that they give him one and you know. Now I wanna be bothered to appeal that are not. Eliot bracing for a short suspension according to sources. In July 2016 he was questioned by Columbus, Ohio police after a former girlfriend accused him of assaulting her multiple times. She told police. In one instance that he assaulted her while I sat in a parked car the district attorney now did not pursue charges. Said there were conflicting stories. Witnesses at the same said the Saul. Nothing Ganassi and assault. But the Elliott said at the end of the football season last year in January that he wanna closure on this he said I would rather not drag on this long. If there was something defined which there's not they would have found it by now he says the police did a thorough investigation it seems like they're dragging their feet. I'm just ready for it to me and but as we have said before the NFL can. Punish a player even if the legal system does not. Tough first time violation of the job personal conduct policy. Can carry a six game suspension but. It also allows for a lesser penalty if there are mitigating factors he's not going to six games but could he get the gamer to. Seems to be trending that way if these people what they're talking about. We'll see. Can Dallas win without him. Did. You think so. You don't. I don't know I don't know I think I think that aura sky was so good because he hasn't Kelly now they can't sign DeAngelo Williams. Right. He's ruled that out. Let's see what they're they opened with the giants that's not easy and then they go to the Broncos that's not easy. And then they got to the cardinals. So the other not exactly opening with a soft opening here so you elegantly is this Angela. Game gamer games Mac app. Policy that hasn't happened yet. In case you missed it earlier we talked about how the SEC media projected the east and the west. Today I thought tub it was a pretty favorable. Vote for the gamecocks South Carolina picked fourth in the east behind Georgia. Florida and Tennessee in JC you're taught by a couple guys who Adam third. Couple media guys have third Dennis Dodd and bears a leave from CBS sports. Both picked the gamecocks third over Tennessee yeah that's not much love for Butch Jones as an I don't know but the question seemed to be would they be picked ahead of Kentucky and they wore Kentucky was. Picked suggests a Georgia over Florida and we thought that would be a debate to whether the bulldogs would be picked a winner for the gators. Given the gators recent success in the east but though they weren't. And then Nam. Finishing out Vanderbilt six in Missouri seven Missouri's not get nanny any love at all and you think that's justified you're going to Missouri's on the way. To an abyss. I do I do think they have a good quarterback in drew large him on wars and good receiver. You know their defense to pieces are as strong as they want war. Area Odom and take him off on his footing as a coach. Huge mistake in getting rid of their. NF. And then they have institutional issues is university. Their enrollments and they're not a very popular school at the moment and so. All those things to me. Add up to them taking a big step back and going away for a while. I think Gary kinkle and his staff that were there for fifteen which on about staff stability. Yeah that's what allowed them to come and the FCC went to division titles. After five and 71 year. And I think that. Now that's been operated you have a guy at fault the guy he never succeed. You know nobody integrate be and would like as a drug blocks good but I com. You know they don't have bullying Gallagher James frank or even even a guy like Manny marketing more I just. You know I think I think van Leo probably stay above them for the foreseeable future. Alabama of course big to win the west followed by Auburn LSU third Arkansas fourth Texas say NM five. And then Mississippi State and homeless. Not surprising there Tom. Alabama and Auburn considered to be the top two teams in the west and certainly that showed up in the a poll today. And then recognized on the all SEC teams. 12 or three teams today. Yet hey nursed the tied him for South Carolina he had sky more and Bebo Samuel and those with a three government to. More than gamecocks. Today. With the all SEC teams they came out we'll get the all ACC teams here pretty soon spears that's straight of a stir up next from. ACC football kick also lot of ACC tall come enough for your next here on ESPN upstate where back on Monday at 1 o'clock. To get out of with a another summertime week of the huddle on ESP in upstate for loans or JC I'm Greg McKinney. Have a safe and great weekend we'll see you Monday in the huddle on ESP in upstate.