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Welcome back in the huddle on ESPN upstate getting ready for the weekend hope you have some big plans for a hot. Toasty July weekend. Coming up as we inched ever closer to football season. There wrapping up the ACC football kick off in Charlotte today with the coastal teams but it was the Atlantic Division teams. On board yesterday and a couple of the teams that dumb. The Clemson Tigers will be most concerned about this year. Mora yesterday including of course Florida State Clemson plays Florida State's at home on November 11. And up and they'll be led by quarterback the Andrei friends walked Jumbo Fisher. The coach of the seminoles. Talking about his quarterback who returns to start this year. I think that this thing that we all war when the so town they community think of all the physical things making the right read it in the day. The ability to compete and learn how to compete to learn how to process the game and move on from these situations and take the physical part of the game and understand you're going to hit you only get pounded in you won't have to come back from that there's no you're you're the quarterback. No matter how you feel what you do you got to understand and I think that was something we worked on hard I think he bought in totally he'll let what I love about the other he allows himself to be coached. No logic to take those steps within. And I think our. Him in the red zone. Him on. Fourth quarter drops five on the tennis back to. Form we were on one and we gave up believing he took us back in as an in May those drugs as a freshman in key moments understanding keep understanding how to win how to play in big moments. I thought it was outstanding and what he accomplished I think our team understood that now think they have such respect for him and they understand what he says things and as things they respond and he's doing a great job of you know communicating to his teammates and getting them to come along with him and I just very proud the development he's made in India not he's fun to coach. Has Jimoh Fisher so at the end of the year when we get to the end of 2017 football season. We really dumb idea Andrei France why as a potential Heisman guy this year maybe next year is he going to have back on a year for this Florida State team. Where is a big year for Francoise are no OJ EC. I thinks I think that. You know he was a redshirt freshman Clijsters is his third year in the program and dissect you're playing him and I thought it performed very well last year you know taking the beating he did there're some Florida State games I'll watch last year. I don't know beyond preference laws gonna get a all right just didn't. And he did he kept getting now open and and hate that that win over Michigan in the Orange Bowl. You know I I think I think they gave Florida State a bit of a boost. Thank. You know on him. Today the momentum carries over the problem is. That plan album first of it them and and you bet. Jim both Fisher's comments about the ACC being the premiere deal. Premiere conferencing and that's it can just add the McVeigh bulletin board military people around talking there's going to be a lot of talking there's a lot of media Talking Heads I mean. Thank god Danny canal isn't only air anymore or are DR under French law may in May not get up after that game. Because you know canal would be hype in his Knowles in Alabama. And that that that that you know that the media is gonna go 5050 on this they're not gonna properly respect album and on that game. And all that is gonna feed into motivational frenzy for them and they're remain focused in and beat the tower now. Is Florida State good enough. To where they can open their season with a loss to Alabama Mercedes-Benz stadium and then. In their season with a game against Alabama and Mercedes and stadium absolutely. Absolutely we could see that for the first time. But I just I feel old platform for the first cure and no chance man. Your colony gang I'm call on the town hall on Alabama. A bam a victory big victory most likely about double digit game. And cap. Another quarterback in close and we'll have to deal with this year in this one avenue with a on the road is Lamar Jackson the defending Heisman Trophy winner. Out of lower bone you know Clemson is a little irritated by that they think their guy should have gone. As many others around here do so Lamar Jackson what does he do for an encore some with his comments at the ACC football kickoff in Charlotte. I don't worry you know start off winning note due tomorrow who knows our Purdue. And now. Easier to handle our NASA administrator. Known trying to win more games and are soon going to be just goes and hasn't had been soon. Just has begun some of the guys you think you've stepped up at running back and at wide receiver. Knowing that you had some guys move forward from their eligibility just what you can say about some of the weapons this year. Poems at all reasonable on the phone. Number seven you know anybody our times this is an Embraer. A quarter merit soon. You know he's just a freakish athlete comes along. They do is manage we know vehicles along in the positions on these events and it. Gina Smith you know wideout phenomenon. I don't know that you let this guy come back for me can we see him out there. She is about a season after knocking him off our. That's if he said. See for yourself Sosa's. Lamar Jackson now Purdue game is the opener. And Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. On September 2 already a night game Purdue number yeah last year and won three games. Last year new coach yeah and I don't want to Jeff Brohm from western Kentucky they're going they're going all over the yard like. Like Purdue should one last time Purdue is guns than a home delayed had a much or crappy coaches when Joseph tiller last is there any hope took over he was have he wasn't very good. And and they hired Darryl hazel from Ohio State whose top assistant there and he just basically ran into the ground. A day what the they've they've produced two starting quarterbacks in the Southeastern Conference last year Austin Applebee's and Danny happily. Danny is a pro former board maker. But know that that it's a rebuilding deal on stilts in Indianapolis is the first game under new coach. I think it's going to be full of Purdue fans. To a certain extent ovals not a for troop leader. Just because it's Lamar Jackson and and is this the first game at their new coach and policy. Panel what happens you'll probably win that game. About like 56 to 28 or something but it will be an open now we tracked me because Jeff Brohm is gonna throw the ball. And equities approach Reno disciple you know aren't they did go to north. Carolina next. Our expectations North Carolina a little bit don't tempered this year but that's the second game. And middle of a place Clemson they get him at home that's already been set for 330 kick off on September 16 at Papa John's cardinal stadium. Here's the thing you know North Carolina I don't think expectations are extremely high. But look look okay vehicle only that but that's not an easy knowing that there are no. Alabama Birmingham some let me look at Ed clubs yeah you're the kids state Murray State back to back extravaganza. After Clemson now but Purdue north care Purdue are new for filled North Carolina that close is the home opener popped up. You look at your season tickets to your lol many excellence and right there and that the other game's been exceptionally well. Plus of 16 in the fourteen they won three there in fifteen and then they won about six last year and after they were removal rallied and they are they put it in the game that I think should be given to Sean wants them eyes if you look at. But. That that removals probably tired of losing close games to. Yeah is that the most dangerous September game for poems. Or does it offer. At home. I think because is on the road it's it's little damp but I don't I don't have a lot of faith in Louisville's defense this year or soon. Overs Davis get a pretty good. I'd. It's it's also output both of those is more dangerous than Virginia Tech I was games in Blacksburg we don't know about Virginia tech's quarterback but. You know they're all tough I would probably go with global. A little bit on the road over all over at home side. Yeah I've been a the cardinals have those two you mentioned can stay Murray State then they play at NC state Boston college at home at Florida State they've got some tough from. Tough games after that though little Kent State Marie state reprieve. And they finish up with though Wake Forest on the road and off week Virginia at home. Syracuse. At home and they play act Kentucky. Thank you Doug your lead when mr. So that's some. What's on tap for. Laurel this year. At Florida State you know I think she's gonna wanna get after that. After sixty or ethnicity period to an aging roads and our other programs that are now on how many rules probably going to be about and nine and three team again this year. You know pretty good. But not competing for the not making it to the jump title I would I would still picked them third even though I think they could be clubs and they'll lose two or three. Lose Somalia and now. Interesting there are now we're in the coastal folks up today I guess we'll get the media vote today on the order of finish in the ACC. Or that boy took Monday that maybe Monday Republicans. And they've done that before. So we see where they come up. On that this year but DO. I just I don't see people picking clubs and any lower than second in the Atlantic land ethic you I mean remedial pride that if you win. Policy of taking them global head maybe they well because you know the media loves larger. Battles I think the issue will be picked first and clubs and I agree with them an answer to that would be the expectation. A 444773776. Yes and thoughts the attacks line open to you also at 71307. And seen any major quotes coming out of what any of the coastal coaches have said. Today. Aussie Dino labor says he thinks Syracuse will be his final stop. If he can get things going. But you know about it and told you earlier that Justin Fuente said the other clemson's loss in the ACC title game. Kills them felt like they should a woman and would almost certainly agree that based on what happened on the field. And we'll see you know what mark ramming Margaret started an up today. Net Ayers smiling us in order to picture I saw earlier it's pretty confident with Miami and one on. Pretty loaded other than the quarterback question coming in. I Todd takes a sausage coming up here in the huddle on ESPN upstate so keep it right here we'll be right back. Back into the huddle yes feel of say Friday afternoon the fourteenth of July with Greg McKinney GC sure birch. And the Alonso are you fighting with some money on twittering him on the. I'm not I just stood to solve posting responded to a date may now follow me so they probably have no ideal and I and I wrote I think he's an expert on. Sweaty and meat heads. They also has narrowed the gap between that between you and I think he's probably be called us this when immunities Aaron I'm everyone here in person thinks they taste delicious they're hours and hours and in his mouth. Saudi meet kids how to you know we're sweating as well as a as I've pointed out is very cold in here it's always going to hear a little bit ineptly Massa yes area outside not I don't there's sweaty meat heads may have it didn't make it make a judgment but the sweats for me yeah he's not here so how did you. Even I mean did good what do I got along here rideau. Oh yeah oh yeah. Gluten that I'm a meat that's what I do so maybe there are used on about our business because near the media has the last word I would use to describe. What some analysts have larger heads miceli I don't know that I don't think his interpretation of me heads I think it was a a com home. To all of us. It bulletins but I think it's it's not it's not that we army heads is that we have meat heads anymore. And for forgy as tedious to you and wanted to go away for what his real goal here on the. Yeah Twitter for the daddy is paean of state takes line 71307. Let's get hot tastes and sausage. In the bottle. Maybe because that we of sausage it's meet head to Al mound all mortem forward Jason I would maybe that's word item. Listen you look conferred defining stretch of the Gaza miles on Aron I didn't realize it's always an Auburn schedule today. Don't look at the week you gaming clubs and those that game is very but he can really help him. Let's Auburn has to do. Late October early November age when they get they have the the dreaded three straight games on the road at LL issue at Arkansas and Texas. Now I think I think they'll be better than Arkansas Texas they are living in death that I mean. Pardon me in Baton Rouge if if that game is at night you know Auburn. I mean day in with a tough place to go win and did any got to go to phase of a leader at a College Station and you know man pass time off. Three straight. Imagine if he loses all three what he loses the clubs than than loses all three of those games has four iron yeah I think. At that point terrible but I mean it may just be a function of scheduling them human bombers got a good football team but we can't count on its path. You gotta go to both death valleys you've got to go to Fayetteville and you gotta do Kyle field. In Newton when it too big bucks war eagle. Plus Georgia and Alabama now we're. Are the New York Knicks have now put the Carmelo Anthony trade talks hole this is hilarious to me. Having the knicks horrible and a mess of dysfunction to me. And another media person mentioned this is more fun than them being good. You know I'm I'm often of the belief that I can't believe how bad the next orbit it's such a soap opera. And it's so disbarred so why on earth would you not get rid of Carmelo Newton. They knew I'd. You would but they're not gonna do it right now right here yet know they're gonna put it on hold talked about coming back nine I had a you do that I mean it. India is very individualistic county not insulted. I don't they may need a fresh start in Carmel and he's the first Chinese to give ones those cabs. That's that's my thing that's my preference for him playing next year I think you'd be very interesting. I said Thomas there's another thing I discovered they Thomas Mars Houston that attorney involved. The suing your boldness and Dennis Dodd in I know who Thomas Moore is is the Dennis Dodd in his column today. You know put very plainly Mars does not mess around. Those who has got resonant for eleven years he served as wal mart's General Counsel. He was once the director of the Arkansas State Police. As bias as more as one bird for settlements worth approximately fifty. Million. Dollars. And it would when he used did not with Ole miss west is press comes I'll never forget you know. It kind of felt weird because it kind of felt I kind of felt like this is an Arkansas through and through. Dole and Ole miss he's like mad at least talk about Ole miss when I was growing up and violent you know it is wasn't. It never seemed like a good fit and then after two good years he tanked. But he's going home and gotten them a big count more more lawyer. And a serious I don't think there were believe the old miss attorneys the Mississippi attorneys. Should necessarily. Fear this guy but I would I would make sure dot every. And cross every T picture of mud McEnroe. You know in this is that this this this is this is. This is a game in a sign that he's serious about this not just a net elicited move I'll play in the in Houston at. I mean he's he's probably got a point parts of softest. So after we get off today and gone Spartanburg picket bodies. Anybody's Damien Taylor. Ones aboard one's a girl you just figure which is they're both kind of girl and point of view and a country tailored to your Jamie's again when high school Jamie's big bird durable. There are dozens of points we're going to mean sure yeah pin pigeon forge. And you don't do anymore. And the Titanic exhibit. No but we probably well I'm doing so had to do enough all I'm doing the Hatfield and mccoys dinner ship and they do serve moonshine and beer there. But I don't dream and finally Bagram scramble data one half felt that kin. He didn't know I don't think it was it. No openings. My ability young fur. That this is fascinating to me because I was you know. Used live in Nashville and knees to drop the roads the east Tennessee law he stopped again stations he sees ample since pat a call our show and I'm like. Well it would is that some kind of thing that happens in the bar and blah blah blah but apparently it's a big elaborate production. Is that basically Romeo and Juliet type thing looming. Most water because. Fire with a B and candidate blondes. I mean the heart of the story is to families feuding. And that the Montague is one strong one falls in love with the other and it may not have the same result but it's the same sort of I was under the impression in this thing was comedies. Variety Hsu did have gone there are feuds. But now wasn't thinking about Romeo and Juliette. Patty did it he wrote me and you if you happen court and I am to prepare. Can't have that comment about on Monday and then above nine Manama Arianna pat that's bad. Some are saying I went too deep because oversold and it's based in Kentucky and I don't understand how look at on our right and academic paper on Alonso but I would never put in politics sausage I'm just talking about the they're gonna have family style dinner they're gonna have new Jon and beer and I'm finally going to see in this weird thing that I found out about six years ago when a stop and rest area picked up the pace is an outdoors. Now think I assume this is going to be hot storming in to and the weather's I have never been the pigeon forge I'm particularly enjoy what is there a pigeon forge for me dealing many gulf. I did. I really enjoy the mini golf do you like go Kart racing I enjoy the goat or anything indoor skydiving no water slides yes. Amusement parks. No. System will reach the mountains variety issues like like Carolina opry connection well. No country now that's torture but you know they do have other things do have a Titanic exhibit that they have a biblical show that they do that I probably get legacy although I don't think that's what I have to hear Celine Dion went to the Titanic exhibit no it's actually an educational market and they have a wax museum which is which naturally like I'm not relief but you look she loved so much I have to get my video lots museum's kind of creepy had to take 35 differ murmur mentioned that about the relaxed he's interstate 35 pictures always wires sculptures and I you know girls like thickening daylight coming in Jerusalem with a bow on an ominous and the Gosling. In any way the she sounds just like that would even if you've murder you know it's kind of face like that offices -- at this man I away she's on her way to pigeon in in the ESPN upstate vehicle modeling and got some pictures I don't even want to ask why that's happening well it's a remote they're doing some kind of remote they take whatever vehicles available apparently we don't have anything going on there's no magic man eight point they wind. So that's that's the thing that we're gonna you know they can't very they are so I'm looking forward to seeing your hat to them quarry. Dinner she the beautiful reform and in this weekend's episode okay so. It's like Rummy Angeles I can write an article. About like. The clintons and the gamecocks. And I can weave the rivalry in to a Romeo and Juliet and could run off all your expense they listen we have seen Miami is seen those bumper stickers. On the equally you know to whatever and has that Clinton has would sides don't get -- the same sort of yeah L house divided yeah I this -- mean that's OK so let me just let me just throw this one game does this out about war ended. This is the closes or come to room rates. Some drama law and see the house divided on promptly. Give this describe ten years ago when there really. House about it was Georgia. And Arkansas. Yeah now that's. Georgia Arkansas that's like South Carolina and old. Rivals Merrill and you know that should be done I mean look I did understand Auburn and Georgia. Rivalry type game yeah our Clemson and Georgia yes of the that even South Carolina North Carolina NC state but Arkansas went to which noted. No a four port GS PE SPN's Jim Austin in here next enough I'll play trying an almost the most up to. But I think your ego feel close. They import bill I think they handed or right but they likely won't shining a room where you can go based on these different time of moonshine and then buy it. I would not recommend. Like that kind of like you go to Mexico and this. You know you pay one price and drink it like he can indeed in and shot selector there and you still don't go about it. If so watered down thinking what is moon shining Roma remodel our went about all five Beers code would I don't get a little bit Gennadi wanna. Get all torn up. That we we staked it at 41 that was our shot of moonshine. It felt bank. When you wave and buzz man that's this week mansion and yeah I'm I don't I don't I don't drink liquor. Except on rare occasion not a 101 and I'm a cold beer guy and so there's probably plenty of cold beer and pigeon forge the you know closet you're asking what was there for unity and it's it's not really a big drinking place it's more family and it's in our. It's like Myrtle Beach without. You know that there's only a few bars that are so. On the back so yeah I'm on the steered clear of the mention on most and since you are gave me that advice on my buddy actually lights mean Johnson. We'll have to talk to him about maybe skip that. That's got like when you go model Beijing at least certain establishments and shot going in the shop that you can drink from a certain body part. And you you'll drink like cannot oh man. Our editor Kuwait in the end and the articles. Secret so on north ocean boulevard are on on north kings island. It's only secrets is in India the emphasis on how appearances secrets and then there's this lady as many young lady going. Our cause order finger flick did them anyway thanks mustn't. And if I can we go about baseball likely they'll rule a lot quite well you know what do we do. It would end here in America elect based on the Indian can make it where we not thought about NBA. Not twelve Greg Lamotte. And a twelve. You know every AME right now that the hot summer league basketball you know they talk about this constant NBA I would love. I used you know still a big race fan but of course now right now you know that they getting better but. In other Dmitry compete at messed up baseball so badly. You can threatening the employee boy on the race people you know it was popular in their division. Leading players now. Lucky and grateful player on the great story you know we have some of the goalie mask up by all embark. Or the other but the game so you know and apple our game just doesn't cut. I mean what. Get America you beat me got a beautiful thing that that is going. There there there there there's one thing I would do. I would I would take most games off TV from on the radio. And make that there your the way you. Consume baseball look as I said it is a beautiful game. And it's it's almost you can imagine I mean you could play it in your head and I think it's a more beautiful game then. And they can come down off some prices ball parks and get people to go again may get some cheap seats back. And they can promote their stars like this judge guy in Bryce Harper in the of the generational talent they have now turned those guys and heroes. And you know. The marketing of it but the problem is most in those that you're not going to. Erase the fact. That we are in a society now that consumes everything all media news information entertainment TV quickly and mobile. In the NBA has done a great job. Being pro active with mobile and social and and all those distribution tools. And it's made it more popular for younger people and I actually I prefer Major League Baseball. To the NBA because well it in my heart I love it more you know but consuming the NBA. It is much easier. You know and and it never know what they're not gonna take baseball TV and put it on the radio again that this is not gonna happen but I think that. You know maybe having a second track of marketing. With regards to. The audio of the game could could maybe tell some people fall while bullet again there I don't know and it would help around here the Braves were worst program. Yeah and I think that played out don't get that are coming up outfit coming in. They can't be helped by two very good thanks in the very near future but. Eight watching NBA's oldest bridge not that Cleveland got in didn't just constable Bartlett though. Basketball lack of. Don't laugh at an annual substantive and it's been out balls were there are crazy offseason thank you must and by the way baseball's healthy. I mean our break that deal but it's it's doing real. Not so that didn't stop. Here's another thing that bothered me a nice day maiden north taken off the TV and put it on radio don't originally put on radio so can be colored by whoever's watching it. Does not interesting enough the watch. On TV that's. When I got it to me it's like hockey in the sense that it's better to be there than it is to watch it is not a great TV sport but it. In in a playoff game like a dagger. Intense college World Series World Series game. Words you know the every pitch I mean that there's really nothing that this isn't as intense. Page to page. As they as a very important baseball game with a team that. You care about I just a matter get them to care about things run behind let's get the break 8444773776. You wanna get on board. Text line 71307. Driven by Carolina coach is RB superstore back in a moment and model. I've been talking a lot of ball football today. In the huddle on ESP in upstate but them. JC Don my game cog basketball you tell me off there about coats. Organizes the South Carolina pro am. Every year it's it's basically like local arm. Local people com or local players local college players. Two. Get together and do a summer league type thing about it you know he would get gay cock players here and there Yonder. On different teams in the play my coach stars and of course. And went four for five from three last night now I think that's encouraging because you know what when they sign him. In these European big that can. Hit the three. Good outside shot the ball handler and I think we saw some of that lecture thing toward the end of the year you know he really learn how to play in the post more. But if he can develop his outside shot. Mean that's that's a 610. And Hamels Paul hit from outside and he can be even better he's got a higher ups. I think he just scratched the surface last season but there's a reason Franken amendment starring on them from the first day. You know as a true freshman so a ball that was encouraging I mean it it's not again just in MacKey scored 33 points or one of these games last year. So as not an indication of your future success but but you're out there you can hit four file from behind the arc that that shooting shooting and a I think that's popped. Yeah they need to so mom too good to hear that news on Derek run news from the MBA and he's going to have bought another meeting with the bucks Milwaukee Bucks meeting to be scheduled as early as this weekend. Probably will be held in Los Angeles the two sides have met once during free agency. They're trying to up pair rose. The 2011. MVP. With the nucleus. Of Chris Middleton rookie of the year Malcolm broadened and and of course Chiapas. The guy with the funny name who's won the best players in the NBA now. And that would be big for the box goes with the best the Bucs plan for getting into the mix with the zone. In a team's kind of bulking up to take on the Golden State Warriors. Playing in the triangle offense in his lone season with a mixed Derrick Rose averaged eighteen points three point eight rebounds shot 47% from the field. Compensation is seen to be the obstacle on an agreement to relocate to. Milwaukee they're already one point six million dollars over the luxury tax they have seven point six million of the full mid level exception available. They can only use four point four million of that to sign a free agent. That would trigger the MBAs hard camp if they went over that and restrict them from exceeding salaries and 125 point two million dollars. Who would they trade possibly John Henson. Would be a prime trade candidate for Milwaukee. There is mutual interest or motivation from both sides finding the 611 center in new home Henson is a shot blocking specialist. And he has three years and 32 million dollars remaining on his contract so. Maybe the biggest freeagent remaining on the board Derrick Rose 28 years old. Could be moving that discussion is continuing. In the NBA so we're not out of the NBA news. Just yet net. Not yet. But it is. Probably winding down just a little bit and then we got the got confirmation that Scott Perry formerly with the kings will be the GM of the knicks. Inside a five year deal. Courtney ESP and he was vice president basketball operation where the vaccines. He will report to Steve Mills the knicks are planning to sign mills to a new multiyear deal as president. Promoting him from GM. So while with Phil Jackson Alps they have seemed to put a plan in place for the knicks front office that news coming up. I dumb described or break we'll wrap up our number two of the huddle we come back still to come we're gonna hear from Christian McCaffery with the Panthers. Gonna hear from Christian that will consider two question. Coming up Wilkens with the yet Clemson tigers of course and he's at ACC media days as well that's ahead in the huddle on ESP announced they will be right back. So enter stinging remarks today by march Avis Bryant. To yell and I school Clemson tiger now it's virtually of course he missed last year on suspension. He yacht the Steelers you know report training camp and a couple of weeks in March Davis says he thinks like they need to he and Ben Roethlisberger need to sit down from random and talk. He said because of some things he put out there about me I didn't agree with how he did it. I wanna sit down with him and here she is all opinion man to man about why he did that. Of course Bryant. Missed four games and 25 Dane in the in the entire season last year for violation of the substance abuse policy. And when he got suspended last year Big Ben was pretty critical. It told a Pittsburgh newspaper that Bryant had lied to him and that the team felt let down by the receiver. I mean I would not have said a word about it. Your heart Davis burn your suspended four games in the entire season. You have a chance to be one of the better receivers in football be thankful you got chance after screwing up. Don't apologize to your teammate and get back and play football. I'm sick to hear about mark let Mark Davis weren't what even as good clubs I mean which tells me accountability and clubs and begin. You know nobody is gonna Pittsburgh Betty guy goes the pros and easy he's really just says they got a track record of a guy mailer and it as that it. There's a doubters that the quarterback he's playing with the Pittsburgh maybe should be thankful for that quarterback and why publicize this and thinks he'll say don't have to put it out into public. Yeah you're saying if you have talked to rough was vertical talked on the tell everybody you're going to have yeah just go talk to yourself man to man whatever may be thankful you have a spa. I mean you eat eat eat. Your your constant disappointment if you want him to be more contrite basically as I want him to go play football like he's capable player and shut up. And no screw up again because he's gifted. He's got tons of talent. You know people around here. People around here in our area. You know love more tape this bar you know he's from. Originally from I think Calhoun falls in the played Hanna. And I mean. He's a product of our area played Clemson you know everybody kind of wants him to succeed. And he's got a lot of god given ability. But you can't go and get suspended for I guess is total of twenty games to sixteen and for him and for not again not image in the playoffs. And and not expect. Your quarterback was leader of your team to say hey we're disappointed in it and Mark Davis Brian line because assuming that you know. There was a mystery it just go play ball and go play ball that this does not help your optics. And I don't know if this is Mark Davis are someone that advising him to do it or whatever. But but man I mean quit quit trying to squander opportunity. And it is you go look for you look foolish illnesses and. He's just now bringing it up because of what he says is when he was going through all of this he wasn't worried about man's opinion those are so much going on. But now he has he says he's my brother at the same time I have my own family outside of football I have my own problems. I'm not just going to come up to you and opened up to you about what's going on in my personal life that's not how I am. We didn't see eye to eye on that but as far as right now everything's great sounds like you say in bill mourn him more information about what happened and he just. Didn't provide a lot. Yeah earth or told him somewhat mentally that it as far as brothers' first comments about Bryant earning back the team's trust. Regardless of of what was discussed prior year. Because. You did that's that's just true you got suspended you were gone. Let's all excellent they're supposed to yeah you do after regain trust were there ever something like that happen. And we have them in and regain the trust me and just do it don't put her in the media. Yeah do you want to make then attitude because maybe he's not also the ball your way anymore I'm not saying he's now way but you know. I just I don't make thank god that. Now I don't disagree with him that he needs to sit Dow managed and and does need to talk about it. Before he doesn't then don't go to the media and it just goes and go play ball me and you can. You've been make a big difference this year and earn a lot of money and not have to worry about anything for the rest your life can do it. He's been stake claim yeah he's been conditionally reinstated he says he's mentally for more than a year. And he expects no more hiccups. Or what else is he going to say but don't let's hope he does stay clean in twin seventeen says he's training harder than he ever did before. And dumb he'll be ready but he feels like to have some unfinished business Hamm and Roethlisberger and and now has not off to a good start and yet you don't like and it was an interview with the SP Embry. Made the comments. I think 8444773776. Text line 71307. Back on the other side here in the hollow would hear from Christian Wilkins the outstanding lineman for the Clemson Tigers from the ACC football kick off in Charlotte coming up. And Christa McCaffery the rookie coming into the Carolina Panthers this year and big expectations for him pointers and comments from him. Coming up as well take your phone calls your texture tweets as well. In the final hour for this week in the huddle on the ESP in upstate with Greg McKinney JC sure Bert and Alonso. Keep it right here our three of huddle after the top of the hour ESPN sports center update will be back.