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End of the wake it's Friday in the huddle on ESP announced they welcome him on the fourteenth day of July dead in the middle of summer here it feels like it out there Greg McKinney JC server. And Alonso blowing how would you until 4 o'clock this afternoon talk about a football again today. SEC media days wrapped up yesterday but the ACC still going on in Charlotte. That's coastal division up bomb there today. And yesterday we heard from the Atlantic Division more here from dabble in Jim bow and Lamar Jackson from will rule on Christian Wilkins from Clemson all ahead. On the show today also how the projections. For the SEC the media vote on how the east and the west will stack up this year and down all conference pre season stuff and we'll talk about that coming up on the show. And a little bit from the Panthers and Christian McCaffery. On the show today a lot of talk lies on the guy this year for the Carolina Panthers rookie NFL season approaching. We'll get hot takes a sausage from JC had about two each wanting this afternoon as well. And we'll take your texts your tweets. And your phone call 8444773776. As the number. The tax line 71307. Driven by Carolina coach is RB superstore and we're on Twitter ready ESPN upstate. So with the ACC gathering in Charlotte's. Davos weaning speaking to the media. Yesterday hand. Basically. Ali a message to boil down to one thing is got to put last year behind us here's some what have a said. Last year's touchdowns are going this year masters that are going this year he got screwed all over again. In depth chart we promote and promote. Constantly. There's no entitlement you got to prove it and earn it every single day trusting we love to play you know Michael care about what happened last year. It's all about this year and then again I think that's the culture. Yeah and a dumb they may well come down soon that late game between Clemson. And Florida State. I solve that immortal things up scene with the ACC meeting so far Jason is that. So these guys feel like they show a big Clemson last year. Including. Virginia Tech and their coach just a point I thought he had it in the ACC championship game. I don't know that I agree with him on the mean did they ever have a game. Don't clicks on their noises within touched down there's kept it close they certainly had momentum and that ball game and and play a ball they played very very well bullet. You know bud Foster had much success stopping clumps in the last 145 times they've played him a pass. In. I never really got the feeling. I got a feeling that Virginia Tech was in it. But I never got the feeling that the Hokies were gonna pull out so I gotta disagree of Wednesday there but it. You know hey he he was on the side lines I was watching on TV so I'm in. I'll defer to him. Or how his team was feeling in the latter stages of all there's a great game close game 4235. Was the final. You know Virginia Tech and it is all the way a game plans for a while often you know so I think that. I think when you look at it that was one of the team's NC state certainly I think Florida State's probably kicking themselves a little bit but. When you win a national championship you're gonna have games like that mean you're gonna have games that you look back on demand. Yeah we survived it in the point the idea is that you do for a review though Clemson got 31 downs and a game of Virginia Tech got nineteen. Yeah I'm as I never felt like Virginia as Google owned me does that pretty good on defense but. I never felt like they were. Going to be able to stop Clemson industry wants a one matter I just you know I didn't really have a lot of faith and her ability to do that now of all office played very well and I think you know. They've made some plays and you know to me just. If it was that it wasn't as close to me is the school score him. Yeah and yardage lies only about a hundred yards difference in total offense in the game mom a you know I appreciate the sentiment. But I don't buy that either via an it would Virginia Tech kind of surprisingly good season and won the division again. I think things are heading in the right direction with that program. For Wednesday's first year you know he's a winner and Tom. He is being given his background TCU and Memphis. I think that that was the best job they made the best hire in that was the best job he can possibly taken because the planned there. Has always been go about your weight your book golf. Develop players bond players do what you can't and win ball games. And asked the Virginia Tech way that's the TCU way that was what he did at Memphis that's not I felt like if you're looking for fit with a higher. Of all the first year coaches last year but this you know you can make an argument for more grit because he's an alarm but I felt like the wind data Virginia Tech was. You know a match made them Def agree with that another guy who's assay and could've would've showed up. And ACC's football kickoff is beyond Marie France while the quarterback. Or Florida State. Said we should've won that game last year in the game they lost in Tallahassee 37 to 34. He said Dow. We need to work a little harder study a little more film. Especially close to started to sack and whoever flight data can you do man who really did he did he took a beating all year yet that night game especially once closing got back on top at the end. Then the defense of line just teed off. That they're gonna have to protect him better. This year for Florida State to have Connie year that they wanna have. One of the other things being talked about at the ACC meeting. Is the stability at the coaching position and they've got some new guys some images brought mark Mark Richt Miami last year Bronco Mendenhall. Of course and they know braver just in Wednesday but at the top. You've got some guys that have now built up some time and rank. In the ACC course Davos swing and of course. Jim both Fisher Florida State but also cut Clifford Duke's been their ten years and I. Than than seem like that does Paul Johnson's been a Georgia Tech for ten years. I'm Petrino if you add up this two visits. There has been a little for a year's total. And those are you know some of the guys at the top of the league and that's kind of why they're there without stability it's been now. That's minutes he I think for the ACC. I think so yes I mean and it culminates and in the successfully had top to bottom this year meaning you know that the quarterback play. There's so many good quarterbacks I mean you have the Heisman Trophy winner you have the top NFL pick in the draft are topic in the NFL draft a quarterback. And you have the best player college football. That won a national championship conditional Watson I mean you know what lead can claim that they had the that type of quarterback. Talent at the Thomas not even mentioned here in Evanston. The kid from Miami bred Thai yeah yep who were all really really good native Peter man who. One of the draft experts that was the most NFL already guy and the draft. I'm Justin Thomas at Georgia Tech certainly was good. You know even the kid dungy at Syracuse and in that system put up some numbers. And Ryan Finley at NC state he's back this year with the gamecocks Aussie and tiger Lucy later. Com wasn't very very solid quarter and that that lead. Pet it was like a quarterback bonanza last year and an end and you know when you're able to recruit and develop. Quarterbacks that takes time and that takes longevity I mean. You think Da'Sean wants and goes to clubs and if they're changing coaches and and coordinators every couple and they did have that. Stability would Davos winning in Iowa get to Robiskie York North Carolina army he kind of committed early in for the wars tenure but you know new coach system stable. You know Florida State is excellent at getting quarterbacks America's Fisher's what produced 31 round graphics and a QB and Heisman winner so. Yeah that that that you know longevity instability. Positively impact your recruiting. And yeah that's wasserman these Deans of of the coaches there that that you know Clemson is going to be good every year levels and we get every year for states to begin every year. You know Miami and the new coaches. You know I think you've done a good job and I think Patton are doozy while he may eventually get a job maybe Michigan State and if there Antonio retires. They he's actually gonna stay of that program unlike Todd Graham unlike Paul Crist unlike come and they have like five coaches and in in six years. Com and he's gonna build something so it's it's you know the longevity really positively impacts league now do you think they're gonna. Gotta rebuild both quarterbacks this year it's not as deep I don't think it's going to be as good of a league top to bottom as the SEC this season. But I still think it's a very good league and if you look at the NFL draft numbers. Next of the SEC the ACC's always second as far as producing is because they have the recruiting footprint down in the south. Where the good football talent and so you know it makes cents and it makes sense that the key for this league moved forward to me Greg. Is for these programs that have a chicks you're North Carolina your mind major Virginia Tech your pits Georgia Tech's even Virginia. You know NC state they you know they need to remain consistent. There it if there's a problem with the ACC's the inconsistency. Outside of Clemson and after issue for the last 78 year prime. I mean and and so just stay consistent and you do that with coaching stability. If you had to identify couple coaches the might be close to a hot seat in the conference. Probably Doran and NC state. And maybe I'll hunt Ozzie oh Boston College dance those with a 20 is gonna say I mean you have data cut to a point four rate last year he's not going anywhere and on you know Paul Johnson. Maybe but if you pull the trigger in your Georgia Tech you're looking at a five year rebuilding Moffett. And really with your whole roster because they don't have talent the scheme based deal. In outside of that no I mean there's you know of Syracuse certainly have to be have it would be an Arab neighbors I think they've losses on some nice things at NC state like four. Army and sort Wake Forest pet them but I you know NC state their expectations are higher. Then 67 wins a year and it should be it's ago football school they have great fans support it in a place in North Carolina where you can occurred. You know and they have talent on the team this year and so I think their expectations are a bit higher. Then maybe the 67 and he's been doing and I I don't see it happen and meaner you know the big red flag with him to me. Is the Mac candidate situation talk about yesterday norm in of their their offense has remained. Inconsistent stagnant. A kind of water you do and deal. And and you know they change coordinators to the common thread there is Norton you know whose offensive guy and I just don't think you can run the northern Illinois offense. At NC state and be successful. And then not down the road sometime. Whenever Nick Saban decides to give it up and Alabama. Two top coaches in the ACC will probably be. At the top of that list and dabble in Jim all right I mean those two guys are are going to be mentioned for that ban a vacancy whenever it happens I'll get a demo Jim moved. Jeremy for a who's the current defense of coordinator. Counting those three guys are you sir Jim Fisher courses the idea Alabama native. You know hit his situation and if I issue. Is is really good I think you have issues a good job I think is easier to win at Florida State and Alabama. But as I've said many times taking note following legend is whore. Following Nick Saban. Even though he is a legend is not harness last month Christian LSU juniors won a national championship based on the momentum. That saving created in the roster. This Saban recruited them I mean when you take over program for Nick Saban it's like buying a classic car that's in pristine condition. Whereas when you take over program for Steve Berger thank as we've seen fit its Cadillac bilaterally shiny Corvette and these were on the wheels off of tires a ball. The engines got big problems. In he just walks. Is gets out the car and there is the key thing he'd tap for somebody asked Tara and Jay's goal and two years. Kamal a jumper in. Our food and now well I mean especially if you're a guy with thumb. The reputation venom Fisher are swinging now have going into them you know we're we're Europe to the job I don't think there'll be much question that these guys are. Up to the task. And and have proven it. He came in in this area and tell them about about that 8444773776. College kid and Jimmy on the phone before the break here hi Jimmy wonderment on. Baghdad yeah aren't they doing. That spirit here at this Alabama and all these. They all these irony to it very. Or put that in while the night that the championship. So like. Yeah but cannot bar any doubt about it look at all these international help Atlanta at one. No I'm or what is it it does don't think they can have a I'll be. All right Christian college in Florida State as a non conference games so yeah you can you can you can that potential if if they dropped the opener. You know it's hard it's hard to find three losses on their schedule. Just they don't go to LSU LSU comes to Tuscaloosa this year indigo at all for. They didn't are all part of Florida State the first one on the last one of the two outlook. On if you're gonna hang a lawful government. Here's the thing I mean Alabama lost a lot of good players on defense last year to the draft. But they replace them with a veteran upperclassmen. You know guys like Christian Millar additional hand where fossil her recruits and their backups. On so it's not like their they've got a question marks this is do they get new guys. Are talented but the new guys. But when you do that regardless of how good you think they are you don't know how they're gonna respond as starters when their plan. You know fifty snaps a game as opposed. Our own special teams. So there's a question I mean you know if if Florida State has success moving the ball against. Alabama's defense and that defense and as good you know certainly. Mammoth offense at times of the new offensive coordinator this year specially. Has proven that. Some teams if they scheme in the right way can can slow and a style points. I don't know that I'd say it's a good chance. Because I think Alabama after that loss last year. It's been the off season high motivation. And learning from failure don't waste the failure. If you're Nick Saban and most of the time when that happens they come out laser focused and good dude dude dude good. But it. You know there isn't any time your doom of new players. You simply just don't know how they're gonna react Teague in the heat of battle that now you know little more because these guys are freshmen or redshirt or whatever. But Tom there's always that question. Any concern. Look at their road games at Texas a and M at Mississippi State any potential and now I mean NM Sumter Alabama logo were to start billionaires only. Sixty miles or so endemic country rotary. Lou cell phone service for about fifteen minutes from Tuscaloosa really close to start bill sometimes they go over there and they do struggle they usually win. Mississippi State does have good schemes on both sides of the ball that can be problematic in photographers now that the coordinator there payments. And you know he's hit or miss but down. I think anytime you play that the grant them defense one of two things can happen either gonna line in my upper they're going to be able to stop you. And you never can tales like Georgia to watch in Georgia Tech. And then you know all of them owns office nick Fitzgerald's. You know he took a pounding over in Tuscaloosa last year. But he's one of the better quarterbacks in in the SEC and is a perfect fit for that system and they have speed and athletes and meg games at home. But I don't I don't I don't see him lose and they and AM they always get up for them when I think. It over the motivation offender that loss in 2012 homes still sticks in their crawl little bit and so you know we'll see what happens but I mean you of those two I would think Mississippi State. Would be the one that you kind of thing and made me. Yeah agree that not you know a mile so get home mommy you know Tennessee home. They go to Arkansas home to go to Vanderbilt list AMC's 40000 elect said they'll be 101000 Vanderbilt fans there. I'm army national huge Alabama. Fan base in that area. Yeah as I mean they have a very favorable schedule I mean it really gray could come down to Barnes noble this year and I mean I know it there's several years it has. But it cut come down and our bowl always probably going to be pretty good. You know if you come out of that game. Yeah that is a big one so the first one in the last one of them. To most dangerous ones at least on paper for the Crimson Tide this year and 8444773776. Text line 71307. Out of the media vote these Southeastern Conference. Finished this year South Carolina on some might say. Got a little bit of a surprising. Vote today will lay that out for you coming up. So stay with us Greg McKinney JC Schulberg Alonso Friday edition of the huddle on ESP in upstate. So we have the media vote out on the order of finish projected order of finish in the SEC east and west. Released this morning. And dom. In the east Georgia picked to win the Georgia Bulldogs. Picked first. Over the Florida Gators I you know we debated whether the media would go way Jews Florida again. Because of their past success but I think this is the right pictures. Yeah I did to him you know you look at it you know Flores gonna have to win games differently this year. After losing eight starters and their defense reporter on defense they've been a defense of team defense is scared them. Think about that LSU game they gave him he's basically was sixteen at hand. They stopped. LSU on the goal line I mean you know that's how they've been winning games. Vote for the first two years in America went well now you look at their depth chart you know if they can solve quarterback coming you know things will only desires him. The automatic answer here you know you've got a floor ask. Type of receiver corps Antonio Callaway he's got some issues but he can come Brandon Powell's very quick Tariq Cleveland could be an all SEC guy. Clashes for an otherwise get the I was about to get to him very messy was I gather they really love last year animal in the mall and legend. They got him did you kill in the detours they feel right away and so he sent out so now he's back. In you look at their offensive line. You know that there's there's weapons there haven't the hasn't been. The weapons this year on offense and and they've done that almost quietly good job of recruiting I mean nobody here on the SEC's even heard a dream. Do you go kid they got in Connolly you know we know of around here but we also know he's a heck of football. And if you're South Carolina and you're keeping score about the guy as the old staff. Didn't want to it was after actors Spurrier left. You know they're still trying to recruit during during mass she's ready to commit. And spurred juniors is non. Little. Now the new staff got there an immediate Bobby Bailey immediately calls dramatic at them and about it is committed to florists. You know there's a gathered to come out the bottom the do you look at the defense that grade. You know CC Jefferson's a big town gap can have a great year. I love David Rees their mark linebacker. Nick Washington Marcel Harris or two guys that are redshirt juniors that are good safety. Dawson in Gardiner at corner should be solid but they're not. Taper and Quincy Wilson. Com. And and this defense personnel lies you know in that losing their coordinator is not the same as it walks. Now. Can it be good and going to be good enough for them to win it for office scoreboards absolutely. I'm I don't think they're gonna go and and and be the 2014 South Carolina Gamecocks in the camps but. I think that. Yeah when you're talking about that defense the last few years there's been a lot of NFL got. That are now in the NFL. And so who's gonna step up and like image of that Alabama. You know you if you have new players it's always a question mark until things. So while Florida second behind Georgia and Tennessee third no surprise there but. Many I think thought that Kentucky would be picked ahead of the game Cox and you're guided just and they were not be reduced South Carolina for Kentucky five most health care. On a kind of got a buzz down there with film. In other talking about the offensive personality. And Jay Bentley. Dawn and all that he not I don't know if I mean it may be over hype a little bit. In my opinion. You know just based on a few games last year is there is work to be done. But I'd I understand taken four out of picked fourth ultimately sphere but you know around South Carolina website for live. You know so I'm not gonna pick Kentucky over them and and I think Carolina will be Kentucky's. In ways for a anyways right standing there. There's a quote going around from Bentley today apparently an interview and ESPN where he said. We can't be stopped well I listen there was Peter burns and then and this is one of those things where. The editor of the put the video from the site and pulled that quote included in there than it does sound provocative. Body in the context it was like you know we go and every game you know we can't be stopped. And he was talking about the months. And NBA that mindset to be successful off. I like it look I'm numb my complain about but you know I'm seeing some clubs advancing while 56 to seven new stuff I mean look at an until. Something changes and they meet on the field again clubs and fans need to say and I mean it's. You know and pose a vans also were armed with that the quote that definitely made about how they're not meant that much better right whenever I. And and as I've said many topped the list. You won't respect for South Carolina fans if you're Clemson fan. Even if you win the national championship it's actually your Clemson the same way of south Carol little respect from Clemson fans. It's not gonna happen yourself Carolinas for rivalries are you think. Auburn fans have had this deep respected. Give bam opinion of some of them do but the hardcore guys don't and those easily of people that are tweeting away every. Yeah I mean Billy's not going to be shy about the heat he's not a lack confidence is just not and purity CNN election. Yeah I mean look you she gets a lot better than. You know the alternative no doubt. Vanderbilt six then Missouri last in the projection in the east in the SEC west of course Alabama one Auburn to LA issue three. Arkansas for Texas say in in five and in the Mississippi schools Mississippi State and Ole miss any problems in the out of probably known Mississippi State. For Arkansas fifth A in them snakes and moments. And investors. That's just me and in my opinion and I'm you know when I'm doing that I'm Tate and count Malayan im thinking. I Arkansas is woefully inconsistent he would talk about their their schedule being ridiculous. So. You know there are they going to be a Verizon finished fourth I don't mean LSU behind Auburn I see them but LSU could easily finish. Above all I mean it it's not. You know it's not out of the question that happens they'll issues that are very good. So we'll see how that plays now but. It out yet this is really the first year Guerrero were of looked at the predictions. And really have I don't know that I would have done anything different. You know there's nothing glaring and you know that the bottom half of the Weston probably reshuffle but does the east to me is I mean I would definitely pick Missouri last. I think they're about to go into the business. As a program. So how could that's kid and I think van the is going to be okay yeah I just you know are they gonna beat. Ole miss and Tennessee and Georgia next year and I am. Are we have pre season all SEC teams to talk about three teams deep offense and defense we'll tell you about possibly gamecocks at mention and that woman that would come back 844 GS PE SPN here. In the huddle on ESPN upstate for Friday afternoon back in a moment. The Friday huddle under way ESPN upstate GMAC Jaycee and Alonzo and the all SEC first second and third teams out. This morning. Bomb would get a couple highlights from this JC quarterbacks. Jalen hurts bursting. From Alabama. It is dumb. Mick FitzGerald from Mississippi State's second team and Austin Alan from Arkansas. Third team no surprise there against. Those are the three guys that it probably expect. Yeah you you've got I mean look I'm glad to see Austin round third team you know I think he's probably the most. They called Jay Bentley the most under rated quarterback in the has Ziad I think Austin Alan probably is because began agree year last year was. In that wasn't very highly. Recognize their right wants to still talk about Arkansas on the tube Akron. And I guess that's what you do when you flavor Brad Lima that this and they had a really good passing game last year or Alabama game was. In Fayetteville Obama beat them handedly but it was forty pound thirty for thirty points up against. The tides defense and and a lot of who was passing side I think he's really good. His brother Brandon Allen also played quarterback in Arkansas. And apple as a recruit Brandon was pretty good gonna fall Alston had the better more reliable arms so. Armed Judah is from them put them on there and and all. Now you're running back coach first team running backs Darius guys and it Chubb LSU and Georgia. Those two worst but look the second team running actually got. Those Scarborough going Cameron pat Glazier second team running I'm just pretty good gets a lot of depth of the comforts I mean in like ticket and of those four it could end up where. Two of the near it it's not necessarily in that order you know his pet guy ace. To me is the best returning running back in the end government the best offensive player returning in the SEC and and then there the other three you know and I love nick job in and if nature of healthy he may be better than theirs. In over the pet oasis to and then the you know both Scarborough certainly have a lot of good moments last year thinking he's put together full season but down. You know certainly. Is a guy that you gotta keep an. And in your third team are running backs only Michelle from Georgia and Ralph Webb. Out of Vanderbilt yes colonel Ralph Webb a boon pretty good player now. I here's a wide receivers first team Calvin Ridley from Alabama Christian Kirk from Texas say in him. A second team line outs Antonio Callaway from Florida you just talked about Hamed imam more from Missouri and the good receiver. And the Dave Samuel makes third team. All SEC pre season receiver along with 21 Jennings from Tennessee. As interesting you know when we put on our 24 sevenths sports all SEC team we just put on a first team. And Ole miss fans were tweet now as well. You know and I had nothing to do that and tweeted out in the old mr. sabres this this list as a joke. Well the collective media and for the same enormous receivers in the I think one good enough I'm there man that's. And that's generous in Jennings is good up as you know. Third team all. Come out. And tidy and what do you think about this rising not as first team and then south Carolina's. Take Hurst a second to merger agreement first is awesome last year. All of them both vendor who of great players in. You know whoever has the best season put it up there you know I I mean. Your eyes acknowledge has been a college were the sounds crazy to say he's he's from Buford Georgia in the went down I NG in the Cayman PGA was committed for state for a long time. When he was us freshmen in high school and Buford. God damning Gwyneth hall county area of of of northeast Georgia some land. He was almost college ready to answer and it's just crazy to say the that the Garza's isn't ready made studying Georgia's got a great tradition tide and the he's the next great one but you know Hayden Hearst I think. You know as the year went all he improved his blocking com he's worked exceptionally hard this offseason he's in eight he would throw a baseball and and he's looking to go pro and football after this year I don't think you'll be there at South Carolina next year isn't. You know even repeat what he did last season in good hands tough guy. But I I don't have a problem and ought to be and head of Hearst for right now. The only other game got to make any of these teams is a Scott Moore the linebacker he made second team. Defense linebacker. And done a special teams players for the gamecocks were there and replace their specialty. Salaam that's it I don't know of anybody you would make a huge argument for being left off a list you for South Carolina. Maybe is that Bailey but as bad as bad as the collective offensive line laws last year in acute Anemia. I'll certainly can't make an argument running back. You know even though doubt a little waves I think will be good this year did you know that kind of production in these pre season list of mean. Pity thing well so now I don't. I don't I think there are guys that could be all SEC. By the end. Jay Bentley included an apology came in for some quarterbacks we don't know I mean maybe not you know that there's some people that don't have memory Mary how. You know I don't think all lot of them there are some people that think he's. The second coming I. I think I'm somewhere in the middle of things that you know football's about progression I think you'll be much better this year and take a big jump. He's worked exceptionally hard and will be better. You know will be at the all SEC quarterback problem. I 8444773776. If you wanna comment we'd love to hear from you here and get us on the text line 71307. And Twitter at ESPN upstate final break we'll wrap up our number one in the huddle in a moment. Stay with a sunny SP in upstate. Because read about this a solar eclipse it's. To be happening next month and now on heist of a friend a man that used to live up here. Lives in Florida now she kind of kept me up to date on the eclipses and stuff this big with and don't don't go to relieve followed him. August when he first. It's his when it's gonna happen and there is basically. Where you'll see a basks here's a line from the northwestern part of the country down into the southeast and we're right smack in the middle that line green Ellis that would you have to look at it was special glasses and or something like that and you know. If this guy doesn't go darken the middle of the day. I mean isn't gonna do that is that was gonna happen for a couple minutes and really get dark on him. Here. I'm looking at astronomy dot com an analyst when he great cities secede. The solar eclipse agreements on the list. Colombia's two. Runs down so what time when this happened it won't be on the air is going on yeah others plan for that. I'll only reveal it but we can be outdoors. We you guys can be obese than those solar eclipse yes. Why don't we do now. We you can stay in their run the board of globe do seriously and. I don't only sound and the teams shoot I'd be firing all flight commercials that warn there. Why wouldn't we I don't live my Freddie Ehrlich governor blunt is that it that and it's you know 99 degrees and and it is literally is hot I'm perfectly comfortable I literally got up this morning and walked outside of like mind god it's. News. Here's what astronomy dot com says about ringel. Although the city of more than 62000 residents lies within the path from the moon shadow if you had 28 miles southwest. To anywhere near the intersection of state route 81 and I 85. You'll gain nearly a half minutes of totality. The nicest hotel only are they talking darkness of so this like go to pals are so acid down may have torn in half and let's go to pals are you guys go pills or Austin here. And I says this thing starts here at 109. PM and and some of it. Part of it continues through 4 o'clock to space and Iran when we're on the year. So well you guys are now live watching news what do you see it or not you and say they've that you're seeing it does on the honest man we don't do an entire three hour show for like 22 some. Yes sorry yes this is a big deal. The duration of totality in Greenville according to this astronomy dot com article is two minutes and 37 so I gotta say is in dirty this guy in this room in and I happily proclaimed that. I wanna I wanna be out there wanna see I do I want this school I don't know that we've had one like this. You remember the last solar eclipse in a big deal. Recently I don't want more time. This doesn't happen every day man are there any predictions of the apocalypse during this hit not just curious. I don't see anything from astronomy dot com about apocalypse. What I only dues like go down. Near my girlfriend's house. Homeless shelter. We're gonna stand outside in you know they don't know scale and a comment and I'm not here so many years at a set up our Lara had listened to them they apply oh my god tells it all well. And you're going to full panic mode like everything is good he's a starter Ryan with the know what you should do is like three minutes of war's gonna happen or there and start preaching. It yes dress up like a preacher and his near Milan had seen those photos of him dressed like a priest for movies so how was I was zones who Heupel and often. Mean not true memories never ever come on now hopefully again. Really was a dead man. No it's good assisted the folks that bitter kind of what they're slow cafe and I would get that kind of produced in Iowa will in no. Whether will be outside or non JC. But he clips policies can assume he'd even delay I mean no because I'll let you know I I will give someone coming and works like income due mostly units a month away. Like five weeks or so. On a Monday. You know if I remember right these next days when Diana have to have a procedure so. Didn't hear appropriate if you asked yes it is a very appropriate Monday the 21 that's after. High school football's already started and everything. August when he can be you're gonna hear a ton about this JC if you don't like this story I'm sorry I'll until like that he's not excited now I don't either I'm excited about irritating the trick second hold of people that. Have no access to media. Because it's going to be fun. It could be a YouTube viral video. Do you do on them now I'm probably gonna go out there review once the Atlanta and he can be on the air. Just call. Because yeah because if you. Cause looting happening probably would want a copy of this broadcast friends and now we would after broad. Satan while going near market Justin can. More from the ACC were to hear from Jim both Fisher Florida State coming up Lamar Jackson the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback from. Laudable what does he do for an on core this year also hot takes and sausage coming up. And a reminder that Monday. Starting at this time this is one of the times were back into free money here on ESP in upstate in the free cash stash of four times today. Including. At this hour right before 2 o'clock you'll get a key word you can texted and 1000 bucks that's starts back up on Monday. Here on ESP United States and keep that in mind. It's the huddle on ESPN upstate rolling off without our number two in a moment stay with us.