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As the final hour of the hoddle on ESPN of state for Thursday afternoon Greg McKinney JC sure Bert and Alonso. Join the conversation by calling us at 8444773776. Carolina coaches RB superstore text line open do you. At 71307. News skewered ESPN's Twitter and ESPN up stakes media days wrapping up in numb. Hoover Alabama today for the SEC is the ACC gets underway in Charlotte. However must champ today speaking on the South Carolina Gamecocks prospects for the 2017. Season. And of course one of the big questions about South Carolina this year. Is going to be the defense. This defense. Should be. Better with the return of guys like Scott Moore. But there are still plenty of questions about that here's what must champ set about his defense today. We've got some some some some questions that need to be answered on a matter of fact I was stationed script in our first eleven practices last night. And now our eleventh practices can be a scrimmage and that's can be. Who is going to be playing and what can they handle and we need to do it early can we open our NC state and we go to Missouri. And they only welcome Kentucky you know what we lost two to three straight years. Starts up front in our league obviously. Taylor stalwarts get your Jones and Dante saw her three seniors and for us to play well defensively. We need these guys play well. So we put the pressure on these guys they've got to play well for us to take the next step we did have some guys who plays true freshman here Thomas Dennis warn them. And now Kolby Smith that I thought it's really nice things they need to take the next step you're one year two's got to be your largest. Movement as far as your improvement as a player. And that's got to happen for those guys it's really excited to get Scott Moore back brings an element of toughness leadership. Speed athleticism. Very instinctive that the position led South Carolina and tackles three at three years before I got there. That he's a playmaker I gather we're extremely excited about. Been through an awful lot this year as far as the adversity he's been through coaching change thought about coming out a couple times I think he made two very mature decisions to come back. But we're excited to see him play this fall price now weighs a guy we've got to continue to expose his skill set. Let him get in the past Rushmore I think that'll help us especially. Was some of the space teams that we played in TJ Bronson needs to take the next step again played him a lot as a true freshman for us last year. Think continue to improve as a player. And the secondary. Thought crystal monster god can do a lot of things force she could play corner. Nickel or safety and I think his skill sets pretty pretty vast number and like his leadership over the summer how he's continued to improve. And that DJ Smith played his best ball in the spring I'm really excited to see him play this year jamarcus king and Rashad and are two guys we feel like. I can play well for us at the corner positions Stephen Montag can move around. I guess the war on Doug jamarcus skiing in DC is these put some weight on right. And a little bit remain listed at 186 in this. Brain and I am. He count them. Hurt himself during the spring game broke his arm and one nanny three now. Need to get stronger more so the total weight. I think he. I'm coming as history pretty good he needs to be more consistent obviously. He played pretty darn well. Until lead Tennessee after the Tennessee game and I think that play against floor where. A mod full attitude may be the slowest receiver in the SEC. Rana a skinny post and left jamarcus king in the middle of the fields or score a touchdown. I think that shook his confidence and you never got it and of course here's part of that in bear seeing play against clumps of Mike Williams drug him. Into the end zone spun him around a couple. As there's a lot to offer him the kind of work in an and that play it was a function of him. Not having a good position with tackling not wanting to tackle that kind of thing and now that's was young worker gets stronger. More consistent and NB a better tackler. You know when your 6290. Pounds. And there's the other guy but other corner LaMont has won 510180. And he's tackling better in the news unity each program can check yourself there. And a lot of times though that happens in you can go from. First you're saying your gas coming comfortable so we'll see what happens spores linebacker Scott Moore is to chart a course he was the leading tackler for three straight seasons that was I don't really great defense as though it's a. No but all the Antonio third team. Even on top of that they didn't even play him polite. You know things got more into the season and I knew intervene leaving tell Edward their make a lot of plays. And really was the difference in that defense being better as they move forward. But I think it down. You know. Sky means that there's going to be the questions about the knack and all that stuff but yeah I thought it was general muschamp said today in what he says since the spurring that. You know the guy half. Ended up bound. Ended up to Scotland be in the same. Normally happen yup must Jeb said Dow on the first day contact and spring. He said we just put him in a one on one drill he went after it through his eyes and there was the phrase that much champions. And said it was awesome and we came out of that day said he asked him are you all right he said I'm ready to go so they're confident that up. Indeed Scott Moore is ready go but. It's a neck injury. You know you've got to be concerned about that they've cleared him medically and number we will lomb watch him NC FISA. Going to be a 100% gamecocks certainly need him to be wondered about the depth on this defense Youkilis and him go through those starters and does not man. Mean not you know that list of starters on the defense is not terrible well there any deaths. They're guys that haven't played and even Bryson Allen Williams we talk about Bryson Allen Williams and and we have because of his salary to recruit for three or four years and he made some really nice plays in the last year is one of the few people that even showed up on defense of their in the closing game. But really what he'd done meaning in Downey he's been kind of a solid guy and historic split than that that's it. I mean only count all star you have homeland defense discount him. And he sat out last year you know jamarcus king has made some wild plays that we just documented them. The defense of line it none of those guys done anything. You know Dennis want them played well to be true freshman playing in a power probably on the defense and that's it. You know so I. It's a matter of potential still but Greg I feel like we've been talking about. The gamecocks defensive depth chart. For a few years now and how well is not going to be that bad. Because it you know on paper doesn't look nearly as bad as the 2014 defense which had the lights of Sharaud go lightly and iris but. And in. The three seniors. Stallworth. Is just okay. He's a starter. Just okay Horry Jones was kind of project they got better last year and Donte' sorters done very. In any out want him as assaulting me in those your fourth story on the and I'm with you should improved more alone should make that defense better. But the key for them to make could go in very good improvement is going to be. Yes some of these gas play in a whole lot better. Than half and and you know hopefully get off seasons can reach their. Hopefully so. We will see but the ducks are poised to Guam to certainly make some noise this year and here I mean I'm seeing the the consensus coming out who world map from most of the folks who report you find bombs play animal. We have players return you do that Latin last year cash and our moma show full time last year. But we were should. Mayor gallon. Who's going to be the quarterback who's going to be the running back goes David Williams without you there is an arc sound. Can leave us and you'll stay healthy and beyond that who's gonna play wide receiver about them we kind of knew Brian Edwards or at least big they put in. You know they office of lie and was going to be embarrassed considered the strength of the office. And that it is because there were the only returning. And and there's nobody goes to be okay ever the first part of the season played out that. The Vanderbilt and Vanderbilt game defense played well east Carolina game that were resilient movement they played well. You know the Kentucky game certainly wasn't because of the defense. McMahon had just. You know. It's a it's a night and day thing. In and like I said last. Years I didn't wanna swing to four in the dooming one of them so this year almost willing to foreign overly positive. Because you know ounce or own board with you as far as lot of close games and we'll get the job pre season poll tomorrow's aren't. Reasonably. In the east they're probably gonna take him fifth because I think in the end of the day that the the darling Kentucky thing. You know today's program more media there. We had to South Carolina writers. Write columns yesterday they're bored. About how Kentucky pass south Carolina's football program. Which I think bonk and it won three straight there and passed them. Could it and passed them. You know. So so you know their votes are here for Kentucky in that fourth place thing. I think it may be surprised me and they in the fourth. I could see him anywhere from third to sixth. Just gimme some version of club of Georgia Florida one team. Yeah with his tennis which is ridiculous slamming him for our almost take Tennessee. Floor this year while. Yeah. Academic. I think Vanderbilt only six of them as there will be seventy in Tokyo if and I just think those three will be the bottom three and I can tell you again nineteen storage. But I don't I religious don't see them going in Columbia. The home opener. Probably be a night game even if it's not South Carolina lost three straight games to them. You know two of them three of them I mean they're all they've all been in with some sort of come back. You know Kentucky doesn't Ian Johnson's goodies and great they lost bloom Williams from last year of their their home run gap it. I finished you know. South Carolina how they can be in such a thing. I think those will be the bottom three. If our taking out picked Georgia one Tennessee to Florida three self. That can tell you game time has not been set to be South Carolina you'd love to play that night when. I mean footed and I ninety years ago and Kentucky heroes and their image jumbled Connor Mitt was the quarter the first have a terrible. Mega Tony force and so I gonna have Caroline Kerio worth leads a valiant comeback. Get to Detroit for 22 that missed the two point conversion. And then late. When they're driving down 2422. Or. Europe pick that was inexcusable. And 2622. As the final so it. You know that and then Antonin Tony fourteen. Carolina had a better team. And just as they didn't three games that your Bluetooth. Now port shortly. Announce side. I I just don't see Kentucky beating San after. Justice is not gonna. I met him at a frat I guarantee Kentucky beats mr. guarantee barring catastrophic injury. That's going to be my Cammie first guarantee of the college football season at Kentucky will not be itself Carroll I'm with the bottle see that either. That. When W. As not to ruin the season right. And yeah I. And I look they've been building their program they've got nineteen starters back I think they're going to be a good football team but really how good. And early whoever up they're scheduled southern miss on the road as their opener. Should really be far. Ami and it is bad enough they played southern miss in the first game last year and lost. Now you're gonna go to Hattiesburg. And you're gonna go to. Hattiesburg as an SEC team and opened this season. They're going to be hanging from the rafters. Down there they're pretty good fan base so now. Anyway to let them they would is that on the net play eastern Kentucky and and I got a can always prize tonight is you know. It's a lot different. I gained counties right into a lot different. A game cut team. Did has Jay Bentley quarterback. As opposed to Connor minute slash prairie or or Brandon. Your pin it's a lot and those of the two teams Kentucky's beaten and better weapons now. I can tell he's got players I expected to be a very close game out of sync I think I think Will Muschamp South Carolina and L now. Is even if Carolina stars Owen to. Then all of a sudden they got to rally the troops in and that's a huge deal in them. And and these are illusions are. I don't like going after before Missouri knows that not mean. Let's tellem look at what your haven't had personal letter you know what happened at Georgia Georgia last year man advantage of everybody tells about how bad day could be some ones. And it's I think collegiate game he threw a touchdown pass. The winner. With fifteen seconds ago or fourth and pin down six the Missouri Missouri played their bottle now lot of teams to have George McGwire last year. But I had they're not gonna fear South Carolina they were talking smack the whole game last year running their mouth even lost 31 point one. It's out there. You know what it's a night game there's going to be enthusiasm. Match. I don't like it because awards Adams at 7 o'clock kick off or have been set that one. Him now only ESP in two right or usher is here are the SEC network. It's on TV. 7 o'clock on sending game of the year for the gamecocks and misery. What must champ today also talked about facilities itself Carol level but he seemed pretty happy when that is he right on the facilities second to none was basically his message today. That they have as good a facilities and you'll find in the country. But South Carolina and yet well say they would probably will once they get the room. Ops building go yet which is another year yet I mean that that kind of centralized is everything. In my room. So against Saddam. I carry is everything. Agenda done together you know as you know ought to try now. From the stadium the pretzels and gets everything together. Now the 650 Lincoln to forms of the athletes live and are very very nice and they have an academic senate does not mean there's so much leaning think about it Greg. Ten years ago South Carolina just didn't happen. There's no brick facade and plaza around the stadium there's no gigantic video board. You know there was. There's no academic senator. You know the horseshoe doesn't mean they're the administration. Was in the now the round house there for years I mean eight. It's cut its nine day and it and it's been. You know across the board and at the same time they build a brand new baseball stadium and added other stuff for the sport so. Yet they're getting there and they weren't that's one thing my McGee as the AB there was not very good at. Was facility. His philosophy was to make big splash charged with coaches and keep ticket prices low to keep everybody happy and there are a lot of game guys that they Miami he was a hero and he did bring Steve Spurrier Lou Holtz Anand and that was good for him but. You know when Eric Hyman got there he had that kind of. Yeah a lot of work to do and right hander still does but they. They're getting there I mean Clinton's golf is saying stuff with facilities right now in they've they've had a built into stuff lately to both schools in my opinion. You know having been the most other places as well to see with they've gotten South Carolina and Clemson both. And enclosed is ahead right now because of their crops building you know they don't take a backseat to anybody. A 444773776. Text line 71307. Here in the huddle break time back when mourn a moment on he has in upstate. Iraq and huddle on ESPN. Upstate with you Greg McKinney. JC chartered Alonso here a 444773776. He is our phone number and that text line is 71307. Twitter at ESPN upstate. How well Talbot Botswana with Clemson nine at ACC media days today coming up but let's go to the phones and doctor bill next in the ho hi bill what command. But hey I help and today and good man are you. Are pretty good I would just wonder not who are caught and high school to an area. Top ten high school football teams in the area. That's tough question bill. That's hard. But they support my enduring ten in the airman or how many are there and are seventeen. You know what's the area recount Anderson. Yes we are counting on listening area as fast. We would calorie count that state teams now that would be not in the area. If if the well to made her qualifying every here's the thing about high school football. We have seen these guys in and I have to say all right city would you want a new program teams coming into this year it is way anonymous on about it well we need to get. It was is named Kevin someone coming Kevin he's got to him supposedly has more jobs inherited a desk. So another though is quote and now his fifth if it did give that to us now here's a thing I've seen some I've seen some rankings. President SE varsity it already had a poll now I think this year those guys out of Columbia. And they had. Basically all. They had four of the five. Regions three teams. Region 358 teams in the top ten in the state and the one left als mauling springs now are they right. You know bullish brings bottom in the best of the reply letter also a lot of players that lost more this year so lobbed the thought is the bowling springs may have to regroup a little bit of but they have burns Spartanburg dormant in Gaffney. In the top ten. In five A football. This year. Now you know. Eminem proved to be ride at the end of the year. He go out tomorrow and Saturday. To the seven on seven over red beach springs and you look at the on. And burned rebels and see which you think about them I expect them to be better last year they were the odd man out in that region last year. When can truly judge since the first how many games don't really count I mean. Yet you judge. I mean look. Are you know it coach isn't as backing off because I know they wanna win but at some point they go thing you know was on the same affirmed. The game generally count. You know I'll seal yeah I know what you're saying that you could do that that you could Sam back below them. And still think most times I don't ever ever ever rank the best programs. Man who's who's who's the best high school football program owners would be Gaffney. Would it be Spartanburg high school and not current historically. Historically. Burn birds here right there man. How many years I wrote that they when their time and yet there has to end the idea how many titles all times Gaffney Dan. They're more again he's been good since its management. Femi Avago Gaffney wind burned to Spartanburg. As well Paula. Com. Let's start that debate is the TM Zach grew up another man because of Spartanburg Kelly yeah com. You know and and and Woodruff as a great history is small thing. You know bill money them. Each of these things are BHP's been historically better than Woodruff has store with. Don't know my man that's gloves in his cause that's close actor I mean you know. News who's the best programming Greenville camp when I that's a Dag gum that's a bag goes are Greer. Greer as lingo they were down last year yet living down for one but it it is it is the Hillcrest was good for a while they were not. Great last year historically whose best is agreeable to. Truly it'll be right up there in Nate wade Hampton Naimi said it is not rivers. Are says bring good ones. Now it's not TR it's number yeah I mean probably agree here. The thing career but even even the London. I mean. I think that story is yet to be written and I think the powerhouse in Greenville county. Has yet to Marbury look back somebody's gonna take that the book that bull Bob Lawrence. And then in twenty years room back. That was the start of the so and so done right and there's really no reason why Hillcrest in Malden. Shouldn't be among the better. And they've had flashes Matt but I haven't made it almost I elevate it to be god awful. Now a multi I was laughing stock and so as Joker so. I don't know my man they're better now. But I just a couple of years after winning the state titles oakcrest has struggled to get back at Hillcrest indeed Wednesday that they did did not call the game. Dutch fork you kolbe said the. Yes I did that to store I moved back here for thirteen years and I was like. Elected I was and there are you guys an alleged light last year's brackets or whatever him and I was like. Not here to things that I didn't number one hill crest of Simpson bill. At least we know Chris goes down some from this totally different story is not there anymore. Hillcrest one state Jamie humans. That's very interesting Johnson and then. I'll look it can solve it not only the Southside Christian have a football team that won the state championship and play. You know they've had a football team and now those. Yelling at Christ church do hearing and under the single life now inaudible Christ church has a very good program. You know I don't know man I mean you know but. You know when it comes to previewing. This season that says it's just how difficult this topic just dumb. You know they're just now practicing just now doing seven on sevens and numb to Alicia go out and watch these guys which. One human being cannot do. You're not gonna no don't sell arming USA couple games first I think it's pretty good early test for burns with Myrtle Beach. You know play and last year and kind of a wild game down in a rural region Doug shown here and. We were there. Yeah. And down. Myrtle based on such a big star members tried to come command is that was our ominous sign of things to come in my opinion there till the next wave that be agree or pretty yet right. They agree or 45 to seven. It was as low so low like the way we go you know admiral majors is the blip on the radar then things started happening and and there are a in the problems that were existed in the Merom Wii's game contain. That is correct. Turnovers special. Jackson wants to talk I guess my high school football Jackson welcome Jack. So. There are your dimensions up. You know we just ordered mr. Sorrell Jewish court oral school sequential talk about the temperature Eagles. In a chair listening. Our rivers noticed former Kennedy chairs which hasn't had a really good baseball program but when Alice when I was coming. Chesney for the full ball more animus to schools and sent them up with Woodruff and if I'm not mistaken. That school blisters connected like yours to school district since former farmer seven school districts and there's two of them that have to provide schools and and I'm not mistaken Chesney and Boiling Springs here school mr. And up until about district to tinian district. Payment of until about ten years ago. Our five years ago I'm how long it's been. Chesney was a better football program bullies brings her head found beaten bullies franks was historically a laughing stock. They're not anymore no known historically they have coming is you have went to the title and they'd be dormant since farmers again please I'm coming. Earlier I mean as a transition year for Chesney Bill Owens as the new coach there he's been the athletic director. You know for like six years but now he's going to coach the football team so what's gonna happen with just I think I think he'll do a good job of that. All about a I don't forget Chapman. DiMarco much. All of Chapman. What do you are never. I never am I don't know what this year though probably pretty good and Iowa expects them. Chapman should have been better vehement in an area has a lot of is it should but that are coming up to them. You know Toby Cates was a player to have to play for Carol arms of them. Day if you go count out the back. The back of district five where burns as. Kind of towards them in the book back way John Dodd wrote thanks and over the road and build toward him and you know that that district borders. The district flopped. And so. We may have made out of played Chapman but we'd scrimmage him and in ninth grade basketball we played them. I'm home had a little rivalry. In June 9 grade ninth Corey burns basketball team urged him. Chesney opens up a broom by the white and then they go to west token they go to Woodruff. And then they play Chatman on a September 8 which is that northern Barbour county rivalry. So by then we'll get a we'll get a sense of where they that rivalry stands and be gentleman just like. People like we have a lot of support price who politely if this were Texas everybody came now time and we did the game of the week. Done that before we get is ghetto life are sort order Chesney Chapman and I'm. You have a great game here certainly done that before divorce where burns it used to be a great game currently. Did got a couple years ago it was a lot of fun we picked out the best game of the week in the area and now we are only able to go for a half but it was a lot of fun. Hope he humor because it just shows and an idiot yes it's yeah I didn't do they show from their but was able to talk about the show I mean does the not only the game but you know the concessions Masco and now my style and a lot of fun with that. That's cool to me knowing the answer. And that says I'm not going to be on the burns broadcast this year I made duke game of the week myself you're your yourself. It was gonna take a gaming. And there is probably gonna have to do with recruiting meant to them I'll go instead you give us report on months. Well a 44 GS PE SP in the some news on Michael or with a Panthers wanna pass along. And a bit on the at Clemson Tigers to talk about from ACC media days when we come back here in the huddle on ESP upstate. Under one more Peyton Manning germ. The answer is yes. Yes you can from the espy's last nine years patent. Serena Williams won the Australian Open while carrying a child. Impressive in two years ago when the Denver Broncos defense on the Super Bowl lock here. Killing me. Mom moments ago and tell you. I did find the job pre season top 105 A for a mobile pull I've seen so far cry school football can learn from this. From my SE varsity. Dot com and they have Dutch fork is number 1518. In the state followed by four Dorchester. Securing your. And then west side at three Spartanburg at four Gaffney at five. Northwestern has six dormant at seven hill crest today burns and nine. And why militant some familiar teams and they do above bawling springs on the outside looking in. For the top ten. In five A football. This year for what it's worth and 3:8 AM Chapman the defending state champion to us number one. In the state here's the promises news on Michael Moore. Panthers offensive tackle plans to report to training camp July 20 fifths according to a league source today. But his future with the team is still uncertain. Michael Oher was placed in the concussion protocol last September missed thirteen games. Never took the field during mini camp this year was scheduled to meet with the doctors Ron Rivera was very eager when he was asked about whether. Or would be a training camp in Spartanburg. Ron Rivera said we're going to go into training camp with the guys that we have. You can argue that cut back he now. Says will have ninety on the roster. Course Michael Moore was the starting left tackle during the Super Bowl run in 2015. And the first three games last year before that concussion. But they design mentally ill to a five year 55 and a half million dollar deal during the offseason to play left tackle the plan was to move Michael or to the right tackle job. Third year player Darryl Williams and rookie Taylor mode and competed at right tackle in the offseason. Michael Oher is 31 years old. Offseason for the most part he's been in Nashville. And that's where he was charged with a salting and Hoover driver. In April's got a court date July 21 like a week from now. He has a three year extension that he signed that takes him through 2019. He signed that last year in June of 26 think. So bomb they say sources say he'll report training camp but. What does that mean. Formica war's future. We do not know what the sport want to wait and see on the other injuries I don't know whether he's going to be with the Panthers long term here or not. Still a slate is it is mid July we don't have an answer that question. From a concussion that was suffered. September. Of last year's been kind of crazy. Davos waning. Talking today with the media. In Charlotte ACC media days he's basically talking like gum. You know is not reset here that this is championship program and they expect to compete. He says DR contain him ray ray McLeod are ready. To fill the shoes of Michael Williams and our taiba Scott. He says our offences flexible and versatile. Seven years in the system. And he says this will be his best offensive line ever clumps of debt. Although all those are true statement and think of your clubs and fan and you know you're talking about flexibility and versatility within offense. That's a good thing because you've got a a different. You know Gibbs some quarterbacks there were some different skills than what you've had some. And you guess are running backs who need to count some you that's that's good news. And nom. You know it the he did it intrigues me. It's gonna intrigue me to watch the can't gaming kind of see what exactly kind of what the bare bones are for this. So it's Rahm. Man and then that's good news if you're going to. He's confident I mean no did did he says our our offense is flexible and commercials. Well it is one of the had to be Ari you've basically had similar quarterbacks and Taj Boyd. To disarm once and local styles are low. My. You know Breyer is different than those two. He's more runner. He's taken us as a pastor. Less of a passer than ties but I was born Michelle wants a desolate. You can extremely positive when you're flexible and and personal I think he has no idea. That's what I think as he doesn't know starting quarterback is I they have to be flexible they have to be versatile because the reasons you said. Because all the skill sets because no one quarterback is standing now. He's play and on the quarterback issue yeah I think that's when I got on the planet down because they have so much everywhere else. But they don't know they have a quarterback Brian. They I mean they know. The differences between the strengths and weaknesses of the guys that are going to and there are they'll know they all got performances are gonna get yet. You are not a ton of confidence I don't think in that position now. Yeah a bit like area that I think what you do use again there's more than one way to skin and can Brian and you you know when he says flexible versatile. Yes he's you can't go out there and run the same figure ram additional once you know and quite frankly that they give this is going to be the first year we found out. What kind of play caller Tony Elliott and and what calico coordinators in just to us from army check check to meet Chad more us. Sometimes her clumps of what I call a game because he would get so aggressively frustrated her opponent already get really wanna run it and stick to the run. These two guys valve that pack it was a huge deference. With you know let's just give the ball a garment airless holes let's let's not go tempo all the time and I think that helped Clemson in some situations. But there's a difference between. Sending a play in traditional Watson. News coached by Chad Morris for whole year knows the system inside now. And let them cannery to defense and call and and then having to kind of coaching new quarterback. They haven't done that before. So I think that's was going to be interesting from their standpoint. And if clubs is offense spotters they'll take some heat. Just like any other assistant coach in the major programs have. That was also excited about tied in Milan Richards. Who is a going to be simple name for Jordan Leggett he's been blame on him for awhile insist on. He says all the potential in the world look like Vermont Amanda went Allen coming on high school. I find bright welcome back to wrap it up in the huddle in a moment ESP announced it. Rugged rebel concert series is time for show number seven Leonard Skinner and lives with Tuesday's gone the ultimate Skinner tribute band this is going to be Friday on July 21. That is number one a week from tomorrow night. At the relevance general stone avenue in Greeneville here all of scanner southern rock anthems you love from Tuesday's gone get your tickets right now. And rocket reveled dot com its newly renovated and remodeled the relevance in her own stone avenue. And the upstage premier classic rock concert series continues. Or scattered coming to town in September Machida on the way you can get in the Skinner mood right now with Tuesday's gone. General admission and VIP tickets are available at rocket rebel dot com. Witnessed the best of Skinner to irrelevance that are powered by Brian Smith law personal injury. Attorney so mark the day week from tomorrow Friday night July 21. For the Tuesday's gone Skinner tribute band. And relevant senator 304. At rocket revel dot com. So they're packing up in Hoover Alabama at Winfrey hotel. SEC media days coming to an end today. I'm still glad I didn't cover that thing since it started a week ago to try to tell you that stool. And I think I agree with you that hustle you know and I told him I tell you wanted more SEC pathology said that it wasn't too long toss is too long. Mean it was a fourteen game conference to ask is exit now. Now. Nash while there is on the Dario senator Allard which is interesting said the he's got an on good authority the next SEC media days will not be an land. War Hoover. Aleks. Omar god Dallas has been mentioned nobody would show them who mentioned out. This article from gridiron now also nationalist which is. As I miss Jeanette. From Nashville Dallas Atlanta up considered potential host Greg sank he told the advocate. Anson. Louisiana. Or an element the united elect. That the league is considering moving SEC media and cities like Nashville Dallas and Atlanta are potential why in the world would you have it and now now that's crazy. That doesn't mean nobody's gonna get can you imagine I mean nobody themselves I wouldn't send my guys out there. The cover these guys are saying that among the media and they discarded like an informal poll that does change of venue was welcomed idea that may be old tired of. It'd mean it is there's not much that I mean it's it's a nice place the Hoover it's it's committed to a mall later restaurants and shops moment of the hotel's nice. But it's it's just. I don't know that there's I think that we get more media that were willing to commit to the border a adventure if it were in a better place on Dallas. News. That's a hall I mean he's a little evidence of fonts and we but Atlanta's not as big of a hole forever about it. Now I would think Atlanta would would make a lot of sense and Nashville's just count on coming nationals only two hours north of Birmingham and it's kind of right in the middle to end it's got to Southwest Airlines. Where you can fly just about anywhere they fly direct to Nashville for cheap. And and that's aboard July we drama the media count for Texas to cover a India immunity and there's probably five daily flights from Houston and Dallas to Nashville correct. Inexpensively and you can get. They would need to make this decision pretty soon it was in the next year. And they love Nashville amendment that the basketball term and they're just about every year and that that's a fun city and they've got big hotels and the epic Gaylord conventions that are out there and there were opry land used to be the opry land hotel I'm. Big good op mob Otis for Nashville or Atlanta and. Dallas not Dallas love Dallas but not agree that that's that's a whole alcoholic forever about it. Our thanks for listening to the huddle today were back here to wrap up the week on a Friday at 1 o'clock. Sturgeon and price I assume already CC media days a lot of ACC football talk coming up next. Eighty CC towel. We'll be back here tomorrow for Alonso and JCR Greg McKinney thanks for listening to a huddle audience pin ups that.