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And I were down our final hour out here at the BMW charity pro am in no huddle on ESPN upstate again hoping to get. Couple of up. Big name guests here in the next hour Chandler cancer of the former tiger kicker now the jets. And former Atlanta Braves Chipper Jones there should be finishing up about now so they should be strolling off the course here or blade. In the next few minutes and that we can squeeze him in the forum. 4 o'clock we will certainly do that and hope that we can we got a great time here Jaycee was and it's. Really good guests and really good weather will warm today but still. No complaints compared to last year's mid fifties and drizzle whether this is more conducive to the golfers today in them it's been fun to watch now they can't get out here today. Just keep in mind at all three courses will have golf going on tomorrow Furman preserver for today and storms late tomorrow and then Sunday is just the qualifiers for the final round. And for blade is the only course in vaults of song is a great data coming up you'll see the finish of this thing but tomorrow. All three courses I think there's a better chance of rain on Sunday. Then tomorrow so if you wanna walk take less of a risk with a whether human wanna do it at one of those three courses. Tomorrow for the future but it was a great event. And always does so much for the community with the charities that they support so hats off again to the organizers the volunteers everybody the golf courses everybody that makes this happen. Every year for our community and Patagonia big concert downtown agreeable last night. I'm sure that was fun and exciting. And I even downtown you know just go around downtown grateful this weekend there's a good chance you seasonality celebrity's just kind of hanging out and walking around gas products that you. Guest celebrity stalking. On not just don't do not do not do anything I wouldn't area that's my advice Eric Alva roll off. And NASCAR driver. Is expected to miss eight to twelve weeks. He suffered a broken back at Kansas Speedway last Saturday chiefs in that wreck. He's going to have to wait for the compression fracture of his T five vertebrae to heal before he can get back into a race car. Now Roloson had. The incentive to make sure Iraq and run around in my front yard with my kids is enough for me to not rush back he's 33 years old so it was imagery TO before trust comeback. He says some young I'm gonna listen to the doctors have a lot of life ahead of me. Have a four year old and a three year old at home so I won't do anything to rush myself back in a race car. And risk not being able to feel anything from my belly button down for the rest Malan alias mark. That he's doing that. Richard Petty motorsports has put Reagan Smith in the number 43 car for the monster energy all star events this weekend at Charlotte motor speedway. The team has not determined who will replace summerall when the regular season resumes in Charlotte. Next week at the big race coming up next week in Charlotte. But that doesn't end pretty much ends any playoff hopes for album roll up this two month absence he's 23 in the cup standings. He 62 points outside the current cut off for the sixteen driver NASCAR playoffs of their seventeen races left in the regular season. And because he won't compete and ever regular season race as required by NASCAR rules he would need a waiver from NASCAR to stay eligible for the playoffs and even with a waiver. He would need to win a race. And finishes top thirty of the regular season standings to qualify for the playoffs. He said being out 812 weeks not having a chance at the playoffs stinks. To have this happen in sort of the rail all the momentum and progress we've made is tough tough to swallow for sure but he said. There's just nothing I can do about. That wreck. Happened involve dubbed Joel Gado and Danica Patrick last week something broke on the right front of Madonna's Clark causing it turned toward Danica. They crashed into the wall Motorola slid Lendl O'Donnell about two seconds later. He said his car hit oil or water and felt as if it was on rails. As he crashed at high speed the rear of his car went six feet into the air. So tough tough reckon he's fortunate that only his back got hurt because that was a violent violent impact. In that race last week so on tough situation rare. I'll hurled about them you know he's gonna play long game here and take this eight to twelve weeks off and then try to get back. After that point messes up 2007 team form but again these young guys and hopefully you'll be back at full speed for next season. Still waiting all war all what's gonna happen would this Mayweather McGregor fight. What's going to be the date for the fly is it actually is are going to be some kind of way. Stumbling block to overcome to make this happen you know who Bret oh Comodo of those loans on you know low -- weeks. A regular on ESP and make coverage now what experts on the sport and now. The interesting thing to say this week he thinks. This Mayweather McGregor fight shouldn't happen may not be the record setter hears what Bret locomotive had to say about it. I don't think it will pass. Mayweather Pacquiao of 2015. And obviously that was the flight that took five years to make it was a fight that would constantly being built up to and and the public. Loved it if that shattered every pay per view record that has ever been fact. I don't think. It will break that record but it. You know reliving that time when it if even the difference between two years ago and now with the social media fueled not be able to get away from this fight even if you're not a fight and you're not a sports and the flight will find you it'll be in your life so it it's probably been in your life already for last year you've been hearing about it if it's awfully getaway truck actually want to the promotion really. Starts kicking out for this fight if it does happen a lot of people who don't normally buy paper reviews or are sort of virus flights are. It would not shock me submitted who have seen the richest fight in an combat sports history but I ordered that aren't out of our I would still think they were packed. Jay's mind network through it and I. Go it's the most ridiculous thing or worker. That's. It's a circular or hear why he did it'll amenities not completely down he is able overall point was down. But what he says the medals more. This if it goes off its get appealed all the hardcore boxing out there those that are left. Boxing. Fans. You know appealed all the in the image if there army and grow. And didn't give appeal to people like me you don't care about either one that does this spectacle spectacle. So would you combine those elements plus over the top promotion social media keys are flat. I would be surprised that did this Avery paper view records because it's not just a boxing match or in the MA fight it see it's a leave me. They can touch a lot of different. A lot of different sections of the population. People get together once it's like it's the super there make it on the money. The L why would this not be bigger than Pacquiao Mayweather. Chip in on blogs that don't you think this would. Drawl more than Pacquiao Mayweather. I you. I'd definitely do because you're bringing in. To fan bases Suzy you're not discuss now the boxing fan base you're also bringing in the MMA fan base and JC brought up. About boxing losing fans and a lot of those fans a win over him in May. And so on I mean become McGregor. Is all over social media are ready so a lot of people are high for this in can. The sooner the better. Yeah a great they need to go would make it happen but I mean this is going to be they go Comodo made that point this is going to be hard to avoid. This can be such a big deal. I don't know how far down the road they might do it obviously still several months they'll wrote before this thing happened but though the build up of this. Would be unavoidable and it's one of those things sometimes you get a transcendent event that just crosses over sports and becomes you know pop culture. Event and this should do that should should this be a big pot yeah. And that's what I'm stated it combines elements abated it's. He's if there are people that don't even care about sports are gonna get this paper visas to us now. Did it because it knows what it is now I I think that guy may be trying to down play. Expectations. So he can it can look good for the the fight in the shattered records than they can do more things like this that that they're cool. Yeah. Probably were yes and would be one of those 99 dollar bets which is high and paper view them but though certainly could demand that. With this kind of fly in everything we hear is that Mayweather McGregor. Will happen but them there to try to button it up and when you get the egos involved and you have ball in this kind of thing. Don't be surprised if there are some roadblocks and some some issues a long way but there's so much money on the table. Greed. Over powers at the end I don't know they walk away from the money and you got to do pretty soon. Ford's you know you gotta do to get you gotta do it now on them sealed the death. Tied 8444773776. Is our phone number here that text line open to yield. At 71307. Here in the huddle live at the BMW charity pro am. Out of the warm Blake club Greg McKinney to feature her here in loans are back at our studio. With the into the break and come back with more here from four blade in a moment stay with us on ESP in upstate. Back here in the huddle ESPN upstate on a warm up Friday afternoon BMW charity pro am continues that storm lake club at Furman. And at the up preserve at verdict it's Greg McKinney and JC Shubert out here location. And lines of back in the studio don't forget clemson's NC state baseball coming up at six tonight game to relate. Tiger's neighbor when this went JC I would when this event tomorrow is critical that went two of three of lost and a tough. Manor yesterday. You hate to see that happen to anybody. You've just got to hope that they come back and and maybe get that. Get them get him a little fired up eight Eldorado and ACC's nugget that is not a good statistic that is not a good way to be trending moment right now. Com. Which you know we've seen teams struggle than the regular season. Do a lot of good wants to get the term commitment which you have to home field advantage. In the soup person Rachel. Now Paramount in the health Bristol we saw clinching get hot in the post season last year at the ACC tournament. Kind of unexpected winner of of that event. And then though kind of cooled off again when became original time course Oklahoma State at something to do about the cooled off both our state teams last year. South Kara lot of they will play tonight against Georgia and I don't know how much is on the line maybe not that much it may be too little we like if they beat Georgia. They won the next two against Georgia and make some always. In the SEC tournament than maybe they slip in the. Dad and I can't see it happening now I think LA LA. If you've yesterday it was one of the final nails in the coffin I mean this is the town where. You start getting the shovels out of this over I mean it's it's just over animated it's they lose tonight start digging the hole that's. Right you're looking add up to an article that was kind of interesting about the top. It financing college football and this is really from the point of view of the client where shoot you make it a priority to go at some point your college football man. What is so Malia leader welcomes this guest count buys towards the order with. Eastern northeastern for the country at Yankee what he's is that notre Ali is Notre Dame. In gravitate towards that that really understand the SEC or the pac twelve. Are so here's this top spot in the article is is how importantly though L like talent management CBS. The top events all college football fans to attend at least one. So here's number four Blacksburg. Virginia to go in there for a night game. Actually effort. For two games with a reports for games. Live up to the expectation. At the beginning I mean that there are four in Georgia Tech and watch the option Paul Johnson. Is a Labor Day night opener. But it came back and won an exciting game one much offense that places while up. And enter sandman enters a school and their fans are the games are finished in its it's a very steep stadium. They have to watching my hands on I want is like the military style marching band at Virginia Tech they call Bob. Heidi white Heidi why he's now that's a high society spotlight at our Virginia today we have double listeners that they're out there their underwear it's hot I'm losing my mom and the fifth I'm still thinking about like that personality test that fit but but but are admitted that they have the regular Virginia Tech Hokies marching band and it is it's a fantastic. Atmosphere tale Eddie's great beautiful in Blacksburg. This'll cold like in the October November there in the mountains but it's. History of your clubs and van. I courage you'd ago. Could you guys don't play Virginia Tech open armed least they have to be good in and just a point is get them back where they need to basis. I think so and I think went it was a great hire them because he has kind of the beamer recruiting point and he goes out finds count coaches and and that's a that's what's made them good number four at Ohio State Michigan game. Either you are either Columbus or Ann Arbor says he'd prefer Columbus. City it's either Ohio State marching band dot CI. Well what about a 100000 plus Michigan stadium and they test the test the thing ours says them. Play like champions Saturday. Says there's a lot of great atmosphere of that game at least that will be big time. And yeah. I'll buy a case a night game and that voters' top of them yes. Yeah that is that is some special and different in my category to in the face with a ham sandwich for its fifth. Yeah you've not been the better Tuesday at least be a good night game there's a huge difference between day and night for day I would be a bit of a day game their two and it's it's still Lal but sort of subdued yet. So. The army navy game. Just that they thing laughs like get the pageantry. Them if both teams that run the option probably to a game better by. You know the hour bug and its a weak enough announced. And then the Rose Bowl I'm there I don't think there's any bad towards that. All right. If you. And I think. Mine would probably be get inserted gonna have a southern flair to a losses a little and I'm I'll start off in Seattle Washington grew out of start officer at Washington I think everybody should attend a game pesky stadium craft and tailgate with the boats out there on late Colombia. Did you know that you want to have been there outlook that is a bit there in the summer and I was gonna go back. And I just didn't do and I yes I think that's one I think it's. Everybody should go to Knoxville free game begins votes and sit down near the Tennessee River the landing. And watched the balls. That's also. And you know I think that Allen had those two right away. I think that game it Alston stadium in Eugene Oregon would be something to check out because it's out loud severely rate. And how would like CLE trojans are true USC trojans. Play. In the LA coliseum in a big game not a game worked one people show up at the big game right and then Nebraska. Yeah. Now about it Nebraska is a big deal as well the is via me he's not wrong. Ali got a probably go here and just to be honest yeah you need a longer list saccharine. And he did have honorable mention a boat route that the volt may be the sugar I don't know about the sugar. Midnight yell threatens Texas mom and one right and hundred other things now minimize it look I mean I didn't mention. Clubs in South Carolina as were from here bright and we've all seen that but man. Thousands Death Valley right now man running down the hill we got a guy does something about you know I mean that gives you tips Joseph blogs that say and they Williams Brice for 2000 once that we got good traditions. Well we're all right happy to be joined by Chandler tends aero the ticker former kicker for the green Clemson Tigers Greg. Clemson Tigers and I spent some time with there are as common now with the New York Jets chant her arguments. Yeah I guess that doing good very good fuel much of a golfer. Love golf it's kind of come out there VOA from taking notes a way to that take my mind off football and it's you know. Has a lot of parallels between golf and taking so it's it is greatest and across ink means I get on the course a lot of should be. Should be a lot better golfer how much at play in but I had a great sound that has played that. Played all right you know as nervous start now. You know got people around that some angle is not that anybody so I didn't do that which does get a I accomplish that goal but knotted at a great front niners. His back nine front and whatever but on a second nine was was better in my front so. There's a lot of fun as did its did you guys medical putts. And try to help my guy out as much did economic at a great time definite people who were your gun and these Michael Gelman got yes from Oklahoma he had he had great guys play good player he knows. It's I mean these guys intent. You know they can never handled it seemed you know what they go through and they when they walk while the ropes not inside the ropes it's. I know I respect those guys so it it was awesome when they get helped your game to be out there are the guys that does that as well as he does I think so picket deathly does you know CN scenes just like that only helps discount like taking you know. I like taking it. You know always likely it was a high school and college particularly guys and they elect in the order you know the cast as the bar and you know alexion. Seeing good golf it's a lot of fun and I think it I think it makes anybody batters he some c.'s good golf in front of and so it's a lot of fun. Now this is your first year this or you don't report. I did two years ago and I am I couldn't get out of OTA's last year and on earth but this year you know flew in last night actually and much of that north. Is great he worked in the little bit and some plane today and tomorrow and it's a practice of New Jersey yesterday morning and then. And that's my day job so and polish and editor of that as does the does get gamut chicken and yesterday in influence. Is that really happy to be years justice it really is a privilege to he'll play and that's. And I three years in the NFL and a team changed so tell us about that I feel about a feel good it's it's it's a great. Great environment out there Todd bulls and coach that you lose the if it's cornered Arizona my rookie year inside of that familiar familiarity there speed and an. So. And it's a comfortable up there now had about a month of kicking in workouts with the teammates and is right and everybody it's it's. Is that we humbly you know locked in new place and trying to you know new guys that built such a girlish in my teammates on Arizona and my coaches and I loved it out there is a great. Great place to start my career and it's really nice out there are a lot of golf and but. No I'm really enjoying New Jersey so far it's courted the so close at York city in my twenties too and did experience that's got to where summit train ride and so it's is typical new environment just looking to get more comfortable as time goes on and that's abundant. Talk a little bad about you know the mental focus of goal verses kicking it seems to me like you'd be pretty similar I can do either that. Mental focus that Portland Canada. Or that. I don't let Greg and not feel so less and I think about it back Kagan went about like mark golf's ruling goes you got to Washington if you get a head unit here at the footballer awful but now. If that talk about that mental focus you know the moment before you tee Alford he had that putt. The ship and and in the moment we take care seems like they both require shutting everything down. Yet as it does one help the other this neighbor or or or that it. Yeah there's no doubt that's a great question and you know kind of alluded to that earlier with a parallels between two and I think com. Here's a lot of similarities in the end pre shot routine. Visual visualizing shots scenes shots you know at the size. I like to play golf now feel so associated drawl and hopefully edit and see if Dayton affiliate that. Taking same my SE it's hard line think that would be breasts just like on the golf course. I think it's a lot of our Tino about process block and now. Everything else that's when noise whatever it is in his books on that task and so it's. There's a lot of similarities with it was. You know with the mental side of golf and taking pressure. What do you do well this time of year what your workout like compared to army your kicker Scott be different to do a lot awaits what you do lines. You know it's a little different with the jets in on the list it would then in the do everything. Everybody else does up there and cardinals like Tenet did a few different things but you know not one's not there at another just kind of it's a kind of is I know it. How's he kicked well you know in Nam an outside due to different ways from deathly decent you know that it stays stressed out remembered keep him back listen. So like that. Kind of learned it's it's cool experience to kind of learn your body and what was Tom what you need to do that learn how to eat better stuff like that nutrition. Chiropractor. Acupuncture stuff like that you can learn as time goes on what works for is so it's. It's cool it's a trying to learn from my experiences in the past and and it's it's all about executing carry your body and stand out in release notes on. But it's London. Talking to Jim or cans are a former Clemson kicker now with the young New York Jets and Chandler last Uga get a sixty horror of September. I did those those really cool there's opportunities don't come up very often is kind of an inching. Listing deal bottom bottom native is a little. Little right to left Landon. And the right up right by the skin and luckily were taken in the clear plan buffalo early to think insulin those chilly up there in India later in the year but. That was really need great 70 about a guy's. Yes it's really cooperative. Capitalize down. What do you think yeah would that have been good for how far. Sixty dollar sixty ESP up six seats in an athlete and again. Pat enough I had a little bit more juice on it in follow us on film and it felt really good up a foot and updated today at it any better then and honest assessments. You know we believe. That's in preparation during the week who work long Google's entire season. That's an emphasis from meek is oust and a Oklahoma knocks them and out of college wasn't an avenue cents over fifty yards you know so I've. I've been working hard on that and they can definitely sounds a little bit that sixty ours are those really cool. Network your longest before them. And he was 51. So ago yet it's it attempted a couple more but yeah I think I think 51 Lewis. Was the Maxwell by Clinton Era your longer the 61 or two was so yes it was just instinct scan all you know. They're an opportunity you know when not to comes it comes out yet sent them make it so. I think it's only been done now sixteen or seventeen other times in league history with critical sixty plus short ovals so. Didn't join that the company. Now you were going bowed out of state speaking of clubs and you know the cause 2013. All the sudden point fifteen to 2016. There's a whole lot of clubs of bands out there in Arizona where URG get a chance to kind of notice although orange and purple that made his way out to the valley the valley of the sun that Alec. In what were your thoughts about that the success they've had since you've been. Yeah I think actively seize more market for a while there obviously with a national championship and then I was there and then. He semifinal this past season. As a critical analyze who didn't expect that Gaza is awesome. But yet it's political scene all those guys on Clausen chemicals and was come out and you know it's funny now NC in the game and critical as an Arizona clubs and club up there son that's a positive there's a lot of clothes and look close and you think in Arizona. So. And a now I mean like the success and he just as a coach Wayne and his vision unionized visionary he he saw this coming Needham rumored back. Our sixth seventh season doesn't end. You know we are struggling and he always had a vision. They have established a tortured I think that was he got stuck to it and Tom. At that saw test and the coaching staff and what they -- often the players from but no work and preparation is all year affair you work from January to. You know January I guess so it's. As an all year affair. And his assessment those guys that problem really proud to million vehicles in a lawman. Alyssa got an added myself but I'm a parent has gotten at least now what about New York he's a much sport at the haven't and other similar log in again it Phnom failures a lot there's a Palin are about to close people out there and I've got some clips and bodies out there that. Work ordering NYSE years that area. And causes everywhere there really is so it's cool hopefully it sees more tired of there as time goes on trump mixed it through the John. So my fair people integrated. He's a great athlete gain. He works his tail off and so a second and and had a big year I am excited as pseudo play them in an east and you might be a kick off team when he said the pretty cool what do. You the play and then. And no reason he's playmaker and he's he works his tail off like it says so excited about that now what do you think about the jets' season they've bump and looking for some answers in New York for one feel better about this year for. Then you know I think. We think grind and I mean America allotted the org that's been tough in them. I think it's it's been fun and didn't know the guys and gravel and then saw about the process and interest in this and just you know working and as you know we know that the work preparation we're doing now all translate you know later in the year. And so. I'm excited to see what happens you know and fuel on the jets out and that's just how it goes think. I guess it leadership team and I think that's key in great coaching staff so. But afford it seemed like this season as historians now that the Florida helped the team wins games like mountain. Good stuff Chandler cans are wrote the New York Jets kicker now former Clemson tiger. Taylor thank you mapped a month that humans make some guys appreciate it take a break about what more this is the hot bloodiest in upstate will be right back. Welcome back to the huddle audience he would upstate from the balcony on the back of the formed late clubhouse Greg McKinney a seizure on the ones studio. BMW charity pro am thanks to look at man. Man Chandler. And Cerro for some last segment. Now with the New York Jets Odyssey Obama be successful there at some good years with the Arizona Cardinals. In the NFL. Leaderboard update from the tournament here Steven Yeager is at thirteen under he finished with a 66 today the three way tie. For the lead right now. Blake Adams had a 66 today so he's at thirteen under. And Tyler Duncan is still on the course he could actually take the lead before the end of the day he's at thirteen under. And he said at the hole number seven team via a 65 yesterday but he's seven under for the day today it's a great round today. And then a couple of guys tied for a second place like issues packets twelve under par here. But again all the late today elderly tomorrow and then now at the final round of the qualifiers on Sunday out here. At the warm blade in the BMW charity pro am tonight. It's Cleveland and Boston. One nothing you know it's only a one nothing cavaliers lead in this year's NC but it feels like it's a deeper hole. I know definitely but. Isiah Thomas. Had a interesting comment today says they are not scared we're not skier Cleveland they're not the month stars whose decisions based game and I said. So Isaiah Thomas is ready and he said his sister would have it any other way so he set himself offered inspired performance. Tonight I just don't see him. I don't know that it is either it just doesn't sound up. Too optimistic but Aussie maybe they've got some answers. Tonight. In that series then we'll get San Antonio and Golden State and it doesn't look like why leopard is born to play in that gained three. Tomorrow night and that is me no confidence. That the San Antonio Spurs. Would win that he's not ruled out he's questionable for game three they got I have to watch. Have to have him. He comes back you know they can they could maybe change some things up in. Get some momentum back it it it you know it's different with the series because. I mean we're talking about going into game three with the spurs wars Celtics and cavs are just game too right. On so there is more of a desperation on the part of the spurs I think to get get something. But the other thing about it series those they have had moment. You know they had some momentum early in the game in Oakland. A lot of them built big leap in Austin. Outsold them. A letter to come back having the spurs know they can compete but this team. And I think they can rob the home court is to make do some damage and makes things haven't they don't win today. The opera. Swept they have to have Aldridge show up an epic like can't win. So yeah I agree or Egypt at heart you go to Harvard all that the whole time yeah Marcus Aldridge is the key to the San Antonio has them so we'll see if he shows up better I tell you what we're gonna take another break and clear off the last segment MC if we can get Chipper Jones before Roland break him before we get out of here we can't then now. He may join store urge on the next show because Sturges your run after us but with a lot do that next so stay with us. As we come back to wrap it up from the BMW charity program for boys club the huddle on ESP announced they will be right back. Final segment of the huddle here. On ESP upstate live from the BMW charity pro am with Greg McKinney and JC sure were out here long to when the studio. The plunge Casey's been a good couple of days out here. Mind Julia being outside this time of year down the golf ball right below us here will continue through the weekend so will be keep an and I. On that and if we don't get Chipper Jones here before we get off the next ten minutes to state and because of their can bring them when it's off the course and sturgeon price can talk to what chipper the former Atlanta Braves be interesting to hear what he has to say about. The future of the Braves so this year. Kind of bleak especially with the loss in the injury to a Freddie Freeman. At first base but you know I think the long term plan is in place for Atlanta I gotta think that chipper pretty optimistic about there. Opportunity down the road patients require. Most people you talk to that are affiliated with a franchise of the following closely say that you better days are ahead are reversed here in the same thing when I was a young lad ninety. In 88 dated and and they're going to be driven yeah it. Things changed in that was pitching in the paddock tremendous Ron and Chipper Jones. It was later than that than that those early teams that he was a big part of that it was the number one pick in the draft and now it had to play them like it then end up being very. Now volumes awesome unbelievable player for the Braves so law around we have to get him home before we get out here today at 6 o'clock for Clemson baseball with NC state. We're talk and off the year during the break about. What's some football teams college wise are doing as far as locker room and amenities that was evident who's bringing a DJ to the locker residual. In Georgia. Kirby Smart tweets out today. Really like some new additions to our locker room the GA to leave or whoever's and there. Generally spin it that. Her recent wars as he can release they currently would note mister b.'s on the cutting. Is on the cutting edge do whatever that he can be accurate. But red they're not the first schools have the railing yes there's. There's another couple programs there're minor programs. We think about connecting with eighteen to 21 year olds guess that makes sense them. That's pretty cool to have a you know. DJ walker mean just. I think it beyond recruiting. He gives you a little well counts of bells and whistles of the line for the kids that play it over there for scholarship work or. Countdown. You know kind of help. I passed out man it's. What what else have you seen on the college level that's kind of Alf they're using any South Carolina they're not know Purdue while pulling them via Spurrier was probably not a while menace chorus Beckham's Los South Carolina doesn't have. Their operations building built yet in him the problem there is that mean it got some nice stuff like academic center Droid it's. Home. They have all the training stuff that they need they need a place weird. Everything can be house it's the football building basically on schools have. Football so I think that. You know I think that that's of the that's common event of a barber she appearance of stuff like that and it's a similar was received with clubs and clubs and as a slide because I don't think South Carolina we'll have a slide like Clemson or maybe the pro one mini mill feed him because. Club bowling Alley to nova closer as a whole. Is probably the most unique facility that the college rally. Museum beyond the fact it Georgia's but it DJ Booth in their locker room. You close the whole facility has nice bells and whistles Evan and period. Now I mean it's it's it's literally I mean at Davos when he did a great job. And a senator receive a great job. Building the most innovative. Room full line. College football facility in the country and I'm sure other teams will kind of you know take take notice of that I think the sport one that is Georgian. You know Texas just replace name plates with television screens and their our group Barre has waterfall in their office building. Texas natives as trick now that's a home barbershop. So there's. You know there's another Lou oval. As a DJ Booth and its weight room you name Bobby Petrino. Dow looks like today. But it but it DJ Booth in the weight room now what attitudes match span than us now I think Bobby Petrino is probably like. Free. The breakup of the NWA in the BA fan. Back that would de idea that doctor Trey actually and easy together via. They that's got to probably what he listens to baton like Waylon Jennings as volley classic children's classic country but also. In them now he's back guys inning gets in the article is tired of adolescence countries so. But only old school in the heavier and I and the fat boys. Over the fat boys in rap group they're kind of his clean rap group. Lobby with a moment Waylon Jennings minimum armament to some Waylon Jennings that's good classic I'll like the old point though like recently quit the race is priest and expert I must agree with him there. The Alabama crimson tie leaders now there's concern JC sounding alarms. Sounding alarms of the 2018. Recruiting class four and excitement. And the Alabama Clemson tied because he has the end 300 running back Damien pierced the committed. Yesterday. He was the number 100 ranked prospect that the time. He's been taken visits to other schools he has now officially reopened his recruitment case and that's one guiding him pierced but. They only have Alabama only has two commitments in the 28 in class so I think I see the and developmental football. Horizon it's over well we've talked about this. A lot I do a radio show every Thursday morning. Went Sanderson and Bayer says and then those whose Todd won those two point that. And I get asked about this every week in and you can tell now that they'd they'd prefer to rim like guys it's not a big it is in the oh okay okay okay. Well and actually I only got very human. I mean when you sons what eight straight number one record classes now sees that you won't give you the benefit that now I think right now to them. Is it makes a bit. Had some coaches that were there while. Billy Napier more crystal ball on them. I'd name it right now is get some guys that are new. It there haven't been building relationships of these it's the recruits for law as long periods on the smaller schools now. And it is also trust factor I think memorial crystal ball goes down South Florida. And says we need to take this guy is he's Mori is go count the connections down there. In his bag made me watch film irony checks out and they stance are making it lost commitment like. Well so if some new guy. It was just tired it's not used to recurring revenues and connections maybe they wanna see him making him. And I I would be surprised gory. If by the end of summer. Damn does not back in the topped him with doubled. Because they're gonna get a lot of these jazz it's not like his don't wanna go to. On the reality craziest thing in the world. The issue Aston Villa and Alabama now you know not either not taking. You know offering gas look on the can't. Being a little more cautious and thereby relations. Not pushing for commits another orchard you're not out there saying today. We get six spots. Yet in the war we're taking the first jump home as that happens to I think people wanna just look at the surface of non. Dig in recruiting but that's fine art and helped create them monsters. Damien pierced by the way has mentioned Clemson as a school we might visit so it's open to keep denial. The running back possibly for the Clemson Tigers in the mix there. All right great time audio thanks to everybody. Attorney Adam did a great job of helping askew again Austin hosting this year at normally we appreciate that intraday and a everybody with the BMW charity pro am this year it's been fun again. Straight starts given up next possibly with a Chipper Jones former collaborate substitute for that. Thanks Alonso back at the studio our promotions throughout here on site to use JC will see you Monday trip so you about it at 1 o'clock in the huddle on ESPN upstate and gotten Kinney have a great weekend.