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What Randall huddle on ESPN upstate on the air once again live from the BMW. Charity pro am we are at thorn blade club. On the back deck the clubhouse at the late. Fort date to the BMW charity pro am and today. JC sure it is a pretty much hot and sunny yesterday with a cloud cover kept temperatures down for a while clouds broke in the afternoon but the sunny all day today and at a probably make a load of a difference in conditions not. After much of a breeze out here within the flag down on now hole number nine on the green right above. And it is barely moving so very little wind hot sunny conditions for these guest. Yeah exactly it is seems like things are kind of going along at a slower pace today if you will go walking overhears him people just. Half step slow. Because of the heat but it is a beautiful day out here at this point ties to the isn't nice breeze from the wind does kick up your right it Ayers a bit did. Compared to yesterday when the clouds blues and us out but it's so my stay great crowd out here and glad to be here. Do in the huddle in nature unison as cooped up in the studio for two. It with people like blondes. And now we're out here that economic lines and lines of freed up on the I'm just enjoy in this beautiful here you have no idea how hungry I am right now trust me. I thought about renewed in the studio. Wouldn't be surprised I would level where nothing but the Jersey. That's right. Listen some of these celebrities playing formally today and we hope he gets some of them on today but they have a good crew people. Including chipper Jones and now we have hopes of getting him on the showed today no guarantees but if we can't we will the former Atlanta parades and Major League star and it would be great to talk to Chipper Jones he is playing this course today. Chain Americans are now with the New York Jets. The kicker from Clemson is playing this course today we are told we should have him on the showed today so that will be outstanding. Two talked Chandler. Because sees them he's changed teams. Formerly with the Arizona now with the jets objected to catch up with him if we can do that. Some of the others playing here today. Jonathan banks that name made honoring a bill would you watched breaking bad. He was Mike on that series. The ball got out Eagles last year he was supposed to be here yet cancels easier. Today playing the storm lake course. Mike our Mark Bryant with duty in the blowfish we have chatted with him before when we've been out here. Alexy Richard car and Al from home improvement is while it's cool. Paula tricky from Pacific blue. Tim Wakefield former Major League Baseball player with the Red Sox Russ Ortiz also former Major League Baseball where it. And a few others saw. Hope we will talk some of those people today as they come off course what generally happens is that players start to come off the course here at around 2 o'clock so expect anybody in the first hour but after. The first hours of some of the early tee times will be finishing up and coming off the court so it will be. After that point where we can chat with some folks here's the top of the leaderboard right now it's still Stephen Jaeger. Order he pronounces the GA. JE AE GE. Yeager was here with the acre island I've I've never really known her name Jagger for manicures jagr Meister is a favorite. It's. Yeah Stephen yes I would say that that's that's the guy and he is fourteen under he had a 64 yesterday. And he is six under today so he is lighten it up he has fourteen under for the tournament so Jaeger is the leader. Two guys at three shots back here Andrew young and doubt we Vander wal are both at eleven under. And increased him brand and Blake Adams. Really good scores out here I don't know of today will hold up like yesterday we hit some great scores yesterday and we will see if today's. Scores are anywhere close to being. As good also coming up on the show today. Wanna talk about the Atlanta Braves will get the opinion of mud Jerry crash nick with the SPN on this Freddie Freeman injury we got news toward the end of the show yesterday. That it's going to be an extended absence for the Braves outstanding first baseman and really unfortunate because. He was he does have an MVP count a year out of the B and indeed the team like the breeze I think maybe you could well never. Probably not but he was having an techniques yeah he was just lighten it up and now with the wrist injury he's out for couple months toward your future press neck on that got some injury news on on NASCAR racer. That will talk about as well hotcakes and sausage coming up. Wanna get back to the on big fight Mayweather McGregor and its comments on that from Brett a Comodo Fabius the end covers enemy here. Carefully in the early and always has good opinions on that. And of course the the NBA stuff we'll get Cleveland Boston tonight on to game two you gotta have a. I gotta have I've got to have that mean it's it's it's probably overall ready I mean like us and them I'm ironing Rodgers he's now. But. If they don't win tonight it's going to be very very difficult this is not the bulls that this is the now look at. That's sure that's an 830 game tonight in Boston so law will talk about that as we go along today. As well if you wanna join us phone lines will be open 8444773776. The text line open to you right now. At 71307. Driven by Carolina coaches RV superstore. And as always reach us on Twitter at ESPN upstate. Let's talk about College Baseball last night JC has both Clemson and South Carolina opened three game series their final regular season series. Of this 2017. Season and unfortunately they both lost. The Clemson Tigers falling to NC state 322. Joseph Don and scoring the go ahead run. On a two out wild pitch on a strike three. Two will Wilson in the eighth and asked tough way to lose that is brutal. And it's dope field last night's of the war practical one nothing lead in that series they go to 32 and 21. On the year fifteen and thirteen in the ACC. So now they're just one game behind the tiger tiger all the sixteen and twelve in the ACC and 38. And this sixteen. Overall I know there was up. A lot of grumbling about some. Umpiring in the game last not a sauce and I did not see a replay of the play your plays in question but another some grumbling about that but. Unfortunately clubs and dropped that first and yeah definitely take this sort of again what is as the eighth straight ACC rules for the chargers. That's not good heading down the stretch from season asset when North Carolina swept from the you know that was okayed the idea is don't let it snowball you know it is every baseball team goes through appeared they play well this is something that's the nature of the sport. Nobody gives a defeated in baseball. But. It's snowball Lou oval swept them. Now it he states take in the first game and lost which forced the last game that's here he says so it's it's eight straight ACC losses. That's not the way you won't be trending Greg you've got the RPI there out on the human look at that name and from that standpoint clips and still appears to be. Within striking asked whether rates and that's where they were in the previous RPI so alarmed but you know again their rates in the RPI but most of the projections including the one baseball that I've looked at even before last night's loss. Do not have Clemson as a national cedar gonna host douse the bottom falls well doubts I think vacant house that I think it would take getting swept by NC statement possibly. An early exit from the ACC tournament for me to send them home road for the regional. And that's basically because it he states count right there within striking distance. Finishing ahead of the tigers. In the ACC standings but I you know. It's one of those things where. You just sort of sit there and look at and think well this is a new day in this is a day that they can turn around but. You know eight games is pretty significant force a conference losing streak those. It's it's fortunate that they started so strongly. That they're still in the mix it down this is not a good look. In the as the committee from on the start now. They need to lump really need to get the next two and take two out of three over NC state in the camp they certainly need to get one of those soup theater that Iraq back in the discussion about that. I don't play again tonight in the second game of that series up in Raleigh meantime. In Colombia. The story continues the saga continues Georgia with four runs in the second inning two runs in the ninth inning. And others will wasn't that close six to three and they beat south Carolina at founders park so South Carolina now 31 and 22. Overall twelve and sixteen. In the SEC this is a 24 and thirty Georgia team that they lost 26 to three last night at all just the same old story that's not gonna. Ifill but no this is situation to order you know you look it's hard to believe this team was ranked third in the pre season. Hard to believe it. That this has happened but but I I think you know living in the present. This team school I don't think they wanna make the NCAA tournament because obviously. Had they were rallied as they swept Georgia. Com community get back to 500 in the league and Hoover anything can happen he got to keep battling for your season in Hampton here. In trouble. Any given up four runs in the second inning you know eat eat they made towards a starter who's who had a decent NRA four point one whatever the the east handcuffs after all line. And South Carolina hadn't been able score a lot of runs this year as it is. But you go to that game and then finally gets back in here in the ninth or whatever you give up two more you know that that's just. That that's the story of the season and in situations that matter. This team is batting oh point 95 or something I mean not just a that's an analogy not just from the plate for the pitching mound as well. At critical moments they can't do this and wrote this on the expert Tom today Greg. And if you look at the history of South Carolina athletics and as my case for change. Their the better teams in football men's women's basketball. And baseball have all had. What's called toughness and resiliency. And that's probably the case for any high level team probably talk about the obvious but it's more so it's after that about let's go about the 1984 gamecocks football. You know here's a team as the best team a school district. They lose they blow game and maybe there's some big adversity blew the whole season. Next week to get Eric down to close at 2413. And they still find it. Found what they needed suit to get back and win that game 2221. An important game itself here. And win you know I I think you'll Eddie fogler basketball teams what he had good teams that game against Cincinnati. In 98 when it's Obama nineteen points at halftime and came all the way back into an immigrant it's a shot when the game. Yeah of those teams had resiliency frank Martin's team this year resiliency don't stay it was the university's rates that are entire career was about resiliency and toughness. And this team this year and really for the whole over near South Carolina baseball has not responded to adversity. Consistently. At all. Have there been some moments like the game against UNC Wilmington when they're back with a backs were against the wall with Tyler Johnson went out there mode everybody that he had that look like game got baseball. But those moments are few and far between. And they added up the losses. Because things snowball in the gas can't get it back mentally and I don't I don't know if that's. He's recruited some guy as the maybe long on talent that you world character or short on intangibles subtle questions about his personal care after. But care you know resiliency toughness. These guys just don't have in this program has not had it since after his first years is tenor players kind of cycle program. And so. I think there needs to be a coaching change I don't know how they want hand look at sports optics goes force. Does Holbrooke needed just resign and admit defeat. Did easy to be fired whatever but that you're you're talking about. You know the erosion. Of what made this program great and this is not a program that was just good. This is a program that was great it was the best program on campus bomb on. And you know it's not really fair if you're ray tanner and you're trying to set a standard for your other coaches in the athletic department. That of all inherited very tough situations don't Staley situation was brutal frank Martin's situation was beyond brutal. Will watch him situation is brutal. And you're gonna preached to them to to continue to build and hold them to standards. Andy you've got the best program on campus to not only. You know eroding from women moral standpoint but from I did these standpoint what's after baseball. Is all about this is like North Carolina basketball. Not being able to execute secondary fast break. I mean that that's basically what it is I mean it's it's it's that's that's that is is that what may gain got a baseball great. Com is no longer present and I think when that happens. You know I am it'll be like in two years were sent their frank Ornstein can't play the coming in it's just they're the activities at all. Their needs to be cleaning of the house that needs to be new leadership. And their needs to be. A whole lot of new players and a whole lot of Gaza offer the scholarships that they have because they don't deserve them even though there are partial for its what do you think the chances are that a gentle wrote makes it easier for ray tanner and to steps aside I mean I think. Any kind of situation like this you always want account. In. Skew the optics I guess if he's a good I mean if he's a jerk and that anybody's far. Now he's a good athlete that. I think you do that as far as the chances go I don't I'm not privy to any super duper secret information at this point. That I'm willing to divulge and tough for the idle idle honestly them my honest thing I'd do not know what he's going to news. You talk to one person I think it changed gallon he talked to another they say no which shocks me. Quite frankly I've defended ray tanner passionately. On this program and elsewhere when he space what I feel like is you know ignorant to undo criticism. If if there's not a change made this year. I think he will not only face to criticism. But it would be not out of ignorance without facts. And now criticize him as well because he'll deserve it I mean you can't you can't just let. Yeah it's after out of didn't care about baseball. That be a different story but but it matters at the university South Carolina and always has and has since the seventies so. You you have to reverse this trend and the only I could see him doing it. Is a change in leadership I mean that the time to let him fix it was two years ago when they missed the term first. Now it. South Carolina was out hit by a not very good Georgia team last night fourteen off for anybody but they get fourteen hits and they only managed about it they gained. Was really the last chance to save the season. It is ahead of us with this is only the second time south Carolina's had a losing record and SEC play into winning seat. Toward. Won't agree and when you look at just that it to get a picture how bad it is looking at schedule and the results this year. You you look for. They're best series. Of the year. And you struggle a as it is a right state that took two out of three outright state they were pretty decent that was in February to see Tennessee's eleven that they air density are fired their Kitna. I mean that there and there they just completely laid an egg after egg after a negative it's it's frustrating. Two out of three over Alabama that's nothing ranked Alabama's. Got to the worst record and am currently now so there's not a good series they they have you know they have a big beautiful stadium they have nice facilities they put money in the baseball. Chad Holbrook comes back next year. There's not going to be in the audience. And look out giving game cart fans tons criticism for not. Getting behind their first year football coach forgive my Honda Fit your basketball coach when it goes the final four. I've got to do criticism and they deserve to be criticized for because I think a lot of that's just. Like I said because clubs and one football national championship their depressed incidental Sheila. But baseball. They have every right not to show up and not support. You know a sixth year of potential mediocrity now. Holbrooke comes back him for whatever reason they start clicking and they turn it around which we've seen those learns that the that's gonna happen that's all. But that right now. I don't have any faith it's gonna happen. This has been the most disappointing disastrous year of South Carolina baseball since I've been alive because they normally at least played expectations. I think that team two years ago people Newt may stroke. This year's team top three in the pre season and nodded and make the tournament it's time for change itself. Thanks and look I don't want people know they gonna go out outlook. I I don't know. But it. I don't think for a minute that they're not going to be people that jump great job it is is it's a top five that in baseball job in the country. Somebody will bomb will certainly take that job now this what what they decide to do direction which it did ago from the outside and start from scratch with you know hold your staff for it. Try to get somebody that's been connected the program in the past whatever I had something to talk about for the future I think you go outside. Ray tanner coaching tree. Unless you. You pull to. He's the and I don't see that happening money he had national idol that you don't leave clubs in the go to South Carolina Italy south clubs just doesn't have not a two years and not after two years now with success he's had Clemson. You know for clubs and as far as in baseball recruiting is a lot different than the football basketball ball specially. Where if your rivals down that doesn't necessarily mean that's an opening for you'd be it probably means effort global players. The because they're full scholarships a lot of a lot of baseballs and money mostly numbers and who gets what kind of money that kind of thing. A home. You know. I think at this point if you're ray tanner as artisans maybe for him you have to go to hard biscuit you know. I mean that that's what LSU did it with smoke will well. You know they had a far smoke. And then down there when I got pulmonary from Notre Dame won a national championship within three years. South Carolina's RPI right now is 32 they're down three spots from 29 but. He's say that number third Q are beyond 6014 are going well doesn't work that well I just don't mean yeah you're you're not. Unlike hoops winner. The RPIs can I mean they're not going to take a team. That has a losing conference record. It in less their RP like top. You know. And it's and so they're you know barring a miracle run Hoover which remember Holbrooke. Has never won a gain in the Hoover. He hasn't won a single game in the SEC turn these over a man. I mean in a so so how are they going to come back in the you know do that ideas you know in my opinion. Column. In my opinion I think it's it's over and I think it's it's up to ray tanner after the season's over it and move quickly and gonna try to get the best educated. Fueled talk about our fault lines opened unity 444773776. Takes like 71307. Twitter at ESPN upstate welcome back was more including update on the Braves situation with Freddie Freeman. Audi or the BMW charity pro am at the blade club Greg McKinney JC sharper lines are back in the studio this is the huddle you're listening to yes in a state. We're back out here at the or glee club. Greg McKinney JC sharper on ESP you know upstate Alonso back at the studio. Angering bill. Repeat to 4 o'clock this afternoon fueling Vietnam Abbas 8444773776. Text line is 71307. The news that we got the end of the show yesterday not very good about Freddie Freeman the first baseman for. The Atlanta Braves they have placed him on the ten day disabled list. After an MRI and CT scan revealed a non displaced left wrist fracture. But tend aces certainly misleading. He's going to Wear a cast for four weeks he's expected to miss ten weeks according to the team. John Hart president of the Braves baseball operations. Says he knows no player can replace the production they'll lose by the injury to Freeman who was. Sharing the Major League lead with fourteen home runs at the time that injury was batting. 341. Really his best year underway and then it's just about every comeback for the season's over but it's. And had a big hole. In the middle of the season for four Freddie Freeman. And that Jerry crass Decoud with a baseball writer for the Caspian in OB insider. For he has via. Says this will impact where the Braves Spanish needless to say at the end of the 2017. Season. The Braves are struggling anyway you know there's a team that. Thirteenth in the national again. And Matt Kemp in the middle line I've been pretty straight over the making an MB keep pushed early obviously and for him to be out for two to three month period. You know it's a sad for him really coming into his own and a real huge blow to the brave and ever for the team that's probably. Had high hopes that. Probably gonna struggle that try to finesse 500 this year. You know Jaycee sometimes them you make on what. So the people line. Bring audio to these gifts and say a top and how to make fun of this one the Braves were not gonna finish 500 with Freddie Freeman. They have no chance zero chance of finishing touches without. Zero no time at the yeah with the probably is a little bit of an understatement. Yet there there there's no album. There's no question about that that this is like. One of those bad braves teams from back in the eighties losing dale Murphy here mean that. That pretty much that's the whole shows. It is. I don't know man. Any kind of hung. That was present. For the Braves. I think it all mean I think honestly that they're probably in a boring sometime on them. Sunday fueling that they dude did. In his players. Player and that. I don't know that you make a big maneuvers sacrifice any of your prospects that'll save this season. You know they're their rent they may be looking at the worst record. The I'd say that there going to be tracking toward that they were were there before they got hot the last week or so and started playing better. John couple all of the general manager of the Braves promises to leave no stone unturned looking for help at first base through a trade. Buddy said Ryan Howard is not an option yeah I guess that's. We're glad to hear the truck that. Do they released him from what I had on May eighth the team is. Closing in on a minor league deal with free agent first baseman James Loney according to pastoral Levy is Ian. Florida was with the Rangers in spring training and it's like the miners with the tigers this season. Jason Peterson has been starting at first base here. Since the injury started last night at first base against the blue jays and batted sixth. Jays Peterson said Freddie Freeman is irreplaceable. I'm not going out there to do what Freddie Freeman does not only as possible so he's got probably the more realistic attitude they're about that. Adonis Garcia third baseman is already on the disabled list with Achilles tendinitis so there shorthanded in the infield. Anyway they called up Rio Ruiz from Gwen at. An infielder and he started at third base and batted eighth. In yesterday's game 22 years old hit 262. Play in five games with Atlanta last year hit 262 with Gwyneth this year so enough about this much of an answer but it gives them. Great on these now and there's no got to where you're like your like read off again. Eighties brave. We moved him over failed first if that's a maybe that hovered in the spot there. O line purely Rio Ruiz is the answer that I do well I'll bet you'd. A substantial salaam he has him. Well at all what the Braves do remains to be seen but again. The silver lining is that this is cabinets regrouping year anyway so long. You know Google news. Com or not generates about what was your best players there I'd outweighed. All's breaks currencies there a trade or told local contender for more prosper. Keep stacking them at least that was the seekers off the first rays. On the last 40 years that I am. As many World Series titles and maybe they make that option that no one but still it was. Model of consistency. You know the reason was a great forms and talk shows hours out here yesterday about. In 88 what it is role. It is smoltz up early I haven't upper level for fourteen I mean that that's count you've built some towns in the need to count. Look it. You you chalk this up to now be here and and move forward with with how they can be better. Braves have won now five of the last council they played 500 baseball in the last ten games but they are six games under 500 right now at sixteen and 22 boats to help. Remarkably. In second place it is actually belies that's a great division well let's thanks to the Mets losing seven in a row the Phillies losing four in a row in the marlins' losing four rows and you get sick ones and nationals are wrong way this year am and it's it's not even. Not even there at an eight game lead here on May nineteenth birdies stellar. Yes a lot of situation the Braves. Again tough situation in and the sad part about it is that if he could have a really special year this year you know. Braves themselves there were going to be much this year anyway but ready for a minute and especially. As we talked about it update. His special year could've maybe help them you know approval last year's record. Exit of generated more excitement at a new ballpark which. I've changed my opinion you know I think that it that is the new launching in the back to count. Player like the old school raised with love and a lot of home runs that. Com alike. But he could help this season. Which is going to be transitional by nature anyway. You know keep people's attention. Through July arrow. But as it stands now I mean that they were not even Jews. In this things over. It's over stick it's over like South Carolina baseball if the South Carolina baseball on the brave that never fault that'll pay today. Ninety. We were both declared the Braves and the gamecocks baseball seasons as over there Oakland radar stick of organ. And both 9844. GS PE SPN text line 71307. Direct tobacco more live from for Blake club this is the huddle. Audience in upstate. Welcome back Greg McKinney GC sure verse in the vote green number nine at the or Blake club BMW charity pro am underway. They number two here and has were happy to be out here again. In the huddle on ESP upstate something else going on today and tomorrow is the county line music festival this is happening at the agreement biggest BWAY. The gates will open today at 5 o'clock the shows will begin at 7 o'clock and music begins at 7 o'clock tonight. And and tomorrow it's an all they deal gates open at 10 o'clock and I will go to old. Whenever. Midnight. Or whatever. Music. Fun. And food. Now there an event for the whole family. Porter's auto RV sales will be out there with your future home on the road and take a look at past. They're going to have bombs on the snacks and is to be a great time so. Think what we're gonna give away for tickets to the county line music festival right now again you're gonna have to pick these tickets up by 530 this afternoon at our studios 25 Arlington road angry molester I don't Woodruff wrote. So it can't pick it up about 530 today than don't call it win but he like four tickets to the county line music festival you get a night you get tomorrow. Whatever you wanna do and then this give loans or call at 8444773776. And he will set you up for burst through it like to have those tickets. 8444773776. And you'll be going to the county line music festival with a wrinkle Pickens speedway today. And tomorrow Hawaii letter JC listed now as questionable for tomorrow's game. I guess Golden State game three who. He was that the work out the day but did not participate. He did not appear to be walking with a lamp. He said it's getting better. He says he's getting a lot of treatment. He says it's frustrating you work all year to get to this point. And now not to be able to help your team win a game is they're trusting you gotta think that's the case man you get to the next to last series and trying to get over that hump again for the finals. And you can't play. That stuff if it were any others. And two it's. Besides Pittsburgh's. I was absolutely. Calm but haven't given about 10% chance of winning even Leonard's. 10% accuses the spurs. And I mean it there. Well that's cute jeans and pro basketball. It's at home and ID Warner's staffs and sent it is the model there but there's overconfidence factor. Teams change some towns. And so we'll see what happens. I'd just if letter does not plan open your career percent earlier I think we're gonna get files for equally. If phone. If the Celtics expert gutless who would start out our list. Well I mean what we started talking about this you know couple days after the final 42 months ago. That it. Yet as well as they have in the link of the NBA playoffs is staggering. I mean it's just unbelievable listener that being said. I think it's almost like you know we have to goes through idea. We run a marathon some. Of the world each round courses whenever such a grind that you get the Baxter. There's fans there away and you know it's beautiful women scenario. There are beautiful manager female marathon runner. He's either gonna get it some cold injury could get the rest of the finish line. You know that's kind of rally in oil we get after all this crap. To get to the end. And it's probably be something new apple. All of Israel is all this Haiti this killing me you guys are killing me because it if it wasn't still going aligned. Be talking nonstop baseball for the next couple months but that's what you were. NBA playoffs the NBA playoff circular Milan's it's been forever. And anyway this season the NBA season started in what Halloween. How long ago Halloween once a month still not we're not only be any it's not nearly as long whose Major League Baseball. Mitt will legally based. Been too long for a long time but made they've played 160 games in Major League Baseball Greg for how long putter years. A hundred years they've put under sixty gain knowledge and outlaw both glitzy or what does that change 154 ones too it's been awhile. It has been awhile for shorts yet so so look I mean that's that's the tradition of that game basketball. It's been 82 games for awhile but they haven't stretch this season like and I hate hate. Well I hate that it's nine degrees outside and we're still talking about. NBA David. We'll see if coli letter to play tomorrow he can't then nothing derive were probably again early in two up to that series with Golden State Cleveland and a Boston will play tonight game to 830. For that one in Boston Cleveland leads one to nothing in this series. Bottom brick of the hour we'll come back here wrap up our number one Burnett's just join us out here at the BMW charity pro am too so keep it right here in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back it's the huddle on ESPN upstate. With Greg McKinney. And JC sharper out at the BMW charity pro am. And Alonso back at the studio our phone number 8444773776. And attacks line is 71307. If you like to get on board here in the huddle we were just talking to the folks here the F. Golf event about who we might get on all the later on that's still kind of an open book were hoping to get Chipper Jones the former Atlanta brave. Long before we get out of here 4 o'clock today. If not we may leave them for stir passion product prices with sturtze today or not but them yesterday we had to leave. Dan Jansen for them because you can gear before for clocks we may or may give some left ever. Yesterday it was a layer of yesterday's price for a question and they had cancer started this and now he's a competitive swimmer at the it was like a few times like on two bit law. Soliloquy about the price should be compelled swim competitively at that what was it like that would stand on the stage here that actually at the Ed for a minute when I heard about that question well that maybe he would. You know because we set here and I thought about it. I thought he was a swimmer to. Until I looked at a and it says that's that it and then and so it. It was like I was like I listened to that question I was like oh my god is great attitude acres it was a long long way it was one of those questions like in the Colombian media throws people. It was this long drawn out. You know comparable stage. Started thinking about price and it's added. The confederate flag signals or sports that was the Kentucky Wildcats it sir Paul's or whatever up their prices Speedo United States of America the Kentucky mascot also witnessed media. And it just went for amber. And then they flatly answered that I realized he would make today he was try to make it compared him out of the personalize him you know so out of like I've got room you know speaker very tight lift the intraday development pleased bill that day. Please go. Anyway we'll get to know we'll get some guest on I am not of the golfers coming off the course just yet because it's now 2 o'clock but the the start to come off here in the next couple hours or more yet. Who we Canada Tim Wakefield is out there Russ Ortiz double baseball players Tim and Spencer of the football where knuckleball. Yeah what you Ross went off while you watch him pitch him. Are cool so locked keep it right here for the next couple hours in the hunt lobbyist in upstate Tom Brady's agent. Is saying he did not suffer a concussion in 2060. Don Yee told ESPN today Tom was not diagnosed with a concussion last year. He says many of the protocols and safeguards are still evolving and obviously. It's a good thing the organization and everyone close to him is vigilant and always looking out for itself. All this goes back to Wednesday morning when Giselle bunch and Tom Brady's wife went on CBS this morning. And said Tom Brady has a history of concussions. Including one last year. She said he has concussions every year pretty much every. Well. Here's a half so which Drew Brees says side of the net is out until mile wide coached in this is the way it is. And Johnson one of I missed the writer's name he stored in this market but he's one of these world football people you know. Is convinced that he did not itself with football. That is a dangerous sport that we should not play at all. It's a he retraces his is understandable but horrible. Like gosh you're just figure this in the book and I'm like oh my god. Ounce so that there has been pushed out here. But yeah I mean it's it's interesting that Gisele brings this. And then like. There's the spin. Of the day great in the media and often Cicely it's not right. People buy safe stuff and and you refuted that matters and if it's your wife you can say in the media your wife that's why I fought and your wife has line. Yeah curator to say why my life you market say that in the media going to go moments at real. Totally deaf little bit different took 444773776. Text line 71307. When we're to talk with on nick Parker with a Web.Com tour when we come back. And much more alive from the BMW charity pro am met formally club Greg McKinney JC sherbet Alonso in the studio this is the huddle on ESPN upstaged that. This will be right back.