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There's been a good day for golf. Should and this tournament go into it today man beautiful perfect does suck but again in the huddle on ESP in upstate and Greg McKinney JC sure Fernando Alonso here. If you wanna get him a loss after this next segment the phone lines are open to getting 444773776. Takes on a 71307. Driven by Carolina coaches RB superstar. But on the line right now is Marshall baton Doris Marshall is the tournament director for the BMW charity pro am it's coming to the Al Green malaria may fifteenth through the 21 and just about a month away and today and the celebrities. More announced for the issue first tournament Marshall I don't. About exactly because I you guys do and I'm doing terrific what a great day for tournament. Yeah no question about it I you know you doesn't repeat. Participants as you have had over the years and some familiar names that folks will recognize that haven't been here but up. Couple big new guys coming in Marshall first of all Aaron Rodgers Obama huge Packers fan. So that's big news to me how do you go about getting Aaron Rodgers to come in for this he's a golfer against. You know if aptly look like all there's a couple things that get us Sony's new games quite frankly it is that. Guys that have come in the past on their loved to talk like to play on call with their brands and dumb error the it is not about the turnarounds and a couple of guys came plastered buddies let them. One thing leads to another and in Altman's conversations starts and scheduler cleared and that's actually kind of haulers to let them you know we're pretty relaxed event they hear great things about the upstate and down. Outcomes there Riviera has been great. And as was some new names. As a mother so. Actually count the heat just talk about guilt stayed determined and let things. You know bill Mayer. Tell you recruited Alfonse blew off helped recruit other around. Participants I guess I. Yeah so all about the play it last through the first time had a chance to spend the Taliban might Gupta in a couple of month got to California and you know when they come here and I have such a great they look around and say well you know hey would you like to have. And there are some that you know we go you know OK and there are others it was quite frankly like Aaron and Larry the Cable Guy and Chipper Jones we get oh heck yeah in this region they would be are really upstate and is coming. You know continue conversations we some pan out some don't you know actually we got really lucky this year so far so we're very excited. Dell Dimension Chipper Jones a former racially baseball player with the Atlanta Braves I guess this is the first time he's been copyright. Yeah yup the end Josh Beckett and all of the or all of baseball. I don't wanna miss anybody but those street don't mind first timers. Sorties rock. Our refs actually played last year. But he was not at liberty to begin wet. He came here basically on his own has such a great time and I guarantee a spot this year bill that became and that some special things worked last year we just ran out spot last year and it happened one opens so it was a great help and and actually. I was Alvarez is a former operate a brave as there's been a big help open you don't settle up without with the FCA so I'm. You're a collaborative effort I don't know any of these before court started this position. You know you just you know you gotta be friendly talk about again determine upstate at sell itself. Yeah definitely doesn't mention a couple other names Tim Brando broadcaster for fox sports schedule to come in Chris Barron. He may not recognize the name but he's with the Spin Doctors he certainly will recognize. The fans got. Yup and they are they're playing a concert for us. Friday night and they get going they'll actually. While the spend larger that they're playing a concert. Also I had never had no idea they were still there the ban that's that's yeah yeah we had some. Killer tunes back in my proms are eyes got real excited that's all right Aaron Rodgers you can be sentiments I'm excited about the spending. Couple others Dan Jansen Jansen the olympians on the air John overly we've interviewed him before out here at the BMW charity programming is on silent film of course. Paul O'Neill we mentioned baseball player big time mom baseball player. And Gary Valentine the actor Tim Wakefield former major Major League Baseball player. I'm sure relieving some Al Mark Bryant was duty in the blowfish that's a good list. Martin goes you guys really coming out did yourself with a list this year. Well knock on wood again off our help and our our way so I looked they want it that people probably won't recognize. Justin Wheeler and down. He'd been two time Emmy award winning producer and down is a child actor and now I do some things with the HBO and she. Netflix. So you may not recognize and would he you'll sort direct and I saw what is it works a great guy and beer out and you mentioned Tim Brando. Peter really excited to play. You know I think they dislike being around each other the actors like to be. Smears musician's musician like to be golfers and actors so it really works Allah yeah thank. You're gonna have a free celebrity concert on main street on that Thursday may eighteenth 6 PM to 10 PM and that's always a lot of fun all these up artist all these musical artist get a thirty gathering. And play together for several hours enough meant to that and that's always great I wanted to mention best martial something new this year is that you're going to be. Testing the use of distance measuring devices during competition so the B four Web.Com tour tournaments to do that this will be one of them. That's pretty significant. Yeah opera may. From a golfer's standpoint. I like in its semi happy or how would you relate this that you're not a golfer well. If they had changed the basketball hide in the final four from ten feet to eleven feet. This is about the same but this is a huge ships for professional golf. We are going to be the first German professional permanent wall to do this so clearly everybody is gonna look yet. Are. How we look on TV I know that you were there initiative that we have the amateurs are in Iraq. It's a big test market and HTT Pebble Beach and lectures around them so. The fact that it's kicking off our that is a huge bonus for us and we order got lots publicity when it was announced a couple of weeks ago so let's spend. There's been really good it'll be interesting to see how to explain that speak about which. I certainly hope it does. But you know the fact that people all over the gulf and that your going to be paying attention to our event and again the upstate or all happening. Do the Golf Channel has got to be really cool. Now very cool lined up people are really familiar with. Competitive golf he can't use a distance measuring device right now during competition national out and I remember Jaycee and if you remember this. Jerry Rice got in trouble doing that here just. Throw how to get disqualified as a few years ago getting thinner at Ganassi the other distance measuring device sold them sort I remember that. Impact zone around. I was actually court director when that happened Bob the better devices are coming because everybody seems remember that incidents. Now yeah I was it was a entertaining in the say the least. Marshall bad north with the BMW charity pro am the tournament director here. A Marshall this events coming up may fifteenth through the 21 three golf courses they are thorn blade preserve river today. And Furman University still got time to take some ball in tears for this. Yeah actually we somewhere looking for more volunteers especially with those slippery line that we just announced we could use a lot more marshalls on each low poll that Harman. And the preserve of per day and to be honest with you want out front row seat or not only best golfer in the world in the amateurs but he celebrity's. Volunteering. You know to be out there are you know for the day and enjoy the great vocal sunshine in your money goes to charity you get optical stop and get a front row seats so. More openness inspire and give to our web site BMW charity golf and sign up then it's easy to do and we need some more volunteers and not put on the show that we want to. And we should always mentioned this that the up proceeds from this tournament go into a group of charities and you guys have another nice list of charity shall be supporting this year. Yeah thank you we are open across the thirteen million dollar mark in the seventeen years to determine this year so. But quite. Quite a tribute back to the community and something that's important to determined to attack ads and our common names so we we pay a lot of attention to it for so thank you for bringing that up. A Serb Marshall we appreciate it we're gonna be out there couple days as we have been for the past several years so we're looking forward to this exciting news thanks for coming off. Absolutely thanks for having a stand. Really appreciate your support thanks. I'm Marshall band or flee a tournament director BMW. Charity program or play golf of their country. Ahead analogy here this was yesterday. This was yesterday just so happens that day or Rogers showing up for you know. What are we work out screaming is doing right now and talk about how he's feeling good going into the season. And haven't imagined gulf. Ironically. The day before he is committed to be in the BMW charity pro am here's Aaron Rodgers talking about spring workouts this year. Yes program to a lot of work and I in this off season. That's just local it's kind of taken Jackson who tomorrow workouts and numbers like his and I think you know. Ever come back in his time in years ago in under 220. This kind of goals for me. So I had been the story and I was description of built my body that's one of the 33 and feel like I'm in the best shape I've been. Starting an offseason program. Here Rodgers just yesterday on our golf has taken a backseat so his golf game may not be edits height when he shows up. Next month as he has been playing. He's and you are designed not use you get to play with them now. My appointment but now does not matter and does not matter named by the way the celebrities who around the different courses on Thursday Friday Saturday and then you have the finalist. Fortunes of play doesn't take pictures with the celebrities sometimes you can look listen you're all you can do it. She got a shot interview and when his interview room asking the poor play. 19. I can do this thing around another day. All I can play around on May only can do is say no. Down there in us and now. There I'm leaning towards yes Greg. Close but but now they have to listen you know sometimes it's system that a matter of how enough guts to ask and then I must say you are not you know and the girlfriend Libby anymore we got today it's better than playing awfully. Are gonna tell on him like guard be tuning in here and it scared scared fifth. Truck pack back pack a 44 GSP as PM welcome back a more in the hollow if you want to jump on board to excellent 71307. It is not only it's the Thursday edition and we will be right back. Back into the hoddle. Reg McKinney JC sure effort and lots of thanks to Marshall band or BMW charity borrow amonte tournament director of an on Telus about the celebrities coming in. This year will be out there that Thursday and Friday at formed label of the courses. Now with the hot lines I think we've done that every year since we've been around I'm very excited it's my first warned it's fun it's fun laws weather's good. Yeah and a run inside from thunderstorm like cowboy years ago but. Otherwise it's a lot of fun a 444773776. Let's get hot takes and sausage in the huddle. Tired an article on tiger net today mentioned the Clemson sophomore receiver Cornell Powell is ready to be one of the top players. In the country. There's something about this kid that makes me agree that he has that type of potential. The hurricane. T reagans and others who have arrived or will arrive Agilent some with greater accolades like star ratings. Com am by no means about Zain these guys won't be outstanding as soon as this season. But if you're looking for a potential breakout story guy that can come from seemingly nowhere for the tigers have a huge year. My moneys and Ole. I hate player comparisons to the as little Percy Foreman. In him and counsel both as high school prospects and LT Cornell Powell. Is not going to have injury issues most likely the Percy had. Talk about Josh dobbs from Tennessee being asleep or quarterback in the NFL draft continues. There is a six point outline as to why sitting in my inbox this morning. And there are reports out there the sale blame the schedule blame the offensive coordinator blame the halls rosters and more things for his lack of high end production at times last season how love Josh stops. A body is a transformational. Type recruit for Tennessee and in fairness I want for five win team to a nine win team during his career there. And I would love to see him on the long and productive career in the NFL before you as a becomes an astronaut but I disagree. That it was anything more than inconsistency. On his part last season you want proof. Of what's last year's Florida Tennessee game marked the first half. And the marks the second half and I know he had some drops in the first half but he was still erratic second half. Just dobbs whose money that's a good. Good dobbs bad dobbs compares to being gay consistent I agree with the hype if not. I think it will be yet another piece of draft narrative that goes silently. By the wayside. This is the big hot take today Chad Holbrook. Actually said this. Sometimes it's better for his team to go on the road because the fans don't yell at his players so much. That was unreal. The players and coaches are responsible for this team now living under the standards of this program. Unlike other schools Carolina fans care about baseball game got fans are down this year on the first to criticize them. I thought their approach the last football season sought. About their approach to most of this men's basketball season sucked. I don't think that they are out of bounds by being upset that a pre season top three team is eight and seven in the SEC. Loss to its rival yet again and has yet ten. Sort of find its niche with a all the talent on the roster not to mention the fact they play soft. They blow games it's because you're yelling at the players while this is happening and now for the sausage. I think that. At some point. If you were doing any commercials for deodorant. You do not need to get the most feminine sounding man to say things like it's like the Hoover Dam for my. I don't think that helps society at all. I don't think that helps any thing but underscore the fact that. Men nowadays really. Relief has gotten soft especially in the younger generations. I thought that was kind of sad. That was down about a sausage shift. For today did you just added that I just add that one ends of that to the omelet if you will but that's my take. Elicit a couple of the commercial did you how many guys do you know they're like that. You know I know and I mean when you walked her high school. Isn't in the dark some some twenty somethings that you may be work with used to work where all the way I've been training some twenty something mother on our hero cool and they're now like that so I know I know they're out there but now that there also and not to judge him don't know them that will but there are also all ostracized a little bit with because you know it's cool to be that way now your date. If you're you know it's cool aware like the skinny jeans and you know have the blue flannel whole minute to talk like this and to be you know just very very it's cool. If that generation and advocate advocate I don't know miracle we could talk all day about why it is. Let's just say it is and let's just say that. A de give advertisers are gonna make your commercial like that unless they know that they're talking and one target somebody film. Actually that's the case remember the Pepsi commercial racially when. Iran some some how you they do mess up. They're targeted at people little effect on the world minds that bond with a spot in question was a national spot it wasn't alone in some I would go is not a local company analyst and please go support our thousands of guys like such a dove products as you won't and it just dancing music on and I'm actually defending dove right here I don't think using was gonna make sure you and someone that talks like that it's very good he's that the jamming a bubble ball ball ball. I I'd just as they make of Farrah I mean look how many but look we're we're talking about. Did you hear axe body spray having some money to are acts talking like that. Or Gillette the best man can get any other male masculine or products old spice old spice. Does Mitch day our forum for feminine men differ from autos plus sauce I want latest cover and say it done. For feminine qualities combined don't love your nose you know you're not yet in the man let's Parker core male I'll also and a body wash when Tom cousins and yet three models is jobs dollars that's what it smelled good aisles like. Man this is great three dollars and found out on the war about Barnett for a long time and now I think as of Bob my candidate home and I think. A maybe giving a maybe hadn't down till you know them the coffee underground or whatever and giving it awaited him some money won't non. Television production company represented in what before Alapont City Council night before last. And they were asking you to love to get permission to film on the island. A reality show about finding love. There was no love to be found. City Council voted. In a four to four time and so that means. No go. For the show it was some. From Bravo the trouble was the still in the works Bravo shows ties to southern charm and sings a germ that only to talk about well we're talking about another Bravo reality TV show centered on Charleston socialites. So council member Barbara Byrd warf said saying it has anything to do. In any way shape or form. 1%. With southern charm makes in a negative. That has been a horrible representation of Charleston. And if fell off the earth and never showed up again in any one's Netflix. If it fell off the earth never should have been anyone's Netflix I would be pleased. She is not alone in feeling that way. I've never heard of the show covers southern charm and washed it but I'll a backlash you know why should we supposedly not be watching it. The female star that she I have a loose connection there and have we have mutual friend. And let's just say that you know the story lines and that in that you surprise me. At all. Rules that are real story lines are not rules learn their they're countering them can. They're kept it real it's a reality show Kia cause all those are real none of that scripted. Tells a member Jimmy Carroll said I can't say that southern charm has really come across well in Charleston and that's one thing I'm protective I was not to have us become for lack of a better term. A fiasco. Of somebody chasing love on the beach and people fighting. Josh helper was there making the case for the show about dating life in around Charleston. And count southern charm cast member shepherd shepherd rose among its cast Albert is the vice president of production company commissioned by Bravo for the series. And he emphasized the council that the new show bush does not have a final name would not be and other southern charm. Is that a tea stress enough this is different kind of show it's not a show that's premised upon people and each other's throats backbiting nothing like that this. Is a hopeful show. Business like the bachelor. The Angus leg man. Follow palms is pretty swanky place again while I don't know that there. And you know maybe they get some insult and I am in I'm nearly one that's like I can't believe they would want this publicity for South Carolina. By an Irish I understand this. And maybe they should have a referendum. Vote may let other people live their own problems and everybody yeah. Well for a four time means it does not pass it's dead by the way. John little has just talked to channel broke about his comments that I just went awful he's got further comment from Chad yeah. July from a period and short I just talk a chat. And part of what we discussed were his comments after the game on Tuesday which were published on Twitter late last night and made there way to decide. He told me he made a mistake. That he was upset following the game because there's someone lighting ended June bride early in the game. And I Jonah came back to help them win it against Davidson. Joan as one of the best kids on the team and there are some comments hurled his wade had Chad ticked off. He told me came to South Carolina for two reasons the first being ray tanner and the second being the best baseball fan base in the atmosphere. Created at founders park. He may have some comments and more formal capacity later but he wanted that passed along and capacity at all. So have these price got some backlash for bad. Even jar and little who keeps things on an even keel with regards to baseball he's a baseball guy must baseball gods do not like football guzzling meter reactionary. But. Even John said it probably wasn't the best thing for him to make those comments. Now. I don't criticize your fan base. Some extra bases to be Chris that well I mean you don't do it for that. Yeah that you know there are being you know we scene toward the players throwing things Adams online and it's different when you first. Okay and you had a top three team in the pre season and you're struggling like they're struggle getting close to the top three today. You know they're good not great. And when you're the current coach of a great program and its year five and you haven't. You know you've been closed one game for college World Series once when your predecessor was many talent. I just don't know that I think you need to keep your head down and go win and I think you need look internally and I think you need to say you want him to shut up. You don't shut up and show up an annual will be the hero game get better. And act I I think that's what most coaches do me and I understand our our respect coach the stands up for his players against abuse or. You know banjo and whenever. But I do is you guys. I'd almost say anybody deserved it because I don't know what was said to Jonah bride. But look you don't let happen play better there's one answer for all list Mets play better you don't wanna be criticized play better. You don't want people yellen from the stands play better. And the only reason people care enough or don't care about baseball of a lot of schools. You know it doesn't matter. South Carolina is not one of those days that they've they're. Upset because they care. Be thankful about that gonna get better that's almost. A grade. Great comment and you'll you'll more formal public mean backing off and he needs his next opportunity. As the gamecocks can can it continue to kind of limp along. Here's were commend on the stretch run of the baseball season 844 GSP ESPN text line 71307. Twitter Addie SPN upstage we will break and come back with more in a moment you're listening to the huddle on Thursday afternoon on ESP upstate. By striking out in the huddle today on ESPN. Upstate. Phone lines opening 444773776. Text line 71307. Use the keyword. ESPN. At the beginning of your text message don't forget our ESP in a state draft party coming up a week from today and next Thursday. And join us at local cheer we're gonna some fun out there in the huddle and strait of a stir to be live from 1 o'clock until 7 o'clock analysis predictions prizes and much more. And you can enjoy the best swings in the upstate how smoked barbecue. Build your own Mac and cheese and much more. Local cued the award winning game in sports bar there at thirty Orchard Park drive run off Haywood road. Online at local Q dot com again both our local shows at local cued next Thursday one for no huddle for a seven. With a straight up with stirred cheese here's some more information on that one year contract extension some people raising their eyebrows that Brad Brownell. Got a one year extension to this was part of all what they talked about. Dan radical Richard Brad Brownell when they met last month to talk about the future of the basketball program. The board trustee compensation committee approved the contract. Yesterday. A birthday mad in center. And the deal is that his contract now runs through 20/20 one they added a year to the three years that were on the here. Brownell schedule they one point eight million this coming season one point nine million in 20182019. Two million even in 201920. And 2000000 and 20/20 one. The guaranteed income does not increase. One on more significance to things that changed is the buyout and I think that's what a lot of this is all about. Starting on May first. It drops to one point seven million dollars without litigation that was at three million dollars for this coming year. So may first against one point seven million dollars. And 2018. And drop to 850000. Dollars. And in 2019. It drops to 425000. Dollars so moment is what. And radical riches. Working on here to set up the school to be in a better financial position if they do you have to buy out. The remainder Brad Brownell what's. Contract so I don't know is that numb. You know is it worth adding another year on to change the bile language up think you can make that argument and certainly he thought. That that was the case and certainly the boarded the board approved. Yesterday. Yeah I mean they're Smart as Smart as I like when ray tanner didn't extend the contracts and the assistance under Steve Spurrier. Home. Beyond their current termination you know one year termination date. As you know movement gets stuck with a all that case you have to make him at the same time. I don't I'm confident you you are now if you Brad Bird help on things like well an hour or they have to get rid of his or news. Cut this money down Bryant but he knows that he knows where he stands right I'm pretty clear I have a question. As as a situation like this ever. How many time let me rephrase how many times is a situation like this ever worked out long term. And John Schlegel. Really I mean when it was slated here sad when I start going south and you start. Can you know him in and on about how long. You're gonna hang on what you do one more year but this but this she got to do this minority let Mike when nick ego and assistant coach longtime friend. Beckon now on April 8 couple weeks ago he cut him loose now they album. They approve new one year deals to a couple other assistants Dick. Binder. And Steve Smith big Bender Bender can. A don't do. And Steve Smith got a salary increased to 200000 dollars. So they've Dave's bumped up some assistance for the big Kellen Lewis that's part of what's. Radical it was stolen. Bremer anomaly to you farm you need to make some changes and he did and you know it was tough on foreign. But always view I don't. Recall. I don't recall any cases where it is suddenly turned around. Heading employers that year and yet in this situation might suggest he strolled his first years at duke. But then you know it by 86 he was on the final full. Com. You know South Carolina thing the war writing was on the wall when Dave Odom. You know I I guess you can look at it a situation. And he got fired this year of course that Lorenzo rogue Moro Washington may have been a guy that are what it is coaching her gum. And see but. I just don't. I don't remember situation where a school you know with mediocre results stuck with a mediocre. Situation and then it into Sunday generous only funny you know where your three year four yes but yes dealers are you Lorenzo Roma are. In a first year was losing record but then three straight NCAA tournaments. And then. A down year and in the CB and in three straight NCAA tournaments. And then you know say get deep into his ten year they went and I team and that team napping now I think in at TD. And then the bottom file and farm so late in a lot of times guys with a longer tenured stone. Miami and I'm just. I'm a little skeptical there's just because of the tracker and maybe this is vote. Maybe democratic ovitz is a genius and this this works out and I tend to think he made it as a way to make it because Bernal is a good guys run a clean program. I think he did it because it it's it's a fair thing to do yup and maybe also. You know and without will waive PO will waigel on Ellis he will Lloyd was the obvious choice for the job being close Ingraham former. Manager there. Com and maybe since you embellish or you know what I don't relate there's not a guy like there's not that guy out there to get get and so let's just you know blip Brad TV game. Improve or more year. And then let's go get a guy you know let's go get them. A big timer as they're set themselves up to be able to do that with spending less money with a will to produce my christianity out of this as the mayor you know. Thanking two steps of that ahead you know that that is it's worked out well. But I just don't know that is gonna work out for Bradford an album broken I think he's I gathered together x.s and o.s coach I think that. You know his sort of even keel personality hurts him at times. And he's closing out loves worries that. And down. Was a good choice for the job in my opinion I mean he knew when the ago. Coach him up a little bit when you ACC is just they just have not gone his way the last two years you know a lot of close losses that type. A lot of talk about the Georgia quarterback situation in this discussion about whether this is really. They settled position for the University of Georgia with a that would come back 8444773776. Back in a moment this is the huddle you're listening to ESP announced it. Welcome back into the huddle on ESPN upstate. You're on the twentieth of April as we have. Kind of jump down to college football that's along down that we don't waste ago funny now the number yet to start count them. What does not too early to start talking about a couple of issues with the college football. And one out could be brewing at Georgia. JC with the quarterback position with Jake apiece them and Jake from him lot of people assuming that Eason. Back for a second year would certainly be the starter may end up being a way very well but up. Turned see some buzz that from his pushing him a little bitten could figure into the mix. Yeah a little bit he's. Guy that a lot of people home. Sort of talk about. As as it is why it was committed Alabama. Got better and better as a recruit sort of through the process. So little bigger Gallo a strong arm I don't know kind of past or he was early on when one estimate the need to get better batter. In spoke was somebody like you said in December close the Georgia program since it wouldn't surprise them Jake from beat out Jacob decent. At some point like his intangibles better. Yeah they think he's got a high upside and any any any even if he doesn't. And I don't think ultimately they're gonna bail Easton and store a true freshman for the second straight year. If any Dudley is gonna make Eason better you know as will another year of experience Georgia has a chance. I mean listen. With the players they have coming back Curry's march or be able to win ten games in his sleep. Next year. They should no doubt be them overwhelming favorites to win the SEC east I mean you've gotten that job and Sonny Michael and Sonny Michelle come on back. Both will be healthy this year. You have a quarterback that went through his true freshman year that's going to be better you better receivers. Hopefully better on the offensive line Lorenzo corners coming back on defense among others. On Georgia as a chance to really make a move. And you know I think that if they don't you have to kind of wonder what kind of learning curve and how long it's going to take for Kirby Smart that camera. Mara on the fly if they don't. Just because last year there were some times where you kennel again and one man bowl what's going wrong you like losing to Vanderbilt is commander belt the two point win over Mardy nickel stated home. Additional loss to Kentucky. I could have beaten Tennessee and am cattle but lost that game loss to Georgia Tech the loss to Georgia Tech was I mean how many Paul Johnson's. Only beaten Georgia like twice in his career. I'm Damian Johnson and I go Athens and win an end and a law although those were games that George could want to mean so. I don't know I think that down. I think that when you look at it. It's going to be an arresting and and the quarterback situation is good the good news it. Is that around the SEC you'll see things like this happening. In last year you Karen look at it right now and said well Jason's gonna have to come in and started Giorgio somebody's here to covers our South Carolina. Lou del Rio's gonna have to start Florida. And I just think of the league in general is in much better shape. Quarterback wise and was and instead of an Auburn gonna stabilize that situation you're now that hurts is not a true freshman and Alabama anymore. That's gonna stable so you know alike that. One of the things that dot think it's happening is that Kirby Smart talking up from a little bit because he wants him to push. Eason and he's been talking about for a while. He talked about how jig from got off the plane from the army all American game and ask for every receiver cell phone number. Does he wants to go throw them and said if they're not out there throwing he wants to ask him why they're not. So that's you know that's impressive for a young kick eminent. Like that in Nam they will able you know he symbol be better for. Having some competition that's one of the things you wonder about a South Carolina really is on is anybody ever gonna push Jake Bentley in the near future you know them look like this year. Is he going to just coast through the next couple three years as the young starter Willie gets money in their push or not. I think what Jake you know want to worry about anybody pushing him just from everything I've heard no undoing years and stuff out I don't probably have to worry about that means to Sean wanted you know Tora people pushing him at Clemson in he was never pushed. You know he had to win the job his first year but Denny is kind of a self starter and and the really good ones are in now and I'm aging mentally is really good I think he's going to be fine I don't claim immunity about it is to push Jake that in them let me back up. Do they need depth behind Jake Bentley absolutely and I and they're gonna come a look around for. Deceived they can do it otherwise it's Michael Scarnecchia. And as some have as a Scarnecchia and Bentley eat food. Don't get ugly in Colombia but you know that that that's kind of the deal as you gotta come home. You know yeah I kind of look at the depth at South Carolina and I think Bentley will be fine. Well I think you'll be fine too but Tom. Nothing wrong with some competition and again veteran quarterback I guess is what I'm saying South Carolina needs to behind battling. They've got to get better quarterback yeah and then they're probably in a son to this year that I don't work out murdering 8444773776. Do you think gum piece and it's a start for Georgia this year most likely still Leeson you don't think naymick that change. Just because I know it's another round. Out of the beginning but I mean hey look it if they get to the point in the season more from his consistently out playing him. You know you never know here 01. Jacob recent hasn't Bowman Jewry and so we're gonna start from this game and he's never go back to me it's just done is really could happen. I'm not ruling it out I'm not ruling out at some point. But. I don't think they're gonna open. Against Notre Dame. Momentarily from which it. Yeah I'm that tend to agree with that now they have bomb actually they have apps statement cornered him. In upstate on the on September 2 at home. But at Notre Dame will be tough and then they've got to I had Tennessee midway through the season and adult or not be a tough road game in London home games on the schedule. George scheduled zone. Loaded with some pretty good home games like again Mississippi State at home again misery at home Florida home South Carolina and home Kentucky don't. This year but they do open up with that state on Saturday September 2 then it's the trip to Notre Dame in South Bend. On Saturday night September 9 on NBC primetime game for 730. Already set. Stay with us we'll come back on the other side in the huddle if you wanna get on board an 8444773776. She can do that going back to the MBA playoffs or her from later Dray mind green of the Golden State Warriors coming up. And much more so why keep it right here it's the huddle. On Thursday afternoon. The twentieth of April with Greg McKinney JC sure hurt and Alonso and will be right back just a moment.