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It is Thursday welcome into the huddle on ESPN upstate with Greg McKinney JC sure Auburn and lines of its. For wanting that's elements are about them. It's Thursday and we appreciate you being here with us in the huddle we're here for the next three hours we have plenty to get to today. Including will be joined by Marshall but indoor tournament director for the BMW charity pro MD him. Amid a pretty cool announcement today on their celebrities that are coming in and they include. Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay Packers quarterback that's pretty good stuff. And also Chipper Jones former bright that's another big name look at us thanks miss so excellent here's the thing Aaron Rodgers and I don't want to jinx it or anything but you know sometimes. The biggest of the celebrities say yeah or coming. And then day. Few weeks outside hunt had a had a schedule change. He will now not be appeared on some just just keep my fingers crossed is this about a month away or if there's any chance for reconciliation. So we can bring along someone else like Libya's comic. Okay I don't think so I don't think she'll be here. But very cool com we'll talk to Marshall band or about that at 2 o'clock and in the 3 o'clock hour actually have some mom. Some Aaron Rodgers sound from yesterday as they were beginning a work outs he actually talked about golf in this and now he's. But his golf game go right now to get ready for the season he feels really good going into the upcoming 2017 NFL season solely here from air and coming up later in the show as well. Todd takes a saw soon Jaycee at 220 as we always do of the ESPN 300 is out we'll talk about that's. Of course we're gonna get to the NBA playoffs which role on every night we'll bring it to date on that in just two minutes. Kind of funny story about Oklahoma State's rings the football teams to rings and accounting when they didn't relate. Get on their rings or know your thoughts on that is that cool we should've won this game short counting it. We'll talk about that coming up on the show as well and dom may be a limit on the Georgia quarterback situation JC which is not cut and dried. I guess. Yeah I'm news it is interesting greeting some of the articles and of command happened since the spurring in her during the spring and Alice told that I may have mentioned on the show. Back in December that they failed as a staff like from could. Potentially not only push to pass Easton and because they like his intangibles a whole lot ponies a competitor. So we'll see what happens they gave me kind of unlikely that they would start a true freshman quarterback for the second year in a row I think they're gonna. Stick with the east and and see what he can do but certainly competition makes everybody better and it's an interesting so. I would say what we've heard about that the latest on that coming up later in the show also your chance 1000 dollars that happened drug before 2 o'clock. With keyword in the free cash stash just listening for that mean texted and to win the money. So that's ahead Collison is always a 444773776. Our checks line is 71307. Use the keyword ESPN. And it's powered by Carolina coaches army superstore. And more on Twitter at ESPN upstate. So the Golden State Warriors did in fact sit Kevin Durant last night we told you that that was possible yesterday and they did it. He has a strained left calf. Suffered in game one on Sunday in Denver despite him practice Tuesday and didn't displayed in shootaround Wednesday didn't like. Last night and what happened Golden State beat Portland 12 and 81. Almost thirty points. Without. Kevin Durant. So now he gets five full days of rest before game three Saturday. In Portland. I don't know guys I mean they're. It says Roland man I mean Golden State look good last night. Durant. Was twelve for twenty from the floor in the Sunday game for 32 points. They need him last night in the role like that against the San Antonio I don't think so. Not like that. But still you would have expected Portland to have a little better night than they had last night. Also well for game two Shaun Livingston and Matt Lawrence but it was Kevin Durant. Who was the one. That drew all the attention to not being out on the court. Steve Kerr says they're pretty thin boy look fail last night. He says we're lucky we have good players we have a lot of talent we want funny games the last couple years with the guys down. They are. Learning to play. With injuries he says yet play what you got just like Portland is doing now without their starting center in that did hurt. Portland as well centers out with a leg fracture so mom. I you know. That's pretty remarkable back kind of bomb performance without Katie last night. Or Portland so babe. Payroll and forums are for Golden State that roller up to games to none now after the one chance at 81 win. The rockets beat the thunder doesn't seem to matter what Russell Westbrook downs they're still down two to knot the Westbrook can or in the points fifty points or so. They lose. 1151. Elevens and now the rockets are up. Two to nothing in that series and the wizards are up on the hawks the Atlanta Hawks in trouble. They're down tutor or nothing 1092101. Was the score last night my bullet holes or the coach of the hawks. Says it's coming down to fourth quarter performance more in Atlanta. Obviously the fourth quarter not good enough offense I think our offense put us and it's a spot and you know they made some big shots Brandon Jennings to start the fourth quarter and then. Hum deal hit some big ones you know late so. And I think we just gotta maintain it for forty minutes if we can in a go back to Atlanta now when again that's get better and win. Millsap had 27 points for the hawks Schroeder had 23 points. But it didn't matter it was it was good shooting. 45% shooting. For the wizards and they won it by eight points to the wizards. Is better than the hawks this is you know this is a great hawks team that is not a fantastic wizards team either but I think they have more players and unfortunately for the favorite in BA team of my childhood. And I think they're gonna probably go down five. Yes but don't listen to anything I say about what we do know him much yeah I mean nothing. A lot of these teams that are down shooter nothing from last night. The hawks. The thunder. The trailblazers. Who has better chance to come back. I'd say the founder of thunder probably. I mean she announced that they browse up and home and play well. Not to use an Atlanta upon that's the Arab falcon saying cries out and I'm so they could come back and diet and about to Washington but I just you know there's been previous talks teams that. In the first round you kind of feel confident about the way I just awful confident out I think the wizards have gotten better as a franchise and team and you know they are pretty solid last year and this is the year for them to take the next step that if the bulls do. Upset the Celtics in the wizards potentially get a home field home court advantage in the next round against Chicago and and maybe get into the Easter commerce finals that would be. Don't be a gift for the cavaliers from things but I'm certainly would be a big deal. For the Washington Wizards in general last night. The capitals nets and wizards all had big night out so for my long suffering DC sports. Fans friends out there. It was a good night for death no doubt what is it about the fourth quarter while the hawks run out of gas here in the I think I they don't have some. Any legitimate stars I think they can take over game they're just a good solid team top to bottom Millsap doesn't leak and it. You know I I think they need that guy you're mr. nice guy and Rome. You know unfortunately when you do that in your play any good team on the road that's hungry that doubles to get it done. Things fall apart I don't think the halls of not being competitive because they have now it is just they just run out of gas. They actually led after three quarters last time and then. Were outscored 35 to 23 in the fourth quarter and lost by eight to outscored by twelve in the fourth quarter so that's where it went south. On the Atlanta Hawks spores or Casey is concerned. They they got the production out of Westbrook 51 points less than 51 for Russell but he only had two out of 113 pointers. And seventeen out of 43 from the field he shot 43 times and as she's had since I took 43 shots. That's just sounds like you think 43 good shots not all great shots now it is free throws it to fifteen breaking in at 51 points but you when you. They just don't have any support Westbrook. And now the rockets hey listen you're looking pretty good Harden had 35 last night. Lot of that from the free throw line over half his voice came from the free throw and the hardest play well this is the best he's played. Alan imagine. Casey you're like Harden and the season he's having yeah James are. I mean is he an underrated player in the NBA do you think well he's. Front runner won on the front runners for the MVP some of these underrated I mean it's between him and and Westbrook Westbrook. He doesn't get the album. The pub though little LeBron gets and he's never gonna get that but I mean a guy the guy has put together in quite a season and on the island. Great game last night and if he also gets a lot of commercials today goes everywhere with me. If but the rockets are fairly deep they had a couple guys off the bench gore over twenty points each to their intimate scoring when you get that. You probably. Gonna win. Oregon when they got four. EOC fifty points off the bench last night for the rockets that's good. That's good so the rockets are in great shape. And as far as I Golden State in Portland concerned I don't know the Portland has has the bullets I mean that nobody score for Portland last night. Really little or had twelve points last night five for seventeen shooting. He should be better than that. They have to have him be better than you ask if any of those men and three series with the other teams come back around the Camille can not only end up doing there. Not only them do do either I think they're all. Toast. Of likable and so. But he's talking about that. I tonight's lineup and we Cleveland Indiana Cleveland up two to nothing in that series. That's 7 o'clock game 8 o'clock game is a Toronto Milwaukee and that's a 121 series so nobody cares about the teams but it's good series. 8 o'clock and then San Antonio Memphis play at 930 tonight San Antonio up two to nothing in that series. Do you see Indiana or Memphis coming back I don't. Or Cleveland San Antonio or had children to turn. But which what is the Toronto Milwaukee series ago tonight will be a big determination and that some real ticket to games to one lead. By the way don't write off for nearly because of Cleveland struggled on the road well this year so. If India doesn't get a game to be that's what. Him and JR Smith is again beat. He jogged and sprinted and did everything possible to tap test is sore left hamstring. At practice. He spent the entire second half of game two on the bench. Says he doesn't like sitting out he has sat out enough but he is questionable. For the game tonight at Indianapolis. As the Catholic to go up. Three to nothing hurt his leg some point of the first half of game two he says he's absolutely ready for game three the cavs aren't selling them. They'll wait till game time to announce whether he will. Get into the game and on a Smith said there was an MRI inning came back fine. But if he can't play look for him on shopper to come in. Did that on on Monday night you would likely get the start and was pretty good was pretty good. They have swapped roles before Smith missed 36 games following thumb surgery and Shumpert filled in. For the defending champions. Then Paul George just gonna have to take over for Indiana to get back and and chopper was good on Paul George the third quarter Monday he held Paul George four points. And cast built up their lead so. Only don't. Yep he's very important for the pacers to get back I don't pin allows him do that maybe don't get a game or two and a nationals I tell you what in the first game Lance Stephenson did pretty well especially in the fourth quarter so I think keep his emotions in check he can. Be that second guy and looking for I'm not sure he can keep his emotions in check but if he does calm he's kind of a spark plug for that team. And Paul George by the lawyers trying to tamp down the brouhaha over the comments he made after the last game. He says is not unhappy with his teammates. Just wants them to play better. Less than 48 hours after the star of the pacers challenge to more players in a posting news conference. He shot back at the notion that he wasn't supporting his teammates he says us complete ignorance. Everybody knows how close I am with my teammates. Just trying to motivate them. Com he big complained that CJ miles should not take in the final shot in that one point loss in game one. But it was an open fourteen foot shot. And by the way Paul George's over fourteen in his career on potential go ahead baskets in the final twenty seconds. So doesn't have a history that emotional but yet you probably won't pull torched Coptic that you that's probably what you. Would like to have ID 444773776. Q what talk NBA what you like what you don't like. Anybody gonna come back from these two to nothing deficits. Kind of questionable but maybe you have different thoughts. We come back we'll talk about these are rings I mentioned at Oklahoma State for Oklahoma State football Mike Gundy from a lot of nifty move up on. Anymore so stay with us as we roll through this Thursday edition of the Hubble on ESP announced they will be right back. Beautiful Thursday afternoon. Kevin via South Carolina football playing golf tournament today they had a perfect today for that much better than yesterday so that worked out. Ledger this in the huddle 8444773776. Via text line 71307. And Twitter ready ESPN upstate let's bring down would end up first today in the hope they don't. Did it. Looked at forever and Clinton always do what is going here in discredited by. One and only need. Right. And president you have to get along it and well apparently they need to think well Paula certainly if. Known as well as follows more running. It. And this led it'd cost. Thank you Vicki I think it atrocities he's here or. I don't know some idea about that because each he has. Map. Well army has big year for Brad Brownell obviously it's in the year. I don't know filed its you know clown say tournament or bust and Gaudin replica which didn't say that. NCAA tournament or bust because they're can be extenuating circumstances but. It's not far from that he pretty much needs to get into the tourney this currencies. In 92 yes definitely yes well in the indeed Contra. Their the other side and up forearm you know. To make it easier to do what they need to do if they need to have me what I want is for it to finally click and now maybe it does maybe it does for Clemson but there. It can't be another six and twelve ACC here. For clubs and. And it made enough good permanent night under the Quebec on the government rich if camel Indian atop you know social. We had him on yesterday saying that I have. CBS has an earmark draft Elmer talk about the Slater let him go and thirteenth overall with the cardinals my homes. And third quarterback taken that thirteenth overall as a three quarterbacks in the first thirteen picks me up. Keynote credit but there's Jason is it inevitable bust Salah has actually started in what is the risk now. Liberating that it would actually don't concern though they do their own and so so in that all of it now. Our strength. Think he's kept putting our strength all those those long balls that makes Davis star and about him. Throwing incomplete that was the big argument before. They were overthrown. So what was what was the deal with the orange street what was your own overthrown ball it can mean anything can mean the vulnerable the receiver while it was a mystery either see or given up on the route. There were drops the a lot of those long passes. The John Watson there's one of the best long balls in college football there there's no question about that so I just. It's just one thing after another when this guy man I think what some of these you just need to admit is we don't like Michelle wants and we don't know why. We like others better we don't really know why we just do this is a gut feeling column will either be right or wrong and and and that's just this is because of the the explanations don't make any sense this is. This is there's been the most bizarre thing I've ever seen his force draft coverage because maybe I wasn't paying as close of attention as I should have. But I mean just the different opinions on it and the reasons why don't add up. I mean he talked to three different people you really think he's the best quarterback ever. Are you think he if you add up what they're saying positively. Or you think he's one of the worst piano when they say negatively it's ridiculous amount I don't know why it is. I don't know. What the situation is but down it just doesn't sound right. Is that I be. But when it got to run and we should get Andre to create nationals. I think it. Being the latest mock from CBS has and go on six the budget to the jets. And that will be good landing spot we sells one yesterday seventh of the chargers who doesn't like he's going to be in the top ten tonight and that's for good and low lying to go to the jets. And he really is to say. I'll take you wanna go to New York. Our India as a little bit more special are they sent someplace San Diego where totally compatible there will probably is. And maybe do analyzes blah now. You just said maybe he's a save you think Watson is good enough to save the team. DCU norm says it do you think Watson's good enough to go in and save the team and turn a team around you think you try to play out right away and they can go in and be one of the most promising young quarterbacks in the NFL. I desire I think he's be behind some money for a while. And yeah. The but the the question is why. I mean we won't everybody close of one and and to be buying Kohl's now listen I I think I think that is not best on the rossotti entire quarterback crop this year. Cause I just don't think anybody stands out to the point where I think that they can jump them in and win right away while I think that's a fair. I agree you won't Robiskie and my homes but I just I think Watson's the guy that can step in coming out and do nothing me first your story. I disagree lawns and. And just don't deserve another problem children may have just been disputed or read out should have a bad about it. I worry about Thomas should. Actually. What additional what I take it the vote cause it to be an additional losses. To show what an indelible mark was probably about a bit. If open is punishing them for not doing and Andrea thank you Dublin corporation. Mr. biscuit by the way that's what the people are calling mr. ms. because that's what people thought his name was. Mean he says name real liberal finance Mitch to miss you mr. biscuit. Mr. biscuit is probably going to be the first quarterback. Taken in the upcoming draft. Did you say Mike Gundy did I just feel about this. Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy. They lost in week 2 last year to central Michigan. Now there was controversy at the end thirty to 27 loss. The central Michigan chippewas in their solutions ship once. Were incorrectly awarded an on time down because officials Legg Mason Rudolph northwestern high school Oklahoma State quarterback for intentional grounding on a fourth down incompletion as time was running out. And so they got an on time down and they scored on a hail Mary. So. They have come out with their ratings. Commemorative Alamo Bowl ratings for Oklahoma State for 2016. And on the side assist when he sixteen Valero Alamo Bowl. Eleven and zoo. Eleven inches they torture and three because they lost that game they put eleven and two. On their rings. Gundy decided to do that Mike Gundy said nobody will ever convince me we didn't get the win. He's all right good and put a record that's not really your. Record. They're no ring. Well mean that they did deserved it was should've won the game and there's no question about it as a bad call him. The record and the right and his record and they should never have but you still have to stop that play. I mean. Even stop the play they BU. You know regardless of whether or not they should go on the playoff. They be here. In and they dated about executing a hail Mary Jean and so I don't know that I would have done as a power Mike Gundy you know he. They had a great year Oklahoma State and agree year bond to India but they lost to Baylor and they lost Oklahoma and they didn't win the conference title and Avant. But once I think once once a bowl ring ring worth it's basically clustering and they mean putting thing you won't classroom opponent alassane it should be illegal on the 25 years from now they can just cranky and Jamar ringing nobody's gonna check I think I'll just put thirteen and don't I want to update the more I think what they should and as for 38 aid because there 388 win over Colorado. Who people or aren't about. Would be a playoff team just a month before Merrill Mobil's much more impressive and yet we have Oklahoma State holds a team to eight points for the any sort of laughed that has any sort of authors of polls at all. It's a great day maybe if they custard or more on playing defense. But it never been in this situation with the matter with central Michigan so you know that that that's that's the thing out that 38 you know because that was more impressive than. The overall record everything else is there listen dishonesty is snow and. Is this who you want. Coaching you're you're kid because he's basically lying. They certainly is. He's putting a false record on there yeah bowl rings. He since fault it's okay kids if you think you wanna you go away and say yeah that's OK and here's proof powering. Only last time nobody Allegheny thought issuable on Macau's McCall by an official here and do it every time discount that one in town it. We got that one. Eleven to now I mean you know. I stupid. I wouldn't I wouldn't like it about as a player where an airing around and it and in the wrong record on. And I wouldn't do it if our Mike Gundy. I don't know I just found it. Your record your record. And how did this come out I mean he and now he announced he was doing this or religious they just put the rings out. I guess that just got the rings is a look at somebody and again. Well who is Gundy who has Gammon Gundy is that his son. At Gundy child. Yet I would MS son I would imagine if it's at Gundy child and it is Gavin Gundy that is his child well getting under tweeted pictures during that's one way got out. And his tweet said coach Gundy is two savage. On a savage is the word I would use how's that savage to put the wrong record on the during. So between it and everybody saw on the victim's story. He's refusing to accept the loss to us central Michigan. Because. Yeah again it was a bad call but as you say Jaycee there was one more play after that you don't have to let him complete a hail Mary. To be evening. So any play that happens after disputed call didn't happen is basically what Mike Nixon. Disputed call we don't agree with a call. We don't accept the call. Where eleven and to crack crack I where not accepting this sort of live and don't forget the option whether you want except. A loss or not now according to Mike can you take the ones you'll. Agree with not the elements a 44 GS PS PNL west most on by the US government a model. That's just don't know it's well I guess I'm record Ayers I am probably at about 7000. Yeah. That one yeah. Or would you say it is west's right now wants 100 sure don't want. That's correct things happened that were you know maybe outside your control in those games that went down his losses so you should just tell them as when. A strike price up request a quick question jayshree. Jake say let me ask you do you think might be that the reason that the and that's soul just to or not scalp Serb all upon itself they're. Our. Giving if Shawn Watson is such a hard time is because of the track. That Clemson won the national championship. And they call eight patrols Clemson won the national Czech and chair. While ami asked how wooden I don't know about that is that I don't know of too many media people that dislike Clemson. I mean Kirk herb street loves Clemson. You know that's the college media. I don't know about make Shea Khyber I mean in clubs and had. A lot of high draft picks that they really like big Beasley the Andrea Hopkins I mean. I don't I mean and I know they'll like Alabama players to bud town. I think that's the thing because I look at it like you know like stones like Saul Saul find armchairs and what. Boogaard McFarlin stairs. Both those guys are are SEC. Network people who and then that's kind of their job is to. Talk about the conference and and and live kind of within that bubble. And in in that world. It's a tragedy that Alabama lost that game which is amazing to me because. The five point game the year before I mean it you know what what you know Clemson won it it wasn't a fluke marijuana they beat him. Strike but it as far as NFL guys go out of I don't I don't know I just I would have a hard time but yet I just think they get called up. In guys that they decide to their their king makers in a lot of ways and I they they get caught up in in gas that they really like. At the expense of of some other guys that may be more obvious I think there over think it I think NFL personnel people do the same thing. But I mean if they've just shown goes six to the jets. The too risky as ahead of him that's fine whoever that number two team as Weathers the browns 49ers whoever. You know they're gonna regret it I mean just that's close enough to words like that the Michael Jordan Sambo we kind of thing so. Yeah I just I just think they're not looking and I mean all you have to do is look at the record. That there Sean Penn State isn't wins vs losses clamps. Yeah I mean that that as the that's what I'll also what he did in some of those wins during crunch time I mean. Look at that this is not not just alibi everybody talks or Alabama Alabama out of our. This is nothing to do an album what's more pressure to me was look oval because they were down they were up eighteen because they have a than they were down eight. And I came back in line coming back and that was a huge. Games I just the nicest. As is one of those things treasurer call British anyway SA 444773776. Breaking come back a more this is the huddle you're listening to ESP announced. Welcome back into the I hobble on ESPN upstate the 28 Cheney ESPN 300 is out. Clemson Tigers and number one and number three. On this list. Savior Thomas recent commitment defensive end out of I'm G academy. Is the number one player on the SP in three hundred eighties. A crimes committed in the number three is quarterback Trevor Lawrence corners Ville Georgia. Committed to Clemson back in the on December. That's pretty good Jason this can be this could be an epic class for the Clemson Tigers. Well they also have the number 34 polar regions of and Justin Mascoll from Georgia number seven to Darian Kendrick. From. Rock Hill and number 88 Josh Bell for most well so I think it was 12. 345. Of the top 100 right now they're in the ESP a 300 that's just one poll but to me they're. They do a great job. On. Already already Carol April 20 committed declines in the closet and haven't done a space so they can't take everybody BUN that would. A fifteen person in class and are all top 10250. Guys and the chances of that class being as a whole bust. Those chances are very very slim statistically. Now and I think they've taken out only guys. That are highly rated that you don't look at any of these players Greg and think their overrated. Let's go Josh Bell for example some sums recruiting networks have them move higher. ESPN has an 88. That's count his floor as the prospect is that this guy's a grown man he's 64320. Pounds. It just means that Louis bills is there to be coached a little bit he's pro dominating smaller players and I'm gonna have to because to have got to work hard in the weight room but man and the upside is there. Daring Kendrick has the bed probably one of the best overall athletes in the entire state. Armed complete receiver which is where they recruited and player he can be agreed safety. Also from south point in Rock Hill rock hills a place clubs is traditionally struggled recruiting. By the national championship at just the way their staff goes about things I think is really help them there. And the mask goals a six foot 4230 pound heavily recruited defense have been from the state of Georgia probably in her mind you a little bit of Austin Bryant as far as the way he plays. Lawrence is that the best quarterback in the country Thomas is the best he could have been in the country so it it's a deal where. It's not only. The fact that they're getting highly rated guys they're getting the right. At him in my opinion so that that's what makes this class potentially special. For them is there's nobody you look at new. And they're probably a little over an and there are not any guys either that that you know because sometimes when your good program and you win the tendency by so while former peers. In her hurting industries to Jack up your commit totally to Los Angeles Jack about none of these guys we're guys. That they looked dead when no Clemson likes him so he must be good. If if anything we look at their classes the whole. Braden Galloway from Seneca. It is a 66220. Pound athletic tidy and who probably who had no other clothes it was the first school religion at all in. If anything he's underrated Jake venables is a three star about a composite which is ridiculous he's underrated. You know Mike Mike Jones junior who's a composite forced or. Detonated but that may be the only guy out look at right now and go what in my opinion I may have a little lower that's at eight commits seven out of eight. Only one is on the JC server. Potentially overrated right up and and that Alex classes all the time including South Carolina and whoever else they're always on hand for Argo. Maybe these billable hour. Are there any gamecocks in this. In this list of 300 done to scroll all the way to Bonham and I'm not gonna find any commitment to their some targets yeah that's all the field from from Shelby North Carolina as a linebacker targets to the 200 than. Or some other guys in there stuff on win certainly silly game cut targets and we'll save it right right now you know and in fairness the south Carolina's class. Yeah they have three offensive lineman out of there four that are committed. In in and then an athlete Darius rice she's from Greeleyville. Who nobody really even ever heard of until the game counts signed him so are committed and so. You know typically your offensive linemen here are rated a little lower at the beginning in the and they kind of emerge as far as ratings ago. And there's a lot of problem and you know some some folks have Maxwell I alma attack a lot of Murfreesboro Tennessee that committed rated higher. On hang man goes to me is probably if our ranking get the highest rating guy on the class he's an interior offensive line element. State James of level wrestler give me the guy this 270 compounds that has to keep his weight their Greg. And compete for state team which have been that sport. Because I know he's gonna have the discipline of work ethic to put in the time to develop at the college level give me all those guys all you won't. As far as interior offensive line on the social that's. The other ask are we gave us classes I'm sure look at some highly rated guys in and we'll see that moving four but right now notes. Just looking at some of the teams that have a lot of commitments high on this list in Clemson jumps out with number one and number three that looks like Penn State's put together. Pretty classic at three of the top seventeen yet I mean in and you look at the team rankings now Greg and it's one of those things where. Oh I feel like I'm being transported back to the 1980s. And in a lot of ways because. The number one classes Miami the number two classes Penn State. The number three classes Notre Dame clubs and number six Florida State's number seven Washington is number nine. You know and then we have some out liars like northwestern being eighth in Minnesota being tenth that's because it's early. But that there are a lot of programs that really really good during that time period. That have been good sense but did that have rarely. Gotten after on the recruiting profile more rate I'm ecstatic. About this Miami class you know that they've got a guy named Lorenzo lying or his but I think may be the best running back in the country. I only Orlando area committed. They've done well in their area they got a quarterback an artist at cast keep it more rays can develop I think into the store who's and I MG right now. I mean that they just got players and it's a locally flavored fourteen of the sixteen commitment from the state of Florida. One from Nevada one from New Jersey says so look at you know. That as much as Al Golden screwed up that roster that more rate as much as people can criticize his recruiting at Georgia. That more outrage is gonna have Miami on the way back we say that every year right he's given back but this is you know here a couple years matter really expected them to commit. I got our final break your chance 1000 dollars is about nine minutes away listen to the keyword coming up here and Marshall but endorsement BMW charity pro am tournament director joins us it. 204 talk about the celebrity list announced today. All ahead in the huddle stay with a sunny SP in upstate. Couple let us for the top of the hour this note how out of the Buffalo Bills their offensive tackle Cyrus caught Ngo. Hopefully I'm close on the pronunciation yes. A pretty good three year record and one of them you know you're from earned one of the best I've ever seen the parental level well he was taken to the Erie county medical center for observation. After an encounter with police according to police source Cohen Joseph was found not fully clothed. In a field. After climbing over an electric fence when an Erie county sheriff's deputy went to detain him. The six foot 7322. Pounder yelled shoot me. Well the bills released a statement they said we're aware of the matter involving Cyrus were carefully monitoring his condition gathering more information we don't have all the details so no further comment. When they say not fully clothed I hope they mean like. Panelists going over the laser fence guides us through the mill that's a bad that's a sure sign that you need to go to the hospital for sure him gap move. Well apparently. I've grumbles about an issue me then a few 105 scaling didn't go so well. I'd Arabia and of pay and punitive not to make light of exes are easiest and. It does his second round pick in the 2014. Draft just two or three years old he started seven games over the past two seasons he had hip surgery in January. He had fallen in his home and stuff. And he was not a minicamp practice on Thursday. But the outsourced its quota for the story on Bleacher Report says that to a point of Saul lights and emergency vehicles responding to an accident on route 400. And he just pulled off the road and ran out into the field and apparently in. Some state of Mickens. I don't know how much a clothing that he had all but though. Obviously yelling shoot depletion zone. Not a good thing to do I'm just thinking that if he was sure to stay with some shirtless yeah I'm gonna say that too on journalists were not. Not be not this implies somebody else is missing yeah does it does all right. 84447737761. Hope for the best or Cyrus there talk about the BMW charity pro and Erica. Rogers is scheduled to come in. Chipper Jones is scheduled to comment for this year's BMW charity pro emotion just like among the way less than that. Inmate. And we'll talk to Marshall met endorsed the tournament director about that. Coming up in the huddle primary chants of free money and 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESP in upstate. The key word for this hour is fits FIT. Text the word fit to 72881. At 72881. And that puts you in the running for 1000 dollars free cash. In the free cash stash would to a four times a day 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM. And 5 PM the huddle rolls on in a moment stay Willis.