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G-Mac, JC, and Lonzo talk about 3 Questions, the NFL Draft, the NBA Playoffs, and Clemson Baseball.


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We're back and hoddle welcome back then. On. A cloudy and rainy Wednesday afternoon but the weather is improving by tomorrow 8444773776. You wanna get a robust text line. Is 71307. Presented by Carolina coach is army superstore news skewered ESPN at the beginning of your. Text message to us some more on Twitter at ESPN upstage got a tweet from Johnny Roebuck that's a great name. Yes he's BO sports talk host Johnny hero but it's the huddle and Johnny Roebuck. And I don't give these guys down the hallway any ideas. Johnny says about your question about what is hash on non. Politics and sausage last. Johnny says lots of onions mostly roast can be beef or pork most places will tell you coaxed twelve hours or so no heads. Johnny is disputing my job and I'm glad there's somebody out they are disputing an ongoing Johnny on this would listen. This is an article from food republic dot com do you trust them. No donuts are not trust Johnny wrote bush a trip to your old hash out to a trust got hero book over just about it. Good republic dot com quotes David messenger he's not with they Maurice investigators barbecue. Different guy he's what Melvin is barbecue in Charleston. Says his dad has been making the best that basic cash recipe since the thirty's they make it every two weeks. And he says their current colonial recipe includes. Pig hearts. Livers. Kidneys. Gels brisket hams b.'s shoulders and the A Hogg is head. Then you add in vegetables including celery carrots corn and potatoes layer with black pepper and salt. And cook it. Started out on high then switch it to low and slow. And you take all that a day later removed the bones. Run the rest of it through a grinder among many can you hungry. Run through a grinder are the eyeballs and head when they put that does not say if you leave the eyeballs and I guess that's a personal option. And serve over rice JC ever ate there before them not going to have a. That's that's the South Carolina that's one of the south are relevant is barbecues Melvin barbecue and chartered republic don't know how to cook. In Charleston. You don't lock up rights. Let's just say so historically hash is probably made from all that stuff back was back in the day that he had the family paid you. Up big fat in this town slaughtered the big unity most of the big inning yeah that's big going say. This right. So aside did that but. I mean like Jamaican national when the class products have put the pigs that you're gonna get them pigs then those are your goal in the public's and in an Leo refrigerate for Michigan yeah that does not really. Hosts national. Except as a head back in the back somewhere if you want to pick a Communist that you know they they get. It'd mean headless. I used to work. And grocery store and sometimes yes sometimes no just depends where they get their. Meet for paid for them. Well I'm not eating at publics anymore either. Watch what. We trash in them. Not and how they made Ayers I'm talking about Melvin makes is so you know look. You might make it this way but. People in South Carolina do. Some people did in the sun is isn't Melvin the norm for making that Wynonna I do not know that's debatable we trust Melvin org Johnny robot that Saudi robot I trust our hero about more double click goes a little to believe. I wanna believe. In John hero. NM you know lord of the hats that you get is on the other places is delicious I mean maybe that's I would make him maybe have been eating pigs and lol moments dragged Johnny you don't know what's your reading join a hot dog gassed that's true we don't talk about it yeah. Giant robots your body Melvin and that does not so sure. Jerry Kelly I won the U way to solve this would be generally robust for dharma how you can make hash will hold him. And you know like Pete folks must do. In the crock pot we were talking about and then. Melvin is more of an industrial hash. If you oil yeah and industrial and Megan it bother you gotta make give her a lot of people years and years ahead astronomy has. You gotta get balloon all the media can often I think I have a 44 GS PE SPN let's go to three questions today in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Okay. Her name is okay. And it's. Our rights so. The team that I believe the last week JC server. Declared would be in the Eastern Conference finals. If our call against San Antonio Spurs the Boston Celtics. Are now down two games to none zero not a panel wanna game against the bolts. Are the Celtics toast. Are composed in what happened to team that finished first in the east. The other done. Are done not gonna win two home games they lost they're going to have to do. Not only. Win. Their other two home games they're gonna have to take two out of three. In Chicago when the sitters house I gonna have to you'd tell me how that's gonna happen. JC loves the BP I from ESPN BP I says 22% costly less than that that the Celtics. When this series imply what happened to them. They were not ready for prime time. They were built for regular season they were not ready for the pressure in the post season they peaked too early. And won the east the Celtics peaked too early this is the year that they. Get to the playoffs and bow out early. I like Brad Stevens could coach Billy back. This is not a year. But before in the Boston's. I disagree on this other serving a vowing come back. Room. And it wouldn't surprise me to see them win the series in six games. Okay. What I gotta say the cavs expose them a couple weeks ago showed they were SA WFT some people get that and listen when they when they put that beat down on them I was thinking and in a lot of people were taken okay. Boston's not that good and there's a reason like casting carefully got number two the reason why is it you have to play the bulls in the bulls. Our look in. The playing their best basketball right now which is what you wanted to do going into playoffs I also think that Isiah Thomas is. The emotional leader of this team and obviously he's he's down there and he you know losing a sibling like this. They can't ride his emotion because of of where it is and he cannot carry them to anything right now and I don't think they have anybody else in morals are looking good. Aybar Bradley said he heard Rajon Rondo say the team gave up you know now does that make you feel better about ordered just think though rally the troops. A rallied earlier I was. So do you iron your jerseys you just let him hang drying in this that's not for public consumption OK I'm just about today's. Could be the ultimate and so did all I am now rolling that out okay. Our question number two suicide of Aaron Hernandez comes on the day that the newly him. New England. Patriots visit the White House to be honored for winning the Super Bowl and the patriots right in refusing to talk about Hernandez today. I think there are probably as alienated do this team wanted to serve Wimbledon and I don't think from the day he was released. He has anything to do with the New England Patriots is a French. I think that when you. Talk about it and you give comments fizzle and those that knew him personally that may be is for an. The may have noted different side of him it just it just Karen propagate the story. In and makes him into sort of a mortar and in the Washington Post just tweeted something and Aaron Hernandez. Hung himself and his cell today. Prisoner suicides are up and quoted all these experts about oh guys you know insinuating that. When needed treat our prisoners are murderers better in this country against Iraq so bomb their people never missed just push a narrative and I think when your football team celebrating at the White House. Especially with a all the different quote unquote narratives going on around this visit. It's best just to not talk about what today is not a bow and today it was not about Aaron Hernandez and anyway. You know that's a a cowardly selfish person. Who I took his own life. And more power to him for that I think everybody is better off now that he's home. And the New England Patriots were a Super Bowl champions. So meeting with the president yesterday so so those two debates have really nothing to do another duty to. In my pin also very likely here. When I say I say. You should concentrate on what mr. gronkowski and now he handled the visit to the White House and not. You know beat talk about because of the Hernandez did play with the patriots does a couple years ago this is a totally different team and I think gras okay handled it. The best way. Education mr. grant Bob. Basically crashed Sean Spicer frustration and it is great and spent Spicer handled it well too I mean he you know how fun with the that's what you should be doing. It's it's. I mean it is Williams is he killed himself today it would it would make a difference of you did today or yesterday or tomorrow this is about that team winning and being at the white. You don't let him ruin the celebration with this the patriots are handling it. Right I don't think they needed to talk about it today. And that basically done they've been dealt with Hernandez for years now that's sort of us are arming your round so you know I don't have to bet let's speak about it today they don't speak about it all they may not a patriot spokesperson said dom. I don't anticipate will be commenting today as if to say they might comment. A little later on all this I mean look they made a mistake with Hernandez no mistake about badly they messed up and bringing him in he was a you know an issue of Florida and they. Ignored and brought brought him and anyone could happen. An eminent in my. But you know they big. Moved on from and so I don't have problem the fact that there are there ignoring this today in refuse and talk about and that's that's cool don't want to mess up the white house on a bridge. All right question number thirty. Mom and some guy I guess he used to be a golfer I think of personal tiger tiger tiger something woods. Is noncommittal. About his return to competitive play. Like he's been competitive any time. The recent. He says his back is progressing and he has good days than bad days. How many more tournaments. Not just majors but tournaments period will Tiger Woods went. I might give him war and zero majors he's gonna lock up they win one more tournament before he. Hangs it up piece 41 years old. He has the body of what. Fifteen year old golfer so that might be stretch and what Nicklaus won a medal won a major or is 46. And tiger's not Nicklaus not anymore. One tournament zero majors tiger. It's pretty much done. I think he. I'm what you Greg actually. Read the questions before the show and I thought my mind won some of them look we agree on a stick whether it. Just war and I think you'll have one shining moment left. And I think everybody a talk about it for months that totally doesn't make the cut at the next 34 majors in the then you'll run off into the sunset with has been humans and enjoy his kids which is what I think he's probably do anyway but. I just kind of feel like. He's got one more somewhere out there. On any it may be a major it may be seen I think you guys both are completely wrong I don't think he finishes another tournament period he's done plot I think he is done. Cut and he should be. What more does he have to prove I mean if it even get to this point where it. Hear about stars tweet came out before you even finish your first round and in no arena I mean to stop. No way. See him hit the ball into the water yesterday he went out it was open and a new golf course or hit two balls the first hormonal. Or it's a segment like eleven to eighty stock the second. But you know on any hole that would be you know lying Teresa and tiger is yeah he's he's pretty much. As sand. That's unfortunate. It's like is inside the II Amin and I think everybody wanted him to be Jack's record or a lot of people did but this is so I mean what a great career hat. And let's face it he made golf exciting on and off the course. I mean it's unfortunate end at Demi is done any thing since 2008 major lines that was his last major 2000 eight's coming up on ten years how do you gotta be to play the senior tour. If dean he's not execute plays in the senior tour no he retires for ten years or so comes back in and takes a senior torque bias toward. Listen he's going to be high and a wheelchair at fifty. Eliza Backus. I just think. You know maybe of course the rocky movies too many town. His thing that you know polluters drew goes gonna lose to Luther. Drew remove some food he looks completely different Illinois BC video he's looks like or do. Horrible doesn't look like Theo. That's all they do it looks older. Man but you know back problems. And that's I'm never had a lot of knock on wood back problems but I shot him he had it's it's everybody and talk to says the more painful things. A 444773776. Will get two and one last year in a huddle as we roll through this afternoon. Still to come down here for Louis Riddick we will get to quarterback discussion in the NFL draft from next week. One more opinion and I am lying and won't just be one now another opinion. Louis Riddick coming up the huddle on ESP in upstate we'll be right back. Another day another opinion on quarterbacks in the upcoming NFL draft which is now just over a week away. This opinion comes from Louis Riddick NFL insider for ESPN's. Louis Riddick talking about the top two quarterbacks. In this draft. Mr. -- the will be one of the top to take and I just don't know who the other one will be I have a feeling that it's not indeed Shawn Watson had a feeling that the more you talk to people really like quarterback play and really digging the quarterback play at Patrick -- going to be that second quarterback it's taken somewhere because I know this I know that some of the best quarterback teachers have told me this decision making actors' fees will always comes down to a quarterback and we know that in theory but Patrick Holmes arm talent as they like to call it is intoxicating for people right now here it's and it's got people's minds blown a house you can throw the football so that's another guy who I think we need to look for the top ten maybe in the top five as well these are using agreed to look for Patrick Holmes in the top ten or may be even the top five serve. I I I I believe anything is possible here I think anything's possible to number one position. Patrick holds the top ten maybe even a number one. I think he picked the easel purpose it's because odds that are watching his policies come out on this amazing waving at a doesn't take badgered my home number one. Please I watched that he doesn't have very strong arm Jason Patrick Holmes has a strong arm I don't know that he has an actor or did you see the video. I think it was NFL network that that where they had my homes and Derek Karr. So you could throw a faster football. And now there are a trial like ten yards. And got to attendant about ten yards away. And pat remote homes. Through it like five miles an hour faster than their car 62 to 57. Patrick Holmes was a pitcher. He had a ninety he says he had a 96 mile an hour fastball. As a pitcher misspoke. It's pretty strong arm now here's the other part of the story. When they were throwing these ten yard passes as hard as they could throw them. Patrick had a little trouble being accurate huge truck but removed the receivers hadn't. From mob from ten yards away so we wasn't as accurate as their car I don't. Think. Patrick Holmes who is going to go ahead of Da'Sean wants. I think he's the third best quarterback. On the if you wanna go with a gala big ups and you could get mom. De Jong Kaiser program also has strong arm but. You know I'm not against the mark Holmes tied with him creeping into them early second late first round. The draft in I think there's something to be said for him. And as measure doubles and his arms during any you know with his accuracy Greg you know in the enough offense here and ecology you have to be. At least somewhat accurate and to your tone on an every down. Otherwise you're gonna a lot of three and out 32 Verizon woman that's what happened against that includes eggs are ready and it is is one of those things where. You know I I'm with you there maybe does need to work on my accuracy a little bit but I I just don't. I don't see drafting him in additional once it I think you know in my mind. If there was a question that was do you take him government Stravinsky had to say yes and that's usually off the table that has done according to what are they say and so I mean to me additional round of being on the number one guy. And then you know later on you go bomb. Should be if you wanted to Sabbah tweet Robiskie in the homes of us are because they're similar guys they've all got. Size they they both are somewhat mobile them. And good orange curtain. As far as Carolina Panthers are concerned pressure seems to be on Dave gentlemen to find some help for Cam Newton. To find some way to Guam get him back to the form that he had a couple of years ago and that can be. I can be alignment to block for a make can be a running back to take some pressure off that way because we know that Camden is not really running the ball as much. Anymore they pretty much said that they get the number eight. Overall pick. Do the job Carolina Panthers Newton's rushing yards went from 636. Yards two years ago. To 359. Last year and I had some injuries. Concussions kept him. From being able to run ball quite as much and anything tore that rotator cuff December 11 against the chargers still played but he was hurt. He had the surgery march 30. And again should probably had in January but in a march 30. Not expected back. I practiced told training camp at Wofford. And missed the routier's. But won't make it easier for him to put last year his rear view mirror not yet now they are until offered. That's not gonna help. That situation now so what do the job Panthers do with the number rate picked do they go. Format gallon coat. Money was hyper of the suggested she go Christian McCaffrey. About that. What they're running a solid stock was of some of the oil and other guests at the stock has fallen. Not seeing. The opposite here today. As the one day you're looking I guess are to go with a office of Lyman. That helped him. But I think the best. The best healthy he would be giving it gas like there. You know four meant to get them there in care so. Yeah I like the idea for that you know this is a time right now win. You start here and rumors of all this player is an angry when they start filling in this direction out there to see music and influence and it's gonna get worse as we get closer to the draft. Open as somewhat more pass from somebody who you can get them. All the mind games right I think format will be a great thing. You know odd day gentleman was the NFL executive of the year and 2015. He is under pressure now he has to have a good draft. The asked to get a ride the stock. I mean the Panthers. Come back down after a season may have last year. And Jerry Richardson's not going to be. Real happy. With his team. Management team to Portland for other than last year he's he's found a gym every single year hasn't it. I mean he's been good no doubt he's being good. What are you know for me lately he's got to have a good year man and just as he's got to fix this. Well part of that is that I mean you're only as good as the crop of of players that you can choose from two. So you have a Smart way that Beno I mean they still use some defense of help. Because of the line help I do format but I just think that. He's a guy that you can kind of built around on is adorable Willie. Stay healthy you know here's the thing a lot of shots and college in the SEC. It is banged up a couple times I think is last year hellish years uses I'm not playing in this game that. You're gonna win anyway in my Torre one point meant them. I see you know. I think it's a fair question to be a little concerned about that but he's a bigger back. Always easy to carry the entire loading well if you look attitude that he is in LSU. In is he he's not sometimes he didn't shy away from con tiger won as elusive as he could have been and took some shots. He takes their shots. I mean it's a different story so you know maybe there's maybe there is a spot for dal and cook a day you know some of these guys that are. Speed bags and and cook is do little more than a speed back but he's you know he's a breakaway guy. You know CJ Spiller and and Reggie Bush both went pretty high in the draft. And never really got it. So we'll see ultimately what happens to what you think we look at format does he look like he was the on the Panthers just I just picture him and yeah maybe it's because of the tiger and Elin issue on the island. Tiger printer same thing Katzman Barrow through our vast. Jungle cats we come back here in how long ago. Seven under grants will he play tonight for the Golden State Warriors yes that is actually a question. The automatic coming up here stay with a say 444773776. If you wanna get again for the huddle on ESP announced it. 7 or am listed as questionable tonight. Game two Golden State Portland. League sources tell ESP in the warriors are weighing whether to hold a ran out of the game as a precaution. After he suffered a strained left calf in the second half of the game one victory. I'd shoot around today. And the team said that there ramp remains questionable for the 1030 start against the trailblazers he did not participate in the session today he did not practice yesterday. A final decision on CDs status is not expected until closer to tip off but sources are saying the warriors might holder ran out to give him five full days off before game three. On Saturday. Important. Is this where the don't cracks in the armor begin for the Golden State Warriors. Note to rant equals Portland went. Win tonight yes Portland win win. The with the with the wind and the women in the wind from Portland will be though and in doing win because of the way and said Iran and office holes because of the Portland wouldn't. So if they come. The other don't play. So eighty tonight I could certainly. Affect the outcome illnesses it was tied in the first quarter for a call is tied at halftime I think it was tied in the third quarter and they pulled away in the fourth if I remember and I think Katie had a lot to deal with that so. You take take his scoring away. Notes. No I mean they're not going to be last year's team without Iran because they had the bench lecture I haven't. So while most big news we'll see if he makes it out they're tonight. The Boston Celtics on the road down two games to none in their series with the bulls Kara Lawson ESP in basketball analyst talks about how. The Chicago Bulls so far are making it look easy I mean when you look. At this Chicago Bulls team 41 and 41 on the season there were a 500 team they were prone to wild swings of the inconsistency. In terms of their play and then all of a sudden the first two games in the playoffs. Wow complete victory for them tonight in game two Rondo was almost a triple double. Jimmy Butler a well rounded game Dwyane Wade was efficient the veterans led the way for the bulls I thought early on in the first half that they continued to dominate the boards when that was. Point 12 and three. For the Boston the turnaround from games one in game two that's called imposing your will that's what coaches say hey we're gonna impose our will you know what we're going to do we're going to do it anyway. I thought that was huge six players in double figures. Another way out market Smart for the Celtics after he missed a three quarter midway through the fourth quarter in the last lost. He appeared to gesture toward fans courts I think. That gesture appeared to be. And inappropriate gesture he's told him they were number one. Bad Bret Stephens the coach of the Celtics says that if Marcus Martin did indeed make an obscene gesture toward the fan his actions were unacceptable. And he expects the league will investigate. What's he mean and having seen the picture I've seen pictures a clear that is known for years and they have it blurred now. Well so I couldn't let it clear they could have been a different finger but I'm thinking whoever posted that. The sigh that was our and a top seeded Celtics showing obvious signs of frustrations. And during that 111 to 97 loss now there oh into. As the first round series shifts to Chicago for the next two games. Steven says have been told of the gesture. I guess you're saying it and it. Saw a brief video clip Bob Barr from the clip from the angle that I saw could tell. Obviously if he made a gesture it's unacceptable and that will be handled. By the leak Smart finished with thirteen points. I'm Maggie and he shot six for 1127 minutes. And bulls were up fourteen with 611 remaining when Smart missed that three pointer and then his hand went up into the air. That's when that happened. So something else to watch just watch these guys watch Rondo and his demeanor. Just watch these guys. In this game. And see how their home. How they're handling this a deficit of two to nothing it just doesn't look or feel good that does not feel good he just does not. Let's get Delmon in here next before we go to our final bright paid Elvin welcome into the show our. I don't on the night of the world is this what we have to do so visit it is whether. Had a lot of gonna have to maintain both wanted to do is try to open though was too close to retaliate. With leaders. Well Italy in a tree anguish related trade. Foot stand as well. What date currency you know all out to all the big shock the world to almost on whether social development. I don't know. I mean they act like they think they've got to shored up with one Mac legal and. Don't take heed local knowledge is. Is on bill. Polls since a long moment. The. The album amid a still early to pass rush L. On the defense. So on all I don't hate that idea. And you know you need to protect cam but dumb I don't know that the offensive lineman you can get. Would be worth the number eight pick this year. Damn alone. Got on the opponent Elizabeth and about a matter that have been possible important jet was an old war. Yeah I know saw that in and some say that if that happens Dauman cook will be the effort to paint out of Florida State. I don't like it quite as good ally cook but four and it's just bigger bruiser. Or fill up their. I don't that they is currently being. Well as well. I devil will say we're gonna find out we're actually gonna have this draft in about a week. Off the text minus 71307. What does JC think. That's always dangerous. I'm just kidding JC Assange what does JC thing Shimmy black sheer and Stephon Taylor played this year. Position wise is that what they're asking. They're both. I mean she makes an outside guy. Taylor is immense I gather it and say there's a bombing in this question a lot from game counts as they have to understand something that. There's not a lot of difference between. The ends in the tackles as their war was when South Carolina was a 43 Al fit under Alice tauzin you have the taller leaner guys on the outside. And the bigger house on the inside. On the it's it's a 34 base multiple. Defense that does have some form down at times. That must have system ended its. Patterned after Nick Saban it's very very multiple so you're gonna have. You know guys that. Go both inside and out some jazz that are similarly built. Will play you know one position or the other. And learned that they cross for an a lot of guys now black shares definitely an edge guy. I don't see him go and inside and and doing those battles too often with me in the bigger offensive line on the Ian Taylor could. Do either one they want Taylor to gain weight. I'll I believe in you yet Taylor of around 65 to 96. 300 this year. From any kind of be your bigger taller guy would gym on Kim on the inside but it it's. I know that the Tennessee with the gamecocks fans right after they don't really understand it may because it it's not as pretty as. That they're going bothers four down linemen and this is what they do here in this with a view Baird's there's shifting in different alignments and stops ago. It's confusing but. In news the bottom line is they need defensive linemen that can rush the passer regardless of where comes from. And and those two guests to should be able to help. If Pletcher doesn't this year I don't know I don't I don't know video so you know those two guys should be able to. As time thanks for the text you can join the text line there is 71307. If you have a question. Or comment just use the keyword ESPN at the beginning final break back with a mortar wrap up the Hubble here. This afternoon on ESPN upstate in just a moment stay with us. Bottle segment of the huddle on ESPN upstate here. With Greg McKinney JC sure British Alonso on your Wednesday afternoon plus baseball tonight 6 o'clock is the air time in 631 pitch for Clemson hosting Georgia and Doug kings more stadium. And they schedule starting pitchers for the game Kevin Smith the left hander for Georgia. And Tyler Jackson right hander for Clemson it's always some bit of hit and miss were those mid week pitchers some. Good chance to see what those kind guys can do clubs are coming off losing two out of three to Florida State Saturday through Monday their first back to back losses of this year. In that series but the tigers are on stealing operate shape. All the cities in the coming with a thirty and seven record. Other number five baseball America number five collegiate baseball number four USA today Georgia. Not too good fifteen and 22 record. Coming in for the bulldogs he certainly. If your Clemson fan can expect to win this game and get back on track after the on marked state here gentlemen good for awhile. Not they're saying oh Georgia. Scott Strickland their coach and his fourth year Arkansas swept them three games last weekend. Earned run average is almost 54 point 94. Players to watch for Georgia Michael Curry. They're leading hitter 348 average eight home runs and 38 RBIs. Tim shepherd batting 3252. Home runs and sixteen. RBIs for the bulldogs. Money Lee has a 73 point 3% winning percentage as ahead coach. At Clemson and a lot of it has been midweek games Clemson is ten and O in mid week games this year. They were thirteen and one in Midway Games in 2016 year remembered. What they were under Jack Leggett I don't have the number but it is not good the Midway Games were problem project like them money Lee has fixed that. Coming into years 23. And one. In Midway Games while. Pretty darn good his only loss in a mid week game yes a Collison Charleston may have last year. And that's the only ones that area Harris and that's pretty good stuff. Yeah no doubt so will have a four year right here on ESP announced a six clock is the air time and 630 is the first pitch. You're remember looking best playing in Greenville a few years back. For the drive course now he's with the Boston Red Sox end up one of the things he's doing so well is that he is never striking out. Mold you beds has not struck out and a 128. Plate appearances. From the Red Sox through Tuesday night's game. It's the longest streak in the majors. Since Juan Pierre went 147. Plate appearances without striking out for the Marlins. In 2004. That according to Elias Sports Bureau the stats guys. And not since Denny Doyle remember him in 19751. Now has a Red Sox player ago gone so long between strikeouts. Indoor 159. Plate appearances between. Strikeouts and this comes at a time Jaycee when strikeouts are on the rise in baseball you know you have Bob pitchers but don't go as deep into games. And so you get fresh pitchers in earlier nowadays in baseball and you get more strikeouts but mess is due Betts is doing this. At a time when strikeouts overall. Our drop last season a 102 players struck out at least a hundred times. That's an increase from 63 players who did that in 2006 little over ten years ago. Burly unbelievable this guy is something else you would probably have you know when you get these guys playing rainbow where were. Single a baseball and low a baseball is you don't know what you got over there here. I'd like to go back and watch him play here would lose your but the though dad is like coming that if things of their American you know you revered and other news in general I remember him and I saw them and our member of you know. Folks talking about yet is does a good player but. I didn't expect this this guy's just. Lights out. In Major League Baseball. Just great. At every stop in the minor leagues. He was at Lowell Massachusetts he was a Portland in double way. Porsche that will stand Rangel he had fewer strikeouts them walks. At every stop along the way while since the beginning of 2015 he's made contact on 87 point 1% of the swings. The sixth highest rate in the America. Can I mean that that people don't understand how hard that is to give it a baseball is not start a database was Brevard the strike out as. Little does he does that's the tip of the cap to him you know because that's. That's a solid skilled. And you know I mean it's one thing to do in the minors were pitching is up and down down but in the major leagues. And do them. And to be as good as he is he's very aggressive at the plate according to bomb. Victor Rodriguez who's the assistant hitting coach. For the Red Sox who worked with bats in the minors. He says McKee that has a freakish ability to recognize the location of pitches long before they get the strikes. He says he's ready to swing the bat. But all right always swings at good pitches you don't see in swing at bad pitches that would be key in not. Striking out so he puts it into play. His cognitive skills were evident from the time that he aced a series of neuroscience. Tests. Administered by the Red Sox before the draft and the test everything now. Bad solved a rogue ex Cuban less than two minutes in a pregame show segment when he fifteen you can leave me one of those and I'd be here tomorrow. Yes but if the dangers of ordinary as well of all night all I had it and I can get two sides. Epithet that's a good enough blondes. Man less than two Wednesday's announcement to keep on looking bets on the watch the news. The genius genius. I thanks for listing will be back here tomorrow in the huddle at 1 o'clock on ESPN upstate straight of a storage coming up next going to be a shortened show because they're Clemson baseball at six with the tigers and Georgia. From the Clemson network. Thank you for listening to the huddle today on ESPN upstate. Thanks to a great for governor out on the board delicate job Alonso JC appreciate that we'll see you tomorrow on Greg McKinney. Have a great afternoon and to be here on ESP in upstate. But the huddle tomorrow 1 o'clock.