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G-Mac, JC, and Lonzo talk with Ben Bounds from the SC Football Hall of Fame and continue with Hot Takes and Sausage, NCAA Basketball, and College Baseball.


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I trying out in the huddle today ESPN upstate Greg McKinney JC sugar blondes are with you for another couple hours till 4 o'clock this afternoon we bring you Clemson baseball Clemson Georgia tonight. At 6 o'clock. 6 o'clock your time 631 pitch. In that one was get on the line numbering in banned bouncy is the vice president of development and marketing for the South Carolina football hall of fame big week for them bin you don't. I'm doing all right you got duped. Thanks for coming on we appreciate it been odd those fifty year anniversary of the South Carolina football fan so that's significant congratulations on the thank you very much what's tell us how this thing came about what was the idea of putting together a South Carolina football hall fine. Well but there was a group about five years ago green build it up at all that they felt that call. Deserved to you have its own all pain state lot for college and professional players. Based on the heritage and history. Football here in the states. And it took off shortly after that date. Take at stop and Tron ceremonies set or sport so far out are one Smart night. We have to when he. Inductees. Support them we have slot up more prominent mark. Which will include. They are very Charlie Brown com doc Blanchard Dick Sheridan and the bond Kirkland. And also the honoring our job inaugural. Blanchard Rogers award. Recipients poor collegiate player of the year beach Paul Watson and our humanitarian of the year which is the late Mike Brown who passed away in January from. How bladder cancer and who has such Abbott street agent and also Clemson. Alumna. Very good let's talk about some of those guys that are going in this year doc Blanchard a legacy. Entrant into the hall of fame on tell us little bit about him. Oh you know dot passed away about nine years ago but he was the State's first. How intricate letter is born in and tiny little McCall South Carolina and went on to play football at army south and North Carolina played for a year there had been transferred army. I'll watch out atrocities there in 1940 pop up believe them and on behalf his third pick in the NFL draft that year. And but obviously about the art dealers buy back in. If you had military. Are restrictions and you could get place after two years in the military. Pot for furloughs was turned down and just dedicated himself to the military. And dust at 25 years in. In the military which put a hundred missions. Gearing Vietnam war in Korea. I and then the tail end of World War II. And there was a super decorated soldier and palate and how much has a remarkable story. And I've gotten to to study ever the last couple months ago saw insanity to. Played at North Carolina after the browns will be here to accept the award schools docs behalf tomorrow night which were super excited about. Ended up. But Charlie Brown of course a wide receiver in the NFL was players South Carolina State run. Yes sir one Super Bowl. The outlet can edit Pro Bowl. I had a great career Redskins and Annika play a couple of years for the falcons started there as well. And has coached football around it suck on top level several years most recently and king street. And I know he's fired up about common yeah Eli the most excited. When we reached out to the gas to about there about their selection. Now right Fisher to Barry of course connections to Wofford College that's been so many years at air force as a coach. Absolutely you know a lot for store hero offered and then went on the out one of the greatest careers ever opera air force had carriage. Has a great bowl record. I actually went to a couple of games seek extend it out. And now I have seen teams on the field late word. Very impressive for a military school has no doubt about it. And god yeah he's one national coach of the year like conference catch year one Bobby Dodd coach of the year Sony's got a very decorated. Football. Past and is that an insult and now. It only has laid out here for a small be up the event that we had treatment. Also super excited he would ball. I'll LeBlanc Kirkland have had the pleasure of interviewing before course a great player ranked Clemson and the Pittsburgh Steelers are really one of the better NFL guys ever come out of state I would say a. The question I mean the bond is arguably you're right wanna be that ever come out state suck a lot of pro level. You don't all nineties decade team for the and a well. Perennial pro bowler all pros. One of the most feared defenders for a full decade you know he played in every game. Is in our ten year career in the NFL played in every game started almost every single day. Never missed a game due to injury little walkway on the phone terms and has been totally linebackers last few years that the air noncallable. Our sources preside Avalon there we now they have. How big of a name he has in the Clinton. Football folklore. Down a down and finally Dick Sheridan of course many years at Furman and then not on DNC state. Well no date has been kind of thing and favorite since we started the process this year. And he may have sold more tickets to the incumbent chairman the other. Inductees. And you know he South Carolina graduates toast at arm and had a great career there and then went down as one of the greatest coaches complete state. A remarkable. Oh win loss record bowl record player with the wolfpack. And dom has also helped in a consultant role several South Carolina university's. Perhaps you up and coming out all programs get a lot of consult and work with down. What schools around state and now we're super size package shared and and a lot a lot of his former players and coaches that will be an attempt mark and I. He's definitely want to favorites around the green malaria for sure sobbed Shawn Watson still he's got a big week coming up with the NFL draft next week but he's gonna make it into this tomorrow. Idiot and and it's only you're right he has issued weeks and not just next week that he is interviewing with several teams this week. He's hitting the Internet in between out of it he got want more afternoon. And then element to our then mark and I believe he has a meeting either. Either late tomorrow evening or first thing in the morning but what bill. But I think you curtain that many of the teams is he can't afford next Thursday. We're just super grateful that out he took time out of his busy schedule. I'm being projected top ten pick in the draft to look come and accept this award and spent some luck tomorrow night. If folks wanna get involved got a golf tournament tomorrow first of all the weather gods smiled on you just today. And it's great. And because that he had some tickets available. Moreover at individual. Spots as well as foursome or anybody that wants to play in our celebrity golf tournament tomorrow. There are tickets available at SC football HOL dot org. And click on the shop but it'll take you right there to order troop register your spot. And we got a great list of celebrities that are playing in this golf tournament to you know it got out of Turkey one or George Rogers Super Bowl winner Charlie Brown. A World Series winner in my body. We've got games trapped mr. Bailey Bobby Johnson clay and tricks front Bratton EJ junior Patrick Sapp. Sean graves from Watford. She'll would wait blanks. Bonds is liberty and that and we also have a couple spots left and sporting clay tournaments Mara at McConnell all forms as well. And you can also get that ticket and SC football HOL dot court. Click on shop button and the bunker on the the issue with a moderate. Greenville native and basketball scholarship Monty Williams will be issued what is tomorrow and catch air from offer will be issued by the Marlins well slipped a little bit of everything during the day for anyone that watched the in Baltimore and are available. And we are almost sold out strong on the ceremony I think we're down about it doesn't take a few more come tomorrow night get online right now. And get your ticket because we are at that critical point. Earlier in trauma ceremony were up right at about 208 got to control riker for NFL. Okay and where's the ceremony tomorrow night. Ceremonies more private and quiet regency downtown look alternative green valley. We're enclaves McConnell all you preserve. And the millions from the ceremony at quietly without counsel huge day for us it's our biggest day of the year. Respect about it could come together any better than it is it. And they're the reception by the fans and the media has been great we can't actually everybody come out. Really good stuff bam we appreciate it manga look at all the events and I'll see it's your event tonight. Thank you Bim bounds vice president of business development and marketing. The South Carolina football hall of fame it's a good line up of people they are honoring this year and again if you want to Guam. Try to get one of those remaining tickets from one of those events. Other web site is SE football HOF. Dot org HOF for hall of fine messy football HOF dot ORG and you can find out the information. They are good stuff Smart phone lines open you now on a 444773776. The text line as always is 71307. Use the keyword ESP yen. And it's beginning of your text message so we'll see it. Little more easily and you get us on Twitter at ESP and upstate. How'd takes a sausage and JC coming up stay with us the huddle on ESPN of state rolls on. Part of again the huddle on ESPN. Upstate lomb. Scheduled news for baseball College Baseball Wofford. Because of rain on their game at Winthrop today has been postponed. A Wofford and Winthrop will now play on Tuesday may ninth at 6 o'clock in Rock Hill so today's Wofford went through game. Is off next game for the tears comes up all Friday 6 o'clock against Sanford rose soaking field. As they began a three game weekend series. All right it's time for hot takes and sausage with a mr. sherbet in the huddle. Narnia as a ready for some breaking news. Didn't. Ayman assays of the nice about no comfort. In an article in the history and accommodate file image of the fact that miles Garrett was on the field for a lot of pleasing college. Things that south as Texas they have them runs which works sometimes and sometimes doesn't. And cut miles Garrett some slack for not being so good against the Iran. I guess that kind of logical thinking that's kind of person there to about here being the best overall player in the draft. That was your compliments only got former prime minister and I agree that sort of count on those things I was bleeding. Logic any us nicer you know. I stand is expecting more I mean there is the build up there and and that's what we did the dig deep for that look south of I global football is apparently spent some time in the offseason getting an early jump on scouting clubs and that by the tigers. And Papa John stadium in game three. Interesting quote from defense coordinator Peter Sirmon who's that mrs. set an uneventful year Mississippi State last year. And then went a little bowl win Todd Grantham would Mississippi State. Indicates that they feel the tiger system won't really change with a new quarterback that's true the system itself does not change. But if you're looking at kind of what they do bowling game to game basis activate their apparel. Specialist Kelly Bryant is the starter because it it will change what they do during the game Bryant the starter and close an absolute and Kelly Bryant. More than it did to show on wants a baby ludicrous not to have the best thing Bryant does. Of course they're worried about getting. Watson hurt them back up now on ads in I've payment could be. A disaster and editors at their Washington thing is is it more because Kelly variety of rulers of morbid just Bryant can throw. I think it's easier out amen amen and amen to be a horror remain positive early April 19 and say. It's because he's ago and ran him twelve times in the spring game four contacts them. I just I think wash a lot of clubs and tape from last year he you're not going to be able to get a lot of tendencies. From what they're doing but hey more power to and they they actually scouted Florida State in advance last year it paid off for. We say this every week spokesman South Carolina baseball has an important as easy series this weekend as the gamecocks traveled to Florida. The gators have been similarly disappointing this season those teams carry an eight and seven league record into the series which begins Thursday. But the clock is ticking on South Carolina during the season around. In a series win would go a long way toward doing that keep them honest god divisions. In the SEC in baseball they did away with the man basketball court them four pulls them. It's still get up there and get in the SEC east race. Now for the sausage. Guess there're so many different types of cash. You've got a lot of country cash in Ryan's. He got a ticker hash that they serve over the beat him in Spartanburg. Via home they had she'd corned beef hash. What makes a good dad and what exactly is hat to you what this past year. Or you are South Carolina. There's different than hash in another state. I think basically blaming in South Carolina as they throw every part of the animal lead and use for the good stuff. Mike the head. And the gels now glad testing and get every little bit of meat off that thing that you can. And it makes it up with some other stuff and throw it over rice Ali Ali Erisa is the deal and now. So I'm I guess I gotta tell you that. I wasn't sure that I have never had hash before. I knew I had corn beef. What is your dad passed before and little disclaimer warning if you. Heard JC's question when you know exactly what hash is. You might want to delete your history after you're done because. There's another kind of hash out there has many different kinds and types hashish which will pop up on your browser if you go looking for us GAAP and columns that I wasn't talking about that type of moves are about you know the delicious. I guess what was delicious to Greg. Who apparently the hash expert on. Starts telling you can play head live to you don't know what's in handsets when I'm telling you so if you are eating Giles we do know it. You notice me OK who's. With suggests we want it and it takes like to make good hash South Carolina style to decode this definitely three days. Like three days literally about net out all of that again go to Marie's is in Colombia is get that ration rice in addition to the Cold War. Now I'm never getting that again because it's it's heads that it is important for three days and rhetoric but geez just threw it threw well. I tell you I looked up recipes for us enough of them say name on Giles or anything like got to go to only get a rope rose to put some onion blossom time to keep you dig deeper on that Internet my aunt actually game they get dressed like wimps. For the crock pot hash of an amateur here for three days like excellent thirty days. It reverse gray days doesn't matter where it originated as Japan and it's just that's why you cook it for three days discharging for a you might go for days or. Do you really worry three day cooked meat. How does it depends on how you know my slocum in mind. What physical crop on it you know if I could something beyond today. It burns it. He's selling any add more water electric to roast once sounds like about the fall apart you know good good when he followed the walls barbed. Flickered for about thirty hours and it just it just. Neutral drive and disgusting to see dirt during the week I do the majority of the cooking and went on the weekend my wife went through a crock pot for it face that's the only fairway I echo and I had to beg her to please stop doing because it was during the time when I was losing weight. And we took it crock pot of how smells like elude the entire time. And and so you're hungry. If you're in the house you can smell outs and house the good news is if you're like a low carb diet most of the study group in the crock pot is diet frenetic for his hard. Good but anyway thanks for ruining my opinion about crash. Welcome come back for more Hollywood if you have any hash recipes that include Giles please send an hour away cause. Interest to argue does it I mean look at ESPN upstate on Twitter 71307. On the text line if you bomb if you have an opinion on what makes good. Cash were talking about kind you eat. Please let us know please let us know and I'm telling you in South Carolina I think that's. Can what you get use all the animal. All element that is on the order in this from guard if I mean there's got to be some kinda Health Department rule that prevents don't conform cook a pagan. Coach if he grows up to see them on the split with the apple in the mountain you know I've been to a couple of those. Bruce before them. Hey Al we're starting to see more more reports about mark Joseph Crawford. A JC in Memphis grant transfer and where he's gonna end up consumer Japanese and South Carolina on the big spurted. Another business on its front which Ryder roaming around him obesity degenerative. I don't know that they'll Bianca had a Roma aboard two days ago and I'm just trying to we talked about it before. So looks like he's going to visit Iowa State Texas and South Carolina and maybe Ole miss. Cred transfer out of Memphis and we talked about how Memphis is losing everybody. We think South Carolina got a great shot and getting this guy that pretty good charade have a story. It you know Texas is an impressive place even had a terrible season winners Shaka Smart and workers. Com but I'd say this about Marco Crawford. This guy. Is is a player of the is a good bit as far as like replacing it to when he knows he's really get on the fence about twelve point per game scorer averaged one point four steals per game. Not an. Not a super shooter you know I noticed was a streaky shooter and think it has the three and I think this guy was maybe in the thirties from three point land. But you know the type of guy that I think can. Help them you know I also think Cameron Johnson. The big gaffe from Pitt that there are also in the mix with it is the ideal got a kind of movement for the orcas in a while a lot of evenings but it. You know Marco Crawford rubio is that frank Martin's style of player. And I don't let it be visiting have been on the final formula if the other schools Iowa State taxes. You know Ole miss is right there disease from Memphis. But. I don't know that I think the final four this is what the final four can do in basketball recruiting is so get interest from guys like this. And he makes of this written likes what mark has to say. You know we'll. See what happens but dom you know I I've heard the other day they were in the mix. In the game forum. Certainly you know I I think there's a need. For guys his position. Right away. And so we'll see what happens if they can end up landing Marco Crawford and Cameron Johnson in this climate and that's significant you know then it's a matter of blending everybody together and things like that that be a significant. Stop gap measure now for losing to usury too. He played 38 minutes is gamecocks last year Tony. -- Nazis 28 points in thirty minutes now yes was between form of the so they put us amendments yeah I was doing let me finish what that asthma sorry. A story grew 28 points in 38 minutes in Memphis won seventy Fitch force of frank Martin's got a pretty good idea what this got tentative. Well that is probably the worst day in the game played this past season they were without formal wells on the road December 30. I mean the same day as the blue. Birmingham bowl. But yeah he played really well here's the gamecocks and he's looking to deport him defensively especially amazing. Season high numbers deals you know that guy he can single completely. For them at the two. Or three sometimes I think that would be. A big time for the income. Yesterday we also got the news that grace and Allen is coming back to do the cliche. Returns 65 Allen disappointing. Year last year. Issues off the court injuries on the court suspended for the game with the tripping incidents. And a stock went down the NBA and averaged fourteen and a half points. Three and half assists three point seven rebounds and of course they got bumped by South Carolina early. In the NCAA tournament so lomb took Purdue they will be gum. Better for it. Next year do you think that was a wise decision based on the year he him that Allen should come back plane of the year. It's probably Smart polished mark it'll come off of sub par a year ago straight into the MB. I happily it is big Purdue can limit gag and have a good year can we get some like controversy behind him and make some things happen for them. Has there were losing duke was losing about everybody before this now they get a better losing Jason Tatum look canard Harry Giles even who didn't play that much. To the MBA and then a meal Jefferson a Matt Jones for seniors so they're gone. But he will get Alan back and now there are still waiting to see about Frank Johnson the guard to freshman guard on whether he's coming back. And then they have some great recruits coming in as they always do at duke but I esprit big to get them together I'll come back. Out. I definitely think so I think that. Attack in two huge huge huge huge share comment I watched him a lot of agreement is is pure shooter he's a player can do that he made it does play with some passion and you can handle format you know it's it's a big deal for -- get him back because there are a lot of young players are inexperienced players in the world so. That's a that's a bit as big news for ACC basketball. You know we got this college basketball news Shareef O Neil. The son of Shaq. So on both Shaq. Committed today to Arizona. That was announced on twit 368. Coming out of luck crossroads school in Santa Monica California. He's number nineteen in the ESPN sixty for the class of 2018. Do you CI UUCLA wanna southern cal one and in Kentucky won an ML SU his father's alma mater wanted to but it's going to be Arizona. For Shareef O'Neill. And Shaquille approved of that. Sort of sort of deja Vu for him talking about how he went. The result recruitment battle and he let him make the decision so now Sean Miller and Arizona have to five stars. Committed for the 2018 class so while Arizona is not going to. Though they have. They get these types of players every year Arizona is really one of the blue blood of college basketball these days and down. And your kid from LA you know roller stay in LA goodies hilariously. You know I have never in Tucson there's no there's a lot worse places you can kind of for four years especially as a basketball player because that means it's a basketball school. And ladies in the those are nice and you know you're gonna play for great coach in Sean Miller so that's. As if you're LSU you probably have their own man waiting it checks and it you know the fact that. They live out west now and and things have changed and all the transition. With the LSU program you. You Croatian expect that didn't I don't think your read his. Is freaky about guys is dad but he's a heck of point 68 now I don't know a big deal yet. Bob Sheridan have them. Bull the shadows because nobody has the ball they checked it but he's the rings from a different time reporter today. Also airs on against that big one now and they have had seven straight top seven classes in this economy number eight. So while John Millard and Don recruiting wise and out in Arizona a 44 GS PE SPN. Excellent 71307. Back at mobile and more in the huddle year. On ESP announced. I got to review does this column from Greensboro. Columnist Greensboro, North Carolina Greensboro dot com I guess as the newspaper's website of the probably. This is from and Harden who writes Gordon. About Leon NCAA Terna announcement came yesterday. Our long nationally embarrassing nightmare isn't over in a sense this will never really be over we're getting our games back but they come with a stain. North Carolina got back into the NCAA championship game this afternoon with a host cities for 2018 to 22 were announced. Greensboro. Will host the first and second rounds of the 20/20 men's tournament first time since 2012 the gate city. Has been involved in the marquee event but in the Greensboro was to get to. And that's really all this was about basketball. This is a tournament town again which we say a little sheepishly having being banished from the NCAA tournament in the season their recently ended. Sacrificed as an example. And forced to watch our games on television from South Carolina of all places. The NCAA and its release of the more than 600 championship sites global sports. Noted in including North Carolina cities only after its board of governors voted to allow us MacKey and their lane they let us back gamba you won't hear a lot of celebrating. That seems inappropriate considering what it took to get a smack him. And don't think this didn't cost yes where in the rotation again but so is South Carolina. He says it with such disdain. If you're keeping score at home and here in North Carolina we all keep score at home. The tar heel state will share post season glory with the palmetto state for sometime to come. For all the talk of HB two in North Carolina and the NB AM Bruce Springsteen and PayPal. The cost of all this in addition to our reputation as a progressive state. Is this South Carolina he is now in the mix South Carolina has decided it likes basketball again. That's on us. That's gonna cost him the ways we can't yet measure. Think about it while Greensboro and Raleigh were awarded NCAA tournaments for the next cycle Charlotte was not. Our new friends in Greeneville South Carolina will host the first and second rounds in 2022. And get this Columbia, South Carolina will host those games in 2019. Colombia hasn't been an NCAA basketball host since 1970. This is directly because of HB two this was no slap on the wrist this was a slap in the face. It was just two Summers ago that South Carolina was allowed even to be considered a host NCAA events after having spent thirteen years the next I'll. Because of the State's refusal to lower the confederate flag from the Statehouse grounds. But the first and second rounds were planning Graeme the last month demonstrators showed up liberal rebel flags. So we knew right then and they're that the NCAA is memory is short we didn't realize the NCAA had a sense of irony. The Augusta body would never admit it but awarding Greenville another shot at the tournament was probably going to happen despite the demonstration Greg Moore earned it. Colombia getting back into the game in the very first year of the news cycle is nothing less than a middle finger pointed at North Carolina. And it's a general assembly a political lunatics and and we deserved it. Can you imagine what today's announcement would have looked like and we had our own had our own August body not repealed HB two. The NCAA Mata put the 20/20 games in Darlington. Catalyst for that game especially that might be pretty cool. Goes on to say that the quotes the director managing director of the Greensboro coliseum Matt brown. Waiting to see if Greensboro to get back into the mix he said watching it that was just ranching. And in South Carolina of all places Osce green ball got there return have been in 20/20 two which probably squeezed out Charlotte. This has been an empty venture from the outset one decision led to another we lost our time and money and prestige and reputation in the process we lost the 2017 incidentally tournament here in Greensboro. We lost the women's ACC tournament. We lost dolphin swimming and soccer. For a time their look like ruling get him back we did for the most part but will never get it all back. We lost too much of ourselves and all this. The process gave rise to Mal the politicians and gave soap boxes to political musicians in her people we had no business hurting. It came with a price would have basketball back but it feels different it feels like someone put mustard on our barbecue. The other guys around they're entitled. In North Carolina about hosting basketball and they feel entitled. Well it's a new low world war North Carolina guess what. This Gaza horrible columnist. And let me just tell you why and always reviewed a militia because I would tell him to his place I promise. All the very fact that he mentions the confederate of the five people that were. Waving the confederate flag that twenty journalists took pictures the posted Oliver social media made a big deal out of the very fact that he mentions that and acts like oh nothing's changed in South Carolina. Shows they don't know what that he's talking about that's first of forest. Second I agree with you they do you feel entitled to north care arm especially when it comes our state. They have for a long long gone and a favorite at Kana. You know shakes the liberal elite in that state a bit. When we seem more progressive than they do. But are out already ruined the president do be a progressive her or conservative or whatever they as do is just common sense. And our former governor. Had a lot of common sense when it had to do with things like this like the flag well you know this tragedy happened time to take flight. What about you know some some moron. Congressman who got voted I think he losses election this past time which was give his complete moron trying to introduce a bathroom bill for South Carolina. And Nikki Haley basically said publicly announcement that we don't need that we know how to combat efforts. And that's true because it's cost North Carolina. A lot. And it wasn't that something that impacts. Less than 1% of the population. Arm but this guy you know look at that is Twitter account and his flower bed in Albany like I mean is is probably Justin. It only between about Starbucks. You know he's he's tweeting about Hernandez being sort of a victim. You know he's he's a liberal. Soft. Person morons that like to stir the pot similar are remorse from column. So arm. You know I'm on how much use for the column I think it's it's it's juror is is just. Condescending towards. Gregg and us what's the point of that you know you're you're you're charmed. If you wanna raise the issue that this was call sleep. That's fine. But that you're sitting there raising the issue of south care or any ease even during some of it probably is tongue in cheek. Does agreeable probably earned it will yeah everybody you talk to except for the the sportswriters from North Carolina that didn't wanna drop the extra hour. Because they're lazy. Home and it blew that the only thing they really got enthusiastic about reporting on was the five people that blew the confederate flag for hours before the games on Sunday. You know those people were complaining but it has had a drug addicts have nothing to do agree believe and in this agreeable probably here in the spot. In probably there's nothing about Columbia. A man and don't come home that's ridiculous Armenian and it's just. This guy's written some things. Even died during the tournament that were born insane and you know you look at the social media county was the one of confederate flag and Chrysler Chrysler Chrysler am. You know so so whatever or think it's all kind of ridiculous. Arming and HB two bill wasn't even halfway I mean it's repealed a bit that people are still upset about it so. You know that the NCAA basically caved there is an entitlement Greensboro is not a I mean would you rather living Greensboro or Greenville. Now there's nothing better about brings a main selling closed all the girls those solely given him and it's episode Sosa that begs the question mister non biased columnist. Or your homer. I mean what's the what's the angle I guess those don't understand the angle rather than trying to be condescending towards South Carolina while the same time criticizing. Tiger go back to defending Aaron Hernandez and listen man it's a new world out there for you guys in North Carolina I don't think this is gonna change I think South Carolina cities are going to be in the rotation going forward. And yet you. Made that happen and happen annually over time. You sped it up did you know that the governor of Texas is a work in a bathroom. Exit their seriously images stop the little one in Texas it doesn't matter. I mean the transgender people are very very small portions of the population. And our you do when you talk about it is you give. Idea on Whittle men appear next to little girls. Well all you do is the perverts out there are gonna just you know cause problems as a good idea yeah rarely come home. People would just how. Up against the break here 844 GS PE SP and back and more coming up this is the huddle Lonnie is in upstate. Tolerant. Here. Andy you picked up the golf course yet the upstate golf cord to 2017 version and we just introduce those and passed out. You weeks here now's the time to get him because you have so much of the golf season left so get an early so you have plenty of time to visit eight upstate golf courses. Eight album a different courses around that each course and you get it for 75 dollars to preserve Labor Day on the air balloon finer golf courses in the upstate. Well Craig another excellent course legacy pines and pebble creek there Greer country club. The rocket Joseph Cassie rolling green golf club and links a trial on all the upstate gulf card 2017. 250 dollar plus value. You get a for a 70% discount. At 75 dollars. Are also right now get them while they last because the supply is limited. Signatures before they're gone. Going get a ordered and allow about a week for your golf card to be delivered Carter card you can get more than one certainly some borrow one for friends make great gifts. From a golfer and your family. The upstate golf cart again 75 bucks each and available right now so check it out all the details and a golf cart ordering form a is right there on the website upstate golf cart dot com. A South Carolina had to come from behind to win over Davidson and College Baseball last night they were actually I'm trailing going to the bottom of the seventh and seventh and in fact they and they were held hitless through six innings chasing mr. it is not hitting as Davidson you can get a hit on. No love. No love for them performance but at least they want and I said before the Midway Games in College Baseball sometimes. If you're not playing your best Q you have planned the best team out they have got to come in the important thing is you win. So the important thing is they want and let me and it is she is. Like I said it's an important series this week and then I think the clock is ticking had to do to make encouraged because there are or are blogger guy here. Ditty tweeted today. He warned foreign to record for Holbrooke this leaguer he's gonna get on. The fire train with me I'm Donald fired trying to cabinet if I call for Chad Holbrook to be fired. I'm going to say South Carolina needs to fire channel grows. I just said that you know if things don't turn around. Change needs to happen. And and and whatever that definition of change is and and whatever the definition of turn around is. Is to be determined but I just want to make clear who's on imported oval taken aback by Athens if I call for some odd to be fired. I'm going to say. Here's lately they seem to be fundamentally fair online columnist for Greensboro animus and they need to be fired here's why here five reasons why. I think in my opinion they should do that now I I've never done that about overcoming critical. For the first time because things are going well. But when I call for someone to be fired you guys Alando. Well look I mean there's no upside dig too to have making that determination. Now wait a month Malone. Yes and there's no doubt I'm just I'm giving people warning that it's not going that is not going by the way Brad Stevens is on the hot seat if it loses the ball well. This is as a report from Debbie the guys have them on the east. Home of the birdsaw it's at Celtic from Austin you'll feel like bill that Boston sports talk radio has credibility now related. Kids this year. Our bodies on that seat unit of time right now and I am trying to own them. Yeah I think is one of ours I think that might be one of help him to put him in his cog in a game is guy. He's dad outcome mean as candidates years lost two games here. Two games aren't. Just won the east now expected that this year did. I don't oldies it's going to be a bad you don't see get a trophy for winning earned it don't live in the NC what did you do last year in the year for lending your report they've gotten there they've gotten better every single year he's been kept. It's a good coach I mean look. We're talking about that'll three questions coming up so let's say. Will say it saves some of that here Celtics down. Our Boston talk I would ask three questions coming up here in the huddle we are also going to hear from Louis Riddick on the quarterbacks. We had talked about it or read some draft you're not only get to do that we cannot have a day without quarterback speculation. In the NFL draft which is coming up next week by the way and you can join as far ESP in upstate draft party. That's gonna be next Thursday out at local Q both our local shows no huddle. And straight a blister urge will be there from 1 o'clock until 7 o'clock and that's when the draft starts. We will have predictions analysis prizes and much more plus the best wanes in the upstate got their house smoked barbecue build your own Mac and cheese. And lot more for the perfect draft night to join us next Thursday all afternoon local Q Haywood road run off Haywood road on Orchard Park drive. And you can find out everything about local Q on the website local Q dot com it is a 21 and older. Establishment. So don't bring kids but come cius next week. Back with a final hour of the huddle coming up ESP in upstate stay with us.