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G-Mac, JC, and Lonzo talk about Aaron Hernandez, the NBA Playoffs, and SC Football.


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Blog amend the Wednesday huddle on ESPN upstate Greg McKinney JC sure birch. And Alonso here. With them a busy day of things to talk about today Tom stuff MBA playoffs coming up. That little clip from mom Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs who have for your later this hour. Some news on a South Carolina football scheduling. Particularly a game they have decided not to play in 2019. We'll get to that. Will be joined live by bin bounds executive director of the South Carolina. Football hall of fame coming up that 204. This afternoon and actually he's the vice president of business development. They're going to have by induction ceremonies tomorrow. And we'll talk about that they have another man tonight. In downtown Greenville talk about who's going into the South Carolina football hall of fame this year. Todd takes a sausage with a JC coming up at 220. 304 this afternoon. It would not be a huddle if we did not discuss. Quarterbacks in the NFL draft. And half sold them all here are some balls from Louis Riddick. NFL insider on that. Later in the show today and much more a JC you had to duck got here yesterday and I know it was unfortunate circumstance I think you wanted to say something about your granddad. Yeah like grandfather. Joseph assure ever passed away yesterday. I was able to be there when it happened the English in the show quite a bit of movement Spartanburg and a certainly it was a lion of a man and an outstanding human being. A lot of my traits came from him including my hair and I'm thankful for that. But great guy loves sports. I love the NFL. First and foremost love watching all the games and certainly he will be missed and there are few people out there over Spartanburg that I know my family and no my uncles and aunts and at noon my grandfather for years. Says one you know. It's pat give him a shout out and I know is in a better place than that just kind of a difficult day yesterday about them. Will be here earlier talking sports this what it would of Mormon and just pray for my family and elected stuff. Dip condolences to all all your family and do you want on that certainly. Are we have but time to get did today our phone lines are open to you Eddie 444773776. And get us on the text line driven by Carolina coaches RB superstore. 71307. Use security SPN at the beginning your text message and were on Twitter at ESPN upstate. Yeah. Well breaking news from this morning that some major topic of conversation today is the death apparently the suicide. Of Aaron Hernandez. Now former New England Patriots found hanged in his Massachusetts prison cell this morning. This day in just few days after his acquittal in one double murder case but of course he had already been convicted of murder. In another case some was that I imprisoned without the possibility of a roll 27 years old now found hanging with a bed sheet attached to a window in his cell they took him to a hospital. And he was pronounced dead about. 407. This morning column. So that's that I you know I would refer you to a really good article that we just posted on our FaceBook page from Dan Wetzel of Yahoo!. About hearing Hernandez. And about the final days of his life and how he. He had begun to talk more he had begun to interact with people at this trial. Because you know he. Certainly may have had this in his mind and he saw that as his last chance to interact with the outside world. Because once that trials over. He's imprisoning coming out. And end up you know his life was pretty much over. So you might wanna Juan take a look at at that article we just posted it I thought it was well written by Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports. On our FaceBook page just posted at a few minutes ago this comes on the day that the New England Patriots are visiting the White House. To celebrate their Super Bowl championship. Over the Atlanta Falcons. And dom it does appear that they will not be saying anything at all. About. Aaron Hernandez today Tom Brady's not there he had what's described as some personal business to attend to so he's. Not made it two while the White House celebration Mike Reese is at the White House covering the patriots and he talks about their decision. Not to address Hernandez. On their day in Washington. Patriots spokesman told me that obviously there are aware of the Hernandez news but they don't anticipate commenting and that's very consistent. When what the team has done since. Releasing Hernandez back in 2013. The organization. Has really tried to make a clean break from that situation if you recall. Bill Belichick had that big press conference laid it all out there and answered questions at that time and from that point forward. Bill though a check and Robert Kraft the team owner and players. Really tried to move forward and and it did come up at times between you know from not point to the present day. As it does today but. All in all the idea of making a clean break from the situation. Has been something the patriots led by Belichick can't really tried to focus on. And yet here they are Mike on this day confronting once again this darkness surrounding a former star any organization. How might Hernandez's death affect the tone of events there today. Well there's thirteen players on the present team that actually played with Hernandez so not a strong connection among the majority of players on the roster to Hernandez. And three of those players we know won't be here at the White House today and possibly more. Those three Tom Brady alongside DeVon accordion and linebacker Donta hightower. And I go back him up to two years ago right outside here in the west wing when Bill Belichick spoke to reporters after the last time the patriots we're here at the White House. And he said being at the White House makes you feel as patriotic. As you can feel and Bill Belichick. To me will not allow this situation to affect that feeling for him. And I can give you a little bit of perspective on numbers of patriots are on their way down here now and I'm told that 34. Total players are on this trip to the White House and some people might ask the question how does that compare. To past years and if we look at. 20042005. Those two years where they came back to back. Is sort of a good compare able to these last two times they were here. They had 36 players in 2004 and then 27 players in 2005. So. Right around the same numbers for the patriots for this visit to the white. House today. Like you've covered the patriots for two decades now how you put this Aaron Hernandez story and perspective. Well the first thought they came to mind was when Bill Belichick was asked about this in his most recent interview with CNBC and he was playing a word association game. And the words Aaron Hernandez were mentioned to him and he used the words tragic and heartbreaking when there was a follow up questions and that's the first thought Hanna and then of course. Your thoughts always go. It to the victims out of the families affected and Aaron Hernandez daughter. In this situation and then. The patriots organization as a whole you know I mentioned it a little bit earlier. How this how they've tried to handle this going forward they addressed it when it happened and then trying to move from it obviously you can never. A race it completely it's part of the team's history. But how they've tried to move forward from it stands out to me. My Greece so by ESPN and Washington today with the patriots when this news. Broke my mom and there was one interesting thing that happened that day a former agent for Aaron Hernandez Brian Murphy. Said today. There's absolutely no chance he killed it was. Coaching it's. I gotta tell you when I first heard this and it may be where I work for my other job. My first thought was why now. And it and it looks just looks kind of odd that it would happen now an and I know how they found them in the end and it's. Made to look or is. In a way where. He had to do it but you know depending on who found them they can make you look that way and then I hate that I think that way and but it again why now. Well now because. He's toast. I mean now home because he is not going to see a lot of day again and released last week he was out in the courtroom and saw people and I think sell some family members and none of the visit him but. Look coming now it's it's a done deal hasn't even been imprisoned up he has been he has been here that one more thing to try to get off on that second case. And he did about a one. Found not guilty. Right now if you if you been found guilty of those tumors also I concede that but this is still my guess now we went in and he more than likely he did commit suicide and if you didn't we'll never know what really happened but. It's good known popular ones you thought it. I think he's a coward. Of India's murderer and I think that. When you look at the stories today you know using the word sad and tragic. It was sad and tragic for his. Fiance sister's boyfriend that he murdered. That that was sad and tragic. Nothing about Aaron Hernandez was sad and tragic he's. He's a guy that had a mental problem. That obviously could handle success that was very very weak at the end of the day. And this does not surprise me that he killed himself he killed people in a very cowardly manner. Com and phony was you know hot head football guy. That the only usable wall and he got what he deserved in the I don't think there's anything tragic about it and a lot of trouble enough flow to Florida to right now I don't think there's anything tragic about it I don't think it's. Sad situation. That it ended this way. I don't think it was sad that he flew through ways like because real life choices. People said walls because his dad died in 2006 a lot of people's dead and they don't go kill people. Okay and they have half the physical gifts and talent and Aaron Hernandez did football field and athletics. His Brothers played sports it was like he grew up and home where. There has been craziness happens all the time there have been people that face or worse circumstances. That they don't go out and kill people. You know because they're mad about something other angry about something in Asia are going gotten help and that's about self responsibility summit for at least that's our foreign. I don't feel the least bit sorry for. His family. I feel sorry for the family that lost their loved ones at the hands of a murderer and I think that it's sickening the way the media. Has portrayed this as him being some sort of victim of circumstance. There are circumstances that happened to every one. Now on this earth. And the circumstances at face value that happened Aaron Hernandez. Now were nothing for him to go and murdered someone about. It was a situation where. He just polity was above the wall. And couldn't get control of his mental illness. And he did that like an adult and in the end he went out and a very very cowardly way whether or not he killed himself or not. Obviously he was cornered in a prison cell. Jim was a victim of retribution for his own actions so I don't feel the least bit sore foreign. I think. It's a good day because one less psychopathic murderer is off this planet. They chained in filled Everest and we used to have an awful offers. I mean there's obviously fairly as a responsibility when someone's mentally ill to step in and you know trying to give them help. And you know they obviously failed to I mean you know you got to take care of you and your own an iPhone. If someone that did you know and in the you know what he's making twenty million dollars what is girlfriends. As surreal that it you know I mean so you know still. You know they face you know that they were obviously. You know chose to be in a family situation. With someone who was a psychopathic murder and the only visible law does he play a little football so I don't. You know really have a whole lot of sympathy for their meager I have a lot of sympathy for the victim. And that's that's about it in the situation I think and it's sad. That the media. You know continues to paint this as some sort of American tragedy. When the guy. You know was was was crazy. And murderer and needed to be either incarcerated for the rest of his life for all the planet either way it didn't matter to me that he's ago and that's good. That's hard I'll all right when you on everything but not feeling some mobbed some senators family I don't know that they. Camille responsible for the skies sanctions and they don't throw a hell of a lot I understand here I understand that I don't I don't mean I'm not gonna. Beat down that take two more coming unit will just agree to disagree around. Anyway and and I do think he. Killed himself I think that's 99%. Likely. That he did that but and you know his agent. Former agent not. Obviously current agent who is probably an enabler you know I don't know it would have been humanitarianism is just comment scone. Trying to get a little attention for so from yeah that's what these different I guess. 8444773776. If you wanna comment on now and a spent a lot of time on a but it certainly wasn't a big breaking news of the morning here. And you can get on board about that I wanted to get to the album. Gregg Popovich. Deal because I thought he had a pretty funny comment last night we'll talk about the NBA what happened analogy sees greater where bond enters into. That's coming up text line is also available to you at 71307. With like break and come back with more in a moment. You're listening to the hollow. This is ESPN upstate. Welcome back and won 24 in the huddle ESP enough stake Greg McKinney JC sherbet and Alonso here Wednesday afternoon addition we'll get the MBA and I managed just. The rap a couple things up on. Aaron Hernandez here I'll mall first of all we had a caller calling new did not wanna go on the air who may be at a point to make but dump it on the on the air. I don't know what you said. It gets lost in translation sometimes it don't try to explain to our. Our producers of that though this is your opinion but you don't wanna go there's really no point in that. Means a call engine it is the Colin program so you can you can text if you'd rather not only here. But we want your words and I'm so those of the choices tweet. Text call inning only those your option to to get your opinion across. All the text speaking of that at 71307. Someone who takes issue with you mr. Schulberg says. Sounds like JC thinks those initials stand for Jesus Christ that's sad. Actually that's not. I'm guessing that's not that's not accurate. And Jesus obviously as a new testament to him. Figure her as you know basically he is the new testament and Jesus was very forgiving and Nam. Turn the other cheek and all that good stuff I think what I say it was a very old testament sort of point of view eye for an eye tooth for tooth. And that's just how our role modeling that's sad at all I think it's sad that there Hernandez killed people and the people sitting here saying how sad it was that he killed himself. And it's disgusting and that's a bad bet really makes me sick that. People have that point of view but it's America and you're entitled to nothing surprises me anymore but it sickened and since it's probably. Something where you should go seek some help to understand why you're glorifying murder. You wanna like jumping in on that via text. Our text line and as always is open to you at 71307. Use security as paean. At the beginning your text message in BA last night we did have three games. And album. The Boston Celtics are down two to nothing we actually took the series now after last night we have two that are tied at a game apiece but it is not Chicago and Boston fact dumb wasn't really close 111 to 97 last night. And the bulls beat Boston and dumb do you think. You're in trouble. Losing two dimes to letting this because that's it's not a good paying. You know last night's game the polls were even more dominant you know involved that. In MA with Isiah Thomas situation earlier. In the game one that maybe that had something to do that although he scored 33 points for the Celtics have that game. About last night usable discount rose topple him and that I don't remember if it was you or Warren's. But wanted to set. When I picked the Celtics. Warning you said the Celtics are going out against the bulls in the first round I don't know who made that call. I think it was lawns he's raising his hand so I guess he's right yeah how long I I'm aware that dad was so mad props alarms. For for making that call if indeed it does happen but I have a feeling the Celtics aren't done yet. I think that getting down to nothing probably has their kids in the bulls are good team you know they are. They don't they weren't in the regular season but they got to come in they match up really help with the Celtics yeah there's not a man. With with the Celtics men they gave up early on it's a sound or look like they were defeated if you saw among them on the on the bench in an otherwise. And who they have besides Isiah Thomas and there's a formula in the NBA. If he had two really big guys are gonna win but he got three decent stars you've got a shot beaten just about anybody and the bulls have that with. With Butler with Rondo and with Dwyane Wade and no Rondo hadn't been playing that well coming up to this but he knows how to play in the playoffs so those Dwyane Wade and they're showing Jimmy Butler how to do it and I think he does got in Boston's head. And now they're going home so please teams play better on the road than they do at home. I think bought at Boston has a shot to give me at least one game will be the first game in Chicago. Of course that they if if Chicago wins and it's done. As you don't wanna go down three in Athens I mean you want to rally the troops and get them first wind and even if you get down 31 you still come back to Boston 32 billion in game six over Chicago you pull that in his wanna take all. So that's the strategy I agree with the Alonso on I don't think that. There's any question that game three is Titanic. For the Boston Celtics. Doubt the the VPI for BS being gives a Boston now a 22% chance storms I don't hear about the 2278%. Chance the Chicago is on its district that. Okay okay all right are OK I was Toronto over Milwaukee last night L one a 6100 so that series is now tied at a game apiece got to give them going there and the clippers beat Utah 99. To 91 so bad series also tied. At one game apiece we get three games tonight we get to Atlanta Washington we get Oklahoma City and Houston. And we get Portland and Golden State San Antonio Spurs. Are looking pretty good so far as well they're up two to nothing against Memphis and they will play. Coming up on Thursday night along with Cleveland Indiana and Toronto and Milwaukee. Now. Gregg Popovich go to disperse. Sometimes can be very entertaining with his meetings with the media yes and last night someone asked him. It wasn't the talk about question it was the how important question. They're pretty equal in my book the talk about and the how important. And here's how pop responded to a how important question. I was at and how important wasn't. Very. Exceedingly. It was a nine out of ten scale mean. Of course and every time you make a three units a tight game it's important. Not trying to be glib answer most of you know. I. Right. This put exceedingly important. Beyond measure. How important was that when you had this epic love that low pop man. Yeah I'm pop's favorite pet sounds like he's. Done with bad questions that you well I EO William Moore he'll get more. David says Dell of the grizzlies their coach has been fine shockingly. For his complaints about the officiating in that series. A fine thirty grand 30000 dollars. Today for criticizing officials. It was after the 96 to 82 lost the spurs Monday night. He called the work of a veteran crew Danny Crawford Rodney Mott and Bill Spooner unprofessional. And unacceptable. Slammed is fist on the table and stormed off. Thirty grand for that little. Definitely out a lot of money yeah but it's it's pittance if it worked. If what he says causes them to officiate differently or more fairly. That he gives this team a better shot doesn't cause them to officially it has more fairly it has in the past when where and coaches have said things. And the scrutiny of everybody is now on the officials gone yeah you're right that a good investment good thirty dollar decision. It depends on how they called a game particularly game even. And and even if they lose them yeah it is it's a good investment. Day specifically complained about how laws Zach Randolph had zero free throws coli Leonard in nineteen free throws for the spurs. That they took a much shots in the paint only had six free throws and with eight fewer shots in the paint. The spurs a 23. Free throws so he just kind of Randy and Brandon Brandon Denny slammed is fist. Up pin in his fist on the table stood up and said take that for data. And walked. The Perrigo says Reyes goes brio. Yeah I gotta wonder if you thought about ahead of time how he's gonna finishes. You know it was I was that was pretty unique and something that will be used over and over again yeah you gotta have bums you gotta have a plan. When you go rent it if you just blowing it. Ehrlich Kamal you don't wanna copy Denny during nine there a couple guys you don't like maybe the intensity but not the same more right. A thaw out thought it was pretty good performance by fears. The gaffe as dale maybe it's just team fired maybe the games officiate little better. I don't know of thirty grand seems like a lot on how much you have a NBA cares and probably this year if they make a couple million don't thing is new with a look at but he's doing all right. He's Dora right are they can afford in afforded maybe detained as a form an ounce and they slide in the thirty ran to pay an annual slated 8444. 773776. Text us at 71307. Hanging out here in the huddle today on ESPN upstate. Well breaking come back with a more here. Greg McKinney Jason Sherman and Alonso in a moment stay with us. Back here in the huddle on ESPN up states on a cloudy afternoon in knobs they South Carolina we better tomorrow and headed toward the weekend but down the dreary day out there today. 8444773776. We'll get him and us. The text line from Carolina coaches RV superstore 71307. Scope of the phones bring Jim in next hey Jim welcome him. You ought to bury him what's up. Objections. Cities. Mixes Peter Sturm and sees my dear amount more. Orderly. So called it oh. Rooms. Which are going to. Say ladies charters. Mark Williams cooperate will take to assist and it would be in and 64. Is law. And well they as a mistake I Larkin is one of the best divas of tackles in the draft obviously it's a position of high value I'd be surprised viewing or at least in the second round. I'll. Ask as far that the chargers you know how much longer is Philip Rivers have left. They need somebody as they transition to be in LA chargers. You know after the rivers era. The sort of thing and it. But he has now the time to do and I don't know I'd I'd be surprised if the chargers ultimately made it cost far as Williams to the titans get who sort of like that you know they've got. Some other good receivers I think that room. That can be a good pick for them so what we'll see you guys to. Begat begat it is that they would use kebab we could just talk. His first you're ready to step being employed to play duke. Is rookie outfielder so yeah. I think so I think Mike Williams has a ton of talent in them. What's amazing to me about him as he got hurt you know his in Tony 151 game of the year with a neck injury. Which isn't he's come back from that he comes back into only sixteen he's an even better players. I mean he's even better than they were that I think you would have been reported 2015 and that that's a product of hard work and work ethic and and being mentally tough so. I agree with Phnom may not I think that he's a Gallic step and the deathly make things happen provided you know best network at that continues and there's no reason to believe that that it should. And now I still I still would be surprised if Watson. What with the chargers but you know who knows what will happen at this point. Jim we appreciated job and my Jersey is 35 years old him Casey's that's not terrible idea for dish on that to go to the charge. You know my element in a couple of years in the river is starter. Rivers can have a whole lot left because he's been up and down lately been. In San Diego alive. I guess you'd rather go there in Cleveland I know. Pauses as he would have dropped the time because it's in Los Angeles and yet though Cummings they're playing a soccer stadium next year. But is still not Cleveland at its low today. It look if I am. I mean that puts him at seventh overall. You know so above it above that. The 49ers. Bears the bears may be would be. Probably would be good thing for them to draft him. Jags have their guy tides have their dad Janssen says X chargers at seven I mean that would be pretty. Pretty legitimate. Is the top ten picked up to date in my book I mean some some undertakes Robiskie over him among these. Geniuses in the top six but down. You know from a charters and long program in there and that's certainly not a bad idea. Not bad got some news on the South Carolina football schedule going forward thereof canceling a game with the east Carolina. 2019 road game not gonna make that trip according to the eightieth east Carolina Jeff comfort. He was talking to a radio station yesterday said dubbed. That the gamecocks. Would not becoming because they have a game in Charlotte and a limited number of home games. And they've elected not to do that cost South Carolina about a million dollars. According to reports for canceling that can. A South Carolina plays North Carolina in Charlotte 12019. And then they host Charleston southern and Clemson. Charles that's yeah well we canceled the Charleston southern game employees. You know I thought at and that's the thing to Armenia. The game should've never been scheduled that was part of when air time and Steve Spurrier were there they were kind of try and I don't know if you play a two for one or somebody going to pay as much for school like east Carolina to come and that is all part of a they they scheduled like 56 games of ECU. One in Charlotte three in Colombia and then warning Greeneville and they care I think this is that they postponed it until 2019 to begin with the play another game and then college took about the schedule that that's not EST spurred it really cares and let's go tee it up and play wherever you know. So they add wrote a road game ECF one year was just so happened to be the best year in the history UCF football man I'm lucky to win and South Carolina has no business playing road games and use the FE CU or any school. I mean it's just these don't do meaner it. I understand it yet sometimes you'll see a Mississippi State is these days bad about this though go to south Alabama went to BYU last year. I don't did mean it you know I arm in favor of taking the all Burma in Florida approach to schedule. Auburn plays four. That they put a they play one. Decent out of conference opponent sometimes as Washington State sometimes it's clubs you know. Sometimes it's a kickoff game and then they play three little sisters of the war. And then if weather SEC schedule and I think that's fine. Prefer all over for Florida. This year being the exception is there in the kickoff game against Michigan in Dallas which you know I think is great for schools to do if they can do it. But other than that for notice Florida play in the south Florida State in the SEC schedule nobody they played a Mac team. Use live a team from the west. And then one double A team toward the end of the year and in Florida arguably is in the same position South Carolina is as far as. I'm scheduling goes because they play Florida State in national championship in state ACC school that's a contender each and every year. So so why would South Carolina. You know go and wrist that there's no upside. And look Greenville, North Carolina is a great place to watch a game up I'll always have a lot of respect for your fan base. I think it's an SEC type atmosphere a lot of times. But there's no upside to going to Greenville plate there's no upside to going to Orlando for any other reason bootable OK if you're South Carolina and play UC. Why do that and and I think Will Muschamp agrees with that side of it. Because you use you look at count who rescheduled in 28 thing. Coastal Marshall. And Chattanooga. You know I mean and let him when Clinton's way up like they are Armenia date SEC games I just don't see. You know go one out of your way to schedule. Non beneficial big time on carpet Charlotte's been official. You know played in Charlotte's been official planet land has been official played in dallas' benefit from the don't want to agreeable North Carolina is knocked him. I I you know I just hate C three crap games. He's in Italy this is an interesting point of discussion because a lot of game fans feel like you'd. They've it is it's because for years south Carolina's over skid. You know when there and Independence Day over schedule in the eighties that was the whole thing you know at some very tough schedule you now. Well you tell a Florida all the play in them they play in northern Colorado and UAB. This coming year now and Michigan and Florida State on a bouncing and they're not scheduling 33 crap and look at Tony anything. Ariel. Let's see if it's out. Nine I'll look for but yeah like Michigan the play Florida State salaam you know now finals with a Florida schedule star soccer put Clarkson this year soccer it was close and an NC state. As offered in Louisiana Tech then. That's too long given that Madrid like three but let them that they are the port of Florida is it's not like it is this year every year Michigan is on neutral site game in Dallas on national television is great for the program. So why would you arming. That why would you go away from. I'd here's what we have of the twenty team Florida schedule course and put in the conference games against them Collins Colorado State. Idaho. Into an FAA issue and I guarantee. Before the game will be and a and nothing bird. And all all burns the same way even though Auburn doesn't have an instate rival though player Clemson or Washington State or somebody like that. But in the rest of emerges. I mean Alabama even plays they play may be one big town how to koppers game in the rest those. Let's just the way it is in the SEC. And you don't wanna sit there and and win the award for. Most challenging scheduling left out of a ball in your arm and accomplish this is twelve teams to bowl him you know and you're not Vanderbilt would test schedule home and homes of middle Tennessee western Kentucky's. This was a mistake that I think Hyman and Spurrier dialysis and inundated again knocking out an Easter and it is especially near where you're already playing in Charlotte against Victoria. A port four GS PSP and got to get her final break of the dowry chest 1000 dollars ten minutes away standby for the keyword legged help you do that coming up here. The huddle on ESP announced they will be right back. An important. Week. Our. I. It's coming up FitzGerald automotive testing Greenville Pickens BWAY and it's a week from Saturday it's April 29. If your cars Renault vehicles you don't wanna miss Carolina motor fester combined you can sell you can trade. It is powered by Carolina coaches are v.s superstore they have the classic car show so you can enter your rebuilt classic in that. Secure your place at the swap meet body or sell your car your truck bike ATV even your golf cart. At the car corral. They get food they got fun for the whole family kids will enjoy a great family event doors open gates open whatever you want columns they opened. At 10 AM. And if you're looking for a new ride don't miss the auto auction that is presented by wham auctions as part of Carolina motor fest. So lobbed a circle the date on your calendar a week from this Saturday. It's ten days away now Saturday April 29 you don't want to miss it out of Greenville Pickens speedway Carolina motor for us all the information online for you and Carolina motor fest dot com. We're back about five minutes away from 2 o'clock in the huddle couple of all home. Maybe not directly related to sports notes here to get to before we get a chance to win a 1000 dollar prize coming up in the free cash stashed multiple reports that Bill O'Reilly is out at Fox News to tighten that's big. That has been here in a lot of ways he is that network. And 21 years that me and them. According to sources briefed on discussions never consecutive strong preparing to announce his departure before he gets back from vacation. It's been in Italy don't come back milk. So you know now the discussion is who is the Al replacement. For bill rally you know the stories about a rally being able some stark. Our he had just signed I think it was twenty million dollar contract there and Abaya and round to move forward on a Betty ends up going in haven't shown serious exit. On the radio radio show. Don't think somebody's imagination. I depends on about the accusations that there him founded in there well prosecution here here's the thing through their he's consistently calling out other networks and he doesn't seem like the type of person that can. You know. Despite the bullet and go to logon to CNN the hour or MSNBC here anywhere like that he could end up home. You know some other. Wrote like him like a Voice of America or maybe you may even with Larry King on Russia today about that. Or he could start his own network like political invective I mean that's that's always passed Allah he's better than England he makes him more common sense in my opinion about it fluffy as the money moves well and he Devin has got all his books he sold and stuff like enemies. I'm sure he's OK financially. Well not official yet from fox but dom sir releasing several sources reporting that that is in the works that are Riley is on the way out the door here. And then there's this story out of Sarasota Florida there was a professional tennis match going on. And Frances. TO flow was about to serve too Mitchell Kruger. Tuesday night in the Sarasota open. When he paused because you could clearly hear. A woman. Moaning in pleasure. And this was being broadcast the broadcaster Mike Tate and describe the sounds as perhaps coming from a video somebody was playing in the stands. But the later they determined it was coming from a nearby park. Ms. none of it. Both players had fond of the situation the crowd burst into laughter Kruger hit a ball in the direction of the sounds the and then the TO foes screened. It can't be that good. Our. If it is it is and if this gets the this year Richard goat going Lou. Later taking a broadcaster went on to law Twitter and said sounds like you guys at a good time. How close are those apartments. Obviously. Very close. Well Brendan tennis ball nice. Alleyway with good acoustics to carry sound pops here that dude in that situation that was in that apartment here for a while you're like a lot of my element and here at. It takes to your body says that was mailman he's on TV man. Even if you're the guy if you lived in that apartment building your probably your client on the matter Osmond. All right coming up here in the huddle ordered joined live by Ben bounds of the South Carolina football hall of Famer in talk about their presentation their induction coming up this week. Angry bill who's going in and now what's going to be going on the got a golf tournament going on to. We have pot takes and sausage coming up here in the huddle later on we will have our three questions segment including some discussion about Tiger Woods. And about. The Boston Celtics now down two games to none against the Chicago Bulls. And we will hear from Lewis Redick on the upcoming quarterback draft in the NFL Clemson Georgia baseball tonight 6 o'clock here on ESP in upstate by the way so. Tiger's try to get back on the winning track after dropping two out of three to Florida State over the weekend. Right now's your chance at free money the 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESPN. Upstate and the key word this hour is drama DR UN text the word drama. The 72881. That seventy to 8081. Good luck hope you when we do it four times every day 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM the free cash dash on ESPN upstate hour of power to the huddle coming up stay with.