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Welcome back to the huddle on ESPN upstate Greg McKinney got a sword blade club tomorrow the BMW charity pro am will begin. And we are here live for the play but I came out here today just in the hopes of luck catching up with some pretty good NFL player in Aaron Rodgers of Mike green bay Packers and that has worked out guys here Roger sitting with me right now live here and man this is an honor how you don't. Under against Greg good management good to meet you the scrape did you practice today would you go to there weren't played the preserve course. Plan and then on Friday morning. Knew this place is no middle packed here today someone to get out since of course we get around a little bit of time. It's fun minutes could do appear you had them. I'm a streaky player if if I gig don't know bill I can I can chew through low. Stress score in lower rates it's commit long day. I saw an interview you I guess it was done in Green Bay where you said you didn't play as much offseason golf this year what was that. He had that kind of get taken out of context. Would that total nature of that interview and I went on base is saying was. Normally in the first further offseason which is in the season until April. I do play a lot of golf. This year I decided to focus on my workouts more. As you get older and leave and think about your. On longevity in the possibly planned you know as Brady says in your forties now you really get secure vital road runners so for me I just. Instead of you know course which I love. That comes in general when more than turning in my body in great shape let's once April and it's more backing remains a lot of off some implant a lot lately and really excited down here so the extra work out too selective blood done some good this year. I think so for me it's about my weight. Body fat percentage and just come overall. Join health all right do. In northern knee injury. Since high school really got to clean up last show of the season. As of June credible so I'm Goodyear pretty much of health last year other than a couple strained muscles. But. They try and put yourself in in the position to took place sixteen games every year and listen challenged it's definitely one of the things that to you detract compass or your. Do you think playing golf club helps you as far as football what do you learn from playing golf that might be applicable to the NFL player. Well I think events like discipline if so beach in February and now this and we play different John Rollins your. I think you can learn a lot watching guys compete and a lot of men competitive environment for me this is. Thrill on more nerves on the first tee. These three hopefully four rounds then you taking the field and asked him recipients Atlanta last year. It's just it's a fun environment to see these guys competing for their livelihood. Is really impressive but to see they're focusing their grand plan when Jerry Kelly for so many years now. Who's been on tour. 22 years now he's doing kind of a split schedule senior and PGA. Other guys an absolute grinder and then hit it. You know on the green every hole but it finds a way to scramble and make pars. And and make cuts year after year mutes I want 25 year after year. So it's fun to see these these pros and elements really. It's taken on their challenge and and rise in the mean their own expectations every week. Yeah it's definitely counselor let's talk about this Green Bay Packers seemed this year give me your take on what you guys did in the draft some of these young guys you come and. That's what we do we're we're draft and develop team for the most part so we went to defense first three picks. Haven't seen the first rounder yet. But the rookies just came in this week and it's good to meet on their side they bring a good energy we need every year. But as usually the case in Green Bay we need those guys late in the season. And there's always going to be injuries in the scheme we analog last year cannot some young players play important minutes for us and they stepped up and I'm really proud of him. Dishing. Take a look at whether us is is probably running back cute term and number comes back last year planned wide receiver the first seven season and then becoming our feature back. Then we drafted three yes three young guys so munitions used guys this afternoon. And then try to chew before us ran its new pieces Martellus Bennett Jahri Evans. On offense and Lance candidates as well on offense and too tight ends in regard. And on defense here we had a Ricky Jean France wrong whose longtime pro pro stroller please refer. For remember here's a fun house came back to us a corner. So the key for us and really for any team this time ears start to build that chemistry and chemistry grows throughout the season. And you try in to have a peek at the right time and him have some good fortune with injuries where you can heatedly in the years in the click on all on all cylinders and then and make a run we've been fortunate enough the last eight years and make the playoffs. Force just from another word we have had a great teams and and great coaching staffs it's allowed us to be in position to win Accenture every year. But when you play entitled sound. Just going to NFC champs it's not good enough so we need to give back to this. And bring attention back home agreement. Talking to well one of the best Aaron Rodgers quarterback of the Green Bay Packers out here thorn Blake club here. On ESPN upstate dumb about your offensive line that's always a key for you and protecting you is a key for the Green Bay Packers are you feel about the way they stack up this year. From the pros resolutely last year it keeps or good up as a line is continuity. And the wage you have continuity is is is staying healthy and our guys. Other than JC try to going down. You know it's more we're very healthy last year only had I think three starting lineups throughout the year which would rank very low and you know so. And it's a ticket Sissy with those guys who lost JC in Reseda Cleveland lost TJ lane phrase seats in Detroit. Those big loss force JC is swing does force you started two years from class a left are of course and there was a starting center. May have last year played really well for us he's fantastic guy fantastic teammate. There hurts losing them TJ Lang is a Muslim brother firm a number of years. Phenomenal player. Even better locker room guy leader for us so we have Orrin leadership took so an opportunity and now for guys like Bryan Bulaga and they've. Thought to our two tackles to step up and take their leadership role Cortland sleep. Stepped in when Jaycee try to answer last year played phenomenal forces senator. He's a rock in there very town of Blair very heady player very strong player. Blaine Taylor who is in the media's mind the big question mark last year at left guard force played exceptional was consistent was healthy. And had a great season and orange are you Evanston mixer right guard who's been a long time all pro in this league and who knows how to play so I'm excited about those guys but again it's about. Those guys are staying healthy and and and Joan ago. Would you say your confidence level going into the season as a size that's been lingering back. Well I think you're always confident enough in shorts and T shirts it's a different game when you put the pads on and training camp and you see your team and any sort of form. Mike does a great job of really sends a vision force every year what he what he sees and our team. There is we need improvement. And and we attacked him and we got a great coaching staff that they really believes in. And teaching the otherwise. Know the basics. Very confident in our our leadership and organization. But every year's challenge and a lot of adversity it's last year you know we start off slowly gets foreign six. The mayor Ron morning in a row and then it was exciting and we're finally to build on that tenant finish it off in the years in the playoffs this year like we didn't do last year. How much attention do you play to what's going on with your conference opponents Chicago is an avenue quarterback changes in Detroit Minnesota's got a lot of new players some. What do you think of slump that competition level this year and and the challenges they'll present. Well you you pay attention and I'm a fan of the game are men of a fan since I was you know hole must have. To walk and talk and and Kirk Watson forty niners and and and Brett Favre as well with Packers so it's it's fun not to live out that dream of as far as the other teams in the conference NFC is stacked and they have been for a number of years. Are you see roll over in tees and make the playoffs every year. Because team's improvement and the parity in the NFC is is Israel so you're looking at teams. Especially in the south the south seems avenue. New winner in division winner almost every year it Carolina two years ago reps in this indiscernible we had a bland Matt had incredible year last year represent the AFC. Tampa Bay they're saying is up this year you can see that. Our division I think it's gotten stronger Detroit Mets you know had a great career form of clear there had they had some pieces off season on both sides of the ball. Minnesota U occurs Emery is such a fantastic coach you know are always going to be tough. On defense status some pieces on offense. And so here we pay attention it's it's tough Starr for us from this gel and home to start the season and we go open stadium in Atlanta so. It's going to be fun season we're looking forward soon enjoyed downtime now an injury ramped up infuse life. All right Aaron Rodgers there and pleasure to have you thank you stubborn minds and down and hit a good this week who we want to ultra thank you. Aaron Rodgers going back Packers joining us out here at the up. The BMW charity pro am at storm lake club quite an honor to haven't stopped by and we appreciate death.